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To be deleted soon - Does not fit reworked Alliances' standards.

Originally, the various Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers villain organizations had decided to band together as a final resistance. Unfortunately for them, the formation of the Toku Base had put paid to their reconstruction efforts. Melkor, in a political move designed to win over what little loyalty exists in the minds of the other demons, immediately declares the special formation of the Demonic Legion - then sat back as he patiently observed.

Left to their own devices, Monsters of the Week from all over the pantheon ripped each other asunder, with battle done to the degree that Melkor had to seal off a specific location due to the etheric damage caused. The battle rages on still at the current moment, but Melkor is confident that whoever emerges strongest will be fit to mobilize against the Toku Base...

Is currently divided into two major warring factions, the Showa faction led by Black Cross Führer and The Great Leader of Shocker, with their vice leaders Shadow Moon, Star King Bazeu, Great Professor Bias and Dr. Man, and the Heisei faction led by N-Daguva-Zeba, Ackdos Gill, and Count Radiguet, with their vice leaders Grand Witch Grandienne and Long. There's also a smaller third faction located in the west led by Trakeena and Venjix, with their squadron of lieutenants The Psycho Rangers which is currently sitting out the conflict and has many members who are Alternate Universe counterparts to those in the Heisei group. Time will tell if Japan's Reiwa era will further complicate matters with yet another faction.

Due to the current warring going on, each faction has their own separate headquarters. The Showa faction occupy a large underground complex deep below the Conquest Army's headquarters while the Heisei faction is housed within an expanded Zangyack Fleet within distance of the Mecha Cohort headquarters. Most of the Power Rangers faction works from Venjix's palace, away from the Pantheon given their currently neutralist nature, but is currently rumored to have Armada ships hiding in plain sight amongst the Zangyack Fleet.

Meanwhile, opposing the Ultramen, is Kaiser Belial. Amassing his army of Darklops and Legionoids as he regain his strength after his defeat by the hands of the new Ultra Warrior, Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultraseven. He recruited many aliens who had grudges against the Ultramen, such as Alien Empera with his Four Heavenly Kings as his subordinates, who in return resurrected many Showa Ultra Kaijus for Belial to control. Representing the Heisei group are Camilla, with her two henchmen and a Kyrieloid warrior, Chaos Darkness and finally, Dark Zagi.

Unlike their good counterparts, Demonic Legion's relations with GUAE Mecha Cohort is tense and frosty. Although many of their most powerful arsenal are Humongous Mecha (the most notable is possibly the Dragonzord, before Dr. Tommy Oliver made Heel–Face Turn), many members of Demonic Legion prefer Kaiju more.

As of recent, however, with the rise of the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood and the rise of the warriors known as the Pretty Cure who form a good relationship with the Toku Base, the Demonic Legion has been considering to apply the enemies of the Pretty Cure to the ranks. These demons were led by a giant demon known as 'Black Hole'. The application is complete, but due to being unable to afford one specific faction for him (calling Black Hole's section to be something girly due to the type of enemies he opposed is vetoed out of embarrassment), Dark Specter had to put Black Hole amongst the Vault temporarily, serving as the producer of various monsters bearing grudges against the Pretty Cures, until a section could be formed.

Supreme Leader

Dark Specter, Archdemon of Recycled Props who's Behind All Kind of Evils
  • Symbol: His Entire Body (Alternatively, a Table filled with Costumed Baddies)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: The Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • The main boss of the Demonic Legion, and Melkor's second loyal servant. Had this factional war not started, the Great Leader and Daguva would have been the top choices for this position.
    • He later joins the Pantheon as a way to further expand his forces against the Greater United Alliance of Good as a whole. To say that the way he got the title because of Melkor's excuse is an understatement.

Divisional Leaders

These people are loyal followers of Dark Specter who serve as the bare-bones forces of the Legion in the midst of the wa between Showa and Heisei faction members. Melkor regards these people as necessary to fight the Toku Base, if they were to launch a surprise attack on this branch.

Henchmen Division

  • Leader: Goldar
  • Members: Olympus, Zeltrax, Baron Nero, Destra
  • Baron Nero is not impressed by the immediate ascension of the ToQgers in the Toku Base. His fighting debut took place in the same day within the return of his boss, Emperor Zet.

Battle Thirst Division

Monster Growth Division

Female Commander Division

Royalty Division

Comedic Division

  • Leader: Rito Revolto
  • Members: Gluto, Choobo
    • This division once had Butchy as an eastern representative. However, when he learned that he was just a Ridiculously Human Robot, he ultimately rebelled, causing Bias to kill him and his name be blotted out from the Legion.

Same-Name Division

Toku Base Traitors (Those who once were benevolent or at least anti-heroic, but they're now in the dark side in one way or another. They don't come back to light.)

  • Leaders: Captain Ryuya
  • Members: Kabuki/Kamen Rider Kabuki, Mamoru/Mole Amazon, Assam Asimov/Deka Red II, Mugi Grafton/Deka Yellow II, A-Squad S.P.D. Rangers, Seigi/Space Sheriff Estevan
  • These individuals become marked for death by the Toku Base. All of them is because they're on the heroes' side until they showed their true colors due to their ulterior motives.
  • Their leader cannot fight due to others gaining the Time Red and Time Fire powers, but is a crazy good manipulator with an incredibly strong desire to save his life.
  • Masato Kusaka was once their fighting leader to Ryuya's tactical leader after the latter is impressed with Kusaka's psychotic tendencies during the Showa/Heisei Rider War incident. Until Kusaka got kicked out of the Demonic Legion since Dark Specter found out that Kusaka is nothing more of a "Jerkass Kaijin Killer".
  • A seemingly brainwashed Go Shijima was once relocated here in this division until Chase discovered he was undercover in order to gain valuable info on the enemy.

Showa Faction


The Great Leader, Mr. Big Bad Incarnate and the Anthropomorphic Personification of Forever Evil

  • Symbol: His abominable one-eyed head
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Groups: SHOCKER, Gel-Shocker, Destron, Black Satan, Delza Army, Neo-Shocker, Badan Empire
  • Dark Specter keeps a close eye on him due to being the only other villain in the Legion to be behind numerous seemingly unaffiliated villains. The Great Leader has neither confirmed nor denied any behind the scenes activity in the forming of the Legion. However, he has been persuasive in attracting non-Toku villains to serve under him.

Black Cross Führer, The Evil Overlord with an Uber-Monstruous Form

  • Symbol: His Star-Shaped Head
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: The Black Cross Army
  • He once fought the Goseigers and Gokaigers as the Black Cross King. He is still able to enter that form and has decided to be in Furher form when dealing with Showa heroes and King form when dealing with Heisei heroes.

Deputy Leaders

Shadow Moon, God of Villainous Counterparts (Nobuhiko Akizuki, The King of Shadows)

  • Symbol: The Gorgom symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: None, independent (formerly Gorgom)
  • One of the few members of the Legion that managed to ascend into the Pantheon proper, he is highly regarded as the first ever Dark Rider. Due to this, he is the highest ranked of the Showa faction's deputy leaders.

Star King Bazeu, Demonic Legion's Elder Planet Eater

  • Symbol: A bust of a blue muscular man (yep, just his hologram)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Great Star League Gozma
  • Used to be the greatest and most despicable demon under Black Cross Fuhrer, former holder of the 'Elder Demon of Absolute Immorality' (see below). However, he was massively depowered because he was backstabbed by Radiguet, who perfected his 'despicable methods' and put Bazeu in a lower level, but still a massive threat that he's still amongst the leaders of the Legion.
  • Is currently known as the Demonic Legion's answer to Galactus.

Great Professor Bias, Elder Demon of Corrupters

  • Symbol: The Fountain of Youth
  • Group: Armed Brain Army Volt
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • He's the reason why Kenji Tsukigata, Gou Omura, Rui Senda, and Arashi Busujima joined him in first place as Kemp, Obular, Mazenda, and Ashura as well as the aliens Guildos and Butchy. He revived them all (save for Omura, who joined the Toku Base) and caused some Laser-Guided Amnesia among them since they died... less than pleased with him. He has assigned Butchy to the Comedic Division, and is currently trying to find places for the others.
    • Has crossed the Moral Event Horizon in the eyes of the Toku Base when he quickly killed Butchy upon him accidentally regaining his memories all to provide a cover up.
  • Sadly, the Livemen didn't fought against him... much to his dismay. He only joined because he learned that Yuusuke was co-leader of one of the Toku Base's divisions. Given his tendencies, whether or not he's telling the truth is unclear. Instead, when he finally uses the Fountain of Youth using the brains of the smart people whose lives were taken by his group, Megumi confronted verbally, insisting that he should make a fresh start, instead of wasting his newfound childhood for nothing. Bias rejected the redemption so quickly that the brains he collected rebelled against him and as a result, returned to his old man self.
  • His closest ally in the Legion is Great Doctor Lie Köpflen, as both are geniuses with god complexes who end up being The Unfought, though said god complexes sometimes tense things up between them.
  • Is somehow able to channel onto certain similarities with other Pantheon Gods such as Kirei Kotomine, Sol Badguy, Leonidas.

Dr. Man, Elder Demon of Tragic Villains and Former Humans

  • Symbol: A robotic eye
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Neo Gear Empire
  • Most of his life is devoted to become the most intelligent being in the world. By using cybernetics, he leads an empire consisting of androids against mankind.
  • He doesn't get along well with Bio-Hunter Silva. Since the Wild Card always steals most of the Neo Gear technology for his purposes.
  • His followers' rallying Battle Cry whenever he issues orders: "FOR THE MAN!"


Zetton, Demonic Legion's Intermediate Killer of Heroes

  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Group: Itself
  • The only being coming that close to kill off Ultraman/Shin Hayata for real. This is also why he's amongst the official members of the Legion instead of Destoroyah, at least Zetton was nearly killing one of the heads of the Toku Base.
  • The only reason of his 'Intermediate' status was because of the manner of its death, by a human-engineered anti-monster weapon. However, the Demonic Legion has ensured that Zetton will be immune from such trivialties from now on.

Bio-Hunter Silva, the Demonic Legion's Intermediate Wild Card

  • Symbol: The Anti-Bio Union Emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Operates on his own because loathes both the Biomen and Neo Gear Empire.
  • One of the most popular villains in history, so much that he formed part of the entire Demonic Legion's army in the long battle against the entire Toku Base. General consensus says it was awesome. Until Daiki Kaito trolled both sides in the finishing part.
  • The materials within his gun is known to have taken the life of Mika Koizumi, the first Yellow Four. While it made him a feared enemy for the Bioman, Silva is also known to occasionally change his title like "Rider Hunter Silva", thus changing the kind of people he kills and the type of people he could kill. He's been considering titles like "Ultra Hunter Silva", "Metal Hunter Silva", "Pretty Cure Hunter Silva" (along with Phantom who used to hunt down every Pretty Cure, until he got purified as PhanPhan, Cure Mirage's fairy mascot), "Puella Magi Hunter Silva", "Gundam Hunter Silva", "Street Fighter Hunter Silva", "Tekken Hunter Silva", "Soul Hunter Silva", "DOA Hunter Silva", "Kombat Hunter Silva", "Instinct Hunter Silva", "Warcraft Hunter Silva", "StarCraft Hunter Silva", "Transformer Hunter Silva", "Pony Hunter Silva", "Adventure Hunter Silva", "WWE Hunter Silva, "Elite Hunter Silva", "Impact Hunter Silva", "Honor Hunter Silva", "Major League Hunter Silva", "Pandora Hunter Silva", "God Eater Hunter Silva", "Duelist Hunter Silva", "Cardfight Hunter Silva", "Westeros Hunter Silva", "Keron Hunter Silva", and so on.
  • Never enters the battleground without his Catchphrase: "Hakai! Hakai! Hakai!"

Mazurka, Lesser Demoness of Evil Disguisers

  • Symbol: Her Motorcyclist Helmet
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Deathdark
  • She's the anti-thesis of Miki Momozono, Patron Saint of Gymnastics, due to both them being the Masters of Disguises of their respective teams. She put the groundwork of female-female rivalry, but strangely never seemed to come to Cat Fight, something that Megiddo criticizes her for.
  • She hates Human Bomb tactics personally. Not because of standards, but because she was tricked into being one... without consent.

Prince Megiddo, Lesser Demon of Evil Princes and Evil Successors

  • Symbol: Four Shinka tails along with one cut tail
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: Jashinka Empire
  • The successor of former Emperor Aton AND the Showa-counterpart of Buldont, his fresh reign was cut short by the Dynamen, but within the Demonic Legion, he's been given the second chance to show his capability as the successor. Megiddo is eager to show how he's worthy of carrying Aton's evil legacy.
  • Also occasionally dons a dark armor and calls himself Dark Knight.
  • He also occasionally criticizes Mazurka for not getting into Cat Fight against her Good Counterpart often, when compared with his sister Chimera.

Kiros, Lesser Demon of Evil Shining Knights

  • Symbol: His Sword
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral leaning towards Evil
  • Group: Was formerly a Tube soldier
  • Fought Takeru (Red Mask) for the affections of Princess Iyal. Turns out he blames the martial artist for the imprisonment of said princess.

Other members:

Great Doctor Lie Köpflen, Intermediate Demon of Mad Science

  • Symbol: His coat
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess
  • The brains behind the Demonic Legion. Creates many of the Beast Warriors for the Mess.
  • Great Professor Bias has taken an interest in him. The two became fast allies due to their similarities, though Keflen mistakenly calls him Cowler on occasion.
  • Kopflen was originally from the Earth.

Heisei Faction


N-Daguva-Zeba, Elder Demon of Creating a Playground for Evil (Unidentified Life Form #0/B13)

Ackdos Gill, Elder Demon of Dark Empires

  • Symbol: The badge of Zangyack.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Space Empire Zangyack
  • One of the greatest enemies that the Super Sentai ever fought, commanding a very large amount of demons and armada that at first it took the sacrifice of all Super Sentai's power to wipe him out, and a bit of a 'cheat' by the Gokaigers to put down his empire in a state of defeat (and being bombarded by Super Sentai finishers, until Melkor and Dark Specter brought him back along with his mass armada. Even if he might look less 'threatening' than Basco ta Jolokia, his own fighting prowess and the amount of army are not to be underestimated.
  • His flaw: Enjoys sitting on his throne for waaaay too long.
  • Gets along VERY WELL with Black Cross Fuhrer/King, as they both serve as the greatest threats the Super Sentai division has ever faced.
  • It is said that if he combines the Zangyack armada along with Dark Specter's massive army, it will result the biggest army of evil ever faced that the Super Sentai and Power Rangers might need to do more than 'sacrificing their powers', and Dark Specter can muster more securities so the Gokaigers cannot even 'cheat out'.

Count Radiguet, Elder Demon of Power-Usurpers

  • Symbol: The Vylock
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Dimensional War Party Vyram
  • Currently held the title of the vilest of the Sentai monsters, producing 'successors' like Long and Basco (who graduated to proper Pantheon). He usurps the title from Bazoo.
  • There are also rumors that he's planning to take over the whole Demonic Legion for himself. Yes, that means trying to backstab Black Cross Fuhrer, Great Leader of Dai-Shocker and Dark Specter. However, his attempt against Dark Specter failed, because Dark Specter had been prepared after a 'similar' event involving Darkonda.
  • Aside from the Jetmen, he has also made enemies of the Goggle V in general and Goggle Pink in particular after killing Goggle Pink's mother in a parallel dimension. In the same parallel world, he also participated in manipulating Shinken Pink into trying to kill Shinken Red using her parents as hostage, doubly moreso for him because Shinken Red was the 'appointed leader' of the Sentai there. If Radiguet has something to say... if he failed against Darkonda in the Pantheons, he will succeed in that world.
    • But the less said about how he looked like in another parallel world, the better. Let's just say that's the only time Radiguet would ever pull off the Even Evil Has Standards card, judging how... 'silly over the top' he was in that world, which also includes something that even he doesn't dare to bring up ever again, which involved a certain Pink Power Ranger...

Deputy Leaders

Grand Witch Grandienne, Elder Demoness of Dark Mothers

  • Symbol: Crest of the Saima clan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Group: Saima Clan
  • Hands down as the biggest bitch of the Demonic Legion. As far as Grandienne is concerned, 'offsprings' just means 'pawns that can be killed off anytime'.
  • She is surprisingly able to 'bond' with Colonel Shadam as he's not blood-related and they share the same ignorance to their offsprings. However, 'bond' here also includes preparation to backstab the other when they see it fit
  • Currently also planning to eventually place herself in the Pantheon proper as the other half of the Abusive Parents throne alongside Ghetsis Harmonia. Like other evil mother bitches, Grandienne also scorns on Precia Testarossa's recent not-so-evil attitude, and ridicules her death as well.
  • Her western counterpart is the Queen Bansheera.
  • If the Toku Base is trying to refer their disgust to her, they will instead refer her as as Grand Bitch Grandienne.

Long, Elder Demon of Villainous Immortality


Emperor of Darkness Z, Intermediate Demon of Evil Light Users

  • Symbol: The Shadow Line Emblem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Shadow Line
  • Allies: Baron Nero, Madame Noir, Miss Gritta (his wife)
  • Former Ally: General Schwartz.
  • Enemies: The ToQgers, especially Right/ToQ 1gou.
  • Both Baron Nero and Madame Noir perceived that since their fighting debut also means his welcoming to the Demonic Legion... turns out to be true.
  • Z is entirely fascinated with seeing the people sparkling.

Brajira of the Messiah, Intermediate Demon of Backstabbers and Those with Many Names (Buredoran of the Comet, Buredoran of the Chupacabra, Buredoran of the Chimatsuri, BuredoRUN of the Cyborg)

  • Symbol: A winged Golden Omega symbol in his chest
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: He was part of the Warstar (not that shared name western version), Yumajuu and Matrintis, but uses the knowledge of the three groups, finally operating in his own.
  • Recently, he found a western counterpart in royal alien Vrak... who's always busy with his complicated schemes.
  • Considered as one of the most charismatic villains in history, while at the same time, one of the most manipulative beings of all time, secondly to Shadam.
  • Loathes the Goseigers... Alata to be more precise. The fact that he used to be one in the past doesn't help.

Lieutenant Colonel Shadam, Intermediate Demon of Manipulation (Emperor Gorma XVI)

  • Symbol: The Sky Pyramids
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: The Gorma Tribe, which he recreated in living clay figures.
  • He's the father of both Akomaro and Kou... however, he gives no heck about them.
  • Shadam recreated the entire Gorma Tribe, only to become the current Emperor Gorma XVI... but he has a secret: he's also a living clay too.
  • Has the distinction of being the most manipulative being ever existed in the Demonic Legion.

Prince Buldont, Intermediate Demon of Dragon Ascendants (Kaiser Buldont)

  • Symbol: His Crown
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: Baranoia
  • Surprisingly enough for him, has not one... but two western counterparts in form of brothers Prince Sprocket and Prince Gasket. He also has a 'Showa' counterpart, being Prince Megiddo.
  • Tries to ascend into the pantheon as the God of the Dragon Ascendants but one of his spiritual successors Enter gets the recognition due to him being a better example of being a greater threat to the main heroes.

Sujigara no Akumaro, Intermediate Demon of Hell Seekers, Bringer of Hell on Earth

  • Symbol: His papers that turn into demons
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: The Gedoushuu
  • Has been given the second chance by Dark Specter to repeat his quest to bring forth Hell On Pantheon. Akumaro is pretty ecstatic at the prospect... as the Disgraces bored him.
  • Is known to create pants-wettingly SCARY Ayakashi monsters, making him one of the more feared Intermediate Demons in the Legion.
  • It's very rare for him to not utter a sinister "Oh hoh hoh..." once in a day.
  • His western equivalent is Serrator.

General Schwartz, Intermediate Demon of Enigmatic Minions

  • Symbol: A rose with his cap at side
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: Shadow Line
  • Former Allies: Emperor Zet, Baron Nero, Madame Noir.
  • Worthy Opponents: The ToQgers.
  • Since his appeareance, he showed the ToQgers to not mess with him, cementing his place in the Demonic Legion.
  • Because of the unfortunate moment of being betrayed by Emperor Zet, especially after the apparent death of Lady Gritta, he's now working as a Wild Card among the Demonic Legion.

Escape, Lesser Demoness of Proudly Villainous Daughters

  • Symbol: Her two Guns, Gog and Magog.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Group: Vaglass
  • Superior and "Papa" Obsession with: Enter.
  • Swore loyalty to her original "Papa" Messiah. And now is with Enter, who is dangerously obsessed with.
  • Trakeena once occupied this place in the Western Division, but with her promotion to Knight of Cerebus, Escape is now this for the Heisei Division.

Shelinda, Lesser Demoness of Despicable Sexiness

  • Symbol: Her Seashell Bikini Suit
  • Group: Barban
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • She's on good terms with Elder Demoness Trakeena. However, her western equivalent says that she needs to put some clothes on.
  • She was for a moment overjoyed that there's a Gingaman that came upon the Toku Base, hoping that it's Hayate/Ginga Green, and she'll have her revenge. Needless to say, when she found out it's someone she doesn't care about (Saya/Ginga Pink), she was... disappointed.
    • That did not last long since Hayate shortly after rose and she's been gunning down to kill him again. Even Trakeena was astonished and said her obsession is incredible.


  • Symbol: His Handsome Face
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Zone
  • Many Flashmen got confused because he resembles their teammate Dai.

Hiroshi Tennoji, Lesser Demon of All Evil in Humanity's Heart and God Complexes

  • Symbol: The Kerberos Undead Card (Also his One-Winged Angel form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: He unsealed the 52 Undeads, and uses some of them as his pawns.
  • Responsible for starting the events of Kamen Rider Blade.
  • Also created the infamous Trial Undeads, one of them uses the body of his co-worker Yoshito Hirose.

Jarmin, Lesser Demoness of Those who Crossed the Lines

  • Symbol: Her Whip
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Group: The Boma Tribes
  • She's the only female warrior who's entirely immoral in the Demonic Legion. It's still unsure who's the senior of female depravity, though... her, or Grandienne (she comes first, but Grandienne has a bigger influence).

The Flower Kunoichi Gang, The Villainous Kunoichi Team Incarnate

  • Symbol: The Kanjis in their helmets
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: The Yokai Army
  • The female predecessors of the Psycho Rangers (and to a lesser extent, their Japanese counterparts Jaden Sentai Neziranger).
  • Similar to Chevalier, many Fivemen also got confused because one of the girls resembles their sister Remi.

Western Faction


Venjix, Elder Demon of Monstrous Virus

  • Symbol: His "red" eye
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: Venjix Computer Network (and later, Evox Virus Army)
  • The one who entirely eradicated humankind at 99% in the very Alternate Universe he belongs (except those who live in Corinth). Surprisingly enough, he's created by Teen Genius Doctor K, but Alphabet Soup were the ones who avoided stopping her to put the firewall, thus starting the events of Power Rangers RPM.
  • Uses the bodies of both similar Demons Hiramechimedes and Yogoshimacritein, which are his Japanese counterparts.
  • Was seemingly destroyed at the end of the series, but a fragment of his code survived in Scott Truman's Cell Shift Morpher. Said Morpher was then given to Grid Battleforce for safekeeping, until a young Nate Silva unknowingly revived him by using Morph-X (an energy source derived from the Morphin' Grid) and snake DNA on it. And thus, Venjix was reborn as the Big Bad of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Evox — making him one of the most dangerous Power Rangers villains to date.


Sledge, Intermediate Demon of Bad Bosses

  • Symbol: His ship
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Group: His bounty hunting brigade.
  • Enemies: The Dino Charge Rangers, especially Tyler Navarro and Koda.
  • The western counterpart of Hundred-Face Priest Chaos, until the latter gets an identical PR-universe lookalike in Lord Arcanon. Sledge recruits three minions: Fury, Poisandra and Wrench, all of them resembling the defected Dogold, Candelilla and Aigallon respectively.
    • Recently, Wrench creates Curio, which resembles Luckyuro a lot, by using corpses of dead aliens.
  • He's a notorious Bounty Hunter, and he will not rest until he steals the 10 Energems and sell them to the best bidder.

Master Org, Intermediate Demon of Chessmasters

  • Symbol: The Org Heart
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: His Org Army
  • Enemies: The Wild Force Rangers, especially Cole Evans/Red Wild Force Ranger.
  • His suit practically resembles the former Emperor Gorma XV, only with personal touches.
  • Responsible for killing Cole Evans' parents out of jealousy. What makes him even more terrifying is that he was once a human being who transformed into Master Org out of pure spite, and not just some regular monster.
  • Dislikes the fact that his loyal servants Toxica and Jindrax pulled a Heel–Face Turn.

Ecliptor, The Intermediate Noble Demon

  • Symbol: His Vector-Rendered Sword
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Group: Was part of Astronema's forces.
  • Worthy Opponent: Andros/Red Space Ranger.
  • Additional Relationship: Karone.
  • When Astronema was freed of the brainwashing and no longer a villainess, now joining the Toku Base as Karone. Dark Specter offered Ecliptor a second chance.
  • Loathes Darkonda and never forgives him for that unwilling Fusion Dance.
  • His Japanese counterpart is Yugande.

Frax, Lesser Demon of Cycle of Revenge

  • Symbol: The X-Class Mutant Container
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Group: The Mutants
  • He was formerly known as Dr. Ferix, a recognized scientist.
  • His Japanese counterpart is Gien, as they both represent the Tragic Villainy.
  • Based on his name, please don't mispell him as Vrak. Especially when that guy wasn't even tragic in villainy.

Mig and Benglo, Lesser Demons of Mean Felines

Other Members:

Squatt and Baboo, They Who Ended Up Demoted To Extras

  • Symbol: The Dumpster In Where They Are Sealed
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Group: Were part of Rita Repulsa's forces... they didn't joined Lord Zedd's forces, through.
  • They were very much the Gossipy Hens on what's happening in the Demonic Legion... if only Finster, Goldar, and to a lesser extent, Rito Revolto are here.
    • They are here because Lothor's "nieces" and original candidates Marah and Kapri pulled a collective Heel–Face Turn.
  • Their Japanese equivalents are Totpat and Bookback.

Elgar, Demonic Legion's Butt-Monkey

  • Symbol: His Scarily Funny Face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Group: Was part of his aunt Divatox's forces.
  • Dark Specter resurrected him just for the lulz.
  • Sometimes, his face changes from his usual funny self to a scarier one (the face of his japanese counterpart Zelmoda) depending on specific situations.

Prince Sprocket, Lesser Kid-of-Heel Demon of Royal Brats

  • Symbol: A small-scaled toy of the Machine Empire's Headquarters
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Group: The Machine Empire
  • As the result of the former holder Luckyuro defecting to the Toku Base. Dark Specter, at petition of Melkor, asks him to occupy the defector's place.
  • Gets shocked that Kaiser Buldont pretty much reminds him of two things, one of himself as the latter's youth and then of his own brother Prince Gasket as the form Buldont he actually uses.

The Vault

Thank to the nature of Demonic Legion, their vault isn't just warehouse/hangar to keep various equipments, but feature containment units and breeding ground for various monsters. Destoroyah is not pleased about this, given he himself is an ascended deity.

Black Hole