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A list of ascended Pokémon who are partnered with other deities. It is arranged in National Dex Order. This place also contains stories on how they came together as partners, and a reason why the characters were connected.

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Venusaur | Yuuka Kazami

Partnership's story: One fine day, Venusaur stumbled upon a field of exotic flowers managed by Yuuka Kazami. Recognizing the Pokémon as a fellow flower lover, Yuuka left Venusaur alone. Day after day, Venusaur kept coming to the flower garden, and as time went on, Yuuka and Venusaur became friends.

On one occasion, as both of them strolled through the field together, they uncovered a small marble coupled with a large transparent rock, both with a double helix-like symbol in the middle. Venusaur was attracted by this large rock and offered Yuuka the marble. Yuuka took it, then suddenly a connection made of lightning formed between them, and Venusaur transformed into Mega Venusaur, comfirming their partnership and further deepening their bond.

Charizard | Harry Potter

Connection: Harry Potter has the same Japanese voice actor as Alain, who wielded a Charizard. Harry also befriended a dragon once.

Blastoise | TMNT

Connection: Turtles.

Pikachu | Ash Ketchum

Connection: Canon.

Jigglypuff | Nonon Jakuzure

Connection: Using music in battle.

Zubat | Valvatorez

Connection: Bats/vampires.

Meowth | Bastet

Connection: Cats.

Primeape | Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Connection: Having very poor tempers and being particularly unpleasant when pushed too far.

Alakazam | Histoire

Gengar | Yuyuko Saigyouji

Hypno | Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter

Partnership's Story: Unlike a sizeable chunk of partnerships within in the pantheon, the partnership between Hypno and the Mad Hatter was established not via friendly relations, but via pure convenience. Having become infamous throughout the pantheon because of his tendency to hypnotize blonde girls so that he can force them to become his "Alice," Jervis Tetch, better known as the Mad Hatter, was having difficulties acquiring new "Alices" as a result of his newfound notoriety. Whilst he was wandering around House of Nature trying to think of possible solutions, Jervis inadvertently stumbled across Hypno while they were brainwashing an undisclosed female deity in the middle of one of the House's many forests. Jervis immediately fought with Hypno with the intention of claiming the deity as his own, which had caused the deity to break free of her mind control, allowing her to escape. Realizing what he could accomplish with Hypno by his side, Jervis interrupted his fight with Hypno to propose that they join forces so that they would have an easier time in hypnotizing whatever brainwashing any deities that they encounter, which would theoretically allow Jervis to have as many "Alices" as he wanted to play with and give Hypno all the dreams that he could possibly eat. Although Hypno was still apprehensive about the criminal, he ultimately agreed to Jervis' deal and subsequently became his partner for the time being.

Kingler | Seaport Princess'

Rhydon | Giovanni

Connection: Canon.

Scyther | Ruby Rose

Connection: Scythes and speed.

Pinsir | Arata Kagami/Kamen Rider Gatack

Connection: Stag beetles.

Tauros | Baine Bloodhoof

Connection: Bulls.

Magikarp | Lysandre

Connection: Canon, sort of.

Red Gyarados | Char Aznable

Connection: The colour red.

Lapras | Ariel

Connection: Nice aquatic beings.

Eevee | Azai Nagamasa

Connection: Canon.

Vaporeon | Sailor Mercury

Connection: Water powers.

Jolteon | Static

Connection: Lightning powers.

Flareon | The Panda King

Partnership's story: Flareon loved fireworks. She loved the colorful lights and explosions, and she loved the way they made her feel. Flareon also loved when new gods ascended, because there was always a fireworks display at the end. Every time she went, she got to watch the greatest fireworks she had ever seen. Flareon was determined to meet the one who crafted the fireworks and was soon led to the Panda King. The stoic panda refused to have Flareon around his temple, worried she could accidentally set off the volatile ingredients he used. Flareon, however, wouldn't quit and tried to catch his attention. Panda King took note of her spirit and dedication, and her admiration for his craft, and decided to let her stay in the end. Flareon was very happy. Soon, he became her partner, and he started to train her in the art of Flame Fu which she relished at it made great exercise. Thanks to his training, Flareon's already powerful Attack stat has reached levels that rival Greater Gods, and she can stand toe to toe with Legendaries with the power of her Flare Blitz alone.

Omastar | Zaheer

Partnership's story: One day, when Zaheer was a mortal, he was meditating in his prison cell when he found an odd, spiral-shaped shell. It spoke to him, claiming that it was an ally of Vaatu's; in case Vaatu's plan to destroy the Avatar went awry, the shell (who called itself Omastar) would help guide the Red Lotus to world domination. But shortly after it arrived, it disappeared.

After both Vaatu's and Zaheer's plans failed, the shell appeared again, but this time in a fully realized form, made out of specific qualities of his fallen comrades: a shell made of earth, tentacles and a body made out of water, and the ability to shoot out lasers. Omastar told Zaheer to wait until the right time to call him for assistance. Now these brothers in anarchy have formed a partnership that can only be broken by the will of the Mob.

Kabutops | Eliphas

Snorlax | Mako Reizei

Connection: Disliking waking up.

Articuno | Anivia

Connection: Ice birds.

Zapdos | Mikoto Misaka

Connection: Lightning powers.

Moltres | Fujiwara no Mokou

Connection: Phoenixes.

Mewtwo | Bass.EXE

Mew | Vanellope Von Schweetz

Feraligatr | Sobek
Connection: Crocodiles with water powers.

Xatu | Nozdormu

Espeon | Haruka Kotoura

Partnership's story: It is no surprise a powerful telepath like Espeon was immediately attracted to Kotoura Haruka. Haruka at first saw Espeon as a cute cat and was immediately reminded about the stray cat from her childhood, which saddened her momentarily. Espeon, hearing this, offered her apologies for not only being able to hear Haruka's thoughts, but for tapping into her mind and learning of her tragic childhood. This scared the young telepath as she was unable to read Espeon's thoughts but the opposite could. Nevertheless, the Sun Pokémon assured her that she will be "her kitty" and remain by her side whenever she needs her. This made Haruka very happy and gave Espeon a good long hug, which the Eeveelution enjoyed.

Umbreon | Kaguya Houraisan

Connection: The moon.

Murkrow | Marisa Kirisame

Connection: Frequently stealing things they take an interest in.

Unown | The Mob

Wobbuffet | Funny Valentine

Dunsparce | Betty Suarez

Qwilfish | King Triton

Connection: Marine beings.

Scizor | Vatista

Heracross | Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto

Connection: Hercules beetles.

Kingdra | Arthur Curry

Connection: The sea.

Miltank | Kaguya Nanbu

Smeargle | Amaterasu

Connection: Battling painters.

Raikou | Raiden

Entei | Annie Hastur

Suicune | Chaac

Tyranitar | Gaara

Connection: Power over sand.

Lugia | Reinforce Eins

Ho-Oh | Jean-Grey Summers

Connection: Fire birds of a feather flock together.

Celebi | Alexstrasza


Gardevoir (Friendship) | Soranote 

Connection: The will to protect their friends.

Gardevoir (Personality) | Ventus

Connection: The will to protect their friends.

Slaking | Homer Simpson

Connection: Laziness.

Sableye | Spike

Partnership's Story: At first, many deities confused Sableye for Spike based on his short stature, purple color, and appetite for gemstones. When Spike himself approached Sableye to find out what this was all about, he discovered he and the Darkness Pokémon got along quite well. They frequently hang around since then, occasionally together pulling pranks on other deities or treating themselves to a nice meal of gems.

Plusle and Minun | Lua and Luca

Connection: Twin pairs.

Medicham | Shantae

Zangoose | Wolverine

Connection: Long claws for weapons.

Seviper | Oberyn Martell

Connection: The Martells are associated with venomous snakes.

Lunatone & Solrock | Tate & Liza

Connection: Canon.

Castform | Ororo Munroe/Storm

Connection: Power over the weather.

Kecleon Brothers | Solid Snake

Banette | Sora Shiun'in

Absol | Riku

Connection: Dark Is Not Evil.

Relicanth | Davos Seaworth

Connection: Old and sea-related.

Salamence | Annabelle

Connection: A wish to fly that came true.

Metagross | Honda Tadakatsu

Regirock | Geb

Regice | Victor Fries

Connection: Ultra-low temperatures.

Registeel | Optimus Prime

Latios & Latias | Dipper & Mabel Pines

Connection: Twins who'd do anything for each other.

Kyogre | Kira Daidouji

Partnership's story: Near a beach, Kira tried to summon Niptra, the Arcana of Water. However, during her summoning, a huge downpour started and from the deep sea rose the Sea Basin Pokémon, Kyogre.

Frustrated by the sudden rain, she yelled at Kyogre to show its respect, roaring louder than the rain itself. To her surprise, Kyogre seemed to have listened. Realizing that she had just tamed such a strong beast, she started laughing manically due to her new-found partner.

Groudon | Solaire

Partnership's story: On a dark night, Solaire was assisting his allies as they engaged in combat with dark forces. However, he noticed that sunlight came out of nowhere despite the time of the day. Out of curiosity, Solaire investigated the light... and he encountered the Legendary Pokémon, Groudon. To Solaire's surprise, Groudon offered to become Solaire's partner because of the latter's kindess and devotion to sunlight. Accepting Groudon's offer, the forces of darkness now has a new powerful enemy to fight. And so Solaire finally got his own sun, just not in a way he ever expected.

Rayquaza | Aang

Connection: Air-elemental keepers of the balance.

Jirachi | Oerba Dia Vanille

Deoxys | X


Lopunny | Hibari

Spiritomb | King Boo

Connection: Malicious, vengeance-seeking ghosts.

Garchomp | Viral

Lucario | Ryu

Connection: Similar trademark attack.

Drapion | Crixalis the Sand King

Probopass | Magneto

Connection: Magnetism powers.

Yanmega | Spyro

Connection: Dragonflies (in Spyro's case, being associated with them).

Leafeon | Poison Ivy

Connection: Plant powers.

Glaceon | Queen Elsa

Connection: Ice powers.

Gallade | Wally

Connection: Canon.

Rotom | Nero Yuzurizaki

Uxie | Prometheus

Mesprit | The Emotions

Connection: Ruling over the emotional spectrum.

Azelf | Link

Connection: The Triforce of Courage correlates to willpower, which Azelf rules over.

Dialga | Future Trunks

Connection: Trunks is a time traveler and Dialga rules over time.

Palkia | Yukari Yakumo

Partnership's Story: They just happened to meet one day in the space between time. Palkia had detected that someone had invaded its territory, only to find Yukari sleeping soundly. Palkia blasted a Dragon Breath at her and Yukari retaliated, starting with returning its own blast against it.

The battle went on for years, neither giving up on their field. The battle ended when Palkia acknowledged Yukari's strength and offered to be her partner. Yukari agreed, and they've been together ever since.

Heatran | Vulcan

Regigigas | Musashi

Giratina | Midna

Darkrai | Princess Luna

Shaymin | Viridi

Arceus | Mata Nui

Connection: Top gods of their respective universes.

Victini | Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze

Partnership's Story: Victini had grown curious about the Pantheon, and especially of the delicious food there! Attracted by a pile of macarons, the Legendary gobbled them all up. This caused many a god there to get angry at the thief, and they began to chase him out.

Meanwhile, Gentaro, while recovering from certain events, found himself in a battle as Fourze vs the newly ascended evil Kamen Riders. This was in the hopes of Gentaro becoming his darker self. Just as Gentaro was about to lose hope, Victini arrived and, seeing Gentaro in danger, took a powerful blow meant for him. Seeing Victini hurt made Gentaro step in to protect the Legendary, the two cementing their new friendship with Gentaro's signature handshake. Victini then gave him a power boost that ended with Fourze's Cosmic States blasting the villains to the upper limits of outer space. After that, Victini shared some of its stolen macarons with his new friend just as the Food deities came to attack the thief. Gentaro quickly came to Victini's aid, saying Victini was his good friend. With this word, Victini was forgiven for his crimes and ascended into the House of Food, where Gentaro comes with his other friends to share freshly made macarons.

Oshawott | Chosokabe Motochika

Connection: Canon.

Excadrill | Simon the Digger

Connection: Drills as weapons. Simon also has a pet mole.

Audino | Yoshika Miyafuji

Partnership's Story: After joining the GUAG Medical Division, Yoshika quickly met up with the Hearing Pokémon, Audino. Due of founding the two similar, the quickly bonded over, becoming strong friends.

Looking at the side, Kairi, who had a Keystone and the Audinonite for Audino, decided to give the two things to Yoshika. When Yoshika asked, Kairi said that the two must have much better connection between the two of them than she would, and since her own partner, Manectric, isn't in the pantheon, she has no need for the Key Stone for the moment. Yoshika quickly accepted her gift.

Scolipede | Ken Kaneki

Connection: Kaneki has centipedes as an Animal Motif.

Lilligant | Durathror

Cofagrigus | Anakaris

Partnership's Story: In the past, Cofagrigus was a devoted follower of Anakaris. Pleased by his devotion, Anakaris made a case to ascend him and took him under his wing as his Pokémon partner.

Escavalier | Bianca

Connection: Canon.

Eelektross | Ursula

Connection: Ursula has eels for minions.

Beheeyem | J'onn J'onnz

Connection: Telepathic aliens.

Cryogonal | Yoshino

Connection: Ice users.

Golurk | Iron Giant

Connection: Giant robots.

Bisharp | Baraka

Hydreigon | Daenerys Targaryen

Connection: Three-headed dragon as seen in the Targaryens' coat of arms.

Volcarona | Princess Celestia

Connection: Associated with the sun.

Cobalion | Steve Rogers

Connection: Blue and heroic.

Terrakion | Terra

Connection: Earth powers and the name "Terra".

Virizion | Astolfo

Tornadus | Al'Akir

Connection: Wind power.

Thundurus | Zeus

Connection: Electric power / Jerkass Gods.

Landorus | Smokey the Bear

Connection: Protectors of the environment.
Reshiram | Ryuko Matoi
Connection: Truth.

Zekrom | Satsuki Kiryuin

Connection: Ideals.

Kyurem | Takuma Saiou

Keldeo | Melody

Connection: Young, foolish, and associated with water.

Red Genesect | Charlotte E. Yeager


Chesnaught | Kellam
Connection: Shields.

Greninja | Asuka

Connection: Ninjas.

Aegislash | Arturia Pendragon

Connection: Swords.

Tyrantrum | Shu Ouma

Connection: Regal symbolism.

Sylveon | Yui Hirasawa

Connection: A tendency for cuddling.

Carbink | Rarity

Connection: Gems.

Klefki | Haruno Haruka/Cure Flora

Connection: Princess Keys

Patnership Story: After getting tired of being ignored in the Fairy House, Klefki decided to play a prank on the newly ascended gods to gain attention. Eventually, it was attracted to the Princess Precures' Dress Up Keys. Klefki wanted them for itself, but failed to steal them and got lectured for it.

Infuriated by its humiliation, Klefki decided to change tactics. It sneaked into the House of Knowledge in a quest to find out about their backgrounds. Once it learned the identities of their closest allies, Klefki came up with a plan.

One day, while Haruka was separated from her group, Klefki approached her. It told her that Kanata had ascended into the Pantheon, but was trapped within the Demonic Legion. Excited to see him, Haruka rushed in and got trapped. Klefki then nabbed her Dress Up Keys. It then taunted Haruka by jingling her keys in front of her, but she showed no remorse or hatred. She wasn't fearful of the place, either.

Klefi felt bad for what it did, so it changed its mind and decided helped Haruka out of her imprisonment. It handed her keys back and opened her cage, and together, they busted out of the Demonic Legion.

Once they made it outside, Klefki tearfully apologized for what it did, but Haruka forgave it, and thanked it for helping out of trouble. She then offered Klefki to be her partner, and it accepted in delight. Haruka entrusted all her Princess Keys to Klefki so that no one else can rob her powers, and encouraged her friends to do the same.

Trevenant | Casper

Connection: Friendly ghosts.

Gourgeist | Headless Horseman

Connection: Unfriendly ghosts, and HH's head is usually a pumpkin.

Xerneas | Emilia Justina

Yveltal | Satan Jacob

Zygarde | Gaea

Connection: Preservation of the ecosystem.

Diancie | Madoka Kaname

Partnership's story: It was a rainy day, a few weeks after the Great Upheaval. Madoka, wanting to take her mind off recent events, took a walk and admired the sight of the Pantheon in the rain. She strolled along, with a umbrella in her hand, taking in the view. As she walked past the House of Nature, she caught a glimpse of the Mythical Pokémon Diancie watching the rain fall. The wind suddenly picked up and blew the umbrella out of Madoka's hand, leaving her soaking wet.

Madoka found a cave nearby to take shelter and dry off a little. The storm got much worse, trapping Madoka in the cave. Afraid, powerless and alone, Madoka hugged her knees and sobbed. Hearing Madoka's cries for help, Diancie bounced over to see what she could do.

Madoka was not expecting a two-foot-tall rock Pokémon to start talking. She stopped crying, startled. Diancie introduced herself and asked if there was anything she could do. Madoka asked if Diancie really wanted to hear about her problems. Diancie assured her that if it would make her feel better, Madoka could talk as long as she wanted.

After explaining the Upheaval as best she could, Madoka, overwhelmed by her experiences, began to cry again. Diancie tried to comfort Madoka, and made a small pink diamond to cheer her up. Diancie once again decided to help Madoka and declared she would do everything within her power to do so. The rain then stopped.

Grateful for Diancie's help, Madoka immediately thanked Diancie and accepted the diamond. She vowed to get stronger again, and also vowed to help Diancie if she was ever in trouble. A partnership was born.

Hoopa | Chell

Decidueye | Takumi
Connection: Archers.

Incineroar | Zangief

Connection: Wrestling.

Popplio | Azura

Wishiwashi | Jimmy Hopkins

Lurantis | Yuri (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V)

Bewear | Bear Hugger

Silvally | Gladion

Connection: Canon.

Minior | Yang Xiao Long

Connection: Critical Status Buff-based powers.

Mimikyu | Koume Shirasaka

Tapu Koko | Lilo & Stitch

Connection: Hawai'i.

Tapu Lele | Puck

Connection: Mischievous/amoral fairies.

Tapu Bulu | Reuben

Tapu Fini | The Spring Sprite

Connection: Restorative properties; oppose pollution.

Nihilego | Arael

Connection: Being into Mind Rape.

Buzzwole | Alex Louis Armstrong

Connection: Buffness and a love of flexing.

Pherosoma | Lust

Xurkitree | Cole McGrath

Connection: Lightning powers.

Celesteela | Sailor Moon

Connection: Bamboo shoots are associated with the moon due to The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

Kartana | Kubo

Connection: Paper as weapon.

Guzzlord | Gluttony

Connection: Eating anything in sight.

Necrozma | Ezalor

Connection: Light.

Blacephalon | Mr. Mxyzptlk


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