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Most groups formed in the Pantheon will range between 3 and 8 members, many of those between 4 and 6 members. However, certain developments have introduced factions that effectively incorporate multiple units into organizations large and powerful enough to border on the territory of Grand United Alliance subgroups but still a degree or two below registering as fully unique Associations.AKA  Despite this, these groups are not considered exclusive divisions of any of the Grand United Alliances, though some may be closely aligned with the interests of one Alliance or another.


This database has been formed to accommodate for these organizations and the subgroups consolidated within them.

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    Sample Organization 

Organization Name

Insert description and detailed overview of the organization's foundation here.

Inner Circle or Primary Group Name
NOTE: This is usually the highest priority group within the organization. Not all designations have to be occupied, but there has to be a Leader. And labels can be flexible.

The Leader(Sample Deity)
The Lancer(Sample Deity)
The Smart Guy(Sample Deity)
The Big Guy(Sample Deity)
The Heart(Sample Deity)
Big Good(Sample Deity)
Sixth Ranger(Sample Deity)
Token Evil Teammate(Sample Deity)
Guest-Star Party Member(Sample Deity)

Group Name

Insert group description here. Should be brief but also make note of how the group relates within the organization.
NOTE: Not all designations have to be occupied, and labels can be flexible.

The Leader(Sample Deity)
The Lancer(Sample Deity)
The Smart Guy(Sample Deity)
The Big Guy(Sample Deity)
The Heart(Sample Deity)
Big Good(Sample Deity)
Sixth Ranger(Sample Deity)
Token Evil Teammate(Sample Deity)
Guest-Star Party Member(Sample Deity)

Group Name

Insert group description here. Should be brief but also make note of how the group relates within the organization.
NOTE: Not all designations have to be occupied, and labels can be flexible.

The Leader(Sample Deity)
The Lancer(Sample Deity)
The Smart Guy(Sample Deity)
The Big Guy(Sample Deity)
The Heart(Sample Deity)
Big Good(Sample Deity)
Sixth Ranger(Sample Deity)
Token Evil Teammate(Sample Deity)
Guest-Star Party Member(Sample Deity)

    Pantheonic Time Police 

Pantheonic Time Police

While pursuing her duty to keep the timelines in check, the bronze dragon Chronormu, better known as Chromie, entered the Pantheon while looking for her boss Nozdormu. Later entrusted with overseeing the timestream of the Pantheon, Chromie began to express interest in forming a team to help her with this task. Trunks, already conscripted as the leader of a time police organization under the lordship of the Supreme Kai of Time in his world, agreed to help Chromie with her goal. Sailor Pluto, another goddess tasked with protecting the flow of time from improper interference, was ascended in the Pantheon but spent quite awhile placed on the outskirts and considered unimportant, on the verge of removal.

When the interference of the Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne, assisted by Trunks' enemies the Time Breakers, caused several disturbances within the timestream, Trunks aligned with Thawne's enemy Barry Allen and convinced Chronoa that it was time for her to join the Pantheon, making a case with the Court of the Gods. At the same time Setsuna went to the Court and asked for her temple to be reinstated fully. The Court consolidated the two requests and accepted them both, as a measure to keep Thawne and other time-criminals in check. With Trunks, Pluto, Chronoa, and some of their particular allies, Chromie realized that she had her team and motioned to officially create the Pantheonic Time Police, with the core members serving together as the keepers of the House of Time and Space.

Despite no longer being a "core member" due to moving into the collective temple of The Sailor Guardians, Sailor Pluto and her best friends Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn still work closely with the Time Police. When the House of Time and Space later split into two houses, Space and Cosmos and Time and Temporality, the House decided on giving the main temples to an independent core of Elite Time Police Enforcers rather than the PTP as a unit. Still, they maintain influence due to Future Trunks being one of said Elite Enforcers, and the other two, being The Doctor and Blinx, remain friendly enough to occasionally ally with the PTP.

The Core Members

The LeaderChronormu
The LancerChronoa
The Big GuyFuture Trunks

Chronormu doesn't necessarily have a faction of her own, though she does occasionally work with Clockwork and The Dahaka, and ultimately answers to Nozdormu. In the case of The Dahaka, it should be noted that he doesn't get along well with Trunks' faction, often targeting most of them in his own work due to their history of time-related transgressions.

Hope Capsule Unit
Group theme: The Sword

Friends of Future Trunks who, like him, have been personally involved with time travel.

The LeaderFuture Trunks
The LancerAce
The Olympus MonDialga
The Big GuyAndroid 16note 
The Smart GuySilver the Hedgehog
The HeartLucina
Sixth RangerBarry Allen/The Flash

Scroll of History Unit

A group of allies on retainer who work closely with the Supreme Kai of Time.

The LeaderChronoa
Team PetTokitoki
The HeartHiro Nakamura
Sixth RangerBardocknote 

    The 42nd Command Team 

The 42nd Command Team

In one timeline, Josiah Edward Bartlet became the 42nd President of the United States. While the majority of what he dealt with would be standard-fare politics, the flair with which Bartlet represented his office and used his knowledge of the Bible to bolster the case for his favored courses of action not only brought him into the Pantheon, but also allowed him to command respect from US soldiers who've dealt with far greater threats and powers than even he has physically known. Staying undaunted, the American President with God on his side has slowly formed connections while feeling an increasing need to organize a small army against the various threats continuing to rise in the Pantheon.

Maintaining close rapport with Air Force Major Guile and Captain Charlie Nash, he commissioned Nash to create a team during the crisis involving the plot of the Ouroboros cult, while supporting Guile's membership with the Mighty Majors group. Through Guile and Nash, he would also gain contact with Interpol detective Chun-Li, who'd recommended Guile to the Majors as well as helped form the Delta Cops (though they were on hiatus at the time), as well as Delta Red agent Cammy White, whose friendship with the X-Man Storm would also set the seeds for a new unit. An organizational chain would form between the different groups all involving the four World Warrior contestants who became close friends through their military/police duties.

While the groups vary in their degree of connection to Bartlet, the four Street Fighters themselves remain closely aligned, often meeting as a council under the summon of the President and his new secretary, Liz Lemon. They also have support from Solidus Snake, another fellow President of a darker mindset who tends towards conducting "dirtier" operations as deemed necessary, though not all members are comfortable with this.

Council at the West Wing

The Commander-in-ChiefPresident Josiah Bartlet
The LeaderCharlie Nash
The LancerGuile
The InterpolChun-Li
The BruiserCammy White
The SecretaryLiz Lemon
The Black OperativeSolidus Snake

In the group listings below, the member connecting each group below to the larger organization will have a 42 next to his/her name.

Coalition Eleven

A clandestine special-ops team assembled to target criminal and corrupt-state organizations and factions entering (and forming within) the Pantheon. Charlie and Selena were specifically commissioned to form this unit by Bartlet himself in the course of the Ouroboros struggle, with Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy, and Liz present for its official founding as the members each pledged to serve at the pleasure of the President.

The CaptainCharlie Nash42
The LancerRashid
The Big GuyBrock Samson
The HeartSelena Recital
The Smart GirlAhsoka Tano

The Mighty Majors

These are military people with the rank of major. While they're not as impressive as some of their superiors, these people have no problems getting their hands dirty. The group operates independently and was formed well before the Command Unit was conceived, though Guile's links to Chun-Li and the President connect them to the larger organization.

The Chief MajorMotoko Kusanagi
The LancerJin Kisaragi
The Ace PilotSanger Zonvolt
The Big GuysAlex Louis Armstrong
The HeartEdward Elric
Tagalong TeenAlphonse Elric
Sixth RangerJax Briggs

The Delta Cops

After the incidents with the House of Friendship, the Princesses of Heart, and Polygon Man and his Battle Royale, a trio of women decided to form a police-style organization dedicated to keeping order inside the Pantheon. While briefly on hiatus due to Aqua's suspension after being corrupted by the influence of her time trapped in the Realm of Darkness, Carmelita and Chun-Li both continued to forge links with other officers, with the latter encouraged by the President to maintain hope. With Aqua's return and Chun and Fox's new allies, the group is now reconvened and, though Chun-Li's presence on the President's council, recognized as part of the grander force. Chun and Fox are also card-carrying officers of the TPPD, further broadening the group's resources.

The LeaderCarmelita Fox
The LancerAqua
The Big GirlChun-Li42
The VeteranLin Beifong
The Point MenMako
The Good SpyHidemi Hondou (Black Organization)

Special Vixens Unit

Cammy's friendship with Storm began taking fruit as an active factor in the Pantheon's battles around the same time as the President would piece together his vision of command, leading to them creating a team of their own. The two now lead a set of women who share three things in common: nice views from the back, badass skill or cunning, and heroic virtue. A child occasionally shows up too, but she can take care of herself and they are very protective when she's there.

Co-LeadersOroro Munroe/Storm
Cammy White42
The MarineShanoa
The HeartJessica Rabbit
Tagalong KidMiyu Edelfelt


    The Order of the Ouroboros 

The Order of the Ouroboros

Since entering the Pantheon, the Homunculus known as Father has been slowly recollecting the assembly of his offspring in the hopes of relaunching his plans to take hold of the power of an absolute God. By retrieving and ascending the children of his sins one by one as well as gaining a favorable rank within the Grand United Alliance of Evil, the former Dwarf in the Flask would increase his foothold, even bringing up the human monster who led her version of the Homunculi in another continuity to serve as his second. However, the enemies who stopped the Promised Day in Amestris would also gain more allies among the deities of the Pantheon, and an attempt to strike against them would later backfire because of this. As a result, Father realized he needed Führer King Bradley, the trusted face of his government, to once again step in and assemble a command force in place of Central's generals.

During this time, the head of Team Rocket would also rekindle his Rainbow Rocket alliance with other unsavory Pokémon team commanders, bringing in new allies from other worlds as well. However, the treachery of the sorceress Maleficent meant Giovanni's plan was never truly his own and thus he was destined for defeat. Taking advantage of this, an infiltration was orchestrated to annex the remnants of Giovanni's alliance into the ranks of the Ouroboros, seated below King Bradley and his High Command.

The Homunculi

The PhilosopherFather Homunculus
The MasterDante of the Deep Forest
The DragonPride
The HeavyWrath/Führer King Bradley
The StrategistLust
The MoleEnvy
The MuscleGluttony
The Dark ChickJuliet Douglas

High Command

When Führer King Bradley ascended to the Pantheon, his immediate first course of action was to recruit deities to a new High Command team to serve as the Pantheon's replacement for Central, serving alongside the Homunculi to fulfill Father and Lady Dante's goals.

The FührerKing Bradley
The BaronessAzula
The GeneralEsdeath
The Dark ChickSeryu Ubiquitous
The BruteNoob Saibot
The GunslingerCoyote Starrk
The Evil GeniusThe Gold-Toothed Doctor
The Threshold GuardiansAir Defense Princess

Team Rainbow Rocket
Group Theme: Rainbow Rocket Theme

Following his defeat in the Alola region, Giovanni quickly sent to work rebuilding Team Rainbow Rocket with the sole intention of taking over the Pantheon. With the aid of Maleficent, he has created a roster made up of previous members, as well as new recruits who he's pulled in to serve him. It would turn out the Mistress of All Evil was always working towards her own ends, and another of his team members, Azula, was secretly working for Bradley's High Command the entire time. With Giovanni's plan doomed to failure, he and the remnants of the team would be annexed into the ranks of the Ouroboros.

The LeaderGiovanni
Co-DragonsGhetsis Harmonia
The Dark ChickTrakeena
The Evil GeniusRoman Torchwick
Count Olaf
The BrutesBlack Manta
Hunter J
Goldfish Poop GangJessie, James & Meowth

Their Hallowed Guests

There exist certain forces who haven't been fitted into the Order's structure yet who came to play an instrumental hand when it was time to make their move as their interests all aligned within the scope of Father's agenda.

The EvilutionariesAlbert Wesker
Alex Wesker
The Lord of SinAzmodan
The MercenaryRaditz
The SorceressUltimecia
The Additional MonstersPheromosa and Guzzlord
(through partnership with Lust and Gluttony)
Scar (The Lion King)
Nyarlathotep as The Haunter of the Dark

The Light

A group that is working behind the scenes alongside the Homunculi in order to further advance the cause of the Order, using a certain model of operations to strengthen it and increase the flexibility of its schemes and keep an eye on other factions, which helps their own cause. That being said, while they still act fairly independent, their prima inter pares, Vandal Savage, keeps close contact with Bradley in order to ensure ease of communication.

The OrganizerVandal Savage
The Supplier of NumbersRa's al Ghul
The Resource-GeneratorLex Luthor
The EnforcerSlade Wilson/Deathstroke
The PlannerGorilla Grodd

    Liberion Arcadia 

Liberion Arcadia

Epsilon is the former commander of the Gigantis Rebellion Army who'd been retired by the Maverick Hunters X and Zero only to find his Maverick status deferred after a government manipulator's scheme. Sage Harpuia is the former second-in-command of Neo Arcadia's forces, led by the infamous copy of his superior X, who was gradually moved to aid Zero against his own government after seeing its increasingly corroding state of affairs above him. Sometime after both were rebuilt within the Pantheon, Epsilon and Harpuia found each other and joined forces in an alliance, ostensibly meant to help facilitate a goal of unlocking the potential of Reploids. Harpuia even introduced his former enemy Ciel to Epsilon, the two of whom struck a deal to share resources, and also recruited the infamously short-lived Ride Chaser specialist of the Maverick Hunters known only as the Green Biker Dude. While this alliance seemed small and specific to its points at first glance, it was only the beginning of the vision they had in mind.

Once a set of machine criminals began making moves towards their tyrannical ambitions, the foursome knew they had to act. As Harpuia brought in his fellow Guardian siblings, the group began sending invites to other freedom-oriented robots within the Pantheon from outside the Mega Man universe. Following the quelling of the machine criminals' outbreaks, Ciel held a press conference to reveal the group of Liberion Arcadia. They continued recruiting more allies as the ascensions kept piling in, as well as dealing with all sorts of threats related to robotics, from evil machines to hackers and cyborgs to mutating viral hordes, until finally, the addition of YoRHa hacker-droid 9S enabled them to bypass the firewall keeping the last of the Four Guardians out. With this, Harpuia was finally able to devise an organizational structure for the growing group of robots (and one augmented human), while Fairy Leviathan set out to ensure they all have nicknames with various relevance to their position, abilities, and/or appearance.

While not officially tied to the GUAG Robot War Division or the Maverick Hunters, this team meets with the approval of Mega Man X, Zero, and the S.E.E.S./Shadow Operative android Aigis. They also often work together with the YoRHa attack robot designated A2. Though the first three refrain from joining the group due to their commitments to their own, and the last won't actively join them due to her tense history with both 9S and 2B, they will be seen in members' company on occasion.

The Cadre

The CaptainCommander Epsilonbig shadow
The LancerSage Harpuiapretty boy
The Smart GirlDr. Ciellight bulb
The Ace RiderGreen Biker Dudewheelie guy

The Four Guardians

Four Reploids were created from the DNA of Mega Man X after he became a Cyber Elf to help lead the world with Neo Arcadia. They later becane the enforcers for the near-perfect Copy X created by Dr. Ciel to run things in his stead, until said Copy became unhinged and tyrannical in his rule, especially after being destroyed and rebuilt under the thrall of Dr. Weil. Approved by Original X and Zero among others, they work together as top enforcers once again, now acting as part of this freedom-oriented robot group. Acknowledging her genius and seeking to repair the broken bonds of the past, the Guardians have chosen to recognize Ciel as their personal engineer.

The LeaderSage Harpuiapretty boy
The StrategistHidden Phantomcyber stalker
The Big GuyFighting Fefnircombat nerd
The Action GirlFairy Leviathanwater freak
The EngineerDr. Ciellight bulb

The Automata Unit

The YoRHa android 2B ascended to the Pantheon with a vision of creating a team of androids to aid against certain villainous machine threats, hoping to include her partner 9S in this group, before discovering the existence of Epsilon's faction. After being accepted into the group, she held a personal conversation with Epsilon and Harpuia which led to 9S having a seat prepared for him once he was activated. Epsilon proceeded to bring in more members who would work closely with 2B and 9S, per a strategy he was overseeing to deal with various enemy groups.

The Big GoodCommander Epsilonbig shadow
The Swordmaster2Bkatana girl
The Hacker9Shacker kid
The NewbieICEYdash kitten
The ScoutsQuote and Curly Bracesmall fries

Telos Operatives

This high-powered assist force includes the only members not carried over from either Epsilon's Rebellion Army or Neo Arcadia to be present at the time of the organization's founding. GBD is considered their prime member as well as one of the Cadre due to being Epsilon and Harpuia's very first recruit as well as the bridge between LA and the Maverick Hunters.

The VanguardGreen Biker Dudewheelie guy
The BruiserLabrysaxe bot
The GuerrillaLambda-11visor geek

    Dressed for Divinity 

Dressed for Divinity

With Rarity's promotion to House guardian in the House of Costumes, and the ascension of Millie Collins, the former thought it necessary to establish an official organization in the name of fashion. It was decreed in a joint effort by the Houses of Costumes, Commerce, and Profession to create a pantheonic fashion industry (named Dressed for Divinity), where fashion deities can come together to recreate trends of old, or start completely new ones, and show them for the world to see.

Dressed for Divinity, situated in the middle of the House of Costumes (though plans for branching out all over the Pantheon are already in progress), is where all the dressmaking, photoshoots, catwalks, and all things fashion happen. Because the Pantheon has such a...diverse culture, there's always at least one demographic that will be enamored by whatever theme is "in" for the week. Gods from the House of Craft help provide materials for the clothes that will inevitably be weaved and sewn, such as threads, buttons, glitter, leather, everything in between, and sometimes beyond.

Of course, they aren't going to be all extravagant all the time; they still have to remember the middle class or lower who can't afford or can't bother with the very stylish. Sometimes, just being pretty or sharp-dressed is all a deity needs to be to look appealing.

And remember, this industry is about fashion, so unless a commission is specifically requested, they don't normally do (hard) armor, though magical protections (or nanotechnology) is still possible to implement into the clothes provided. That said, there will always be those pricks who would take their fights to the industry, though thankfully there is security and a few of the deities here aren't above ass-whooping.

The fashion gods are divided by aspects of the career: the designers, the models, and the rest (fashion magazine staff, advertisers, set managers, and so on).

Fashion Administration

When it comes to things fashion, these goddesses know it better than most. While it's true that Edna Mode is bored with the industry, she's still a top figure in the industry in her world, so she has a spot here.

The LeaderRarity
The LancerMillie Collins
The Smart GalEdna Mode
The HeartBarbie

The Designers

The goddesses (and the occasional god) who design the clothes, whether it's as a career, aspires in that direction, or even just as a hobby. Some designers may even double as model sometimes. Edna Mode isn't in this sub-group as she prefers to work on superhero costumes.

The Models

The goddesses (and the occasional god) who wear the designed clothes, whether simple or fancy, to make the clothes look good.

Temporary Models

On occasion, during fashion shows or even just for mannequin purposes, some deities not normally part of the industry might be called in an emergency.

Friends On Call

Other Substitutes/Part-Timers


Not everyone's a model or a designer, but there are other roles to take that can be important, too.

Member Role
Betty Suarez fashion magazine editor-in-chief
Kanji Tatsumi textile supplier
Anataeus Vaya supplier of golden thread and very black thread
Shiki Misaki seamstress
The 501st Legion security for hire
Vambre Warrior security for hire if Prohyas is at part-time work


Of course, there are those who have what it takes, but aren't let in due to other reasons, such as overall agendas, inability to keep things professional, exploiting the industry for their personal harmful plots, or attempting to swing things in their favor in the Pantheonic Wars.

    Tropes Pantheon Police Department (TPPD) 

Tropes Pantheon Police Department (TPPD)

Iustitia enim omnium deorumnote 
The department's motto

The House of Justice isn't the Pantheon's local police force. Criminal matters were usually left to the various police officers, detectives and law enforcers in the Pantheon who kept largely to themselves even after the police headquarters was constructed. Many deities tried and failed to establish a proper law enforcement body due to violent opposition from the House of Crime. Several survived to become the Pantheonic Time Police (House of Time and Space), the DFD Security Forces (Dressed For Divinity security), First Bank of the Pantheon Police (House of Commerce) and the Pantheon Military Police Brigade (House of War).

Four high-ranking members deities of justice; Sam Vimes, Jim Gordon, Godot and Lady Justice (no longer in the Pantheon) officially founded the Pantheonic Police Department employing ascended and non-ascended police officers alike, as long as they are honourable and trustworthy (at least that's their aim). Teams like the Virtua Cops and the Delta Cops have since been folded into the TPPD structure. The Pantheon is divided into 72 police precincts. The '77th' nickname stems from the fact that the TPPD is heavily based on the famous New York City Police Department, which has 77 precincts.


Headquarters: TPPD Central Headquarters (main, House of Justice), TPPD 1st Precinct, Shiki Memorial Building and Border Complex (secondary, outside Main House island)

The highest-ranking officers command the police department and also regulate certain problem areas in the Pantheon. Corruption is completely absent at this level of command, despite the fact that some of its members may engage in morally ambiguous deeds.

Commissioner of PoliceJudge Dredd
Chief of DepartmentSamuel "Sam" Vimes
Deputy ChiefsJames Gordon, Godot
Chief of PatrolRaymond Holt
Chief of DetectivesJohn Luther
Chief of Special OperationsSoichiro Yagami
Chief of IntelligenceNick Fury
Guest-Star Party Member(s)Wullf Yularen, Taskmaster, Lady Justice
  • Just like the New York City Police Department, the TPPD has both a civilian commissioner (who leads all law enforcement in the Pantheon) and a chief of department (senior sworned uniformed officer). The 1st and current Police Commissioner is The Right Honourable Joseph Dredd who appointed all the bureau chiefs and coordinates all police activity in the Pantheon. His authority is signified by a five-star badge on his belt buckle.
  • Despite being chief of police, Vimes isn't well-versed in managing such a large number of officers (he was only commander of a city watch before). He's good at his job, but most of his competence comes down to Gordon and Godot who understand law enforcement policy a lot better. Oh, and Havelock Vetinari. He looks good in his dress blues though.
  • Wullf Yularen replaced an unknown officer as chief of internal affairs while awaiting his own ascension. Per the Objectivity Clause in the TPPD Code of Conduct, he must keep all police information secret from the Emperor lest he be removed from service.

Patrol Bureau

Headquarters: TPPD 12th Precinct (House of Crime)

The Patrol Bureau of the TPPD is by far the most visible and well-known. While most officers dress in plainclothes, the high-collared navy blue uniforms/livery used by the bureau's otherwise nondescript officers and 501st clones attached to the bureau have earned them the nickname 'Bluenecks'. Taking duty from the 501st Legion which until then handled patrol duties in the Pantheon, patrol officers are ready to respond to deities' concerns. They're excellent with most ordinary crimes, though things like Eldritch Abominations are best left to Special Ops.

The LeaderRaymond Holt
The DeputiesLin Beifong, Marge Gunderson
The LancerAmy Santiago
The HeartsChun-Li, Lucia Morgan
The ClownClancy Wiggum
The Little WarriorKrillin
The MediatorBajirao Singham
The ProfessionalsKatsuya Suou, Javert
The RebelsAxel Stone, Adam Hunter & Blaze Fielding, Vi
The SoldierCC-1119 "Appo"
The Smart WarriorsLei Wulong, Caitlyn
The TeamJudy Hopps and Nick Wilde
The Dirty CopsRosco P. Coltrane, Dimitri Rascalov, Brian Irons
Guest-Star Party MemberChief Bogo, Maggie Sawyer
  • Inspector (formerly Captain) Raymond Holt was promoted to acting Chief of Patrol when he was commanding officer of the 47th Precinct after the original choice was removed from the Pantheon for corruption, which later became permanent. His former post was filled by his subordinate Amy Santiago. He's driven a very progressive course, encouraging LGBT officers and officers of all species to join, even having a hand in establishing the All-Species Police Commission to ensure equality among officers.
  • The police unit under Appo is only nominally TPPD, having been formed from the DFD Security Forces which itself is a sub-unit of the 501st. However, his need for authority figures giving orders has essentially placed him under TPPD command anyway.
  • Inspector Javert is one of the bureau's most dangerous police officers, with a 100% arrest rate. His Black-and-White Morality stance on criminals being simply evil tends to work against him as often as it works for him. To attempt to convince him otherwise is impossible, as the last time that happened, he committed suicide. The best the higher-ups can do is send him for regular therapy.

Detective Bureau

Headquarters: TPPD 27th Precinct (House of Knowledge)

The second largest bureau of the TPPD has a lot of its most celebrated members. The Detective Bureau performs crime scene investigations, forensic work, criminology and plenty of other investigative work. What's most well-known about them is their rivalry (friendly or otherwise) with private detectives like Sherlock Holmes who constantly interfere in their work. Needless to say, there's a lot of blood involved, especially in a place like the Pantheon, so prospective investigators should have a strong stomach.

The LeaderJohn Luther
The DeputiesCole Phelps, Gene Hunt
The AcesRyotaro Dojima, Kyoko Kirigiri, Adrian Monk
The BrutesJohn Hartigan, Tohru Adachi
The CoupleWataru Takagi and Miwako Sato
The Dark ChickRenée Montoya
The Dirty CopsScott Shelby and Manny Pardo
The 'Idiots'Lieutenant Columbo, Jake Peralta, Jacques Clouseau
The RebelsDirty Harry, John McClane
The Smart GuysEddie Valiant, Inspector G. Lestrade
Sixth RangersConan Edogawa and his Detective Boys
Guest Star OfficersHarvey Bullock, Juzo Megure, Mark Hoffman, Koichi Zenigata and Ginzo Nakamori, Naomasa Tsukauchi
Guest-Star Private EyesEveryone else in Investigative Work (those not already in there), Naoto Shirogane, and Sherlock Holmes
  • John Luther despite not being the best at investigations is a phenomenal leader and administrator, which allowed him to easily organize detective squads in the most dire of circumstances, like during large-scale where organized crime increased dramatically. Soon after was made acting commanding officer of 27th Precinct and Chief of Detectives, which was made permanent after a vote was held.
  • Several detective units in the Pantheon have earned significant prestige for their role in their home universe or landmark cases solved. Examples include the 45th Precinct homicide unitnote  (Rube Goldberg-style murders), 52nd Precinct homicide unitnote  (Jigsaw murders), among others.
  • Probably has the highest corruption levels of the department but efforts have been successfully made to limit them to house-level collaborations. The House of Villains has the worst level of corruption, so detectives from other houses are usually dispatched to provide support accompanied by an Internal Affairs officer.

Special Operations Bureau

Headquarters: TPPD 33rd Precinct (House of Mentalism), TPPD 38th Precinct (House of Otherness, secondary)

Riot control, SWAT and special police units specific to the Pantheon makes Special Ops a regular port of call for patrol, even having their own detectives unit separate from the Detective Bureau. They take care of anything that isn't a normal duty of the police, i.e. Eldritch Abominations, cosmic-level threats, aliens, and the GUAs.

The LeaderSoichiro Yagami
The DeputyBarty Crouch Sr., Jorgen von Strangle
The Big GuysRobocop, Chris Redfield, Chifuyu Orimura
The BrutesJack Bauer, Axe Cop
The HeartsOfficer Jenny, Seras Victoria, Jill Valentine
The Quiet OnesAya Brea, The Inspector
The Smart GalRebecca Chambers
The TeamThe Virtua Cops
The Team BenefactorCaptain Alex
The TechiesArata Kagami/Kamen Rider Gatack, Shinya Kogami, Akane Tsunemori
The WeirdosAnthony Chu, The Ghostbusters
The MolesSCP Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds")
Token RobotABZU Diver
Guest-Star Party Member(s)Kurtis Stryker, Carrot Ironfoundersson, Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider Accel
  • Soichiro Yagami was formerly Assistant Chief of the Special Operations Bureau for Special Investigations before the previous elect for Chief fell out of the running. Having failed to capture Kira (his son), he initially refused to accept the position for fear of failing again. He would only become Bureau Chief on condition that he be allowed to step down after five years. He leads the Kira Task Force (a combination of the original and Near's SPK) that specialize in murders committed via Death Note.
  • Several other sub-units run under the auspices of Special Operations, including the Prisons and Marshals Service, the Immigration Service, the Paranormal Investigation Unit, the SWAT units, and the riot control unit.

Codename: P.I.T.C.H.

Headquarters: [REDACTED]

The Police Intelligence, Tactical Covert Operations and Highly Classified Bureau (PITCH) is probably the most secretive branch of the police, and for good reason. The number of evil organizations and secret societies influencing events for their own gain necessitates that this bureau always has to be many steps ahead. Even the Chief doesn't know what these guys get up to aside from the routine reports sent from the front desk. At least 90% of good-aligned agents in the Pantheon report to PITCH in addition to their in-universe bodies, meaning that they have access to information the department and even the GUAG Intelligence Division don't know. Even more are non-ascendants kept off the books, so who knows how much PITCH knows...

CLASSIFIED! While publicly claiming to be the TPPD's intelligence and counter-intelligence arm, it actually serves as a proxy organization funded by the more unsavoury members of the Council of Shadows. They manipulate the organization's policies for their own ends. What their endgame (or endgames) is remains unknown, but the department for the most part remains mostly unaware because the Council's shadowplay hasn't yet impacted the performance of the branch.

The Man Behind the ManThe Council Of Shadows
The Directorsnote Nick Fury, Amanda Waller, The O5 Council
Chief of StaffHyoue Kuroda
Deputy Chief of StaffLeroy Jethro Gibbs
The AcesJames Bond, Shuichi Akai, Carmelita Fox
The Action GirlsNatasha Romanova, Hidemi Hondou/Kir
The Fedsnote Norman Jayden, Seeley Booth, Peter Burke, Brian O'Conner, Gracie Hart
The Mystery GuyNoah Bennet
The NarcissistSterling Archer
The OddballsGru (and his wife Lucy), Francis York Morgan
The Quiet OnesPerry the Platypus and his team, Leon S. Kennedy
The RebelGarrus Vakarian
The Revenge SeekerRei Furuya/Bourbon
Token Chaotic TeammatesNeal George Caffrey, Will Graham
Guest-Star Party Member(s)Lieutenant Colonel Kikuoka Seijirou, Felix Leiter, Q, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson, Major Monogram

Support Staff

These include the auxiliary police who weren't career police officers in their own universe, retired officers, private detectives paid by the force, non-ascendants, those who aren't skilled enough to be on the force full-time but want to give it their all for the department, and non-uniformed staff like criminal psychologists, doctors, coroners and forensic scientists. Volunteer police officers can reach as far as inspector.

The DetectivePatrick Jane
The Forensic GuysHoratio Caine, Gilbert Grissom, Temperance Brennan
The JavertHeinrich Lunge
The MediatorAsuka Kazama
The Old GeezersSigmund Freud, Oishi Kuraudo, Sam Loomis
The SheriffSheriff Tom Keller
The Smart GuysBarry Allen/The Flash, John Stewart
Token Evil TeammatesMiyo Takano, Albert "Al" Neri

Endorsers (primary funders and supporters of the department)

    Divine Films, Inc. 

Divine Films, Inc. (a subsidiary of Trope Co.)

The Pantheonic film studio, connected to Hollywood by the Pantheon’s equivalent to the Bifrost, it’s an All-Star Cast of all the actors, directors, and animators the Pantheon has to offer, primarily located in the house of Theatre and Spectacle but also sets up shop in Craft, Commerce, and Narrative.

Board of Directors

This group of businessmen are ultimately responsible for the direction the corporation is going, how money is spent and that the company doesn't collapse under its own weight. Businessmen who aren't directly related to film also preside here.

ChairmanSteven Spielberg
Vice ChairmanGeorge Lucas
Director, Former CEO of The New York InquirerCharles Foster Kane
Director, President of Capsule CorporationBulma
Director, CEO of NASCAR PantheonRichard Petty
Director, Former CEO of Buy N LargeShelby Forthright
Director, CEO of KaibaCorpSeto Kaiba
Director, CEO of Genm CorpKuroto Dan
Director, Former CEO of Genm CorpMasamune Dan
Director, Former CEO of Daley DevicesLarry Daley
Director, CEO of E CorpPhillip Price
Director, Former Vice Chairman, Walt Disney CompanyRoy E. Disney

The Big NamesThe Directors, Producers, Executive Producers, Writers, and other such businessmen.

President and CEOSteven Spielberg
Vice PresidentGeorge Lucas
Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Producer and ComposerCharlie Chaplin
Writer and ActorWilliam Shakespeare
Directors and Producers (and Screenwriter in Raimi’s case)Sam Raimi and James Cameron
2D Animator, Director, Producer, Writer, and Production DesignerDon Bluth
One-Man Production Crew (3D Animator and Writer)Monty Oum
Director and ProducerMichael Bay
DirectorAlfred Hitchcock
Executive ProducerScrooge McDuck
Directors (and Composer for Grooves)The Conductor and DJ Grooves
Director and 2D AnimatorWalt Disney
DirectorGuillermo del Toro
Producer (and Hercule’s Manager)Nappa
Director, Screenwriter, Producer and PhotographerStanley Kubrick
Director, Producer, Screenwriter and ComposerJoss Whedon
Actor and DirectorTommy Wiseau

D.A.G. (Divine Actors Guild)

With significant ties to Theatric Performers and taking its name from the wonderful folks over at SAG-AFTRA, these deities are the All-Star Cast.

Mystique and Envy are currently being scouted to serve as everyone’s Stunt Doubles, but they haven’t responded yet.

Actors (and Writer for Stallone)Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
ActorsChristian Bale and Tom Hardy
ActorNicolas Cage
SeiyuuNorio Wakamoto
Actor, motherfucker!Samuel L. Jackson
Animated ActorsYakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner
Motion Capture and Serkis FolkAndy Serkis
ActorsChristopher Lee and Sean Bean
SeiyuuKaori Ishihara and Yui Ogura
SeiyuuMitsuki Saiga and Romi Park
ActorRobert Downey, Jr.
ActorSean Connery
ActorAdam West
Suit ActorHaruo Nakajima
ActressNorma Desmond
ActorTroy McClure
ActorBruce Campbell
Actor (No Stunt Double)Johnny Cage
ActorBruce Lee
ActorJackie Chan
ActorJohn Cena
ActorDwayne “The Rock” Johnson
ActorHidehiko “Brown” Uesugi
ActorsDanny and Sawyer
ActressChris Vineyard
StuntmanSon Gohan
Actor and StuntmanMark/“Hercule Satan”
Actor and DirectorTommy Wiseau

Holy Light

The masters of Special Effects and Animation, named after Industrial Light & Magic.

Stop Motion AnimatorRay Harryhousen
Visual Effects Artist (sent here for rehabilitation)Quentin Beck/Mysterio
One-Man Production Crew (3D Animator and Writer)Monty Oum
2D Animator, Director, Producer, Writer, and Production DesignerDon Bluth
Costuming DepartmentDressed For Divinity (see above)
Director and 2D AnimatorWalt Disney