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Pantheon / Book of Trope

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The Book of Trope

All stories must begin somewhere. All people, whether they be a hero, villain, or something else entirely, have their own stories to tell, and their own exploits to define them. And somewhere, somehow, these exploits are recorded and stored.

So it is with the Pantheon of Trope. Here we open the grand book written by the author-god, and peruse its contents. Within are revealed the origins of the world itself, the rise to godhood of many of the pantheon, and the grand clashes between the gods that have changed the shape of the pantheon time and time again.


This recording is merely that, an attempt to transcribe the many, many stories left by the gods over history; some stories are forgotten, others invented, and some are misremembered; there are many gods who claim to be the Creator, for example. If you discover a new one, do not hesitate to relate it. And if a story seems out of place, or if you feel that the previous transcriber wrote it badly, do not hesitate to improve upon the translation. And if you have found evidence that a story is false, then it is your duty to print the truth.

Note: If you're not sure where to place your story, you can bring it to the discussion page as well as The Story Thread.

Note: If you're unfamiliar with the chronology of the Pantheon "storyline", go here for more details.


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