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This section of the House of Emotion could rival the House of Friendship for pure joy. Everywhere is nothing but happiness, sunshine and smiles all around. The Shadow Queen is kept far away from this house due to her desire to destroy it as a massive amount of positive energy destroys her invulnerability.

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    Nerose Satanael 
Nerose Satanael, God of Inducing Happiness Over Free Will (Third Heaven, The Morning Star, Sinless God, Myjoujou, God of Tendou Hisouten, Salty God)

Intermediate Gods

Astolfo, God of Excited Young Males (Rider of Black, The Twelfth Paladin of Charlemagne, Saber, Trap BOY)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Trap of Argalianote 
  • Theme Music: Knight's Pilgrimage (shared with the rest of the Paladins of Charlemagne)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Cute Little Fang, Motor Mouth, Protecting People Just Because, World's Most Beautiful MALE, Eternally Optimistic, The Ditz, Braided Haired Pretty Boy, Looking Like a Lady, Plucky Comic Relief, Nice Guy
  • Domain: Beauty, Heroism, Trap
  • Allies: Jeanne d'Arc, Sieg, Siegfried, Medusa, Alexander the Great, Bridget, Chevalier d'Eon, Artoria Pendragon, Hasta, Charlotte Dunois, Ky Kiske, Princess Luna, Cosmos, Cayden Cailean, Rin Hoshizora
  • Rivals: Mordred, Achilles
  • Enemies: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Melkor
  • Unknown Rival: Aphrodite
  • We swear to Cosmos, Melkor, Lucifer, and YHVH that Astolfo is 1000% male. Ok, so maybe his battle outfit is more feminine than what you expect. Alright: his civilian outfit has a skirt, shows his midriff and his hood has bunny ears; then there was that time he wore a female School Swimsuit with thigh-highs; and the other time in Agartha where he wore a pink sailor fuku; but honestly, Astolfo is totally male.
  • Has gained a rival in Aphrodite after the former found out that many consider him more beautiful then her and he should take her World's Most Beautiful Woman title despite being male. Astolfo for his part is oblivious and barely notices the insults Aphrodite throws at him.
  • Heard that the unbreakable sword Durendal was in the pantheon. Wanting to retrieve it for his cousin, Roland, if he ever ascended, he set out for the mighty sword.
    • He first encountered Xenovia Quarta, who owns a version of Durendal. After he asked for the sword, and she refused, they fought. After battling for quite a while, Astolfo was informed that Xenovia's Durendal head shattered at one point. Deciding that couldn't be the true Durendal, Astolfo apologized for his actions and left.
    • Astolfo then went to the treasury to see if the Durendal in there was Roland's. Unfortunately, no one told him how this one would cause anybody with a weak will to lose their mind and go berserk, which is precisely what wound up happening. Luckily, the 2nd Division Symphogear rescued him before any real damage could occur. Amazingly, he wasn't that shaken by the event and only smiled and thanked his saviors before heading off, still hoping to find the true Durendal.
  • With the sole of exception of Achilles, Astolfo has made friends with both Alexander the Great and Rider and the three have races against one another.
    • Speaking of riding, many were surprised that Astolfo's personal mount was a hippogriff when most knew him riding the magical horse Rabicano. Astolfo has mentioned he can summon Rabicano, he just prefers the hippogriff.
    • In addition of the aforementioned riding stuff, Astolfo has an additional bonding reason with Medusa... with the fact that they used to have shitty Masters (Celenike and Shinji, respectively) and suffering because of it until the ownership changed. Even Medusa agreed that if she was on Astolfo's shoes, she'd take a cue from Medea and kill that Master outright. When noted that if he discarded his virtue as a Paladin of Charlemagne, he wouldn't have to suffer for it, Astolfo surprisingly agreed... but he still doesn't want to discard that honor of his, he'd rather live through it.
  • Astolfo was well known as a ladies' man. But with his ascension, many consider him a guys' man as well.
  • Has become very close to Arturia Pendragon, her compassionate nature reminding him of Joan of Arc. This closeness has cause Arturia's own 'son', Mordred, to become jealous. To 'him', it's just a painful reminder of the closeness 'he' was denied.
  • Made fast friends with fellow traps Bridget and Hasta. Some gods, well, actually Haruhi Suzumiya, try to force the trio to cross-dress. While Hasta and Bridget don't like the idea, Astolfo seems to be ok with it.
    • On the flip side, Astolfo also befriended fellow Frenchmen Charlotte Dunois. Humorously, Astolfo actually mistook Charl as male before being corrected.
  • Because of his journey to the moon to find a cure for Roland's madness, Astolfo is able to summon Princess Luna as a personal mount. However, the princess of the night only allows him to ride her in the direst of situations.
  • Is adored by every member of the Sacred Knights. Many see Astolfo as a sort of little brother, even if he may be older then most of them.
  • Was overjoyed when Jeanne d'Arc finally ascended. He was however worried when she sided with both Cosmos and YHVH. He believes that YHVH has done something to Jeanne. Thankfully for him, about this, he got to reunite with his fellow Black Faction Servant, Siegfried, and urged that he joins in investigating, since Astolfo seemed to have attracted a 'similar but lesser curse' when he got into Chaldea... So they got something in common more than affiliation.
    • Thanks to this effort, Astolfo managed to discover the foul play that YHVH has done to Jeanne and quite possibly triggered the whole Servants of Chaldea to take up arms against YHVH for tons of atrocities that the Bible God wouldn't think of. How? He just had counselling with Solomon...
  • He has good confidence in his balance, but even he'd be careful on walking on very thin platforms. Gender be damned, this is fucking painful.
  • There are rumours going around saying that there is a haunted Astolfo plush going around sucking people's dicks off and calling them gay after the fact. Astolfo is as confused about this as everyone else.

    Pinkie Pie 
Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie, Goddess of Parties (Pinkie Pie, Ponka Po, Pinkius Piecus, Fili-second, Equestria's Peppy Party Pony, Little Cotton-Candy Hair, The Princess Of Chaos)
Pinkie in a depressed mood 
Pinkie in the Distant Finale 
Pinkie as... 

Ventuswill, Goddess of Taking A Level In Cheerfulness (Venti, The Native Dragon of Wind)
Human Form 
  • Intermediate Goddess, but she has a form that could qualify for Greater Godhood
  • Symbol: A Runestone or a stack of pancakes
  • Theme Music:Tears of the Elder Dragon, although she prefers LAFS - Love At First Sight; Ragnarok boss fight in battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Took a Level in Cheerfulness, A God I Am Not, Our Dragons Are Different, Fisher Kingdom, Benevolent Boss, Who Wants to Live Forever? (She Does), Blow You Away, Not Quite Dead, Dragons Are Divine, Big Good
  • Domains: Happiness, Dragons, Rulers, Life, Wind, Kindness, Pancakes
  • Followers: The other 3 Native Dragons, the townspeople of Selphia
  • Allies: Bahamut, Suzaku Kururugi, Altaria, Yukari Takeba, Ysera, Alexstrasza, Ventus, Kirby
  • Enemies: Tiamat, Bowser, Smaug, Deathwing, Al'Akir the Windlord, The White, Harbinger, Vanitas, Mordremoth, Zhaitan
  • Friendly Enemies: The Monster Hunters
  • Ventuswill used to be stern and inwardly depressed over the Heroic Sacrifice of four of her friends, but a hero revived them and convinced her not to mope over the deaths of humans around her, but to enjoy the company of villagers while they lived. She has ascended to convince others to stop dwelling upon their own tragedies, but to find joy in life, no matter how long, wherever they can.
  • She has taken it upon herself to relieve Suzaku's guilt over not being able to die, and the two have developed and odd friendship.
  • She often banters with Altaria, who she feels string kinship with over both being air dragons. The two are often found in the House of Food scarfing down pancakes.
  • Finds a kindred spirit in Yukari Takeba, as she too had never been able to say goodbye to friends. Although Ventuswill got her old friends back eventually, she still feels the pain of loss that stuck with her for hundreds of years.
  • When the Monster Hunters found her, they mistook her for just another monster and attacked her. It seemed like they were winning, until she transformed into her ultimate form and defeated them easily in her pocket dimension. They ironed out the misunderstanding afterwards, as Ventuswill is extremely forgiving, and often spar in their spare time.
  • Ventuswill is rarely angry, but is furious at Bowser and Smaug for giving dragons such a bad image, as anti-dragon prejudice is what allowed the Sechs Empire to rise to power and almost take over her world.
  • Deathwing seems to be the polar opposite of Ventuswill, since she is a wind dragon who gives life, and he is an earth dragon who brings death and destruction. She is trying to organize wind and life-associated deities to oppose him, but due to his superior power, he does not see her as a threat.
  • She and Ventus have had a laugh over the similarity of their names, and are both well liked as two of the more cheerful members of the Pantheon. She naturally dislikes Vanitas for being a corruption of everything Ventus is.
  • Al'Akir the Windlord has claimed Ventuswill is obligated to serve him as the Master of Wind. She disagrees, and his alliance with Deathwing ensures their enmity.
  • The White view her as one of the greatest threats to their agenda, as she seems to have overcome the sadness and despair of eternity, and she inspires their enemies to never give in to despair.
  • Having had bad experiences with Villain Override, Ventuswill opposes Harbinger, the representation of it, and is merely thankful Ethelberd is not in the Pantheon.
  • Both being benevolent, green, draconic rulers, it was only natural Ventuswill would ally with Ysera, sharing an enmity with Deathwing and are working together against him.
  • Ventuswill also sympathizes with Alexstrasza, another life dragon who had it even worse than her in terms of loss.
  • Kirby gets along well with Ventuswill, each having virtually no limit to the number of pancakes they can eat, and appreciating each other's cheeriness.
  • Mordremoth seeks to devour Ventuswill, since she is actually a physical manifestation of enough pure magic energy and life force to sustain an entire country for centuries. Alexstrasza has been able to protect her (and herself) from the Jungle due to her fiery nature, but the two are always cautious about him.
  • Ventuswill's life power seems to actually frighten Zhaitan, and he has attempted to have some of his reanimated animals destroy her. She has destroyed them all with her mere presence, and it is theorized by some that if she were to sacrifice herself like she tried to do in her own universe to grant life to the land around her, it could destroy Zhaitan permanently. However, she has said that she does not intend to sacrifice herself unless all other hope is truly lost.

Lesser Gods

    Princess Uni-Kitty 
Princess Uni-Kitty, Divine Thinker of Happy Thoughts (Biznis Kitty, Queasy Kitty, Angry Kitty, Ultra Katty)
Angry Kitty 

    Wander (Wander over Yonder
Wander, God of Striving For Happiness (Star Nomad, The Friendliest Face in Outer Space, Tumbleweed, The Hero of Legend)
  • Lesser God (can be seen as an higher rank depending how far he would go for someone)
  • Symbol: His Magic Hat and banjo
  • Theme Songs: Wander Over Yonder Main Title, If You Wander Over Yonder (full version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (And how!)
  • Portfolio: Walking The Universe For The Sake Of Love, Always Helping Others And Thus Considered The Shining Beacon Of Good, Being A Really Chill Guy, Actually Being Smarter Than First Noted
  • Domains: Fun, Relaxation, Optimism, Helpfulness, Travel, and generally being an all-around good guy!
  • Followers: Binglebops, Prince Cashmere, Westley, that egg they protected- generally anyone he and Sylvia meet!
  • Superior: Craig McCracken
  • Allies: Sylvia, Fred Rogers, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Discord, and every good Equestrian deity, Phineas Flynn, Homestar Runner, Kermit the Frog, all of the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, Madame Foster, Taiki Kudo, Shun Daimonji, Mabel Pines, Weird Al Yankovic, Banjo and Kazooie, Jack Sekllington, Frisk, Papyrus and Sans, Pollyanna Whittier, Nicholas St North, Amelie Poulain, The GUAG, Monomi/Usami, Erma, Excalibur (Really), Blorg Commonality
  • Friendly Rivals: Almost everyone not listed under Allies or Enemies
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Hatred and Rancor, many of the nastier villains in the Pantheon (most noticeably The Joker), Nerose Satanael, Dr Screwball Jones
  • Additional Relationships: Most of the serious heroes, such as Batman, find Wander somewhat distracting, but have noted that in a pinch, he's pretty reliable.
  • Opposed by: Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, The GUAE, The GUAD, any villain that wants to destroy for fun
  • Determined to help: Alma Wade, Monokuma and his mastermind, Plutonian, Lord Dominator
  • Wander's arrival into the pantheon has made everything a little more chaotic, but also livelier. Though he's a being of personality, he often checks out the other houses, as is his nature.
  • He started teaming up with Pinkie Pie, helping her with her ascension parties for other deities, quickly earning the favor of the other Equestrian deities. Wander is also greatly pleased with Fluttershy and how she managed to convert Discord over to the side of good, helping her from time to time with pointers and advice for her and Discord about him staying good.
  • Due to Wander's insatiable curiosity, all objects in sealed boxes have been relocated to areas where wander can't try to open them. Especially The Ark of the Covenant.
  • Wander is often curious about the abilities of those who have creative power, such as Emmet and Phineas Flynn, and often gives creative challenges. Emmet's a little flustered by it, but Phineas takes it in stride.
  • Often interested in alien cultures, and learns about them for potential travel, so he hangs out in the House of Time and Space.
    • He does show caution around the house of Extraterrestrials given what happened last time, but he does go there from time to time to see Hater and his pet, Captain Tim, play with the Headcrabs and Facehuggers.
  • He can shrug off any personal attack made on the house with four simple words, namely "Don't feed the troll". Hence, he, along with both Taokaka and Winnie the Pooh, are capable of tanking any attacks the Trollkaiger throws at them.
  • Often has his banjo nearby, ready for a song and he's ready and willing to have a few banjo practices with Kermit.
    • The two of them sometimes team up with Banjo and Kazooie in the house of Musicality, performing for the crowd there on their freetime.
  • Met up with Kino in the House of Travel and sometimes comes and spends three days and two nights (Kino's personal code) with her for every house she goes into. Kino was a bit happier to find company in her quest for traveling.
  • Do not confuse this Wander with the one in House of Ambiguity as the way that they fight for love is...very different to say the least.
  • Hater and Peepers being ascended just made Wander all the more merry. They don't return the sentiment, yet he hopes he can still turn them around for the better yet, even working together with other deities to throw a apology party for Hater about what happened during the villainous battle royale.
    • Despite the hatred, he and Lord Hater can be seen performing in the House of Musicality, but are forced to a two hour time limit once Peepers made aware that Hater once sang for 4 days long, and that was BY HIMSELF.
    • Wander's friendliness and helping extends to Hater's watchdog army as well. Along with the help of Mettaton, he managed to help one of Hater's watchdogs, Andy, and get his show green light for the whole Pantheon to see instead of just the skull ship. Andy was pleasantly surprised as the show was an overnight sensation, and the 3 of them actually help Andy with with show from time to time.
  • The fact that his morning routine consisted of making sure everyone on that planet he was on is fed, INCLUDING the plants and animals, teaching a former villain that is a shape about banjo lessons, feeding a villain's giant cats, setting Hater's snooze alarm and then some, has earned Wander a lot of respect from other good hearted deities.
    • He also gain appreciation from the Santa Claus deities such as Nicholas Saint North. Jack Sekllington has also taken a fascination with Wander and how he actually go around and gives literally EVERYONE presents once a year, despite of what they did to him and his friends. While originally confused as he just did that every year without knowing about Santa Claus, Wander offered to help Jack become a better Santa for next year and to join him as a elf to help keep Jack in check. While Jack was delighted at such a deal, he politely declined, already learning his lesson from last time he tried to be a Santa Claus.
  • Is completely heartbroken over hearing about just how bad Alma Wade's life was leading up to her death, and is determined to try and help her out, even if it means trying to survive whatever she has in store for people who are happy with life. The GUAE laughs at his efforts and seeing him run and dodge her attacks, yet he remains determined to help, no matter how much pain she can cause him.
  • While the GUAE is unconcerned with Wander, Melkor is on constant watch for Wander, as Wander made it his mission in life to go around and spread happiness and convert villains and succeeded in doing so against the once almighty Major Threat (now just called Jeff), the soul-stealing Black Cube Of Darkness, a robot that supposedly felt no emotion or morality he called "Beep Boop", and even his partner who was a former bounty hunter, Sylvia. As such, Melkor is on high guard and plans to at the very least delay Wander at every turn from potentially turning away any more bad guys from the GUAE.
    • Similarly, the GUAD along with other villains who just want destruction are doing everything in their powers to break his spirits. Wander's determination to bring out the goodness in them is stronger than they thought, and even then, Wander would instead just focus on keeping the Pantheon safe from them, which puts him as a major threat for them. His determination for this extends from the fact that he already met someone like the GUAD before in the form of Lord Dominator, and while he had no effect on her when pursuing her romantic life, he is still persisting that there is SOME good inside her, but still wishes to protect the galaxy from her. Because of his endless positivity and the fact he reformed so many people, the GUAG invited him to reform others in the form of their Kibou Go group to not only keep morale high, but also to help reform other villains, which he eagerly accepted.
      • As another note, that list of reformed people? That may not be the entire list, as it has been shown that Wander is more or less ageless, (as he was alive for two Galactic Conjunctions, which only happen once every 1000 years), so who knows how many former villains he reformed by now and are ready to come down and fight whoever harms him...
  • Became great friends with Pollyanna Whittier, adventuring around the Pantheon with her when Sylvia isn't around. He enjoys her "Glad Game" philosophy, and Pollyanna is humbled by just how positive he is in spite of seeing the worst in people, including planet destroying tyrants and villainous dictators.
  • Around the same time he befriended Frisk, he also got acquainted well with the skeleton brothers, Papyrus and Sans. He gets along swimmingly the former however, as he is how he pictures Lord Hater should be. They not only spend time going around and helping others out in their usual friendly and Large Ham ways, but Wander also gives Papyrus pointers about how to help his relationship with Lord Hater as well as helping him improve his cooking. Sans is greatly pleased with how nice Wander is to his brother and Frisk.
  • Even if her ways are a bit unorthodox at times, Wander still sees great potential and happiness in Amelie Poulain, and is willing to help her with her mission to spread joy around the Pantheon. In return, she is willing to perform genuine acts of kindness to others with Wander, as he has proven in his world that his kindness is powerful enough to convert villains.
  • Is perhaps the only person in the Pantheon who not only enjoys, but LOOKS FORWARD TO Excalibur's visits and 5-hour stories, and he also seems to follow Excalibur's 1000 provisions of his contract (not because he wants to use him, but because he sees that as being respectful towards him). In return, upon learning how Wander managed to pull out a legendary sword that could only be done by a true hero a la King Arthur style, he has also shown approval towards Wander as well, and would let him use him should Wander ever decide it's a serious enough situation. Lord Hater and Commander Peepers are absolutely speechless about the whole thing, but are preparing sound-proof headphones just in case such a day ever arrives.
  • He was overjoyed to find out that Sylvia has ascended into the Pantheon proper, greeting her with a hug and with the nearby deities noticing that they were designed like puzzle pieces, like someone made them like that from the very start. He doesn't mind it, and travels around the Pantheon with her chatting up with other friends and trying to reform other villains (while Sylvia is there to ensure that he isn't harmed or they don't try anything that could hurt someone).
  • Absolutely loves the idea behind Usami's existence with that meaning her trying to help and reform members of a terrorist group called "Ultimate Despair" and succeeding with a couple members. He aids her from time to time with checking up on some of her old members so they don't fall back into despair. He also has started to visit Monokuma and his Mastermind's temple, with Wander instantly being reminded of Lord Dominator, as Junko was also a peppy and violent individual, who also apparently loves her OWN despair on top of everything else. Despite this, he vows to see that they become good guys one day, and has started to try and befriend some of the Monokuma units.
  • Wander has added the Plutonian to his list of those to help after learning about how messed up the latter's life was. Given how powerful and unstable the Plutonian can be, Wander has had a very difficult time trying to talk to him, but nevertheless believes that there is a way for the Plutonian to truly become the hero that he once was.
  • The House of Knowledge has gone into a frenzy trying to figure out Wander's real name, with little success. The fact that Wander's OWN SUPERIOR claims not to know of his true name has only added to the madness.
  • Was one of the few people ecstatic to find out that Lord Dominator has come into the Pantheon, as this meant that he was able to continue trying to befriend her despite her best attempts to get him to leave her alone. A couple deities watch these sessions and chuckle to themselves about How the Mighty Have Fallen.
  • If there is one person that Wander can truly say he doesn’t like, that would be Dr. Screwball Jones. While some may be confused by this at first, considering how similar their motives are, that is, spreading happiness, they soon realized that while Wander constantly show others a way to be happy, Screwball forces his philosophy onto others. As such, Wander will drop his pacifistic nature and be willing to use brute force to stop Screwball, and anyone allied with him.
  • "Never hurts to help!"


    Rena Ryuuguu 
Rena Ryuuguu, Goddess of Taking Cute Things Home (Cleaver Girl, Cute Mode Rena)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A bloody billhook superimposed over "Kenta-kun"
  • Leitmotif: "Egao Happy Peace"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil when under the effects of Hinamizawa Syndrome
  • Catchphrase: OMOCHIKAERI!!!!
  • Portfolio: I'm Taking Her Home with Me!, reactions to cuteness, (a HUGE reaction to it), Cute Bruiser, Hidden Depths, Kill It with Fire, smarter than she seems, "Take it home" mode
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Family, Protection, Cuteness
  • Allies: Mion Sonozaki, Shion Sonozaki, Chiyo Mihama, Yotsuba Koiwai, Rika Furude, Sapphire Rhodanite, Keiichi Maebara, Miles Tails Prower, Satoko, Artina, Charlotte Dunois, Yutaka Kobayakawa, Fuko Ibuki, Houki Shinonono, Linyin Huang, Laura Boedwig, Cecilia Alcott, Estelle, Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, Chris Yukine, Haro, Beatrice The Golden Witch, Miharu Rokujou
  • Enemies: Dr. Sofia Lamb, Starscream, Khorne
  • Is considered a minor annoyance in the House of Beasts due to her tendency to kidnap/take home anything she perceives as cute. The super strength and reflexes she gets when in "cute mode" make her very hard to escape as even tying her up is of no use. Fortunately, barring the kidnappings she's actually quite harmless to the house's residents, thus Rena's antics are considered infinity better than Elmyra's ever were. On the bright side, as long as she's in "cute mode" there is ZERO chance of her other side showing up.
    • It's not just animals she abducts, however. ANYTHING that she perceives as cute is just asking to "get taken home", just ask Oyashiro-Sama who Rena tried to kidnap THREE TIMES over the course of one day!
    • Speaking of which, there is a big fear of the day that she actively tries to take Fluttershy home. The combination of "Take it Home" mode versus The Stare will cause a lot of collateral damage.
    • And there's been another fear as to what would happen if she would take home Alice (especially in front of Belial and Nebiros)
  • Being the mascot of 07th Expansion, she was promoted to the position of Ryukishi 07's 2nd in command, thus gaining status as an intermediate power.
  • Don't lie in her presence. She has a almost supernatural ability to detect lies and she'll let you have it if you lie.
  • Mere mention of Rena's mother is a big time Berserk Button, as the betrayal she experienced is one of the reasons that she hates Sofia Lamb so much. Even worse, merely being close to her is a sure fire trigger to bring out Rena's other side, with the resulting altercation being vicious and brutal.
  • Is absolutely scared to death of Khorne, due to him reminding her of her other side and the bloodshed caused by it.
  • Has a day (07/07) on 4chan and 2chan dedicated to celebrating her (both sides of her).
  • Rena's immense strength and affinity were the reasons the GUAG Medical Division and Rika chose Artina as the Club's care taker. They needed a medic that would be strong enough to overpower Rena should her infected state take over.
  • Many of the other gods were annoyed by Rena constantly taking whatever she thought was cute, but now that Fuko has ascended, the other gods have put up warning signs to beware of these two all over the Pantheon.
  • She aided a few goddess in stopping a hostile takeover of the world.
  • She was among the deities supporting Haro's for the lulz ascension (And some believe that the Sonozaki twins also had a hand in this). She in particular wanted the little robot to ascend to take it home.
    • However, the members of the House of Emotion got tired of them saying "Kana! Kana! Kana! Kana!" a lot, so they tend to return the Haros she has to the House of Technology. Not that it stops her from taking another one home.
  • She was unintentionally caught in Miharu Rokujou's Bishie Sparkle once, with the obvious result being her attempting to take him home. She was immediately set upon by Silica's dragon Pina, triggering her cute reflex and attempting to take Pina home as well. The struggle caused the two to take out a good bit of the House of Emotion before Keiichi Maebara could talk Rena into letting Miharu and Pina go. She was quite surprised at the amount of damage she had caused, and this little incident caused Dr. Leonard McCoy to ban her from trying to take another member of her own House home again.


    Yotsuba Koiwai 
Yotsuba Koiwai, Goddess of Cheerful Children (Four-Leaf, 404 Girl)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbols: A Four-Leaf Clover, or a cicada
  • Theme Music: Yotsuba Wakes Up
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cheerful Children, Slice of Life, Blank White Eyes, Malapropisms, Face Doodling, Gratuitous English, Expressive Hair, Her Name Means "Clover", Curiosity, Parental Abandonment, Happily Adopted, Childhood Innocence, Energetic Attitudes, Four-Leaf Clovers
  • Domains: Family, Summer, Everyday Life
  • Herald: Mr. Yousuke Koiwai (her dad)
  • Allies: Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Cream the Rabbit, Amy Rose, Totoro, Pollyanna Whittier, Most of the Hall of Joy and Happiness, Excel, Sakaki, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Hello Kitty, Jurai Andou, Enju Aihara, Peppa Pig, Barney the Dinosaur, Teletubbies, SCP-191, Fresh tty PreCures, Sig, Curious George, Eru Chitanda, Solid Snake
  • Protected by: The Heroic Protectors of Family, Good Parents of the Pantheon
  • Fears: Nerose Satanael, the Scarecrow, Fiddlesticks, Aya Shameimaru, Nyotengu no Miyama, Scott Shelby, Pennywise, Gilles de Rais & Ryuunosuke Uryuu
  • Yotsuba Koiwai is a 5-year old girl living with her adoptive father in Japan. She's an energetic child with a curious, optimistic outlook on life, and always puts in her all in her everyday life. One day, she and her father moved to a new neighbourhood. There, she has lots of silly, heartwarming adventures with her daddy and the neighbours, the Ayase family.
  • When Yotsuba ascended, Mr. Koiwai was very worried about Yotsuba being without a guardian in the Pantheon, but the Court of the Gods assured him that he could reside in her temple and that they could visit eachother in the Pantheon or the mortal realm anytime they want. While not ascended to godhood, Mr. Koiwai does reside in her temple, looking after and taking care of her.
  • Being the curious child she is, Yotsuba often wanders around the Pantheon searching for something new and exciting to discover. Her father and other good hearted deities like the Heroic Protectors of Family try to protect her from discovering less than savory aspects of the Pantheon and its inhabitants, and prevent her from entering the more dangerous areas. Anyone who tries to harm her will receive a swift comeuppance from them, preferably out of her sight.
  • Danbo is a cardboard box costume made by Miura Hayasaka for a school project. Yotsuba saw Miura wearing the costume and assumed that Danbo was a robot. When Yotsuba ascended, she brought Danbo with her. In the Pantheon, Danbo has been given special magic modifications, so now it can move and behave like a real robot. Yotsuba's often seen traveling and playing with Danbo. Solid Snake sometimes gives her spare cardboard boxes whenever Danbo needs to be repaired.
  • Within the House of Happiness, Yotsuba became friends with Pollyanna, who then introduced her to the rest of the house. She then befriended the rest of the house except for Nerose Satanael, who she finds to be scary.
  • In the House of Childhood and Adolescence, she befriended the Kusakabe siblings for being energetic, curious, and carefree children just like her. They introduced her to Totoro, who immediately took a shine to eachother. Yotsuba now often hangs out with the sisters and the forest spirit, but she's disappointed that her father cannot see Totoro. She also became friends with Cream the Rabbit, and thought her her Chao companion, Cheese, was really cute. They often like to eat ice cream together. Cream also introduced her to Amy Rose, who also struck a bond with her.
  • Yotsuba and Mr. Koiwai became regulars at Sojiro Sakura's cafe as they like to eat curry. Sojiro and Mr. Koiwai bonded over being single fathers to adoptive daughters, and Mr. Koiwai expressed sympathy towards Sojiro for the difficulties he faced in raising Futaba.
  • It was no surprise that Yotsuba would be friends with Chiyo, Sakaki, and Osaka. She gets along with Chiyo the best, with their innocent, youthful nature, and it isn't uncommon to see both of them hanging out. Yotsuba is amazed that Chiyo managed to enter highschool straight after elementary, and hopes to become as smart as her. Yotsuba initially though Sakaki was scary because of her height, but warmed up to her after seeing her kind, cat-loving self, and she finds Osaka really fun to hang around with her wild imagination.
  • Sometimes, Yotsuba enters the Subhouse of Insects to catch some cicadas. Sig often accompanies her and they compete so see who can catch the most bugs, but sometimes their fun stops short when they face a Zetsuborg or a Guitardo.
  • One of Yotsuba's first friends in the Pantheon were Excel and Enju Aihara, who ended up as her playmates. Mr. Koiwai does has his reservations with them, as Excel works for an evil organization and Enju is infected with a disease that turns people into monsters, so he keeps a close eye on them just in case.
  • Yotsuba gets along with Jurai Andou as he's good with kids, and they use their wild imagination to play pretend with each other. He often serves as her babysitter when Mr. Koiwai's away. Yotsuba was amazed when Jurai displayed his Dark And Dark powers, but Jurai has to assure Mr. Koiwai that his power is mostly harmless after expressing some initial worries.
  • Yotsuba is often associated with four-leaf clover; her hair is even colored and styled like one and her name means "clover"! Yotsuba got excited when she heard of the Goddesses of Clover Symbolism, and wanted to meet them. She then met the Fresh Pretty Cures, and was amazed at their Pretty Cure forms. They became friends, and they sometimes act as babysitters for her.
  • Yotsuba is determined to cheer SCP-191 up and help her open up to other kids. While it's unlikely SCP-191 will be fully rehabilitated and call herself human soon, she does appreciate her presence and considers her a good friend.
  • Yotsuba managed to become close friends with Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Barney the Dinosaur, and the Teletubbies. She likes to hop in mud puddles with Peppa, engage in arts-and-crafts projects with Kitty, sing with Barney, watch videos on the Teletubbies tummy televisions, and generally have fun. Mr. Koiwai can't help but think Barney and the Teletubbies look a bit off-putting.
  • One day, Yotsuba and Mr. Koiwai encountered a small,cat-eared creature named Jigglypuff. Surprised by this new audience, Jigglypuff began to sing. Unsurprisingly, both of them fell asleep. When they woke up,they noticed that their faces were covered in marker doodles. Mr. Koiwai could only sigh, as Yotsuba previously doodled a mustache on his face while he was sleeping.
  • Being a curious spirit, it didn't take long for her to become friends other curious gods like Eru Chitanda and Curious George. It's not an uncommon sight to see the three wander around to discover anything strange and interesting in the Pantheon.
  • Yotsuba is frightened by scarecrows and tengu, so she had a nasty shock when she heard that those creatures were alive and living in the Pantheon. As such, she avoids the Scarecrow, Fiddlesticks, Aya Shameimaru, and Nyotengu no Miyama whenever she can, and tries to scare them off if they get too close. The Scarecrow and Aya are confused by her behavior, while Fiddlesticks and Nyotengu find her amusing.
  • There is no one else that scares Yotsuba and her father more than Scott Shelby, Gilles de Rais, Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Pennywise. While Yotsuba finds their appearances and demeanor frightening, Mr. Koiwai fears them for their reputation of hunting and killing children, and fears that they might target his daughter next.
  • Can also be found in Child Behavior.
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