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The third-lowest of the Vault's floors, after Maximum Security and the Mechas, the Armory holds some of the Pantheon's most famous or dangerous weapons, munitions, firearms and the like. More than a few of those are or may be replicas of said weapons, since they're likely to be in the hands of the relevant deity in question such as Captain America's shield.

No one can be sure of how powerful some of these are, and thus this area is one of the most closely analyzed by the SCP Foundation. Most of them are slightly perturbed by the number of bladed weapons passing into this area's hands, when many more dangerous weapons exist.


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Class 2

    Goldion Crusher (needs rework) 
Goldion Crusher
  • Class Level: 2
  • Alignment: Probably Lawful Good...
  • Donated by: Guy Shishioh
  • Appearance: A giant hammer formed with… three battleships. Approximate size: About as big as a star/sun.
  • Portfolio: Hammers, Burning Spirit, Dangerous Weapons
  • Similar Artifacts: Graf Eisen, The Warhammer of Zillyhoo
  • This is the treasured weapon of Guy Shishioh, used to crush planets, universes and suns. Very dangerous to use, but with infinite courage provided by him and Kamina, Guy can always pull it off just fine.
  • Due to its size, it's condensed into a small black box. Only those who are truly courageous can unleash its true strength, and that person is... usually Guy.


Class 3

    The Spear of Longinus 
The Spear of Longinus (Spear of Destiny, Spear of Christ, Holy Lance)
  • Class Level: 3
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blade on a Stick, Goth Spirals, Symbolism of Sort
  • Domain: Alien, Blade, Conspiracy
  • Named after the soldier who pierced Christ's body, the Spear of Longinus has the special ability to pierce through an Angel's A.T. Field. But it's true purpose is to start Third Impact with conjunction with EVA Unit 1.
  • The spear is not an Earth-made weapon. It's theorized that it was created by The First Ancestral Race who may have also created the Seeds of Life. Though, it's only a theory. But what is known is that there are more than one spear and the one in the Treasury belongs to the First Angel, Adam.
  • Turns out the Longinus is actually a living being.
  • It's the only weapon that Arael truly fears since it was the only thing to defeat it.
  • The Spear is currently in the possession of the newly freed Yui Ikari. Though, she has zero intention of using it except when she thinks her son's life is in danger.
  • Even though Yui owns the original Longinus, there have been multiple copies with its powers varies floating around the universe. These include a version own by Kratos that acts more like a basic weapon, another that can open portals to another dimension, and others that were actually used by Adolf Hitler's Last Battalion.
    • The last one is very worrisome to many of the Persona users, especially to Tatsuya Suou and Maya Amano, in the pantheon as it has the ability to seal Personas. Not only that, Nyarlathotep used that version of the Longinus to kill Maya and end the world.
  • Alexander Anderson tried to steal the Spear from Yui Ikari once. He believed such a holy artifact should be in the churches hands. Fortunately, he stopped once he realized it wasn't the "true" Longinus.
  • There's been reports of a similar weapon called the Spear of Cassius. It's been said that when the two spears come together, they would be able to "repair the world". Whatever that means is unknown.
  • There have been talks in the House of Technology to send a replica of this version of the Longinus to the moon. However, Princess Luna is really against such an idea.

    The Wailing Dark 
The Wailing Dark
  • Class Level: 3
  • Appearance: A large blade with a brown sheath that has the resemblance of a Katana.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral due to its power.
  • Portfolio: Impossibly Huge Sword, Sizeshifter, Sword Beam, Planet Stabber.
  • This is a weapon that came with Asura upon his ascension. Despite being a weapon, its sheer size (380,000 KILOMETERS) and power (said length making it strong enough to stab through the planet Earth itself), it was decided by the GUAG that it should be put into Maximum Security just to make sure no one else can learn how to make it extend to that size.
  • Augus has ascended to the Combat Pantheon, but since he doesn't draw Wailing Dark in battle often, he lets Asura keep it in the Armory. He does use it on some occasions, such as when he impaled Gilgamesh through the head with it because he was annoying.


Class 4

    The God Hand 
The God Hand
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: An arm with bracers designed with skulls.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Power Fist, Rule of Cool, Talk to the Fist, Megaton Punch, Punching Across The Room, Invulnerable Attack
  • Domains: Destruction, Strength, Violence... so much violence
  • Allies: Everyone of the incarnations of the Power Fist.
  • After Gene's ascension, he decided, to the disbelief of the gods present, to rip off his left arm! and put it in the vault. The gods were... amazed that it was really a real arm. Orihime Inoue quickly healed the arm. When they asked why the hell did he do that, he said because one arm's enough to kick so much ass.
  • Since the one wearing the God Hand is granted improbable Kung Fu abilities that rival Bruce Lee and a brief moment of Invulnerability, the Council of Shadows have tried to get their hands on one of the hands. However, there are two problems:
    • It was kept in the farthest region of the House of Treasures, in which the 501st has put more security. Also, Bruce Lee and Ryu have been asked to protect it. Really bad luck for them.
    • Taking the remaining hand from Gene would be suicide, since he's used with fighting gang battles, robots, demons and Eldrich Abominations, and let's not get started when he unleashes it. Then again, Xanatos has started planning something...This won't end well.

    The Kuzuryuu Muramasa 
The Kuzuryuu Muramasa
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A katana with a yellow hilt and a red blade. Sometimes oozes red streams of energy when in its sheath.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Katanas, Evil Weapons, Absurdly Sharp Blade, The Can for the cursed god Inugami.
  • Domains: Blades, Evil, Dogs
  • Donate by: Kisuke Uzuki
  • One of many Demon Blades forged by Muramasa Senji, known for their extreme sharpness, but which will turn its wielder insane for its thirst for blood. The Kuzuryuu Muramara was forged that the enraged cursed god Inugami can be sealed within it. For generations, his hatred has grown stronger and stronger, waiting for the day the sword is unsheathed by a power-hungry fool.
  • Kuzuryuu Muramasa is a weird case; where Kisuke placed it here for keepsake, it is because he doesn't want any one to sneak up on him and steal it. Otherwise, he will come back to the Vault to claim it back so that he can work on destroying Inagami by purging evil with the blade.
    • The blade itself is sealed behind multiple paper talismans which erect colour-coded barriers which can only be destroyed by specific Demon Blades. Yes, he is that serious about keeping that blade protected.
  • Should any one succumb to the will of the blade and unsheathed it, Inugami would be freed, who would then rampage all over the Pantheon. He has two main targets: Kurama the Kitsune and Fox McCloud, whom he believes to be avatars of Inari.
  • Despite its name, it does not belong to Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu or his yakuza clan, nor has he ever wielded it.

Just a few of the several Magiswords in here, though some are still in use by Vambre and Prohyas
  • Class Level: 4 on average (though most are 5 and some even reach 3)
  • Alignment: Depends on their wielder, even the sentient ones (though some are explicitly loyal to Prohyas and/or Vambre)
  • Portfolio: Oddly Shaped Sword, Audible Sharpness, Their Names Being Called Out When Used, Awesome, but Impractical (for some), Living Weapon (for some), Sleep-Mode Size When Not In Use, Crippling Over Specialization (With Occasional Usefulness), What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? (for some), Joke Weapon (for most), Lethal Joke Weapon (for some), It Makes Sense in Context (for a few, technically), Super Teamwork Combos
  • Domains: Swords, Magic
  • Main Owners: Prohyas and Vambre Warrior
  • Other Users: Gilgamesh
  • After so many attempts on their Magiswords by several thieves and challengers (mainly the multi-armed Gilgamesh), the Warrior siblings decided to make a request to send most of their Magiswords to the Treasury for safekeeping, and it was shortly granted. That said, they still possess several in their pouches, as they do have at least two copies of some Magiswords for each of them, but it's not as many as they had before.
  • Despite how easy the Warriors make it look, using a Magisword properly (i.e. besides expanding it from its compact form and whacking/slashing with it) takes more than just willing it to work, especially since there are so many kinds with so many varying effects. According to Prohyas, there are three things to know before controlling one: Emotion, Precision, and Concentration.
  • Super Teamwork Combos can be performed with at least two Magiswords, but they usually require at least two individuals (it can even be a sentient Magisword) to work, making dual wielding Magiswords to perform a Combo difficult; Teamwork is in the name, after all. There have been exceptions however, such as Nohyas (delusional enough to believe his hand Hand-bre is sentient enough to qualify), Hoppus (sheer willpower), and even Vambre herself (same as Hoppus). That said, when one hasn't the mental capacity to pull it off, it can lead to unwanted effects like Prohyas can attest to when he once accidentally turned himself into a fish stick with fishbone legs using the Fish Stick Magisword and Fish Head Magisword.
    • As the duo proved with Danelda, Ultra Super Teamwork Combos can be performed with three people. It's theorized that bigger STCs can be pulled off with more participants, but the safest maximum is four, and compatibility across Magiswords and predictability in controlling the result can become a potential issue, as proven when Vambre and Witchy Simone were joined up with two Slugburger employees the former and Prohyas were supposed to train in Magisword use. The result was turning the Slugburger establishment mobile, sentient, and on a rampage.
  • All food-based Magiswords can fire Edible Ammunition. However, while the foodstuffs are delicious to eat, they contain no nutritional or caloric value because they're made of magic. That said, they can still fill the stomach, and Prohyas is still able to benefit from caffeine buzz thanks to the Cuppa Joe Magisword.
  • On top of shooting Seeds of the Undead (effective against both living and undead targets, robbing the latter's powers if they're eaten) and eating pumpkins, putting on Zombie Pumpkin Magisword's eyes (he can regenerate them, so that's no problem for him), either as replacement eyes or as sight implements, allows one to see ghosts.
  • With so many Magiswords of varying usability, there are bound to be absolutely useful ones among them that the Warriors often keep locked away here. Here is a list of Magiswords that are really useful to keep using, but enticing enough for robbers to try and steal them.
    • Anyone who wields the Legendary Knowledge Magisword can steal the knowledge of their opponents by blasting them. However, the knowledge only stays as long as the holder hangs on to the sword.
    • The Mask Magisword can generate cursed masks onto humans (and other similarly-sized beings), sealing their faces. Masks depend on the emotional state of the user and cause the opponent to be affected in the condition (e.g.: if Vambre is too confident when she used the sword on Prohyas, if Prohyas receives the mask, he becomes confident too). Normally, the only way to remove the mask is to be able to make a mask with a facial expression of mindless bliss. People can still be stuck with masks, even if they are dead, but shrinking can make the masks fall. The fired masks can also be jumped like platforms. It also has a special move called Megamask, which lauches a gargantuan version of the mask of the enemy, but it is not known if it has emotional control like the standard masks it shoots.
    • The Homing Device Magisword is loaded with tracking beetles, that when shot will attach to any object and send out a signal. The signal is picked up by the sword which shows how far and close the tracked object is with a displayed meter and beeping sound that becomes even faster the closer you are. The beetles will shrink when attached to an sheathed Magisword. The sword does not create the beetles and they must be loaded back for reuse.
    • The Carnivorous Plant Magisword owned by Prohyas can not only eat all sorts of stuff, its vines can act as whips or allow it to grapple across long distances, and are both prehensile allowing it to grab food too far away for it reach. The original one was wild and lethal and had to be destroyed. Its seed grew into another one, which—thanks to training from his mother—is now loyal to Prohyas.
    • The Taunting Jester Magisword is one of the sentient ones and can speak. It has the ability to control minds, even users, makes victims feel bad and/or entertaining. Fun is the source of its power. Ironically, it speaks like a drill sergeant, forcing its victims into military practices. After some training thanks to her mother, it's now loyal to Vambre.
    • The Dummystein Magisword tells nonstop funny jokes in the style of a standup comedian, but only after stealing the voice of a living being, as Vambre can tell you. It also turns inert when the voice is reclaimed.
    • The Fishstick Magisword can turn its target into a living fish stick, the effect of which remains permenant until dispelled by the Magisword.
    • The Legendary Hyperspace Magisword can create portals which teleport individuals to different locations in a matter of seconds. However, the user must have a specific destination in mind, or else they will be sent to a completely random location. The Magisword can only make three portals a day, after which it cannot be used again until the following day.
    • The Don't Touch That Dial Magisword can temporarily "level up" or "level down" anything depending on the number the wielder sets it to, though it's on a time limit.
    • Once a day, the Legendary Swordmecha Magisword can transform into a giant robot that the wielders can pilot from inside, and can use powers from other Magiswords via special ports. The siblings still keep it around in case the GUAG Robot War Division needs help.
  • In the room is also a specific Sword Magisafe where Magiswords that even they deem absolutely dangerous to use are kept away. A combination lock and a synchronized lock that requires Prohyas, Vambre, and Zombie Pumpkin Magisword to open keeps the following Magiswords in:
    • The Selective Memory Magisword can erase whatever part of someone's memory the wielder desires, and its range is wide enough to cover an entire classroom. Prohyas, who took it from Nohyas, has zero problems keeping this away from use.
    • The Black Hat Magisword shoots a black and red energy blast that can destroy planets.
    • The Singing And Crying Magisword, which looks like Crystal Gem Pearl for some reason, causes people targeted by it to express their deepest emotions through the power of song.
    • The Ghost Magisword can allow its holder (as long as they hold it) to see all ghosts, even those that turn invisible from the naked eye. However, it also puts the wielder in danger of getting possessed by a ghost and it can suck the soul of a living person out of their body if used for too long, as had happened with Vambre. It was only thanks to Zombie Pumpkin Magisword that Prohyas was able to save her from such a fate.
    • The Cursed Garlic Magisword is evil and sentient that can create cursed, foul-smelling garlic that turns the consumer into a hungry monster with a garlic odour. The Warriors had to exorcise it from Hoppus when he fell victim to it. On top of being locked in there, due to its sentience, it's also been tape-silenced.

A Barrel Of Wildfire (The Substance, Pig Shit, Pyromancer's Piss)
A jar of the stuff held by Tyrion
  • Class Level: 4
  • Appearance: A flammable, highly volatile liquid created by the Alchemist's Guild
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Domains: Fire, Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  • Portfolio: Technicolor Fire, The Westerosi Equivalent Of Greek Fire
  • Notable Users Include: King Aerys II Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister
  • The trump card of the Targaryen Dynasty. As dragons were sorely lacking as the years passed (with the last dragon being a sickly runt and most of them dying out after the Dance of Dragons), this is where wildfire comes in. As stated, this is the Westerosi equivalent of Greek Fire, only it's much, much worse. The only way to extinguish wildfire aside from letting it burn itself out is to smother it with huge quantities of sand. Not even water can douse the flames.
  • In recent history, Wildfire has been used three times. Aerys the Mad used it to burn Rickard Stark alive in his armor (this along with Rhaegar running off with Lyanna Stark ignited Robert's Rebellion). Tyrion Lannister used it to demolish Stannis Baratheon's fleet during the War of the Five Kings. And Cersei Lannister used a hidden cache of the gunk to turn the Great Sept of Baelor into a smoking ruin, killing her enemies inside. It didn't help matters that as wildfire ages, it becomes even more potent.
    • Speaking of the Mad King and his female counterpart, upon finding out that several barrels were locked away here, they both came, demanding that the wildfire be handed over to them. Each time, they were refused. Only when threatened to have wildfire lobbed at their respective temples did Aerys and Cersei back off.
  • WARNING! Highly unstable! Even too much light can set it off. And by the Seven Gods, Aerion Targaryen once drank a cupful of the stuff in an attempt to transform into a dragon. Obviously, he was wrong. The Dragons sub-house laughed at the sheer idiocy of this, though in fairness Aerion was wasted at the time. The draconic deities like to train their fire-breathing to become just as effective as wildfire, as a matter of pride.
  • Generates a baleful green flame, and in its un-ignited state is a glowing green liquid. As the Lich generates green flames, there was a fear that he had access to wildfire naturally. However further analysis shows it lacks the Greek Fire traits of wildfire, and is "merely" green out of radioactivity.
  • The Fire & Heat sub-house tried to argue that, due to their skill with fire, they would be the best to guard it. However they were immediately rejected because they just wanted an excuse to burn things with it, and it'd be the least stable place to put it. Instead, the Earth & Rock sub-house is entrusted with safekeeping it whenever the House of War needs to use it.
  • Of those in that house, Hestia is the only one truly relieved at the rejection. As she represents the Fire of Comfort, it's pretty much the antithesis of what she stands for. By contrast Ragnaros and Surtr were enraged the request to be the guardians of wildfire was denied. They can still purchase the wildfire for a steep cost, but they're still frustrated.
  • The favorite weapon of all pyromaniacs in the pantheon. Garfield Lynns stole a cache of the stuff, and impressively managed to create a flamethrower that could actually wield the stuff without it backfiring horribly. Batman had his work cut out for him to prevent Gotham from burning; he needed Firestorm to intervene and create sand to put it out.
  • The Alchemist's Guild is very determined to make sure the secret of how to make wildfire remains secret with them. Given it's destructive capacity, this might be for the best. This hasn't stopped Roy Mustang from trying to figure out the formula, though whether this is to create a proper counter to the stuff or he believes he can transmute it in case of serious conflict isn't clear. As Firelord Ozai seeks to firebend wildfire, it's likely to counter him.
  • The SCP Foundation is doing whatever they can to prevent SCP-457 from obtaining wildfire out of fear they'll somehow incorporate it into their being.
  • In one scenario, the wildfire stashed for the Battle of Blackwater detonated due to the incompetence of two Baratheon men, which ultimately led to the death of King Joffrey. In another scenario, Tyrion uses it as an impromptu landmine to defend Winterfell from the White Walkers. The final scenario had Tyrion and Bronn use the wildfire not to blow up the Baratheon fleet (as his nephew/rightful heir was leading the charge), but rather the Lannister fleet.

Class 5

A sample of Adamantium
A vat of the stuff as a liquid
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A metal alloy with a stainless steel color. In its molten form, it takes a dark grey color
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unobtanium, Made of Indestructium, Absurd Cutting Power
  • Domains: Metal, Durability, Cutting, Invulnerability
  • Similar Artifacts: Katchin, Nth Metal, Mithril
  • The appropriately namedAadamantium is one of the most desired and hardest to produce metals in the Marvel Universe. Development starting in World War II under the U.S military, Myron MacLain, once solidified it's almost completely indestructible. It's high density and extremely stable molecular structure, combined with the ability to be exceedingly sharp when sharpened made it a valuable addition to the Treasury.
  • In the Trope Pantheon, it exists in a molten state at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, being able to be molded in this state. So far it's mainly be used to create adamantium bullets by the Houses of War and Weapons to use against super-durable gods. Many gods want to test it out against other indestructible metals or powerful cutting objects, though this hasn't born much fruit as it'd be a waste of the Pantheon's money.
  • There's an even tougher adamantium in its purest form, proto-adamantium. It was never recreated and exists solely as Captain America's shield, which is truly indestructible unless facing reality-warping. The Soviet Union made a more malleable and less durable and stable counter in carbonadium, though it has the benefit of affecting healing factors. Vibranium is a similar metal, which Steve Roger's current shield is made out of.
  • Expert roboticists like Dr. Eggman have tried to steal adamantium in hopes of making their own indestructible robots, leading to them getting banned from ever getting near the stuff. Ultron is somewhat exempt due to already having an adamantium body, plus he always sneaks some somehow.
  • Seen as one of the most indestructible materials in all existence. One video suggests there's always something better than even proto-adamantium; Amanzonium, the stuff on Wonder Woman's wrists. It is also vulnerable to vibration weapons and manipulating things on the molecular level.
  • It is possible to bond adamantium to living beings, as seen with Wolverine's bones. It's... not advised due to being poisonous. Even Logan found it slowly killing him, and research shows an adamantium skeleton on someone without a Healing Factor would be... horrific.

    Blades Of Chaos 
The Blades Of Chaos
One of the Blades, fully upgraded.
  • Class 5
  • Description: A pair of chained short chopping swords
  • Alignment: Depends On Kratos' mood
  • Domains: Enchanted Weapons
  • Portfolio: Chained To Kratos' Arms To Be Used For Short And Long-Ranged Attacks, Became More Deadlier With Experience
  • Creator: Ares
  • Notable User/Owner: Kratos
  • Alternatives Include: Athena's Blades, The Blades of Exile
  • Gaia: The Blades of Chaos, forged in the foulest depths of Hades. Once attached the blades remained so, chained and seared to the flesh, a part of the bearer's body.
  • In Ares' scheme to overthrow Olympus, he gifted the Spartan demigod Kratos with the Blades of Chaos, a pair of chained blades crafted by the God of War himself, imbued with the power of fire. Had Ares lived, he would've been pleased to know that Kratos had succeeded.
  • Thought to have disappeared following Kratos' war against Ares, it was later revealed that Kratos took the Blades of Chaos with him following his decimation of both the Olympians and Titans and relocated to Midgard. Only when the life of his son, Atreus, was in danger and one of the key ingredients was located in Helheim, a place where the Leviathan Axe would be ineffective, Kratos retrieved the Blades of Chaos, and in effect, the Ghost of Sparta was reborn.
    • For those who have been following the Ghost of Sparta from his days as the servant of Ares to bringing about the destruction of Olympus, the irony is not lost on them. Kratos butchered his first family by means of the Blades, now he brings them back in order to save his son.
  • In one strange scenario, Spider-Man would come across the Blades. Cornered by Iron Man and his team of Mighty Avengers, Spidey armed himself with the Blades and proceeded to amputate both of Stark's arms. Then, he attacked the rest of Stark's Avengers, Ares included, leaving them with numerous injuries.
    Doctor Strange: I know those weapons Peter has...and I'm surprised.
    Luke Cage: Surprised he's winning?
    Doctor Strange: Surprised everyone's still alive.
  • The Blades are effective against anyone who is undead. Even more so if they use the cold as a weapon, as the Blades' elemental power is fire. So much so that they avoid pissing Kratos off (and by that extension, Atreus) even more, lest they find out the hard way. Both Bi-Han and Kuai Liang can attest that those Blades hurt like crap. The Night's King don't want to test his luck against Kratos and avoids a confrontation.
  • The more experience Kratos gets, the stronger the Blades become. Either that or he finds the materials needed for the Huldra brothers to work their magic on the blades. There is an ongoing debate that it is strong enough to withstand an onslaught from Dragonslayer. And both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur gets a tad bit antsy when the Blades are in the area...
    Kratos: (as he powers up the Blades) I know. But I am your monster no longer.

    Blue Spiny Shell 
A Blue Spiny Shell
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A blue-colored turtle shell with gratuitous spikes. Wings are sometimes seen on it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Seeking Out Only the Guy in Front, Ignoring the CPU, Evil Things That Come From Evil Turtles
  • Domains: Chaos, Competition, City
  • The Spiny shell is one of the more controversial artifacts stored within the treasure house. Eternal losers, such as Dan Hibiki and Glass Joe say it's necessary to maintain competitive balance against "that overpowered Mario guy". Mario, on the other hand, always shouts "Oh, no!" whenever he sees one careening his way, and the other Greater Gods, such as Kratos (and social darwinists like Charles zi Britannia), decry its existence entirely, as it "discourages victory and gives unearned power to the hopelessly weak."
  • For the longest time, the Blue Shell was fortunately only seen on race tracks with a small appearance in a basketball court and baseball field. However, after some evidence that it will show up in the Fourth Smash tournament, many gods have feared that it may leak into more places than that.

    The Boneduster 
The Boneduster
The Boneduster
  • Class Level: 5
  • Description: A Powerful Quad-Barreled Shotgun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Overpowered Weapons
  • Portfolio: A Quadruple-Barreled Shotty That Can Blow Enemies Across The Room, Blasts Wounds Down To The Bone, Causes A Big Mess Close-Up And Can Melt Flesh
  • Favorite Shotgun Of: Death Battle's Boomstick (straight out of his mouth)
  • Bane Of: The T-800 Mk.I, CBI Infected, General RAAM, Mr. X, The Nemesis, The Institute's Synth Retention Bureau
  • According to Death Battle's Boomstick, the Boneduster is his "one true love." He practically gushed over the weapon in his analysis:
    Boomstick: "It sounds like thunder, kicks like my sister on PCP, and drives Swifter stocks through the roof."
  • As a person who "have a healthier or more deeply-felt respect" for shotguns (until you drop a chaingun in his path) the Boneduster actually made the Doomguy swoon. While the Doomguy is the patron of the One-Man Army, his rampage wielding the Boneduster would be remembered by the denizens of Hell for a long, long time.
  • While she prefers the custom-made, Hellsing-issued sniper rifles, Seras Victoria is a huge fan of the Boneduster. Not only can she fires the quad-barrel with one hand, but she likes to use the charge shot, which disintegrates ghouls and vampires with ease. Integra notes that Cerea is enjoying herself with the Boneduster a bit too much.
  • When the Boneduster is combined with either Snake's Bandanna, the Never Ending Legendary Perk, or the case full of infinite ammo...hoo, boy. The Sole Survivor had a field day when he used the Never Ending perk on the Boneduster, resulting in the Never Ending Boneduster. Quite possibly the only time that anyone has seen Synths (including the dreaded Coursers from the Retention Bureau), Super Mutants and Deathclaws running from the Sole Survivor in sheer terror.
  • Upon seeing the Boneduster, Joel was reminded of an old horror movie in which a quad-barreled shotgun was crafted by a balding ice-cream man. But blowing apart the Bloaters with the Boneduster have never felt more satisfying.
  • While Claire Redfield prefers a grenade launcher, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine have reached the same conclusion as Doomguy regarding their respect for the Boneduster. Given how they deal with the undead and bioweapons on a daily basis, the Boneduster is an excellent room-sweeper. And the streets of Raccoon City proved to be an excellemt testing site for the weapon. Chris can tank the recoil of the Boneduster with no problems. Leon and Jill...not as much.
  • As he typically wields his shotties akimbo, Gabriel Reyes knows that while he can't do the same with the Boneduster, the firepower makes up for it. Oh, how he wants to blow away the Overwatch agents, including Winston.

    Captain America's Shield 
Captain America's Shield ("She", Proto-Adamantium, Vibranium Shield)
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A strong metal shield painted to be like the American flag
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Made of Indestructium, One Of A Kind And Never Replicated, Throwing Your Shield Always Works, Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me
  • Domains: Heroism, Defense and Offense, Durability, America
  • Owner: Steve Rogers
  • Related to: The vat of adamantium
  • During World War II, the American war effort was researching stronger and more indestructible metal alloys. Dr. Myron MacLain sought to make an alloy equal to the legendary adamantine, however, was only ever able to create a single disc of the stuff. But it was enough, serving as Steve Rogers' shield. An excellent defense and capable of being used as a projectile weapon, it is just as iconic as his American flag-themed costume.
  • The exact composition varies upon adaptation, whether it be made of vibranium, adamantium, or some alloy. This doesn't change the fact that Cap's shield is Made of Indestructium. It's usually only been broken when put up against cosmic beings and reality warpers, or those who can alter the chemical compounds of the item. This is especially the case when it's the version made of proto-adamantium. The formula to make more of it has been lost.
  • Unlike most treasures, Cap's shield doesn't belong to the Treasury itself. Rather Steve has allowed it to be loaned for a time, and if he needs the shield back he'll ask for it nicely. It's difficult to not just comply immediately. Not that he needs it anyway unless the situation gets REALLY bad. Cap's current shield is identical to this one, only made of Vibranium. The GUAG Combat Division is trying to reverse engineer the Treasury's shield and recreate the formula, but it hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Not Cap's only shield. His original shield was made of more traditional shield shaped off the "heater shield" design and more clearly based off the American flag. There are various other shields, but the classic, most durable one is what the Treasury likes to show off. An eye is kept on it so people don't vandalize the shield, even if its to give an unauthorized tribute.
  • Tests have been done with certain other weapons, to see just how durable it is. They're rarely done because of the uniqueness of the item, and using the Reset Button to fix it is considered too costly to make it a regular basis. Thor's hammer was put up against it. The result was a draw, a powerful sonic blast due to the impact of such offense and defense.

    The Dark Sword of Chaos 
The Dark Sword of Chaos (The Chaosium Sword, 邪神剣, Jashinken, Sword of the Evil God)
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A hideous-looking, double-edged sword
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Blackish-Purple Swords Are Better, Forged From The Bone Of The Demon, Life Drain, Sword Beam
  • Notable Users: Ashtar, The Jaquio
  • Diametric Opposite Of: The Dragon Sword of the Hayabusa Clan
  • The Dark Sword of Chaos. If there was a relic from the Demon Clan that Ryu Hayabusa and his wife hates above everything else, it's this gods-be-damned sword. Thought to have been destroyed with the defeat of the Jaquio/Demon, it had materialized in the Pantheon, causing Ryu and Irene to shit a brick.
  • Forged from a bone of the demon Jashin, it is the diametric opposite of the Dragon Sword. Aside from being able to fire off energy blasts, the Sword can not only drain the lifeforce of its victims (as Irene herself can bear witness), it can also be used to open the Gates of Darkness once awakened with blood, thus linking our planet to the Realm of Chaos.
  • Damian Wayne (the Injustice version) has heard about the blade from his mother and grandfather. Ignoring the warnings from Ryu Hayabusa, he now seeks this cursed blade.
  • The same can be said for Havik. After failing to invade the Netherrealm with Shinnok's Amulet, Havik wants the sword in order to invade yet again. Too bad he can't get to the blade.
  • For Cervantes de Leon, nothing is more powerful than Soul Edge, as he believes that Soul Edge's power is no match for the Dark Sword.
  • There's talk about how the Dark Sword is a match for Guts' Dragon Slayer. Guts would like to put that theory to the test should the sword's proper owner ever ascend to the Pantheon, a sentiment not shared with Ryu Hayabusa and his wife.

    The Demonica 
DEMOuntable Next Integrated Capability Armor (DEMONICA)
Left, the gold Demonica as worn by a Schwarzwelt Investigation Team member; Right, the black Demonica as worn by The Black Samurai
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A high-tech combat suit that comes in either gold and green, or black and red
  • Alignment: True Neutral, as it depends on its wearer
  • Portfolio: Powered Armor, Magic-Technology Compatibility, Field Scanners, Adaptive Armor, Magikarp Power, Modular Adaptability
  • Notable users: Flynn (has gotten his hands on both versions), Tadano Hitonari (all six incarnations)
  • An advanced combat suit developed and sponsored by the United Nations, originally intended for all-environment use, which exceeded all expectations when it was shown to be an excellent choice for survival in the chaotic terrain of the Expanse. Its superior modular programming allows for an unprecedented degree of customization. Its worth was further confirmed when it was later proven capable of communicating with, allowing the user to recruit, and/or taking down demons thanks to the installation of a variant of Akemi Nakajima's Demon Summoning Program.
  • Externally resembles a Cyberman.
  • A couple of DEMONICA suits were found, disassembled, in a certain Tokyo. While still excellent military gear, it appears a botched reverse-engineering job significantly lowered its abilities, removing most of its Adaptive Ability in favor of more conventional armor. Flynn currently seeks to repair the damaged set he owns, and if possible, augment it by using his faithful AI companion Burroughs as the navigational AI for the armor.
  • There are two known variants: one in mostly black with red details, and another in gold with a green undersuit. It seems the gold variant is significantly more powerful.
  • Several parties in the Pantheon become interested in acquiring DEMONICA technology. Most of the groups in question are military-affiliated deities or groups such as XCOM, and most deities from the house of War, General Shepherd, and Senator Armstrong in particular. They intend, for the most part, to mass produce and use them against any and all potential enemies, all of them having been impressed by the suit's aforementioned combat capabilities.
    • Likewise, the God-Emperor of Mankind wants to make the gold variant standard issue armor for the Imperial Guard, seeing it as the ultimate weapon against Warp incursions (an armor that allows baseline humans go toe to toe with Physical Gods and enables them to gain control over demons seems like a dream come true) though he wants to see if he can't tweak it so it comes with a gold undersuit too. And maybe add a few skulls for good measure.
    • Interestingly, there one demon who managed to acquire a personalized variant of the gold and green version. Said demon, Jack Frost has been training under Sergeant Hartmann. This particular one is different in that he actually passed and survived the Drill Sergeant's Training from Hell. When he finally earned the right to wear the Demonica, he became known from then on as Demonee-Ho, and quickly gained a reputation for his 100% success rate during operations in the field.
  • With Tadano Hitonari's ascension to the Pantheon (and them being surprised to discover that the DEMONICA was in the Pantheon's Treasury), a change of policy is in consideration in regards to requisitioning and reverse-engineering it. Thus this gave the Grand United Alliances of Good, Law, and Chaos a head start in research. The GU As of Evil, Destruction, and Machines are now dedicated to capturing the Hitonaris in order to requisition their DEMONIC As for themselves. Other independent forces not among the above who have interest in the suits are trying the same.

  • Because this suit improves by killing enemies, pacifist combatants will have a hard time making it stronger, though they can still use and recruit demons with it. One can still get it stronger by having their summoned demons battle on their behalf, though.

    Deviant Blades 
Deviant Blades
First row: Zetto Kanna, Hakuto Hari, Ento Ju; Second row: Zanto Namakura, Sento Tsurugi, Zokuto Yoroi; Third row: Soto Kanazuchi, Akuto Bita, Bito Kanzashi; Fourth row: Oto Nokogiri, Seito Hakari, Dokuto Mekki
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: Varies
  • Portfolio: A Collection of Swords with Different Abilities and Power Levels, Named Weapons
  • Domains: Weapons, Abilities
  • Kiki Shikizaki is a reclusive, yet skilled swordsmith that has crafted around a thousand swords. Of them, these twelve were the most notable of his creations. Collectively known as the Deviant Blades, these consist of swords of varying powers and abilities, crafted via alchemy and the occult.
    • More specifically, the blades consist of Zetto Kanna (a supposedly unbreakable sword), Zanto Namakura (a very sharp sword), Sento Tsurugi (made up of 1000 swords; 999 of said swords being copies), Hakuto Hari (a very thin sword that with a blade that breaks if swung imperfectly), Zokuto Yoroi (a suit of armor), Soto Kanazuchi (a heavy sword that can be used for bludgeoning), Akuto Bita (when stabbed into someone's chest, it rejuvenates them), Bito Kanzashi (a clockwork doll), Oto Nokogiri (a wooden sword), Seito Hakari (basically just a hilt), Dokuto Mekki (capable of corrupting anyone who uses it), and Ento Ju (two guns).
  • Each of the blades is given their own room to be put on display. The room holding Sento Tsurugi is larger than the others, mainly because of the whole 1000 swords gimmick it has. Only a few deities with great observational skills will be able to deduce the original blade out of the copies from the Tsurugi bunch.
  • Ruby Rose got very excited upon hearing about a collection of weapons, even moreso after hearing about each of the blades, especially the stronger ones.
  • The Eliksni saw plenty of potential in these blades and have made multiple attempts to try and steal them so that they can get closer to their goals.
  • Both Gilgameshes are very interested in the swords and have fought each other multiple times over who could, at the very least, get to one of the blades. One of these conflicts led to The Frenzied Swordsman actually getting one of the blades, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a fake (or more specifically, he thought he got the real deal out of the Sento Tsurugi bunch and simply got one of the copies of the sword), resulting in the blonde Gil getting a good attack in. That specific attempt ended with neither getting any of the blades, as with other attempts.
  • The idea of a treasure hunt involving these blades has been considered by some but was rejected due to how some people would want all of the blades just for their personal gain. That and a lot of deadly fights can happen over who gets these items.

    The Dominator 
The Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System (The Dominator, 45MW.TRG Dominator)
In Lethal Eliminator mode 
In Destroy Decomposer mode 
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: Folding heavy assault firearm with modes for the relevant Crime Coefficient
  • Alignment: True Neutral, various alignments of Lawful (usually) when operated
  • Portfolio: BFG, Cool Guns, Bursts People From The Inside Out
  • Domains: Law, Slaughter, Regulation, Enforcement
  • Used by: The Sibyl System (creator and regulator), Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami
  • One of the key pillars of the Sibyl System's dominance over 22nd century Japan, the Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System is utilized by the enlisted Inspectors and Enforcers of the MWPSB (Ministry of Welfare's Public Security Bureau) to deal with latent criminals deemed as such by their Psycho-Pass. Many consider the Dominator to be one of the most deadly firearms in the Pantheon. Any registered Enforcer of the MWPSB can attest to that. When the Sibyl System ascended and joined the Grand United Alliance of Law, the Dominator became the standard-issue short-range firearm of its military arm, the GUAL Templar Order. Official policy as set by the Court is to confiscate Dominators on sight and have them stored in the Treasures.
  • The Dominator has four different modes to deal with latent criminals matching the Crime Coefficient. It will only activate in the presence of a noted criminal with the appropriate Crime Coefficient to prevent abuse by officers out of rage or impulse.
    • Under 100: The Dominator will remain locked unless Sibyl or members of the GUAL High Council permit it, usually in cases involving criminally asymptomatic people like the Joker and Junko Enoshima. Unless circumstances change, it is assumed that the scanned person is innocent and cannot commit any crime.
    • 100-299: The individual is judged a Latent Criminal, regardless of whether or not a crime has actually been committed. The Dominator will switch to "Non-Lethal Paralyzer", which will cause the person to be paralyzed and knocked out by the shot so they can be taken into custody. Depending on the user, this mode can be forcibly overridden and disintegrate the target. However, only Chief Joshu Kasei has been known to perform this on Shusei Kagari for discovering Sibyl's true form.
    • 300+: Anyone above 300 is judged to be a serious threat to society, and should be shot on sight. The Dominator will switch to "Lethal Eliminator" to instantly kill the targeted person. The Dominator can now shoot a huge burst of energy that instantly annihilates any and all organic or inorganic matter within its path. When hit with this energy blast, the target instantly swells and explodes.
    • Other circumstances: The Dominator switches to "Destroy Decomposer" mode, only reserved for heavily-reinforced or inanimate objects such as walls, armor, drones and heavily-armored criminals. This mode can be adjusted as needed depending on the size and durability of the target. The high energy output of this mode means that the Dominator can only fire three Decomposer shots before needing to recharge. However, this mode cannot penetrate high-strength materials such as Adamantium, Vibranium and Nth Metal, meaning that rich criminals such as Mr. Burns are resistant by virtue of being able to afford such protection.
  • When Sibyl first ascended, the TPPD had a field day dealing with MWPSB officers enforcing the law Sibyl's way, leading to at least 10,000 casualties, mostly in the House of Crime, Slaughter and the Dominion of Arkham Asylum. Once the casualties had been accounted for and resurrected by Virtuous, the Court put out an all-points bulletin for these "rogue" officers (mindless drones controlled by Sibyl) to confiscate their Dominators. Most of the captured Dominators are kept under lock and key in the Vault, with orders to Commander Vimes and his force to confiscate on sight. CLASSIFIED! data reveals that a portion of these devices are being loaned out to espionage bodies and forces in the Pantheon as a restricted-use weapon, including to HYDRA (via back channels), SHIELD and the TPPD. These Dominators have been re-programmed to instead work off of a classified database, ensuring that use of its modes are done along more principled lines. No matter, the Sibyl System can easily make more.
  • A newer variant of the Dominator, the Assault Dominator is reserved for use by heavy units of the Templar Order and the the police department's SWAT teams. Essentially identical in function, the Assault Dominator is a much larger rifle that increases its range and power but lacks the Destroy Decomposer mode due to redundancy. Reverse-engineering by Sundowner has produced a military-grade variant of the Assault Dominator that is used by the Alliances in their Forever War. 501st units stationed around the House of War have also been seen with this weapon.
  • Dominators that are in disrepair are also sold on the black market, especially in the House of Crime. Demon's Avenue is a hotspot for these guns, and many criminal organizations, bounty hunters and assassins seek them for their high energy output. Some of these custom Dominators hardly resemble their original counterparts, such as the one belonging to Boba Fett that has carbine rifle parts attached to it. Megamind also has a Lethal Eliminator function on his De-Gun (under "De-Stroy") and in his Brainbots too. The Dark Brotherhood harbors an interest in the Dominators so that can easily send their kills to their Dread Father, Sithis.


    The Ebony Blade 
The Ebony Blade (The Vampire, The Leech)
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A black Katana
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Evil Weapon, Far Silence, Life Drain, Energy Absorption, Twisted Example of The Power of Friendship
  • Throughout history, the Daedric Prince Mephala has goaded many mortals into performing heinous deeds (such as assassination, murder, and all-around chaos) and rewarded them with this corrupt katana. While in the Second Era it was inflicted with charm in that it wouldn’t remain with one user for long, it hasn’t necessarily stopped it from being wielded. Yet it has stopped it from causing more damage than it should be able to.
  • When the Dragonborn ascended, they had the blade with him. Although it tried to convince him to murder their friends to increase the blade's power, the Dovahkiin wised up and handed the sword over to the Vault. Taking into consideration its ability to pervert the morals and ideals of anyone, the House of Defense made sure to dedicate a spot in the Armory to isolate it and its container after its power had seeped out into the door barring it. While there are rumors that it will manage to manipulate and slip by the Vault’s security, a more pressing matter has been called into question; That is, whether or not the Daedric Prince Mephala has her own presence in the Pantheon despite not being an ascended deity herself.
  • Not only is it seemingly unbreakable, but those who get a chance to use it for themselves find themselves more skilled in long bladed weapons such as it. Those on the receiving end of the sword find their life and stamina draining away at them and are unable to cast any sort of spells.
  • While anyone wise enough would take care to avoid the Daedric Artifact anyways, many members from the House of Family, Friendship, and Love take special care in staying far away. The Ebony Blade, in a twisted way, runs on The Power of Friendship; Should the wielder slay those who trusted them it grows in strength, and its whispers help to ensure that comes to pass.

    The Gravity Gun 
The Gravity Gun (The Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator, "The Claw")

    Lancer Assault Rifle 
The Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
The Mk.2 Lancer
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: An assault rifle with a chainsaw attachment on the bottom
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Firearms, Assault Weapons
  • Portfolio: A Badass Assault Rifle That Is The Primary Weapon Of The Coalition Of Organized Governments, Complete With A Mounted Chainsaw
  • Sacred To: Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird
  • Bane Of: The Locust Horde
  • The Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle is the workhorse rifle for the Coalition of Ordered Governments for the past 40 years. Created by Adam Fenix (father of Marcus) during the first year of the Locust Invasion, and is a clear improvement over the Mark 1.
  • What makes the Lancer stands out is the Chainsaw Bayonet. The standard bayonets of the Mark 1 "Retro" Lancer had difficulty penetrating the tough hides of Locust troops, and would often snap in two. Adam was inspired to create the chainsaw bayonet by his son's recollection of the time Tai Kaliso grabbed a power saw after his own bayonet broke while fighting Locust in a general store and used it to great effectiveness, which prompted Padrick Salton to joke about the possibility of mounting one on a Lancer. Evidently he was onto something.
    • Just how the Chainsaw Bayonet works, you ask? Simple. The bayonet's engine is charged whenever the Lancer is fired.
  • Remember when Damon Baird loaned his Lancer to Doomguy? Well, word has it that upon holding it in his hands, Doomguy heard a chorus of...angels singing. Last time he heard that was when he acquired the BFG 9000.
  • For some strange reason, a surprising number of gods were quite offended by its inclusion in the Pantheon's armory, and insisted that the spot should go to the Gnasher Shotgun instead. Baird's response was to point to Doomguy playing with a Lancer and snark, "Okay, then you try taking that away from him." The offended gods wisely decided not to press the issue further.
  • During the Swarm War, Marcus and Baird worked together to incorporate the customizations Marcus made to his own Lancer in his spare time into the design of the Mark 3 Lancer. It's mostly the same, but with a stock added to lessen recoil, a longer barrel, and an angular magazine well.

    The Master Sword 
The Master Sword (Goddess Sword, Blade of Evil's Bane, Legendary Sword, Sword of Legend, Sword that Seals the Darkness, Sacred Sword)

    The Metal Blade 
The Metal Blade
Metal Man attacking with his signature Metal Blades
Mega Man firing off several Metal Blades
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A large, devastating razor-edged circular saw blade made of Ceramic Titanium (Ceratanium)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good If Wielded By Mega Man, Chaotic Evil If Used By Either Metal Man Or Doc Robot
  • Domains: Copied Weapons, Overpowered Weapons
  • Portfolio: Absurd Cutting Power, Purposely Overpowered, Deadly Disc, Near Game-Breaker, Serrated Blade of Pain, Can Kill Metal Man In 1-2 Hits
  • Trajectory: Can Be Fired In 8 Directions
  • Counterparts: Spin Wheel, Wheel Cutter
  • Weak against: Wood Man, Bubble Man, Flash Man, Metal Man,
  • Immune to: Air Man, Crash Man, Quick Man, Mecha-Dragon, Gutsdozer/Guts Tank, Boobeam Trap, and Alien
  • Quite possibly the most overpowered weapon in Mega Man's arsenal (which was confirmed by Wiz and Boomstick), the Metal Blade is the signature weapon of Metal Man. However, due to Wily's hubris (i.e., a design flaw), Metal Man is weak against his own weapon.
  • Aside from being the most powerful weapon, it also has the largest ammo capacity, four blades for a single bar of Weapons Energy. In other words, one can fire this weapon 114 times before running out of ammo.
  • Even to this day, Ryu and Ken still argue over which was the better weapon; Ryu prefers the Metal Blade while Ken backs the Quick Boomerang.
  • Issac Clarke was skeptical as to the insane stopping power of the Metal Blade. Mega Man was more than happy to put it to the test against a screaming horde of Necromorphs. 114 shots later, and Issac is agape over the carnage left in Mega Man's wake. Even the Hive Mind was obliterated under the Blue Bomber's barrage.
  • Frank West had once mused that if he had the Metal Blades, it would have made his past sojourns into Willamette a whole lot easier.

    Nox Nyctores (needs rework) 
Nox Nyctores
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: The weapons themselves
  • Alignment: Destructive
  • Portfolio: Artifacts of Doom, Evil Weapons, Powered by a Forsaken Child
  • Domains: Destruction, Emotion, Madness
  • The Nox Nyctores are a set of 10 weapons that grant its user awesome power but come at a cost of amplifying their psychosis and altering their mental state.
    • Of the ten, seven of them (one of which is another copy of an existing weapon, making the list technically six) are held by different gods in the Pantheonnote . The other four are safekept here note .
  • The weapons were also among the items that The PAYDAY Crew robbed during their heist.
  • Under monitored conditions (mainly because Khrima trying to steal it), most gods are able to fight against Take-Mikazuchi. As you can guess, it is not an easy task to do.

    The Scissor Blades 
The Scissor Blades (Scissor Swords, Rending Blades)

    The Skywalker Lightsaber 
The Skywalker Lightsaber (Your Father's Lightsaber)
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A cylindrical silvery-hilted lightsaber with a blue blade
  • Alignment: True Neutral. It's entirely up to the user.
  • Portfolio: Ancestral Weapon, Laser Blade, An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age
  • Domains: Swords, Energy Blades
  • Owners: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker
  • A weapon with an involved and sordid past, this was built by the God of Heroes before Anakin became Vader and Carrot stepped up to take his job. It's been passed around a great deal. Obi-Wan gave it to Luke, who lost it and his hand. Under unknown circumstances, the lightsaber came under the possession of Maz Kanata, who gave it to Stormtrooper fugitive Finn. Then, a scavenger from Jakku named Rey took the saber to protect Finn from Kylo Ren and travelled to Luke's temple to present it to him. It was last seen in a First Order ship, where it was torn in half as both Rey and her enemy Kylo Ren tried to pull the saber towards themselves with the Force.
  • Obi-Wan, of the House of Knowledge, wrote the inscription for it.
    "This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use. An elegant weapon. It was a symbol as well. Anyone can use a blaster or a fusioncutter but to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary."

    Vampire Killer (Original) 
The Vampire Killer (Whip of Alchemy, Holy Whip, Chain Whip, Mystic Whip)
The Vampire Killer, wielded by Simon Belmont
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A leather bullwhip, empowered with a willing (albeit, tainted) soul. Can be upgraded into a chain-linked whip or a morningstar.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Vampire Hunting, Ancestral Weaponry
  • Portfolio: A Taste of the Lash, Can Be Upgraded To A Chain Whip, Powered By A Tainted Soul, Whip It Good
  • Created By: Rinaldo Gandolfi
  • Notable Users Include: Leon Belmont, Trevor C. Belmont, Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont, Julius Belmont
  • Not To Be Confused With: The other Vampire Killer, known as the Combat Cross, wielded by Gabriel Belmont or the eponymous theme
  • Bane Of: Vampires (primarily Vlad Tepes Dracula), Demons, Monsters and Corrupt Divine Beings
  • Considered to be one of the more dangerous weapons in the possession of the Belmont family, the Vampire Killer is a seemingly nornal-looking leather bullwhip, similar as to what Indiana Jones or by Selina Kyle would wield. The main difference is that the Vampire Killer contains the power of a tainted soul who was willingly sacrificed to unlock the whip's true potential. Unfortunately, the soul used was that of Sara Trantoul, the kidnapped betrothed of Leon Belmont, as she was bitten and in the final stages of her vampirism.
  • One could say that Mathias Cronqvist (the future Vlad Dracula Tepes) had a hand in creating the Vampire Killer in his quest to gain immortality just so he can give God the middle finger for taking his wife away. Had he not sent Walter Bernhard after Leon, then Sara would still be alive and the Belmonts wouldn't be hunting him down every century. So yeah, nice work, idiot.
  • While the Vampire Killer shares the same name as Gabriel Belmont's Combat Cross, they are very different weapons. Whereas this Vampire Killer is an enchanted bulllwhip, Gabriel's version consists of a length of barbed chain blessed and doused in holy water with a hidden stake in the handle. Both have the ability to kill immortals, but the whip version can even whip Death to...well, himself. It's also rumored that should any Hamon user infuse their power into the whip, it would put Dracula down with one blow.
    • Of course, the only setback is that only the Vampire Killer can only be used by a Belmont at full power. If one attempts to do so, then you will be subjected to a very painful death as the whip drains your life. On top of that, any wounds inflicted on your person shall not heal. John Morris, son of Quincey, learned this the hard way, despite being a distant relative of the Belmonts. His son, Jonathan Morris, was the exception, as he - with the aid of the Lecarde sisters, Loretta and Stella (daughters of Eric Lecarde) - was able to use the whip at full power by defeating the Whip's Memory - an illusion of Richter Belmont himself. After the Memory's defeat, could Jonathan use the Vampire Killer at full power.
  • As the Vampire Killer is now in the Pantheon, it cannot kill any of the ascended monsters and vampires, per se. But it will leave you in serious pain for the next several days, even more worse when Takeda tried to probe Ermac's mind and was left with a serious migraine for most of the week.
    • The Vampire Killer has proven to be very effective against the undead, be it vampire, revenant or zombie, which is why most bloodsuckers and the like give the Belmonts a wide berth. Catelyn Stark is smart enough to keep away from the Belmonts as Lady Stoneheart. Gregor Clegane as Franken-Mountain...not so much. Jubilee has no quarrel with Trevor or Simon and keeps her distance. It's not entirely known what would happen if Jon Snow took a shot from the whip, given his death and resurrection.
    • As with Leon, once you defeat an elemental-based enemy, you can add it's elemental-based power to the whip. So far, it's been confirmed that fire, ice and lightning was used to amplify the whip's power.
    • As a whip user herself, Bayonetta's interest regarding the Vampire Killer is more than obvious. The debate between her and Jeanne is just how much damage can the whip do against Rodin's true form. She offered Simon and Trevor the chance to...ahem, "trade notes." Trevor, for his part, respectfully declined, as he does not want to invoke the wrath of Sypha.
  • Trevor Belmont and his great-grandson, Simon, are both considered to be the most skilled out of the Belmonts when it comes to using the Vampire Killer, with Simon agreeing that his great-grandpa is the better between the two. During Trevor's visit to a besieged town, he saved the life of Sypha's grandpa by not only disarming his attacker, but also taking his finger as well. His companion was even worse off, as Trevor took his eye.
  • Both Lisa Williams and Allison Carter are looking into learning how to use the bullwhip for their S&M sessions, and asked the Belmonts for lessons. Neither Trevor nor Simon have replied to their request...yet.
  • Wonder Woman is intrigued by the Vampire Killer, as she is one of several that can sense the power that is coming from the whip. She's also surprised to see how Trevor held his own against Alucard using only the whip. "Although his swordplay leaves room for improvement," Diana muses. In Trevor's defense, he was out of practice. But Diana did comment that his way of killing the Cyclops was "indeed creative."
  • Kratos is also interested in the killing power of the Vampire Killer, and of how it's true potential was unlocked. He was most surprised to see that the fearsome weapon was nothing more than a bullwhip. He then recounts growing up in Sparta in which the boys training at the barracks were whipped with leather whips to toughen them up, all the while the mothers are screaming at their sons not to cry out from the pain. "Ah, memories," Kratos muses.
  • Shinnok thought that the Vampire Killer would not harm him due to his status as a former Elder God. Five minutes later and his corrupted form was in full retreat, his body adorned with numerous angry welts. Liu Kang and Kitana both wisely chose not to test their luck against the enchanted whip. Johnny and Cassie Cage, both whom had past encounters with Shinnok, watched the scene with amusement.
  • Both Magik and Doctor Strange found themselves studying the Vampire Killer - with the permission of the deified Belmonts - as they both can feel the whip's power. Of course, Illyana couldn't help but to shed tears over how the whip reached its full potential.

Witchblade (The Balance)
  • Class Level: 5
  • Alignment: Varies between users.
  • Portfolio: Balance Between Light and Darkness, Adaptive Armor, Clingy Costume, Only the Chosen May Wield, Blood Knight, All Male Weapons Are Perverts.
  • Domains: Power, Transformation, Costume, Ancient
  • Born from The Angelus (Light) and The Darkness (Dark) to bring balance to the universe. Though, there has been times when his father and his mother, The Darkness and The Angelus, would try and influence it to the dark side
  • Has been worn by many women over the centuries, including Scathach, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and even Florence Nightingale.
    • The last known user was a Japanese woman name Masane Amaha who sacrificed her life to save Japan and so that her daughter, Rihoko, wouldn't hold the burden of being the true successor of the Witchblade.
  • Even though the Witchblade is a living being, it's locked away in the Treasury for fear it would try and attach itself to one of the Goddesses.
    • Despite those fears, there has been times when some of the Goddesses willfully sought after the Blade. They include the Anarchy Sisters, Ayane, Buffy Summers, and Hikage. Though, the connection only last for a few days.
  • While women can use the Witchblade, if it sense that the wielder is unworthy, it would lash out. This happened to Raynare who sought the artifact to take her vengeance against Issei and the other Occult Club members but had her hand sliced off instead.
  • Some have wondered if the Witchblade is actually a giant pervert because the "Armor" it provides it's user is barely there. Of course, it might be because it's actually male.
    • Though, it's been noted that it only transform parts of its body depending on the threat level. Low level threats only have part of the body covered, but higher level threats would cover the entire body. Since most Witchblade users don't run into high threat enemies, like high-level Demons for example, they end up in the Stripperiffic low-level defense armor.


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