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Life and Death

Many first-time visitors to this House expect it to be a lot more forboding than it actually is. In fact, it is quite comfortable and homey, since the vast majority of its occupants don't go in for the sort of pretentious nonsense favored by some other Houses. It's also partly because this is where mortal souls enter the Pantheon after death, and where they leave it upon being reborn. (Three specific Gods pass through here quite frequently). Most of the gods of Life and Death believe in making the transition pleasant. Generally, if something is comfortable and puts people at ease, there's at least one example of it in this House. There's also people who aren't comfortable unless death isn't comfortable (hey, don't expect me to explain human psychology) so there's some of that allowed too.


The House of Life and Death is also notable in that none of its resident gods directly oppose one another. Even Ryuk and Ichigo's relationship is characterized more by rivalry than by true antagonism. Some believe that this is because the deities of this House are united in their allegiance to Death. Others suggest that it is because they recognize that their shared duties are more important than personal conflicts. Still others suspect that it's simply because Head Death punishes infighting with embarrassing demotions. Which explanation a given deity believes is generally a good measure of where they fall on the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism.

Due to one Artix von Krieger's obsession to smite the undead, the Gods had to ban the Paladin from entering the House until he could control his urges. The only other way to stop him is through the use of the color pink, but no self-serving god of Death would go that far. The Black Organization has also been banned for illicit research here.

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The Overseers of Life and Death

Athena, Goddess of Those Born as Adults (Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of War, Pallas Athena)

    Death (The Seventh Seal
Death, King of Death Personifications
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A black Queen chess piece
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Classic representation of death, dropping his duties for a game of chess, polite death-bringer, unconcerned with petty things like social class
  • Domains: Death, Existentialism, Chess
  • Allies: Death of the Endless, Decim, Death (Regular Show), Lord Death (Soul Eater)
  • Rivals: HAL 9000, Sora and Shiro
  • Enemies: Death (Final Destination), Jigsaw (to a certain extent)
  • On good terms with: Antonius Block and other Ingmar Bergman deities
  • Annoyed by: Bill and Ted
  • Complicated Relations: Billy, Mandy, Grim
  • On the way home from the Crusades, a knight named Antonius Block came across a ghostly man wearing a black cloak. It was Death, who was coming for him. Being a fairly amiable sort, Death accepted postponing Antonius' fate for a game of chess. Death followed the knight closely as the latter journeyed through his country in upheaval and saw the best and worst of humanity, and kept begging Death for answers to his existential questions, which Death either wouldn't or couldn't provide. In the end, Death, in his unavoidability, took Antonius.
  • Came up to the Pantheon immediately after Antonius because he was rather annoyed that one of his charges had been restored to life without his consultation. His idea was to drag Antonius right back, instead the Main House was glad to see one of the most influential versions of death come up of his own accord and pleaded for him to stay and represent The Grim Reaper (which was released from Gig after some bureaucratic wrangling). He supposed that was fine as long as it didn't interfere with his job in the mortal world. As for the whole "drag Antonius back to death" thing, he let it be once it was made clear Antonius would never be alive in their universe again. Nothing personal, but if that were the case, Death would have failed his duty.
  • When it comes to other death personifications, Death is in particularly good terms with Death of the Endless since her pleasant disposition meshes well with his polite and calm demeanor. Since Death is considered the basis for modern portrayals of The Grim Reaper, Death of the Endless likes to call him 'Dad' as a joke. Death likes how she remains professional in regards to her duties in spite of her soft spot for humanity. Death of the Endless, for her part, likes to tell him about how interesting human lives are, which might be inspiring Death to have a less indifferent attitude to the souls he reaps. He's also pursuing friendships with Decim and Lord Death due to them also being relatively sympathetic to humanity and benevolent, which 7S!Death finds he prefers to the nihilism and malevolence of others such as FD!Death. Is also on friendly terms with RS!Death given their predilection for games and the fact that he holds the trope he codified, though 7S!Death doesn't like his personality all that much.
  • Given the Pantheon actually has no use for death entities due to the meaninglessness of death in here, he spends most of his time humoring deities who think they might have a shot beating him at chess, or who just want to re-enact the Chess with Death scenes. He's also always in the middle of some chess match with Antonius, a habit the two started "for old times' sake". Death has won all games, but given he once felt the need to learn Antonius' tactics, the knight is sure he's not invincible and keeps at it.
  • Among the deities who want to prove their skill at chess by winning against Death himself, there are gamer siblings Sora and Shiro, who have vowed that they'd never lose a single game. Given Sora and Shiro have done well by that vow, Death figured that the game would just go on forever and after a few days of playing the same match let the siblings win. Neither was fooled, though they've acknowledged that they need to rise to number one in the world of Disboard and probably beat Tet if they want to beat Death himself.
  • Hearing of HAL 9000 and how it was proficient at chess, Death became interested in seeing how such a human invention stacked up against himself. Death came away from the match with the impression that the machine's patterns are easily figured out and that it's just as prone to mistakes as humans, as expected from a creation of theirs. HAL is mostly infuriated to be bested and looked down upon by a primitive, unharnessable force of nature and is looking to improve its chess playing, so as to prove that something built to be infallible such as itself can overcome that which humans fear most. (HAL probably has a chip in its shoulder because it does have a fear of death.)
  • He's not as flashy as other personifications of death in the Pantheon, which leads to people thinking he's one of the weaker ones. Given he has no inclination for getting into fights, there's no real way of verifying just how powerful he is in that regard, but he's much harder to beat at games than the Death from Mordecai and Rigby's universe, especially as he doesn't let his opponents get away with cheating.
    • Speaking of, RS!Death often invites him to the House of Gaming with a view to expand his repertoire beyond plain old chess. 7S!Death won't turn him down, but still prefers playing chess by far, finding it the more compelling game, and having his matches in the solitude and quiet of his own temple. For someone who's basically a force of nature, even he feels a bit dislocated from the atmosphere of the House of Gaming.
  • When he meets a fellow Bergman deity for the first time, his greeting is a friendly chess match where he takes the time to converse with them to get to know them better. While most of his fellow creations don't exactly go out of their way to be with him, given he's Death, he follows their lives in the Pantheon with deep interest. Death of the Endless' influence is at work.
    • His greeting didn't go over so well when it came to Agnes' family, because he decided to spice it up when he heard their story. He pretended he was there to reap Agnes' life and made his challenge to Karin and Maria, telling them that if they didn't defeat him, Agnes would be gone for good. He didn't actually mean it, but he was eager to test the two sisters' resolve. To Karin and Maria (yes, the two played together, Sora and Shiro style) it was a highly stressful, sky-high-stakes game, and after fourteen straight hours Death took pity on them, decided he was satisfied and let them win. He has a fairly poor relationship with them as a result, though it's one-sided on their side as he finds them fascinating.
  • Shakes his head at Grim for his foolishness of agreeing to be a slave to two children after losing a game. Mandy wouldn't mind making a slave out of Death as well since he seems to be more clever than Grim. Death is obviously not keen on the idea and avoids her, lest her diabolical mind come up with a way of ensnaring him. Death also treads lightly around Billy, just in case. Granted, Death'll never admit out loud he actually does have some fear of falling into the same situation as Grim.
  • Was approached by Bill and Ted, who asked him "How's it hanging, Death?" and that they'll beat his ass at Twister and Clue again any time. Death didn't really know what they were talking about and assumed they confused him for the Death in their world, but at any rate, found them annoying and crude and has no real desire to seek them out and challenge them.

    Death of the Endless 
Death of the Endless, Goddess of Friendly Grim Reapers
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A silver ankh
  • Alignment: True Neutral due to her duties, but leans toward Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Death (obviously), Perky Goths, Personifications of Death, Complete Immortality, Beware the Nice Ones, Nice Anthropomorphic Personification, Don't Fear the Reaper, All of the Death Tropes.
  • Domain: Darkness, Death, Life, Love.
  • Followers: Lady Death, The Black Racer, George Lass, Psychopomp-style Shinigami such as the members of the The Gotei 13, Steve, Gregg the Grim Reaper, The Agency of Deaths
  • Allies: The rest of the Endless (Dream, Destiny, Destruction, Delirium), Death the Horseman, Robin the Avatar, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Paige, The One Above All
  • Targets: Grima, The Lich
  • Opposed by: Many, but they are all one-sided
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Cthulhu
  • Odd Relationship with: Thanos, Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Death is a fun girl. She appreciates life, likes sentient people to hang out with, and is actually quite fun to be around. That being said, she's still DEATH, so don't mess with her.
  • Once, every 100 years, Death takes a day off to both enjoy being mortal for a short while and to remind herself of the gravitas of her duties.
  • A large part of Deadpool and Thanos' heat with each other is that they are both in love with her. While she is flattered by this, she treats both with as much affection as she does everyone else.
  • Has a friendship with the Death of the Discworld; he has offered to "lend" her his assistance as the Reaper, along with his assistants, allowing her to take more time off of work than one day a century, which she is grateful for.
  • Also gets along with Death the Horseman, though he is puzzled by her interest in humanity.
  • She has an entire army of lesser Grim Reapers, including The Black Racer, George Lass, Kill 'Em All Yoshiyuki Tomino, Psychopomp-style Shinigami, Steve, Gregg, and of course many, many little Deaths.
  • Is assisting Robin in finding a way to kill Grima off for good.
  • Will sometimes take members of the Pantheon to the Sunless Lands to say goodbye to those that they have loved, and were unable to make their peace with before their passing.
  • Nekron is plotting to overthrow her and steal her position. Thanos has sworn to destroy Nekron after discovering this plan; while she thanks him for the thought, she's not that concerned about Nekron. After all, she IS the one who will close up existence when the end comes, and lock up the door on her way out.
  • Has been asked by Finn and Jake to aid them in killing the Lich and making him stay dead. She has agreed to aid them, on the condition that he must be destroyed/killed again first. She upheld her part of the bargain by allowing an aspect of the Lich to reincarnate as Sweet Pea, who overcame the evil within himself and slew the last evil remnant of the Lich in Ooo.
  • Gets along well with Paige, due to their dark and gothic styles while still being as friendly and fun as they can afford to be.
  • Once partnered with John Constantine in order to give a short, informal PSA about safe sex.
  • Appointed Lady Death as the leader of her Psychopomps retinue as a gesture of mercy towards the innocent woman she once was. In exchange of being able to step out of Hell, Death declared that, if she was to remain undead until all human life is gone from Earth, Hope could at least make herself useful by helping with the passing away of souls for the rest of her undead existence. Lady Death accepted since she is now able to see other things than Hell and demons but warned Death that she just might want to claim her title someday. Death doesn't worry about it because Hope is of human origin and thus cannot really act against her, no matter how powerful she may become.

    Kane (Command and Conquer
Kane, God of Contractual Immortality (The Prophet, Cain, The Granddaddy Of Them All)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Flag of Nod: chamfered triangle enclosing a curved, left-facing scorpion tail; main color elements, red and black.
  • Alignment: Ambiguous Evil
  • Portofolio: Big Bad of the entire series, Ascension, Bald of Evil, Beard of Evil, Contractual Immortality, Dark Messiah, Magnificent Bastards, interrupting broadcasts, "second close" to God, A mix of both anti-hero and villain, Thinks he's Cain, Never dies, Visionary Villain, Loved by his forces
  • Domains: Cults, Tiberium, Charisma, Immortality
  • Heralds: The Brotherhood of Nod
  • Allies: Yuri, Revolver Ocelot, Nikita Dragovich, Colonel Mael Radec, Raul Menendez
  • Rivals: Red Skull
  • Enemies: Tanya, HAL 9000, The God Emperor of Mankind, Captain America, Good-aligned members of the House of Leadership
  • Opposed by: Martian Manhunter, Dhuum
  • There are many questions regarding this enigmatic leader of Nod: who is he and what is his objective.
    • Some speculate that Kane is literally The Cain, given the seemingly intended nod to the Bible like the Brotherhood itself and several codenames of weapons and operations. There was also Nick "Havoc" Parker discovering what seems to be the tomb of Abel covered in Tiberium.
    • It is believed that Kane is immortal as apparently, he was seen in the Soviet Union aiding Stalin in the invasion of Europe before disappearing when the Allies claim victory. From the visual between the two from then and today, they still look alike.
    • It seems that his true objective was luring the Scrin to create the Threshold so that he could accomplish "Ascension."
  • There has been many times that Kane was supposedly killed, but it seems as though that Kane is immortal. First, he survived the Ion Cannon blast in the Temple of Nod, then get shot and stabbed by Michael McNeil, and survived not only the Ion Cannon again, but also an Liquid Tiberium Bomb explosion in Temple Prime in Sarejevo, yet he still lives.
    "Of course, Troper. You can't kill the Messiah"
    • Due to this feat of Joker Immunity, Dhuum has gotten immense hatred towards him, and is planning at some point to strike him down, permanently.
  • He and Yuri manage to form an alliance despite being in a different timeline and different motives. Though it was believed that Yuri used to be one of his disciples but there hasn't been any confirmation.
  • Due to one of his AI, CABAL, betraying him while he was gone, he found the AI to be disappointing in the end. So even he cannot stand AI who would betray their human masters. Though he created a new AI, Legion, which showed more efficiency and obedience than the last, though he will be a bit wary of rogue AI if they go against his goals.
    • This is why he hates HAL 9000 with no remorse, seeing him as worse as CABAL. The only thing not letting him engaging HAL is because of the AI's full control of the Pantheon's systems. Kane has yet to find an antithesis for this.
  • Despite being powerful, evil forces, Red Skull refuses to outright ally with him, due to huge suspicions about HYDRA being aborbed by Nod into a mere asset. Due to this, he holds no simple regard for him. Even worse due to having new telepathic powers, something that might be rivaled with.
    • Captain America on the other hand hates him, due to being destructive as HYDRA. Not to mention, the number of victories Kane has reaped for each war he has even been in.
  • The God of Telepathy himself, The Martian Manhunter, doesn't take his feats lightly, and sees him no better than the villains he stood up against. His telepathic powers he acquired during "Ascension" only made things worse.
  • Being one of the most respected (evil) leaders of video game history, this has given him a great advantage to most villainous gods, as his presence can strike down even the most heroic gods into full submission to the Brotherhood of Nod. The GUAE has used this to his advantage, bringing in a new age of evil tactics that can rival the GUAG's own strategists.
    • Another feat he has that most villains don't have is his charisma, using his wits to convince many to ally with him for as long as he wants. Thanks to this, he had recruited a lot of villains with him.
    • For instance, his charisma attracted the likes of Revolver Ocelot, another known Manipulative Bastard in Pantheon proper. He took notice of Revolver Ocelot's gambits and found him to be "second close" to him in terms of Magnificent Bastard. However, he decided to relinquish the title to him. Thanks to the knowledge with the likes of Big Boss, Skull Face and Solid Snake, this has given him an upper hand, except for the fact that Ocelot is actually using Kane as a sufficient way of finding Nod's assets.
    • He also found another ally named Dragovich, due to his previous Soviet connection. With a brute like him, he found a reliable ally to do his dirty work, in fact, he might consider reserving a spot for the Black Hand.
    • Has found impressive assistance in the form of Colonel Radec, who sees him as a substitute for Scholar Visari.
    • Amongst all the people who allied with him, Raul Menendez seems to be his most advocate ally. As someone who not only has a charismatic personality, he gained a formidable army and almost suceeded with it. This, along with his intelligent endeavour, allowed him and Raul to form an alliance with Cordis Die and The Brotherhood of Nod. BE VERY AFRAID
  • Even G-man respects Kane, for his tactics are devious and incredible. Both have agreed not to tangle with each-others plans for fear of a multiverse-breaking Gambit Pileup. However, G-man still hasn't let Kane forget getting blasted by GDI's Ion Cannon.
  • Tanya heard rumors about the mysterious adviser of Josef Stalin during World War II. If he is that adviser, then she would certainly make him pay for his involvement in the war as well as another timeline's war.
  • His involvement as one of the masterminds of "The Pantheonic Rebellion" is a combination of Even Evil Has Standards and respect for what Madoka represents despite his opposistion. He has ordered the Brotherhood of Nod to deploy to the "Fog of War" campaign front.
  • Thanks to having a text-to-speech device, The God-Emperor of Mankind has only one thing to say:
    God-Emperor: Fucking rodents. You call yourselves gods? It's like some mortals decided to take arms, say alleluia, go on a rampage, and say that "we are gods". What kind of sick fuck would make such stupidity. Oh and by the way, you and your rodent community remind me of the FUCKING Inquisition.
  • Is not to be confused with the wrestler known as Kane or the hideous clown known as Needles Kane either.

Ambiguous Ranks


Young Troper, there are but two paths. Inherit the order of this world, or destroy it.

Aldia, Divine Achiever of Absolute Immortality (Lord Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin)
  • Leitmotif: Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin
  • Unknown Rank
  • Symbol: A charred, deformed version of his head.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral borderline Chaotic Evil alive. After reaching the truth of his immortality, pure Blue.
  • Portfolio: A being of mismatched roots and of unknowable power, Was Once a Man, Sought immortality to find the truth of the world, Wreathed in Flames, Reveals the truth about the world he leaves in, Completely away from the strands of humanity, The Soulless, Hinted and later proven the atrocities Gwyn has commited but not without flaws
  • Domains: Life, Death, Immortality, Scholars, the First Sin
  • Additional Relationships: The Bearer of the Curse
  • Respects: The Dai Gurren Brigade, The Ashen One, Garnet
  • Opposes: The House of Royalty except Arthur Pendragon, Lucifer
  • Opposed by: The Maiden in Black, Dhuum, most scholars in general.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lady Yagokoro, The God-Emperor of Mankind, and most humans in general.
  • Commonality Connection: The Ancestor, Murky, Grenth
  • Subject of Interest to: Ragyo Kiryuin, Alex Wesker
  • Enemies: Lord Gwyn, Manus, Father of the Abyss or to be specific, Manus’ fragment, Nashandra, YHVH, Belial, Nekron, Lord English
  • The elder brother of the fabled King Vendrick, Aldia sought to find a cure to the Undead Curse through every attempt, even so far as to sacrificing hundreds of lives, both human and non-human within the Kingdom of Drangleic. This would not last however, when the king revealed what Aldia has done on most of his subjects, mainly experimenting on their souls and flesh. This outcasted him into his keep forever, but not before realizing the curse upon the world and its source. This would eventually give him knowledge on the “immortality” he seeked and he succeeded on his goal where his brother failed. By splitting his soul from the curse, this would remove him from the cycles humanity was sealed into, thus, giving him complete freedom, but with a cost: his form would be inhuman, no longer recognizable. Now, he wanders the world, with nothing more but his conscience present.
  • Aldia’s presence in the Pantheon was not forseen by many, as he was awaiting his time to appear after many events leading to him simply watching the series of conundrums caused by the various gods. Realizing that he has a chance to reveal himself, he successfully presented himself with an explosion followed by a rising temple covered in roots and fire. Those who heard the explosion thought it was nothing more as the sounds of war, but for the Bearer of the Curse, this meant one thing: Aldia has secured a position into Pantheon proper.
  • His opinion on the Pantheon is: pretty mixed. While he may find very interesting deities to study and perhaps trust with, his bitterness would increase thanks to the abundance of terrible kings, order-obssessed megalomaniacs and immortality addicts. Not to mention the Status Quo that is the Death Is Cheap situation in the Pantheon, which gave him memories of what he has endured in his former life.
  • Thanks to him succeeding in his objective of immortality, he has been a heavy source of interest towards most Immortality Seekers. Among those who wants to achieve it is none other than the representative of the title herself, Alex Wesker. Despite this however, Aldia has warned her of the immediate costs taking her goal to the extreme. Considering she is as mad as Albert Wesker, this warning has been ignored, and as a result, Aldia has kept quiet towards her.
    Aldia: “Humans, undead, we all seek a very important goal in life, yet this one, the depravity of this one, is of uniqueness. Unique as to possessing little to no dignity, like the monarchs of today’s age.”
  • Because of his experience of dukedom, and his rather terrible relationship with his brother who was a king no less, he has a terrible opinion on the House of Royalty. He sees the house, despite its grandeur and authority figures to be corrupt and doomed to fall. Afterall, he did see kingdoms of old rise and fall due to the Undead Curse, and he saw many kings desperately finding ways to eliminate it, only for their actions to only accelerate their downfall.
    • His biggest criticisms however roared on two specific subhouses: The Monarchs and Royalty Other subhouse. The former has a different variety of kings which gave Aldia angry tones everytime he spoke out their flaws, which is too many to count. The latter however is where Gwyn resided, and he has a really, really angry reception towards the Lord of Cinder.
    • On the Monarchs subhouse, he criticised many of the so-called “Kings” that reigned over the house. For instance, his opinion with Tommen Baratheon is left with disappointment when heard that he was never a true King to begin with, while on the other hand, his opinions on Ramses II, Sonia and the Queen of Hearts being members of Royalty has left him in bitterment considering they are in one way tyrannical or worse, outright killers. Then there are people he considers to be too complacent to fit the role as a king, such as the likes of King Hippo and Padmé Amidala. His voice would later rise upon seeing King Allant and Artoria Pendragon, who he sees to be the most incompetent Kings he has ever seen, perhaps more than his brother Vendrick.
      • His opinion on Allant stems on the fact that he is the polar opposite of Gwyn, as in element wise and actual person-wise. This is because the Allant present was never the real King Allant to begin and is more or less a demon counterpart to him. On Artoria’s side, he has beefs towards how she is less of a king, especially compared to her male counterpart Arthur Pendragon when it comes to ruling an actual kingdom with actual people and not some plane of existance of “Servants”. This got worse when he heard of her dependance towards a human being and their “mana regeneration”, a.k.a having sex, putting a final nail to any good opinion on her. The last one stems from the fact that King Vendrick was approached by a Queen Nashandra, who is actually a fragment of Manus, Father of the Abyss, that slowly corrupted his brother, to the point that when he realised his mistakes, he would later fail on his objective to save his kingdom. He believes Shirou is no better than Nashandra, especially since he is just a human and never someone who was truly powerful to begin with.
      Aldia: “As ages come and go, the monarchs of this very house has dwindled into swindling cocoons of degeneracy and loss. One bathes himself into a realm of demonhood, another revels into the forbidden romance of two worlds. Its as if the term ‘monarch’ would be thrown, trampled into a state of loss of meaning to such a word of grandeur, such as their lies.”
  • Has massive amounts of respect towards the Dai Gurren Brigade and for good reason, they truly did fight against fate by GIGAAA DRILLL BREAAAAK-ing the Anti-Spiral into oblivion. If anything, he believes the Giga Drill Break can put a stop to the curse, though he wonders what happens if they try to Giga Drill him, considering he is completely separated from the cycles.
    • He would later however approach the Ashen One with signs of hope on what he has tried to accomplish namely: linking the flame, but with the Darksign. Creating an “Age of Humanity”. This revelation brought him with possible hope, proving that maybe, humans can find their way out of fate.
    • On the same day he met the Ashen One, Garnet would stumble upon him and would later share her experience on altering her future, which would lead to the safety of the Crystal Gems. While Aldia was intrigued and respected her courage to stand up to such, he expressed disappointment upon hearing that even non-humans are connected to fate, something that irritates him greatly.
  • Has finally found true kinship in the form of the Bearer of the Curse, mainly because he finally stood up against all odds to reach the Throne of Want. This also goes without saying that some sources indicate Aldia may or may not have influenced The Bearer of the Curse to leave the Throne or claim it, all while presenting another option (albeit, something that is impossible, maybe).
  • The Maiden in Black finds Aldia to be confusing, if not, irrepairable to her domain. When asked if Aldia can still be brought back, she could only say a Little "No", believing that whatever Aldia has done to his soul, by splitting it away from his humanity, can no longer be brought back. Hearing this, Aldia responded with sentiment on his part.
    Aldia: “So, you control the souls of the people. As if they were people in the first place. If only you knew what they have gone through. Perhaps the Darksign would appeal to you, fair maiden.”
  • Out of all people who would accept him, surprisingly, it was Eirin Yagokoro who visited him with utmost respect, stating that he accomplished something she also managed to accomplish with the Hourai Exilir (I.E splitting the soul from the body). However, upon hearing his methods of how he got his immortality, she would later question the Scholar if all he did was without a cost, and even offered him a sip of her exilir to maybe give him a better fate. The Scholar rejected her offer and said that in the end, without his efforts, he would have never unearthed and rightfully watched a kingdom of lies burn. She also doesn’t like him for attempting to use human guinea pigs, as shown in his Keep.
  • His status as being nigh-immortal has earned him respectability from Grenth and Murky due to both being able to get by death very easy. Grenth in particular likes Aldia and as such is willing to guide him throughout the Pantheon. However, that cannot be said to Dhuum, who hates him with complete malice due to opposing the laws of death. Despite this however, Dhuum has one thing to say to Aldia in regards to his immortality.
    Dhuum: Death will always find a way you whelp!
    • Lord English doesn’t like him either, but mainly on his immortality aspect. If anything, his ascension made English constantly whine about how he got true immortality first, one without flaws and completely foolproof, especially since a portion of him is now stuck in his herald, Lil Cal.
  • Hates, hates, hates liars, for attempting to keep the secrets of humanity away and using such deviances to keep the truth of the Darksign. For this he was at odds at another Lord of Lies, Lesser Evil Belial. Sure Belial may have power to kill him, if Aldia wasn’t immortal in the first place.
  • When news spread of what happened to Aldia when it came to searching for the truth, The Ancestor saw very similar remarks to their fate. The Ancestor did the very same thing Aldia tried to do and shed some truth to both of them, with Aldia realizing the link of the curse, and the Ancestor forseeing the Heart of Darkness. This made an uncanny comparison to the point of actually creeped alot out.
  • If anyone is close to Aldia’s hate towards Gwyn, YHVH would be that deity he hates. His presence gave the Scholar furious rants on his lies and his obsessive order. He believes that YHVH is the epitome of liars, those who promise a paradise for Humanity only to use them as puppets for his rule. The Absolute Lawmaker however is disgusted with the Scholar of the First Sin, considering that a human managed to attain a power that Gods are truly meant to rule, thus resulting into a clash between the two.
    YHVH: “Human beings and their pettiness. Why would you deserve a power dedicated to the true Messiah? You are no god!”
    Aldia: “The answer lies not on the person himself, as I have learned, but on what they have achieved from what I have endured upon. Kingdoms rise and fall, as if the world was a cycle, tendered by lies and deceit of hope, where no king was safe from a curse.”
    YHVH: “Mindless mortal! How dare you desecrate my rule?! My promises are kept to those who follow my orders, my men are proof of such and-”
    Aldia: “Men are props to the stage of life. And no matter how tender, how exquisite, A Lie will remain a Lie!”
    • This however indirectly placed him into the so-called Forever War that the Pantheon has seeped himself into. Thus leading him to encounter not just the Grand Leader of the GUAL, but the leaders of the GUAE, GUAG, GUAC and GUAD. Eventually he would be forced to believe that even the GUAM exists, even though he never encountered such beings of sentience. Though his opinion on the war would be a sigh of mediocrity since he believes the war is no more but a recreating of the cycles and the fact that the war may have no victor at all.
      • His encounter with Lucifer is something he would take note of when it comes to shaping humanity. While both do agree humans have the right to freedom, Aldia has been under the edge of his patience when it came to Lucifer talking about his ideals. His ideals are if anything twisted and can border worse than Gwyn or the Abyss, losing his respect in the process. Though the embodiment of Chaos would later mention that Aldia did some atrocious stuff in his keep, mainly experimenting with thousands of animals, humans, and eventually a dragon’s soul.
      • At the heart of the GUAG, Cosmos is unsure how to think of Aldia considering on a moral scale, Aldia was pretty much fighting for something truthful, but his methods are if anything, unethical and completely borderline harsh. She also sympathizes to him about his fate saying that in the end, he was just trying to escape the worst of the cycles, though he doesn’t mind.
      • Nekron however holds the heaviest grudge towards Aldia, and this is the same equal hatred he would step his foot under Eirin Yagokoro. Mainly because of his immortality, this denies him the control of the Scholar with a Black Lantern Ring, rendering another undying soul away from his grasp. The Scholar would later comment how Nekron serves as a reminder of how cruel death can be, and he admittedly says it is better to be hollow than be a servant to the Undead Master.
      • Melkor however wants to bring Aldia into the GUAE, considering whatever he has done towards Gwyn, he can do so to other kingdoms of age. He declined however and stated that Gwyn’s Kingdom was “of something worth” than whatever kingdoms Melkor wanted to overthrow.
      Melkor: “Believe me as I say this but I believe you can fit right into our ser-”
      Aldia: “Alliance, of servants?. As like the Lord of Light took humanity as servants, I have no intention of serving this Forever War, tis nothing more but of a mere cycle once more”
  • In regards to the God-Emperor of Mankind however, there wasn’t much infighting between the two but they both have different ideals of what humanity should be. For one, Emps consider the type of humanity he imagined to be filled to the brim with peace, achieving perfection to their own degree, with golden muscular abs and really good fucking hair. Aldia, much like how Magnus heard of it the first time, thought it was nothing more but pure idealistic thinking, instead stating that humanity should and always be free, without the need of control. They did fully agree that in many cases, humanity is free and has their own form, unlike a certain king who wiped it all away.
  • On the topic of Gwyn however, the Scholar has spoken how he is furious towards what the Lord of Cinder has done to the aspect of “humanity”, or to be more specific, creating the Darksign, destroying the true human essence of humanity into the Age of Fire. He has spoken how he vehemently wants to watch his kingdom fall badly to the point that he will personally handle him down on a one-on-one fight. Aldia’s wish would slowly come true and as a result gloated in front of Gwyn’s temple, citing him to be a majestic coward of Royalty who wanted to maintain his own form of order.
    • On the other hand, Gwyn has massive hatred for Aldia, for being possibly the very first person to defy his rule, and revealing to the rest of the world his atrocities towards humanity, merging them to a cycle that was never asked for in the first place. Then there is the fact that he may have influenced a certain prince from not linking the flame, resulting to the fall of his world. As the Scholar shouted his accusations at the Lord of Sunlight, Gywn only broke down in pure rage at being called a coward, declaring Aldia to be nothing more than an extreme hypocrite, citing all the miseries he's inflicted including the complete destruction and slavery of an entire race, and declaring him infront of everyone to be a true Dirty Coward, as it was Gywn who submitted himself to eternal agony as the sacrifice to the First flame, not forcing others to do so, whilst Aldia gained his power by torturing innocents.
  • Many deities who previously respected the Scholar, completely grew sour, if not hateful to him once they found out what his experiments entailed. Which include removing the souls out of giants, and turning them into a Slave Race, countless horrific experiments on innocent humans, and scores of other atrocities, enough that his own brother King Vendrick sealed him away. Aldia only gave a bemused chuckle at their growing horror, not thinking much of the fact that many gods are beginning to see him as indifferent than the God he claims to be vehemently against.
  • Note: Because of Aldia’s condition, the bounderies of the Pantheon’s rules regarding death no longer connects to Aldia and is such one of the very few to alter their status in the Pantheon, alongside Murky and Grenth.
  • "Many monarchs have come and gone. One drowned in poison, another succumbed to flame. Still another slumbers in a realm of ice. Not one of them stood here, as you do now. You conqueror of adversities. Give us your answer."

There is no path. Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of dark… what could possibly await us? And yet, we seek it, insatiably. Such is our fate…

Oh, and for everyone's information, the Patron Saint of Ineffectual Death Threats is over by the House of Calmness. Best not to bother looking for him here...

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