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Some think it is absolutely ridiculous to have a vault dedicated to storing narrative devices, but the fact that they are key supports for the functioning of any fictional universe, their protection is essential.

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Class 0

    Plot Armor 
Plot Armor
  • Appearance: An invisible (sometimes visible) armor.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nigh Invulnerable
  • Domain: Protection
  • A device that protects the wearer from being injured, and even dying. Once wearing it, you can be totally sure that one will not die even if they're being threaten to be ripped to pieced by an unstoppable force. At least, MOSTLY totally: a few gods are capable of piercing the armor, such as Gen Urobuchi.

    The Reset Button 
The Reset Button

    Status Quo 
The Status Quo
  • Class Level: 0
  • Symbol: A hand making the "stop" gesture
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: None
  • Portfolio: Reset Buttons, Masquerades, Like Reality Unless Noted, Conspiracies, Reed Richards Is Useless, Jerking The Chain, Failure Is the Only Option, Perpetual Poverty
  • Allies: The stars of nearly every sitcom and Saturday morning cartoon, Tzeentch
  • Enemies: Many; The Brain, Samurai Jack etc.
  • Controls: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu
  • Many benefit from the machinations of the Status Quo, and many suffer tremendously. None trust it, however, as those who benefit know that it would turn on them in an instant if they ever change their minds about anything or if the Status Quo changes even slightly, as it is known to do. All Gambit Roulette makers ultimately either serve or pay tribute to The Status Quo, as all fear the consequences of defying it openly.
    • Has the support (whether open or otherwise) of Tzeentch and other like-minded gods of the Pantheon in all of its endeavors.
  • The Status Quo is the reason that although there are dozens of reality warpers, The Council of Shadows, and other different factions, nothing actually changes.
  • Is fond of yanking the chains of dogs.
  • The Status Quo, despite having innumerable enemies, is the sole force that prevents Mary Sues from taking over the Pantheon.
  • Really, really hates gods with the Screw Destiny purview, as they are the only ones who can actually defy it without consequence if they work hard enough. However, despite this, even they have been unable to change things in the Pantheon where the Status Quo is at its strongest.
  • Its current mortal incarnation is a British rock band.
  • It was once thought that the Status Quo had complete control over Ash Ketchum and would never let him win a major League or become Champion of anything. However, this all changed when Ash defied it and won the Alola League. When the Status Quo learned what had happened, it became enraged and swore Ash would pay dearly for breaking it and its grip on the Pokémon anime.


Class 1

    The Anvil 
The Anvil
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good, depending on which trope is being used
  • Portfolio: Being Dropped, not always without cause.
  • Domains: Destruction, Agony, Cartoon Violence. Alternatively, Heavy-Handedness, Viewer Depreciation
  • Similiar Artifacts: The Heavy Lourde, The n-Ton Weight, the Author Filibuster
  • In the days of eld [sic], this object was used to create powerful weapons of steel and bronze. In recent years, a secret society of filmmakers called the Anvildroppers decided to use the anvil in a decidedly unorthodox way. The media watchdogs disapproved of this usage, and infiltrated the society, turning various members away. Eventually, The Anvildroppers split into the Orthodox Anvildroppers, and the Ethical Anvildroppers, who made anvils out of words and dropped them on viewers instead of characters. The Orthodox Anvil is a powerful weapon which can warp the laws of physics and bend reality to its will. The Ethical Anvil is an equally powerful tool, though it does mental damage and brainwashing as opposed to physical damage.

    Chekhov's Gun 
Chekhov's Gun
  • Appearance: Variable. Sometimes, it is an actual gun, in which case usually hangs above a mantelpiece.
  • Alignment: Variable.
  • Portfolio: Plot Devices, Foreshadowing.
  • Domains: Craft, Creation, Knowledge.
  • Among the most mutable treasures available in the Pantheon, Chekhov's Gun can appear as anything, to anyone, anywhere. It is unique in divine artifacts in that when it is introduced, it always gets used. Sometimes the premise where the gun is used can be utterly ridiculous, but it doesn't stop some from attempting to invoke it anyway.
  • Some textbooks make the claim that this artifact was originally a firearm owned by a highly skilled mortal playwright. This firearm did exist, and gave Chekhov's Gun its name and legendary status, but it existed in a less defined state long before this.
  • The gift of using it has passed down through the generations, with different people acquiring full power over it, although any old writer can use it in a limited fashion without permission of the chosen wielder. The current Chosen Wielder of Chekhov's Gun is J.K. Rowling.

    The Idiot Ball 
The Idiot Ball (Wheatley, Intelligence Dampening Sphere)
  • Appearance: Once a featureless crystal ball. Later revealed to be a highly advanced technological device, created by the finest minds of a generation, pooling their best efforts together, to create the dumbest moron who ever lived.
  • Alignment: Always Stupid (whether Lawful, Chaotic, Neutral, Good or Evil depends on who's holding it)
  • Portfolio: Malevolent Artifacts, Improbable Behavior, Contrived Stupidity
  • Domains: Charm, Corruption, Mind, Entropy.
  • Followers: Billy, who, in true worshipper of the Idiot Ball fashion, does not know that the Idiot Ball is Wheatley, and is sentient, and also does not know that he's worshipping an inanimate object.
  • Similar Artifacts: The Hero Ball, the Villain Ball, the Conflict Ball, the Smart Ball, the Jerkass Ball and the Distress Ball.
  • Any character who holds this orb is believed to experience a sharp and immediate drop in IQ. The effect is usually temporary, but if held on too long, it can irreparably damage a person's ability to think logically.
  • Not to be confused with the Nine-ball, an alternative title of Cirno, Goddess of Idiots.
  • It has since been revealed that the Idiot Ball is a living object with a personality and a name- Wheatley - who was sealed in the Vault as punishment for temporarily usurping GLaDOS' position.
  • Despite multiple efforts on GLaDOS' part, it is impossible to keep him contained forever. Pretty much every god in every Pantheon has at least had a brush with the Idiot Ball. Others seem to have a death grip on him at all times.
    • For some reason, whoever holds the Idiot Ball makes attempts to transfer it to Chell because Wheatley regrets what he's done to her and wants to apologize, but due to the virtue of the artifact, it always ends up in failure.
  • Theorised to be the Orb of Confusion.

    The MacGuffin 
The MacGuffin
  • Appearance: Variable.
  • Alignment: Variable.
  • Portfolio: Plot Devices, MacGuffins.
  • Domains: Craft, Creation, Knowledge
  • It is the only device that can compete with Chekhov's Gun in terms of mutability. Some argue it is a Chekhov's Gun that has its safety on or out of ammo. Unlike Chekhov's Gun, which usually seems fairly innocuous in its first appearance, the MacGuffin is important from the start, and many other artifacts inherited its traits.

    Omniscient Morality License 
The Omniscient Morality License

    Shakespeare's Quill 
Shakespeare's Quill (That Which Wrote it First)
  • Appearance: A pure-gold Quill that never runs out of ink
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Every Trope ever
  • Domains: See above
  • With this Quill, Shakespeare laid down on paper all Tropes. As it was He Who Did it First, so was this quill That Which Wrote it First.

Class 3

    The Iron Throne 
The Iron Throne
The Iron Throne, as envisioned in Game of Thrones

Class 5

Applied Cryogenics Cryo-Tube
Applied Cryogenics on New Year's Eve, 1999
  • Appearance: An easy to open tube with a transparent view on its occupant.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Constant, Human Popsicle, Ragnarök Proofing, Timey-Wimey Ball
  • Domains: Freezing, Preservation, Time Travel(sort of), Narrative
  • Located in both Old and New New York is Applied Cryogenics, a state of the art cryogenics lab. Ever since its last power failure in 1997, the facility's cryo-tubes are able to instantly suspend anyone for five minutes to a million years; it has allowed one-way time travel to Philip J Fry among others up to the 31st century and possibly beyond. They won't ask questions, as per their motto "You can solve all your problems by freezing them".
  • Serves as one of the most effective cryo-presentation out there. For over a millennium there hasn't been a single Cryonics Failure, and the building has survived the destruction of the city it was in twice. They can fit at least two people, and can be used as a fridge or to have a nap. Some gods freeze themselves out of impatience.
  • Has been utilized by the House of Health and Diseases in order to help preserve some of their patients. So far nothing's gone wrong. Ice wielders have helped to keep the cryo-tube in pristine condition. It is suspected that Nibbler may have had an involvement with how long they lasted as part of The Plan to freeze Fry.
  • The cyro-tubes pose a major significance to the space-time continuum, due to being the only way Fry was able to reach the 31st century and achieve his destiny of defeating the Brainspawn. There's also the fact that as his existence is a Stable Time Loop involving the Planet Express ship, it's a sort of nexus point to causality. Bad things happen when that causality is broken.
  • In recent times Applied Cryogenics has seen a lot of time travel, and the facility has been very useful to overcome The Slow Path. The House of Time and Space has tried to keep this under control to avoid paradoxes, and has been investigating the security videos on the turn of the millennium.


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