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aka: Ancient Beasts

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The Hall of Prehistoric Beasts is home to many prehistoric animals of the bygone eras.

Compared to other subhouses of Beast, this House has an extremely varied landscape, ranging from lush forests to rocky terrain. There are even a couple of volcanos that erupt every so often.

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Intermediate Gods

    The Meg 
Meg, The Divine Megalodon

    Raptor Pack 
The Raptor Pack note , Quartet Goddesses of Trained Dinosaurs (The Jurassic World Velociraptor Pack, Blue's pack)
From left to right; Charlie, Delta, Blue, and Echo.
  • Intermediate Goddesses as a Pack (Lesser Goddesses Individually)
  • Symbol: The Raptor's Second Toe Claw
  • Theme: "Chasing the Dragons"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Good when following orders from someone trained)
  • Portfolio: Archetypal Raptor Representation in Media, "Velociraptor", Sister Pack, Intelligent Dinosaurs, Aggression Index: Very High, Raised and Trained (But still prone to acting by themselves), Each Raptor has a Distinctive Color, Briefly became the Indominus's Pack, But regained loyalty to Owen and died defending him
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Raptors, Domesticated Animals, Hunters, Siblings
  • Herald: Owen Grady (Their Alpha)
  • Allies: Rexie, Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Dinobot, Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Yoshi, Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Power Rangers, Rexxar, Iwashiro Tesshou, Tony Tony Chopper, Baby T, Good-Aligned Pokemon Trainers, Talon (see The Draconians below)
  • Complicated Relationships: The Gang of Seven, Diego Brando, Dr. Gregory House
  • Enemies: Indominus rex, Mesogog, Riptor, Pokemon Hunter J, The Sharptooth, Deviljho, Glavenus
  • Velociraptor antirrhopus is arguably the most feared dinosaur in InGen's list, thanks to their intelligence and superb abilities and hunting tactics as dinosaurs. Even worse, some raptors came off as deranged and unnaturally aggressive for a dinosaur, especially the ones bred in Jurassic Park. Their sociopathy came from poor treatment and neglect, and this ultimately caused Jurassic Park to fail. In contrast, a new pack of raptors bred for Jurassic World were trained and cared for by Owen Grady to come across as sociable and functional as animals. It paid off... until the 2015 incident when the raptors were released to combat the Indominus rex. The Indominus was defeated, but Blue remained the only surviving Velociraptor in the pack; Charlie was killed by an InGen worker whereas Delta and Echo died fighting against the Indominus. Three years later, following the destruction of Isla Nublar and an attempt on dinosaurs being sold on the Black Market, Blue would find herself on mainland sights.
  • Blue was overjoyed when she darted towards the House of Prehistoric Beasts. Mainly because having Owen as a herald and finding suitable grounds for living and hunting, but also because she was reunited with the pack in which she was born and raised with. Delta, Echo and Charlie. The ascension meant that the four of them were together at last.
  • The Raptor Pack quickly became of the most noted and successful deities in the House of Prehistoric Beasts, mainly thanks to their intelligence and teamwork being able to take down larger dinosaurs if given the chance. Its how they earned their rank of Intermediate Goddesses. Even if they are solo, they are still deadly as Lesser Goddesses.
  • Blue and Rexie, while not exactly friends, are surprisingly cordial with one another, given that the two of them had to work together to bring down the Indominus rex. Delta, Echo and Charlie return that sentiment to the Tyrannosaur, who sees the raptors as rather accepting in regards to letting someone into her territory. Baby T however came off as a very friendly and approachable figure for the raptors. Despite being a Vegetarian Carnivore, the raptors seek to teach Baby T on how to hunt, something which Owen would have to ask Crash Bandicoot for.
  • They may listen to Owen Grady every once in a while, but they maintain enough independence and control over their actions that they could suddenly reject orders. Owen has to make sure the raptors are sufficiently fed and feeling amicable enough to suddenly not turn against him or anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon them. That aside, the raptors still look up to Owen as a father figure.
  • The raptors took a surprise liking towards Peter Quill. Given that Quill and Owen look and sound like each other, its not hard to see why. Quill is currently trying to get the raptors to appreciate music, to little success.
  • The Gang of Seven are not too comfortable whenever The Raptor Pack are around. The latter seem impersonal towards the former, though Chomper and Ruby have established a nice friendship with them. Blue seems to like Littlefoot for his leadership skills and love for his friends and family, something which she tries to focus on regarding her sisters. While Littlefoot is scared of the pack, he reciprocates Blue's respect and doesn't bear any ill will. Luckily, Owen's presence has made the Pack and Gang's communication more approachable and friendly. The Raptor Pack also found an unusual friend in Yoshi, whom also was trained and displayed some degree of playfulness that left the pack curious. Yoshi and the raptors would often race in friendly competition (And for the record, Yoshi races in both foot and by kart).
  • The Pack have a weird relationship with Diego Brando. The raptors see Diego as a formidable dinosaur via his stand, though Diego's solitary nature makes him difficult to approach. Diego is pleased to see a pack of raptors in the pantheon, and a raptor that isn't Riptor for once. They would occasionally meet and hunt if possible, though they would have some form of friendly competition.
  • They would often talk to Eliza Thornberry. Turns out, Echo is jealous of Blue as Pack Leader and Charlie is rambunctious and irritating at times. All that aside, they treasure each other regardless. The Pack sees Eliza as good company. Steve Irwin has also hung out with the Raptors, the latter treating him with just as much respect as they do Owen. Rexxar is another individual that has earned the Raptor's trust and respect, with the Orc often leading them to hunts and expeditions, Owen not too far behind.
  • Following an ordeal where Blue had to be saved by a veterinarian, she has developed a degree of respect towards doctors and nurses. She has bonded with Iwashiro Tesshou and Tony Tony Chopper for their compassion and care towards animals and their dedication as doctors. Dr. Gregory House is a more complicated case. House tends to come off as condescending and rude, but his incredible knowledge and experience in medicine still gets Blue's respect. Blue has made it clear he doesn't want any of the three doctors as lunch, in case any one of the raptors gets into a serious medical condition.
  • The Raptors witnessed Trainers among the likes of Ash Ketchum and were impressed by their tactics and bonds regarding Pokemon. While several Pokemon are afraid of the Raptor Pack, they don't seem too interested in hunting them, unless really hungry. Pokemon Trainers in general are intrigued by the Raptor's sociability communication, helped by Owen's company. That said, the Raptor Pack did save a group of Pokemon from Hunter J (Mostly on Owen's orders and J reminding Delta of Hoskins), further earning the trainers's respect.
  • They really don't want to be reminded by the time they were lulled into becoming pack hunters for the Indominus. Thanks to their horrific death, Delta is deathly afraid of going anywhere near fire and Charlie stays away from anyone who looks military personnel. Owen tries to help the two overcome this problem, but progress has been slow.
  • Deviljho and Glavenus have been two residents of the Pantheon that the Pack has had difficulty competing against. It doesn't help in that Deviljho's invasive nature means the pack's hunting session gets ruined or that Glavenus's fighting style and intellect is too much for them to handle. Luckily, Dinobot was able to provide assistance and aid in combating against the two. The fact that Dinobot also transforms into a Velociraptor helped in the pack developing a friend in need via Dinobot, and the latter finally finding a raptor pack that he can feel home at.
  • The raptors encountered Mesogog, whom was attempting to experiment on bringing back the Age of Dinosaurs, albeit in a twisted fashion. This earned him an intense ire of the predators, which was only worsened by Mesogog taking an interest in the raptors for his research. As a result, the raptor pack formed an alliance with the Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder led by Dr. Tommy Oliver Power Rangers to combat against him.
    • The Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder rangers have a small rivalry on who gets to ride the raptors, which Owen has to assure that riding isn't an option, seeing as the raptors still display a sense of aggression and control over their actions.
  • The raptors had another chance encounter against the Indominus rex, and decided to simply bail out and wait for assistance under the form of Rexie, Power Rangers or Dinobot. This is further escalated by the Indominus forming a trio consisting of herself, Riptor and Sharptooth. Knowing that a powerhouse trio like these would easily overpower them, the raptors always look for assistance via close allies to help them out.
  • It turns out that Blue has a highly evolved mental development not seen in any raptors. As a result, she can come across as very emotive compared to other dinosaurs. Thanks to this and her position as pack leader, she was able to form allies and communicate effectively with Pantheon residents. However, as Blue and her pack are Velociraptors, they will kill to ensure their survival. Owen does his best to look after them in that aspect, making sure the raptors are happy and living out their preferred lifestyle.
  • Unsurprisingly, Talon of the Draconians feels a kinship with the raptor pack, and so aids them whenever they need it, treating them almost as if they were a part of his tribe. Blue and the others, for their part, are a bit confused about the thought of a raptor Talon's size; the closest thing they'd experienced to that was the Indominus Rex, who is only part raptor.

Rexie, the Divine Tyrannosaurus rex (T.Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyrant King of Lizards, Rexy, A Motherfucking T-Rex, Roberta)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Jurassic Park logo
  • Theme Music: Jurassic Park theme; if she's in a good mood, it's this
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: an Aggression Index of "High", Lightning Bruiser, Stock Dinosaurs, Tyrant King Of Lizards, mascot for the park, Action Girl, Never Mess with Granny
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Roars, Parks
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Allies: Tyrantrum, Grimlock, Anguirus, Jason Lee Scott, The Nostalgia Critic
  • Rivals: Godzilla (somewhat friendly), Gwangi
  • Enemies: Indominus Rex, Riptor, Sharptooth
  • Opposes/Opposed by: King Kong
  • Complicated Relationship: Chomper
  • If there was ever a notable Tyrannosaurus rex, she would be the one. She was one of the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park when it first came to be. She now serves as a mascot for its successor, Jurassic World.
  • Her ascension was first noted by a loud roar that could be heard throughout the Pantheon. The roar was distinct and became iconic enough to be used for others.
    • As far as distinct roars are concerned, rumors are going around that she has a rivalry with Godzilla due to having their own iconic roars. Given that Rexie gets along well enough with one of Godzilla's allies, the dinosaur and the kaiju are on relatively friendly terms with each other.
  • Before anyone asks, the T. rexes from those two other adventures are not the same as her. The scars she got from fighting the Big One (a raptor) indicate that she is the real thing.
  • Speaking of raptors, she doesn't like Riptor at all. The fact that Riptor was created to be a Living Weapon seems to bring to mind Indominus Rex.
    • Though she does seem to carry a soft spot for Blue, the last surviving raptor of Owen's pack.
    • And speaking of Indominus, the fact that she resides in the same house as the hybrid dinosaur has made some deities concerned that a large fight would break out between the two at a frequent rate. Thankfully, Indominus' enclosure is highly secure, though that didn't mean that things would be quiet there.
      • Even better, Indominus ended up being moved to a different house, vastly minimizing the chances of a fight between the two.
  • Gets along well with Tyrantrum for obvious reasons. It also helps that Rexie is known as the Tyrant King Of Lizards and that Tyrantrum is known as the Despot Pokémon.
  • Despite being the same species, she thinks that Sharptooth's chaotic tendencies are a little too much. Whereas Rexie is acting on predatory instinct, Sharptooth attacks others just because.
    • Incidentally, when Sharptooth first challenged Rexie to usurp her position, Rexie growled, and then snorted, before refusing to even honor the challenge. It is thought she said, "I defeated raptors, fought a T-Rex/Catfish/Frog/Raptor hybrid with a little help, and survived to the end of the day. You were defeated by 5 children when they dropped a rock on you! You're not worth my time."
  • Many believe that if it were possible to translate what Rexie is saying into English, she'd sound like Optimus Prime.
  • The Nostalgia Critic has an appreciation for her, given that she is "a motherfucking T-Rex" as he puts it.
  • Is able to run at 32 miles per hour. Many wonder if deities that are wearing high-heels are able to outrun her whenever she is in one of her worse moods. (it is not recommended to do that if Indominus is not in sight to distract Rexie...)
    • That said, It's been argued to be plausible though this probably won't apply for genetically-reborn Rexie, who will have been modified to debunk that "mini-theory".
  • There's a degree of animosity present between her and King Kong. Rexie doesn't like the ape for killing a number of dinosaurs that resided in Skull Island and King Kong doesn't like her for reminding him of said dinosaurs.
  • She has been getting into some conflicts against Gwangi. Those who witness these battles tend to misinterpret them as a fight between two T. rexes (though Gwangi is an Allosaurus). There isn't a clear victor in these battles, mostly due to the fact that there is intervention involved before the fights get out of control.


Lesser Gods

    The Draconians 
The Draconians, Deities of Justified Dinosaur Extinction
From left to right: Talon, Sauron, Chaos, Armadon, Diablo, Blizzard, Vertigo
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Urth itself (Earth with the continents shifted into the shape of a T-Rex skull breathing a gout of flame)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: Apocalypse How, Animalistic Abomination, Breath Weapon (except for Talon and Armadon), Digitized Sprites, Stop Motion, Dinosaurs Are Dragons (the reptilian beasts), Extinctions (so named in Primal Rage II), Gorn, I'm a Humanitarian (except, canonically, for Blizzard and Armadon), Jerkass Gods (to some degree), Kaiju, Names to Run Away from Really Fast, Fighting Dinosaur and Ape Gods, Now, That's Using Your Teeth!, Rule of Cool, Stock Dinosaurs (except for the apes and Vertigo), Stripped to the Bone (certain Extinctions), To Serve Man (see I'm a Humanitarian), Voluntary Shapeshifting (in Primal Rage II), What Measure Is a Human? (inverted with Talon and Blizzard in the novels)
  • Domains:
    • Blizzard: Ice, Primates, Good, Wisdom, Nobility
    • Armadon: Nature, Lightning, Earth, Meditation, Telepathy
    • Sauron: Hunger, Thirst, Eternity, Thunder/Sound
    • Talon: Family, Survival, Protection, Harmony, Speed
    • Diablo: Evil, Fire, Destruction, Torment
    • Chaos: Decay, Primates, Nausea, Power, Evolution
    • Vertigo: Madness, Serpents, Hypnosis, Magic, the Moon
  • Heralds: Their respective avatars, as well as Slashfang and his avatar
  • Followers: The dinosaurs that Beerus killed
  • Allies: King Kong (Blizzard and Chaos), Sub-Zero, Elsa, Korra (Blizzard), Riptor, the Raptor Pack (Talon), Rexie (Sauron and Diablo), Dhalsim, most nature deities (Armadon), Alduin (Diablo), Arael and other Mind Rape deities (Vertigo), Deviljho (albeit from a distance) (Sauron)
  • Enemies: Sindragosa, King Kong (Sauron and Diablo), the House of Undead, necromancers and other undead commanders (all), each other (more specifically, the Virtuous Beasts vs. the Destructive Beasts), good-aligned fire-users, Dovahkiin (Diablo), the Chaos Gods (Blizzard, Armadon, and especially Chaos), The Enclave (Armadon), King Ghidorah (Blizzard and Armadon), The Night's King (all, but especially Blizzard and Sauron in particular), other evil ice-powered deities (Blizzard)
  • Rivals: Neutral and evil fire-users (Diablo)
  • Mixed Feelings about: The OTHER Diablo (for THIS Diablo only), Indominus Rex (Talon), human-hating nature deities, Anguirus, Godzilla (most incarnations) (Armadon)
  • Odd Friendship: The ''Rampage'' Wrecking Crew
  • Curious about: Rajang (Blizzard and Chaos)
  • Annoyed by: Moral guardians (Chaos; see below)
  • Unknown Relationship: The OTHER Sauron (for THIS Sauron only)
  • Before there were humans, gods walked the Earth. They embodied the essences of Hunger, Survival, Life, Death, Insanity, Decay, Good, and Evil. They fought countless battles up through the Mesozoic Wars. Then Balsafas, an archmage from a parallel dimension, anticipated the threat that Earth's gods posed. He was not powerful enough to kill the gods, so instead he banished one to a rocky tomb within the Moon. This disrupted the fragile balance between the gods; pandemonium ensued, and a great explosion threw clouds of volcanic dust into the atmosphere. The dinosaurs died out, and the surviving gods went into suspended animation.
    • Millennia later, a huge meteor struck the Earth. Its destructive force wiped out civilization, rearranged the continents, and freed the imprisoned gods. After these gods had gained whatever amount of followers each of them was satisfied with, a battle for the newly-named Urth ensued.
      • Some time later, a deity from another pantheon made a proposition for all seven of them. This proposition was more followers, albeit on other worlds and on one condition: all seven of them had to share this seat. Normally, the Virtuous Beasts and the Destructive Beasts would recoil from the idea of working together, but they were fresh off a victory against a common enemy — a skeletal dragon named Necrosan (or was it Necronus? There has been some debate about the name of this creature.) — and so, at the time, were more open to the idea, even if it was over a rather unflattering trope (many of them didn't think the extinction event so justified). Thus, the Draconians — the Virtuous Beasts and the Destructive Beasts — now rule over the trope known as "The Dinosaurs Had It Coming".
      • Of course, they knew this time of peace wouldn't last, and so split their vast temple in half in preparation for that day when they'd begin fighting again. On one side live the Virtuous Beasts — Blizzard, Armadon, Talon, and Sauron. On the other, the Destructive Beasts — Diablo, Chaos, and Vertigo. It's quite easy to identify which section belongs to which god. Blizzard's area is covered in snow and ice, resembling the Himalayas; Armadon's has a small pedestal for his meditation, surrounded by caves big enough for humans to live in; Talon's is a green field where his people, his raptor tribe, farm humans and live in relative peace; Sauron's is a sandy beach, but the sands are soaked in the blood and gore of his kills (including his own human followers!); Diablo's is a hellish-looking, molten place that wouldn't look out of place inside or near a volcano; Chaos's is the hollowed-out remains of a skyscraper, and in some places one can plainly see the remains of his more beastly form's...bodily refuse; and Vertigo's is a mind-bending, Stonehenge-like area that could drive one completely insane if they stayed there too long. The two factions' areas are separated by a large fissure in the ground.
  • Having fought an evil skeletal dragon before, they were immediately on alert when they learned of Sindragosa. Even the Destructive Beasts are leery of her, and it's one of the few times you'll see beasts both Virtuous and Destructive fighting together.
  • Another one of the few times they'll work together is in the face of necromancers. They've had enough of zombie-makers like Necrosan for one eternity, thank you. Even the more evil among the Destructive Beasts are against sentencing humans to such a fate as undeath.
  • Blizzard and Chaos feel a sort of kinship with fellow giant ape King Kong, even though Chaos is normally a human. It helps that they, too, have fought their fair share of dinosaurs.
    • They are also curious about Rajang, who resembles a cross between an ape and a bull. But Rajang keeps to himself, living a nomadic lifestyle, and so neither ape has had a chance to speak with the monster.
    • Sauron and Diablo don't get along with King Kong so well; they seem to remind Kong of some of the dinosaurs he fought, and it doesn't help that 1.) Diablo is a wicked being in general, and 2.) Sauron eating humans reminds Kong too much of what would have happened if he was too late to save Ann from that T-Rex (or V-Rex, depending on the timeline).
  • Blizzard learned of a human who could also manipulate ice and use it for combat that has a chance of ending gorily: Sub-Zero. He also noticed a parallel between two rivalries: that of Scorpion and Sub-Zero versus that of himself and Diablo, elemental attacks and all. The main difference, however, is that while neither Scorpion nor Sub-Zero is good or evil, per se, Blizzard is the God of Good back on Urth and Diablo is Urth's equivalent of Satan.
    • Other ice-wielding humans he gets along with are Korra and Elsa, and their kind hearts certainly help.
  • As a human, Chaos is actually quite handsome. He's quite popular with the more lustful members (mostly the female ones) of the House of Love. His beast form, on the flipside, is one of the filthiest beings in the pantheon. Even so, he turned his nose up at Nurgl of the Chaos Gods offering that the man-turned-ape join his "family".
    • In fact, while Blizzard and Armadon don't view the Chaos Gods favorably at all, Chaos is even more resentful of them. Evidently, he dislikes that he shares the name "Chaos" with them.
    • Another group of people he doesn't get along with are moral guardians, the more bold, foolish, or insane of whom barked at him for his method of fighting, especially one of his finishing moves — or Extinctions — the Golden Shower. Chaos doesn't know how they know of this — he doesn't recognize any of the humans among them — but he's quite annoyed by their scolding. Fortunately, his followers usually chase them away.
  • Talon is unsure what to make of Indominus Rex. On the one hand, he can smell the raptor blood in her veins, which is always a plus in his book. On the other, she never hunted for survival; it was for sport. A waste of good meat, in Talon's opinion, and thus it spits in the face of the aspect he embodies: survival. Mixed as his feelings are, they're mostly bitter for this reason.
    • Riptor, on the other hand, is definitely an ally. Having once been her high priest, Talon was glad to meet her in person, and is willing to fight alongside her. Despite being a Virtuous Beast, after all, his loyalty lies with his own kind, not with humans.
    • Unsurprisingly, Talon feels a kinship with the Jurassic World raptor pack, and so aids them whenever they need it, treating them almost as if they were a part of his tribe. Blue and the others, for their part, are a bit confused about the thought of a raptor Talon's size; the closest thing they'd experienced to that was the Indominus Rex, who is only part raptor.
  • Sauron was quite surprised to learn of a wicked being with the same name as him. Beyond that, he doesn't seem concerned with the Dark Lord. That may change if Lord Sauron ever tries to impede God of Hunger Sauron's eating...
    • He does seem to feel a kinship with Deviljho of the House of Food, knowing what it feels like to be cursed with endless hunger, but he knows the Brute Wyvern could — and would — try to feast on him, so he keeps his distance.
    • When Sauron isn't feeding on his own followers, he is fed the most vile and remorseless of those criminals on death row. This decision was made by the Court of the Gods to aid in keeping his immortality fueled without him needing to feed on the more innocent denizens of the Pantheon. Sauron is satisfied.
  • Unlike God Sauron's reaction to Lord Sauron, Diablo has mixed feelings about the demon prince who shares his name. He's certain he and the Prime Evil would get along quite well if it weren't for the fact that the latter and his forces had raised the dead multiple times in the world of Sanctuary. Again, to the Draconians, even Diablo, undeath is a no-no.
    • He also sees fire-users in the pantheon — such as Scorpion (whom, he has noted, bears similarities to himself), Kyo, Iori, Jean Grey, Hope Summers, and Natsu — as either enemies or competition (depending on alignment), because he believes that his fire should burn the hottest, and will gladly prove that it does. Of course, there's nothing wrong with making it stronger, which he believes he can do by consuming — or attempting to consume — good-aligned fire-wielders.
    • Diablo initially considered Alduin an embarrassment to evil reptiles for being afraid of, and losing to, something as comparatively small as the Dovahkiin, but when Diablo tried to consume the Dragonborn, he saw first-hand why Alduin was scared of them: "FUS-RO-DAH!" Diablo swore he'd get revenge, and he and Alduin have been plotting the Dovahkiin's downfall ever since.
  • Sauron and especially Diablo have developed varying levels of interest in Rexie. Sauron is more passive, being more occupied with filling his stomach, but Diablo sees potential in Rexie as a mate so that, in the (unlikely, in his eyes) event that Diablo should die permanently, he'd have a legacy other than his human followers/slaves/playthings. Rexie, on the other hand, doesn't seem all that interested in Diablo. Still, she appreciates any help they offer in combat.
  • Armadon gets along quite well with deities who support or represent nature, such as Swamp Thing and the Spring Sprite. However, he has mixed feelings about those nature deities that wish to eradicate humanity, such as Viridi and Poison Ivy; he understands where they're coming from, but he knows humans aren't all bad. His followers are proof of that.
    • He can also be seen meditating with Dhalsim from time to time. The two have even learned new meditation techniques from each other.
    • Being a dinosaur covered in lots of spikes and horns, Armadon feels a kinship with Anguirus, and appreciates that Godzilla (in most of his incarnations) seems to fight for Earth whenever it's threatened. He is a bit concerned about all the radiation coming off the both of them, however; radiation poisoning isn't good for the environment, to say the least.
      • However, he and Blizzard share Godzilla's and Anguirus's strong dislike of King Ghidorah, and have agreed to aid them should they choose to fight the alien dragon again. It certainly wouldn't be the first alien dragon they opposed.
    • One group Armadon actually hates is the Enclave, who were responsible for the nuclear Fallout in America in their timeline. Again, radiation is an environmental hazard. What further angers Armadon is that this selfish group of humans deny they did anything wrong and blame their enemies for supposedly firing first. "Even if that is true," Armadon said the first time he heard their excuse, "your petty war was never worth destroying nature over, least of all on such an enormous scale."
      • There's a bit of sadness mixed in with that anger, because when not on duty, the humans that work for the Enclave are just that: humans. Armadon shakes his head sadly whenever he remembers this; such potential for tending to nature, all lost to the horrors of nuclear war.
  • Vertigo feels at home in the Insanity subhouse of the House of Emotion, and so visits it often.
    • She once witnessed Arael's Mind Rape technique in action, and was duly impressed. She has considered the "angel" an ally ever since. She has also allied with other "mind-rapists". This, of course, doesn't sit well with the Virtuous Beasts. Or Chaos.
  • While the Night's King is considered an enemy to all of the Draconians due to being a necromancer — raising undead armies — Blizzard and Sauron especially both have it in for him. Blizzard sees the demon as being among those who stain the good name of those with ice-based powers. Sauron feels taunted, since the undead wights can't fill his stomach, which means they don't aid his immortality.
  • While — unlike the Draconians — the Rampage wrecking crew prefers to beat up buildings instead of each other, these enormous and destructive beasts have found common ground and like to spar with each other in their downtime.

Gwangi, God of Prehistoric Monsters (Gwangi the Great)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A banner that reads "Gwangi The Great"
  • Theme Song: The Forbidden Valley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Stock Dinosaurs, Weird West, Super Persistent Predators, Rule of Cool, Artistic License – Paleontology, Lost Worlds
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, The Wild West, Nature, Monsters
  • Followers: The Rhedosaurus, The Paleosaurus, the dinosaurs of Skull Island, The Carnosaurs, the dinosaurs of Ibis Island and Edward City, the Spinosaurus
  • Allies: Sharptooth, Riptor, Indominus Rex, Ray Harryhausen
  • Rivals: Tyrantrum, Rexie
  • Enemies: King Kong, The Monster Hunters, Mabel Pines
  • Opposes: Tarzan, Revolver Ocelot, The Man With No Name, John Wayne, Applejack, John Marston
  • Deep within the jungles of the House of Beasts rests a hidden valley seemingly lost in time, filled with all sorts of prehistoric life. It is a brutal land where Behemoth Battles are common, and humans are hunted relentlessly by the inhabitants, even by the herbivores! This valley and the Prehistoric Monsters that inhabit it are all ruled over by one god, Gwangi, and the valley an afterlife for his followers who have fallen at the hands of their prey or fellow prehistoric beasts and have ascended to hunt and battle alongside Gwangi for all eternity.
  • Ray Harryhausen is one of the few humans Gwangi will not attack as the man is his creator. As such Ray Harryhausen can enter Gwangi's valley without risk of harm.
  • Despite his appearance, Gwangi is not a Tyrannosaurus rex, he is an Allosaurus. This difference should be made clear as many have made the mistake of confusing him for a T. rex. Not their fault though, he does look more like a Tyrannosaur than an Allosaur. Just... don't misidentify him when he is around.
  • Has a massive grudge against King Kong after the ape had killed several of his followers.
  • Gwangi has a strong dislike of cowboys, ever since some took him from his valley and tried to make him an attraction at a rodeo. Actions that resulted in Gwangi painfully burning to death in a cathedral. As such, any god he reconizes as a cowboy is attacked on sight.
    • He doesn't seem to mind Woody, however. Probably because Woody is far too small for Gwangi to notice and thus is safe from the dinosaur's wrath.
  • Terrifies Mabel Pines as he and a good chunk of his followers in his valley are Stop Motion movie monsters, something she fears.
  • Has a rather intense rivalry with Tyrantrum over who gets to rule over Gwangi's valley as Tyrantrum believes that he should be the one and only ruler of the Pantheon. Battles between the two are rather frequent, but these encounters have always ended in stalemates with Gwangi still ruling over the valley.
  • Gwangi's valley has become a prime hunting spot for the Monster Hunters, as there is plenty of dangerous wildlife for them to hunt. Gwangi's is naturally furious that the hunters have the nerve to enter his territory and hunt his followers. Gwangi himself places it upon himself to deal with these interlopers personally. If he is otherwise preoccupied his most powerful followers are to deal with them.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with the Prehistoric Monster Power Trio of Sharptooth, Riptor, and the Indominus Rex, even allowing the former two to take up residence within his valley. He'd extend the invitation to the Indominus but she spends a good amount of time contained within her temple by other gods to prevent her rampages.

    Kanto Fossils 
Omastar, Kabutops, and Aerodactyl, Divine Triumvirate of Reborn Fossilized Creatures (The Kanto Fossils | Omastar: The Spiral Pokémon, Lord Helix | Kabutops: The Shellfish Pokémon, Lord Dome | Aerodactyl: The Fossil Pokémon, Lord Amber)
Click here  to see Mega Aerodactyl
  • Lesser Gods (Aerodactyl becomes an Intermediate God when Mega-Evolved); worshipped as Greater Gods in another reality
  • Symbol: The Helix Fossil (Omastar), the Dome Fossil (Kabutops), and Old Amber (Aerodactyl)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Omastar); Lawful Neutral (Kabutops); True Neutral (Aerodactyl)
  • Gender: Male (all three)
  • Ability:
    • Omastar: Weak Armor
    • Kabutops: Battle Armor
    • Aerodactyl: Pressure (Tough Claws as Mega Aerodactyl)
  • Moveset:
    • Omastar: Surf, Ancient Power, Ice Beam, Earth Power
    • Kabutops: Waterfall, Rock Slide, Night Slash, Swords Dance
    • Aerodactyl: Fly, Stone Edge, Crunch, Earthquake
      • Z-Moves: Hydro Vortex (Omastar), Continental Crush (Kabutops), and Supersonic Skystrike (Aerodactyl)
  • Portfolio: Fossil Revival, Prehistoric Monsters, Rock-types
  • Domains: Fossils (all three), Water (Omastar and Kabutops), Flight (Aerodactyl)
  • Heralds: The other fossil Pokémon: Cradily & Armaldo, Rampardos and Bastiodon, Carracosta & Archeops, Aurorus
  • Allies: (shared) Tyrantrum, Red Genesect
  • Rival: Bandit Keith
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Missingno, Enel, Indominus Rex, Gwangi
    • Aerodactyl: Riptor, Sharptooth
  • Fears: Gods with Green Thumb powers (Omastar and Kabutops)
  • Special relationship: The Mob
  • These three Pokémon all have histories dating back to the prehistoric times. These three have their own fossils: the Helix Fossil for Omastar, the Dome Fossil for Kabutops, and Old Amber for Aerodactyl. Pokémon Trainers can take any of these fossils and have them revived as Pokémon.
  • They are well aware of another reality where all the fossilized Pokémon are worshipped as gods of some sort of thing. In the case of Omastar and Kabutops, they represented the conflict between chaos and order (or anarchy and democracy, as it's been described), and Aerodactyl represented the balance between these two clashing ideals. While they were confused about it when they first heard of it, they later decided to embrace these roles for the sake of more supporters.
    • The three have managed to gain some unlikely supporters thanks to this. Omastar managed to find a partner through Zaheer, who figured that the Pokémon would be of use to further his goals. Eliphas saw Kabutops as another step in reforming the Grand United Alliance of Law so that it would be less corrupted. Surprisingly enough, Aerodactyl has provided aid to the Kinkou Order from time to time in maintaining balace, even now that the latter are no longer in the Pantheon...
    • That said, they have managed to gain a rival through Bandit Keith, who is also aware of an alternate depiction of him and is using it to gain more supporters.
  • All three of them are rock-types, though Omastar and Kabutops are also water-types and Aerodactyl is a flying-type. One of the very few things they share is an opposition towards Enel for a certain reason.
  • Met up with Tyrantrum, who was known as Lord Jaw and worshipped as the god of Wi-Fi in the same reality where Lord Helix, Lord Dome, and Lord Amber are worshipped. While Tyrantrum is on decent terms with the three, he usually is confused when they are talking about that reality. They would explain, but are rather amused by his confusion.
  • Omastar's shell is growing constantly, ususally slowing its movement. Through certain methods, they can go slightly faster, though it makes them lose a little bit of defense.
  • Being a type of cephalopod known as an ammonite, Omastar is rather friendly with other cephalopods such as Blooper and the Inklings.
  • Kabutops can be seen in Aquatic Life and swims fast when in water by tucking in its limbs and look for potential prey.
  • Both of Kabutops' hands are scythes. While it is useful in cutting up its enemies, this has also made it difficult in trying to hold different objects.
  • Since it's a type of crab known as a trilobite, Kabutops gets along with other crabs such as Kingler and Shen Gaoren.
  • As Aerodactyl was a follower of Rodan prior to ascension, the Pokémon has been seen flying with the Kaiju from time to time.
    • Despite not technically being a dinosaur, this hasn't stopped Aerodactyl from showing a dislike towards Gwangi, Riptor, Sharptooth, and Indominus Rex. Omastar and Kabutops are also in opposition towards Indominus, though it may have something to do with the fact that she was not naturally created. Whenever any of these prehistoric monsters go on a rampage, the Kanto Fossils are among those who stand against them.
  • Aerodactyl is the only member of the trio that can Mega-Evolve. It has been mentioned that its form resembles what Aerodactyl was originally like prior to fossilization (despite being apparently extinct when Mega Evolution was discovered). This has raised some questions in the House of Knowledge.
  • Missingno is believed to take on the form of a skeletal version of either Kabutops or Aerodactyl. Kabutops and Aerodactyl are both greatly disturbed at that notion and they, alongside Omastar, have been opposing the glitch since then.

Relicanth, Goddess of Creatures Once Thought Extinct (The Longevity Pokémon, Glanth)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The patterns on its body, complete with the red dot.
  • Theme: Diving
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Rock Head note 
  • Moveset: Head Smash, Dive, Ancient Power, Yawn
  • Portfolio: Once thought extinct until rediscovered alive, Rock/Water type, Mighty Glacier, Prehistoric Monster, Human Notepad, Needed with Wailord to uncover the Legendary Golems, Can learn Head Smash and Double-Edge, Can learn Yawn, Incredibly weak to Grass type moves
  • Domains: Oceans, Prehistory, Extinction, Rediscovery, Mysteries
  • Allies: The Gang Of Seven, The Kanto Fossils, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Skitty and Wailord, Lapras, Qwilfish, Kingdra, Ecco the Dolphin, Aquaman, Ariel, Melody, King Triton, Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, The Nature Preservers
  • Sought after by: Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket (Primarily Maxie and Archie), Pokémon Hunter J, Bruce, The Kraken, Leviathan the Tidehunter, Daimyo Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Shen Gaoren and Taikun Zamuza, Moby Dick, Monstro, Liopleurodon, Lagiacrus, Urusla
  • Opposes: The Sub-Houses of Felines and Plants
  • Opposed By: Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Complicated Realtionship: The Legendary Titans
  • Relicanth, the Longevity Pokémon, is an example of a "Lazarus taxon"; an organism that disappeared from the fossil record, only to be discovered alive and well in the present, similar to its real world counterpart the coelacanth. This Pokémon has been documented to be unchanged for over 100 million years, and has been found in the seas surrounding Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kanto, Unova, Kalos, and Alola, often residing in deep sea kelp forests. The individual seen in The Pantheon is special. Not only does the species have a low encounter rate, but it's also a shiny. Its light-blue coloration was what greeted Ariel when she first met it in the House of Aquatic Life. She brought it to the Court of the Gods, where they learned of its close encounter with extinction and declared it was to be welcomed into the godly realm. It was given a temple, a position in the Pantheon, and when all was said and done... it was revealed to be an elderly female, evident by her smaller cheek protrusions.
  • Her temple leads to a deep-sea trench in the Hoenn Region, located just outside of Sootopolis City on Route 126. Here, she enjoys a quiet existence, swimming through the seaweed and interacting with other native Pokémon like Chinchou and Clamperl. Ocassionally, deities from the House of Aquatic Life will come to enjoy the tranquil, warm waters and visit Relicanth, which is quite alright with her. She just asks not to be captured, but other than that she's fine with the company.
    • She gets along with most of the Water type Pokémon found in the Pantheon, even those found outside of Hoenn. This includes the likes of Lapras, Qwilfish, Kingdra and, most incredible of all, the mighty Wailord and its feline companion Skitty.
  • Like all the Pantheon's Pokémon, Relicanth was assigned a partner to work with, and for her, The Court of The Gods selected Davos Seaworth for the job. Both share a lot in common, with their age and association with the ocean being high on the list. Whenever Davos goes sailing upon the high seas, Relicanth will be close behind him, often bringing a smile to the Onion Knight's face. Unfortunately, he had to leave her behind in preparation for the final battle against the Night King.
  • Living among actual extinct creatures seemed odd at first, but for Relicanth she got use to it rather quickly. She made a few friends along the way. She's been seen hanging out with the the Kanto fossil Pokémon, with Omastar and Kabutops being her preferred companions, and even interacted with Littlefoot and his friends from time to time. Other than that, she stays away from the Sub-House's other inhabitants due to their... dietary preferences.
  • Being a Rock/Water type, Relicanth is incredibly weak to Grass type moves and as such avoids the Sub-House of Plants like the plague. She's also wary of all feline deities - save for Skitty - and will use Dive to make a splash and drive them off.
  • Being a slow-moving fish, Relicanth is rather vulnerable to predation, and in the waters of the Pantheon there are plenty of larger animals waiting to take a bite out of her. Chief among these hunters are the whales Moby-Dick and Monstro, the giant marine reptile Liopleurodon, Bruce the shark, Lagiacrus, the giant enemy crabs, and the Kraken. Luckily, she has more than his fair share of defences to keep away any attackers. Anyone who has tried to has received an Ancient Power to the face.
  • Was not happy to learn Team Magma & Aqua's leaders, Maxie and Archie, had ascended to the Pantheon, considering what they did to Hoenn by awakening Groudon and Kyogre. This is especially true with Archie, as his awakening of Primal Kyogre proved to be absolutely disastrous for the marine ecosystem. Even if they've denounced being evil and cut their ties with Team Rainbow Rocket, Relicanth isn't truly convinced and has kept her distance from the pair.
  • It turns out Relicanth primarly feeds on microscopic organisms, sucking them up due to her teeth becoming atrophied. This has put her in Plankton's bad books after he was nearly devoured by the ancient Pokémon. When Mr. Krabs heard of this, he decided to let Relicanth hang out around the Krusty Krab, as a means to deter the tiny thief from trying to take the Krabby Patty's secret formula.
  • Relicanth may not seem like much, but she, and her good friend Wailord, are key to solving an infamous puzzle surrounding the Legendary Golems, note  along with awakening their master, Regigigas. Because of her unexpected value, she is sought after by many of the Pantheon's finest treasure hunters, such as Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, and Nathan Drake, all of whom have been seen fighting over possession of the fish. It became too much for Relicanth that she eventually fled to Atlantica, where King Triton gave her sanctuary and forbade anyone from trying to catch her... unless they ask for permission. That part Relicanth's fine with. She doesn't care much for the Regis as it is but she does understand why people would want to use her so badly.
    • It's also resulted in villains like Pokémon Hunter J, Ursula and Leviathan the Tidehunter trying to catch the elusive Pokémon, all to claim the Regis for themselves. Thankfully, Triton has proven to be more than a match for all of them.
  • Is on good terms with Chuggaaconroy, due to the Let's Player using a Relicanth of his own to capture the Legendary Golems in the past. She sometimes watches the other Runaway Guys play through Mario Party and the results have been... interesting.
  • Even if it's found worldwide in its home universe, Relicanth is still a rare Pokémon and could even be considered an endangered species. As such, the Pantheon's Relicanth gets along with both Steve Irwin and David Attenborough due to their work in nature and wildlife conservation, even helping to promote the protection of the coelacanths found in the True Earth.
    • The Nature Preservers have been noted to meet the elderly fish and protect it from any poachers wanting to come and steal her, even allowing her to come to their section of the Pantheon in case things in Atlantica go south fast. She appreciates the sentiment.

Riptor, Goddess of Raptors (The Dino Warrior with A Killer Instinct)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ultratech Logo
  • Theme Song: Rumble, Hatchery 09
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Raptors, Acid Spits That Kill Her Opponents, Genetically Enhanced Dinosaurs, Beta Test Baddies, Eating Her Opponents With a Funny Effect, Female Revelations.
  • Domains: Beasts, Combat, Savagery
  • Followers: Dromaeosaurids, especially the Velociraptors of Jurassic Park; Alex.
  • Allies: Fulgore, Spinal, Sadira, Mechagodzilla (mainly the Showa version), Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Gwangi, Talon (of the Draconians)
  • Rivals: Tyrantrum, Balrog
  • Enemies: T. J. Combo, and by extension, Dudley, Bonk, Chun-Li, Anguirus, Jago, Black Orchid, Hisako, Yoshi, Littlefoot, Grimlock, Rexie
  • She was originally the co-holder for Raptor Attack alongside Talon. However, the Court of the Gods noticed that she was far more vicious than Talon was, thus she ended up being the sole holder for that trope.
    • At least, that's what the Court would say when asked. There have been rumors that Riptor suddenly attacked Talon and ate him. No one knows Talon's exact fate other than the fact that he's no longer in the Pantheon.
    • Turns out Talon did survive the attack, and as a compensation, was given him a place as her High Priest.
    • Later, however, Talon and the rest of the Draconians ascended to the pantheon. He and Riptor are allies to this day.
  • Riptor was created by Ultratech through mixing human and reptile DNA. She is vicious, to say the least, but that was Ultratech's goal anyways: to see just how ruthless she is during battles.
  • Riptor once tried to tenderize Yoshi and have him for a snack. Everything went smoothly up until Yoshi spat her own acid back in her face.
  • Believe it or not, Riptor is confirmed to be female. This has shocked many Deities.
  • Has often been getting into fights against Tyrantrum just to try and make a snack out of him. The Pokémon has been more aggressive than normal in these battles against her.
  • As she is involved with Ultratech, this has put her on Hisako's shitlist.
  • Besides Yoshi, other good-aligned dinosaurs such as Littlefoot and Anguirus don't like her. Anguirus has been seen fighting against her whenever the raptor is disturbing him. It says something about Riptor's ferocity that Anguirus, a Kaiju, has trouble with her.
  • There was a point in time where Bonk mistook her for a dinosaur from his homeworld and tried to befriend her. It did not end well.
  • Prior to the new tournament, she was originally killed by an unascended T.J. Combo. This has caused her to make enemies out of the various boxers in the Pantheon such as Dudley and Little Mac. She has a strong rivalry towards Balrog since he reminds her of T.J before the latter sought redemption.
  • She is shown to get along well with Sharptooth, by virtue of the two being very aggressive dinosaurs.
    • Also gets along with Indominus Rex, due to the fact that the two were created for the purpose of being Living Weapons, and thus see one another as kindred spirits, forming a Power Trio with Sharptooth. The fact that she and Sharptooth are of the same species that led to I. Rex's demise doesn't seem to bother the latter.
      • The trio gets along well with Gwangi. Although he is not a member of their trio he allows them to take up residence within his valley.
  • Managed to hear about animals with robotic and cybernetic traits. She is shown to get along well with Showa!Mechagodzilla due to being agressive and psychotic.
    • However, she has a strong dislike towards Grimlock and he hates her equally. The two have been fighting each other often.

Rodan, God of Pterodactyls (Radon, Fire Rodan, Fire Demon, The One Born of Fire, A Titan of Winged Fury, Titanus Rodan)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His wings, or a silhouette of himself
  • Theme Song: Godzilla Unleashed: Rodan's Theme, Rodan
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Flying Pterosaurs, Looks like a wyvern, Fly at superspeed, Giant Flyer
  • Domain: Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Kaiju, Flight
  • Followers: Pterosaurs (especially those from Jurassic Park)
  • Allies: Godzilla, Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Mothra, Anguirus, Yveltal, most of the deities of Wind & Air, Korra, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, Mecha Godzilla, Hedorah, Lord Shen, SpaceGodzilla
  • The giant pterosaur screeched with joy when he ascended, and flapped his way over to the Pantheon.
  • After reconnecting with Godzilla, Rodan wondered whether Mothra would eventually join to renew the Power Trio from back in the Showa days. Eventually, she did, gaining a spot in the Hall of Insects.
  • Has visited the House of Birds and become allies with Yveltal, but is enemies with Lord Shen due to giving the house a bad reputation. Rodan may not be a bird himself, but due to the similar appearances between pterosaurs and birds, he feels a kinship with them.
  • Rodan also visits the House of Nature and gets along with the folks of the Wind & Air sub-house.
  • His Showa version has no real special abilities (though it's been theorized that he is capable of regeneration in the same way Godzilla and Anguirus are), but his Heisei version, Fire Rodan, gained Uranium Breath after absorbing Godzilla's nuclear energy.
  • Whenever Rodan is hungry and can't get any fish from any of the bodies of water in the Pantheon, he'll fly over to the House of Food for some fish. He also has a taste for bugs, especially worms (such as the Meganulon he ate when he first hatched), but he was banned from the Insects sub-house when he tried to eat some of its inhabitants.
  • Just like Godzilla and Anguirus, Rodan has formed a bond with Korra, mostly over airbending.
  • Is not happy to see Mecha Godzilla in the Pantheon.


    The Gang of Seven 
The Gang of SevenMembers , The Deified Stock Dinosaurs (Loving Littlefoot, Sweet but Strong-Willed Cera, Devoted Ducky, Panicky Petrie, Gentle Giant Spike, Eager Chomper, Responsible Ruby)
From left to right: Spike, Ducky, Cera, Littlefoot, Petrie, Ruby, and Chomper.


    Dino & Hoppy 
Dino & Hoppy, Holy Representatives of Fictional Dinosaurs Species (Snorkasaurus, Hoppasaurus)
From top to bottom; Hoppy and Dino.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their Collars and a Giant Bone
  • Theme: The Flintstones Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Portfolio: Fictional Dinosaur Species, The Star Dinosaurs in The Flinstones, Fond of Children
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Pets, Domestication, Dogs and Kangaroos (In a Metaphorical Sense)
  • Allies: Fred Flinstone, The Gang of Seven (Especially Littlefoot), Yoshi, Eliza Thornberry, Steve Irwin, Monster Hunters, Crash Bandicoot, Baby T, The Good-Aligned Residents of the House of Children and Offsprings
  • Odd Relationship: Rexie
  • Enemies: Deviljho, Indominus rex, Sharptooth, Gwangi, Riptor, Big Al, Glavenus, Pokemon Hunter J, Cruella de Vil, Rusty, Balrog
  • The pet companion of Fred Flintstone, Dino seems to act much like a dog, and tends to obsess over giant bones, a typical dog favorite. He often comes off as clueless and dumb, though he does sometimes display ounces of awareness and common sense. He is apparently a Snorkasaurus, living in the Stone Ages. Hoppy is a Hoppasaurus, a kangaroo-like dinosaur and the pet of the Pebbles. He also takes an interest in boxing. As the Pebbles are acting heralds of Fred, Hoppy takes vising hours with them, but for now, is in the company of Fred and Dino.
  • Dino simply wandered into the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, waddling around. He was accompanied by his Hoppy, whereupon after seeing his owner, Fred he immediately rushed up to him, tackled him to the floor and licked him, like any attached dog would. Fred found the arrival surprising and he was caught off-guard, but regardless welcomed Dino and Hoppy to tag alongside him.
  • They soon encountered the Gang of Seven, who took an immediate liking to his dog-like antics. Dino in particular seems to favor Littlefoot the most due to their similar appearance (Littlefood is a sauropod. Dino is a prosauropod, an ancestor to the sauropod line). Hoppy gets along with everyone equally in contrast.
  • They also founds friends under the form of Eliza Thornberry and Steve Irwin. The two like to hang out with them, with Eliza talking to them and telling them what is best for their needs and Steve nurturing and teaching them tricks.
  • Met an infant Tyrannosaurus rex going by Baby T. The three of them get along very well, and as a result, Fred and Crash Banticoot have become close acquaintances, willing to help each other if a situation arises.
  • Surprisingly became friends with Monster Hunters. The hunters found Dino and Hoppy endearing and often hang out. The hunters are thinking about finding snorkasaurs and hoppsaurs to adopt for themselves.
  • Their fondness with children made them visitors in the House of Children and Offsprings. The good-aligned members rather enjoy their company due to their differing traits and considering dinosaurs and dogs are favorites for children, it makes Dino and Hoppy popular residents. So far, the duo feel more at home and are more comfortable here, more so than the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts.
  • Considering he tends to act more like a dog than, well, a dinosaur, Dino found company in the House of Canines where he quickly became accustomed to the numerous dogs in the house. He has a great time with Odie and Iggy in particular; the three of them tend to goof and run around doing whatever they want to do. Fred is willing to supervise and see his companion have fun. Pluto and Clifford also showed affection to Dino during a surprise visit.
    • Xion was initially curious about Dino, considering he was a different kind of animal wandering in the House of Canines. She soon befriended and played with the dinosaur, due to Dino's dog-like personality and antics. Fred had to teach Xion about what was a dinosaur after the session.
  • Thanks to his interest in boxing, Hoppy became a frequent guest in the House of Sports. Despite challenging a lot of the residents there, he quickly became friends with Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Ippo Makunouchi and T.J. Combo. They would often spar with one another for friendly competitiveness.
  • Dwelling in the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, Dino and Hoppy try to stick together, considering the house is packed with dangerous beasts around. Gwangi and Riptor are constant threats that they do best to avoid, though assistance from the Gang of Seven really helps. The Sharptooth, Big Al and Glavenus being constant visitors only raises the stakes. The two beasts they are most terrified of is Deviljho and Indominus rex due to the former's insatiable hunger, and destructive force and the latter's bloodthirsty and sadistic pleasure for hunting and killing.
    • Rexie has been a rather weird experience for them. She terrifies Dino and Hoppy immensely, but unlike the other predators around, she doesn't act malicious nor cause rampages for the hell of it. Rexie on the other hand sees the two as ambient creatures who happen to reside on the same house as her. She is content on letting them come to her territory, knowing that they don't pose a threat. Even then, it doesn't resolve Dino and Hoppy's fears of her.
  • They were targeted by Pokemon Hunter J, hoping that she could make money out of it. Unfortunately, Rexie interrupted. This was probably the one time Dino and Hoppy appreciated a predator in response.
  • Dino has grown a distaste for Cruella de Vil due to her mistreatment and disregard for dogs, and Dino wishes he could teach her a lesson. Hoppy's boxing match against Balrog left him with a very sour thought about boxer, due to his underhanded tactics in fighting. Rusty once tried to capture Dino and Hoppy (Mistaking them for Pokemon), only for the two to see Rusty's recklessness and lack of respect in taking care of his Pokemon and be appalled. Fred wound up chasing him out of the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts.

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