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After Fuse's invasion that threw the entire Pantheon into chaos, many have begun to fear of his return especially after new evidence has been brought that Fuse intends to return with an army of Fusions once he fully arms himself.The Pantheon turned to Dexter for a solution, considering his other dimension counterpart was the primary leader in the effort against Fuse. Dexter travelled to the original FusionFall universe, courtesy of Rick Sanchez and retrieved the data from that Dexter.


After returning, Dexter was able to receive funding and opened his own DexLabs in the House of Science as an organization who's goal it is to prepare the Pantheon against Planet Fuse's eventual invasion and other Crisis Crossover threats in the future. DexLabs do not affiliate themselves with any Alliance so no political situations that would hamper their progress occur (although they are vocal against the GUAD).

Any member of the Pantheon can own Nanos, as long as they are registered users listed in Computer's database. DexLabs will not hold responsibility of the actions of Nano users but users can have their Nanos confiscated if ordered to by the Main House or the Court of the Gods and can even be imposed penalties based on the order. Every deity in the Pantheon are allowed to volunteer a Nano based on themselves. The exceptions to these are Alliance leaders as to not encourage propaganda (high ranking members of Alliances are allowed however), The Anti-Monitor because who knows what might happen and the Weeping Angels (whatever holds the image of an angel becomes an angel).


Information concerning those having Nanos based off themselves:

  1. The appearance of the Nano will be decided to the deity who is being based upon. It's recommended to base the Nano on their most well-known appearance of yourself, either one's most iconic form or in their prime. If no input is given, DexLabs would choose the appearance themselves which is either one of those above. DexLabs won't allow the Nano to have anything NSFW in their appearance.
  2. A single deity may have multiple Nanos based on themselves if they have different forms that can be considered unique to one another. Take for example Ben Tennyson, who has multiple transformations that can be considered unique. While Son Goku may have various transformations as well, only few can be considered to have their own Nanos based on these forms due to not having a considerable amount of distinctiveness from one another. Currently, DexLabs is not accounting for various Nanos based on single individuals, as these would overload the data storages.
  3. If the deities volunteering share a temple with other deities, then a Nano will be based on the individual member. If a group of deities are too similar to be differentiated from each other in appearance or ability, the Nano will take the form of their leader or their most well-known appearance.
  4. However, if a deity had a nano prior to being reassigned to a group temple, they still keep their Nano.
  5. If a deity is comprised of several different entities (such as Gem Fusions among others), then the deity’s Nano must be in the form they are registered in the Pantheon as and not the individual components.
  6. If a person uses an external force to channel their abilities (such as a Persona or a mecha), the Nano based on the person will retain their appearance but will share traits with the force that gives them their abilities. If the being/object that allows the ability to be used is their own deity within the Pantheon, then they will become their own separate Nano.

The nature and creation of Pantheon Nanos is similar to their original counterparts. Ironically, Fuse's invasion made the process of creating the Nanos much easier since Fusion Matter became abundant.

Nano Functionality Rules:

  1. Nanos have unique abilities set from one another. While several may have similar effects to one another, the method of achieving said effect is different.
  2. Unlike the ones in FusionFall, Nanos in the Pantheon only have one ability.
  3. A Nano's ability do not overshadow other Nanos. Due to Nanos' limitations, a single Nano cannot bestow multiple effects onto a user. A Nano who can increase speed, strength, and constitution does not exist; only one of these effects may be given.
  4. Nanos are not sentient beings. They merely imitate whoever they are based off of, they will not perform other actions besides their functions as support units. There are settings that can toggle dialogue, actions and volume if desired.
  5. In order to request a Nano based on someone else without permission of said person, the one requesting must have proven connections to said person, may it be personally or through whatever group they are part of.
  6. Nanos in the Pantheon aren’t just used for combat; they also have mundane uses such as enhancing, cooking, or writing telepathically.

    Deity Nano Template 

Deity Nano Ability Addit. Info
[[Name of Deity]] {Ability Name} {Additional information}

The original five Nanos that were originally the first to be released to the public. These Nanos were used as examples of what Nanos can do and display their wide array of uses to potential investors who are interested in the project. The test run was so successful, DexLabs’ worth multipled by the hundreds and more Nanos were released a only a week later instead lf the intended two weeks.

The Initial Five Nanos

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Dexter Boy Genius The first Pantheon Nano conceived and developed by Dexter.
Mario Stomp  
Nanoha Takamachi Friendzone Uses her child appearance.
Robbie Rotten Master of Disguise  
Virtuous Master of Life  

Additional Nanos

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Exactly that. Any number of various effects can occur when a Nano of this type is used.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Ben Tennyson Hero Time Uses his later Ben 10: Omniverse design with the white hoodie.
Ash Ketchum I Choose You Uses his Sinnoh attire.
Levy McGarden Solid Script  
Rin Tohsaka Jewel Magecraft Uses her Fate/stay night appearance.
Mr. Game and Watch Judge Uses Super Smash Bros. appearance.
Dora the Explorer Explorer Star  
Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious Unlimited Power! Uses his fully powered-up form from Episode IX.
Komaru Naegi Megaphone Hacking Gun  


These Nanos are used for doing damage to foes, be it an enhancement on its user, or by the Nano itself.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
The Boss CQC Requested by Big Boss in exchange for support of the project. Wears her sneaking suit without the coat.
Gilgamesh Enkidu Once word got wind of the Nano Project, he came and demanded a Nano based off him be one of the first Nanos available to the public otherwise he'd use Ea on the entire laboratory. Dexter had no choice but to accept. Uses his appearance as Archer.
Revolver Ocelot You’re Pretty Good Uses his Phantom Pain appearance.
Simon the Digger Pierce The Heavens Uses his pre-Time Skip appearance.
Amaterasu Rising Sun Uses her wolf form.
Han Solo Shot First Takes his appearance from A New Hope.
Riku Accepted Darkness Uses his Dream Drop Distance appearance.
Roxas Oathkeeper and Oblivion Wears his Organization XIII cloak.
Artoria Pendragon Invisible Air Appears as Saber.
The Mermaid Princesses Pichi Pichi Voice Uses Lucia's Idol form.
9S Instant Hack  
Souta Kishibe Sword Alter Uses his La Pucelle MG form.
Jesse McCree High Noon  
Reaper Death Blossom  
Hanzo Shimada Dragonstrike  
Rushuna Tendou Disarming Spree  
King Kai Kaio-Ken  
EQG!Pinkie Pie Sugary Explosion  
Madoka Kaname Power of Hope Uses her Puella Magi form.
Raiden (Metal Gear) The Rain Transformed Uses his Metal Gear Rising appearance.
The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind Protector of Humanity  
Aleph Deicide  
Flynn Messiah Blast  
Chrom Great Aether  
Haru Okumura Riot Gun Uses Phantom Thief attire.
Claude Frollo Smite Ye Wicked Wears the hat.
Simon Belmont Holy Water Uses classic appearance.
The Nightwings Aura Cast Uses appearance of Hedwyn in his raiment and mask.
HK-47 Destroy All Meatbags  
Berkut Sacrifice of Duma  
Filthy Frank Anime Hunter  
Xenomorph Drone Bursting Out Takes the appearance of a Xenomorph drone.
Toko Fukawa Genocide Mode Takes on her Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls appearance. Nano changes into her Split Personality when activated.


These Nanos are used for protective purposes, be it from damage or "status ailments".

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Iji Kataiser Nanofield  
Yu Narukami Truth Yu was called up to see what Nano can be derived from a Persona-user.
Jon Snow Winter Is Coming Uses his Lord Commander attire.
Wamuu Wind Mode  
Esidisi Flame Mode  
Kairi Princess of Heart Uses her Kingdom Hearts III appearance.
Launchpad McQuack Safe Crashing Uses his Ducktales/Darkwing Duck appearance.
King K. Rool Gut Check  
Touma Kamijou Imagine Breaker  
The Black Knight Just A Flesh Wound Is only the torso.
Mace Windu The Oppression of the Sith  


These Nanos are used for evasive purposes, either an effect on its user, or on the environment to enable such methods.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Reimu Hakurei Floating Uses her PC-98 appearance.
Trixie Smoke Bomb Getaway  
Solid Snake Cardboard Box Uses his Super Smash Bros. appearance.
Shulk Foresight  
The Marked Ninja Mark of Serenity Ryu Hayabusa requested this Nano on his behalf, given the Marked Ninja is very rarely seen. Takes the form of his earliest first seen appearance in his game.


These Nanos are used to enhance one's mobility.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Joseph Joestar Joestar Family Secret Uses his Part 2 appearance when he was training with Hamon.
Madeline Air Dash  
The Flash Speed Force  
Terra Shotlock  
Kite-Man Glider  
Kayako Saeki Offscreen Teleportation Appeared without being programmed in relevant servers. Nano users warned not to approach.
Diego Brando Scary Monsters  
Darth Maul Duel-Ended Swordplay Uses The Phantom Menace appearance.


These Nanos are used to inflict "status effects", be they ailment or benefit.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Hunter J Bounty Hunt  
Big Boss Fulton Recovery System Uses his Peace Walker appearance.
Liquid Snake Guns of the Patriots  
Calem/Serena Mega Evolution Takes the appearance of their "rival" appearances that come without their hats.
Souji Mitsuka Twin Tail Power Uses his Tail Red form.
Gig Master of Death  
Mewtwo Psyshock Uses base form.
The Brainspawn Retardation Appears as a single Brainspawn.
Fat Majin Buu Chocolate Beam  
The Metroid Hatchling Head Latch  
Akihiko Kayaba Game Master Uses his Heathcliff avatar.


Nanos under here use effects that alter time, space, gravity, or anything else pertaining to the former two that doesn't just affect one's self or one's target.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Kat Gravity Shift Takes her appearance just before performing a finisher when activated. Otherwise, it looks just like Kat's default appearance.
Nightcrawler Brimstone Blink  
Chell Aperture Portal  
Dio Brando The World Uses his Part 3 appearance.
Bayonetta Witch Time Uses Bayonetta 2 appearance.
Tracer Rewind  
Samuel Rodrigues Zandatsu  
Obito Uchiha Kamui Uses his orange spiral-patterned mask and Akatsuki attire as Tobi, with the Sharingan visible through the eye hole.


Nanos here have abilities that alter one's personality to some degree.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
I Hate Everything Worst Thing in the History of Anything Ever Uses his iconic ‘floating head’ appearance.
Sora One World, One Sky Uses his Dream Drop Distance appearance.
Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare  
Ren Amamiya Change of Heart Wears his Metaverse outfit.
Steven Armstrong Nanomachines When the ability is activated, Armstrong’s nanomachines are displayed on the Nano in the ability’s duration.
Ventus D-Link  
The Joker Laughing Mad Uses his Prime Earth comic book appearance.
Kokichi Oma It’s a lie! His Nano wears the hat and cape of Supreme Leader.


Nanos here have abilities that pertain to accruing or relaying information.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
The Tactician Field Vision Looks like a 64-bit 3D model based on their sprite in their game.
Chuck Bartowski INTERSECT Flash  
Sauron Eye of Sauron  
Koyuki Himekawa Distress Sense Uses her Snow White MG form.
Metatron The Lord’s Messenger  
Makoto Naegi Ultimate Hope Takes appearance of the first Killing Game.


Nanos here have abilities that pertain to supporting the allies of its owner.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast After hearing of the project, Jimmy immediately made a request to Dexter.
Harbinger Assuming Direct Control Appears as a Collector.
Agatha Heterodyne Dingbots, Assemble  
Fuuka Yamagishi Mini-Juno User her Gekkoukan High appearance.
Neytiri Na'vi Link  
Bruno Bucciarati Zipper Man Uses white outfit.
Vulcan Raven Raven Shamanism  
Toph Beifong Vibrations Uses child appearance.
Hisoka Bungee Gum  
Davy Jones Summon The Kraken!  
Goetia Ars Goetia Uses “Human King” Goetia appearance.
Beelzebub Lord of the Flies Uses Shin Megami Tensei appearance.
Lord Shen Fireworks Cannon  
Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Game Start! Takes the form of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 1.
Zordon Access the Morphin Grid  
Quinella Sword Golem For modesty purposes, she appears in her dress rather than naked.
Quackity Game Raid Appears as depicted in Youtooz: himself riding a rubber duck.


These Nanos are used for healing purposes, enough said.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Miltank Milk Drink  
The Human Child But It Refused Uses their base appearance, but with their SOUL floating in front.
Hestia The Hearth  
The Medic Medigun Healing Takes the appearance of the Pocket Medic accessory.
Akihiko Sanada Protein Uses his Gekkoukan High appearance.
Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver Dragon Shield Wears his Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger outfit.


These Nanos are used for utility purposes. Unlike the world of FusionFall, not all Nanos need to be beneficial in battle in some way.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Spongebob Squarepants Krabby Patties  
Captain Planet Environment Protection  
Kyu Sugardust Huniebee  
Eliza Thornberry Shaman's Gift  
Fred and George Weasley Wizard Wheezes Takes the appearance of either twin prior to George losing his ear and changes between them (not that most would know the difference).
Tomoyo Daidouji Diligent Recording  
Crazy Dave Emergency Bloom and Doom  
Jorgen Von Strangle Da Rules  
Sora and Shiro Aschente! Uses the appearance of both holding hands. Cannot be split apart.
Yen Sid Fantasia  
Greg Heffley Not A Diary Uses his appearance from the books.
Big the Cat Fish Hits!  
James Bond Bond One-Liner Uses his Sean Connery appearance.
Conan Edogawa One Truth Prevails! Uses his Conan Edogawa appearance in his trademark blue suit and bowtie, but plans exist to convert it into a Shinichi avatar once he turns back in-universe.
Walter White Sky Blue Banned in several Houses for obvious reasons. Walter White himself disproves of the Nano as it creates competitors for him.


Nanos here have abilities that pertain to making copies of something, be it itself, its owner, or anything else.

Deity Nano Ability Addt. Info
Vanitas Enter the Void Uses his unmasked appearance.
Funny Valentine D4C  
Pearl Holo-Pearl Takes the appearance of her first seen form before her first poofing in front of Steven.
Shirou Emiya Trace On Wears his casual attire.
Kirei Kotomine Black Keys Uses Fate/stay night appearance.
Killua Zoldyck Rhythm Echo  
Emilia Ice Brand Arts  
Tsumugi Shirogane Cosplay Fiction  
Nagato Six Paths of Pain Uses Yahiko's corpse as the Deva Path.


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