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    Fortnite Island 
Fortnite Island, Holy Seat of Battle Royale Game Modes
A map of the island.
  • Description: An island with many different biomes, where 100-man battle royales are held.
  • Symbol: The Battle Bus.
  • Theme Song: Dance Moves.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Battle Royale Game, Added Alliterative Appeal, Expansion Pack World, Trash the Set, Wide Open Sandbox.
  • Domains: Adventure, Combat, Weaponry.
  • Sacred to: The Nine Mercenaries, Damon Killian, Scarface, Mephiles, Thor, The various assorted Guest Fighters that have appeared on the Island.
  • Unholy to: All Deadly Game participants.
  • With all of the Dominions and the Pantheon Landmarks, there are many battle arenas in the Pantheon, but none that host 100-man Battle Royales, and Fortnite Island was brought in as the Dominion for Battle Royale Game.
  • While Fortnite Island primarily serves as a training simulation, due to the fact that no-one dies in Fortnite, recreational use is also permitted.
  • Many events have occurred in the Island’s history, most can be found here.
    • In the 3rd season of Fortnite, a shooting star appeared in the sky that later turned out to be several meteors, all of which hit the Island.
    • Think that was enough? In the next season, even bigger meteors hit the Island! Government facilities were built in the crash sites, with one of them hiding an alien cocoon.
    • Later that same season, the cocoon opened as an alien emerged, broadcasting to the entire Pantheon before setting off a rocket, presumably to get back home. (But not before leaving portals in time.)
    • Soon, various items came out of the portals, and after all cacti in the pantheon were destroyed, lighting came out of a portal and spawned a giant cube.
    • The giant cube soon began to move, leaving Nordic runes in its path before ending up in Loot Lake, assimilating itself with the water and turning it purple.
    • At the beginning of season 6, Loot lake became a Floating Continent, sapping energy from the runes and then moving on to the next.
    • Once the cube reached full power, it sank back into Loot Lake and unleashed a beam of light, sending Husks across the Island.
    • After five days of nonstop zombie attacks, the cube set off a giant explosion that reset the entire universe, with Loot Lake being replaced by Leaky Lake in this new universe.
    • In season 7, a giant iceberg hit the Island, covering a significant portion of it in snow as visitors set up outposts.
    • The iceberg then melted, revealing a castle underneath, releasing the Ice King (no, not that one) from his slumber, and after reaching his full power sent the entire Island into snow.
      • But at the same time, a man with Volcanic Veins was released from his icy tomb in the castle, causing a volcano to rise up, season 8 had begun...
    • Due to the change in landscape Pirates came to the Island in search of treasure, resulting in a Mêlée à Trois between the three factions.
    • One day, the Men in Black uncovered a vault underneath Loot Lake, and it opening caused the volcano to erupt and destroyed Retail Row and Tilted Towers while a man called Jonesy and a giant banana (which he then turned into a smoothie) fled to an bunker until they managed to get to The Future, where the destroyed areas were rebuilt as Neo-Tilted Towers and a Mega-Mall.
    • Thought we were done with the volcano? Because it awakened a Kaiju that rampaged across the Island until a Humongous Mecha was built to fight it, exposing the orb of power, which cracked and cracked until it finally broke, sending the Island back in time to the exact moment before season 4 began.
    • You know how everything tried to destroy Loot Lake? Well, they were sent by a group called The Seven, who sought to destroy the orb to break the Stable Time Loop, launching another rocket and making even more time portals before a black hole emerged and sucked in the entire Battle Royale program, it seemed that Fortnite was done with.
      • ...Until the mainframe was rebooted, merging our version of the island with another, resulting in a familiar, yet different version of the Island.
    • Soon, a group called E.G.O. arrived, setting up safehouses in search of a secret bunker, the alternate Island prepared for this and created Evil Knockoffs of the E.G.O. called the Alters, locked in a battle over the mysterious bunker.
  • To absolutely no-one’s suprise, all Deadly Game participants loathe Fortnite and it’s contemporaries, seeing it as a glorification of their hardships and refuse to go near the simulations.
  • As they are Ax-Crazy lunatics that hail from a Denser and Wackier shooter much like Fortnite, The Nine Mercenaries have the time of their lives on the Island, as it lets the mercs shoot the crap out of people while not actually being any danger to the Pantheon.
    • Similarly, The Classic Team enjoys combat on the island, though they only do it to kill time between missions rather than to just kill people like the Modern Team does.
  • Damon Killian has been investigating the Island is a potential site for his Revival of The Running Man, which the vast majority of deities agree should be the case, as long as all other sites also have Non-Lethal K.O. mechanics (something Damon does not approve of).
    • Similarly, Scarface has considered using the Island as a hunting ground, as he has joined up with Killian due to sharing a common enemy and his overall Blood Knight demeanor.
  • Kilian Experience made a video on Fortnite involving building a staircase to the skies to give the number one spot to someone who rightfully deserved it. In actuality, it turned out to be a Very Special Episode about the dangers of drugs and empathy.
    Kilian: Having empathy for other players? What a loser! So always try your best in a videogame or you will be sucking dick for heroin!
  • the gods were suprised to learn that Mephiles and Thor of all people are fans of the simulations, especially since Thanos was featured quite prominently in Fortnite.
    • Another Tyrannical Figure, Emperor Palpatine broadcasted his message to the galaxy through the simulation, this only alerted the Pantheon to the Emperor’s location and lead the gods to wonder why one of the most infamous villains of all time used a training simulation as a means of drawing attention to himself.
  • As with any good franchise, many have played Follow the Leader to Fortnite and created there own Battle Royale Game, and thus deities from Call of Duty, Fallout, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure enjoy battle on the Island.

    Gilligan's Island 
Gilligan's Island, Holy Seat of Deserted Islands

    Great A'Tuin 
Great A'Tuin, God(dess?) of Landmass-bearing Sea Creatures

    Iwo Jima 
Iwo Jima, The Sacred Island Base
  • An island south of Japan used a major airbase by both American and Japanese forces late in World War II
  • Symbol: A map outlining the three airfields and major strongholds scattered throughout
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as it depends on whoever's currently in control of the island
  • Portfolio: Death Island, MacGuffin Location, Having fortifications built within a Volcano
  • Domains: Airbases, Staging Points, Islands
  • Sacred To: John Basilone, The Flag Raisers
  • One of many islands the United States wrested control from Japan during the island-hopping campaign late in the Pacific War. What makes this one particularly special was its importance to both the American and Japanese war efforts, particularly the Air War over Japan.
  • During the last two years of this time, the Japanese forces based there fortified it heavily, placing numerous gun emplacements, bunkers, and artillery and machine gun nests literally into the cliffs of the island.
  • In addition, the island itself is home to three airfields, two of which were operational at the time of the American landings in February 1945.
  • The site of a major battle between US Marines and Japanese Army soldiers that lasted between 35-40 days, with both sides suffering heavy casualties.
  • Upon its capture by US forces in March 1945, the airfields were immediately fixed and put into operational condition, to be used as a temporary base for bombers targeting Japan, as well as a permanent base for fighters.
  • John Basilone had mixed feelings at first upon seeing the very place where he was killed ascend into the Pantheon. For the most part, he treats the place as a sacred location, in part due to the War Memorial on top of Mt. Suribachi.
    • The same applies for The Flag Raisers as a whole. They even leave behind both of the flags they raised over the island as respect to their fallen comrades.
  • Because it was a Japanese Army base, The IJN Admiral was...less enthusiastic with its ascension, due in part to Interservice Rivalry with them.
  • Makes several appearances in World War II -related media.

    "Kagura Millennium Festival Island" 
"Kagura Millennium Festival Island", Divine Seat of Beach Episodes
  • A large island with most of it's landscape composed of small mountains covered in trees. Only solid location known is a beach resort arena
  • Symbol: The festival grounds
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Beach Episode (and Festival Episode) Location, Mostly Deserted, Place to Send off Grieving Shinobi Spirits, Located in an Alternate Timeline Where Everything Else Is Destroyed.
  • Domains: Beaches, Islands, Festivals, Ghosts, Apocalypse
  • The seat in regards to Beach Episode is hard to really find, as they tend to be one-off things and such, don't have much presence in overall narrative. However, the nameless island where the girls from Hanzo, Hebijo and Gessen Academy as well as Homura's Crimson Squad were send to in order to take part on "Kagura Millennium Festival" is special, as the whole story takes place within the island. As such, it is one of few places where the holy seat would go to.
  • The island is mostly barren, with most noticeable being the beach resort located on one side of the island, with some smaller man-made buildings scattered around by those who might have stayed there. To make the island more interesting, more larger places have been built like a festival ground built onto a hill.
  • Note that originally, the island is located on a different timeline compared to the one where the girls were pulled out of. A timeline where a giant yoma went into a rampage, sinking almost every mass of land into the ocean, with the island being the only thing left.
  • Even though the festival is still over, there are still some lingering shinobi spirits around who still haven't gotten past their deaths. How dangerous they are varies on the spirits, some of them wanting to fight those who they come across, or those who want company before they can move on to the afterlife.
  • Haruka and especially Katsuragi has insisted that the island should hold "Surprise Shinobi Slippery Splash-n-Spray Sports" periodically, but no one outside of them wants that thing to happen again.

    Monster Island 
Monster Island, Seat of Giant Monsters
  • A place where monster and dangerous beasts of all sorts roam freely.
  • Symbol: An mountainous island in an ocean with monsters dotted across its surface.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Sacred To: All Kaiju, All Pokémon, Wild Animals (be they mythic, prehistoric or otherwise), Nature Heroes and anyone who loves the natural world.
  • Bane Towards: Polluters, plunderers, those without respect for the natural world. Though the land is full of monstrous mutants, it is overall a symbol of nature overcoming mankind's misuse of the planet.
  • Domains: Travel, Nature, Animals, Dragons, Monsters, Plants, Radiation, Mutation, Evolution
  • Is home to many of the monstrous members of the pantheons and their servants.
  • Many go there for training and hunting. Adventures are lured there for the fabled treasures it holds. The monsters do not take kindly to most of these trespassers.
  • Fluttershy is the one of the few being who can walk on Monster Island without running the risk of being eaten. Some of the residents still scare her a lot.
  • Steve Irwin does guided tours for those who want them, and considers himself the "Park Ranger" for Monster Island.
  • For all monsters, mutants and giant beasts, it's still a very beautiful, pristine environment.
  • Heaven of All Monster Hunters.
  • Is actually a peninsula.

    Pleasure Island 
Pleasure Island, Seat of Disturbingly Mind-Changing Land (Land of Toys, Prankster's Paradise)
  • It looks like a normal amusement park... but in truth a place that curses those who reside there, especially those weak of heart or with no sense of compassion or kindness. Those who are cursed are twisted into at best donkeys, at worst... depending on whatever the GUAE is plotting (could be another Eldritch Abomination).
  • Theme Song: The Fun Fair (Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)
  • Symbol: An island with roller coaster.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Amusement Park of Doom, Curse of Polymorph, Crapsaccharine World, Giving off Fate Worse than Death
  • Proprietor: The Coachman
  • Unholy to: Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, any gods who loves their children
  • Domain: 'Fun', Shape, EVIL
  • A place sacred to many evil Gods. It is a most preferred place for the GUAE to convert all who is of weak heart into their minions. If they fail, then they become donkeys to be sold... Ew.
  • While not yet deified, this place is managed by the nameless Coachman, who's so repulsed by other Gods in his standards of Karma Houdini that he's avoided by everyone. Even Mayuri Kurotsuchi, God of Unpunished Villainy, was disgusted by him.
  • Due to the fact that the island also has a place in the Pantheon, Jiminy after his ascension has been working overtime to keep Pinocchio and the other kids as far away from that place as the cricket fears that Pinocchio might be tempted to go there again. His effort was unanimously helped by many fellow gods in the Pantheon who are caring parents and deities that love children (including those normally wouldn't get involve or those whose morality is less than upright themselves) as they witness how heartbreaking it was when his father Geppetto went out to the rain looking for him who hasn't return home from school and got eaten by Monstro.
  • Bizarrely, Disney (the company who showed us this horrid accursed place) once named an adult-oriented nighttime clubbing district in Walt Disney World after this place. Today, it's The Landing at Disney Springs, which has no nightclubs.

    Skull Island 
Skull Island, the Island of Mystery (Kong's Island)
  • Theme Music: The Island
  • A mysterious island inhabited by many creatures, most of them dangerous
  • Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Lost World, Isle of Giant Horrors
  • Domains: Islands, Danger
  • Similar Locations: Isla Nublar, ARK, the island from Lost
  • Sacred to: King Kong
  • Located somewhere across an ocean (different guesses include somewhere off of Indonesia and the Bermuda Triangle), Skull Island is every bit as dangerous as it is mysterious. Those who are trying to even reach the island to begin with will have to contend with a large cloud bank and potentially harsh weather. Upon arriving on the island itself, the scenery (which includes a knoll shaped like a skull) may be impressive, but a whole slew of danger awaits, including dinosaurs, tribes that perform a human sacrifice, and of course, a certain giant gorilla known as Kong.
  • In addition to it being his home, Kong is also considered to be the guardian of that island. While Kong keeps to himself for the most part, if the island is threatened by uninvited guests, Kong will attack the perpetrator(s) in question.
    • Besides the giant gorilla himself, there is plenty of other wildlife to be found on Skull Island such as dinosaurs. Some of the most dangerous creatures that can be encountered are known as "Skullcrawlers" and their voracious appetite spells danger to anyone who meets them, though Kong can fight and defeat those creatures. On very rare occasions, wildlife from the Pantheon can be found on the island, but it's typically the more unusual kinds that are present there.
  • Many explorers, such as Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, and the League of Explorers have sought interest in exploring the island in the hopes of finding something good. It is certainly a dangerous place for them to explore, but they are experienced in that kind of field and have made the necessary preparations for this specific expedition.
  • With how geologically unstable the place potentially is, there is a distinct possibility of the place eventually sinking. This has given some more of an incentive to visit the place, regardless of how many casualties could potentially happen as a result of a journey like that.
  • Not only do explorers want to get a good look in seeing what the island has to offer, there are more than a few corrupt deities looking to exploit the island's resources for their own gain. Needless to say, such a thing is not going to end well for anyone involved.


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