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This page is filled for deities whose ascensions are pending and have not yet been added into any parts of the Pantheon. This is not an official house and so any profile stored here shouldn't be mentioned in the main pantheon page.

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Tropers with their own sandbox pages:

Abandoned Profiles

Dave, God of Funny Cephalopods (Dr. Octavius Brine, Dr. Brine, Dan, Daryl, Dennis, Derek, Dirk, Debbie, Dexter, David, Derv, Doris, Ramirez)
As Dr. Octavius Brine 

    The Engineer 
The Engineer, God of Motivation Rantings (The Machine, Machine For Pigs, Beast, Creature, Monster, God)
The interior of The Machine

Psyche, Goddess of Isolation For Being Beautiful
Art by Paul Alfred Curzon
  • Potential House: Sadness
  • Symbol: Her butterfly wings
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Domain: Love, Beauty, Trust, Motherhood

    The Chosen Ones (Odin Sphere) 
Gwendolyn, Cornelius, Mercedes, Oswald, and Velvet, Collective Deities of Sharing The Same Story OR Final Endings Among Multiple Endings (Gwendolyn: Princess of Ragnanival, Odin's Witch, Crownless Lord; Cornelius: Prince of Titania, Little Pooka, The Pooka Prince; Mercedes: The Fairy Queen, Yggdrasil; Oswald: Shadow Knight, The Shadow, Death's Apprentice, Crownless Lord, The True King of Titania; Velvet: The Witch of Elrit, Princess of Valentine)
Clockwise from the top: Oswald, Mercedes, Cornelius (Human and Pooka), Gwendolyn, Velvet

    The Burger King 
The Burger King, God of Characters with Disturbing Charisma
  • House: Advertising
  • Quasideity (Intermediate God in Autoking form)
  • Symbol: His mask (alternatively, the Burger King logo)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cool Mask, Dark Is Not Evil, Edgier Reimagining of An Antiquated Mascot, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, The Voiceless, Requisite Royal Regalia, Uncanny Valley, Stealth Expert
  • Domains: Any Burger King restaurant
  • Allies: Spongebob, Optimus Prime, the Klingon Race, Iron Man, Jack Skellington
    • Non-Ascended: Chester Cheetah
  • Enemies: The original Enterprise Crew, Bella, Laurie Strode, Megatron, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Ronald McDonald
  • Conflicting Opinion: With anyone who doesn't want it their way.
  • The Burger King is an enigmatic being who once served as the mascot of his eponymous company, being an ironic and edgier attempt to resurrect the companies long-forgotten and rather benign leading star of the past for a modern audience. While he gained a considerable degree of popularity, due to the offbeat nature of his appearance and his unnerving skill at appearing out of the blue to simply give fast food to unsuspecting customers, he was ultimately retired by his company in 2010 due to them finding him way too creepy for his own good. Despite this setback, the King has refused to lie low and actively continues to deliver his fast food to unsuspecting customers in his typical manner, regardless of whether they appreciate it or not. This has gotten him into some unfortunate altercations, especially by those who mistake him for a Michael Myers impersonator—Laurie Strode in particular has a very strong dislike of him.
  • Due to the sheer change in persona from the previous Burger King mascot, its been debated whether the King is the same character as him donning a new makeover and persona, or is someone—or something—else altogether.
  • The King's true appearance and origins are shrouded in mystery, and all attempts to uncover his past or discover if he is of actual royal blood have only raised more questions than answers; some stories depict him as being part of a race of aliens called Kingons, while others depict him as being an Autobot who crash landed on earth in the 1950's and helped found the original Burger King restaurant by sharing his culinary expertise while disguising himself as a broiler to stay safe. However, crackpot theories of him being a Time Lord have largely been ruled out. He is known to have a normal wife and daughter, although his son has taken quite a bit after him. All attempts to interview them have been declined.
  • Despite what the internet would leave you to believe, he is certainly not a pervert or molester and is generally believed to be benevolent in personality by the Pantheon, but his lack of respect for peoples privacy and offbeat ways of approaching them isn't helping his case. It's unclear if he's simply naive and lacking in social skills, or is intentionally creeping out his customers to get their attention or for a gag.
  • Because of his disturbing appearance and mannerisms, he has become quite popular around Halloween Town, particularly with Jack Skellington, and is believed to be a frequent visitor there around the holiday.
  • He once had an alliance with Stark Enterprises and allowed his likeness to be used for a prototype Iron King robot, but it quickly went pear-shaped when an unwitting customer triggered its temper by mentioning the McDouble, and the Iron King promptly went ED-209 on him. Both the King and Tony Stark were understandably upset and halted any further progress on the prototype to save face.
  • Has an Odd Friendship with Spongebob Squarepants, who, being Spongebob, isn't particularly disturbed by his appearance or mannerisms. Mr. Krabs, on the other hand, is annoyed by him and has ordered him to stay away from his restaurant, citing conflict of interest. And Squidward quickly took an aversion to him after he appeared by his bedside in the middle of the night to give him a whopper.
  • Is rumored to have been a subject of interest by the SCP Foundation, but they have made no attempts to capture him as of yet.

    Rokuro Enmadou and Benio Adashino 

Alvis, God of Omniscience (The Royal Seer, Monado)

    Rean Schwarzer 
Rean Schwarzer, God of Always Helping Others (The Ashen Chevalier, Rean Osborne)
Rean as he appears in Cold Steel II
Click here to see Rean as he appears in Cold Steel III 
Click here to see Rean as he appears in Cold Steel IV (SPOILERS) 
  • Potential House: Heroic Actions
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The iconic lion head crest of Thors Military Academy.
  • Theme Songs: Ashita e no Kodou, Awakening when fighting with Valimar, Exceed when Ogre powers are active, To the Future.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good at heart, Lawful Neutral when following military orders. Becomes Chaotic Evil when succumbing to his Ogre powers.
  • Portfolio: Chronic Hero Syndrome, Katanas Are Just Better, Stock Light-Novel Hero, Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Domains: Swordsmanship, Helping People with Tasks.
  • Heralds: All original Class VII members, Valimar, Elise Schwarzer.
  • Allies: Asuka Kazama, Kou Tokisaka, Tethu and Tethi, Samurai Jack, Shirou Emiya, Eiji Hono/Kamen Rider OOO.
  • Rivals: Yuri Lowell.
  • Enemies: Norman Osborn.
  • Rean Schwarzer is one of nine original Class VII members who attended the prestigious Thors Military Academy in the Erebonian Empire. Adopted by Baron Teo Schwarzer at a young age, Rean didn't know his true origins and had difficulty adjusting to his family due to the social class system in place. At some point, he trained under the "Eight Leaves One Blade" style of swordmanship because he feared the power sleeping within him that would later be known as the "Ogre powers", which would take control of him completely and turn him into an unstoppable beast capable of slaughtering friend and foe alike, and he seeks to suppress this power as much as possible. During his time at the academy, he is trained with an ARCUS Unit and military tactics under Instructor Sara Valestein's wing, and would put these skills to the test in three separate conflicts in Erebonia. After graduating, he becomes an instructor himself following the conclusion of the Erebonian Civil War. He is also an Awakener of one of the six Divine Knights named Valimar, and will call upon him whenever he needs to fight against other Divine Knights or Panzer Sodats. Later, it is revealed that Rean is actually the son of Giliath Osborne; the Blood and Iron Chancellor and leader of the Reformist Faction.
  • Rean has a knack for helping out people in need, even if it isn't his own business. Whenever someone needs a hand with a task, he will be at their beck and call, no matter the situation at hand, and he'll often do it at the expense of his own personal issues. Because of his kind-hearted nature almost bordering on obsession, the Pantheon decided to ascend Rean to represent Chronic Hero Syndrome.
  • He has become friends with another fellow Falcom protagonist named Kou Tokisaka after Rean learns that Kou is an Expy of him, and shares many of the same traits. Because of this, both Rean and Kou form a joint collaboration between Class VII and the Xanadu Research Club to help out as many gods as possible and defeat potential threats.
  • Is surprised to find another Osborn in the pantheon. At first, Rean thought it was the Blood and Iron Chancellor himself; Giliath Osborne, but later found out that the person is Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin. While Norman shares similarities to Giliath of being individuals of higher power, Rean learns that Norman is far more unstable and unwilling to listen to reason, thus making him an automatic enemy. It didn't help that Norman tried to get too blast-happy with Rean on their first encounter.
  • With Rean constantly helping others out, some gods return the favor by helping him back, such as the Tethu and Tethi duo, who as chiefs of the Oasis, make it part of their duties. Kazuma also helps people out by sparring with them in matches, and once challenged Rean to a friendly duel. This reminded him of his one-on-one bout with Angelica Rogner back in Thors.
  • He sympathized with Samurai Jack because despite being stranded in the future by Aku and trying to find a way back in time, Jack helped out as many people as he could, sometimes liberating them from Aku's evil rule. This sentiment reminded himself about him and his class' efforts to ultimately liberate Erebonia from the curse of Ishmelga. In addition, he also sympathized with Shirou and Eiji because their good deeds are the result of coping with their traumatic experiences in their pasts.
  • Since Rean specializes with a more eastern-style of swordsmanship as well as the use of an ancient Precursor Lost Technology to boost his skills, Yuri Lowell finds him a Worthy Opponent, often challenging him to one-on-one duels between clashing katanas and blastia/orbal technology. Their incredible feats of defeating Ishmelga and the Adaphagos only further demonstrated their skills. That being said, their rivalry is also an ideological one as well, since Rean is essentially a government lapdog while Yuri is a free-spirited vigilante. Yuri once criticized Rean for following Giliath Osborne's orders to invade and annex Crossbell by force, defeating Lloyd Bannings in the process, reminding Yuri of the potential path his friend Flynn Scifo could have gone if he had fully obeyed the Empire's law. Although in Rean's defense, he didn't really enjoy the annexation and later felt regret over it. Nonetheless, the two obviously show huge respect for each other.
    Rean: Ok then, everything I feel is one with the Eight Leaves!
    Yuri: Good! Then come on!

    Emma Millstein 
Emma Millstein, Goddess of Bad Lies
Emma as she appears in Cold Steel II
Emma and Celine as they appear in Cold Steel III note 
  • Potential House: Trickery.
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The butterfly symbol on her Master Quartz; Titania.
  • Theme Song: Elin, the Hidden Village
  • Alignment: True Neutral initially. Neutral Good after opening up to Class VII and resolving her duties.
  • Portfolio: Bad Liar, Badass Bookworm, Magic Staff.
  • Domains: Witchcraft, Reading.
  • Heralds: All original Class VII members, Celine, Roselia.
  • Allies: Mitsuki Hokuto, Luna Platz.
  • Rivals: Pending.
  • Enemies: The Snatcher, The Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Opposes: The Incubators.
  • On Good Terms With: Most good-aligned witches of the Witches & Wizards House.
  • The class president of Class VII and the top-scoring ace of Thors Military Academy, Emma Millstein seems like an ordinary book-loving girl on the surface, but in actuality, she is a Hexen Clan witch from the hidden village of Elin. She was orphaned at a young age and taken in by the clan's elder, Roselia, who would train her to be a proficient witch and prepare Emma for an important duty that all Hexen Clan witches follow: to guide Awakeners to their Divine Knights. At some point in her life, her adoptive sister Vita Clotilde left the clan after breaking an unspecified taboo, prompting Emma to search for her and hope to bring her back. She was admitted entry into Thors in order to investigate the Old Schoolhouse, which is believed by her clan to host the Divine Knight, Valimar. Once she found who Valimar's Awakener is, Rean Schwarzer, she would guide him through the final trials in order for him to make a pact with the Divine Knight, thus resolving her duty. Even then, her friendship with Class VII has created an inseparable bond, and she would gladly help them in various Erebonian conflicts with her magic and knowledge as best she can.
  • As part of her duty as a Hexen Clan witch, it's important that she keeps her true identity a secret. However, Emma cannot create decent enough lies to hide her skin, as her attempts constantly fall flat on their faces and end up becoming transparent honesty. She didn't try very hard to hide the fact that the black cat who follows her around, Celine, is her familiar, and outright reveals her name to Rean. And during their field study to Legram, while exploring Lohengrin Castle, she made little attempts to hide her natural sixth sense ability, prompting her classmates to ask if she is a priestess from the Septian Church. Emma just went with that because it was the only excuse offered to her. And those are just the few examples. Because of her penchant for honesty and being unwillingly able to tell decent lies as part of her Character Development, she was admitted entry into the pantheon.

    Leos Alloy 
Leos Alloy, God of Mecha Expansion Packs

    The Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy VII) 
The Gold Saucer of Old Corel, Holy Seat of Minigame Zones

    Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt 
Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt, Gods of Going Undercover (Schmidt: Doug Mcquaid, Jenko: Brad Mc Quaid)

    The Amagi Inn 
The Amagi Inn, Holy Seat of Inns
  • A fairly large, family-owned, generations-old ryokan situated on the outskirts of the town of Inaba.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (its manager-in-training, Yukiko Amagi, is Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Ryokan, Hot Springs
  • Domains: Lodging
  • Sacred To: The Investigation Team (Yukiko in particular)
  • The Amagi Inn is often considered a landmark in the otherwise nondescript town of Inaba.
  • The first of the killings in the Inaba Serial Murder Case (Mayumi Yamano by Tohru Adachi) took place in the lobby, which later bore witness to Yukiko's personal and professional blacklisting of a trio of paparazzi who wanted to make a story that would have ruined the Inn's reputation. The latter incident resulted in Yukiko's ascension.
  • As each member of the Investigation Team ascended, they celebrated the occasion with a dinner and a dip in the hot springs.

    The Master Cylinder 
The Master Cylinder, God of Tin Can Robots
  • House: Robotics and Machinery
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Visor
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Constantly Changing Appearance, Big Bad, Brain in a Jar, Classic Villain, For the Evulz, Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk, Knight of Cerebus, The Sociopath, Would Hurt a Child, Tin-Can Robot
  • Domains: The Moon, Mars, Venus
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Dr. Weil (temporarily), General Grevious, Dr. Nefarious
  • Rivals: Sigma, Gate, Mother Brain, Marvin the Martian
  • Enemies: Felix the Cat, The Professor (sometimes), Mega Man (Classic), Mega Man X, Zero, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman
  • Pitied By:
  • Opposed By: Felix The Cat
  • Opposes: The Houses of Magic and The House of Justice
  • Conflicting Opinion: With Dr. Weil on whether its better to rule the Earth or just blow it up (Master is willing to try either option).
  • Even though he was the former pupil of Professor, one of the most pathetic villains in the Pantheon, Master Cylinder is anything but ineffectual or sympathetic. He is rotten to the core in personality. It says a lot about his character that even Felix the Cat, who is known in the Pantheon for his compassion and benevolence, openly despises the cyborg and would be glad to see him dead.
    • And it's not without reason either; unlike Tarkin, who would blow up a planet to instill fear, or Marvin the Martian, who wants to blow up a planet for purely pragmatic reasons, Master wants to blow up the Earth solely for kicks. To him, destroying billions of lives is just a sick game to him, and he sees everybody as being below him. And when he's not trying to blow up the Earth, he's more than willing to enslave a child (in this case, his mentor's nephew, Poindexter) to create rocket fuel for his entire army so he can invade the Earth. Why, you ask? Because he can. He is that arrogant.
    • Dr. Weil admired his casual sadism and even tried to get him to join his ranks. Master immediately accepted the offer, but quickly tried to backstab him and revealed that he was only doing it to gain access to Neo Arcadia's vast resources and reploid/mechaniloid army to further his own ends. He tried to fight the Doctor one-on-one, but quickly discovered he was unable to overpower the scientist due to his near-invulnerability. Weil promptly sicked Omega and the Four Guardians on Master Cylinder, who all sent his shiny metal ass flying right back to the moon.
  • Is not particularly fond of being compared to General Grevious, even though both of them are malevolent cyborgs, and (pragmatic) allies at that. It is also not a wise idea to bring up his “upgraded” knockoff from The Movie in his precense, mainly because it gave him an unfair stigma as being a very easy villain to beat, even though that Master Cylinder wasn't even the same character. And its an especially bad idea to make fun of his name.
  • Should not be confused with The Master.

Nux, God of Martyrdom Cultures

Roshuo, God of Villains Who Regret Their Victory (The King of the Overlords)

    Shirou Yusa 

Shirou Yusa, The Routine Breaker (Georgius, Sensory of Naraka, Apoptosis of the Moment, Tenma Sukuna)

    The Queen/Vader Eloha 
Vader Eloha, the Goddess with a Weapons-Grade Vocabulary (The Queen)
  • House: Words
  • Greater Goddess
  • Picture, if applicable

Luna, Goddess of Pinball Projectiles (Moon Rider, Scourge of the Plains)

    Gemini Sunrise 
Gemini Sunrise, Goddess of Country Mice and Samurai Cowgirls
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her katana
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Swordsmanship
  • Allies: Erica Fontaine
  • Enemies: Friday Monday
  • Followers: Zan, Van
  • High Priest: The Hero
  • Not to be confused with the voiceo of Madlax, Reinforce Eins or Vent and Aile.
    • Speaking of voice, Friday Monday hates her a lot because not only because she sounds like Madlax, but also because her idealism and justice really piss him off. In return, Gemini condemns him for being cynical and nihilistic for no real reason.
  • Has a really strained relationship with Lucy/Nyu. Voice aside, Gemini pities her for her tragic backstory, yet she is too nervous about her psychotic state to actually approach her.
  • She went on a trip to save the world with multiple gods. And currently she is preparing herself for another journey again.
  • Despite having cowboy themes, she does not get along well with Erron Black. At all.
  • She has her other self, Geminine, that she can manifest whenever she feels weak and in despair. This Geminine here is much more aggressive and ruthless and will not hesitate to kill if you piss her off enough.
  • Hilariously enough, despite being a Sega character, she is the only one who has no idea who Segata Sanshiro is, much to the surprise of other Sega gods and goddesses. She has never even heard of Sega Saturn. Fortunately, Segata is calm enough to explain his existence and befriend her.

    Lucy... Yamagami 
Lucy... Yamagami, The goddess with an Overly Long Name(extended version of her first name it may not be all of it .)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A pair of books
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Embarrassing First Name Adorable Book lover, Prioritizing books over basic necessities, Having a rather large bust size, and hating it
  • Domains: Books, Names
  • Allies: Maka Albarn, Yuki Nagato, Yoriko Readman, Yomi
  • Odd Friendship with: Jibril, various Senran Kagura gods, Centorea, Lady J, Cattelya, Kirika
  • Opposed by: The league of flat chests
  • She ascended after somehow she chosen after hearing her long name. When she found she was incredibly embarrassed after hearing this. Various gods try to poke fun at it. The result is her chucking books at the offender in question. Who wouldn't be when your name is 60+ names long. She really hope she doesn't run into anyone who addresses other with Full-Name Basis
  • She tends to spends most if her time in the house of knowledge after hearing about the massive amount of books located also after hearing about the massive amount of books. Also because she's not good with people.
  • She is rather happy to hear that many goddesses have rather large busts like her and that she has a chanced to buy different clothes. Of course various fashionistas are very eager in an attempt to dress her up. Some have dark intentions in mind.
  • Certain gods tend to wonder what the hell happened for to her to have such a long name. She's mentions that she blames the office worker, who she's still searching for in the mortal world. So she can chew him out.
  • She noted that she's very bad with money as she spends most of it on books rather than basic necessities. She trying to work on her money management skills better.
  • She's surprised to not see Hasebe as she thinks with his talent he could get a spot in the pantheon. Also he's not her boyfriend.
  • The Pantheon bewilders her greatly. As the numerous of superpower gods reminds her of the collection of stories she's read in her spare time. She's later told that some of the stories in the Library of knowledge was tales of said gods. As a result when not on the clock she goes their and read for hours. There she many fellow bookworm like Yomi Readman and Maka Albarn. She is currently trying to learn the dreaded MAKA CHOP aka the

    The U.S. Acres Gang 
The U.S. Acres Gangmembers , Collective Deities of Rural Life
  • Lesser Deities
  • Potential House: Regionalities (House of Cultures)
  • Symbol: A red barn next to a silo.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (though Roy is Chaotic Neutral bordering on Chaotic Good, and Booker is True Neutral when chasing worms)
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits
    • Specific to Orson: The alleged leader of the gang, has a vivid imagination, loves reading books
    • Specific to Roy: A cocky rooster, enjoys playing pranks on others, a bit of a jerkass but cares about his friends deep down
    • Specific to Wade: Has tons of absurd phobias but will set them aside if his friends are in need of saving, can be pretty stupid, wears an inner tube with a duck head that copies every expression he does
    • Specific to Bo and Lanolin: Polar Opposite Twins, Bo is a ditzy cuddle bug in the comics but a significantly smarter mellow guy in the cartoons, while Lanolin is a very grumpy person
    • Specific to Booker: chases after worms coyote-roadrunner style, can be pretty bratty and mischievous at times
    • Specific to Sheldon: Very smart and intellectual for his age, lives in his shell that contains many household conveniences, like a pinball machine, a microwave and an air conditioner
  • Domains: Animals, Farms, Comedy
  • Heralds: Their relatives (except Orson's brothers), the chickens of the henhouse,Cody the puppy and Blue the kitten
  • Allies: Gardield, Odie, Otis, Applejack, The Farmer
    • Orson: Horton, Babe
    • Roy: Foghorn Leghorn
    • Wade: Yakko, Wakko and Dot, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Piglet
    • Booker: Wile E. Coyote
    • Sheldon: Jimmy Neutron
  • Enemies: The Toon Patrol, Dag, Mr. Fox, SCP-3166, Napoleon
    • Orson: The Child Abuse Supporters, any bad parent or big brother bully in the Pantheon
    • Roy: Mewtwo, Screwy Squirrel, Mr. Mxyzptlk (both shared with Wade)
    • Wade: Poison Ivy
    • Bo and Lanolin: Hansel and Gretel
    • Booker: Road Runner, Sylvester the Cat, Pennywise the Dancing Clown (shared with Sheldon
  • Avoids: Daffy Duck (Wade only)
  • On a farm (that is actually next door to Garfield's owner's family) lives a bunch of kooky farm animals who, aside for their weird habits, live kind a like how farms are still viewed today.
  • Orson is the leader of the gang. He loves reading books and has a vivid imagination that can bring others with him.
  • Roy is the resident prankster of the farm. He enjoys taking advantage of Wade's excessive fears to play pranks on him. His job is waking the others up and protecting the chickens.
  • Wade is a cowardly craven duck who has tons of weird phobias. Despite being a duck, his biggest fear happens to be water.
  • Bo and Lanolin Sheep are twins who always disagree and argue with each other. Lanolin is very grumpy and brash, while her brother is either perky and ditzy or cool and mellow, depending on the day.
  • Booker is a yellow chick who likes ninjas and often chases after worms with as much success as Wile E Coyote with his Road Runner. Alongside his twin brother Sheldon, he was hatched by Orson after their mother went on vacation (she was tired of sitting on eggs).
  • Sheldon is Booker's twin brother who is still in his eggshell since he thinks he's safe from the dangers of the world in there. A lot calmer than Booker, he can occasionally be seen musing on a clump of grass.
  • The Gang originally just came in the pantheon to visit Garfield and Odie, with whom they once shared a TV cartoon. They had lots of fun and relaxation at the place. When they were about to leave, someone pointed out the fact that they are farm animals and thus could represent rural life. Orson accepted that he and his group would be ascended.
  • Wade would have been ascended separately from the rest as the Divine Fearer of Absurd Phobias, but he declined the offer to stay with his friends.
  • There was some debate over if Cody the puppy and Blue the kitten should be ascended alongside the others since they disappeared from the comic at some point (and never appeared in the aforementioned TV show). They were ascended for a week just to experiment. However, it was shown that Cody, who thinks he's a ferocious dog, posed a threat to the bird deities despite Blue's efforts to stop him from doing so. Later on, Cody was seen skipping happily holding Daffy *Duck's beak in his mouth. Since then, Blue decided that it would be better not to be ascended and to be the gang's heralds instead.
  • The entire gang is allied to fellow farm animal deity Otis the cow, and enjoy hanging out with farmer deities, such as Applejack and The Farmer.
  • Orson quickly made friends with Horton the elephant, who once had a similar ordeal. He strongly opposes bad parent deities in the pantheon since the very reason he had to hatch the two chicks is because they've been abandoned by one.
  • In his spare time, he is often seen hanging out with Babe the pig. They relax in a pool of mud and talk to each other about their insecurities.
  • Roy quickly made friends with Foghorn Leghorn. He sees a bit of himself in him: both are loud-mouthed white roosters who enjoy playing pranks on others. They frequently visit each other, chat about stuff and play jokes on others.
  • Ever since his ascension, Wade seemed to attract many trolls who like to use his excessive fear to play tricks on him for laughs. One of these is Screwy Squirrel, who is annoyingly merciless in that domain. Sometimes, Roy comes in and uses his own pranks against the squirrel to ward him off: even he thinks Screwy is too mean with his tricks.
  • Another day, Roy and Wade were taking a walk together. Then, they met Mr. Mxyzptlk, who is basically a superpowered Screwy Squirrel. Despite their efforts to ward him off, they were no match for the reality-warping imp who proceeded to drive them crazy. Since then, both of them blubber in fear whenever they see him.
  • Roy can often be seen playing practical jokes on other deities. Once, he was somehow stupid enough to believe that pranking Mewtwo would be a good idea to relieve his boredom. After a few practical jokes, the Pokemon snapped and used its immense psychic powers against the rooster. After a few minutes, Roy was out of Mewtwo's temple, badly bruised with all his feathers plucked out, a tattered comb and wattle and a visibly frightened expression.
  • Wade once wandered into Yakko, Wakko and Dot's temple by accident. He later tried to escape since they were also notorious trickster deities. However, to his surprise, they were super friendly with him. Since then, the four have become very good friends. He's also good friends with Piglet and Courage the Cowardly Dog, with whom he shares a cowardly nature.
  • He also avoids Daffy Duck at all costs since he is too unpredictable: some days, he's a crazy loon who plays tricks on him and drives him crazy, other days he's an egotistical and arrogant prick who constantly treats him like crap and uses him at his own advantage. It's safe to assume that a friendly relationship with the black duck will NOT be healthy.
  • Sometimes, Booker can be seen chasing worms at the House of Beast. Other times, he usually hangs out with Wile E Coyote, to whom he looks up to. He often uses some of the coyote's plans in his pursuit. He avoids Sylvester the Cat ever since he tried to eat him, mistaking him for Tweety.
  • Once, he and Sheldon were threatened by Pennywise, who wanted to eat them (hey, they ARE children, after all). Luckily, Garfield arrived and tricked IT into turning into lasagna, which he ate. Then, he told the chicks not to wander into the temple of the flesh eaters anymore.
  • Bo and Lanolin once paid a visit to fellow twins Hansel and Gretel. They thought they would be pleasant to chat with. However, the two immediately started doing weird stuff like switching their genders before starting. Lanolin yelled at their faces, complaining about their insanely creepy demeanor. She made the twins snap and act violent. The two sheep freaked out and hastily got out of the temple. Hansel and Gretel's creepiness is one of the things they didn't disagree about.
  • The entire gang is on bad terms with Dag the coyote, who tried to eat Sheldon once, but failed due to falling victim to Roy's trickster nature. Roy in particular is on bad terms with Mr. Fox, since they already dealed with chicken thieves back at the farm.
  • Also, they tend to avoid the Toon Patrol, since they remind them of a certain weasel who was a frequent enemy back at the farm, not to mention that they're even more frightening and evil.
  • One night, their sleep was interrupted by an attack from SCP-3166, a Garfield-like anomaly with organs made of lasagna, who wanted to eat them all. While Orson evacuated everyone from the temple, Lanolin managed to fight the monster for some time. Then, the real Garfield zipped in and slashed at the evil clone, spattering lasagna everywhere, and helped Lanolin fight the thing until the SCP Foundation would come in and recontain it. Orson, who saw it all, asked:
    Orson: Garfield, how is it possible that you have such an evil and disgusting doppelganger like that?!
    Garfield: Don't ask. And after I helped you, you might as well give me a little something in return.
    • That something was a hearty lasagna meal. Everyone ate and went back to sleep soon after.
  • The gang is strongly against Napoleon for him being a traitor to the animals. Someone once pointed out that they walk on two legs, too. However, Orson argumented that this is due to the nature of their media and even with that, they don't betray farm animals in any way.
  • Some gods find it weird that the duck head on Wade's inner tube seems to copy every expression he is making. The duck never pronounced himself about this.

    Adam Jensen 
Adam Jensen, God of Men Rebuilt as Cyborgs (Chrome Boy, Robot, Spy Boy, Detective Sergeant Jensen, Frankenstein's Monster, Alif)

    Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern, God of Strange and Unusual Food
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A silhouette of him hanging a piece of food over his mouth
  • Alignment: True Neutral (in regards to food)
  • Portfolio: Willingness to eat anything, Tasting unusual dishes
  • Domains: Food, Eating
  • Allies: Anthony Bourdain, Adam Richman (non-ascended)
  • Opposed by: The Durian and walnuts (the two foods he won't consume), Picky Eaters
  • Official Taste-tester of the gods, sampling anything that the Gods themselves find shocking and/or revolting. Is also one of the only gods who have survived Littie's cooking or the concoction that was "Mysterious Food X" with little more than slight heartburn.
  • Do not presume that because his appetite is insatiable and his palette bizarre that Zimmern doesn't care about animals. Andrew gives the animals that feed him—all of them—the proper respect they deserve. Abusing or mistreating an animal just because its ultimate fate is to be made into food will make him go berserk.

    Ronnie James Dio 
Ronnie James Dio, God of Metal (Ronald James Padavona, God)

    Commissar Ibram Gaunt 
Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, God of Unrecognized Heroism

    Ferik Jurgen 
Ferik Jurgen, Patron of Unsung Heroes (The Most Important character in the Ciaphas Cain series, The Only Reason Cain Lived)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His melta
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sidekicks, Spanner in the Works, Following Orders Without Question, Driving Like Crazy, Being Inconspicuous, Creating Bullethole Doors
  • Domains: Courage, Exorcism, Luck, War
  • Allies: Ramza Belouve, Ibram Gaunt
    • Superior: Ciaphas Cain
  • Sort of just wandered into the Pantheon behind Cain because "my place is with the commissar." Most other Pantheon members tend to be put off by his terrifying lack of hygiene.
  • The only member of the Pantheon that no one on the Council of Shadows can account for, despite their close watch on his superior.
  • His immunity to all forms of magic, psionics, and other forms of supernatural manipulation have allowed him to fend off enemies several magnitudes of power above his own level. The melta he habitually carries around helps, too.
  • Ferik is usually avoided by Lamia Loveless, as even his name still invokes her bad memories. Now, she has visited him occasionally and kept a civil relationship, a proof that she got over her bad memories.
  • Is taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" along side Ciaphas Cain.

    The Vault Dweller 
The Vault Dweller, God of Action Survivors
  • Symbol: A Vault 13 water flask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Karma, Multi-Ranged Master, Save the World, Powered Armor
  • Domains: Heroism, Firearms, Karma
  • Reigns over his seat with four priests: The Chosen One, The Initiate, The Lone Wanderer, and The Courier. The four appear shrouded in dark hoods, so their names and genders are a mystery.
  • The Vault Dweller once decided to just leave his seat one day, wearing nothing but his Vault 13 jumpsuit. He returned three months later wearing Powered Armor, wielding a minigun and carrying the heads of several lesser evil gods. Business as usual for him. Then, each one of his priests did the same.
  • There have been rumors around the Pantheon that he has an alternate-universe pony counterpart called Littlepip, who could give Twilight a run for her position as Goddess of Telekinesis. These rumors are unsubstantiated, but he has been sometimes seen with a small gray pony with a short brown mane and tail. Whether this is Littlepip or not remains to be confirmed.

    The Black Cleaver 
The Black Cleaver, Gatekeeper Between The Pantheon and Suetopia
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Black Helmet.
  • Alignment: Varies depending on who he gets his orders from, is currently Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Elite Mooks, Artificial Zombies, THOSE WHO JUST WON'T DIE!, Not Giving Up, Scythe Wielders.
  • Domains: Coldness, Combat, Defence, Duty, Undead.
  • Allies: Anyone he’s ordered to assist.
  • Enemies: Anyone he’s ordered to fight.
  • The Black Cleaver ascended to the Pantheon after being killed, brought back as an undead henchman, killed again by being sliced up into little pieces, being put back together again as an undead bodyguard and then finally killed for good.
    • At first not many deities knew what to do with the Black Cleaver, since he has no real personal agenda, until several Gods at House of Defence proposed sending him to the edge of Disgraced territory to act as a border guard. After a successful stopping thirteen attempts made by the Disgraced note  on his first week, he was officially granted the title of Gatekeeper.
  • It should be noted that main reason the Black Cleaver is so good at his job is due to the stupidity, arrogance and delusional nature of the Disgraces themselves. note 
  • Once a week, the Black Cleaver is sent to the House of Combat to maintain his high combat skills while his role is temporary filled-in by Augus
    • Ruby Rose occasionally comes to the House of Combat to watch the Black Cleaver fight and to see if there are any new moves she can learn from him and use with her own scythe.
    • During one fight at the House, Raiden landed several direct blows to the Black Cleaver’s torso without him even seeming to notice, after an hour of fighting, Raiden was heard yelling: 'Why won’t you die?! '
  • Whenever the Black Cleaver is injured, a group doctors, led by the Medic, are sent to pack him up.
  • Recently, to the (pleasant) surprise to both Vergil and the Black Cleaver, not much to the Disgraces, the Duck Hunt duo often join up with him in fending off Disgraces, due to his Nintendo-God harm only ability, and to fend his skills for the 4th Smash Tournament.
  • When a Disgraced One is redeemed, the Black Cleaver is prohibited from attacking them at all times.
  • Chances of Redemption: Like Virgil, the Black Cleaver does not need to be redeemed.

Lord Araghast the Pillager, God of Those Too Cool to Stay Alive (Lord Araghast the Pillager of a Thousand Worlds, Master of Hounds, the Lash of the Black Legion, Champion of the Chaos Gods)
Araghast is the one in the Terminator Armour, obviously

Zharvakko, God of Witch Doctors (the Witch Doctor, The Walking Fountain)

Urotsuki, Goddess of Fan Sequels
  • Intermediate Goddess potentially Overdeity if she were to wake up
  • Symbol: Her shirt pattern
  • Theme Song: Yume 2kki's Save Themes
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Eyes Always Shut, Chainsaw Good, Never says a Word, Surreal Symbolic Heads, Biker Girl, Tomboy, Japanese Delinquent
  • Domains: Dreams, Surrealism, Fanbase
  • Followers: Sabitsuki, Usotsuki, Chie, Me, etc.
  • Allies: Madotsuki, Ness, Kirby, Sumireko, The Wind Fish, Steven Universe, Jotaro Kujo
  • Enemies: Freddy Krueger, Atropos, Ruvik, Alfred Drevis
  • Soon after the ascension of Madotsuki, a similar closed-eyed dreamer showed up and with her, another, far larger Dream World. This girl was apparently already familiar with Madotsuki, and the two immediately started hanging around. Not long after that, she was granted the title of Goddess, allowing her to remain in the Pantheon.
  • Her circumstances appear very similar to Madotsuki's. Both are silent girls who are currently dreaming themselves into the Pantheon. They are also seen together more often than not, even casually visiting each other's Dream Worlds. However, Urotsuki seems a bit more hesitant in visiting Madotsuki's Dreams than the opposite.
  • While still somewhat of a shut-in, Urotsuki is far more outgoing than her close friend, making her more popular overall. This is reflected in her Dream World, which is not only bigger but contains far more sentient beings. It isn't without its fair share of horrific scenery though.
  • She gets along with most of those who also get along with Madotsuki, including the Human Child or Ness, and is seen in their presence considerably more than her fellow dreamer.
  • She has taken a liking to Jotaro Kujo, due to her liking of similar school delinquents. He has the same dismissive behavior he has for most girls towards her but has come to stand her a bit more than most.
  • While she has attempted to befriend Aya Drevis, her blind admiration towards her father has put her off quite a bit, due to some rather traumatic experiences she had with scientists in her own dream world.

    The Dream World 
The Dream World, (Un?)Holy Seat of Lands of Dreams
The Nexus of Madotsuki's Dream World
  • A world containing all of the disturbed dreams of several girls.
  • Symbol: A Dream Diary
  • Alignment: True Neutral (This world contains both evil and good entities, with most of them being neutral. While the structure of the world appears quite chaotic from an outsider's point of view, it is quite strict about keeping its order intact)
  • Portfolio: Dream Land, Eldritch Location, Mental World, World of Symbolism
  • Domains: Dreams, Horror, Surrealism
  • Similar Places: Wonderland
  • Sacred To: Madotsuki, Urotsuki
  • Dream Land of Popstar was originally considered for the position but was dropped in favor of this one due to actually being a dream, and not just themed after one.
  • While this world was originally just Madotsuki's Dream World, Urotsuki's ascension caused her own Dream World to be connected to Madotsuki's, creating an even bigger world. Since then, the Dream Worlds of several non-ascended dreamers similar in origins to these two have been connected to this greater world. Nowadays, the Dream World is too large to properly map out or record, with the hundreds of different worlds forming an extremely chaotic maze.
  • It is accessed from Madotsuki's and Urotsuki's temples and is technically an extension of it. While no one actually guards the entrance to it, unsolicited visits may result in a violent reaction from either the residents or the girls themselves.
  • Notably, most beings originating from this world cannot die permanently and will come back from death once the room they are in is left. This extends to most of the scenery of the Dream World, which will return to its default state if altered. This does not apply to outsiders entering the place, even if said outsiders are dream constructs from other Dream Worlds.

Astaroth, God of Secondary Stomach Mouths (Great Demon Lord Astaroth)
In his "Dark" Astaroth form
  • Potential House: Body Parts
  • Theme: Theme of Dark Astaroth
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Demon World Village banner
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Demon Lord, Final Boss (at times), Belly Mouth, Fire-Breather, Me's a Crowd, Immortality through Evil Existence, Growing Wings (in dark form),
  • Domains: Demons, Fire, Bosses
  • Allies: All Satans (except one), Both Hades, Samael, Fortinbras, the Godhand, Pazuzu, Zodd, HIM, Jedah Dohma
  • Enemies: ARTHUR, Morrigan Aensland, Demitri Maximoff, Reiji Arisu & Xiaomu, SP!Satan
  • Underling: Firebrand
  • Followers: Satannish, Ghash
  • Leader and Lord of the Demon World Village, Astaroth has been Sir Arthur's nemesis for as long as the knight has battled the forces of evil. Much to his frustration and anger, Arthur received word of his eternal nemesis's ascension and has sworn to once again vanquish him and cast him out of the Pantheon forever. Naturally, he has been given a seat of honor within the GUAE for all his actions.
  • Anyone who would dare insult Astaroth's pride in not being the usual Final Boss and actually having superiors above him, will be met with his wrath. He is and forever remains Arthur's greatest adversary and nemesis.
  • The second he learned of his ascension, Firebrand immediately flew over with a battalion of Red Arremers to his Master's side and pledged again his allegiance. The Demon Lord merely nodded and allowed the lesser demon to once again guard him as before and set the Arremers to guard different points of his sanctum.
  • His temple in the Hall of Body Parts has been fortified as if it were his own castle in the Demon Village to prevent Arthur, his allies or anyone good from storming in. Several Demon Village monsters and demons, including a duo of Shielders which guard the main doorway to his throne, and Firebrand himself being Astaroth's personal bodyguard are among the many threats facing anyone foolish to enter Astaroth's place without a well-thought plan.
  • With his ascension, portals to the Demon Village have appeared throughout the Hall of Demons in the House of Otherness. Astaroth has personally opened the Demon Village as a secondary home to his demonic brethren. All manners of demons are welcome to enter...with the exception of South Park's Satan. Astaroth considers him a disgrace and an insult to all demons.
  • Has not once, but twice has been involved in incidents of connecting universes. Despite his role as Degraded Boss in the former (which he himself tries to ignore), his role in the latter is the one he is most proud at and even boasts he was seconds away from erasing many heroes out of existence if not for Arthur's lucky sacrifice and Alisa Boskonovitch's head.
  • Has been known to split himself into two separate yet equal entities. When asked if they're illusions or which is the real one, Arthur merely replies both are one and the same. When he goes into dark form and grows wings, it's twice the headache for the GUAG and its allies.

    The Crimson Raiders 
The Crimson Raiders Members , Holy Military Squad (Firehawk (Lilith); The Slab King (Brick), The B-Team (formed By Tina, Brick and Mordecai))

    Ami & Yumi 
Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura, Dual Goddess of Music Band Cartoons

    The Saturdays 
The Saturdays members , Divine Family Experts of Cryptids (The Secret Saturdays, Zak: Kur)
Doyle Blackwell 

    Rex Salazar 
Rex Salazar, God of Artistic Age (Generator Rex)

    Rin Asogi & Mimi 
Rin Asogi & Mimi, Dual Goddesses of Dashed Plotlines

    The Wattersons 
The Watterson Familymembers , Divine Family of Medium Blending (Gumball: Gumball Tristopher Watterson, Gummypuss, Trisha, The Blue One, Princess GumballOopsEggWobbleUnderpants from the country of GumbaldNoWigBattleAxeNinja, Zac | Darwin: Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson IIIalso  | Anais: Runtus Decepticus, Clever Girl | Nicole: Doctor Nicole Watterson (née Senicourt)also  | Richard: Richard Buckley Wattersonalso )
From left to right (Darwin piggybacking Gumball, Nicole, Anais and Richard)

    Crypton Future Media 
Crypton Future Media Vocaloids members , Divine Group of AutoTunes


WIP - feel free to edit and add - Slowly building Mike's portfolio before submission

    Michael Westen 
Michael Westen, God of Spies Who Use Duct Tape for Everything And Some Other Stuff (Mike, Mikey

* Michael ascended after finally taking down not one, but two, shadowy organizations that he had to deal while attempting to get his old job with the CIA. As a demigod, he doesn't have the responsibilities of the more powerful members in the Pantheon, and always makes sure to spend time with the love of his life, Fiona Glenanne.


I realize that many of my bios lack many of the necessary components of a character bio. Feel free to fix them up, especially by adding things that they don't have that they need, but don't delete them unless the character in question ascends successfully.

Gregory, God of evil hotels and making people ask questions they don't want to think about
  • Potential House: Villains, Mentalism, Otherness
  • Rank Unknown (Believed to be a greater god)
  • Symbol: A keyring
  • Alignment: Unknown (Believed to be Chaotic Evil)
  • Will gladly invite anyone to stay in his temple. However, it is unwise to accept, as he won't let you leave because he wants to steal your soul and feed it to his mother so she won't hit him. Also, his temple is full of insane people.
  • Is currently trying to get many of his guests ascended to the pantheon. It is unknown why he's doing this, but some suspect he plans to turn the pantheon into his new hotel. When asked about this, he responded with only a chuckle.

    Judgement Boy 
Judgement Boy, god of Sadistic Choices
  • Potential House: Mentalism
  • Lesser God?
  • Symbol: Two lanterns, one containing a glass heart, and the other containing a golden dollar sign
  • Alignment: True Neutral

    Cyriak Harris 
Cyriak Harris, god of Weird Anatomy Things
  • Symbol: A skull with a bowler hat.
  • Potential House: Otherness
  • One day, a rocket ship crashed into the Pantheon, releasing a giant typewriter-monkey-robot thing, This thing that looks like a wildebeest made out of body parts, and an infinite supply of autonomous teddy bears. The giant typewriter-monkey-robot thing made its way to the Beastiary, where it ate everything in sight, the wildebeest thing walked through the house of Family repeatedly, causing it to turn into something... different, and the teddy bears invaded the house of Combat, causing mass chaos. The whole mess was eventually sorted out, but several gods had to return to the mortal plane for a few days, until the weirdness completely left their bodies. Cyriak was then brought before the Court of Gods for questioning (it was easy to find him because the rocket these... things arrived on was made out of his face), but it was eventually determined that causing destruction was not his intention, and he was allowed to stay as god of Weird Anatomy Things.
  • Now that he's in the pantheon, Cyriak has the ability to summon any of his creations to his aid. As a result, he is one of the most feared individuals in the Pantheon.

Dewy, god of pure water

    Don Hedron 
Don Hedron, god of impure water
  • Greater God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol: A face with three eyes.
  • Potential House: [[Water & Moisture
  • Wants to pollute the world. Creates followers from lumpy beard.

    Rumble Mc Skirmish 

    Ford Prefect 
Ford Prefect, god of Humanoid Aliens

    Music Meister 
The Music Meister, God of Forcing Musical Numbers

    Uncle Grandpa 
Uncle Grandpa, Divine Friend to All Children
  • Overdeity
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Potential House: Popularity
  • Heralds: Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, Belly Bag, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

    Cecil Palmer 
Cecil Palmer, the God Who Has Been Conditioned to Accept Horror


    Doc Martin 
Doctor Martin Ellingham G.P., God of Doctor's Orders (Doc Martin)
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: His medical briefcase.
  • Theme Song: Doc Martin Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: An [1] with a [[Irony crippling fear]] of Blood and [2].
  • Opposes: All deities who have ever self-prescribed themselves medication, the entire Bestiary, Doctor House M.D., The Medic
  • His temple is a recreation of his home and medical clinic at Portwenn.
  • Upon arrival at the Pantheon, he quickly took into account all of various ailments of the deities within his immediate vicinity at scheduled them appointments to his clinic, with many taking a disliking to the doctor's impolite attitude towards them..
  • When he first arrived at the house of Health, he immediately took a disliking to Doctor House. Partly due to his generally unprofessional attitude towards his occupation, mostly because he wouldn't stop teasing the Doc about his fear of blood which forced him to become a GP instead of a surgeon.
  • Has asked the House of Health that all medical patients be handled by him before they request for things like operations and prescription medicines, due to his experience working with a town that would've killed itself had he not moved there.
  • Has expressed bewilderment towards the Medic and the reason as to why he's allowed in the House of Health (his title notwithstanding) despite having lost his medical license.



Anybody willing to teach Xuanzang Kung-fu to be a better fighter? Anybody who went on a long journey? Also, anybody who can't help but help others?

Xuanzang Sanzang, Celestial Distressed Dude (Tripitaka, Genjou Sanzou, Tang Sanzang, Tou Sanzou, Sanzang Fashi, Sanzou Houshi, Golden Cicada, The Monk of Enlightenment, Caster)
  • Theme Song:
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: His Buddhist Staff
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Badass, The Atoner for Buddha, Celibate Hero, Cowardly Lion, Chick Magnet and Ignore Them, Decoy Protagonist, Too Pure, The Load to His Team, Nice Guy, Tasty to the Supernatural,
  • Domain: Religion, Journey, Redemption
  • Allies: Sun Wokong, Alain, Zenyatta, Aang, Tenzin, Samurai Jack, Lisa Simpson
  • Enemies: Kiara Sesshouin, Maitreya
  • Xuanzang is a Buddhist monk well known for his journey to the west with his three supernatural companion. Is is slso well known for getting in trouble and having Sun Wokong come to his rescue.
  • Xuanzang's ascension was a trouble one as he was being chase by Spectral Demons who wanted to eat him because of his delicious holiness. Luckily for the Buddhist monk, he was saved by Sun Wukong.
  • As a devout Buddhist monk, Xuanzang abstain from all carnal delight. Which doesn't really matter as he attracts women from humans to demons. The same still hold true in the Pantheon as there has been moments of the more lustful women wanting to bed him likethe lustful angel Anarchy Panty and Mad Moxxi. But surprisingly enough, he has refuse all their advances. That hasn't stop others however.
  • As his title would suggest, Xuanzang tends to get himself into trouble. Most of the time this is because he is too trusting to others and believe the best from others. Others, including Sun, mock the monk's all trusting nature. Despite that it may cause trouble, Xuanzang would still help others.
  • There has been multiple times when Xuanzang has been complimented on his looks. In fact, many have remark that he looks like a woman because of how unnatural attractive he is. This cause problem in the past and continues in the Pantheon as he was kidnapped by Zeus because he was captivated by him. Lucky as always for the Monk, Sun Wukong was right there to save him.
  • In the past, Xuanzang wasn't a fighter which often hinder his Disciples in their adventures. It mostly stems from not wanting to kill since he's a monk.
  • A skill that Xuanzang is proud of is being able to sit perfectly still for up to three years. Many consider this one of the most useless skill a person can have.
  • Met with the Omnic Monk Zenyatta who is a fellow practitioner of peace.

Xenomorph(Panther type)=Split Mouth=acid spit, speed, agility, Razor tail

Life Fiber Hybrid=Benketsu=None by itself, but when bonded enhance physical ability and adapt ability.

Cybertronian(Dinobot type)=Wreckasaurus X=Super strong and fire breath

Gem(Peridot Unit)= Gemion=Technical expertise

Blorg=Stank Face=Repulse Smell

Beheeyem: BG=Psychic Ability

Zerg(Swarm type)=Bug Out= Multiplication

Symbiote=Torment=Weapon shape shifting

Metroid=Brain Drain=Energy Absorption

Space Dragon(Yggralith)=Dracwing=Super Mode. For emergencies only!!!!! [[/folder]]

Any siblings deities who feel they should rule a kingdom instead their other sibling. Any envious siblings who tried to ruin the other? Since Morgan hated Guenivere, are there any ladies who may remind Morgan of Guenivere?

Morgan Le Fey, Goddess of Being Related in the Adaptation (Morgaine, Morgain, Morgana, Morganna, Morgant, Morgana Pendragon)

    Ko Trio 
Eiko Megumi, Biko Daitokuji, and Shiiko Kotobuki, The Trinity Goddesses of Alphabetical Theme Naming (A-Ko: The First Kryptonian-Amazonian Hybrid)
B-Ko to the left. A-Ko in the middle. C-Ko to the right.

    Jon Kent 
Jonathan Samuel Kent, God of Power Incontinence (Jon, Jon White, Superboy)

Grand Theft Auto Fanatic / Ryan Puffs

Got a new account to change my name. Sorry for the confusion.

    Drew Pickles (Barney Bunch) 
Drew Pickles, God of Memetic Molesters (The Gayest Man in the Universe, Sick Fuck)


    Willy on Wheels 
Willy on Wheels, God of Wiki Vandalism Alternate names
  • Upvotes on Wheels: 1 (Fasoman 1996)
  • House on Wheels: Crime
  • Quasideity on Wheels
  • Symbol on Wheels: The Willy on Wheels, an old-fashioned car
  • Theme Song on Wheels: Vandal: Long Road (Kaotik) Raggatek
  • Character Alignment on Wheels: Chaotic Evil on Wheels
  • Portfolio on Wheels: Cool Car, Determinator, I Have Many Names, Sock Puppet, Troll
  • Allies on Wheels: Other vandals, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Enemies on Wheels: Wikipe-tan, Wikipedia admins (including Jimbo Wales), Twilight Sparkle, Rabbit, most deities in the Justice house
  • The legendary Wikipedia vandal who joined in August 20, 2004. His first vandalism was replacing page content with "Pagename has been vandalised by the Willy on Wheels". Later, with different accounts, started to move lots of pages to "Pagename on Wheels!". Some of his more risque trolling involved posting pictures of penises.
  • He uses Mozilla Firefox and a 64-bit machine, later upgraded to a Mac Mini. Tabbed browsing also helped him a lot.
  • His vandalism record on one account before being blocked is 175 pages. He wanted to reach 500, and even created a "Willy's 500" event! The winner would apparently have won a wind-up Willy on Wheels.
  • As a joke, he was once nominated for adminship. He earned 18 support votes, 5 opposition votes and no neutrality votes.
  • Surprisingly enough, one of the Wikipedia admins, Larry Pienazek, actually thought his vandalism was funny.
  • And if you though he was limited to the English Wikipedia, think again. He attacked the German Wikipedia on 18th December 2004, the French Wikipedia on 5th January 2005, the Polish Wikipedia on 19th January 2005, and the Esperanto Wikipedia on 15th February 2005.
  • Since he's so popular, he has found many imitators. Even nowadays, many people are making pages on Wheels. If you make an account name that contains "On Wheels", you may get banned quickly.
  • Luckily, he left TV Tropes untouched.
  • A document by himself, on himself, can be found here.
  • He must Construct Additional Wheels.
  • He haunts Jimbo Wales in his dreams.


Mostly just getting these written out to deal with formatting, please do not make outright alterations. However, please leave suggestions through Notes! It would be much appreciated.




Bobby, Divine Patron of Third Wheels (Robert, Bob, Bobbie, Robby, Bubi, Angel, Honey, Darling, Sweetheart)
Clickhere to see Bobbie.
  • Potential House: Friendship Dynamics (or Friends & Companions) under House of Friendship
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The logo for Company
  • Theme Song: Side by Side, alternatively, Being Alive
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Playing third wheel to five married couples, avoiding marriage, having many dates, possibly bisexual, the only sane man, good with children, sometimes appearing as a woman called Bobbie
  • Domains: Third Wheeling, Friendship, Singleness
  • Heralds: His ten married friends
  • Allies: All good and neutral aligned couples in the Pantheon, Harry Potter
  • Enemies: '''Ato-ko Shirogane''', Dr. Frank-n-Furter
  • Pities: Star-Crossed Lovers such as Romeo and Juliet
  • Conflicting Opinion: Barney Stinson, Haruka and Sora Kasugano
  • One day, La Muerte and Xibalbaba were having a big fight over another wager. To prevent their fight from escalating and potentially throwing the Pantheon into chaos, their friends Gomez and Morticia called upon the help of Bobby. They had heard of the man's reputation due to his starring role in a musical, much like a version of themselves. Though most gods doubted a mortal would be able to defuse the tension, Bobby spent some time just talking with the overdeities while throwing jokes and good-natured flirts. The couple warmed up to him so fast that they offered him a seat in the Pantheon. Due to his uncanny ability to keep god couples content and happy, the Court of Gods agreed to ascend him.
  • During his mortal life, Bobby was a 35-year old man living in New York City. Even though he wasn't married (preferring casual romantic slings), he was best friends with five colorful married couples. He happily plays the third wheel to them — washing the dishes, taking the children to the zoo, and even ending marital squabbles.
  • Once he ascended, various god couples invite him to spend time with them. Most of them enjoy Bobby's company so much that his schedule is now fully booked for years to come. Bobby doesn't seem to mind this, although he's still awed at the more fantastical gods as his world was a mundane one.
  • His temple is his apartment: modern, sophisticated, and clean. When any visitor points out how clean and seemingly devoid of life it is, he admits to not spending much time in it at all, usually only staying to get some rest.
  • Is vehemently against Ato-ko due to her love of breaking couples up being the anti-thesis to his role. He has a special hotline for couples who are targeted by her and will prioritize helping them work out their troubles before the relationship is broken. Ato-ko takes this as a challenge.
  • Also dislikes Dr. Frank-n-Furter for his tendency to sleep with anyone he fancies, which have led to break ups. Unfortunately, Frank-n-Furter finds him attractive and repeatedly tries to sneak into his temple. Bobby has to ask his more combat-capable friends to keep watch for him.
  • Although they were the ones who suggested to call for his help, Gomez and Morticia's Nightmare Fetishist tendencies send a chill down Bobby's spine at first. But after seeing that they have one of the healthiest and most stable relationship in the Pantheon, Bobby finds himself enjoying the couple's unique way of life. On their part, Gomez and Morticia give him the Affectionate Nickname of 'Robber'.
  • Any time he's with Konoka and Setsuna, Setsuna will bashfully stutter that she and Konoka are not really a couple but she thanks Bobby for spending time with them anyway. Bobby just shares a knowing look with Konoka.
  • Enjoys camping trips with Jack and Ennis, but is usually hopeless in the wilderness due living in a big city. The couple don't mind showing him the ropes, but Bobby's got a long way to go.
  • He can't quite make up his mind on Haruka and Sora. On one hand, they're a perfectly pleasant couple. On the other hand, their Twincest relationship makes him very uneasy. Sensing his uneasiness, the couple don't invite him out much at all, but they still politely greet each other when their paths cross.
  • Coming from a musical, he particularly gets along with musical couples such as Satine and Christian, Tony and Maria, Maria and Georg von Trapp, Gomez and Morticia, Belle and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, and Rapunzel and Eugene.
    • Sometimes the five couples will break into the number 'Side by Side' which leaves Bobby with mixed feelings as it would inevitably reminds him of the nagging feeling of loneliness inside him.
  • Gets along well with Harry Potter, who himself has spent some time as a third wheel to his best friends.
  • Sometimes appears as a woman called Bobbie. However, that doesn't seem to change his/her personality, so everyone just rolls with it.
  • One day, Asgore tried to enlist Bobby's help to mend his relationship with Toriel. But as the men visited her temple, she instantly read Asgore's intention and stared them down. Bobbie now avoids coming near her.
  • Has a particularly complicated relationship with Barney Stinson, due to sharing one of his avatars with him. Though they are both wealthy, liked hooking up with women, and wary of commitment, Bobby is irked by Barney's past of objectifying women as he treats his girlfriends with respect. Barney, meanwhile, thinks Bobby's a hypocrite. However, after learning that Barney did get married at one time and made a vow to take care of his daughter, Bobby's opinion of him has increased somewhat.
    • For the same reason, he always assumes a different avatar when spending time with Ted and Tracy Mosby.

Madd Kossack 115

    Grave Robber 
Ancestor: "To those with keen eye... Gold gleams like a dagger's point."

Template for adding a new deity: Grave Robber, Goddess of Pilfering Valuables From The Deceased (Audrey)
Potential House: Under Criminal Actions (House of Crime).
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Her hat, pickaxe and throwing knives, "Absinthe" and "Sharpened Letter Opener".
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Fragile Speedster with protection-piercing Pickaxe, multiple Throwing Knives and Poison Darts, bankrupted noblewoman who steals to sustain herself, Nice Hat.
  • Domains: Treasure Hunting, Thieves, Rogue
  • Superior: The Ancestor
  • Allies: Flaggelant, Highwayman, The Hunter
  • Rivals: Seth Briars
  • Enemies: The Crimson Court, The Hag, The Sleeper, Handsome Jack
  • Once a noblewoman who was left bankrupt thanks to a man in her life (either a family member or her husband), she was inspired to pilfer his tomb to take the golden and jewel-encrusted rings off his fingers, eventually becoming a full-time grave robber.
    • She is, yet again, hired by the Ancestor in taking jobs from the dangers such as the Crimson Court and the Hag.
  • The main difference between her and Seth Briars is that she steals the valuable items off of the dead, whereas Briars STEALS bodies and/or their respective parts. For her part, she finds Seth's "obsession" with the deceased utterly disgusting, while Briars is envious that she is more successful in finding treasures and other valuable items than he ever was.
  • He meets the Hunter in an expedition once. Given that they tend to favor a similar choices in weaponry and are pretty used to fighting off monsters and walking away with adverse effects on the mind, they'd make a good ally.
  • Like the Highwayman, Handsome Jack found her to be yet another worthless bandit; although she doesn't take it as personally (admitting she's of the light-fingered persuasion), she's considerably peeved at all the Hyperion robots Jack is sending to try killing her - thankfully, her trusty Pickaxe seems to punch through their armor just fine.
  • Also like the Highwayman, she likes to crack jokes about the danger she's in while camping since there are much worse ways to go. And like the Highwayman, some people feel that her comments are more harmful than helpful under these circumstances.

Lord Xamweth Oudeis

Anyone who wants to add to these, go right ahead. These are simply suggestions for gods.
Alastor, God of Perpetual Smiles (The Radio Demon)
  • Potential House: Facial Attributes
  • Intermediate/Greater God
  • Symbol: His microphone cane
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Affable Joker Expy with a Nice Suit, Firm Believer of a Lack of Redemption, A Dealmaker, Does Things for Amusement, Terrifying Demon of Human Origin
  • Domains: Radio, Murder, Chaos
  • In life, Alastor was nothing more than a radio host and a serial killer. But when he died and descended to Hell, he attained massive power through unknown means and quickly went about using it to spread death (for all that means in Hell) and destruction throughout the realm, going so far as to overthrow demon lords that had ruled for centuries, broadcasting his carnage over the radio (which earned him his moniker, "The Radio Demon"). No-one knows why he did what he did, or how he gained his tremendous powers, but he is feared throughout Hell as a force of chaos that no-one wants to tangle with.
    • Similarly, no-one quite knows how he ascended to the Pantheon either. The only answer anyone gets when they dare to ask him why he ascended is because the nature of the Pantheon amuses him, and he wants to see all its myriad wonders for himself.

    Charlotte "Charlie" Magne 
Charlotte Magne, Goddess of Deconstructed Classic Princesses (Charlie, Princess of Hell)
  • Potential House: Heirs or Character Archetypes
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A sign reading 'Welcome to the Happy Hotel'
  • Theme Song: Inside Of Every Demon Is A Rainbow
  • Alignment: Lawful/Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Princess of Hell, All-Loving Heroine, The Cutie, Good without being Stupid, An Absolute Sweetheart, Deconstructed Princess Classic
  • Domains: Demons, Hell, Redemption
  • Herald: Vagatha "Vaggie" (her girlfriend)
  • Respects: Anyone who has pulled a Heel–Face Turn, Spardanote 
  • Avoids: Illidan Stormrage, Lots-o' Hugging Bear
  • Arch-Enemy: Molag Bal
  • The Princess Classic archetype is an old trope, and many, many examples have been made over the years. Charlotte Magne (otherwise known as Charlie), at first glance, seems to be little more than the stereotypical classical princess; sweet, kind and always looking for the bright side. SO what sets her apart from the crowd? Her domain is Hell, a hyper-violent, crime-infested urban nightmare where the inhabitants give her nothing but disrespect, especially for her altruistic attitude. This doesn't stop her from trying to see the best in everyone she meets and help them be the best they can be. Recently, tormented by the yearly purges of her people to prevent overpopulation, she decided to try her hand at a more humane way to dealing with the problem by setting up an establishment dedicated to reforming demons. And she won't let anything stand in the way of her dreams.
    • Her ascension came about when (insert evil god here) decided to mock the very idea of the classic princess by bringing in a princess that was the antithesis of everything they stood for. Unfortunately for them, they got Charlie, and their attempts to send her back quickly proved fruitless as she was able to fight back and escape into the Pantheon proper. After getting her temple (a recreation of the Happy Hotel) set up and bringing in her girlfriend Vaggie to act as her herald, she quickly set out to continue her mission to redeem as many damned souls as she can.
  • Shortly after her ascension, she was quickly targeted by Illidan Stormrage. No-one really knows who won that fight, but Charlie avoids him like the plague, finding him WAY too similar to the Exorcist angels that routinely slaughter her people.
  • Absolutely ADORES Sparda, as he is the living embodiment of all of her ideals. Now, if only she could keep herself from fainting long enough to get his autograph...
  • Refuses to talk about Lotso, and will quickly demand that the subject be changed if he's ever brought up. This is not surprising, considering his actions and title.
  • When she heard of the Deadric Prince of Domination and his numerous ill deeds. She and Vaggie went to his temple while he wasn't home and generally trashed the place. When Molag Bal found out about this, he demanded an explanation for this. Charlie quickly revealed herself, warning the god of The Corrupter that if she saw him anywhere near her Hotel or her followers... a decimated temple would have been the least of his worries. Promising in no uncertain terms that she would put the Deadric Prince through a world of pain. Regardless of the power disparity between the two deities.

    Young Xehanort 
Young Xehanort, God of Following Destiny's Course For Its Own Sake

Necromancer 10

This entry is open for suggestion, it also contains spoilers for the story, but it is difficult to explain the relevance to the trope without it.

     Lea (Cross Code) 
"Hi! Lea! Bye!"

Lea, Goddess of Cute Mutes and Flawed Prototypes (Blue-Haired Spheromancer, Spheromancer Lea)

Alternative Title(s): Pending Gods


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