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Pantheon / Hair Abilities

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Lesser Gods

Ampharos, God of Hair Granting Power (The Light Pokémon, Amphabulous, PeeRam)
Mega Ampharos 

    Dixie Kong 
Dixie Kong, Goddess of Helicopter Hair
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair, alongside her beret.
  • Theme Music: Stilt Village
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Kid Heroine, Helicopter Hair, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Prehensile Hair, Plucky Girl, Pink Means Feminine
  • Domains: Monkeys, Hair, Heroism
  • Herald: Tiny Kong (younger sister)
  • Allies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong, Mario, Millia Rage, Shantae
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Frieza
  • Opposed by: Superboy
  • Having Prehensile Hair makes the use of one's hair in situations outside of hair care (mostly battling and adventuring) more convienent. In the case of Dixie Kong, she can spin that hair while in the air to slow her descent, along with a few other things like picking up and throwing mooks.
  • She was greeted by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong upon ascension and the three went to the House of Food to celebrate with some bananas. There were a lot of banana peels on the floor when it happened, though there weren't any serious injuries that resulted from it.
  • Sometimes visits the House of Sports to play baseball. Some have noticed her bat is small, but then again, using her hair as a baseball bat is most likely not going to work that well.
  • As one would expect when it comes to Frieza, he was not happy to hear that another "filthy monkey" has ascended into the Pantheon.
    • Superboy wasn't very receptive of her ascension as well and has been trying to avoid her, as well as the other Kongs, whenever he can.
  • She has made some passes through the House of Music to play the electric guitar in her spare time.
  • Dixie has managed to find some good friends through Millia Rage and Shantae, due to them having Prehensile Hair like her.
  • Some members of the House of Family have expressed concern over the fact that one of her adventures involved her taking her baby cousin on a dangerous adventure. Most of the complaints subsided after hearing that said baby cousin could fend for himself and/or Dixie. Some of the more overprotective members of that house are still hesitant on hiring her as a babysitter for the younger members, however.
    • Dixie did make Kiddy Kong her herald during her ascension. She is sometimes seen taking care of him whenever an adventure isn't happening.
  • She is sometimes seen eating some gumballs. Somehow, she was able to gain a gun that could fire gumball in one of her outings.
    • If Dixie isn't eating bananas, then she could be seen in the House of Food drinking some juice on an infrequent basis.

    Millia Rage 
Millia Rage, Goddess of Weaponized Hair

    Poppy and Branch 
Princess Poppy and Branch, Co-Gods of Magic Hair
Poppy (right) and Branch (left)
Click here to see Branch at the beginning of the film 
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their hair
  • Theme Song: Their cover of True Colors
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Branch used to have shades of True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Magic Hair (changing colors and being prehensile), All Trolls Are Different, Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl, Losing Color When Depressed, Pink Girl, Blue Boy
  • Domain(s): Trolls, Hair, Magic
  • Heralds: the rest of the Trolls
  • High Priestess: Lady Lovely Locks
  • Followers: Christopher Spectrum, Samantha Thing, Susan Sto Helit, the royal family of Idris, Corrina, Demiguises, Truska
  • Allies: Filia, Shantae, Rapunzel, Vol'jin
  • Enemies: Sellouts (like Peter Pettigrew and Wallace Breen), those who find happiness in doing evil, Archibald Snatcher
  • Dislike: Zul'jin
  • It was difficult finding candidates for Magic Hair, mainly because most of the ones who would've qualified already had other titles. But someone in the Court did manage to find someone; Princess Poppy of the Trolls (though much different from the traditional ones). She accepted the offer to ascend, but only if her companion Branch ascends alongside her, as she couldn't have gone through what she did without him.
    • What kind of magic can their hair pull off? They can control its shape as easily as an arm or a leg, can extend or retract almost instantaneously, and even change colors (for camouflage and more).
  • Applies to both:
    • To ensure that the disaster of the Bergen Chef abducting numerous Trolls 20 years after their kind's flight from Bergentown before forging peace with the Bergens doesn't happen again, the two immediately got to work on making friendships and alliances, Branch for access to defenses and warning systems and setting them up, and Poppy for diplomatic reasons and other political matters.
    • As fellow deities with Magic Hair, Filia (though Samson just scoffs at them), Shantae, and Rapunzel became fast friends with them, and the last of them happens to be a princess (in a sense) just like Poppy (though the little Troll has since become queen after making peace with the Bergen).
      • They (and some others) are also curious as to what the current relationship status is between her and Branch, but neither wish to say.
    • Some vile members in the GUAE have taken an interest in the Bergens' desire to eat Trolls for happiness and plan on going from there since the Bergens have abandoned that ideal. Branch's devising of defense plans have been well-justified. A few have noticed this scheme and think the bad guys are treating the Trolls as pot or something like that, just like how some quacks think Jurassic Park-made dinosaurs think of humans despite the impracticaility of chasing one down.
    • Some people are confused upon being told that the two are trolls, given that most would assume them to be…bigger, even if not gigantic. Still, the representative god of it, Vol'jin, finds their actions commendable, though was critical about Poppy's lack of concern for security before the Bergen Chef abducted a number of her kind. At least that's what some of his followers who know him would think he'd say to them, since he's currently absent on his throne after his mortal shell was destroyed.
      • As for Zul'jin, he once insulted their kind by remarking that he hates having his hair touched and that it doesn't grant stinky wishes. As such, he's not well-liked by them.
      • And like every other troll, they don't like Archibald Snatcher for his desire to spread misery as he climbs the social ladder.
    • Sellouts of any kind are not tolerated, especially for Poppy, given how one of their own, Creek, did just that (betraying his entire race) to save his own skin. Special contempt goes to Pettigrew (for obvious reasons), though it's a mite complicated for Breen as his actions did give humanity a chance against the Combine, even though that's probably not what he intended.
  • Exclusive to Poppy:
    • As someone who wishes to grant happiness for everyone, she became very fast friends with others who have the same aspirations such as Pinkie Pie, Amélie, and Gentaro.
    • Had to eventually come to terms with the fact that there are those who really find happiness in doing terrible (and often unspeakable) things, especially those who love taking happiness away; she wants people to be happy, but never at the expense of another's.
      • She also fell sick for a while after reading a few pages of Brave New World, she didn't think happiness was capable of enslavement to it until now.
    • Broke into Tears of Joy from hearing about Madoka's tale and her ultimate sacrifice, and again but with more sorrow upon hearing of how Homura stipped her of her powers for Madoka's happiness (and safety). Poppy finds that sort of happiness as purely selfish and not the kind of happiness she wishes.
    • Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers note that she sounds like the former's sister Stacey Pilgrim.
  • Exclusive to Branch:
    • Those who have noted his ability in singing (especially during the Darkest Hour for the Trolls, where his song brought them all, especially Poppy, from the brink of despair) have nudged Branch to meeting Justin Timberlake. Given that he's finding allies to secure his and Poppy's temple at the moment, that's currently on hold.
    • As former cynics who have managed to find happiness again after first losing it as a result of lost family, Branch gets along with Manfred and Marlin, and can understand the latter's initial paranoia of needing protection becoming justified when disaster did strike.
    • Having lost his grandmother to Chef Bergen, Branch has a sore opinion on killers of parental figures (and parents) and sympathizes with those who lost theirs.


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