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Infants, Toddlers, Children and Adolescents

The House of Family and Relatives is one of the largest in the Pantheon, with the Hall of Children being one of the most popular and occupied there due to how many of the members, especially the Heroic Protectors of Family, exhibited strong parental feelings to the younger residents of the Pantheon. However, it was discovered that the Hall of Children was beginning to grow too big in its population, which worried the kids and the adults about what to do. Eventually, a solution was decided that a new House would be established to allow for the Pantheon's representing children to thrive and flourish.

At the same time, the prospect of a House representing youth can also be associated with another demographic; teenagers. While those representing teens were not as apparent as the case with the younger age, a case was made by higher authorities in the Pantheon that the new House be further expanded to represent Youth; namely children and teens. This has allowed for both demographics to develop a larger sense of identity and recognition, although given that the House is meant to represent younger members of the Pantheon, an effort has been made by third parties to provide financial and welfare support.


The general layout of the House is designed to be varied and colorful, by design and in concept, so one can get the impression that it's a gigantic playground filled with swings, slides, rides, parks, and the occasional joyful music, especially in celebratory days. There is also a large preschool and a children's hospital that was constructed via a deal with the House of Health and Diseases, alongside an orphanage. To present a more fantastical feel to it, this House is also physically connected to fellow Houses of Family, Jobs and Profession and School as they serve as primary benefactors and providers. It also has ties to the Houses of Life and Vitality, Beasts and Heroism; the former acknowledges this House as a reminder for morality and how some should take it as a lesson, the middle is open to inviting child animals there for some time for the company (though security between the two Houses is tight to ensure protection), and the latter has many deities that are respected sponsors for the house, not to mention they tend to be popular, aspirational figures for kids.


This house is notorious for the amount of security that is installed within; the outskirts are barricaded by some of the strongest walls constructed, second only to those in the Main House. The walls are filled with cameras, watchtowers, and hired guards who are on a constant lookout for intruders and threats. And speaking of, the list of deities that are banned from even approaching a mile from the House is pretty sizable. Examples include The Grineer Twin Queens and Soldiers who seek to capture "the young and exotic" for new bodies, child Serial Killers like Rorge and Ryuunosuke Uryu, Monster Clowns that specifically target children like Pennywise, SCP-993 and Champ, The Pied Piper, Springtrap, Slenderman, Scott Shelby, Azazel, and Freddy Krueger (and that's just a minuscule of beings that are banned from the House).

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The Celestial Youth Mascots

Anne-Marie, Goddess of Heartwarming Orphans (Squeaker)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her Toy Rabbit
  • Theme: Soon You'll Come Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Loving and Endearing Orphan, Really Sweet, The Cutie, Becomes Charlie's Moral Guidance and Eventually Redeems him, Keeps posession of a toy rabbit, Innocent Blue Eyes, Wears ragged clothing colored in Red, White, Blue and Yellow, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Has the Ability to Speak to Animals, Willing to befriend anyone (which tends to be exploitable), Happily Adopted, Ultimately gets what she wished for in the end, Somehow not mentioned at all in later instalments
  • Domains: Orphans, Innocence, Communication, Adoption
  • Heralds: Harold and Kate (Her adopted parents)
  • Superior: Don Bluth
  • Allies: In general, The Good-Aligned members of the House of Family and Canines
  • Additional Relationships: Goro Majima, John Wick, Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Opposes: Dag, Napoleon, Scar, 456 Ambassador, Basco ta Jolokia, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Conflicting Opinions: The House of Commerce
  • Anne-Marie was a little girl in 1939 New Orleans. Not much is known about her, but what was known was that she was orphaned and taken under by a collective gang of anthropomorphic dogs led by Carface Carruthers as a means to to earn money. She was broken out by Charlie Barkin (Who was dead and came back via a stolen watch) and Itchy Crawford, who also decided to use her to develop their own casino, despite Anne-Marie's wishes to be adopted by loving parents. However, her presence caused Charlie to soften up and grow past his rough demeanor, ultimately caring for the girl. After being kidnapped by Carface, Charlie set off to save her, ultimately dying again to do so. Adopted by Harold and Kate whom she met earlier, Anne-Marie saw Charlie one last time before the latter set off to Heaven, redeemed.
  • Anne-Marie initially served as a herald to Charlie Barkin, given how Charlie owes her for giving him a new perspective in life, sacrificing himself for her safety and redeeming his soul. Her ascension was signified by Anne-Marie tightly hugging Charlie with a big smile. King Gator looked on with, before erupting to loud singing as usual for him.
  • She and Charlie still hang out with one another, though Charlie tends to worry about Anne-Marie's naivety. He tries to be wary of which places and deities to avoid for Anne-Marie's sake and also has to make up by keeping her happy and safe. Fortunately, there's a lot of deities out there for support, which Charlie is glad of.
  • Being someone who is part of a collective of Don Bluth, Anne-Marie immediately grew accustomed with the rest of his ascended good deities. She is able to communicate well with Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Tiger, and Chanticleer well enough and she became fast friends with the Gang of Seven too. Her best friend out of the bunch is Ducky, given her excitable, cheerful personality like Anne-Marie's and how similar they sound.
  • She also made a new friend on Yoshi, whose determination and loyalty makes Anne-Marie want to ride him. Charlie doesn't mind. She also became acquainted really well with Eliza Thornberry, as both are able to talk to and understand animals. The two have a lot of fun going around and talking to animals in the House of Beasts.
  • Upon her ascension, Anne-Marie met up with four other orphans who went through different, but tough and tragic ordeals, just like her; Pollyanna Whittier, Anne Shirley, Heidi and Sara Crewe. Relating to each other and striking a close friendship, they formed a quintet in the hopes of trying to bring joy and happiness in the Pantheon. Considering the five of them are still little girls, they're seeking to ask and gain help from some of the older, more experienced Pantheon residents.
    • She also became fast friends with Madeline due to the two of them being endearing and playful orphans. Madeline is among the first to step up and help the Orphan Quintet in their goals and bonds. A similar encounter also came with Annie who's experiences with her dog Sandy and having a notable possession made her really relatable for Anne-Marie.
  • She gets along pretty well with anyone good in the House of Family and is a popular visitor in the Hall of Canines. Her favourites in the Pantheon (Besides Charlie) are Tetsuya Tsurugi, Leona Heidern, and the Baudelaire Orphans, seeing as they are all orphans. They all return the favour, seeing how accustomed and gentle Anne-Marie's company tends to be. While they aren't on the canines' Hall, Lady, Tramp and Isabelle also enjoy being around Anne-Marie for similar reasons.
    • Dick Grayson and Tim Drake being orphans themselves have played a good influence on serving as Anne-Marie's guardians at some points and playing with her. That said, the two of them don't want her becoming a vigilante. Additionally, Naruto Uzumaki has tried to pay visits and supporting Anne-Marie, treating her like how would treat his own children, Boruto and Himawari.
    • Kazuma Kirya has expressed that he would actually like to enroll Anne-Marie into his orphanage if he was able to. He also thinks that she and Haruka would make good friends due to their sweet, innocent nature and wisdom. A similar sentiment came from King II, himself an orphan who understood what Anne-Marie had gone through. Kiryu and King frequently pay her visits every now and then and have agreed to help out the Orphan Quintet on several occasions.
    • Developed a close relationship with N as he used to communicate with Pokemon during his childhood and was an orphan before his adoption. N is happy to see Anne-Marie be adopted by a loving couple, something which he never did. He told her about Ghetsis and his treatment towards people and Pokemon. Since then, Anne-Marie has stated she wants nothing to do with Ghetsis.
    • Anne-Marie tends to compare Charlie towards Josuke Higashikata, namely in the sense that Josuke tends to find ways to earn himself money. Josuke finds her a great company, just like the rest of the House of Family, though she tends to giggle whenever Josuke and Okuyasu try to enact a money-making scheme with bizarre results. His intimidating appearance aside, Anne-Marie gets along with Okuyasu all the same.
  • Her adopted parents, Harold and Kate, serve as her herald. As they tend to look after Anne-Marie like any Good Parents, the latter has grown fond of those who look after and love their children, adopted or not. Harold and Kate themselves tend to talk spend a good time talking to good-aligned members of the House of Family, whilst also being wary of Abusive Parents which they do their best to ensure Anne-Marie doesn't have any contact with.
  • She and Anastasia often meet up with the Disney Princesses every once in a while. A lot of residents take notice of how Anne-Marie and Snow White resemble each other a lot. Maybe that's how they became great acquaintances.
  • While she can be nice, Anne-Marie does have her moments of being serious and disappointed, such as the time when Charlie stole Harold and Kate's wallet. Goro Majima found that out when he decided to randomly start a fight against Kazuma Kiryu, right in front of Anne-Marie, much to her dismay. The Mad Dog has since decided not to make things more awkward, though he occasionally drops by to say hi to her and spend some time. John Wick and Jason Todd are much warier, given they are aware of their violent tendencies. Jason relates to her in the sense that he was an orphan as well, whereas John's fondness for dogs makes him and Anne-Marie good company, given the latter adopted Itchy when she was adopted.
  • She might be among the nicest deities in the Pantheon, but that might not be the best thing. Anne-Marie tried to make friends with Dag at one point, only to end up with Dag chasing and wanting to eat her She was saved by a timely intervention from Kiryu and Majima who pounded the hell out of him. The overall experience still makes Anne-Marie nervous, something which others make sure not to talk about again.
  • Due to her experience was Carface and Charlie before the latter's redemption, Anne-Marie has rather mixed opinions about the House of Commerce. While she is aware that there are residents she can get along with, such as Scrooge [Mc=Duck], Sara Crewe, Charlie Bucket, and even Seto Kaiba, the presence of those like Eliza and Neil Reagan and Mr. Burns leaves her nervous when she attends. Luckily her adopted parents and Charlie are there to help her out.
  • Charlie leaving her behind after redeeming himself was the last time the German Shepherd saw Anne-Marie. Considering she doesn't turn up in any of his future endeavours, it seems weird. Though, in a tragic sense, some speculate that her actress's death had something to do with it. Anne-Marie asserts that she had a happy life with her new parents after the event, though she gets saddened whenever her actress gets bought up.
"Then goodbye Charlie. I love you."

    Baby Bink 
Bennington Austin Cotwell IV, Divine Fearless Infant (Baby Bink)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The storybook, Baby's Day Out
  • Theme Song: Baby's Day Out
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Baby that Doesn't Fear Anything, Tacky Rich Names, Is Very Intelligent and Knowledgeable for his Age, The Ace, Straying Baby, Apparently has "Baby Luck", Had a Time of his Life in a Zoo, Quite Revered in South Asia
  • Domains: Infancy, Danger, Mischief, Fearlessness, Happiness
  • Heralds: Laraine and Bennington Austin Cotwell III (his parents)
  • Allies: Yoshi, The Three Stooges, Tom and Jerry, Kazuma Kiryu, Yotsuba Koiwai, Teletubbies, Nintendogs, Goro Majima
  • Odd Friendship: Donkey Kong
  • Opposes: Any deity who would be willing to hurt a child. Some examples are The 456 Ambassador, Ryuunosuke Uryuu, The Child Abuse Supporters, Syura, Champ
  • On Good Terms With: The House of Family and Relatives
  • Annoys: The House of Crime
  • One would think that babies are completely defenceless and need to be checked closely to ensure their safety. In the case of Baby Bink, it's a different, wacky story. Coming from a rich Chicago family, he was kidnapped by a trio of burglars who wanted Bink's fortune, but the baby proved to be a much bigger and annoying challenge than the thieves were ever prepared for. Whenever the crooks tried to keep Baby Bink ahold, he would end up strolling off to one of Chicago and then the other, prompting a series of comical and failed attempts of the thieves to recapture him. Eventually, the thieves were caught and Baby Bink was reunited with his parents.
  • Baby Bink's last known action was laughing to himself while looking at a book called Baby's Trip to China. Whether he made a trip there with his parents has never been confirmed, though some believe that this may be the reason Baby Bink entered the Pantheon. That said, the first reported signs of him were of the baby simply crawling around the streets of the House of Commerce. He has reunited with his parents again, though, for the baby, he's going to be having... a very long day out, several times.
  • Baby Bink's full name is Bennington Austin Cotwell IV. Most Pantheonic residents find the name to be too long, fancy and tacky and admitted that he's probably better off with his nickname. All that elicits is a giggle from Baby Bink himself, knowing that he's probably right, but it doesn't make it any less funny on his part.
  • Has a rather notorious reputation, which is surprising for an infant. He's usually seen without his parents and wandering off elsewhere. Sitting in the middle of the jungles of the House of Beasts, crawling in the rich-laden metropolis of the House of Commerce, diligently looking at statues in the House of Heroism, and trying to play with children in the House of Childhood and Adolescence, Baby Bink became famous for being at different places most of the time. Despite his parents being worried, they're given some sort of relief in that there's always good company surrounding him.
    • That said, he's never been reported to have been wandering close to areas such as the Houses of Villainy, Undead and Phasmata, Hatred and Rancor and Betrayal and Treachery. Given the very numerous evil deities there, many have tried to make sure Baby Bink never ever enters those places. Whether they were successful or Baby Bink is simply too wise to know of the dangers of those places is up for anyone's guess.
  • He's rarely, if, ever seen crying and he's always smiling and optimistic about his routine. Additionally, he never shows any sort of fear or concern regard situations that would make toughened men remotely cautious. Remarkably enough, he's listed as among being the Pantheon's bravest deities, which leaves a lot baffled at how such an ordinary baby gets that sort of reputation. Alas, there are some who aren't happy about it, given the situations Baby Bink goes through.
  • Several deities have taken up to babysitting Baby Bink at some point when his parents often have to take business meetings, though they do take him with them on holiday vacations. Each babysitter has had its own fair share of experiences.
    • The Three Stooges tried to prepare themselves in managing a baby. Instead, they never expected the sort of chaos they were getting into by simply babysitting Baby Bink. Initially, the Stooges would be doing a good job, and then suddenly, Baby Bink is at the streets. In an instant panic, the Stooges rush outside, only to see the baby be in ridiculously bizarre situations like hanging in the edge of a construction tower or being inside of a factory. Still, even if they keep messing up on trying to secure Baby Bink, they have done their damn best to ensure he isn't harmed.
    • Tom and Jerry also took to babysitting Baby Bink, given that they've done a similar job beforehand. Like the Three Stooges beforehand, they were caught by surprise on how quickly Baby Bink suddenly vanishes and ends up in perilous locations. Cue Tom and Jerry getting themselves into brutal Slapstick just to keep Baby Bink out of harm. At least Tom and Jerry are better babysitters than Jeannie if that's one compensation and that Baby Bink doesn't suddenly defy the laws of gravity, unlike the other baby.
    • Yoshi, however, actually managed to keep Baby Bink safe and secure when he decided to take a try in looking after him. It helped that he kept the baby perched onto his saddle. But even then, Yoshi had a lot of difficulties trying to look after Baby Bink, especially after he suddenly wandered off to the House of Beasts and ended up wanting to play with some of the primates. All that said, Yoshi did manage to return Baby Bink back to his residents before his parents could. One problem though; Yoshi made a promise he'll come back to visit him. Hopefully, the shenanigans wouldn't be bigger...
  • His parents have made good relations with Kazuma Kiryu, and Kiryu himself has taken to taking care of Baby Bink at times. Even for someone as stern and headstrong as he is, even Kiryu gets into Baby Bink's troubles. Then again, crazy things are something that's a common occurrence for Kiryu. There were a few instances of criminals who tried to kidnap Baby Bink, followed by Kiryu giving them a beatdown. Baby Bink found the whole commotion hilarious.
  • At some point, Goro Majima kidnapped Baby Bink in an attempt to force Kiryu into a fight. Even after kidnapping him, Majima treated him well and even took babysitting lessons to keep check of him. And no, Baby Bink wasn't fazed when Kiryu came in, angry and starting a tough fight against Majima. All that said, nothing malicious occurred between the two and Kiryu expressed some surprise when Majima revealed that he was also trying to take care of the baby. From there, Majima is allowed to officially babysit... if he simply asks permission from Kiryu and Baby Bink's parents.
    • While he finds looking after him very difficult, similar to almost everyone else, at least Majima can entertain Baby Bink in numerous ways. It helps with Majima being Crazy Awesome after all, he admits to enjoying the time he has with Baby Bink. He also brings along his right-hand man, Nishima, only to force him to babysit alongside him. All of this makes the situation funnier to Baby Bink, but even more embarrassing to Nishima.
      • All this considered, Majima does not want to recall the time Baby Bink suddenly appeared at a ''Majima Construction'' site. Either there was a lot of fun or a lot of mayhem that occurred there. Baby Bink couldn't talk either, so there's really no one else out there who could really describe the incident.
  • Will often be taken to either the Hall of Canines or the Hall of Gaming Genres to play with a selection of dogs. Many deities suggested the parents take Baby Bink to either of those places as they said he would love dogs, but also because they want to assure he's given some sort of active occupation. That still doesn't stop Baby Bink from crawling out and having fun elsewhere.
  • Is pretty well-known for having fun with a gorilla in a zoo. As a result, he quickly became friends with Donkey Kong when they first met, with DK even allowing Baby Bink to eat from his own banana hoard. Additionally, DK has also made it clear that whoever threatens Baby Bink is an enemy to him. Due to being an infant, DK is understandably nervous about Baby Bink being in jungles, though he'll have him in his clutches whenever he goes vine swinging.
  • There's apparently a book in the works known as Baby's Pantheonic Carnival. While it'll take some time before it's published, Baby Bink is rather eager to get his hands on the book. According to word of mouth, the only beings who are aware of said book's progress and date of publication in the future are the upper-ups of the House of Knowledge.

    Illyasviel von Einzbern 
Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern, Goddess of Beast-Controlling Children (Ilyasviel, Ilya, Buruma, Einzbern's White Holy Grail, Alter Ego, Sitonai)
As Sitonai 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Illya's command seal.
  • Theme song: Tsuki no Namida by Mai Kadowaki, Die Lorelei, Suite: Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, becomes Chaotic Good later on.
  • Portfolio: The only one with the hold on Berserker, Half-Japanese and Half-German, Clingy Jealous Girl, Faking her politeness, Cute and Psycho, Defeat Means Friendship, Evil child, Graceful Ladies Like Purple, Happily taken in by Shirou and his household later on, The tiny girl to Berserker's huge guy, Hypnotic Eyes, Mystical White Hair, Our Homunculi Are Different, The Resenter
  • Domains: Magic, Youth, Life, Family
  • Heralds: Sella and Leysritt (her maids)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The younger Illya, Chloe von Einzbern, Mordred/Saber of Red, Mandy, Ika Musume
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The rest of the House of Family
  • Odd Friendship: Asura, Hibiki Tachibana, Haruka Kotoura
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern is the child of Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern, born as an experiment by the Einzbern family to see if homunculi can bear children like a human and Irisviel accepts since she wanted a child. Illya was uninvolved during the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War but she did participate in the fifth one once she heard about the existence of Shirou Emiya. After her parents left her without no one to care for her but her maids Sella and Leysritt, Illyasviel underwent painful preparations for the upcoming Grail War and it's not helped that the Black Grail taunts her and lies to her that her father killed her mother and left Illya because he doesn't care for her. By the time she has summoned Berserker, Illya had become a troubled and cold-hearted child and became resentful of Shirou yet also attached to him, demanding him real answers regarding her father. In two timelines, Shirou was able to reach out to her and gave her the kind treatment she had lacked in her life with one letting her live a normal life until the end of her short lifespan and one sacrificing herself to help Shirou defeat Sakura and bring her back to normal. But one timeline has her life cut short by Gilgamesh in order to power the Black Grail for his own ends of finding the worthy into his new world. With the merging of timelines caused by Rin, Illya had gained all memories of each of them.
  • Illya ascended when the Court of the Gods were reviewing her performance during the 5th Holy Grail War and were impressed by her skillful control over Berserker. However, Illya was surprised that said Berserker, Hercules in the realm of the Pantheon, has the ability to turn off the Madness Enchantment and thus become more lucid. But because he's such a fun Big Brother Mentor regardless, Illya treats it as a welcome change.
  • Shirou was one of the first deities to greet her in and one of the first things she did to him back is to run up and hug him. They didn't have a good footing back then but once she realized he is unaware of why her parents left her, she started to become nice to him; also you may be forgiven if you think Shirou is the older sibling since Illya is actually two years older despite looking and acting a lot younger. Taiga is also glad to see her star student of the Taiga Dojo back and while Illya also questions Taiga's childishness and eccentricities, she nonetheless finds her a fun presence. And of course, Illyasviel finally ran into her parents on one walk and she yelled at them for abandoning her and then broke down crying because she did a lot of things that she regretted. Kiritsugu and Irisviel replied by crouching down next to her, hugging her and apologizing profusely. After some time has passed, they all then both went to the House of Pantheon/{{Nature}} to go looking for chestnuts like Kiritsugu promised which later prompts Illya to get them to meet Shirou.
    • Illya's relationships with Saber, Rin, and Sakura are okay at best and vitriolic at worst. Saber at first couldn't believe Illya is Irisiviel's daughter (because she didn't bother to ask her) but once they got to know each other, they got along pretty well and Sakura also becomes okay with Illya who plays nicely to her as well when she heard about her situation with the Matous. Rin barely wins Illya over, because they still haven't settled that "bedsheet incident" a while back but otherwise they have some civil conversations.
    • Illyasviel had met her magical girl counterpart before alongside the latter's versions of Shirou, Rin, Magical Ruby, and Luvia, but unfortunately the interaction between the two Illyas was mostly offscreen, which prompts some to speculate that their first meeting is along the lines of this scene, with a little hostility from the older Illya and frightening from the younger ones. Either way, their current relationship seems more cordial but retained some sense of contention. As for Chloe & Miyu, Illya likes Chloe but sees her as a literal perversion of herself and often puts her in miserable situations for causing trouble which Chloe is salty at but Illya is more merciful towards Miyu, especially when she heard of the latter's situation with her family and being another alternate universe counterpart of hers with Miyu likewise finds the older Illya scary at first but later on sees that she's not at all bad all the time.
    • It's very obvious that Illya does not like Gilgamesh and Avenger since the former killed her and took her heart to power the Holy Grail in one timeline and the latter taunted her and lied to her about what actually happened to her parents. Gilgamesh sees her both as another mongrel and a means to an end (less so as his Caster self) and Avenger couldn't care less about her lately, though he won't mind mentally torturing her again for kicks.
    • Illya also began to hate Kirei Kotomine and Zouken Matou for their parts in the Fifth Holy Grail War and even more so when she found out about how they manipulated Shirou and the other girls for their own ends, prompting her to consider very painful ways of torturing them. Kotomine also sees her as a means to end of seeing the world end and finds her painful past admirable (not a generous compliment) while Zouken sees her as a window to Justeaze, who chastised him for losing sight of his original goal of a utopia that eliminates hatred and suffering entirely that he shared with her.
    • Ritsuka Fujimaru got acquainted with her via his contract with Sitonai, who along with two other goddesses Freya and Louhi possess her to become one singular Servant who helped Ritsuka through the second Lostbelt and one of Shuten-douji's latest schemes. Illya has vague memories of seeing Ritsuka and being possessed, but if it means having more chances to do good then she'll gladly let herself host three goddesses to help him. He also pre-warned her about Goetia, who threatened Earth's history to "save" humanity which Illya accepts, seeing Goetia's motivations as unfounded.
    • Through Hercules, Illya got acquainted with his fellow Greek heroes Achilles, Atalante, and Chiron. They started to see why Herc has a reason to keep on fighting nobly in spite of his Madness Enhancement and welcomes her for a change; Atalante likes her since she's technically still a child and hopes she's isn't Beyond Redemption unlike Assassin of Black and Chiron hopes to teach her properly on whatever she's curious about.
  • The other gods go out of their way to avoid Illya because while she has made it perfectly clear to the other deities that Berserker will never attack unless Illya tells him to (mostly because she doesn't want to accidentally hurt someone she cares about), they're still nervous because of his name and the typical personality that is associated with it. Strangely enough, Asura and Hibiki Tachibana sympathise with Illya because they know what it's like to hurt someone you care about while you're not in control of your actions.
  • Illya sympathises with Haruka Kotoura because she knows what it's like to feel abandoned by her family. She also knows what it's like to find out her parents deeply regretted their actions. Ditto with Hilda, and Illya calls her mother unworthy of taking care of her which is something Hilda is okay with. Illya can see where Mordred is coming from and finds her world's Morgan le Fay to be horrible but when it comes to disputes and also fights, she'll always side with Saber which makes Mordred grumble in frustration.
  • Ika Musume was impressed by Illya's methods of forcing others to be her servant, you either hold them captive and threaten to hurt their friends or form an emotional bond with them; Ika prefers the first method the best. Illya meanwhile, barely notices Ika there and assumes it's the wind.
  • Illya actively opposes Father because, as a possible vessel for the Holy Grail, she doesn't want him to create an object that effectively does the same thing. Her investigation into Father's plans led her into a fight between Lust and Greed. While Lust retreated, Greed, who has issues with his old man and with telling lies, proceeded to tell her everything. Having earned her trust that day, they've occasionally hung out since then. He considers her a good-natured change of pace compared to the other homunculi in his family (as well as hers once she told him a little about them), while she finds his honesty refreshing (even though he tends to be more careful what he says when she's got Hercules summoned, he still makes it a point not to lie to her).
    • Illya finds Father's once-herald Dante even more despicable, given that in Dante's timeline of that same world the homunculi were actually incomplete revived humans, most of whom she didn't even create but all of whom would be used for her selfish ends.
  • One day Illya caught Hercules at the tail end of an uneasy conversation with Princess Diana/Wonder Woman and, curious, asked him about it once Diana was gone. She then received his confession of the terrible things he'd done to Diana and her people in the superheroine's universe. Though surprised, she didn't get mad at him like he thought she would because she instantly figured out that Hera's curses of madness upon Hercules had somehow caused this to happen. Curious as to why Hera's curse would make him power-hungry and evil in the DC Universe instead of simmering within him and bursting out in a fit of uncontrolled rage, as usual, Illya and her Berserker went to the House of Knowledge to do some research as well as started taking a closer look at his abilities. So far they managed to figure out that fighting under Madness Enhancement helps him work Hera's madness out of his system.
    • When Herc told her that Hera helped create the Themiscyran Amazons and probably doesn't realize her fault in this matter, she realized it would be best not to tell either Hera or Wonder Woman about it until they fully figure out what's going on so they don't get the two upset — either at him or at each other.
  • Whenever she has a chat with Greed while Hercules is summoned and follows that up with another chat where he isn't, Greed will usually have some insight about the previous conversation which he didn't have before. Normally she would chalk that up to her Berserker being intimidating, but Greed only exercises extra caution around him, he doesn't tell lies, and his follow-up comments often please Illya so it would make no sense to hide them the first time around. That, and she's heard that Hercules in his normal state is a frequent patron of Greed's latest bar, Stray Dog. So she's already figured out what's really going on: Herc stands there being scary while the three of them are together, but covertly pitches in his thoughts at Greed's bar, and Greed passes along the insight he gets out of it next time she meets with him. She makes it a point to be nice to Hercules in the aftermath of the second chats as a way of cleverly thanking him while letting him think his secret is still clear until such a time comes when Greed himself catches on.
  • Illya has been confused with a former member of the former Hall of Children, Illyana Rasputin, in large part due to their similar-starting names. Both have gotten annoyed with the mix-up, so Illyana doesn't visit often after being moved to the House of Emotion's Hall of Sadness. Besides that, the two get along okay and there's no ill will between them. She does share Illyana's disgust with Dr. Gero, though considering the old man practiced mad science on a couple of teenagers to turn them into killing machines, it should come as no surprise the entire House of Childhood and Adolescence hates his guts.
  • Speaking of the Hall of Sadness, Avatar Korra was recently moved there to get her own seat separate from Touta Konoe. When Asami Sato held a party to celebrate, Greed got an invite and took one for Illya. She met up with Hercules and it turned out he had an invitation too. At the party, noting how comfortable Illya and Hercules were with each other, Greed was surprised but glad to see that she apparently had a real friend other than Berserker, only for Hercules to give a curious reply about being the "closest thing to a monster" she knows. Olivier Armstrong's suspicions and Toph Beifong's confirmation that he told no lie allowed Edward Elric to deduce that Hercules and Berserker were one and the same.
    • Upon Greed's reaction of shock that Hercules had tricked him for such a long time, Illya finally revealed to Hercules that she'd long figured his plan out, shocking the demigod and turning the laugh at his expense. Illya then demonstrated the Mad Enhancement and spent several minutes explaining what she could about the Holy Grail Wars and the concept of Servants. Korra and Touta both decided they wanted to spar with Berserker in the future.
    • Illya also has acquainted herself with them through him. Having a mutual friend in Hilda, she found a footing with Asami regarding their relationship with their respective parents and making up to them eventually though Asami's dad sacrificed himself soon after. Korra and Touta are amazed that she is able to keep Herc on a leash and Edward is both amazed that homunculus like her is able to live long enough (no thanks to Shirou in one timeline) and glad that there is another ally to help him in opposing Father.
  • The other gods find it odd that Illya loves Shirou but they're smart enough to know that they shouldn't tell her that Shirou's never going to notice her because Illya has a lot of imaginative ways to torture others such as lopping off all your limbs, decapitating you and cursing your head so you can't die or lose consciousness unless the head is destroyed. That said, there are a few who actually think she has a chance of getting his attention, with Greed being among them.
    • As he is a master in Cold-Blooded Torture, Asdrubael Vect verily unsettles Illya a lot which says a lot about him and it doesn't help that he has a creepy interest in Sakura and her own suffering. Asdrubael Vect in turn sees Illya the same as Sakura; her past is a spectacle enough to entertain Slaanesh.
  • Haruto Soma and Mai Takatsukasa are two people Illya hadn't imagine herself meeting until now, with Haruto finding her to be reminiscent of Koyomi and even was saddened by her backstory and Mai reminds Illya of her mother Irisviel being a vessel of the Holy Grail since Mai is also the holder of the Golden Fruit which is just like the Grail and it helps that Mai is good with kids. Both of them warned the threat of Sou Fueki, who did all of his evil actions just to revive his daughter who is indeed Koyomi which she accepts, seeing the tragedy of his motivations as saddening; Fueki himself sees a lot of Koyomi in Illya, making him even more determined to bring her back.
  • Illya found an unlikely ally in Gertrud Barkhorn, not only due to sharing a voice and being German in a way but also because the two of them only hurt others if they get between them and their crushes; Gertrud still thinks Illya needs to dial back her gore-y methods. Like her, Elize Lutus also has a reduced lifespan caused by Teepo, a Booster draining it not unlike Illya being a homunculus who usually have very short lifespans; Elize was a little scared of Illya at first, but once she hanged out with her and Berserker she realized that they are quite fun once she got to know them.
  • Initially starting out as an Enfante Terrible at the start of Shirou's story, Illyasviel got acquainted with others that are similar like Sora Shuin'in and Mandy. She met Sora while she's playing around fallen leaves with Berserker and they both sensed bad auras from each other right away, so a fight ensued which ended in a draw. They later talked it out and realized they had more common ground than they think (a Creepy Child who has gone through painful pasts, getting more kinder through newfound connections, faking cuteness to get what they want) and decided to keep in touch with each other; Illya even offered to slaughter Professor Akaba for him but Sora luckily convinced her out of it.
    • Mandy is a little irked that Illya has largely dropped her ruthless methods but is otherwise fine with her presence while Illya thinks Mandy is being a stuck-up. Of course, it's also not saying much when she also dislike the creepy Hansel & Gretel and Rhoda Penmark and is trying to stop herself from torturing them bloodily; the twins couldn't care less about Illya and Rhoda is actually quite scared of what Illya can cook up for her torture and is greatly distancing herself from Illya's and Berserker's sight.
    • On that note, the rest of the House of Family is not too keen on Illya joining them since she was really ruthless, cold, and vicious back when she was a minor villain. Illya was not surprised at their opinion but she is rather disappointed and sad that her actions can cost such a reputation.
  • Aiding Shirou and Ritsuka might be one step into doing good for real, but her actions against the former still warrant some criticism and Illya is doing her best to be better than that. Nagato approached her one day and offered her some protection and backup support to benefit her and her allies and also a chance for atonement; seeing as Nagato has finally turned good for real as well, Illya accepts his help and Berserker too after she told him to stand down a few times. By extension, she has also got into contact with Nagato's own allies, including but not limited to Darth Vader, Golbez, Vlad von Carstein, Captain Cold, and Mr. Freeze though she is keeping watch on the latter four in case they get out of hand.
  • Along with her magical girl counterpart, Illya got in contact with the new Broly as like her, he stands out among his own race (Saiyans for him, homunculi for her) and they both share his disdain against the old Broly. Broly also becomes a berserker when he loses control, not unlike Hercules in Madness Enhancement which is a win in her book.
  • "Get them, Berserker!"

    Terry McGinnis/Batman 
Terry McGinnis, God of Former Teen Rebels (Batman II, Batman V, Batman Beyond, The Tomorrow Knight)
Without the Batsuit 
  • Lesser God, borderline Intermediate God with the Batsuit
  • Symbol: The Batsuit
  • Theme: Batman Beyond
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, Badass Normal, Brought Down to Badass, Chocolate Baby, Combat Pragmatist, Contrasting Sequel Main Character, Create Your Own Arch-Enemy, Dark Is Not Evil, Former Teen Rebel, Good Is Not Soft, Killed The Joker, Legacy Character, Offhand Backhand, Spin-Offspring, "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World, You Fight Like a Cow, You Killed My Father
  • Domains: Darkness, Future, Technology
  • Followers: Iruka Umino, Tallstar, Sebastian Vael
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Talia al Ghul
  • Headbutting Heroes: Damian Wayne/Robin V
  • Enemies: Derek Powers/Blight, The Joker, Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Ra's al Ghul, The Lich
  • Terry McGinnis is the biological son of Bruce Wayne, and the result of Project Batman Beyond, a secret Cadmus Project commissioned and canceled by Amanda Waller that involved overwriting the DNA of Terry's actual father, Warren McGinnis, with Bruce's to ensure that The Batman would go on after Bruce Wayne. About twenty years after Bruce Wayne retired as Batman from old age, sixteen-year-old Terry McGinnis discovered his secret by accident. Though initially unable to convince Bruce to let him become Batman, Warren was killed shortly afterwards, which led to Terry "borrowing" the Batsuit from Bruce to catch the man who ordered his death. After that, Bruce allowed him to don the mantle and, with Bruce as his Mission Control, become the hero that Gotham needed once again.
  • Through his adventures, he gradually matured out of his rebellious teenager phase and grew into a true hero capable of gaining the respect of the Justice League. Because he accomplished this while ironically still in his teenage years, he was considered an exemplar for the trope of Former Teen Rebel, granting him entry to the Pantheon.
  • Gets along rather well with the younger versions of the Batclan. In particular, he was relieved to see that the Pantheon's Tim had not undergone the events he had in his world at the Joker's hands.
  • Jason Todd initially wasn't sure what to think of Terry. However, after he saw this, he immediately decided that he liked him.
    • Damian on the other hand has a bit of a rivalry with Terry due to both of them being Batman's biological son. Damian considers Terry soft for needing technology to do work, while Terry considers Damian a bit messed up due to his upbringing. But as both are committed to justice, they never argue about this. Another thing they agree on is they both love their dogs. They do have field banter, but it's intentionally outlandish so they don't take it seriously: Damian pretends to be Terry's mentor when the latter travels to his universe, while Terry insists Damien "came second" chronologically.
    • Likewise, he's unsure what to think regarding Damian's mother Talia al Ghul. Due to what Talia's father Ra's al Ghul did to her in his universe, he felt somewhat sorry for her. However, some of her actions have left him conflicted as to whether her dying was a good or bad thing. Ra's himself, though, that's easy. He thinks the man is patently insane.
  • Was shocked to discover that the Joker was still alive in the Pantheon, despite the clown's death in his own world. Several of the other gods have asked Terry if he intends to finish the job for good if he ever runs into the Joker. His only reply was "maybe". The Joker, for his part, still doesn't see Terry as a "real" Batman, despite losing to him before.
    • As a side note, due to Terry killing her "puddin", Harley Quinn has sworn eternal vengeance against the Tomorrow Knight. However, recent events where she had broken up with Joker and found a friendship-slash-romance with Poison Ivy leave the status of that vow of revenge in question. Terry's still being careful, though.
  • Terry harbors a massive dislike for the Lich, despite never encountering him personally. He admitted once that this was because the Lich is essentially a more evil and powerful version of Derek Powers/Blight, the man who ordered his real father's death.
  • Is on good terms with Mr. Freeze, due to his encounter with the latter in his universe, and Freeze's death shortly afterwards. The two have bonded during their time in the Pantheon, and Freeze has admitted he hopes Terry finds more happiness in his life than he did in his.
  • Though his girlfriend Dana Tan, and his friend Maxine Gibson have not ascended, he often invites them to the Pantheon.
  • One of his most well-known feats was his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Joker during their fight in his universe, especially since it was one of the only times the Joker had no actual rebuttal to what he said.
  • Bonded with Kim Possible after he met her about their mutual problems with Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World. Also, Terry shares a voice base with Kim's boyfriend Ron.
  • Not always totally approved of by some of the other superheroes, since unlike several of them, Terry has fewer issues than most with letting a villain die at their own hands even if he could have saved them.
  • Once, while on patrol, he came across Miguel O'Hara. Mistaking him for some sort of spliced victim gone insane, the two then came to blows. It ended with Terry using three explosive batarangs to blow a hole through Miguel's chest.
    • Wiz and Boomstick later came to Terry and explained not only that Miguel really was a hero from a future time like himself, the Spider-Man of the year 2099 to be exact, but also that their company had interns around who generated a field around the fight and captured it as a Death Battle. While initially peeved at this, Terry quickly got over it when the duo pointed out how he got himself into the fight in the first place and all they did was ensure that the loser was killed on their watch so they could quickly arrange his revival after a report to the Court of the Gods. Once Miguel was restored, Terry was relieved. He swore he'll apologize if Miguel ever ascends.

  • Thomas and Martha Wayne are two of the House's most notable and revered visitors and partners as Thomas dedicates a lot of his money and earnings to orphanages. The same also applies to King and Kazuma Kiryu who not just working hours in the house's local orphanage, but also look after security measures to make sure any threat is dealt with and hard. Similarly, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld takes visitations to the orphanage, looking after nearby kids, giving them support, and taking working hours in security.
  • Gamera and Mighty Joe Young frequent this house when either on a good day or it needs help. Their past actions have earned the house's respect as Gamera and Joe are more than willing to defend children and have stopped large-scaled threats. That, and kids generally seem to enjoy two monsters' company. Asgore Dreemurr, Toriel and Rose Quartz are other fantastical beings who get along with kids and take visitation hours in their spare time.
  • A certain iteration of Captain Blackbeard also likes and gets along well with kids. However, due to his infamous reputation and the notoriety of another iteration, he is only allowed visitation hours in a very strict allocated time and is monitored closely. While annoyed, Blackbeard does the most of what he can do to have a good time.

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