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Intermediate Gods

Kuja, God of Viewer Gender Confusion and Fashion Victim Villains (The Angel of Death, the Graceful Glider, Kuji-coo, Kuja-kun)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Silver Feather
  • Theme Music: "Immoral Melody", "The Dark Messenger"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil -> True Neutral trying to be Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Disturbingly Feminine Men, Viewer Gender Confusion, Questionable Fashion Sense, Overuse of Theatrical Metaphors, Raging Narcissism, Total Mental Collapse Followed By World-Endangering Suicide Attempts, Camp Straight, Xanatos Speed Chess, Based Off Of Every Final Fantasy Main Villain Before Him, Born as an Adult
  • Domains: Charm, Destruction, Magic, Pride, Theatrics, Defying Fate
  • (Former) Allies: Kefka, Sephiroth, Chaos, Vega The Evil Queen, Queen Sectoria, Ardyn Izunia
  • New Allies: Golbez (also Odd Friendship), Megamind
  • Special Relationship: Zidane
  • Unlike Bridget, nobody confuses him for a female... when they meet him in person face to face. View him remotely, and you'll be convinced he's female. The theory the House of Knowledge has proposed is that he has very masculine pheromones.
  • If asked, The Question would argue that once you notice the man-thong, you can't un-notice it.
  • After Dissidia 012, Kuja's Character Development since his original ascension caused him to consider approaching Cosmos to ask for a chance to change sides and become Neutral Good. Kefka heard of this and played what he referred to as "Mind Rape The Genome's Memories" while Kuja was sleeping one night, and those plans were quickly discarded as Kuja embraced his alignment anew.
  • Due to him being part of the Akira Ishida family, Yuno has placed him on her shit list.
  • Was part of a group known as "Rule of Beauty" consisting of him, Vega, The Evil Queen and Queen Sectoria. They do argue who is the prettiest of them all, but they can put away their differences to kill any one who think they are better than them. Where he might be just The Dark Chick, the rest of them team know that he can potentially be the most dangerous member of the team, so they treat him with care.
  • When not in his temple, he can be seen in the House of Theater viewing the latest creations of the gods there.
  • One day, Kuja found Zidane confronting him, and Golbez suspiciously keeping his distance while staying close by. Due to Kefka's brainwashing, he attacked his fellow Genome, who countered and battled hard with intent to take him down and in a bid to make him remember their last conversation in Gaia. Allies (or at least those who oppose Zidane) tried to come to his aid, only for Golbez to keep them out of this "quarrel between brothers". The battle shortly escalated as gods joined in and took sides in the conflict, making the Lunarian's task much more complicated. Still, somehow, Zidane was soon able to incapacitate Kuja, then—as planned—the two and Golbez were spirited away with a teleporter that would take them somewhere more private.
    • In their secluded area, Zidane finally got Kuja to spill; the reason the latter turned heel again was due to what happened in the 12th cycle in the Dissidia wars; he truly was against Chaos's side, but Kefka's intervention forced his hand, and the mad clown would later alter his memories for the next cycle, which Golbez corroborated, recalling Kefka's gloating back when he was serving the GUAE.
    • After that explanation, Kuja asked what will happen next. Zidane offered him to join him in the GUAG, just like him and Golbez, at the Ministry of Atonement to be exact. And this time, there will be no intervention from Kefka or anyone else as they make their way to Cosmos, which won't be long since they had teleported to the House of Heroes. Kuja wasn't sure; he's played and reveled in the role of villain for far too long, and his tenure as an inside man didn't really go well. Zidane promised to help him every step of the way. Being a (soon to be) fellow defector from Chaos, Golbez also offered to lend a hand when he can.
    • One successful visit to Cosmos later, Kuja's redemption was solidified, and defensive measures have been arranged to ensure that neither Kefka or anyone else will be able to repeat the mad clown's stunt again.
  • Naturally, trust is slow, especially given he underwent a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum. So far, only Zidane and Golbez give him the time of day; Vivi's still afraid and won't stay around the ex-villain unless Zidane's by his side.
    • Given his flair for theatrics, Megamind is the first among those in the Ministry of Atonement besides Golbez to make an attempt to connect with Kuja. They managed to grow closer over a battle against the Plutonian, which Kuja found his reasons for villainy even more petty than his own.
  • Can also be found in Villainous Appearances.

    Kuroumaru Tokisaka 
Kuroumaru Tokisaka, The Androgynous God (UQ Holder #11)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword
  • Alignment: Was Lawful Neutral is now Lawful Good
  • Porfolio: Immortality, Master Swordsman, Rapunzel Hair
  • Domains: Gender, Swordmanship, immortality
  • Allies: Touta Konoe, Evangeline A.K. McDowell/Yukihime, Kirie Sakurame, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Crona, Korra, Asami Sato
  • Enemies: Vaas Montenegro, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Tsukuyomi, Hoyt Volker, Medusa, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Gul'dan
  • He ascended after being invited by his friend/crush. He gratefully accepted, though he had to find the title as he wished to keep it a secret.
  • Unlike Crona, whose gender is completely unknown, he literally doesn't have a gender as his race choose his or her gender when they enter puberty. He prefers to be referred to as a guy, but many gods tend to refer him as a girl much to his chagrin.
  • He was initially sent by his clan to kill immortals, Evangeline/Yukihime in particular. However, Touta challenged him, and after defeating him, he decided to make him his friend.
  • As a student of the Shinmei-ryuu swordsmanship style, he has asked to be taught by the skilled swordswoman, Setsuna Sakurazaki, to improve his skills further.
  • He has a dilemma; to be a guy and have Touta's back, or be a girl and try to get Touta's heart, which is rather hard considering Touta's feelings for Yukihime. Despite coming to terms with his feelings, it was still unresolved.
  • He is very skilled in Demon Slaying that he's mad friends with some demon slayers such as Dante. Though it's something he laments as it's the only thing he's good at. The evil demons and spirits tend to be wary of him because of this makes him a dangerous opponent.
    • Gul'dan tried to recruit him for his abilities but he refused as he was already a member of UQ Holder.
  • His gender started leaning towards his love for Touta and slowly changing into a girl. Whether on not this affects her potential godhood is unknown.
    • His friends would support his crush and try helping him get together with crush, to little to no avail, as said guy is very dense.
    • However, he later decided to support Touta rather than pursue his feelings. Kirie calls him a coward at this.
  • He's not too fond of his immortality as it caused him to be exiled from his clan.
  • Because he is genderless he tries to take baths by himself. Though some curious/perverted god would try to peek.
  • He has also been hit on by may gods and goddesses, as some of them aren't sure what his gender is but they find him to be very attractive.
  • Kuroumaru was very surprised to learn that both Yue Ayase and Nodoka Miyazaki were both in the pantheon, and was eager for a rematch against them. He was shocked to learn that they were just teenage girls without the combat prowess he's seen from them in his time. As such, he decided to keep everything he knew about them to himself in the hopes that perhaps there wouldn't be a need to fight them again.
  • Along with the other UQ Holder deities, Kuroumaru accompanied Touta to a party that Asami Sato was throwing to celebrate Touta's friend and former seat partner Avatar Korra's transfer to her own new seat in the Pantheon. During the party, he was apprehensive at the few lesbian couples present including Korra and Asami, not out of spite towards them but because it reminded him of his own gender issues. Noticing this, Korra and Asami went to speak to him about how uncomfortable he was in the situation, and when he told them what it was about they gave him advice about making the best decision in his heart without trying to force things with Touta. He was a bit more confident and comfortable the rest of the night.

    Natsuru Senou 
Natsuru Senou, God/dess of Superpowered Forms With Different Genders (The Densest Material Known To Man)
His regular form and her Kämpfer form

    The Sontarans 
The Sontarans, Divine One-Gender Race


Lesser Gods

Crona, Deity of Ambiguous Gender (The Demon Sword)

    Mai Natsume 
Mai Natsume, Goddess of Accepting her New Gender (Mai Hazuki, Mai-Mai, Remix Heart, Lady Mai)
  • Lesser Goddess, Intermediate Goddess when using the power of the No-Name Grimoire
  • Symbol: Her weapon, Gallia Sphyra: Outseal next to her emblem
  • Theme Music: VARIABLE HEART
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Was once a boy before becoming a girl, Initially uncomfortable with the change before growing to like it, Nice Girl, Took a Level in Cheerfulness, Boobs of Steel, Ms. Fanservice, Adorkable, The only one who enjoys Noel's cooking due to her Super Taste allowing her to taste the good feelings put into it, Always Accurate Attack, Can take people's abilities and transfer them to someone else by kissing them, Wields Gallia Sphyra: Outseal, which acts as an Immortal Breaker and Empathic Weapon, can change its trajectory, and heal Mai
  • Domains: Transformation, Gender, Acceptance, Taste, Power
  • Heralds: Kajun Faycott, Shiori Kirihito, Taro Sasaga'e, Bell, Rin and Hoichiro Hazuki (Mai's parents)
  • Allies: Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, Jin Kisaragi, Litchi Faye Ling, The Investigation Team, S.E.E.S., Hyde Kido, Orie Ballardiae, Vatista, Waldstein, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Pyrhha Nikos, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, Ragna the Bloodedge, Celica A. Mercury, Mizuki Suzushiro and Takeru Ichimonji, Yuuta Kimura and Yui Ootsuka, Natsuru Senou, Cu Chulainn, Souji Mitsuka, Souta Kishibe, Mai Shiranui, Nine the Phantom, Kokonoe Mercury, Celica Mercury
  • Complicated Relationships: Ramna Saotome, Carl Clover, Merkava
  • Enemies: Relius Clover, Yuuki Terumi, Hazama, Azrael, Zamasu, Toffee
  • Feared by: Immortal beings
  • Mai was born Mai Hazuki, heir of one of the the Duodecim noble families just like Jin and Tsubaki. A week prior to enrolling in the military academy, she was changed from a boy to a girl by a grimoire, and unable to change back, was send by her father to the academy under an alias. There, she becomes the classmate and friend of Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Kajun Faycott. While initially sheltered and timid, as well as uncomfortable with her new gender, Mai eventually learned to open up to others and become more self-confident. She even starts to enjoy her new life as a girl after seeing how much freedom she had compared to her life as heir to the Hazuki family, and even falls in love with a male classmate. While her friends do eventually find out her secret, they still accept her for who she is and Mai soon comes to fully accept her change in life, seeing herself as a girl and deciding live life as a woman. After leaving the academy, she comes to join Sector Seven and work under Professor Kokonoe alongside Kajun.
  • The Court of the Gods read her case and offered Mai a position in the Pantheon as the Goddess of Accepting her New Gender. Mai accepted upon learning her friends were in the Pantheon, and a happy reunion ensued between her, Noel, Makoto, and Tsubaki. Mai also got to meet the other gods who participated in the Cross Tag Battle tournament, such as Mitsuru, Chie, and Ruby.
    • She was eager to eat Noel's cooking to celebrate her ascension. Because the grimoire gave her "Super Taste", Mai is the only one who can eat Noel's cooking, because her enhanced taste buds prevent her from enjoying normal food. Mai is able to taste the good feelings Noel put into her cooking, so it's the only food she can eat. Makoto and Tsubaki are at the very least grateful they have a valid excuse not to eat Noel's food.
      • The girls on the Investigation Team (except for Naoto) were also infamous for being Lethal Chefs, but their Mystery Food X is also edible to Mai. When Teddie tried using it against her, it only ended up healing her. Rise, Chie, and Yukiko said they would have gladly served their food to her if they had before sometime during their journey. Chie also likes to spar alongside Mai every now and then.
    • Makoto and Mai are Friendly Rivals, praising each over their their improved skills during their spars. Makoto also likes to get physically close to Mai, much to the latter's embarrassment.
    • She had crossed paths with Ragna the Bloodedge twice, the first during her days as an academy student (albeit not knowing who he was nor the fact he had the Azure Grimoire she and her friends were looking for), the second when she fought against him to protect Bell. Both times they did work together during their meetings, though Ragna had forgotten meeting her when they met a second time. They finally meet again in the Pantheon, this time on better terms now after Mai learned of his struggles in their world and seeing how much he's changed as the person (She outright stated once she could tell he's not a bad person despite fighting him to protect Bell, which is why she came to his rescue). Mai also learned that he's Noel's big brother, and is happy at the least Noel has a big brother she can count on.
    • She's one of the few people Jin Kisaragi treats kindly. Whenever they're fighting together, he compliments her on her skills, and she returns the favor. She's also quite surprised to learn that Jin and Ragna are brothers, and while concerned when she heard about their relationship, is at least happy to know they're on better terms.
      • Mai is one of the few who ships her friend Tsubaki with Jin. She recalls the time she tried to help Tsubaki win the position the position of Izanami during the Torifune festival so she can be alongside Jin, only for Tsubaki to ask her not to do it again.
    • Relius Clover is one the few people Mai has outright contempt for, considering how he treats people as objects. She was treated as an object once due to the grimoire fusing with her body, so Relius' atrocities are very personal to her. She's also horrified to learn that his son Carl is starting to follow in his footsteps, unable to recognize him from the same sweet boy she met in the academy all those years ago. Mai wants to save Carl from himself before he crosses the point of no return.
    • Soon got to reunite with Ruby Rose, who just like before, was excited to see her weapon and examine it. Though unlike before, Ruby has grown more mature and calm, and both she and Mai already gotten to enjoy fighting together. Mai also met Ruby's teammates, as well as the members of Team JNPR, coming to befriend them all, especially Pyrhha Nikos due to how the two of them formed friendships that helped them to open up to people.
    • Hyde Kido proved himself to be a good partner towards Mai during the Cross Tag Battle tournament. While Hyde did underestimate her strength initially, he did apologize for it once Mai proved herself. Mai also got to meet some of Hyde's other friends, such as Orie Ballardiae (who reminds her of Tsubaki) and Vatista (whose personality as an Emotionless Girl reminds her of Bell), quickly becoming friends with them as well.
  • Cu Chulainn was greatly interested in Mai's spear due to how much it resembles Gae Bolg. He is also fascinated by how Mai can alter the trajectory of the spear, to the point he has challenged Mai to battle to see which of their spears is better. Mai does accept these challenges, though is put off by how he teases her sometimes.
  • Mai has met other gods that underwent Gender Bender just like her, including:
    • Yuuta and Yui had swapped bodies as children, and it took them 8 years before they could accept their circumstances and become a couple. Mai greatly sympathizes with their pain of having to pretend to be someone else and the effects it had on their personal identity, and admits that if she didn't have her friends, she might have ended up miserable like they did in the alternate timeline.
    • Mizuki Suzuhiro was unexpectedly changed into a girl just like her, but eventually grew to like it, especially after falling in love with a male friend. Unsurprisingly, Mai and Mizuki get along very well, with the former helping her to adjust to the change while Mizuki ships Mai with Taro and hopes they can become a couple just like her and Takeru.
    • Ranma Saotome can switch between his male and female forms, though he clearly doesn't like it and would have preferred he got rid of his curse entirely. While Mai does offer her condolences, Ranma avoids her because he is disturbed by a former boy growing to like being a girl.
    • There are also gods that undergo a Super Gender-Bender when they prepare for battle:
      • Natsuru Senou's female form is attractive enough to get the attention of both the boys and the girls, though Natsuru isn't comfortable with all this attention, nor the fact that most people tend to acknowledge him for his female form only. Mai admits she understands the identity crisis, since she was worried about losing what made her Mai before she came to accept it.
      • Souji Mitsuka's Tail Red form gets a lot of attention from everybody for being cute, something that does embarrass Souji but he doesn't make a big deal of now. Mai gets along with Souji well, though she is flabbergasted by his fetish towards twin tails and was also surprised he had didn't have too much of the awkwardness that came from first transforming (not counting the time he turned into Sora Mitsuka).
      • Souta Kishibe can become a Magical Girl named La Pucelle, which was a dream come true to him since he always admired Magical Girls. While there was awkwardness upon his first transformation, he embraced his role as a Magical Girl and vowed to become strong enough to protect Snow White, which sadly was cut short upon his death. Mai struck up a fast friendship with Souta, and sympathized with him over how his life was cut short after just becoming a Magical Girl and meeting his childhood friend again.
  • Became fast friends with Mai Shiranui, who shares both her first name and for also being Ms. Fanservice personified. The fact that Mai Natsume was originally male doesn't bother Shiranui at all, and in fact she acts like a Cool Big Sis for Natsume while also acting as a source of encouragement.
  • Mai is nervous around Merkava for feeding on people, yet also sympathetic towards him when she learns that he was formerly a man and is driven by Horror Hunger. Merkava in turn shows sympathy for Mai to the conflict between her body and soul (A former boy turned into girl), even when she denies it and tells Merkava she's happy with the person she is.
  • Due to Mai's status as a Remix Heart, she was almost turned into an Crimson Grimoire, which was first developed by Nine the Phantom. Nine apologizes to Mai for how she was almost used as a resource to create the grimoire, admitting she had to deal with Celica treated as an object all the time. She also doesn't mind Mai being formerly male at all, despite her usual dislike of men, since Mai has the heart of a girl.
    • Mai quickly came to befriend Nine's younger sister Celica, with the two coming to an understanding of what it is like to be seen as an object, yet still had people who can count on them and care for them as people. Mai tends to hang out with Celica just as much as her friends.
    • Mai once worked under Kokonoe alongside her friend Kajun. While she stopped working for Kokonoe, she still had a good relationship with her, though in the Pantheon, she did express disappointment with some of Kokonoe's actions, especially those involving Litchi. Still, since Litchi now has a happier time in the Pantheon and Kokonoe has tone down some of her antagonism, Mai is still willing to help Kokonoe whenever she asks for it.
  • Mai's spear is a known Immortal Breaker, designed to kill immortal beings by imposing the concept of death on their minds. Because of this, immortal enemies keep their guard up around her, especially Zamasu and Toffee, since they both relied exclusively on immortality in battle and have no means to protect themselves against it.

Poison, Goddess of Transgender People (Toxic Rose, Graceful, Sexy & Cool)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Riding Crop Next to Her Hat.
  • Theme Song: Toxic Beauty, Move Over
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pink Hair From the 80's, Being Male in Japan, Wielding a Riding Crop, Fighting in Heels, Not-so-Pleasant American, Ascended Extra, Bare Your Midriff, Villainous Crossdresser
  • Domains: Gender, Wrestling, Street Fighting, Charm, Chaos
  • Herald: Roxy
  • High Priestess: Birdo
  • Allies: Mike Haggar, André the Giant, various deities from the House of Lust, Yubel, Kuroumaru Tokisaka, Bridget
  • Rivals: King II, Cody Travers, Alex (friendly), Juri, AJ Lee, Simon Belmont, Jaycee, Jax Briggs, Zangief
  • Opposes: Corset
  • Pities: Crona
  • A former member of the Mad Gear crime gang turned wrestler and manager who sees golden opportunity for profit in many things, Poison is actually more well-known for the confusing range of stories regarding her gender over the years as well as the over-the-top bombastic sexiness she carries herself with. Before anyone asks what the heck is going on, she points to a documentary at the front of her door to give a better summary to her history.
  • Ascended after she, and her partner Hugo, went toward the source of Pandora's Box, defeating Ogre while doing so. They were only doing it to get the media attention surrounding the box, but Poison realized that just by going through all of the trouble in finding the box, it meant that any obstacles faced in the future would be easy. Thus she found her way to the Pantheon, hoping that Hugo will come soon.
    • The two soon found themselves in a certain fighting game tournament, with Poison entering for the first time ever. The two were thankful to the fans that got them the attention to enter.
    • Lost her Attractive Bent-Gender due to now officially being female pre-op. She's still a transexual in Japan and thus managed to keep that trope.
  • Is the manager of the Huge Wrestling Academy and goes to the House of Combat to see if she can find new wrestlers for her group. She hasn't forgiven King II for giving Hugo the Mighty Swing, though.
    • Met up with Mike Haggar and told him that she's no longer affiliated with gangs and is now focused on getting famous. Haggar was happy to hear that, but is keeping an eye on her just in case.
    • She's gotten into a feud with AJ Lee, and is one of the few gods who is willing to call her crazy in front of her face. Gods and mortals alike have been warned to vacate the area when that happens as the wrestlers leave widespread destruction in their wake.
  • Her relationship with Cody is a bit rougher on the edges. The handcuffed god still holds resentment over her involvement in the kidnapping of his girlfriend Jessica, not to mention the flirting had turned him off. Still the two are inching closer to burying the hatchet.
  • Unsurprisingly has a soft spot for André the Giant. This probably is because he was the inspiration for Hugo and the rest of the Andore family, and also for his heart-breaking struggle with gigantism and death from it (dying in his sleep while attending his own father's funeral). Poison was glad that Hugo became his follower, because that means she can see him whenever she wants. Some say the two are plotting to ascend The Big Show. That in turn would give Hugo the more glamorous spot of High Priest.
    • She's surprised to find that André's godchild is Luna Vachon in the House of Vampires and learned that Luna wasn't like the normal female wrestlers in the Pantheon. Poison felt pity for her too since Luna struggled with bipolar disorder before dying of a drug overdose, and then having her buried in the same plot of field as her own godfather. Luna was happy to have company, and her (ex-)husband Gangrel has shown to be very interesting to fight against. The only thing that she's really unsure of is how Luna Vachon and Gangrel became babysitters to The Cutie Mark Crusaders of all things (Luna tells her that It's a Long Story, a very long story).
  • Now that Alex has ascended, she hopes to book a rematch between him and Hugo in the ring. Vince McMahon has yet to confirm a matchup.
  • Many gods are more than willing to hook up with her despite her ambiguous nature, to which she goes along with the flow, teasing suitors enough to keep them wanting for more.
    • She's especially popular in the House of Lust, where deities such as Bond, Charlie Harper and Mad Moxxi all have a go at her. However, they have all taken an oath to keep the true nature of her gender a secret.
  • Is not a fan of Corset or his version of BDSM, citing that he gives bondage a bad name. That and she claims he doesn't make his corset fashionable.
  • Is one of the few deities that isn't bothered at all with Bridget's gender reveal. In fact, she encourages him to exploit his antics on various male gods, to their dismay.
  • She may like Juri's style, but not her involvement with Seth or her excessive brutality. However, Poison does understand why she does such things; M. Bison has ruined many lives, forcing many to go into extremes to get their revenge on him.
  • Sympathizes with the one deity who has even arguments over his/her gender. At least she can identify herself as a transexual, Crono doesn't even have that luxury.
  • Is amused with the existence of Yubel, who claims to be both male and female. The mis-translation of their genders led to a strangely strong bond. She even helped Yubel find a documentary regarding these gender issues.
  • Tried to become the Goddess of Riding Crops as well, but that domain proved to small for a title. Most of those followers belong to Simon Belmont, God of Whips. Her attempts to charm him out of those followers have so far failed.
  • When a mysterious new masked wrestler appeared in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, Poison decided to start a feud with the woman. The two have several matches under their belts, with each claiming victories. Poison has been casually trying to guess the identity of this woman with little success.
    • Speaking of wrestlers, she had no idea what to think of newcomer Bayley who introduced herself to Poison with a hug. Poison feels that Bayley's positive attitude is bit too much, but she is still curious as to whether or not Bayley's the masked wrestler (as Bayley once went under the name "Luchadora"). That said, even she thinks that Bayley turning Heel to side with her "friend" Sasha Banks is a pretty low move.
  • Once trained Hugo to battle Zangief, God of Spinning Pile-Drivers. Ultimately the Russian Cyclone won the feud, but the two don't hold any grudges over it… at least outside the ring. Come wrestling time, they're still bitter over the loss.
  • Jax has expressed disapproval over her previous actions and is still not sure to trust her. He even refused to take part of a feud against her and Hugo. Poison isn't too upset over it, knowing it will take a while for some to forgive her.
  • Was once asked by Nanako Dojima — who share similar voices — whether she was a girl or a boy. Poison just patted Nanako's head and answered, "I'm just like you, kid" which was good enough for her. Poison has threatened to whip anyone to death if they brought up this soft side again.

    Ranma Saotome 
Ranma Saotome, God(dess) of Gender Bending and Anything-Goes Martial Arts (Aquatranssexual, Ranko)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A Bucket and Kettle
  • Theme Songs: Jajauma ni Sasenaide (Don't Make Me a Violent Girl Like You)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wholesome Crossdressers, The Three Laws of Gender Bending, Curses of Awesomeness, Involuntary Shapeshifting, Dropping Bridgets, Chick Magnets, Dude Magnets
  • Domains: Water, Transformation, Chaos, Magic, Madness
  • Followers: Anne Onymous, Ash Upton, Tedd Drew Verres
  • Allies: The Saber Marionettes, Naruto Uzumaki, Nanoha
  • Opposes: The House of Felines, Catwoman, (for obvious reasons), Momo Karuizawa
  • Ranma is not happy about his/her position, but all attempts to give it to one of his/her imitators have met with failure.
    • However, after a lot of negotiation, s/he was able to get into the House of Combat as the God(dess) of Anything-Goes Martial Arts. Where s/he would prefer to simply to be the god(dess) of that, at least s/he has something better to take claim to.
  • Ranma is on pretty good terms with Naruto and Nanoha simply because s/he believes in making friends like they do and gets very angry when the one s/he loves is in serious danger. Of course, being a bit of a jerk, it tends to be good terms with a side of friendly rivalry.
  • Natsuru Senou, hir potential High Priest/ess, was barred from ascension for committing inexcusable crimes. That is until s/he finally got redeemed and placed in the House of Shape alongside Ranma. However, in accordance with the rules of the Pantheon, Ranma could only have two seats, and so gave up hir spot in the House of Shape.
  • Ranma is renowned for hir ability to learn and adapt virtually any fighting style.
    • That said, s/he also has several weaknesses, his fear of cats for one, that cunning enemies can take advantage of.
  • Ranma was less than thrilled to find out that Momo Karuizawa ascended since she sounds and acts like Shampoo.
  • Would rather not entertain the thought of being subjected to a Mode Lock in hir cursed form for good. Despite being comfortable enough with being a girl most of the time and enjoying many of the benefits that come with it, s/he still identifies as a guy very strongly. That said, Ranma is indeed aware of how many of hir followers have thought about what could happen if the possibility arose, and doesn't enjoy it a single bit.


    Chevalier d'Eon 
Chevalier d'Eon, Deity of Transgender Confusion (Le Chevalier d'Éon, D'Éon de Beaumont, Lea de Beaumont, Saber, The Knight of White Lilies, Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: An androgynous figure wearing half male's clothing, half female's clothing
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Transgender Confusion What Extends to Their Actual Sex note , Always Looked Like a Pretty Girl and Dressed as One, Was Both a Spy and a Dragoon, Was Eventually Exiled from France.
  • Domains: Transgender, Prettiness, Spies, Dragoons, Diplomats
  • Followers: Yagyuu Kyuubei, Xavin, Kizuna AI, Ellen
  • Allies: Poison, Charlotte Dunois, Naoto Shirogane, Perrine H. Clostermann, Astolfo, Ky Kiske, Ranma Saotome, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Beatrice
  • Opposes: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • A diplomat, a spy, a freemason, captain of the dragoons at one point and possibly a writer, d'Eon was many things. However, there is one thing what stands up the most about d'Eon; their gender identity. Born with androgynous looks, d'Eon used that fact to dress up as a woman some times to act as a spy like to get close to Elizabeth of Russia, and started to claim to be female at birth. Though studies made to their corpse showed that they were actually male at birth. Even to this day, people are confused on what d'Eon really was, in true gender and gender identity.
    • To make things more simpler, d'Eon asks people to see them as whatever they want to see them as. In fact, after ascending to the Throne of Heroes, their gender might as well be "whatever d'Eon wills it".
  • House of Commerce has put up a betting pool on what gender d'Eon really is. They honestly facepalmed at that, as they can't believe that someone would do that again.
  • Just to clarify, d'Eon presumably still has a male body, unlike Poison, who had outright sex change. D'Eon does sympathize with her due of constant arguments about her situation. The same can be said about Naoto, though only due of her being forced to pretend to be a man due of her line of duty.
  • Was supposedly part on trying to solve an Ancient Conspiracy. Though d'Eon has stated that those events are false. Especially in regards of their older sister possessing them occasionally.
  • Really doesn't like The Spy, another French spy. Though they have more friendly relations with other French people like Charlotte, Ky Kiske and Perrine. They are actually training Perrine how to wield a sword more properly.
  • Is little bit of confused with Kain Highwind as even though he is a "dragoon", he isn't a dragoon they are familiar with.
  • After everything is said and done, even they are confused with Mr Garrison. Because they honestly think that Garrison is screwing with everybody.
  • According to Mozart, d'Eon has an affection forwards Marie Antoinette. No one is sure how it came to be, but it could be due of them being exiled from France before Marie came to power.
  • They actually knows about the Assassins and even once asked for an assistance of the Assassin Arno Victor Dorian to help them. As such, they seem to also get along with Ezio.
  • Just for reference, "Chevalier" is not an actual name. It is a title roughly meaning "knight".
  • D'Eon has sympathies forwards Beatrice. Or rather, Sayo Yasuda, as they can't believe how badly things had to have gone for someone to develop multiple gender personas.
  • Has supposedly met Sanson in the past due of something what happened with him and his sister Marie Joseph. They really don't like Sanson due of those events, as Marie was only person who really accepted them as they are. Though they do admit that them growing a moustache was bit silly, looking back at things.
  • "I am neither a man nor a woman. I am a lady that bears the title of a Chevalier!!!"

    Mizuki Suzushiro and Takeru Ichimonji 
Mizuki Suzushiro and Takeru Ichimonji, Divine Couple of Romance After Gender Bending (Takeru: Mr. Gorilla)
Mizuki with middle length hair 
Mizuki's current appearance 
  • Rank: Demideities
  • Symbol: A superposed Mars and Venus sign with a heart in the middle.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Childhood Friends who became romantically involved after Mizuki's gender was switched, Large guy and small girl pairing, Formerly a manly guy and sensitive guy duo, Very nice people, Tends to have lewd fantasies , Strongly resembling their respective parents, Official Couple
  • Domains: Gender, Love, Change, Realization
  • Herald: Yumeko Fujiwara
  • Allies: Loki, Thor, Odin, Alm and Celica, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, Kanji Tatsumi and Naoto Shirogane, The Villager, Tippi, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya,Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiragi, Chihiro Fujisaki
  • Enemies: The Terraformars, The Crimson Court, Stratos
  • Pities: Scarlett O'Hara, Robert I Baratheon (Mizuki only)
  • Opposed by: Segata Sanshiro (Takeru only)
  • Mizuki and Takeru were two male high school students who have been closer than brothers ever since they were kids. Things may have stayed that way forever if an utterly bored Loki, who bore the appearance of a young girl, didn't become interested in the very feminine Mizuki and messing with his life. The Norse deity transformed Mizuki into a girl. Takeru found himself attracted to his now female childhood friend, a fact which he was very conflicted about and did his best to suppress. Things became only more complicated when Mizuki began to also feel attracted to Takeru, causing her to outright go in denial. Several months of complicated teenage drama and self-discovery ensued, which concluded with Loki giving a choice to Mizuki: stay as a girl forever or go back to being a girl. Mizuki realized she was far happier as a girl, and so chose to stay that way. Soon after this, she confessed to Takeru and the two officially became a couple.
  • After returning to the Pantheon from this escapade, Loki actually found themselves missing the two, who they grew attached too. So when they left that world, they made sure to 'accidentally' leave the portal open between the Pantheon and it, ensuring that the couple would stumble into it. The confused teenagers were soon welcomed by some understanding deities who, after looking at their history, proposed to the court they ascend as representative of Romance After Gender Bending.
  • Naturally, Loki often hangs out with Mizuki and 'Mr. Gorilla' in female form, mostly to mess with the couple they kinda sorta set up. To say the two are conflicted about what she did would be an understatement (especially since Takeru didn't learn she was responsible for Mizuki's change until he entered the Pantheon) but they do see her as a friend if a really annoying one. Mizuki is even ultimately grateful to Loki for helping her realize what she wanted to be. The latter's response to that gratitude is typically to blush, avert eye contact and say that it's not like she did that for anything but to have fun. Nevertheless, the God of Trickery is very protective against anyone else who would mess with the two.
  • Odin and Thor went over to them to apologize for the trouble Loki put them trough. Again, Mizuki had to reassure them that while it was indeed a very harrowing experience at first, she's very happy with the change now. Though she was confused by the fact that Thor was much bigger than the first time she met him. The God of Thunder sheepishly replied that this was a 'slow day' for him. After this meeting, the two Norse gods decided to let Loki continue to have fun with Mizuki and Takeru because the couple seems to be a positive influence on her.
  • Tough their circumstances are a fair bit odder than most, they relate to and get along well with other pairs of childhood friends who became romantically involved, like Alm and Celica or Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Takeru and Nora particularly empathize about being unable to confess their feelings for their respective best friends for a long time. They also get along well with another childhood friend couple, Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi, who even though they themselves haven't gone past just friendship yet, do support Mizuki and Takeru in theirs.
  • Because of father's strict upbringing, Mizuki had for the longest time a complex about being seen as masculine, which led to her being ashamed of her more feminine interests like plushies and women's clothing. She formed a friendship with Kanji Tatsumi, who had to deal with similar problems. The latter is more than happy to make stuffed animals for her. Mizuki similarly gets along well with Naoto Shirogane since much like her, she felt ashamed of her feminine qualities due to her family heritage and upbringing. Takeru also likes hanging out with Kanjiand is trying to encourage him to confess his feelings to Naoto. As an aside, Mizuki finds Teddie absolutely adorable, but any attempt by the bear to 'score' with her has been met with a sharp glare from Takeru
  • Due to sharing their respective hobbies of bug catching and fishing, the Villager like hanging out and visiting the more nature-filled parts of the Pantheon with the couple. Some passerby deities have noted that it makes them look like a happy family, much t the embarrassment of the two teenagers.
  • They seem to have a strangely high tolerance for Aikuro Mikisugi's stripping antics. They explained that one of their friends back home also had a very infuriating tendency to strip down to his underwear, so they're used to this by now. They still made it clear that Mikisugi trying to be too touchy-feely would result in a beatdown.
  • On one of their first days in the House of Love, they happened to see a butterfly shining with all the colors of the rainbow. Immediately enamored, Mizuki proceeded to catch it. She and Takeru were of course very surprised when it began to shout in protest. It turned out that the butterfly was, in fact, Tippi, who didn't find being caught by an insect enthusiast again amusing at all. Thankfully, after she calmed down, she understood that Mizuki didn't mean any harm, and approve of her happy relationship with Takeru.
  • Upon hearing about Mizuki, the Military Academy students Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Makoto Nanaya were reminded of their good friend Mai Natsume, who was also forcefully changed into a girl but eventually embraced her new gender. So they went over to meet her and Takeru and quickly befriended them. Makoto's energetic behavior especially reminded them of Takeru's little sister. Noel thought about offering Mizuki a spot in the League of Flat Chests but quickly changed her mind when she learned that the former boy was still growing.
    • Mizuki is good friends with Chihiro Fujisaki, another feminine-looking boy who got severely bullied for it. She does feel happy that Chihiro is aiming to make himself feel stronger soon and proposed to teach him Aikido, but he replied he'd rather train under another boy. So she convinced Takeru to begin teaching him judo.
  • Mizuki Only:
    • After she learned that other deities in the pantheons had experience in gender-bending, Mizuki was interested in meeting them. Of course, people like Natsuru Senou, Souji Mitsuka and Souta Kishibe can switch genders at will and identify firmly as male, but she still easily befriended them. She's even thinking about wearing her hair in twin tails thanks to Souji's suggestion. By contrast, Ranma Saotome avoids her because a boy choosing to be a girl forever disturbs him a bit.
    • She gets along well with transpeople like Poison and the Chevalier D'Eon. As far as they're concerned, she's also a transgirl, it just took her body changing before she realized it. At first, she was a bit weirded out by the fact that Bowsette coexists with her 'male self' and that Yubel possesses both sexes, but she also quickly warmed up to them. Yubel, in particular, approve of Mizuki's relationship with her childhood friend.
    • She befriended another person who has to face a similar choice to her in Kuroumaru Tokisaka, whose race choose their gender at sixteen. She wholeheartedly supports their crush on Touta, no matter what their choice end up being.
    • Despite her frail appearance, Mizuki is actually a master in the Aikido style passed through her family. In the pantheon, she met with fellow aikido practitioner Tenko Chabashira. Surprisingly, the Ultimate Aikido Master doesn't really mind that she used to be a boy and readily spar with her. This has much to do with the fact that she's prone to gush over Mizuki's cuteness. Of course, she gives the stink eye to Takeru when he comes to see his girlfriend after their sparring sessions.
    • Mizuki adore bugs and one of her favorite hobbies is collecting them. As such, she rushed towards the House of Insects when she heard about its existence. She wasn't disappointed, to say the least, and quickly befriended the good and neutral-aligned members of the house. She particularly adores Mothra and often catches a ride on the Kaiju. Of course, she avoids going near the Evil-aligned insect deities, but she can't help but find their appearance cool. Except for the Terraformars, who looks nothing like actual bugs. She's just plain scared of them.
      • Other buglike deities she tries her best avoid are the Crimson Court, who has been hounding her out of interest in tasting the blood of a gender-bent person, and Stratos of the Sumeragi Swordsmen after she nearly got devoured by what she thought were ordinary flies.
      • Of course, this means that she became great friends with fellow bug-lovers Agitha, Sig, Dr. Grissom, and Shino Aburame, though she finds the latter raising insects in his body to be creepy. They talk at length about what kind of bugs they like and have been thinking about forming an entomology club.
    • Even when she was a boy, Mizuki was interested in wearing girl clothing, tough very much in denial about it. Now that she fully accepted who she is, she has been thinking about trying out more outfits and so went to visit the group known as Dressed for Divinity. She was very warmly received by the designers there, who love working on such a beautiful and petite lady. Of course, she's grateful for their services, but she still finds being doted upon so much to be embarrassing.
    • Mizuki used to have a crush on her classmate Yumeko Fujiwara. However, shortly before her final choice, she realized that rather than really loving Fujiwara, she admired and felt drawn to her femininity. Because of this, she feels sympathy towards others who loved what they saw in people and not the person themselves, like Scarlett O'Hara and Robert Baratheon. Despite that, she feels those two are too unpleasant for her liking. She gets along much better with Jay Gatsby, even tough his misguided affection had a much worse result than hers.
    • Cinderella was interested in meeting Mizuki after learning the latter played her in a school play. The two became fast friends owing to their shared kind personalities.
  • Takeru only:
    • Thanks to his dad being a fisherman, Takeru's favorite food is fish, which he likes to catch himself. He gets along well with fellow fisherman Big the Cat, and the two often relax together while fishing. Sometimes Link joins these fishing sessions.
    • He also grew interested in Gon after he learned that he actually fights with his fishing rod and once caught a huge fish that was called the "Master of the Lake". Tough Gon doesn't fish must these days, he still sometime join Takeru. Upon seeing Gon's friend Kurapika, he joked that he should be careful to not wake up as a girl.
    • One time he was fishing along with Mizuki, he happened to catch a clownfish. Unfortunately, it turned out that the fish was Marvin, who immediately screamed in fear. After the initial shock, Takeru released him and promptly asked for forgiveness. At least, until Mizuki remembered something she learned at an aquarium and tried to ask Marvin about the natural gender-switching of clownfishes. This made the fish promptly leave. Things went better when he met Dory under similar circumstances. The blue tang doesn't hold anything against him for his honest mistake, though it's probably partly because she completely forgot about it.
    • He's part of his high school's judo club, and so was interested in meeting another judo-practicing god by the name of Segata Sanshiro. The meeting quickly degenerated when Takeru admitted that he never even touched a Sega Saturn. He survived the explosive judo throw that ensued but has avoided Segata like the plaque since then.
  • "But now I realized, I can't be like you. You are you and I am me. Up until now, I've tried my best to ignore my own words and feelings. But it's time to stop, and I get that, so... I'll use my own words now. I like you too."


    Yuuta Kimura and Yui Ootsuka 
Yuuta Kimura and Yui Ootsuka, Divine Duo of Gender Bender Angst (Yuuta: "Yui" || Yui: "Yuuta")
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The tree that Yuuta fell from, or Yui's hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for Yuuta, Lawful Neutral with leanings towards Good for Yui
  • Portfolio: "Freaky Friday" Flip, Gender Bender Angst, Different endings in both the original webcomic and the manga, Transgender; Character Development, Relationship Upgrade, Becoming the Mask, Babies Ever After, Opposites Attract (Manga only)
  • Domains: Body Swap, Angst, Gender, Identity
  • Herald: Their children
  • High Priest: Ash Upton
  • Allies: Anna and Tess Coleman, Natsuru Senou, Poison, and Mizuki Suzushiro
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Needles Kane, Calypso, Killer BOB, The Grineer Queens, Zamasu, Orochimaru, Dante, Master Xehanort
  • Yuuta and Yui were two children that initially didn't get along and were polar opposites. Yuuta was a thrill-seeking boy while Yui was a lone, "goody-two shoes" girl. One day, Yuuta fell from a tree right onto her and swapped bodies with her. Both of them were terrified of their circumstances, but they are unable to switch back, forcing them to live out the other's life, with Yuuta's best friend Kazuma Takaoka being the only one who knows their secret. Years passed as the two grew into adolescence, with everyone knowing them for their current personalities and the two desperately wishing to return to their original bodies. Yuuta and Yui still manage to make some friends though, while confiding in each other their struggles. They also tend to into arguments when one of them is being insensitive towards the other. Even though they have found someone who fell in love with them (Hayato Tachibana for Yuuta and Kazuma for Yui), the two eventually realize how much they mean to each other, especially when Yuuta's body gets hit by a truck, causing them to switch back after 8 years. With Yuuta in critical condition, Yui finally realizes how much she loves Yuuta and prays for them to switch bodies again if it means saving him. The prayer is answered, and while Yui is recovering in Yuuta's body, both of them officially become a couple and fully accept their circumstances, now calling themselves by the other's name. They would eventually get married and have a son and daughter.
    • One day in the Pantheon, the Court of the Gods reviewed their case and send a messenger with an invitation to the Pantheon, having shown an interest in their story and emotional journey. The two accepted and became representatives of Gender Bender Angst. They shortly after learned that in an alternate timeline, Yuuta fell for Tachibana and failed to notice Yui's deteriorating mental state, which apparently caused her death, leaving Yuuta to lament his failure to understand her as he spends the rest of his life in her body. The two could only look on in horror about this, with Yui even admitting she would have ended up like that if neither of them had taken the time to understand the other's pain and apologize. Yuuta notes he was only a few steps away from making such a mistake.
    • The gods have offered to help switch Yuuta and Yui back to their original bodies if they so desire, no strings attached. But the two turn down the offer, stating they have already grown used to being the other's body and even admit if it weren't for that, they never would have gotten together. They do, however, no longer have to pretend to be the other, acting fully as themselves and being able to share their history with other people in the pantheon, though they still seem to call each other by their spouse's name out of habit.
  • The two soon crossed paths with Anna and Tess Coleman, who had also gone through a body swap scenario that forced them to learn about the other's pain, albeit through different means. And unlike them, they were able to switch back after both learned their lesson. Anna and Tess can only give Yuuta and Yui their condolences about the struggles they had to go through growing up.
  • Deities in the House of Non-Binary Genders, particularly Poison, Natsuro, Ramna, and Mizuki, show pity for Yuuta and Yui for having to live for years as the unwanted gender, with nobody but your closest confidants knowing the truth. It's even worse in their situation since nobody else would likely believe them, and everybody only knows them for their current personalities. Yuuta and Yui admit it was painful, but they eventually learned to accept it because being together makes it worthwhile.
    • Natsuro knows what it's like to only be acknowledged as the opposite gender, since his Kämpfer form became popular with both males and females. The girl he was interested in, Kaede Sakura, was only interested in his female form and showed nothing but disgust for his true self.
    • Mizuki understands Yuuta and Yui's feelings all too well, having gone through a similar experience. But whereas she had a subconscious desire to be feminine, Yuuta and Yui weren't happy at all with the change at all, and it took years for the two to accept their circumstances. Mizuki promises to be there for them when they need, something they appreciate greatly.
    • Ramna actually avoids the two since, even though they initially disliked their circumstances, they eventually grew to accept them. Ramna has been trying to lift his curse of transforming into a girl and doesn't even want to entertain the notion of it being permanent.
  • Yuuta, in the mortal world, never truly got to carry out his dream of being soccer player because of the body swap. But in the Pantheon, the Gods have told Yuuta that he is free to carry out his dream if he still wants it, so he goes to the House of Sports to try out for soccer. He has spent his days training, hoping to carry out his childhood dream, while receiving support in the Pantheon. When he's not training, Yuuta also tends to go to the House of Technology due to also becoming a web designer for his career choice, having gotten used to working on this field of choice. He admits to Yui in the Pantheon about how he lied about his dream, having given up his childhood dream because of the body swap. Yui assures him that she's not mad and encourages him to follow his dream, having long since learned to be honest and considerate.
  • Yui is also good with children, having grown up with Yuuta's brother Haruki, so she decided to be a nursery school teacher for her career choice. A lot of children get along with Yui, and Yui goes to the House of School to help teach child deities that go there for education.
  • The two are wary of body snatchers in general, since unlike their body swap (which was entirely unintentional and they tried their best not to ruin the other's reputation), they tend to take people's bodies deliberately and ruin their lives. Some of the most notable examples include Zamasu (who swapped bodies with Goku before killing him in front of his family and killing them too), Needles Kane (Granted, Calypso was far from a saint, but what Needles Kane did still reminds them of the alternate timeline), and Dante (Who kills anyone she swaps bodies with, not to mention what she intended to do when she stole Rose's body).
  • Junko Enoshima was really enticed by their trauma, but was disappointed that their relationship didn't end in tragedy like in the alternate timeline, so she wants to make it the same events come to pass. The two in turn outright loathe her for enjoying people's misery, and are disgusted by her desire for despair. They're also downright horrified when they discovered how Junko blackmailed Juzo Sakakura, with the former even admitting she would have gladly used their secret against them if it pushed past the Despair Event Horizon.


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