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  • A common one in pinball machines with an autoplunger is to replace the launcher button with a prop relevant to the game's theme:
  • Whirlwind and Twister both have a fan on top of the backbox that blows at you during gameplay (though the former only activates it when a lock is lit and during multiball).
  • Instead of the amber-orange dot-matrix display used in other pinball games, Bram Stoker's Dracula uses a medium-red screen instead.
  • The Earthshaker! cabinet vibrates when an earthquake occurs (in the game).
  • No Good Gofers has "Short Circuit" mode, when one of the gophers begins nibbling on the wires inside the game. During that time, the prize wheel spins erratically back and forth, and the playfield lights flicker.
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  • Black Rose uses the ball as a cannonball that is fired at things on the playfield.
  • Stern Electronics' Meteor uses an oversized playfield bumper to represent the titular projectile.
  • At random intervals, The Brain shuts down everything for about fifteen seconds to show the player what an epileptic seizure is like.
  • In Monster Bash, the various game modes are also the names of the band's musical tracks.
  • Jersey Jack Pinball's The Wizard of Oz has Dorothy's ruby slippers as the bottom two flippers.
  • The flippers in Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball are a pair of large carrots held by Bugs Bunny.
  • On The Flintstones, the game apron (just below the flippers, where the player's hands sit) is molded to resemble carved rock.
  • In Checkpoint, the player starts a game by turning an ignition key.
  • Lights... Camera... Action! has a pair of spotlights (red and blue) which shine down on the player at key points of the game. In addition, most of the lights on the machine are out when the game begins until the director calls for "Lights."
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  • The leg fastener bolts on Magic Girl are capped with (dulled) Spikes of Villainy.
  • Dutch Pinball's The Big Lebowski has a miniature rug that needs to be unrolled, along with a (fake) glass of White Russian sitting on a napkin inside the cabinet.


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