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Some think it is absolutely ridiculous to have a vault dedicated to storing narrative devices, but the fact that they are key supports for the functioning of any fictional universe, their protection is essential.

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Class 5

Applied Cryogenics Cryo-Tube
Applied Cryogenics on New Year's Eve, 1999
  • Appearance: An easy to open tube with a transparent view on its occupant.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Constant, Human Popsicle, Ragnarök Proofing, Timey-Wimey Ball
  • Domains: Freezing, Preservation, Time Travel(sort of), Narrative
  • Located in both Old and New New York is Applied Cryogenics, a state of the art cryogenics lab. Ever since its last power failure in 1997, the facility's cryo-tubes are able to instantly suspend anyone for five minutes to a million years; it has allowed one-way time travel to Philip J Fry among others up to the 31st century and possibly beyond. They won't ask questions, as per their motto "You can solve all your problems by freezing them".
  • Serves as one of the most effective cryo-presentation out there. For over a millennium there hasn't been a single Cryonics Failure, and the building has survived the destruction of the city it was in twice. They can fit at least two people, and can be used as a fridge or to have a nap. Some gods freeze themselves out of impatience.
  • Has been utilized by the House of Health and Diseases in order to help preserve some of their patients. So far nothing's gone wrong. Ice wielders have helped to keep the cryo-tube in pristine condition. It is suspected that Nibbler may have had an involvement with how long they lasted as part of The Plan to freeze Fry.
  • The cyro-tubes pose a major significance to the space-time continuum, due to being the only way Fry was able to reach the 31st century and achieve his destiny of defeating the Brainspawn. There's also the fact that as his existence is a Stable Time Loop involving the Planet Express ship, it's a sort of nexus point to causality. Bad things happen when that causality is broken.
  • In recent times Applied Cryogenics has seen a lot of time travel, and the facility has been very useful to overcome The Slow Path. The House of Time and Space has tried to keep this under control to avoid paradoxes, and has been investigating the security videos on the turn of the millennium.


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