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Out of all the places in the Pantheon, this one may just be one of the deadliest locations and probably the least visited. Without exceptions, every single form of poison known to mankind across several universes gather around in the jungle-like environments, as well as inviting dangerous and poisonous monsters to inhabit and make their home here. The lakes are full of flesh-eating acid, certain to kill anyone who dares step foot in one of them. Even the air itself is highly polluted and venomous, so flying gods will find it difficult to breathe should they fly over the place.

Needless to say, it's very much a Death World as a large jungle. It does not come off as a surprise that the number of gods that populate the area are rare and low in numbers, as the vast majority does not wish to be anywhere close to it. Despite this, there are certain gods who actually like coming here to challenge the monsters living here or the toxic environment itself. They're primarily bonafide badasses.

And as much as it's tempting, they don't use the "Sweet Toxicity" song as their official anthem. No, not even with the voice of Tim Curry.

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Phazon, The Unholy Corruption (The Great Poison, Phaaze)
Phazon in its natural state
Planet Phaaze
  • Overdeity. Exposure is completely lethal to Quasideities, Demideities and Lesser Deities, though there are some exceptions with the latter, but it can corrupt Intermediate Deities, Greater Deities and Overdeities.
  • Symbol: Blue, fungus-like growths, or the Planet Phaaze.
  • Theme Music: Phazon Radiation, Phaaze
  • Alignment: Blue out of Blue-and-Orange Morality, Chaotic Evil for those it corrupts
  • Portfolio: Substances that drive the story, Multiple, fantastical powers, Mutating what it does not kill, Strengthening them at the price of their sanity, Spreading via meteors, Transforming entire planets into living planets of Phazon, Becoming increasingly common, A single living being defying physics and comprehension, The story's ultimate yet impersonal source of conflict, Consuming everything it can get its tendrils on, Cannot be controlled or used EVER
  • Domains: Corruption, Power, Phlebotinum, Mutation
  • Allies: Dark Samus, Ridley, Mother Brain, Majora, Grima, The Gravemind, Giygas, The Starmen, The Colour Out of Space, Nurgle, those who seek to use it and everything it infects.
  • On Good Terms with: Wiseman/Death Phantom
  • Rivals: The Flood, The Dark Matter Horde, The Heartless, Manus
  • Enemies: Samus Aran, all Grand United Alliances, The Emperor of Mankind, The Madoka Magica Magical Girls (Especially Sayaka Miki and Homura Akemi), The Doctor, Master Chief, Fused Zamasu, Sora, Those who seek to destroy it, which is anyone not listed under allies.
  • Feared by: The Incubators, Babidi, All Immortals, especially those with Complete Immortality.
  • Avoided by: Moro
  • Phazon is a sentient substance that spawns as living meteors known as Leviathans from its parent planet, called Phaaze, which is the source of all Phazon, slowly swallowing all life and corrupting planets so that the cycle can repeat.
  • Among the chaos that was Majora’s ascension, a second threat in the form of a Leviathan appeared over the skies of the Pantheon, but with most deities already focused on the moon, there was hardly anyone who could stop the falling meteor. It crashed into the House of Nature, splitting the house of Light & Darkness into Light and Dark halves, ejecting a blue substance from the impact crater and scattering it all over the house and surrounding area, causing geiger counters everywhere to go haywire. Shortly after the mask was dealt with, barely anyone got a full breath in before they were greeted with the sight of the mutagen known as Phazon corrupting everything in sight, twisting the landscape and creating monsters of the same nature. The poison was eventually pushed back and sealed within the impact crater where the Leviathan now resides, but the toxic material still threatens to corrupt the Pantheon if it ever gets out. Unfortunately, Phazon wasn’t the only thing the Leviathan was transporting
  • A radioactive and highly toxic substance originating from the planet Phaaze, Phazon is a mutagen capable of infecting all forms of life, killing weaker lifeforms and empowering stronger beings, though at the cost of their sanity and health. Not even metaphysical beings are safe from the corruption, as proven by the Chozo of Tallon IV when they were pulled from their higher existence and twisted into vengeful ghosts called The Turned. Most Phazon comes in a blue coloration, though the existence of a more lethal and unstable “Red Phazon” is known to exist. The substance is capable of being hardened into a solid state dubbed “Phazite”, becoming very durable and can be crafted into armor.
  • Those who either work or linger around the radioactive toxin long enough are in danger of the condition known as "Phazon Madness", which is considered to be the earliest form of eventual corruption. Symptoms include increased hostility and strength, dementia, and death if exposed for too long. While most life-forms would perish from that alone, stronger subjects that survive long enough will finally succumb to the Phazon and mutate into whatever ungodly form the substance shapes it into. Whatever that is, the corrupted being now has heightened strength, senses, aggression, and resiliency, though their mind is now lost forever.
  • Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the substance is that Phazon is sentient, with Phaaze at the heart of it all. While not particularly intelligent, as seen with Dark Samus guiding and planning its actions, it possesses enough self-awareness to be able to protect itself, usually by targeting especially powerful creatures and infusing them with large amounts of Phazon. These "Guardians" are usually tasked with protecting the cores residing within the Leviathans. Other than just the propagation and spreading of its corruption, no one but Dark Samus is sure just what it wants or is planning. Considering the fact that Phaaze itself acts as the heart of a transdimensional being, this further pushes it into unknowable territory.
  • To the horror of many gods, Grima and The Gravemind have taken interest in Phazon, the former for some unknown reason and the latter for the mutagen’s capacity of causing extreme suffering, and have begun to communicate with it, with Dark Samus speaking for it. What’s being discussed is unknown, but most are ready for the worst case scenario if the three come to an agreement and form an alliance.
    • Giygas has also been approached by Phazon, though Dark Samus had to step out of this one since even Giygas proved to be too much for her to handle. They seem to get along well enough as far as most can tell. Dark Samus has taken to speaking to Giygas’ Starmen instead, and they both seem to be planning something involving Phazon, though nobody really knows exactly what.
  • Many within the GUAE seek to use Phazon as a means to conquer and empower themselves, with members of the Mutation Lair showing particular interest in its applications. Taking notes from the Phazon Enhancement Devices present in Samus’ world and the information provided by Ridley, they have begun to create their own variation in addition to producing Phazite Armor. This has backfired on most of them spectacularly, causing most to get infected until they are killed and a good portion of the GUAE to cease production, with Ridley being one of the main parties still producing their own variations and Phazite armor.
    • With this potential increase in power by the GUAE, the other alliances have been put in the position of choosing whether or not to utilize Phazon themselves to fight back. This has lead to arguments erupting from within, with some claiming that the mutagen can be used safely and efficiently to combat their enemies, while others argue that they will still be putting countless others at risk since they'll be spreading the Great Poison all across the Pantheon. It was decided against when Babidi decided to control Phazon, only to get infected himself and decide to spread it through his Majin spells while corrupted, making sure that those who can resist them got infected by the substance anyway. When he was defeated and freed from the corruption in the House of Death and Postmortem, he wisely decided not to try his hand at controlling it again.
  • Though its will is carried out by Dark Samus, the Great Poison is rather limited in taking action itself, what with the sole Leviathan and majority of the substance being sealed within the impact crater. As such, it seeks to manifest Phaaze within the Pantheon, using Mogo as its host. With the living planet corrupted, everything would die as the world would become increasingly twisted and poisonous until the heart of Phazon would be reborn once more. New Leviathans will be born again, waiting for the day they will spread the Great Poison across the Pantheon.
  • The Flood of Mars have been compared to the Great Poison, and it isn’t that hard to see why. The Doctor has noticed this and has gotten everyone he can possibly convince to take precautions just in case they end up fusing...and nobody wants that to happen, given how deadly both The Flood and The Phazon are on their own. Nobody knows what it would look like, and nobody wants to know.
  • Many wonder what would happen if a Magical Girl from Madoka Kaname’s world got infected with Phazon. Some have speculated that they would turn into Witches quicker than normal, but Sayaka Miki loathes it more than anyone else and seeks to destroy it. Homura Akemi wants to destroy it to protect Madoka, but more Phazon keeps appearing no matter how much she destroys.
    • Despite the fact that they are emotionless, Phazon is one of the few things the Incubators truly avoid. This is due to an incident where a woman they wanted to make a contract with ended up stumbling onto some and got infected before proceeding to violently lash out at any nearby Incubators, getting some of them corrupted in the process. What followed was an almost-never ending cycle of Incubators eating the corrupted ones and getting infected until a deity stepped in and killed the infected ones and they have decided to avoid the Great Poison.
  • Many fear the idea of Nurgle creating an airborne version of Phazon, and the Emperor of Mankind is spearheading making a counter to this should it ever happen. Unfortunately, he has lost some of his Imperium Soldiers to the Great Poison, whether it was corruption or death, in his quest to destroy it utterly.
  • A source of corruption in and of itself, the Abyss has been compared to it, though they don’t affect each other, though many fear the idea of it getting its tendrils on Manus, as that would likely boost the strength of Phazon and the Abyss a great deal. The Dark Matter Horde, who conquered and seized planets via Demonic Possession not unlike Phazon’s corruption, have also found themselves competing with the substance.
  • All Grand United Alliances have a kill on sight order for the Phazon ever since the incidents listed above involving Babidi and the Phazite Armor in order to try to reduce chances of infection. It has worked somewhat, but it has still infected some from time to time no thanks to Dark Samus trying to spread the Great Poison and get rid of the barrier sealing it in the impact crater.
  • In another bid to destroy the universe, Death Phantom has pointed Phazon in the direction of Earth, saying that it would be a perfect place to manifest Phaaze in the Pantheon. He knows not to get too close, however, as he doesn’t want his true form to become infected or turned into Phaaze itself.
  • "Don't you feel the power? Soon everything will be corrupted. Including you."

Greater Gods

SCP-106, God of Rot (The Old Man, Corporal Lawrence, Radical Larry)
106, mid-emergence.
  • Greater God (Object Class: Keter)
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: Bump in the Night
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Body Horror, Cold-Blooded Torture, Complete Monster, Dirty Old Man, Hollywood Acid, Humanoid Abomination, Might as Well Not Be in Prison at All, Pocket Dimension, Walking Wasteland
  • Domains: Destruction, Sadism, Torture
  • High Priest: Tomura Shigaraki (shared with SCP-049)
  • Allies: Bill Cipher, Carnage, Freddy Krueger, Reaper, SCP-682
  • Rival: Blight
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Jack Skellington, all ascended Pokemon deities, The Lich, the House of Crime, all users of Light and/or Electricity powers, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Lord Hater
  • Feared by: Nobuyuki Sugou
  • One of the many entities contained by the Foundation, SCP-106 is a Keter-Class SCP, and is one of the hardest for them to contain. This is because he possesses the ability to corrode pretty much any material that he touches. As such, his containment chamber needs to be constantly reinforced to make sure that he stays inside, but unfortunately, this doesn't stop him for breaching containment whenever he decides to put in the effort to.
    • It was during one such breakout that he made his way to the House of Nature, specifically to the House of Toxicity, where he was finally captured. Unfortunately, Melkor intervened, having learned of SCP-106's exploits, and prevented the Foundation from fully securing SCP-106. Thanks to this endorsement from Melkor, SCP-106 was allowed to stay in the House of Toxicity, but not before the Foundation rebuilt his containment cell and used that as his temple.
  • The SCP Foundation has warned all gods to NOT GO NEAR HIM. Anyone that SCP-106 touches is either dissolved and/or sent to his Pocket Dimension, a malevolent labyrinth that enables him to torture his victims for as long as he wants due to time passing by differently within it, as well as the fact that just being there causes slow deterioration. Several Foundation personnel have fallen victim to him, with this being the end result on one agent.
  • One of SCP-106's first potential victims was Mike Schmidt, kidnapping the security guard during another round at Freddy's. However, Mike, much like inmate D-9341, managed to navigate his way out of SCP-106's pocket dimension thanks to his experience at Freddy's, and proceeded to distribute tips among the other gods so that they could escape the Pocket Dimension.
    • However, because 106 is capable of altering the dimension as he pleases, the tips have proven to be of limited help. Though anyone sent there knows that if they end up in 106's throne room, they must kneel when 106 tells them to, as it will teleport them to a trench area that will take them to the exit, though they must contend with some sort of bird monster while they cross the trench.
  • He's not on good terms with Jack Skellington due to the fact that during one Halloween, when SCP-106 breached containment, he went on a murder spree that ended with him sorting out human bones as if they were candy. Jack also finds 106's powers to be rather horrifying for his tastes, having learned of what D-9341 witnessed during a containment breach.
  • SCP-106 gets along well with other Serial Killers in the Pantheon, finding Carnage and Freddy Krueger in particular to be excellent partners.
    • Concerning Freddy, he's quite impressed by SCP-106's modus operandi, given how slowly 106 tends to torture his victims with his rotting powers and the utilization of his Pocket Dimension. SCP-106 likewise, sees the slow torture caused by Freddy's nightmares as gloriously sadistic in nature.
  • Bill Cipher finds SCP-106 to be quite interesting, not just for 106's rot abilities, but for how sadistic and cruel 106 is towards his victims, since the triangle has also been known to engage in horrific torture sessions. As such, 106 has allowed Bill to watch him at work, much to the triangle's amusement.
  • Despite possessing similar abilities, the Lich wants nothing to do with SCP-106, seeing him as far too childish concerning the fact that if given the chance, 106 tortures his victims within his Pocket Dimension instead of just killing them quickly with corrosion.
  • Due to a prior incident involving the unascended SCP-826, none of the ascended Pokemon deities—not even fellow poison-related deities Weezing and Parasect—like him, since he was capable of capturing Pokemon during this incident. Though to be fair to 106, he was just there as a cameo.
  • Horrifyingly, he has a reputation for seeking out young people, specifically for those in their early teens and late twenties, telling them that they smell nice and licking them with his long frog tongue. This caught the attention of Noboyuki Sugou who thought that 106 would make a good ally. About a week later, Sugou was retrieved from the Pocket Dimension, heavily injured and shuddering with fear.
  • Due to his attacks on the mortal D-9341, the House of Crime tries to stay far away from him, not wanting to witness or experience the horrors of his corrosive abilities or his Pocket Dimension.
    • Likewise, many of the scientists of the Pantheon try to avoid SCP-106 when they're not assisting the Foundation in studying him, due to the fact that D-9341 was once a Foundation researcher himself, imprisoned due to unauthorized work.
  • SCP-106 found a great deal of commonality with former Overwatch agent Reaper, seeing the backstory behind Reaper's abilities and current state as being remarkably similar to his own, given that 106 used to be a human known as Corporal Lawrence until he fell into a pit of black gunk that made him into the psychopath that he is today. 106 also finds similarities concerning the abilities of Noob Saibot, though the wraith has no wish to interact with him.
  • Blight is a bit disappointed in SCP-106 as he feels the Old Man is wasting his powers. Fortunately for the SCP, Blight has no interest in him other than feeling that he is wasted potential and a nuisance, despite their similar powers, although this is likely because Blight dislikes being what the radiation transformed him into in the first place. SCP-106 simply ignores him.
  • Thankfully, SCP-106 does have a few weaknesses, one of which is electricity. Should he be hit by a shock about as strong or exceeding a Tesla coil, he will automatically retreat to his Pocket Dimension. As such, the House of Electricity has begun keeping watch on him, as have any gods who utilize the power. This has thankfully kept 106 in check, drastically reducing the number of times people have been sent into his Pocket Dimension. Obviously, 106 isn't a fan of this, but he's sneaky enough to slip past them on occasion to go out on another excursion.
    • More minor weaknesses would be the usage of complex constructions, which confuse him to an extent, as well quick exposure to strong light sources but these only delay him, not hurt him.
  • While SCP-106 is usually too sadistic to focus on hating a specific someone, he made an exception for Lord Hater, due to Hater being the absolute worst possible match-up for him. While Hater's certainly not immune to SCP-106's rotting powers, Hater gains power based on hate, which comes with powerful lightning-based attacks. This basically means that any attempts on 106's part to harm Hater would fail spectacular, since Hater would just blast him with lightning before 106 could subdue him, and even if SCP-106 managed to drag Hater into the Pocket Dimension, Hater's likely-to-occur power rampage would make the confusion element present in the Pocket Dimension worthless. The Foundation quickly set things up so that if SCP-106 escapes, then Hater is to immediately be sent to intercept him. SCP-106 now feels nothing but annoyance and rage at Hater, since his presence has effectively shut down 106's rampages.

Intermediate Gods

Akame, Goddess of Poisoned Weapons (The Red-Eyed Killer, Akame of the Demon Sword)
  • Intermediate Goddess (borderline Greater Goddess when her trump card is activated)
  • Symbol: Her Teigu, Murasame
  • Theme Song: Kinpaku, Le chant de Roma
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly True Neutral as an Imperial assassin)
  • Portfolio: The Perfect Assassin, Tormented Siblings, Hiding her Emotions, Red-Eyed Killers, Big Eater, Wears Red and Black but is a Good Guy, Poisonous Instant Death Katanas, False Love Interests, "I Will Bury You"
  • Domains: War, Rebellion, Murder, Chaos
  • Herald: Kurome (her sister).
  • Allies: Night Raid, Monkey D. Luffy, Ken Kaneki, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Pannacota Fugo, Ezio Auditore, Samuel Rodrigues, Valeera Sanguinar, Oberyn Martell, Velvet Crowe, Touka Kirishima
  • Enemies: Prime Minister Honest, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Steven Armstrong, Darkseid, Gregor Clegane, Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, Molag Bal
  • Rivals: Erza Scarlet
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Raven Branwen
  • Opposes: Many evil emperors in the Pantheon
  • Akame ascended with the rest of her teammates soon after Esdeath's arrival to the Pantheon. With their biggest enemy gaining a Rank Up and the ascension of another Jaeger, the members of Night Raid decided to let one of their members split and find a new house to reside in, in order to prevent the two Jaegers from spreading their influence across the Pantheon. Akame was the one who was chosen to leave the original temple, as she was the one who killed Esdeath and therefore stood the best chance in an encounter with her.
  • Has been hired by the higher-ups of the GUAG to "incapacitate" some of Melkor's top lackeys. She's proven to be an effective thorn in the GUAE's side, thanks to her assassin skills and One-Hit Kill weapon.
  • When she's not busy killing evil shmucks, Akame can be found eating lots of meat, usually with Luffy. They like to exchange stories about their adventures; Luffy was sorry to hear about all of her friends who died, but was also happy that most of them were able to come with her to the Pantheon.
    • Yukihira Souma was the first cook of the house she ran into, and he was more than happy to take the challenge. But Nakiri Erina wouldn't have any of that, saying that she wouldn't allow a "mere commoner cook" have the right. Akame then decreed that they both cook for her, stating that the loser would have to be the victor's servant for life. These clear motivates them both and they wasted no time making their dishes. Akame's reactions to the meals were as expected but when it came time to decide a victor, she said that she would have to take a rain check on it and bolted.
  • Kaneki was surprised to hear Akame speak, thinking that Touka had somehow made it into the Pantheon. He was happy to hear that she wasn't some monstrous killer out to get him, and the two have become friends ever since.
  • Respects Satsuki for going through hell for the sake of her sister, in spite of all the morally gray things she did, just like Akame herself. Of course, a meeting with Satsuki meant a meeting with Ryuko. While a lot of people were hoping to see a fight between the two red-and-black sword wielders, they struck up a friendship almost immediately.
  • Went to the House of Health and Diseases to see if they had a cure for the side effects of her trump card. After finding nothing, she decided not to use it unless she really needed to.
  • Some Gods like to ship her and Tatsumi together. Akame respects his and Mine's relationship too much to make a move on him. There are also those who ship her and Leone together, to whom Akame doesn't have much objection towards.
  • Jetstream Sam wanted to tried out Akame's Teigu, since it reminds him of his own sword, Murasama. Akame agreed, but only because his nanosuit means he won't be affected by the blade's poison. Akame soon learned of his story, pitying him for once being a hero who fought warmongers.
    • Afterwards, she confronted his boss, attempting to poison him. Thanks to his nanomachines, Armstrong was unfazed and came out victorious. Interested in her skill, he challenged Akame to fight him again. Akame's response?
      Akame: I knew people who tried to turn the world into ruins. I've stopped them. I knew someone who tried to continue the war for their own sadistic benefit. I killed her. You're exactly like her. I'll come back, and when I do, I will bury you.
  • Is good friends with Oberyn Martell, who was able to embarrass an evil kingdom with his dying actions. Oberyn is currently researching the origins of Murasame, and Akame is allowed to wield his weapons.
    • Some time after the formation of their alliance, Oberyn told Akame of Gregor Clegane, and asked if she could deal with him. Naturally jumping on the chance to take care of warmongers, she went to the House of War to confront him. After breaking his armor, Akame slashed Clegane and managed to incapacitate him. Clegane has vowed to get his revenge on her, and Esdeath, a frequent visitor of his house, is more than happy to help him.
  • Erza doesn't approve of her occupation, but otherwise has no reason to oppose her. The two of them can be seen having swordfights with normal weapons sometimes.
  • Has an intense dislike for emperors like Palpatine and Frieza. She's aware of their overwhelming power, but is currently working to infiltrate their temples and slice them with Murasame.
  • Also in the House of Other Weapon Tropes.
  • If you can't find a reason to fight, then you shouldn't be fighting.

Hexxus, God of Pollution (The Spirit of Destruction)
Click here for his One-Winged Angel form
  • Intermediate God (Greater should he absorb enough pollution)
  • Symbol: A pitch-black skull
  • Theme Song: "Toxic Love"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those That Pollute For The Hell Of It, Showstoppers, Subversion of Heavy-Handed Morals, Sealed Evil in a Can, Perpetually Protean Destroyer Deity, Living Pollution, Telegraphing His Villainy, Singing Voice Dissonance, Villainous Glutton, Seeks To Pollute The World And Destroy Nature, Ominous Obsidian Ooze, Faux Affably Evil
  • Domains: Blackwater, Blightbringer, Corruption, Death, Greed, Pestilence, Pollution
  • Followers: Truax, Captain Pollution (as well as the rest of Captain Planet's Rogues Gallery), the Gaiark Ministers
  • Allies: Mr Burns, SCP-106, Hedorah, The Grox, Melkor, Pennywise, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Dr Eggman (Sonic the Comic and Julian incarnations only), Killer BOB, The Firebird, Aku, Surtr, Tulzscha, Yapool, Caesar Clown
  • On speaking terms with: Derek Powers
  • Rivals: The Lich, Discord
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Gyaos
  • Enemies: Almost all of the House of Nature (especially Captain Planet and Gaea, Battra, Aang), Batty, the Planeteers, the Houses of Plants, Beasts and Fauna (especially Shaymin, the Octonauts and Eliza Thornberry), Viridi, the Spring Sprite, Shaymin, Tinkerbell (honestly the whole Hall of Fairies, all Fairy-type Pokémon, all fairies period (except BOB), Denzel Crocker, Timmy Turner, Fluttershy, Osmosis Jones, The SCP Foundation, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, Samurai Jack, Toxie, the Nature Uprisings
  • Hexxus is the ancient spirit of pollution, destruction and ruin brought forth when the balance of nature shifted. He would devestate the planet, until Magi Lune sealed him up in an enchanted baobab tree. However he broke out, and planned to turn the world into a Polluted Wasteland. Fortunately he was defeated and sealed up.
  • Takes a form of a blackened skeleton in robes when powered up. He's not undead or anything, it's just cool. He also has a number of admirers, which is impressive considering he's an amorphous blob of oil and grime. Currently he's stuck in a giant tree courtesy of Viridi dropping a Reset Bomb on his head after she found out about his newest plan to spread pollution. When he gets out, he promises to start concealing his plans a lot better. The SCP Foundation has been working to make sure he remains controllable in the pantheon.
  • As with many villains, Hexxus' freedom was brought upon by Melkor. Not only is his ruination of the natural world befitting Melkor's idea of a good time, but his ability to draw a fanbase is valuable for the GUAE's cause. The Grand United Alliance of Destruction have argued the Spirit of Destruction makes more sense working for him, and while he certainly likes doing their dirty work he considers the GUAE a lot more fun to work with. The GUAN is just glad one of their greatest enemies doesn't have the full backing of two alliances.
  • Being the personification of pollution, and on a broader scale environmental destruction, the House of Nature does their best to keep him contained in the Hall of Poison and Toxicity; it's the only place he can't and wouldn't want to ruin despite making him feel powerful. Above all, the Nature Preservers consider him the most reprehensible. Amusingly despite being powered by toxic waste, Toxie hates him for being a villain seeking to destroy the ecosystem. Hexxus' inherent danger to nature has led him to be banned from the Plants, Beasts and Fauna houses. The Octonauts are high on his enemies' list due to their devotion to protecting nature.
  • Despite their hatred of him, Hexxus cares little for his housemates—as he himself says, "flowers and trees depress and, frankly, bore [him]." His current goal is to capitalize on his long-awaited divine ascension by joining the main Gods of Evil. He has a bit of a soft spot for Draco Malfoy since he reminds him of how he brings in the fangirls despite how evil he is, but Draco prefers to not be a part in whatever he's doing. Aku, however, does. They're elemental evils who manage to be weirdly charismatic, after all. Unfortunately for Hexxus he's close enough to Aku in nature to be hurt by Samura Jack's sword, though takes less damage because of his fluid body.
  • He and Captain Planet are mortal enemies, and his boss Gaea is also one of his biggest enemies. The Big Good and Big Bad from some of the most iconic and unsubtle Green Aesop settings hating one another? What a surprise! Same goes for the rest of the Planeteers. Also doesn't like Shaymin for its purifying capabilities. Among his major enemies are the Spring Sprite for basically being the opposite of him, and Battra and Gohma Vlitra for being avatars of nature's wrath. Hexxus is quick to point out the latter's hypocrisy in being even more destructive than himself, but the entity is too unreasonable to care.
  • He scorns all fairies, with the exception of BOB because he's a psychopath who smells of gasoline and is a general blight on the world. With their connection to nature and prior antagonist towards him, no-one's surprised. This is especially the case with Fairy type Pokemon, because Poison type is super-effective against Fairy type. Surprisingly Mr Crocker considers him an enemy, and enough of one to team up with Timmy Turner. This isn't out of the goodness of his heart, but because if Hexxus wins it would kill all the FAIRIES! and leave Mr Crocker with no FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS! to obsess over and try to capture.
  • Hexxus does have a few allies in the House of Nature. Surtr wishes that Hexxus would stop "playing with his food", but as he lives to bring about destruction and environmental catastrophe he at least thinks the Spirit of Destruction is helpful. Hexxus has found Tulzscha to be good company due to being a sickeningly clammy green flame akin to radiation poisoning, but it isn't talkative. Outside of the House of Nature he's allies with the Firebird, as they are forces of natural devestation and enemies to the Spring Sprite.
  • The Spirit of Destruction shares a rivalry with fellow fan favorite and Spirit of Chaos, Discord. Discord thinks of Hexxus that his "parking lots and shiny shopping malls" are too boring, Hexxus thinks Discord's methods is immature and juvenile. The tension between the two has gotten more heated considering that the only person Discord currently calls his friend, Fluttershy, values trees and wildlife dearly. He's also heard of the god of destruction, Beerus, but is smart enough to stay clear of him; even he isn't going to survive a Hakai.
  • Hexxus likes humans, though this is mainly because he loves their destructive attributes. It's not that he doesn't think they can be heroic, but that he finds it droll. The Spirit of Destruction has various business transactions with Derek Powers, though they aren't that warm as Power isn't one for needless evil and isn't going to go so far as to promote the destruction of the ecosystem as there's little profit to be made in it. The Grox, however, absolutely thrive in toxic environments and have been paying him in bulk to ruin nearby habitable planets so they can set up shop. Barring perhaps the Hall of Poison and Toxicity, the Grox Empire is where the Spirit of Destruction feels the most home.
  • He approves of Mr Burns' consistent pollution and amoral attitude to environmentalism, though admits that nuclear waste is a bit "spicy" for his taste. Mr Burns supports this as he's a source of charisma for his environmental destruction. Hexxus also likes the ruination of nature the Lich causes by his very existence, but the two have very different mindsets on how they bring about an extinction event; Hexxus is charming and uses pollution, while the Lich is a No-Nonsense Nemesis who takes the most direct and effective means of killing all life.
  • Hexxus isn't as sadistic as SCP-106, but he's about as toxic and the Spirit of Destruction is thrilled by the rot damage it causes. However he's a lot more fond of Hedorah, due to being a Muck Monster like himself. The Spirit of Destruction is also a friend of Caesar Clown, as his control over Deadly Gas lets them gain a mutual power boost from one another. Yapool celebrated this due to appreciating his life-destroying ways, and Hexxus likes his style but he's not quite sure about the Gyaos. On one hand they feed on pollution and their ravaging of nature makes helping Hexxus a benefit for them, but on the other they're equally likely to try and eat him.
  • Some in the House of Musicality dream of, for some reason, him collaborating with Pennywise and Dr. Frank-N-Furter in a Villain Song. Many others think it would be an encounter too potentially dangerous to even consider. Unfortunately, that dream has become reality as Hexxus really likes their vibe. His alliance with IT seems to come from their love of playing with and mocking humanity, though Pennywise prefers to eat people and thinks Hexxus' diet is unpleasant. The vocal similarity to her father makes Eliza Thornberry even more uncomfortable with the living biohazard than she already was.
  • Occasionally Hexxus can be seen working with Dr. Eggman. Generally what Eggman does isn't good for the environment, however the viler incarnations of Robotnik have a love of pollution and ruining the environment. Regardless of the Eggman, Sonic and his friends find such an anti-environmental entity to be intolerable. Osmosis Jones agrees with that sentiment due to the damage his toxins cause to the human body.
  • His interest in polluting is an almost sexual in nature. Slaneesh actually tried to hit on him (then again, Slaneesh hits on anything), but Hexxus refused, saying that Slaneesh might be foul, but not foul enough for his taste. He also doesn't care for the Nostalgia Critic claiming that before human pollution he lived off "the asses of cows", since it's implied his original power source was a volcano.

Magellan, God of Colorful Poison

Metallia, Goddess of Deadly Swamps (Metallica, The Swamp Witch, Lia)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Prone to fluctuation based on the presence of her swamp muck)
  • Symbol: Her witch hat over her broom
  • Theme Song: Dear Metallia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Personification of the Nibelheine Swamp, Wicked Witch with pitiable circumstances and occasional show of kindness, foul yet strangely censored cussing, preference for her cooler name, bad karma and betrayal for good deeds
  • Domains: Swamps, Witches, Magic
  • Heralds: The Hundred Knight, Arlecchino, Viscole Dotrish (her minions)
  • Allies: Lucifer
  • Odd Friendship with: Akko Kagari
  • Enemies: Mordremoth, Tirek, The Wicked Witch of the West, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Opposes or Opposed by: All foul-mouthed deities, Shrek, Sgt. Roebuck, Pvt. Miller, Pvt. Polonsky, Sgt. Conlin, Gunnery Sgt. Minoso, Pvt. Gaines, and Corpsman Sullivan, Banzai Chargers, Metallica, Risotto Nero, The Crimson Court, Star Butterfly, Marisa Kirisame
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Many of the Nippon Ichi deities, Schierke, Hermione Granger
  • Impressed by: The Racing Drones
  • Conflicting Opinion: Malygos
  • Friendly Rival: Mordred
  • Metallia is the Swamp Witch of Niblhenne, a highly toxic swamp residing within a large forest in Medea. Metallia was at war with Malia the Forest Witch for 100 years, before finally turning the tides by summoning the legendary being known as the Hundred Knight. Upon getting Malia out of the way, Metallia has the Hundred Knight release the "Pillars" that keep the swamp sealed, allowing her to spread it and thus extend her power and reach. Metallia would meet Visco, a princess who was cursed to have dog-like features, Lucchini, a beastman astrologer who desires to become her apprentice, and Mani, a smart-mouthed "punk" fairy who serves as the Hundred Knight's backup guide, all of whom join her in her journey (Visco unwillingly anyway).
    • After getting back at the other witches for pranking her and forcing them to recognize her as a real witch, Metallia is invited to become the court witch of Amataya, only to be caught up in a conspiracy to frame witches as evil and exterminate them. Even though the Hundred Knight saves Metallia from execution and defeats the evil Scum Witch Belda, Lucchini betrays Metallia and helps his wicked father, Totopepe, murder everyone at Amataya's castle, including Visco. Lucchini reveals himself to be an astrologist who saw the end of the world countless times, and resents Metallia for not being able to stop it. Metallia and the Hundred Knight escape to another universe created by the former, reviving those killed except for Visco, before finally avenging Visco's death by defeating Totopepe. Metallia spares Luchini, forcing him to live with the weight of his sins before journeying underground to meet the Great Witch Uraraka for the means to revive Visco.
    • Surprised that Uraraka was the witch who raised her in her youth, Metallia learns to her horror that Uraraka created her from a seed for the express purpose of draining the swamp with her magic, with the swamp itself actually being remnants of the ancient entity of destruction, Nikke. Uraraka hoped that by draining the swamp, the Green Spots Plague and Nikke would finally be eliminated for good at the cost of getting rid of magic and sacrificing Metallia. Malia, despite being a co-conspirator, was actually trying to find an alternative to sacrificing Metallia and went against Uraraka's orders. Before any more can be done, Metallia is betrayed by Mani, who reveals herself to Aguni, a witch who was also Nikke's lover. Mani used Metallia and the Hundred Knight, a small piece of Nikke to bloom the Pillars (Nikke's Bones) and kills Uraraka to break the seal on Nikke so they can take their revenge on the Land of Medea. Metallia accepts her fate as the next seal, breaking her contract with the Hundred Knight, only for the latter to convince the former to instead fight Nikke, and the two are able to successfully kill him and Aguni, finally putting an end to their threat once and for all. Metallia sacrifices herself to revive Visco, but a seed is left behind, allowing all of Metallia's friends to plant her and restore her to life years later.
  • Her temple resembles her home in Medea's Nibelheine Swamp, a small cottage surrounded by a moat filled with swamp muck from her home world. The swamp muck is made up of highly concentrated mana that is known to kill low ranking deities. It also really, really stinks. Because of this, protection is recommended when going near her temple. High level magic resistance or Anti-Magic also helps though sometimes even that isn't enough to combat the smell.
    • Metallia, being born from the swamp itself, has total control over the mana within the swamp muck, making her very dangerous within it's proximity, possessing Greater God-level abilities when plenty of it is present. However, using powerful magic drains the swamp and being away from her swamp for too long without anything to support her can weaken her considerably.
  • Because of the nature of her and her swamp, she has restricted access to the House of Magic, fearing that the mana might actually revitalize Tirek. To say, Metallia hates Tirek is an understatement and regularly makes death threats against him. Tirek, in turn, has been taunting Metallia to make good on her threats, hoping to see her and her mana become eventually become his. In spite of this, Metallia usually backs down. She has read enough about Tirek to know how dangerous he is as he gains more mana and the last thing she wants is for Tirek to become as powerful as the destroyer god from her world. Even if there is a possibility that the swamp muck could be too much and actually kill him, she doesn't want to take the risk.
    • Moredremoth is even worse as, unlike Tirek, he isn't sealed away. Having learned about Metallia's swamp muck, he has made several attempts at trying to attain it for himself, sending minions to her temple. Metallia, having regularly dealt with enemy plant life from her mother, Malia the Forest Witch, was able to keep them at bay. Still, she finds the whole thing really annoying as it was like fighting Tirek and Malia at the same time. However, unlike her century long fight with Malia, Moredremoth is actually trying to win (Malia was just pushing her until the swamp dried up from Metallia overusing her magic).
    • Malygos will once awhile come in to help her protect her swamp but it's only to make sure the mana in her swamp does not fall into the wrong hands and it's a partnership that neither of them like. Metallia hates Malygos' for trying to reign her in while Malygos sees her as a brat who thinks magic is a toy. Not helping is Metallia trying to treat him as her pet dragon, which great annoys him. Still, he usually gets the last laugh when he calls her "Lia", resulting in Metallia trying to blast him for it. It never works and he calls her out on wasting mana on him, leading her to return to her homeworld to bring in more swamp muck.
  • For whatever reason, the Pantheon does not let her swearing go uncensored, which is strange considering that most other foul-mouthed deities are allowed to cuss freely.
  • Lucifer appealed to Metallia's rather restrictive situation, claiming that joining the GUAC will aid her in keeping her swamp safe and will allow the true freedom she had been seeking for so long. While she liked the idea and the nature of GUAC appealed to her far more than any of the other alliances, she read enough about Lucifer to know the lengths he'd go through to fulfill his goals, noting that he's no better than many of the backstabbers she had dealt with in the past. She eventually chose to support him, but made it very clear that if she feels that he or anyone in GUAC is taking advantage of her trust, she will immediately turn on the GUAC. Lucifer agreed to her terms and ever since then, she's been bringing in even more swamp muck.
  • Every so often, when she has the Hundred Knight running errands for her, he will accidentally end up in Shrek's temple instead of his master's. Shrek would then grab the little guy and toss him at Metallia, telling her that while he knows his swamp is better, he would prefer it if her midget off stayed his property. Naturally, both of them end up arguing over who has the better swamp.
  • Metallia is impressed by how the Racing Drones traversed through the Swamp Realm, a deadly swamp full of Eldritch Abominations with ease. This just makes her want to raise the stakes and toy with them though.
  • Metallia is annoyed by the likes of the Marine Squads led by Sgt. Roebuck and Sgt. Conlin, veterans of Jungle Warfare who have been through their fair share of swamps, constantly patrolling her dominion in search of the the Banzai Chargers, who love concealing themselves in swamp and jungle environments. Sgt. Conlin outright wonders if Metallia is likely to get to him and his squad before the swamp or enemy do.
  • Currently, Metallia is trying to petition to be called "Metallica" instead, and is quite annoyed by how a certain band got the idea first. Metallia at least though is still satisfied with the name she has, admitting it's still better than being Lia.
    • She also has a score to settle with Risotto Nero, whose Stand's name is also Metallica. Nero on the other hand just thinks she's trying to steal his Stand's name, making the opposition mutual.
    • She opposes Chaos, not just for it's desire to destroy, but also for having a minion named Queen Metalia. Metallia really seems proud of her name and refuses to let anyone else use it.
  • The Couryard in which the Crimson Court dwell has long since been overtaken by a marsh, which is also afflicted by the vampirism curse that transformed the aristocrats into monsters, changing even the local fauna (such as mutating a Crocodilian into possessing a hive for mosquitoes in its back) and inanimate objects (such as animating a giant statue in the Courtyard into a hateful and malicious guardian). Metallia's swamp doesn't actually have mutation properties at all, but she is interested in the curse and regularly sends the Hundred Knight to gather samples from the marsh for study. This in turn earns her the ire of the Court, who make it a point to send their monsters after her and her familiar. Metallia can only chuckle how badly their underestimating her and the Hundred Knight.
  • Metallia forms a friendly rival with Mordred, aka Saber of Red. Both of them are boisterous girls who enjoy a good battle, actually fighting each other when they first met before stopping to discuss their differences. Both eagerly wait another day to spar and show their strength.
  • Metallia doesn't get along well with Star Butterfly for how she destroyed magic, considering how she was used in an attempt to destroy magic. Star dislikes her for how she used her magic previously, which is why she destroyed magic. Metallia points out how there were beings Made of Magic, and asks Star how killing them was any different from what Mina Loveberry was trying to do. Star does get angry intially, but calms herself and states at least she isn't clinically insane like Mina and would never normally consider destroying magic on a regular basis, having done that as a last resort.
  • Metallia once faced a golem that was made to counter witches via Anti-Magic. So even though she met some entities who use Anti-Magic in the Pantheon, she isn't worried at all, since she has the Hundred Knight able to counter them with physical combat.
  • Metallia tends to act as Vitriolic Best Buds with the other Nippon Ichi deities. She once crossed paths with Laharl, Etna, Flonne, and Sicily by spreading her swamp into their Netherworld. Though she doesn't get along with them (in particular, Laharl and Etna) they are willing to tolerate each other. Metallia is still perplexed when Flonne and Sicily want use air freshener to make her swamp smell better.
  • Metallia has met other witches in the Pantheon, and has different views on each one:
    • Metallia and Akko Kagari are oddly sympathetic towards each other, since they are both witches who wanted respect among their fellow witches. Akko knows all too well what it's like to be look down, and while doesn't approve of some of Metallia's actions, she does admit she's glad she found friends.
    • Metallia tends to be Vitriolic Best Buds with Schierke, insulting her whenever they can. They actually can cooperate well with each other despite there constant insults, even when Schierke disapproves of some of Metallia's actions.
    • Metallia finds the Wicked Witch of the West's weakness to water downright pathetic, calling her a loser of a Witch. The Witch in turn dislikes Metallia's insults and vows to get even with her by destroying her home and all her friends. Metallia can only laugh and dare her to try.
    • Hermione tends to argue with the Swamp Witch a lot, looking down on her foul mouth and treatment of her familiar, while Metallia tends to call her a self-righteous know-it-all. Still, the two can work together when the situation calls and they do respect each other even if they won't admit it.
  • Marisa Kirisame tends to visit Metallia's swamp in an attempt to steal something, going through every nook and cranny. Metallia is trying make things harder for Marisa in retaliation for trespassing onto her territory. Because of this, the two dislike each other with a passion.
  • Metallia once heard of how the Hundred Knight ended in an Alternate Universe where a version of herself named Lia (which is something Metallia would never want to be called) overwrote the contract between her and her servant to make the Hundred Knight her familiar. Even if it's another version of herself, she will never let anyone take her servant from her ever again, and vowed to personally stop anyone who tries to overwrite their contract.
  • Also present in the House of Greenlands and Guardians

    Queen Dagmar 
Queen Dagmar, Goddess of Poisoned Chalice Switcheroos (Princess of Maru, Queen of Hell, Dag, Snuggums, Queen of Lies)
Dagmar in some typical attire
Click here for a portrait of her, before her true nature was revealed
Click here for her clothes as Queen of Hell
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The music box Bean inherited from her
  • Theme Song: The aforementioned music box's tune
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler on account of being Evil All Along, having come Back from the Dead and being the Big Bad, Managed To Hide Her True Nature Well, Archnemesis Mom, Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo, Siblings in Crime, Killed Her Parents, Maimed Her Brother Jerry And Isn't Much Better With Her Daughter, Immortality Seeker, Ms. Fanservice, Psycho Electro, Spent Over A Decade As A Statue And Almost Subjected The Kingdom To The Same Fate, Being Treated Wholly Seriously Outside Of Some Dry Remarks, Hell Has New Management, was Hoist By Her Own Petard, Mystical White Hair, The Most Evil Person In The Setting, More So Than Satan Himself, Gets Immortality Only To Be Locked In A Gibbet Forever
  • Domains: Royalty, Deception, Evil, Manipulation, Dark Magic
  • Interested in: House Targaryen, Griffith and The Godhand, Azazel (Helltaker)
  • Allies: Emperor Palpatine, Firelord Ozai, Lady Tremaine, Adria, Maegor "the Cruel" Targaryen, Mannfred von Carstein, The Queen (ICO), Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Lucrezia Mongfish, Emperor Mateus, Eliza/Neferu and Sekhmet, Babidi, Satan (Castlevania), The Evil Queen, Queen Beryl
  • On good terms with: Cersei Lannister, Malebolgia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Morathi
  • Rivals: Visenya Targaryen, The Dark Dragon, Tirek, Carol/Mom
  • Arch-Enemy: Princess Bean (her daughter)
  • Enemies: Elfo, Zuko, Philip J Fry, Bender "Bending" Rodriguez, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Queen Visenya, Daenerys Targaryen, Varys, Leah, Simon Petrikov, Robert Baratheon, Samwell Tarly, Ico and Yorda, Jin Kazama, Agatha Heterodyne, Lelouch vi Britannia, Nunnally Lamperouge, Satan (South Park), Star Butterfly, Snow White, Akane, Oberyn Martell, Percy Jackson, the Helltaker cast, Melisandre
  • Opposed by: Charles zi Britannia, Malekith, Medusa
  • On poor terms with: Charles Lee Ray/Chucky the Killer Doll, Slappy the Dummy, Medusa
  • Queen Dagmar is the mother of Princess Bean and princess of Maru, having first been betrothed to her uncle Yog before his death, where she settled for his brother and Bean's father Zog. There was an attempt to poison Zog with a petrification spell, but a young Bean absent-mindedly switched the chalices and she drank the poison instead. Zog lost his greatest love, and would try to find elves so as to use their blood to heal her. This was successful...unfortunately everything Zog thought he knew about his first wife was a lie. Dagmar was in fact a textbook Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who set the poison for Zog, and when found out made a potion that petrified almost all of Dreamland. She stole her daughter away, trying to manipulate her as a pawn to achieve her ultimate goal of obtaining ultimate power over magic and immortality to rule the world. She even married Satan himself. Fortunately she was defeated and her newfound immortality wouldn't mean much when being imprisoned forever in a gibbet.
  • Dagmar was meant to forever languish in that gibbet, with the knowledge her family's control over Maru was gone forever and everyone who cared about her is either dead or sees her for The Sociopath she really is. That was, until Melkor spotted her and that annoying puppet she was stuck with. He broke her out, however removed her immortality and healed her back to how she was before gaining said immortality. When demanding why, the Dark Lord of Arda said that he had been watching certain parts of the multiverse for some unexpectedly impressive magical villains. Dagmar was one of these, standing out compared to almost every Matt Groening antagonist for always been treated seriously and to date was the only one he created to have earned Complete Monster status. Also, if Cosmos can have Princess Bean, he can have her evil, hot mom. However Cosmos beat Melkor at his game by finding a position for one of Bean's closest friends, Elfo, who was the very catalyst for her resurrection. Having wanted to trap him in a collapsing cave, she wasn't enthused.
  • Princess Bean was absolutely livid to learn that her mother had ascended, and while she no longer had the immortality she learned from the Trogs, she was still the ambitious, vindictive bitch that made her an Arch-Enemy. Before she had arrived, Mom had proven to be a contender for a new arch-enemy given the similarities, though they have different ways of gaining and/or maintaining power; Mom exploits the consumerist market and sciencenote , Dagmar exploits magic. Both are good at hiding their evil nature. Bean was relieved that they chose to be rivals instead of teaming up because Mom's business model doesn't leave room for her wannabe Sorcerous Overlord shtick, she doesn't want to risk her pulling a Crossover Villain-in-Chief...and even Mom thinks her parenting is cruel. And when Mom is a better parent than you, it shows how evil you really are. Also, among her many crimes, Dagmar was personally involved with permanently killing her other close friend and herald, Luci.
  • Though she was good at faking it, she doesn't care for Bean and never did. Well, not as an individual; in order to fulfill a prophecy that could benefit her she tried to push her into villainy for her own purposes. This included putting the Crown of Pain on her head, which given the painful screws on it and how it reduced her brother Jerry to a simpleton. Knowledge of her daughter as a potential chosen one led her to be aware of Philip J Fry, "the mighty one" who's superior yet inferior brain allowed her to defeat the Brainspawn and the Dark One. Why is a subject Fry is understandably sheepish about. He seemed to be under the impression she was the kind of threat as Mom, only for Bean to tell her friend "oh no, she's worse". As a close friend of Bean, he took her word for it. Bender has chosen to wise up after learning about what happened to Luci, who bears a lot of similarities to him. Bender himself isn't much better as a parent unless your name is Ben, but he is a manageable Token Evil Teammate with enough friendships and the occasional limit to his evil to avoid being half as bad as Dagmar.
  • While there are many flawed or outright bad parents under Groening's purview, none really compare to Dagmar. Bean had some misgivings over her (now amicably ex) step-mother, she proved a welcome break from the Wicked Stepmother stereotypes in fantasy. No, it was Bean's biological mother who was wicked, and wicked beyond measure. She's well aware of that fact, and sometimes brings up that step-mom trope in jest with other evil moms she's friends with; Lady Tremaine, and the Evil Queen. Usually neither have the scale of ambitions Dagmar has, with the former's evil hitting closer to home, but personality-wise they fit. Dagmar's evil hits very close to home for Snow White. Her usage of the Crown of Pain also hits close to home for Simon Petrikov, who spent a millennium as the insane Ice King for putting on a cursed crown on his head once. All that she took from that is that the Ice Crown might be a good fit for her head. Considering she's such a ruthless sociopath, she might even be able to ignore the debilitating effects of the crown.
  • Her potion of petrification has proven a devastating tool, and it's safe to say the only way she didn't succeed a long time ago is because Bean switched the potion around by share accident. When asked how she made it, she said "gorgon eyes", before saying "I was just kidding" after pissing Medusa off. The gorgon wishes she stuck to the deadpan. She distrusts Dagmar quite a bit since she might try to use her for a more advanced petrification spell that the Elixir of Life can't fix. Currently, the evil queen is testing new deadly poisons with Queen Beryl. Dagmar affectionally refers to her as another girlboss, as Beryl will got to whatever hellish lengths possible for her to conquer the world. Yes, this includes working with the omnicidal Metallia, who turned every civilian in the Moon Kingdom to stone.
  • She's decided to work alongside the imperialist psychopath Firelord Ozai, becoming a proud honorary member of the Child Abuse Supporters. Dagmar and Ozai form a wicked Lightning/Fire Juxtaposition, swapping stories of their settings different magic settings and finding their kids "disappointing". Emperor Palpatine felt this pairing was "cute" and sees potential in her. He doesn't want her as an apprentice and after Vader isn't sure when he'll be truly ready for another, but she is welcome to be an Inquisitor if she wants to. Learning the Dark Side from him was an attractive idea, though this would guarantee the Skywalkers would put her higher on their enemies list...Luke especially, given who his dad is. One of the reasons why Dagmar is making these alliances with powerful political tyrants is that she wants to restore her family's control over the Middle Eastern-inspired Maru. They've advised her to start with try to phase using rats as currency. With Cremmorah and its snake-based economy, she admits it's something she should've thought about earlier.
  • Finds the evil mom Ragyo Kiryuin quite fashionable, but not quite the right type of evil to work with. She thought Britannian Emperor Charles might work with her, however he tacitly refuses because Even Evil Has Standards, and in his own very messed up way all the evil he's done is to make a better world for his kids. Said kids heavily disagree, and understandably don't see much of a difference between the two villainous parents in the parts of their personalities that matter. Her personal pick for a nefarious parent to ally with, though, was clearl Morathi. They're quite similar in they're sadistic beauties that manipulate their families and are eager to worship or pay homage to demonic beings behind everyone's backs, The Dark Elf proved better at it since she managed to get Malekith to defect from his kingdom and start his own when he couldn't become the Phoenix King. However her focus in on the Dark Elves triumphing, so their alliance may be one of kindred spirits but it's entirely situational and a matter of time until one stabs the other in the back. Her son Malekith was incensed by their (admittedly shaky) pairing as tyrant he may be, he is not fond of excessive hedonism or cruelty and can be Affably Evil and genuinely value both competence and family members...not something you can say about Dagmar, even ifnote  he's arguably done worse than her.
  • It's safe to say that after reducing her Satan to a Henpecked Husband and killing his son Luci, she's not going to her job of Queen of Hell back any time soon. Her power over Hell was such a threat that Bean commented she might have to do something as extreme as destroying her mother's soul, even at the expense of her own. Except even this isn't an option in the Trope Pantheon, which is why she isn't too mad about the slight de-power Melkor gave her. She wasn't actually intended to rule Hell, instead push her daughter into it, but as far as she's concerned it worked pretty well. She enjoyed "girlboss flexing" to the Lucifer that's the "CEO of Hell, and ended up making even snider comments learning a potential timeline where Azazel succeeded at taking the job and making her a maid. She'd love to shape Azazel into being a worthy ally and commander of the infernal. It doesn't matter that every member of the cast of Helltaker sees her as way too nasty for their tastes, she's still gonna try and bring out the worst in them.
  • The Satan of South Park noted this relationship, as it reminds him of the abusive relationship he had with Saddam Hussein, in which he was the victim. He managed to get rid of him by sending Saddam to Heaven with the Mormons, but in hindsight he wished that he thought of just cursing him with immortality and placing him in a place he couldn't cause trouble. Needless to say, he is not taking any chances with her. The Satan from the Castlevania series was a lot more impressed than concerned over Dagmar, musing that while he'd prefer to reign alone in Hell, she is welcome to be a close second in command. Time will tell whether they upgrade this to Unholy Matrimony.
  • Malebolgia was fairly impressed by her villainous exploits and being able to reign as queen of Hell, though reminded her that she shouldn't expect that to work on him. She wasn't trying to, and figures Malebolgia is wise enough to not let her use him as some sort of meal ticket. Though the demon lord likes Dagmar, he feels the need to "remind her of her place" by pointing to Slappy the Dummy and Chucky the Killer Doll. While she doesn't have any problems with them, she's still put off due to part of her imprisonment being having to put up with the insufferable Freckles puppet forever. Emperor Mateus treated her more warmly, having successfully conquered Heaven and Hell after he died, and proposes their empires should work together to guarantee pantheon supremacy. Adria is a more personal friend of Queen Dagmar, who was just as exploitative towards her own daughter Leah as a host towards her lover and demon lord Diablo. In hindsight, Dagmar can't help but feel as if Bean tricking her into marrying the devil instead of making her worked better than she thought.
  • White hair, mystical powers, a familial tendency for not being all that right in the head? Yeah, there's a few Targaryen jokes you can make about her. It's a dynasty she's quite interested in, seeing potential for further enhancing her own magical powers. She's impressed by one of the founders, the more ruthless Queen Visenya, and sees her as a rival. While Visenya, likely being a practitioner of dark magic, agrees with this and notes she's a cunning foe, her own evil is much more up in the air and unlike her she loved her kid. Unfortunately she and Aegon the Conqueror are not enough of a Morality Chain to stop Maegor the Cruel from really leaning into the whole "Cruel" side. He wouldn't make Dagmar his bride, but only because he likes her personality and skill at being evil. He wasn't that enthused on her desire to bring out Dany's inner darkness since she's a descendant of his hated nephew, even if they get along. That said, Dany is a lot more concerned, especially given her TV self's actions . She doesn't think that highly of her dad Aerys as he's a bit too unstable to work with her.
  • She sees a lot of her ex-husband in Robert Baratheon, seeing him as a sad, heartbroken man Loving a Shadow and letting that make him a bitter Jerkass. Even sadder, given Zog was eventually able to find happiness despite his Jaded Washout status. Safe to say Bobby B would be a lot happier if he was the parent of Bean that ascended instead of Dagmar; she's everything he hated about Cersei except with the Machiavellian part amped up, and that includes what was revealed about her after he died. The Master of Whispers, Varys, muses she is another reason for his deep distrust of magic. He's pretty sketchy, and better at it than Odval as Dagmar has mused. Cersei, for those wondering, doesn't trust Dagmar and it's not something people hold against her. However she does like conversing with her, considering both are scheming queens albeit with different angles to their lust for power, with Dagmar wanting to give advice over how to get Joffrey to be a better heir. And by better, we of course mean less Stupid Evil. Joff dismisses this as just women gossiping.
  • The closest Dagmar has ever come to caring about her daughter is her Enemy Without Bad Bean, though this is only because she's mommy's little villain and thus follows orders. She was interested in Babidi because of his ability to mind control people by influencing the darkness in their hearts, and though she chides him for his short-sightedness. Still, she has no problems working with the alien wizard to achieve their mutual goals of domination, since at this point even Babidi has wizened up to needing legitimate allies and not just brainwashed individuals. The Dark Dragon was her first choice of ally, what with his ambition of ruling a magical hegemony or else, however he refuses to accept working with a human even if he believes she's a credit to her species. She considered Tirek for a little bit but decided no, no matter how much their desires might align any magic users is a fool to get in arm's reach with him. The Godhand feel more promising, however it's more her wanting to become an Apostle, if not a member of said Godhand. It's something beyond her reach though, since it requires her to have cared about someone in the first place as someone you care about is a required sacrifice. Having climbed the ranks of nobility himself and having an unending, unfettered ambition, Griffith has a place in his frozen heart for Dagmar.
  • With what got her ascended, Dagmar is very cautious with her actions in her own Hall so she doesn't fall under the same fate a second time, especially with a poison that would just straight up kill her with no chance of revival. Granted, the Trope Pantheon makes such a thing impossible but she's savvy (or maybe just paranoid) enough to anticipate there is in fact a "true death" a resident can suffer. With a heroic user of poisoned weapons practically right next to her, it's highly prudent as Akane recognizes her as yet another nefarious tyrant that managed to make it to the Trope Pantheon. Oberyn Martell would certainly help her out with that due to the deep amount of evil Dagmar possesses, and as a loving father he is naturally appalled by her treatment of Princess Bean. Not wanting to be petrified again has her at a distance from Medusa, though she has been trying to see if she could somehow harness her petrifying appearance as an additional weapon to use against her enemies. Both Percy Jackson and Melisandre have dealt with this trope before; he and the sage Phineas had a bet where each of them drank a vial of gorgon blood, one of which had poison. However, Gaia intervened because she considered Percy more valuable alive. For Melisandre Cressen had poisoned both cups, but her magic protected her. Neither like Dagmar; Percy mostly for moral reasons, and Melisandre sees her as a potential vessel for the darkness of the Great Other.

Salazzle, Goddess of Being Able To Poison Anything (The Toxic Lizard Pokemon, Ennewt)
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: The pattern on her body
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Corrosion
  • Moveset: Venoshock, Toxic, Flamethrower, Captivate
    • Z-Move: Acid Downpour
  • Portfolio: Universal Poison, Fiery Salamander, Female-Exclusive Evolution, Corrosion As An Ability, Humanoid Female Animal, Pheromones, Strangley Curvaceous Reptile, Implied Really Gets Around and Femme Fatale, Poisons Pokemon That Can't Be Poisoned, Starts Really Weak, More Deadly Than the Male, Master Poisoner, Glass Cannon
  • Domains: Poison, Heat, Pheromones, Seduction, Manipulation
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Charizard, Oberyn Martell, Jessica Jones, Luka, Akame
  • Enemies: The ascended Pokémon villains, Cruella DeVil, Zebediah Killgrave, evil deities in her house
  • Opposes: The House of Earth and Rock
  • Interested in/interests: Issei Hyodo, Quetzalcoatl (as Lucoa), Lilith, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland
  • Salazzle is the evolved form of Salandit, something only the rare female Salandit can accomplish. A slender creature based off the whiptail lizard and fiery salamander, it rules a reverse-harem of male Salandit and has potent pheromones to control them. One Salazzle served for a time as the Totem Pokemon of Wela Volcano Park.
  • Known as the Toxic Lizard Pokemon, Salazzle is the only Pokemon with the Corrosion ability. This allows her to poison any Pokemon. Other Poison types? No longer immune. Steel types? Can be hit by Poison-inflicting moves. Only Pokemon with Immunity are safe. Even Coco was affected, but his Acquired Poison Immunity allowed him to get use to prolonged doses.
  • Various tests were done to see just how much of a Universal Poison Salazzle's ability was. Impressively the Lich, Hexxus, and SCP-106 were affected with poisoning. However as they are powered by toxic substances it gave them an amp in power, and wasn't strong enough to cause permanent damage. And their touch is far more deadly to Salazzle than hers is to them.
  • Willing to develop poison for the nicer gods in the pantheon. Donations of her toxin have helped enhance Oberyn Martell and Akame's Poisoned Weapons, and she's happy to help so long as they pay her in treats. Unfortunately this got the attention of Hexxus and the Lich again, who want to forcefully farm toxins to cause more death and devastation.
  • For a lizard, Salazzle's unusually curvaceous and feminine. She also has a reverse harem that live with her and she attracts with pheromones. As such, she comes off as strangely sexualized... well, as much as a children's game can get away with. She's well-aware of this and doesn't care about any accusations of being furbait. She even jests at being a bigger Rule 34 magnet than Gardevoir.
  • The potent pheromones of her attract her reverse-harem of Salandit, and they can attract others, even humans if the official website is to be believed. Perhaps this is why she chose Ahri as a partner, due to her charms and using sexuality to her advantage. It might also be what really got Oberyn's attention.
  • She seems interested in Issei Hyodo due to his Power Perversion Potential. In turn, she interests Lilith and the Aensland sisters for obvious reasons, along with the busty Lucoa incarnation of fellow reptilian Quetzacoatl. However despite this she can be serious when it comes to the means of attraction. She feels bad for Luka due to unwittingly attracting monster girls, and wants to use her own expertise in pheromones so as to find some sort of antidote for that.
  • Killgrave is interested in her pheromones, given he uses his own to mind-control people. He wonders if he could extract and experiment on them to enhance his own mind-control abilities. Salazzle is utterly disgusted by the Serial Rapist, and is sympathetic to how Jessica Jones suffered under him.
  • Her poisonous gases can be diluted for use in the production of luscious perfumes. Cruella DeVil wishes to profit on this by enslaving Salazzle. She despises Cruella due to her cruelty towards animals. She also doesn't like the House of Earth and Metal because her Poison/Fire typing makes her very weak to Ground-type attacks.

Toxie, God of Toxic Waste (Melvin Fern, Melvin Junko, The Toxic Avenger, The Toxic Crusader, Monster Hero, The First Super-Hero from New Jersey, Hideously Deformed Creature of Superhuman Strength and Size)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mop.
  • Theme Song: Toxic Avenger Theme by Scott Casey
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hideous, Nice, yet able to kick tons of ass, Nice, but perfectly willing to kill, A nice person, Soft spot for children, Delivering cruel deaths to assholes, Hard to harm, but incredibly creative, Ridiculously strong, Can detect evil in people, and is compelled to fight them
  • Domains: Toxic Waste, Mutations, New Jersey, Superheroes
  • Allies: Yu Narukami, Captain Planet, Peter Parker, Steve Urkel, Captain America, Batman, Frank Castle
  • Enemies: Anyone who hurts children, Satan (Castlevania), J. Geil, Tohru Adachi, Mem Aleph, William Stryker, Griffith, Gaston, The Lich, Ethan Roark Junior, Hydorah
  • Odd Friendship: Totoro
  • Conflicting Opinions: Goro Akechi
  • Uneasy Relations: Gaea
  • Melvin Fern was a worker at Tromaville Health Club. Nobody appreciated him, and he was a loser who could not talk to women. He accidentally stuck his mop in a hot tub being used by the local hooligans of Tromaville, because he somehow thought it was a mop bucket. Due to fecal matter swirling into the hot tub, and they decided to play a prank on him. After being seduced by Julie, and wearing a pink tu-tu, he struts into the main pool area, without a single light to guide him. He kissed Julia, only to be revealed by a bunch of extras that he was kissing a sheep. Embarrassed, he ran upstairs and jumped out a window, hoping to land on the pavement. Instead, he landed into a truck filled with toxic waste. After attempting to wash up in his bathtub, he transformed into Toxie, The Toxic Avenger. He was 98 pounds of solid nerd until he became... the first superhero from New Jersey...
  • Toxie ascended into the pantheon after cleaning up crime in Tromaville for the fourth time, or the second time.
  • Toxie, despite being completely hideous, is extremely nice to children, and will help them when they are in trouble.
  • Do not harm children while he is in the vicinity. He heard what Adachi did to Nanako, and Adachi got kicked in the groin and got thrown into a TV. The only reason why he didn't kill him is because the Investigation Team talked him out of it. He does approve of Yu's protection of Nanako, and is glad that she was rescued before it was too late.
    • J. Geil wasn't as lucky. Both of them were in the House of Food, and J. Geil was trying to hurt the people who were busy eating their food. Even with Hanged Man, J. Geil didn't do much as leave a scratch. Toxie tied him with metal piping, clamped his hands into a frying basket, and stuck his hands into the boiling oil.
  • Mem Aleph sees Toxie only as a blight to the environment, and not as the hero of Tromaville. Toxie plans on fighting Mem Aleph to show her that despite being created from toxic waste, he is still a hero in his own right, even if he does urinate toxic waste. However, they do agree on how The Lich and Hydorah are a blight to the environment.
    • Gaea was unsure how to treat Toxie, since he was created from toxic waste, but Gaea does like Toxie's heroism.
  • The Punisher sees Toxie as a kindred spirit, since both of them are heroes who are not afraid of killing, but have a soft spot for children. This also extends to Batman, minus the killing part.
  • Has been friends with Totoro for over 25 years. It helps that both of them are very nice to children. Many deities find it strange, due to Toxie being a hero who cruelly kills criminals (despite every single one deserving it), while Totoro is very gentle.
  • Plans on fighting Satan again, since he threatened to kill an entire school bus worth of children, so he could prevent Toxie from stopping him.
  • He doesn't have the best relations with the mafia, since he murdered the Diaper Mafia of Amortville, which stopped their plot of blowing up a school for the mentally handicapped.
  • Considers Gaston to be an absolute tool, and Gaston reminds Toxie of the hooligans who bullied him as Melvin.
  • Hates Griffith as much as Guts does, due to the fact that Toxie had witnessed Sweetie Honey almost getting raped by the Diaper Mafia of Amortville, while Sarah almost got raped by one of the thugs in the taco bar, got raped by Noxie, and then got raped by Sgt. Kabukiman. Toxie is currently preparing a special punishment for Griffith's crimes, and considering Toxie's specialty, it will not be a pretty sight.
    • For the same reason, Toxie hates Ethan Roark Junior, and it only got worse when he found out that he did this to children. Toxie shoved Ethan's head up his own ass and urinated on him. Ever since that incident, Ethan has planned on getting his revenge on Toxie.
  • He tends to fight evildoers without knowing what they did wrong, such as the time he tossed an old lady into a washing machine. Said old lady was the leader of a white slave trading ring.
  • Due to being a Nice Guy, he's always helping others out, and protecting people from criminals.
  • Since he is a nerd, he tends to stick with Spiderman and Steve Urkel. Captain America finds Toxie to be a good hero, since he managed to remove criminals from Tromaville, though he is understandably grossed out on how Toxie kills criminals.
  • Toxie created his own temple by using a junkyard and made it into his own living space.
  • Possibly the only person in the Pantheon who killed someone with a milkshake stirrer, a professional VHS rewinder, and a mop.
  • Puts mops on the faces of those he has killed.
  • He is also the mascot for Troma.

Lesser Gods

    Caesar Clown 
Caesar Clown, God of Deadly Gas (Master [by his subordinates], Cedar, Gangster Gastino)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate with strong enough gases and chemicals)
  • Symbol: His gas-vest
  • Theme Song: Invisible Punk Hazard
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mad Scientist, Ax-Crazy Jerkass With Good Publicity, Would Hurt a Child For Science! and It's All About Me, Hides Bastardy Under Acting Nice, Karmic Butt-Monkey, former Token Evil Teammate Out Of Duress, Zero Empathy, Fantastic Drug, Horned Humanoid, Can Control Gas To Deadly Effect, Not That Powerful, But Very Skilled, Hookers and Blow, Small Name, Big Ego
  • Domains: Gas, Mad Science, Experimentation, Cruelty, Poison
  • Heralds: Monet and his "pet" Smiley
  • Interested in: The I.Rex, T-002 Tyrant
  • Allies: Donquixote Doflamingo, Kaido, The Joker, Jonathan Crane/the Scarecrow, Frieza, Ryoma Sengoku, Hexxus, Cioccolata, Professor Hojo
  • Enemies: The Straw Hats, Trafalgar Law, Charlotte Katakuri, Krillin, The Phantom Thieves of Heart, Giorno Giovanna and his friends, heroic pyromancers, Captain Planet, Toxie, Dr Alphys, Dr Cossack, heroic scientists in general, Eirin Yagokoro, Mewtwo, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Kano, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Nausicaä, Father Elijah
  • Opposed by: The Houses of Wind and Air and Fire and Heat
  • Caesar Clown is the leading expert on chemical weapons of mass destruction and a demented scientist who was once partnered with Dr Vegapunk. A psychotic experimenter, he develops weapons and artificial Devil Fruits for Doflamingo and Kaido. He's an unscrupulous man who'll experiment on kids with "candy" (actually addictive, life-ruining drugs) and do anything to be rich and successful.
  • Compared to some of his villainous contemporaries, Caesar isn't that powerful. He makes up for that with a skilled and devestating use of the Gasu Gasu no Mi Devil Fruit or Gas-Gas Fruit. With it he can become living gas and manipulate gases. Such as the air, removing oxygen for both fire and breathing. Or manipulating poisonous gases, including adding them to his mass or gaining a form of intangibility. He was moved to Toxicity because the House of Wind and Air finds him too dangerous and toxic in more ways than one to be around a mainly gaseous house.
  • Caesar has taken his move to the House of Toxicity well, as it has given him a lot of toxins and chemicals to experiment for his deadly gases. Hexxus was intrigued by the chemical wastelands they would create, and Caesar's gaseous form. While approving of his acts, as a living mass of air pollution he feels getting too close and mixing would be terrible for both. Because of his crimes against humanity and chemical abuse, Captain Planet is on watch for whenever Caesar tries to do something evil. The House of Fire and Heat would also like to avoid him because his ability to remove oxygen makes him a major threat to them.
  • Takes pride in the fact that he holds a monopoly on the chemical warfare found in the House of Military and Warfare, namely poisonous gases. His willingness to be a part of weapons considered by most to be war crimes has alienated him from many gods there. Nausicaä is reminded of the toxic gas emitted from the Sea of Corruption and detests him for spreading his toxins, notably the time he tried to chemically nuke Punk Hazard to test his weapons.
  • The Red Skull, due to both how the Nazis used chemical weapons(mainly for genocide) and has his own in the Dust of Death, has employed Caesar in the production of such. This has earned him the shared hatred that Captain America has for the Skull. However the Skull has warned him that if he rips him off like Big Mom and blows the money on groupies, there'll be Hell to pay.
  • Being a colorful psychopath with deadly use of chemicals, the Joker gets along with Caesar. Because of the nature of his Logia Devil Fruit, Caesar Clown isn't just immune to Joker venom(besides his hair and lip color changing) but when in gas form he can BECOME the stuff. Batman had to get back-up to fight him off. Worse, the Scarecrow learned that his fear gas also merges with Caesar to no ill effect on his own, and Caesar liked the idea of spreading fear.
  • His various crimes, particularly towards children, make him one of the lowest of the low in his universe. Yet despite this, he was forced to serve under both the Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law because they had his heart as insurance. He was a Butt-Monkey, and deserved every second of it and more. Eventually he managed to get his heart back. This experience has left him to fear the Phantom Thieves of Heart figurative heart change as it would undoubtedly force him to feel enormous guilt after Heel–Face Brainwashing, an experience foreign to him. Or Kano for literally removing hearts.
  • Melkor made sure to recruit Caesar Clown for the GUAE. He doesn't want the Grand United Alliance of Good to blackmail Caesar again as he finds his gas powers to be far more useful for the forces of evil. Among Caesar's employers are Albert Wesker, Dr Nitrus Bio and Sundowner. The first two find his study and manipulation of chemicals to help their cause. Sundowner wants to use it to sell as part of chemical warfare on the field.
  • Due to his depraved use of chemistry and science, Caesar Clown is despised by good scientists and chemists in general. Dr Alphys and Cossack really hate what he did to children, the latter especially because he has a child of his own. And Eirin Yagokoro's expertise in chemistry made Caesar even more of a disgrace in her eyes. For what it's worth, Caesar regards them as "scientifically unambitious" and is full of hot air when it comes to his scientific skill. That said, a number of truly reprehensible scientists approve of what he did and like to research together.
  • Having developed dangerous experimental drugs, he's decided to make some extra cash by making more conventional illegal drugs for the House of Crime and Transgressions. For this, Giorno and his allies regard him as repulsive scum for his actions towards kids and chemical warfare. They find him a less overtly sadistic version of Cioccolata. Cioccolata in turn likes the kind of toxic power that Caesar is packing and the pain he brings. Together they've been experimenting and spreading misery and poisons, while also appreciating each other's knowledge and skill. The 456 Ambassador wants him to take kids so he can use as drugs.
  • Caesar was interested in the House of Genetic Engineering. He created the biochemical monstrosity "Smiley" from hydrogen sulfide, and he's studying the sub-house so he can create a superior "pet". He likes the aesthetics of the I.Rex, and as he's working with Albert Wesker he's got a read out on the T-002 Tyrant. Caesar also wanted to study Mewtwo, who wasn't going to take any of his shit and used his psychic powers to entrap him in a sphere of psychokinetic powers. Using poisonous gas made him more vulnerable.
  • Frieza like Caesar Clown. The very similar voice, the psychopathy and disregard for other living beings, he has it in common. In turn, Krillin's seriously creeped out by Caesar due to sounding like Frieza, and Caesar doesn't like how he sounds like Luffy or Tony Tony Chopper.
  • Caesar Clown heard the rumors regarding a blood red fog that surrounds a dead city and has begun his own investigation on it. It turns out the city was known as the Sierra Madre and the Cloud that surrounds it is incredibly corrosive, where even specialized hazmat suits only rust and wear down it its wake and he fin. When Caesar showed an interest in it this in turn lead to Father Elijah wanting to wipe him off the face of the earth as well for the Sierra Madre and all its secrets are his and his alone. And he'll be damned if some circus freak is going to beat him to it and ruin his goals of "a quiet world".

    Derek Powers/Blight 
Derek Powers, God of Nuclear Superpowers (Blight)
Derek Powers as Blight
Derek Powers
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Sickly Green Glow
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Atomic Superpower, Walking Wasteland, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Faking Politeness, Manipulative Bastard, Poisonous Person, Pragmatic Villainy, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Nuclear Power, Radiation, Evil, Businesses, Corruption
  • High Priest/Herald: Chip Shreck (due to Cosmic Retcon by The Nostalgia Critic)
  • Allies: Norman Osborn, Mr. Burns, M. Bison
  • Rivals: Lex Luthor, SCP-106
  • Enemies: Terry McGinnis, Victor Fries, Akame and Night Raid, Iroque, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The Lich, Good Parents, People with standards, Godzilla, Victims of Abusive Parents and those who sought vengeance because a family member was killed, All ascended Street Fighters
  • Derek Powers is a corrupt businessman in many ways. He eventually became exposed to radiation during an attempt at therapy and became Blight. Derek was forced to wear artificial skin that wears down due to the radiation and the process occurs more quickly when he is angry. Because of this, he has to get more artificial skin regularly. He went on to menace Terry McGinnis by first ordering the death of his father and pinning the blame on the Jokerz. These events lead to Terry becoming that era’s Batman before he eventually defeated Blight for good.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon one early morning with the aid of Norman Osborn who wanted to get his help in defeating The Batfamily, who have been meddling with his plans for quite some time now. Norman decided to help him rebuild his fortune and Powers was highly ecstatic upon learning that his era’s Batman was present in the Pantheon and plans to get his revenge on the boy, though Osborn insists that Spider-Man is his and his alone, something Blight was completely fine with.
  • Terry’s response to his ascension happened to be a very silent Tranquil Fury. This was the man who ordered his father’s death, after all. His wrath has spread to Norman Osborn more than it already had been before upon learning of the fact that he was the one responsible for Blight’s ascension. Victor Fries‘ stoic behavior temporarily broke upon learning of the man’s ascension as he remembers how he took advantage of him and tried to kill him so that a scientist could take his body and biopsy his organs.
  • Was rather unhappy that the trope he represents is Atomic Superpower as successfully curing his condition might result in him being removed from the Pantheon entirely and he hates what the radiation turned him into. Still, while he hates it, that doesn’t mean he won’t use the powers he obtained from the radiation.
  • He doesn’t like to talk about his son. Mainly because his treatment of him lead to his child turning against him, though it wasn’t of good intentions. Still, Blight does intend to have “words” with his son should he ever ascend. That being said, he’s mortal enemies of most victims of Abusive Parents like N, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Zuko and Masaya Okonogi.
  • When someone accuses him of something like killing their father or ruining their lives, he’ll only respond with this.
    Blight: “Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?”
  • This has led to him meeting Master Bison of Shadoloo. While they got off on the wrong foot at first, Bison eventually suggested the two forge an alliance. Pragmatic as ever, Blight accepted the offer. This has earned him enemies in the Street Fighters who oppose Bison, but Blight didn’t really care all that much.
  • Wants nothing to do with The Lich due to his desire to destroy all life. As depraved as he is, Blight doesn’t want everything dead. That’d be bad for him, his life, his business and profits. However, Blight has expressed interest in potentially finding a way to use his powers in a similar manner to that of The Lich.
  • Because of the trope Blight holds, any initial ideas he may have had of approaching Godzilla to bait him into eating his radiation were squashed. If he ever finds a trope that doesn’t have anything to do with his condition, he wants to force Godzilla to do it then as he really hates what the radiation turned him into and he knows that the King of the Monsters won’t do it willingly.
  • As a corrupt figure who, unlike many evil businessmen that have good publicity, instead happens to be hated. This is something he and Mr, Burns were able to talk about as Blight believes that is is better to be feared than loved. Mr. Burns agrees with him as he prefers having people hate him instead of like him, though there is the sole exception of Waylon Smithers, who has been trying to urge his boss not to work with Powers.
  • As he is absolutely evil in every sense of the word, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts seek to change his heart as his corruption rivals that of Masayoshi Shido. Similarly, Iroque wants to induct him into the Indigo Tribe. Even so, his allies have decided to ensure that both possibilities will never come to pass and if they do, they most certainly aren’t going to stick. Akame and Night Raid simply want him dead.
  • Is a bit disappointed in SCP-106 as he feels the Old Man is wasting his powers. Fortunately for the SCP, Blight has no interest in him other than feeling that he is wasted potential and a nuisance, despite their similar powers, although this is likely because Blight dislikes being what the radiation transformed him into in the first place. SCP-106 simply ignores him.
  • Is disliked by Lex Luthor, who feels that he did a terrible job disguising his true self and finds him an outright unpleasant guy to be around. They tried to form an alliance at first, but it quickly crumbled apart. Blight simply retorted that “It is better to be feared and hated than it is to be loved” before angrily storming out of the room he and Lex were in.
  • Was recently granted a High Priest in Chip Shreck due to the cosmic machinations of The Nostalgia Critic creating an alternate universe in which he became his universe's version of Blight. It is still unknown as to what the Critic's motives were, but the conniving heir of Shreck Industries was quickly welcomed into the fold.

    Medicine Melancholy 
Medicine Melancholy, Goddess of Poison (Little Sweet Poison)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her fairy-like companion carrying a lily-of-the-valley flower
  • Theme Music: Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Manipulation of Poison, Laced Head-to-Toe With Poison, Fierce Hatred Forwards Humanity, Living Creepy Doll, Totally Opposite of "Medicine", Deadly Fog
  • Domains: Poison, Dolls, Life
  • Followers: Megumi Takani, Doctor Poison, Claudius
  • Allies: Suigintou, Banette, Purple Eyes, Poison Ivy, Eirin Yagokoro, Lotso
  • Enemies: Most human deities, and most of the Pantheon's puppeteers (Alice Margatroid, Carl Clover, Haruka, Uncle Howee), Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Sora Shiun'in, Asuka Langley Soryu, most of House of Toxicity
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lieselotte Achenbach
  • Medicine Melancholy is what you may call a doll youkai; not exactly a tsukumogami (well, she may actually be one if Kosuzu's herald Akyuu is one to go by), but something close enough to such a thing. At one point in her life, she was abandoned due of unknown reasons in the Nameless Hill, a place filled with the very poisonous lilies-of-the-valley. After many years since, the doll gained life, with poison and a stinging hatred towards humanity running through her body.
    • It isn't exactly clear on how Medicine was ascended at first, but signs lead to the involvement of Eirin Yagokoro, one of the vengeful doll's few friends, as the driving force behind it. The main reason to this being the case is that there have been recorded interactions of the two by way of Reisen Udongein Inaba, Eirin's main servant, after the incident regarding an overwhelming spring bloom. From there, it was assumed that Eirin would ascend Medicine in secret, if not to bring up the potential of the poison she uses to the rest of the House of Health and Diseases, who were intrigued in the possibility of thinning it down into something that can be used more practically & medically.
  • Medicine's poison is a poison unlike any other in the world. Simply touching her body causes inflammation and if she releases it as a fog, it will slowly numb the person's body, while also killing them slowly. It also works on youkai and ghosts note , and finding a cure for it is hard. She also knows a lot of other types of poisons, even if the poison is used as a term. And because she is practically a child, she doesn't have much self-control regarding her poison.
  • Oddly enough, she doesn't like most of the gods in House of Toxicity. That is because her main specialty is flower poison, and about half of the House is dangerous to her flowers. As for others, she doesn't care about Reptile, Lesare is annoyed by the fact that she is stomping on his domain and that she is completely immune to poison due of her being a doll, and as for Coco, Medicine is trying to find a way to brew a poison what can pass his poison immunity.
    • Speaking of House of Toxicity, her domain in the House is considered one of few "nice" areas of the place, being a large flower garden of lilies-of-the-valley. Mind you, the air around it is highly poisonous, but it is nothing compared to the rest of the house.
  • She has tried to, and is still trying to this day, create a large doll uprising, in order to free them from their masters. Unfortunately, the only dolls who actually "support" it are Banette and Suigintou. In her current hit list is Elfriede, meaning that she needs to work along with Lieselotte for now. Though she seems to be in good relation with Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, even if they aren't part of her plan. The same cannot be said about Pinocchio, as she doesn't understand why he wanted to become a human.
    • While she hates the Grand Puppeteer Court for "oppressing their dolls", she has an Enemy Mine situation with them regarding The Other Mother, Relius Clover (on accounts of them trying to turn humans into dolls). Haruka is actually interested on Medicine, but hasn't tried to approach her.
    • On another note, she doesn't like Sora Shiun'in ("Killer Teddy Bear should belong to an actual teddy bear, not to some human!").
  • Due of her deep hatred forwards humanity, she is willing to help those who also have a similar hatred forwards them. Even if they would be humans who hate humans. Though only one who has really come to her is Purple Eyes.
  • No one is really sure if the big doll actually has sentience, or the smaller, fairy-like doll (called "Su-san" by some) is the real mastermind behind her actions.
  • Has appeared inconsistently with doll joints or without any visible ones.

Syzoth, God of Acid Attacks (Reptile, Shrek the Asshole Monster)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Snake Head with Overly-Long Tongue.
  • Theme Music: Snake, Reptile's Lair, Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental), Reptile's Theme by Skrillex
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti Villains, Constantly Getting Screwed by His Superiors, Invisibility, Acid Spit (Used for Specials and Fatalities), Evil Reptiles (Sort of), Servtitude and Loyalty, Third Bananas, Eating Men, Being the Last of His Kind (or Perhaps Not), Lack of Respect, Jobbers, Having a Long Tongue, Ex-Secret Characters, Having Three Variations (Deceptive, Noxious and Nimble), The Voice of Steve Blum
  • Domains: Nature, Reptiles, Loyalty, Kombat
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Guy (Final Fight)
  • Enemies:
  • Absolutely Afraid of: Onaga
  • Syzoth, better known as Reptile, is the last living Saurian from Outworld and he's had it rough. Being a servant to notorious tyrants like Shao Kahn and Shinnok to being forced to become for the Dragon King Onaga, things haven't always looked up to Reptile, especially because he all did it with the desire to restore his race. Things started to improve once Shao Kahn was defeated for good in the new timeline, where Kotal Kahn took over as the ruler of Outworld but events have transpired that have made everything a mess again. Nevertheless, Syzoth is a especially dangerous fighter with the ability to spit corrosive acid able to melt the face of anyone who dares challenge him to Kombat.
  • His ascension was personally endorsed by Kotal, since he required the aid of his loyal subjects knowing that Shao Kahn was a threatening presence that actively wanted to get his throne back. Reptile was happy to oblige and many who initially felt sorry for Reptile felt glad that he finally found someone who treated him better. But for some unexplained reason, it's unknown what happened to him after Kronika merged the timelines, some believing knowing it was futile to get himself involved, he fled to Shang Tsung's Island to hide.
  • Some believed that he was a hidden Kombatant during the first Mortal Kombat tournament, and was said to be watching other Kombatants fighting in The Pit, when a Kombatant Curb Stomped a Kombatant. Thinking that the Kombatant would make a worthy opponent, he revealed himself & fought the Kombatant. It didn't end well for him. On the other hand, he popularized the concept of hidden fighters in Fighting Games with several others following suit.
  • Made his entrance into the Pantheon by surprising Liu Kang with a jump kick in the House of Combat. The resulting battle (with epic electronic soundtrack) proved that Reptile was a powerful Kombatant in his own right. Of course this happened at the time Reptile masqueraded as a human and tries to keep himself away from Liu Kang unless he really has to, knowing he barely stands a chance. The monk doesn't actively try to antagonize him though.
    • This battle started up a rivalry between him and Guy, between which of the two ninjas wore their Nikes better. Some say it's a really silly reason to fight but then again, both fighters seems to have respect for each other even then.
  • Surprisingly however, he was seen amongst the GUAG instead of the GUAE. Perhaps he had an epiphany and learning his lesson that Evil will NEVER fulfill their promises for him? Yes.
  • Found a good companionship with Litchi Faye-Ling, who cared so much about him despite his freaky appearance and abhorrent nature, but most importantly, never screws him off. Reptile thinks she's the best master he's ever had for awhile, potentially more caring than even Kotal (who isn't an outstanding boss himself but then again, he was the best he got comparing to Shao Kahn or Shang Tsung).
  • Is thoroughly annoyed with a certain owl named Cedric who constantly called him "pOIsonous". If it wasn't for his respect on Litchi who kept preventing him doing so, Reptile would've made a snack out of Cedric.
  • Has been seen 'playing around' with Charlotte the Dessert Witch. Especially in terms of eating. This made Reptile more tolerant to cheese... aside of human flesh (which incidentally, Charlotte doesn't mind too, though when they get too far, both Litchi and Mami reprimand them)
  • He has also been seen making contacts with Lord Kroak, and felt like there was a conflicting loyalty. While eternally grateful with Litchi's treatment, Kroak's proposed Saurian new home was very tempting on Reptile...
    • It should be noted that there was no attempt to cause conflicted loyalties on Lord Kroak's part as any friendship between Reptile and Litchi is not mutually exclusive to alliances with him.
  • There were reports that someone by the name of Pat freakishly obssessed with Reptile. When the two met, Reptile gave Pat a straight punch right to his face when Pat said he was lost in Reptile's eyes. Pat didn't learn his lesson from having his face busted in and continued stalking him, which creeped out Reptile so much he now goes invisible and leaves when he so much as hears Pat's coming his way.
  • Is not absolutely on good mood upon learning that Onaga ascended, being aware that the Dragon King used him as a host... two times, first in the Original Timeline and later during the events of The Morality Civil War. Since that day, Reptile must hide with his invisibility if he ever sees Onaga.


    Ethan Roark Junior 
Ethan Roark Junior, God of Pungent Villains (Junior, The Yellow Bastard)
Junior, before and after his surgery

Alternative Title(s): Toxicity