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Pantheon / Left 4 Dead

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:

  • The Green Flu Survivorsmembers , The Collective Group that Never Splits Up (Bill: William Overbeck, Mr. Overbeck, Namvet; Francis: Biker; Zoey: Teengirl; Ellis: El, Overalls; Nick: Nicolas, Gambler, Doctor Nick, Colonel Sanders; Rochelle: Ro, Producer) as Lesser Deities under Friendship Dynamics (House of Friendship).
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  • The Boomer, God of Offensive Zombie Vomit (Puker, Fat Guy, Fat Thing, Barf Bag, Exploding Guy, Roly Poly, Goiter Man, Big Guy, Aunt Bea) as a Lesser God under Zombies (House of Undead) and Unorthodox Combat (House of Combat).
  • The Hunter, God of Lunge Attacks (Hoodie, Jumper, Crazy Legs, Leaper, Punk-ass, Pouncing one, Hoodie dude, Sweatshirt-wearing wuss, Scrawny little bitch) as a Lesser God under Fighting Moves (House of Combat).
  • The Tank, The Divine Elite Zombie (That Thing, Super-Assed Zombie, Big Freaking Zombie, Big Ass Zombie, That (Big) Mother, Giant thing, A Problem, Zombie Hulk) as a Lesser God under Zombies (House of Undead).


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