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The Hounds of War

Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:
One: He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
Two: He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
Three: He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
Four: He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
Five: He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Forever War is a huge part of the Pantheon, with the fact that Death Is Cheap allowing it to rage on for as long as possible. Khorne, the Chaos God of Blood and Murder, benefits greatly from the nigh-endless Divine Conflict. However, the Blood God knew that one day, the War will end, and the end of such glorious slaughter is the absolute last thing a War God wants.

Parroting Lord of Tyranny Darkseid in the creation of the first Lesser Alliance, Khorne created the Hounds of War (or the H.O.W.), an Alliance directly revolving around, aiding, abetting and benefiting from the Forever War. Those who have joined him in his crusade to ensure violence and battles remain forever ingrained in the history of the Omniverse range from War Profiteers, Blood Knights, Proud Warrior Race Guys, and Sadists who will do anything and join any cause for the sake of conflict and bloodlust.


With this mission, Khorne set up a Fantastic Recruitment Drive to find deities and ascend mortals to join his new Alliance. Progress was slow to the point of non-existent until legendary fighters Ares and Leonidas immediately joined up, and the ranks quickly expanded by the dozens.

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The Blood God

Khorne, He who Dwells on the Top of Corpses (Blood God, Lord of Skulls, Brass Lord of Battles, Kharneth, Arkhar, the Axefather, the Wolf-Father, the Bloodwolf, the Hunter of Souls, the Paraplegic Sociopath)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Number 8; alternatively, The Mark of Khorne
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, with several Lawful Evil followers
  • While he holds just as much over the Hounds as the rest of the High Warmongers his troops treat Khorne as the de-facto leader of the group, and he gets to decide who joins and who doesn’t.
  • While the Hounds are mostly bloodthirsty, Khorne acts as the primary source of morale to the Hounds, being the reason they even are on the same team.
  • Threat level: Very high. Pure rage is deadly and Khorne gets a power boost during times of war, so having him on the Hounds means they’re practically unstoppable.

The High Warmongers

The Head Honchos of the Hounds of War, they hold equal control over the group to ensure an Enemy Civil War breaks out, creating even more conflict.

Ares, The God Of War (Mars, God of Ponies, True God of War, The First Son of Heaven)
Ares in his Smite incarnation.
Ares in his DC Universe incarnation.
Ares in his God of War incarnation.
Ares in his Dota 2 incarnation, under the name "Mars."
Mecha Self
  • Intermediate God (Greater during times of war and strife)
  • Symbol: Spear and Helmet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Classical (Olympian) God of War
  • Reason For Joining: Khorne’s orders, though Ares would have joined of his own volition.
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: Unshakable, as a War God empowered by war, endless combat would be extremely beneficial to him.
  • Value To Khorne: High, as a fellow War God with a Blood Knight demeanor they see each other as Friendly Rivals
  • Threat Level: As an Olympian fueled by war, high to the Pantheon.

    En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse 
En Sabah Nur, God of Embracing Conflict (Apocalypse, En Sabah Nuhr, Eternal One, Eternal Pharaoh, Set, Seth, Huitzilopochtli, Sauru, Kali-Ma, Mak K'ina Tah Balam-Ahau, Tsuyoi, The First One, The Savior, The Eighth Apocalypse, The First Mutant, Death, Beast-child, He Who Never Dies, Murshir En Sabah Nur, The Bringer of Chaos, He Who Never Dies)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Many ancient scrolls in various languages all bearing his name
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil. (Believes himself to be True Neutral)
  • Position: Field Leader
  • Reason For Joining: Aside from being asked to by Khorne, Apocalypse is a war-craving Social Darwinist, giving him the perfect reason to join. He was a member of the Harbingers of Repression and a Radical of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos before mutual tensions between him and Darkseid drove him to abandon the former.
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: Apocalypse always believed in an eternal war separating the weak from the strong, so extremely high. Doubly so if it involves exterminating his enemies, especially Cable and the X-Men.
  • Value To Khorne: If everything above did not convince you, high.
  • Threat Level: High. As he won the Superpower Lottery and is an omega level mutant, the first mutant is one of the most dangerous members of the H.O.W.

Esdeath, Goddess of Sadism (General Esdeath, The Empire's Strongest, Esdese, "I am a Sadist")
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol for her Teigu, Demon's Extract
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Position: General of the Empire and Leader of the Jaegers
  • Reason For Joining: Originally a member of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Team Rainbow Rocket and later the Harbingers of Repression, Khorne led her away with the promise that she be able to do whatever she wants in his Lesser Alliance and unlike Darkseid, supports her hunt for Tatsumi. The Empire would inevitability run out of enemies to fight, so she joined up with the H.O.W. to satisfy her bloodlust.
  • Value To Khorne: As a woman who started wars out of sheer sadism, high. On her end, she respects Khorne with the same fervour she did Darkseid, both being Frontline Generals who aren't afraid to destroy whatever they need to.
  • Threat Level: Very High. She is among the strongest cryomancers in the Pantheon with a city-country scale power at her maximum potential and combined with a fellow army of dedicated soldiers, excellent leading skills and a penchant of being sadistic and cruel in the battlefield makes Esdeath easily among the most feared beings the Pantheon.

    Grimgor Ironhide 
Grimgor Ironhide, God of Phonetic Dialogue Interpretations (Warchief Grimgor Ironhide, DA BEST)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An effigy of Gork or Mork
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Position: Warboss of the Psycho Legion
  • Reason For Joining: As the strongest Orc in all of Warhammer, Ironhide acts as their representative in the Hounds
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: Nigh-Infinite, Orcs love a good fight, and they will go anywhere for it
  • Value To Khorne: High
  • Threat Level: High

    Leonidas I 
Leonidas, God of The Spartan Way (King of Sparta, Commander of The 300, Lancer, King of Flame)
As a Lancer 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A hoplite's shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Chaotic Leanings
  • Position: King of Sparta and Commander of The 300
  • Reason For Joining: For the glory of Sparta!
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: High, the Spartans are a Rated M for Manly Warrior society, an eternal war is basically heaven to their king.
  • Value To Khorne: An entire civilization built around the glory of war? Khorne’s practically having A Date with Rosie Palms right now!
  • Threat Level: Moderate, High as a Lancer.

    The Major 
The Major, God of Supernatural Nazis (First Lieutenant, SS-Sturmbannführer, Battalion Commander, War Machine, Montana Max, SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Hydra)
  • Demigod, actually Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A swastika and the number 1000 splattered with blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Leader of Millennium
  • Reason For Joining: “I love war...
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: One of, if not the most bloodthirsty of all the High Warmongers, so nigh-infinite.
  • Value To Khorne: Disturbingly High, as he rivals the Wolf-Father himself in sheer his sheer desire for war.
  • Threat Level: High, as the leader of Millennium he has an army of Ghost Nazis ready to kill.

    Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka 
Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, God of 'Savage' Orcs (Da Profit of da WAAAAAGH!, Da Beast o' Armageddon, Da hand of Gork an Mork)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Power Klaw
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Position: Warboss of his own WAAAGH!
  • Reason For Joining: The transition to the Pantheon has majorly crippled the Orks due to being war-hungry lunatics in a much Lighter and Softer setting, you would have to travel to the edge of the universe and back (and probably a few other places) to find a reason he’d not join up with the Hounds.
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: Infinite, the Orks have no greater wants or desires than to fight in a Forever War, so such a conflict on an omniversal scale is basically the highest of heavens to them.
  • Value To Khorne: Extremely High, Ghazghkull is basically a model soldier to Khorne if their ever was one.
  • Threat Level: EXTREME, Ghazghkull is a Genius Bruiser Magnificent Bastard in charge of the strongest WAAAGH! in the known universe, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Blood Commanders

The secondary leaders of the Hounds, ranking high but not having complete control of the organization.

Angron, God of the Fatal Flaw (Primarch of The World Eaters, Daemon Primarch of Khorne, The Red Angel, The Broken One)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: His axes, Gorefather and Gorechild crossed over the Butchers Nails
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Primarch of the World Eaters.
  • Reason For Joining: Angron himself worships Khorne.
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: Unshakable, as long as the Blood God is on the Hounds Angron will fight for them.
  • Value To Khorne: Quite possibly higher than any other Hound.
  • Threat Level: EXTREMELY HIGH, just the thought of the Hounds having not only a Primarch, but a Daemonic Primarch drove the other Alliances crazy.

Apollyon, Goddess of Perpetuating War (Leader of the Blackstone Legion, Demon of Destruction, War)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol of Blackstone Legion.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Neutral Evil leaning.
  • Position: Chief warlord of the Blackstone Legion.
  • Reason For Joining: To make war go on for as long as possible.
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: Unshakable.
  • Value To Khorne: High, Apollyon is everything Khorne wants in a Warrior as she’s a sadistic Blood Knight hellbent on a Forever War.
  • Threat Level: Relatively High. While she is just unusually durable human on her own right, her ability to set up conflicts between different factions makes her an invaluable asset to the Hounds of War.

    Colonel Kilgore 
Lieutenant Colonel William Kilgore, God of Military Men Who Enjoy War
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat alongside a pack of playing cards stamped with the 1st Air Cav and the motto "Death from Above"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral bordering on Lawful Evil
  • Position: Lieutenant Colonel of the Berserker Legions.
  • Reason For Joining: Due to the Trope he rules over along with his overall bloodthirstiness, he was practically begging to be a Hound.
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: High, an eternal war in his eyes is an infinite amount of moments of glory.
  • Value To Khorne: High, Khorne was legitimately surprised that a Vietnam-era human with no powers could have so much desire to kill and fight.
  • Threat Level: Moderate, while an effective leader he is still just a Badass Normal.

Khârn, God of Pissed-off Looking Helmets (Khârn The Bloody, Eighth Captain, Equerry to the Primarch Angron, Khârn the Betrayer, A Pretty Fun Guy)
  • Intermediate God, but goes Greater God if his Berserk Button is pushed
  • Symbol: His infamous helmet and Gorechild
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Leader of the Butcherhorde
  • Reason For Joining: Same as Angron’s
  • Value To Khorne: Extremely High, Khârn’s infamous as quite possibly the most pissed-off guy in his universe.
  • Threat Level: High.

    Khazrak & Gorthor 
Khazrak & Gorthor, Unholy Gods of Inherently Evil Races (Khazrak the One Eye, Gorthor the Beastlord)
From top to bottom; Khazrak and Gorthor.
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Horned Head of a Gor (A type of Beastman)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position:
    • Khazrak: Tactician of the Berserker Legions
    • Gorthor: Warchief of the Berserker Legions
  • Reason For Joining: Loyalty to the Chaos Gods
  • Value To Khorne: Moderate, as members of Chaos Undivided, they do not side with any one Chaos God.
  • Threat Level: Medium-high.

Skarsnik, God of Goblins (Warlord of the Eight Peaks, King of the Eight Peaks, King under the Mountain, Runt, RuntGit)
  • Lesser God, though he has Gobbla to back him up.
  • Symbol: The Crooked Moon Tribe emblem, a yellow smiling and evil looking moon with a crooked nose on a blue background.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Warboss of the Berserker Legions
  • Reason For Joining: Followed his fellow Greenskins to the Hounds
  • Dedication To Eternal Warfare: While not as much as the other Greenskins, Skarsnik‘s bloodlust is still extremely high
  • Value To Khorne: Moderate, while not a physically strong as the other Warmongers he still craves combat
  • Threat Level: High, this guy’s one of the most infamous WAAAGH-mongers among the Greenskins, and is one of the few Goblins with such a status

Psycho Legion

The division for the most psychotic of the Hounds, falling under the Ax-Crazy type of Blood Knight.

    Alucard (Hellsing
Alucard, God of Dracula Aliases (The No Life King, Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia, The Crimson Fucker, Fuck-Mothering Vampire, Ally, Alu-Claus, Trollucard)
  • Greater God (Overdeity at full power, especially post-Shrodinger absorbtion)
  • Symbol: Demonic grin, tongue hanging out, plus his two guns
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Lawful Neutral tendencies (Formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Position: Infantry
  • Reason For Joining: He just loves to fight all kind of enemies. The harder it is, the more fun it'll be. Alucard looks positively ecstatic every time Anderson shows up, and ripping apart enemies always puts him a good mood.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Low, especially since The Major is among them
  • Value To Khorne: High, his Blood Lust is huge even by Vampire standards.
  • Threat Level: Extreme. He is Vlad the Impaler and downright crazy. Not to mention killing him is extremely difficult.

    Broly (LSS) 
Broly, God of Enjoying Destructive Power (Brolly, Broli, Brolli, The Legendary Super Saiyan, Bio-Broly, Broccoli)
Base Broly
Super Saiyan Broly with his power limiter 
Super Saiyan C-type Broly without his power limiter 
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly 
Broly God 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity as a Super Saiyan C-type, full-on Overdeity as the Legendary Super Saiyan or Broly God
  • Symbol: His Control Crown
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Infantry
  • Reason For Joining: To get revenge on that accursed KAKAROOOTTT!
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Low, he’s going after them once theirs nothing left to slaughter.
  • Value To Khorne: High as with all Saiyans, but Broly takes it to the next level in terms of sheer Bloodlust.
  • Threat Level: High, though nearly every Character from his reality has outclassed him, he’s still got plenty of power.

    Lucius the Eternal 
Lucius The Eternal, God of Clones through Conversion (Champion of Slaanesh, Luscious Lucius, Captain of the Emperor's Children 13th Company, Soulthief, Fulgrim's Champion, Blades of Aeon, Scion of Chemos, The Sickest Fuck in the Galaxy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His eternally screaming armor and The Lash of Torment
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion.
  • Reason For Joining: To get a chance at hurting others. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Nonexistent to Khorne and his followers, Moderate to everyone else.
  • Value To Khorne: ABSOLUTELY NONE. While Lucius certainly has potential as a warrior, he’s still a follower of Khorne’s Arch-Enemy.
  • Threat Level: High.

Millennium, Gods of Supernatural Nazis (Letzte Bataillon)
  • Role Call: The Major, The Doctor, The Captain, First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle, First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz, Warrant Officer Schrodinger and Tubalcain Alhambra.
  • Greater Gods (the organization as a whole), Intermediate Gods (individually)
  • Symbol: A swastika and the number 1000 splattered with blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: A legion within a legion
  • Reason For Joining: The Major’s orders
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: High, since The Major’s one of them.
  • Value To Khorne: Outside of The Major, low.
  • Threat Level: Very High. Being vampires, they are have far greater survivability than humans and that a single bite from them will turn its victim into a ghoul, plus how they were able to reduce London's population to just a very tiny amount in just days.

    Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja 
Takeshi Asakura, God of Big Bad Wannabes (Kamen Rider Ouja)
Kamen Rider Ouja 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Ouja Advent Deck
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Infantry
  • Reason For Joining: As one of the most bloodthirsty being in all the Pantheon, he had no reason not to join.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: High. This man has mental breakdowns when he goes to long without killing.
  • Value To Khorne: EXTREMELY HIGH, some deities think he’s actually a Khornate Berserker.
  • Threat Level: Moderate, High with Genocider.

    Wild Hunt 
Wild HuntMembers , High Prophets of More Vile Villains
Left to right-Enshin, Dorothea, Champ, Syura, Izou and Cosmina
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A shadowy wolf head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Very Chaotic.
  • Position: Shock Troopers.
  • Reason For Joining: Followed Esdeath’s arrival, and were quickly accepted into the Hounds for their sheer sadism.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Low. They're only loyal to themselves, and their current handlers as long as they provide fresh towns and villagers to ransack and ravage.
  • Value To Khorne: Complicated, though proclaiming themselves as warriors and engaging in Rape, Pillage, and Burn 27/7, Khorne isn't impressed. At the end of the day they're cowards, and that makes the Blood God RAGE.
  • Threat Level: High. A band of rapists, thieves, and murderers, many unarmed Deities fear crossing their path.

Martial Legion

The Unfettered of the Hounds, Noble Demons not above killing.

Alright, who is n-

*Screen fades to black and a series of punches is heard*

I am the Master of the Fist. Feel how weak you are with your body!

Akuma, God of Dangerous Forbidden Techniques (Gouki, The Supreme Master of the Fist, The Raging Demon, Mech Gouki, Cyber Akuma, Shin Akuma, Kuruoshiki Oni, The Destroyer of Heaven, The Utimate Badass of Martial Arts)
Akuma in Street Fighter V 
Click here to see Oni 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God, as Oni or Shin Akuma)
  • Symbol: The kanji "Ten" (天), colored red and on fire.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (though easily mistaken as Chaotic Evil)
  • Position: Infantry
  • Reason For Joining: None of the other Alliances gave him a chance to truly test his skills
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Moderate.
  • Value To Khorne: High, though Akuma is concerned with fighting more than killing
  • Threat Level: High.

    Kenpachi Zaraki 
Kenpachi Zaraki, God of Blood Knights (Captain Zaraki, Gotei 13's 11th Division captain, Kenny, Ken-chan)
  • Greater God (Overdeity if he were to actually learn master-level swordsmanship)
  • Symbol: His Zanpakuto, Nozarashi.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Position: Captain of the Martial Legion
  • Reason For Joining: As the Hounds are dedicated to that trope, is was inevitable that God of Blood Knights would join.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Moderate. While a Blood Knight, he is still loyal to the Soul Society.
  • Value To Khorne: High.
  • Threat Level: High, as with many top-tier Shinigami/Soul Reapers.

    Scarface (Predator
Scarface, God of Hunting Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures (The New Way Devil, El Diablo Invisible, El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres, Jerry [only Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam call him this, and they're the only ones allowed to do so in any case], The Predator)

Nosferatu Zodd, God of Human-Based Demons (Zodd the Immortal, Beast Swordsman, God of the Battlefield)
The wrath of Zodd.Apostle form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A sword with a Behelit tied on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Reason For Joining: As a Blood Knight, he gladly assumed membership.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Moderate. As he still technically works with a Griffith and the Godhand.
  • Value To Khorne: High.
  • Threat Level: High.

Desperado Enforcement LLC.

Sundowner’s own legion, dedicated to War Profiteering.

    The Corpus 
The Corpus, Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare (Refrigerators)
  • Intermediate Gods altogether
  • Symbol: Their common logo pictured in the right
  • Alignment: True Neutral with leanings on Neutral Evil
  • Position: All over the place, but the group overall serves as the heads of economics for the H.O.W.
  • Supplies: Money
  • Reason For Joining: Only in It for the Money
  • Loyalty To Sundowner: High, as they agree on proffering as much as possible and see war as a great method to doing so
  • Value To Khorne: None, as they only wage war for cash rather than for glory or sadism.
  • Threat Level: High, as an extremely large military organization that acts as the closest there is to a stable government in their realm
  • Also members of Dark Designs.

Gauron, God of Psychotic Mercenaries
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His personal Arm Slave Codarl/Venom.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Position: Arm Slave pilot.
  • Reason For Joining: Money and Sadism
  • Loyalty To Sundowner: Nil, Gauron cares about nothing and no one, except possibly Sousuke, though that is more of a psychotic obsession.
  • Value To Khorne: High
  • Threat Level: Moderate

Sundowner, CEO of War Profiteering (The Californian Wild Fire, Wind of Destruction)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Bloodlust (his twin pair of scissor machetes) surrounded by six explosive shields
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Position: Leader of Desperado Enforcement LLC.
  • Reason For Joining: War for Fun and Profit.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Depends on the money, but usually High.
  • Value To Khorne: Low, while he can appreciate his obsession with war Sundowner‘s Only in It for the Money and does not care for actual bloodshed.
  • Threat Level: High.

Dark Designs

The engineering division of the H.O.W., which build and supply the Hounds with their weapons of war.

Out of all the Hounds, this one gets the least respect from Khorne, as they do not do the slaughtering themselves and only give the actual fighters what they need.

    Marcus Kincaid 
Marcus Kincaid, God of All Small Arms and Their Exploitation (The Gunbringer)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The holy smiling mug of his current physical form
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Supplies: Weapons, and lots of them
  • Reason For Joining: Marcus sees a Forever War as an infinite source of revenue, as the Hounds would want his products for all of eternity
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Low, as he’s also selling his products to all the other Alliances.
  • Value To Khorne: None.
  • Threat Level: High, Borderlands won the Guinness World Record for most guns in a Video Game, making his products nigh-completely unpredictable.

    Nigel West Dickens 
Nigel West Dickens, Snake Oil Salesman to the Gods (N.W.D., Mr. West Dickens)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A bottle of his “elixir”
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Supplies: “Magical Cures” that actually do nothing
  • Reason For Joining: Nigel sees a Forever War as an infinite source of revenue, as the Hounds would want his products for all of eternity
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Low, he’s selling his products to all the other Alliances
  • Value To Khorne: None
  • Threat Level: Very Low, as none of his products do anything that could even vaguely help the Hounds.

    Shou Tucker 
Shou Tucker, God of Warped Entitlement (The Sewing-Life Alchemist)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His State Alchemist license
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (that's not what he thinks)
  • Supplies: Chimeras, which are usually made out of the Hounds’ Prisoners of War
  • Reason For Joining: After losing his State Alchemist license, he joined the Hounds to show off his creations
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Dr. Tucker will stay loyal as long as they give him glory and preferably his State Alchemist license back
  • Value To Khorne: none, as he’s just a Mad Scientist with no combat ability.
  • Threat Level: Low by himself, his Chimeras could be dangerous

    The Slavers 
Cristu Bulat, Tiberiu Bulat and Vera Konstantin, Unholy Triumvirate Of Human Traffickers (The Slavers)
Top to bottom-Cristu, Tiberiu and Vera
  • Quasideities (Tiberiu is a Demigod)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Cristu Bulat and Vera Konstantin), Chaotic Evil (Tiberu Bulat)
  • Supplies: Human Women
  • Reason For Joining: As Slave Traders, these three made a deal with the High Warmongers that they could supply the Hounds with troops
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Medium.
  • Value To Khorne: High for Tiberiu, None for the rest
  • Threat Level: Low, only one of them can actually fight and the human women they supply rarely have any combat experience.

Syndrome, God of Glory-Seeking Villains (Buddy Pine, Incrediboy, (Baby)Sitter)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The S on his suit
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Supplies: The Omnidroid series of robots.
  • Reason For Joining: As his Engineered Heroism attempt failed, he joined up as a literal Glory Hound.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Low, this is mostly a mutual lack of trust due to the incident in the 1960s.
  • Value To Khorne: Low.
  • Threat Level: High, he managed to kill just about every superhero in his universe!

The Battle Arenas

These deities run The Blood Knight Channel, a TV Network dedicated to Televised Torture and other Deadly Games, the only confirmed place where The Blood Knight Channel is broadcasted is Vivziepop’s Version of Hell.

    Backdraft Group 
The Backdraft Group Members , Unholy Organizations of Unsanctioned Battles (Backdraft Organization)
One of the Backdraft Group's headquarters
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Berserk Fury
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Position: Producers of Unsanctioned Zoid Battles
  • Reason For Joining: As they obviously could not find work anywhere else, they turned to the Hounds as the only place that will let them conduct their illegal activities
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: High, as long as they let them continue
  • Value To Khorne: Just the idea of their Unsanctioned Battles makes them close to Khorne, as the idea of their being no rules beyond nonstop carnage satisfies the Blood God immensely
  • Threat Level: Moderate

Calypso, Unholy Wish Corrupter (William Sparks, Dr. Ospylac, Billy Calypso)
His 2012 incarnation
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His grinning face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil. How bad he is tends to fluctuate depending on the form.
  • Position: Organizer of Twisted Metal
  • Reason For Joining: The Blood Knight Channel was noticeably lacking in Vehicular Combat, which Calypso gladly provided
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: Moderate
  • Value To Khorne: Moderate
  • Threat Level: High

    Damon Killian 
Damon Killian, Deified Smarmy Host (Dan Killian)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The ICS logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Position: Host and Showrunner of The Running Man
  • Reason For Joining: The Hounds were fully approving of a Revival of The Running Man, even making it the Flagship Franchise of The Blood Knight Channel
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: High, should they keep The Running Man on the air
  • Value To Khorne: Compicated, while Damon is not a fighter his show brings in some magnificent slaughter
  • Threat Level: Low

    Gleeman Vox 
Gleeman Vox, God of Immoral Reality Shows (Vox, Mr. Vox)
  • Lesser God, with weaponry and machines that can take on Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Vox Industries logo
  • Theme Song: Defeat Gleeman Vox
  • Alignment: Lawful Evilnote 
  • Position: leader, president and producer of DreadZone and president of Vox Industries.
  • Reason For Joining: After Ratchet cancelled DreadZone, Vox was nearly bankrupted until he was offered by the Hounds to make a DreadZone Revival, which he happily accepted
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: As long as they keep DreadZone on the air, he’s ok
  • Value To Khorne: Same as Damon
  • Threat Level: High

    Howard and Kreese 
...Nothing here? Okay, who's coming n-

Howard: "Hey, excuse me, are you a certified announcer like us?"

Well, not really. I'm more of a-

Kreese: "Well then SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is our profile, you don't see us comin' and stealing your job narrating the fuckin' Tales or whatever!"

*Cue Kreese and Howard slamming the narrator into a burning barrel and throwing it unto oncoming traffic.*

Howard: "And would you look at that, they had a barrel of a time! I'd like to check out what's left of them but first, our profile."

Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and Kreese Kreely, Patron Saints of Talkative Announcers

  • Ambiguous Rank (Kreese is often assumed to be a really durable Demigod)
  • Symbol: The Shock TV 86 Logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Position: Commentators on DreadZone
  • Reason For Joining: They rejoiced at the idea of commenting on more slaughter, and gladly joined up with Vox.
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: High, as long as they can commentate over combat
  • Value To Khorne: None
  • Threat Level: None

    Monokuma and his Mastermind 
Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Destroyers of Hope (Junko: The Mastermind, Super High School Level Gyaru/Ultimate Fashionista, True Super High School Level Despair/True Ultimate Despair, Super High School Level Analytical Prowess, Ryōko Otonashi, Super High School Level Forgetful Girl, Super Duper High School Airhead | Monokuma: The Headmaster, Super High School Level/Ultimate Despair Headmaster Monobear, Totes Sinister Bear-in-Command)
From top to bottom: Junko Enoshima & Monokuma
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Monokuma himself
  • Alignment:
  • Position: Showrunners of Life of Mutual Killing at Hope’s Peak Academy, a “teen drama” that’s really just the Killing Games broadcasted live
  • Reason For Joining: Being humiliated on Live TV would put their victims in even more despair
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: None. Junko and Monokuma come and go when it comes to the Hounds, not to mention they're members of the GUAE Liebertarian Movement and the Harbingers of Repression. Then again, Junko and Monokuma has no loyalty to Melkor or Darkseid either, which the High Warmongers comfortable with as they don't have to wrestle either God of Evil about them.
  • Value To Khorne: High, their Killing Games provide tons of slaughter
  • Threat Level: Very High. Junko has a army unit of Monokuma Units and Ultimate Despair members to lead into fights and her seemingly charming and polite nature can lull people towards her side with ease. Not to mention Junko has often been compared to Johan Liebert when it comes to spreading despair and general depravity.

    Lionel Starkweather 
Lionel Starkweather, God of Snuff Films (The Director)

    Wiz and Boomstick 
Wizard and Boomstick, Judges of The Gods Fighting Among Themselves (Wiz and Boomstick)
Wiz (left) and Boomstick (right)
  • Quasideities, but with the authority of Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Death Battle Logo, Boomstick's "Cutie Mark" of a bottle of booze, crossed by two shotguns.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Position: Hosts of DEATH BATTLE!
  • Reason For Joining: Due to Earths copyright laws, Hell itself was the only place where DEATH BATTLE! could broadcast their show
  • Loyalty To The High Warmongers: None, as they are only here to fill out the Channel’s lineup
  • Value To Khorne: None, since the slaughter isn’t real
  • Threat Level: Suprisingly enough, High, DEATH BATTLE! has majorly effected many characters reputations (we’re looking at you, Stanley) and can make The entire internet erupt into Flame Wars instantly