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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


If your Troper name begins with V, W, X, Y or Z, place your examples here.

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    Vampire Buddha 
  • How about a Bounty Hunter who commits genocide against inhabitants of another planet, wipes out an entire species (twice), and steals technology from her enemies with which to kill them faster? Eventually starts using a mysterious, corruptive substance in battle that either kills or mutates anything that comes in contact with it and which has almost wiped out another entire species and will probably annihilate all life in the galaxy. Samus Aran, Metroid series

  • A soldier, at times overly accommodating to other's demands, at other times needlessly aggressive and violent. Has a multiple-choice past that few are aware of. Is a known philanderer, jumping from lover to lover on almost a whim, all of whom are subordinates and several who have died because of their connection to the soldier. Has a crew made up of some of the most dangerous people in the galaxy, including a psychopathic escaped prisoner who happily admits to murder and destruction for fun, a soldier with a family history of failure and a bigotry against anything not human, a peace officer that went rogue and became a murderous vigilante, an amoral scientist that helped nearly exterminate an entire species, bloodthirsty members of said species that nearly overran the galaxy until they were stopped, two members of a organization dedicated to protecting humanity (that eventually turned against them when the soldier defected from said group), and possibly the most powerful underworld figure in existence (who regularly used her connections to help the soldier in this mad quest). Has disobeyed and downright threatened the duly appointed leadership of the galactic organization he was a member of, simply because they did not take outrageous claims made without convincing evidence. As an agent of said authority, personally killed a predecessor, who was under the influence of an outside force, with no attempt at salvation. In fact, has killed multiple beings under said outside force without fail, including the head of said human defense organization. All of these actions were in service to a self-declared genocidal war against possibly the most advanced lifeforms in the known galaxy, destroying countless artifacts of near incalculable value, because the lifeforms in question were considered a threat in the soldier's eyes. Said lifeforms, in an effort to understand humanity, attempted to create a combination between the two species, which the soldier promptly destroyed, followed by either destroying or taking over the base where said creation was housed. And, in what some consider the best case scenario, said soldier may have been under the same influence that affected the people he fought against. In the end, his actions led to a mass revolt of his supporters, forcing a near-rewrite of reality itself. Commander Shepard, Mass Effect

    Vic Nog 
  • A gluttonous coward who only fails to jeopardize his team's goals by sheer luck and frequently puts a dog in lethal danger. Shaggy, Scooby-Doo
  • A reclusive, meddlesome woman who manipulates everyone around her and bothers an elderly man simply because she is bored with her life. She also seems to be schizophrenic. Amélie Poulain, Amelie
  • A drunkard, self-proclaimed racist and assassin-for-hire who is friends with The Fair Folk and enjoys teasing the resident Woobie. Daniel Ti'Fiona, Dan and Mabs Furry Adventures
  • A disobedient, sneaky girl who has a demon as her friend. She also killed her own mother and became friends with an arsonist. Antimony Carver, Gunnerkrigg Court
    • Hey, in that one she was involved only after the fact. It's enough that she did cheat off of her friend in the school, steal from the same friend's parents, scare the rest of classmates away, use lockpicks and magic to intrude where she doesn't belong. Also, so far she was more on good terms with dead people than with the living and her three most prominent possessions are disproportionately destructive weapon, enslaved Body Snatcher and artifact with a knack for large-scale manifestations of fire based powers.
  • A fowl-mouthed, snarky, gold-snatching lady who treats everyone around her like dirt, puts her best friend in jeopardy due to her poor social skills and wants to kill an old, possibly senile, lady. Several times. Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie
  • A grumpy, snarky PI who makes fun of the horrible predicaments and love lives of those around him and bribes a coroner on a regular basis. Emerson Cod, Pushing Daisies

    Vijii S 
  • A selfish, lazy young man who is, at first, willing to sacrifice the life of his childhood friend for his cause. Later his actions put the fate of his own world, as well as another, at stake. Finally, he kills an angel whose goal was to save the worlds by ending discrimination. Lloyd Irving, Tales of Symphonia
  • A young lady who refuses to perform the duty into which she is born, thereby allowing genocide to continue in her homeland. Collette Brunel, Tales of Symphonia
  • The embodiment of darkness itself. He regularly engages in deception causing close friends and allies to turn against one another. Tenebrae, Tales of Symphonia II: Dawn of the New World

  • A patriot gone extremely rogue, in the past, he was a governmentally-sanctioned killer. Fired for going "off the grid". Currently residing in his hometown, masquerading as a do-gooder and attempting to get his old job as a government assassin back. Stockpiles weapons and explosives in public storage facilities and frequently puts the civilian populace in danger during his "jobs". Regularly consorts with terrorists and adulterers. Has even put his own mother and brother in the line of fire while trying to regain his old job. Michael Westen, Burn Notice

  • Two juvenile delinquents, a manipulative genius, and a sadistic killer band together and work for an organization dedicated to eliminating members of a particular species. The spirit detective gang from Yu Yu Hakusho
  • She transports to another planet, rampages through said planet while dragging other innocent people into her mission, deserts them when they need her only to come back later then desert them again, all while attempting to "save" this destroying it before somebody else does. Lucia, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
  • She leaves the woman who was kind and caring enough to take her in after being orphaned, not only to look for her thief/killer twin brother, but also because she hates her own species and believes they all deserve to die just for choosing a survival method that works. Yukina, Yu Yu Hakusho

  • A Don Quixote wannabe rescues a princess, destroys the only force for law and order in the galaxy, and convinces his father to commit treason, rather than assassinate his father and the Emperor himself, as an ancient society of theocratic warrior-sages, of which he is the last, demanded. Luke Skywalker
  • A boy has a brief homosexual romance, kills his lover because his father orders him to do so, and then masturbates over a girl in a coma to prove to himself that he's heterosexual. Ikari Shinji, Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • His days are spent stealing bodies from unwilling people, leaving their minds trapped in a wholly alien space from which there is no escape. He then uses superior knowledge to reshape their lives to suit the whims of a probably mad AI, before disappearing again and never returning. Sam Beckett, Quantum Leap
  • A racist child-killer who slaughters his co-workers because he's afraid of science. Wikus van de Merwe
  • A murder suspect who shoots his own lawyer, then escapes from prison to stalk a child abuse victim. Dr. Tenma
  • A dirty hippie who destroys a city, then shoots his brother. Vash the Stampede

  • A questionably sane old man who repeatedly lies to the love of his life, as well as stealing her beloved pet and selling him to a girl he barely knows. Mr Hoppy, Esio Trot
  • A reclusive woman who's extreme shyness borders on mental illness. Her multiple debilitating phobias regularly put the lives of herself and her friends, and her entire country in danger. Despite this, she is trusted by the universe's equivalent to a god to wield a magical artefact with the power to banish people to the moon and turn them to stone. She is such an Extreme Doormat that random strangers can talk her into physically and verbally abusing her friends, despite her normal shyness. She occasionally flies into unstoppable rages where she has been known to attack random passersby, her friends, and her pets for no reason whatsoever. Despite claiming to be an animal lover, she seemingly has no qualms about feeding some of them alive to other animals she prefers. She often mistreats her pets,by keeping them in absurdly small cages, feeding them the wrong food, and hypnotising them. She has also been known to use her hypnotism on young girls. She also once kidnapped the pet bird of a princess, then proceeded to torture it before it caught fire. Fluttershy, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Wilde Oscar 
  • An unintelligent, lazy aristocrat and his sneaky, manipulative servant (who has a bizarre obsession with men's clothing) break up couples and create chaos everywhere they go. Jeeves and Bertie Wooster
  • He speaks very bad English, goes berserk every time he eats a certain food and seems to have joined the navy as an excuse to beat people up, his favorite activity. he has an anorexic girlfriend who's even crazier than he is and is always getting into trouble and who seems to have had his baby out of wedlock. She is often sexually harassed by a guy twice his size who is even more violent than he is and his only other friend is a food thief who is so useless than his name means "useless". Popeye
  • A young female who seems to have Asperger's goes on weird, surreal adventures with her friends, a completely manic sugar junkie, a narcissistic fashion designer, an egotistical athlete, a workaholic farmer, and an animal rights activist with severe social anxiety disorder. They are occasionally helped by a political leader claiming to have divine powers and a reclusive African sorceress. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Willy Four Eyes 
  • She regularly demands exorbitant payments from the inhabitants of the towns she claims to save...right before she destroys them anyway. She holds within her knowledge of enough destructive magic to make even gods blush, and can even summon one if she finds herself in danger. Lina Inverse, Slayers
    • That's not really painting her black.
      • Would be hard to do with an implied champion of the Chaos...

  • He has been declared a regular menace to society. He has killed his girlfriend, his best friend's father, and more. He obscures his identity and avoids police capture. He has created a few deadly super villains, and is the subject of a story that has caused great pain to many readers at how horrible he behaves. He made a deal with the devil and put his family in reckless danger for money or as a favor to a friend. He also constantly insults people he fights, occasionally driving them mad and making them go into a rage. He has attack a philanthropist, several doctors, and many inventors. He has ruined many lives with his recklessness, and makes a game of insulting his detractors. He has caused much property damage. Spider-Man

    Woolie Wool 
A field-grade military officer who makes decisions that affect the entire future of his country without consulting anyone, not even his own chain of command, and makes a mockery of the idea of civilian control of the military. He repeatedly meddles in international affairs that do not concern him and regularly violates his service's most fundamental law. He has little reservation about putting the lives of children in danger by taking his heavily armed warship full of them into a demilitarized border zone to wave his country's dick around, nor does he have much moral objection to their presence; he considers them merely an annoyance. After being abducted, experimented on, and temporarily mentally reprogrammed by an alien enemy he was allowed back to his post immediately without even a thorough examination, and some years later started to literally go insane, screaming at people about his genocidal hatred for said enemy when they appeared again, and developing bloodthirsty, violent tendencies, at one point boarding a hostile foreign vessel alone and slaughtering its crew with an assault rifle. Lost his state-of-the-art battleship in a battle against a tiny corvette that could have easily been defeated if not for his executive officer's stunning cowardice and incompetence, and immediately was given command of an even better ship. Frequently lets the ship psychiatrist onto the bridge to perform duties she was not qualified for. Insists his ship is not a warship despite being enormous, heavily armored, and armed with hundreds of weapons of mass destruction. His adversaries are not fooled. And the worst part? Unlike his predecessor a century before, who once stood before a court martial and got demoted, he was never punished for anything he did. Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the USS Enteprise-D/E, Star Trek: The Next Generation

A histrionic, overexcitable, possibly mentally unstable military officer who constantly draws attention to himself in any social situation he is in, strikes ridiculous poses, and got rewarded with the most prestigious command in his military for the accomplishment of having his old ship blown up by the enemy under his watch. Launched a suicide attack and only got saved because the commanding officer of another vessel intervened to rescue him. Is the third (at least) in a succession of reckless, irresponsible captains of ships with the same name. Va'Kel Shon, captain of the USS Enterprise-F, Star Trek Online

A spoiled young aristocrat who attempted to pester his father into letting him ride south with the army and kill foreigners, and after his family was assassinated by a rival house, conspired with a third house to overthrow the rightful queen because they didn't like her regent. He proved himself to be a merciless, bloodthirsty thug who stole whatever his rebel army needed and killed any legitimate authorities who attempted to stop them. Among his companions were an inexperienced young paramilitary officer whom he easily manipulated, a sociopathic hermit-sorceress, a former spy and political assassin, a contract killer, a dead woman possessed by a demon, a drunkard, and a foreign military commander scouting for an invasion of the country. He marched with his army to the capital to overthrow the queen by force and may have installed himself as king and had her executed. the human Warden, Dragon Age: Origins

A borderline psychopath who confessed to enjoying causing carnage and slaughter, she signed up for a war against the only human government in known space capable of even attempting to protect humanity from a species of omnicidal aliens who attempted to exterminate humanity twice. Then she was recruited by a group of state-sponsored terrorists who are not accountable or even known to the people that they ostensibly serve, and, led by a voice in her head, betrayed her own government, who had struck a deal with the only alien power in known space who could protect humanity from the aforementioned omnicidal group, essentially pitting her against everyone in the galaxy with humanity's safety in mind. The state-sponsored terrorists then smuggle her back into the regular forces under an assumed name so she can help undermine the government in accordance with their plans and the voice in her head. Noemi Laporte, Blue Planet

A consitutional monarch abolishes his country's constitution and parliament because he is displeased with the parliament's performance, and then enters into an alliance with aliens who had previously been bitter, possibly genocidal enemies for fourteen years, without his people's permission. Said aliens prove untrustworthy, paranoid, and belligerent, and factions within them turn against the alliance and launch pogroms against his people, all while the rest of the aliens have to leech off his people's economy due to being mired in a perpetual depression, but he sticks by them regardless. Emperor Khonsu II, FreeSpace

An underdeveloped, primitive civilization possessed of unpredictable, dangerous forces they do not fully understand and cannot control, goes up against the primary keepers of order and security in the universe and defeats them by undermining and perverting the security force's culture so they can no longer accomplish their mission, allowing the primitive civilization's uncontrollable, dangerous influence to spread unchecked. UN Spacy, Super Dimension Fortress Macross

An arrogant, godlike psychic who thinks it is his birthright to rule all of humanity by exterminating anyone who resists causes the apocalypse and the rise of reality-eating demons through his sheer bullheaded stubbornness and lack of consideration for the needs of others, especially his own superpowered psychic children. The God-Emperor of Mankind, Warhammer 40,000

A clumsy, stupid, thoughtless oaf rejected by his own people becomes a war hero by accident and is manipulated by the leader of the galactic parliament into endorsing a bill signing away the civil rights of all the people in the galaxy, making him complicit into the galaxy's descent into decades of fascism and civil war. Jar-Jar Binks, Star Wars

An insufferable blowhard with average fighter piloting skills who constantly boasts, disobeys orders, and frequently gets in over his head and relies on others to bail him out in combat, becomes reknowned as his country's leading fighter ace and takes credit for the accomplishments of his far more competent comrade because said comrade is too nice to call him to the carpet in public. In his youth his superiors hated him so much that his commanding officer made jokes about other pilots being allowed to kill him if he doesn't shut up. Todd "Maniac" Marshall, Wing Commander

  • A band of miscreants and vagabonds, all of whom have spent time in prison (and only escaped fair sentencing due to the intervention of a corrupt city official). They are led by a ruthless warrior with a high kill count, who keeps a violent murderous psychopath under his employ because he wishes to harness said violence. Other members include: a kleptomaniacal thief who recently murdered an unarmed and defenceless woman. The son of a tyrannical warlord, who once broke out of prison with a known criminal, enlisted the aid of a wanted pirate, and crippled a cities defences prior to an invasion. A priest who is not only an outspoken anti-environmentalist, but he serves a god whose followers are known for raping and pillaging. A wizard who, after making a deal with three unholy beings in a bid for more power, used said power to wipe out one-fourth of a species out of spite. Their enemies have included a priest who wishes for nothing more than to stop the discrimination against his people, a woman who believes that all beings should know love, and a holy law enforcement officer. The Order of the Stick.

    Why Am I Even 
  • A self-described criminal mastermind who has been running a criminal empire since age twelve, kidnaps an 80 year old woman and imprisons her for ransom, nearly causing an interspecies war in the process. He drugs and nearly kills his closest friend (and protector)’s sister, having first used his mentally ill mother to test a highly risky method of escaping a time-stop field. He also has his father shot. He built a supercomputer out of stolen technology, and was responsible for it ending up in the hands of a deranged killer who wanted to use it to “suck the world dry”. In his spare time, he stole an incredibly valuable piece of art, just for the fun of it. He knowingly sold a species into extinction, and frequently deceives and manipulates people into helping him commit crimes. His associates include a notorious thief who has been in and out of prison for centuries, and a rebellious police officer who cannot be bothered to obey orders, has been officially disciplined at least twice and accused of murdering her commanding officer. Artemis Fowl, from the series of the same name

  • A literal demon who caused the Fall of Man and worked for centuries to spread sin and misery on a grand scale. Helped a convent of satanic nuns to steal an innocent couple’s baby and replace it with the Antichrist in order to bring about the apocalypse. Eventually decides that he doesn’t want the apocalypse to happen because he enjoys hanging out on Earth too much, and so betrays his own people. He hypnotises an innocent woman in order to interrogate her for information, hits someone with his car because he was driving with the lights off, and lures two of his former associates into a trap, killing one of them in a horrific manner. He was also responsible for the creation of the M25 motorway.
Crowley, Good Omens

  • A young woman discovers that she has magical powers while assaulting an authority figure, she becomes involved in the criminal underworld, forcing her best friend to become indebted to a powerful, ruthless thief and murderer. She endangers the life of not just her family but also of many innocent people by refusing to learn to control her powers. When an old man tries to help her, she plans to rob him and disappear, having already stabbed his former apprentice. She duels and nearly kills a fellow student, and decides to learn and use a forbidden form of magic that works by feeding off other people’s magic and life force, potentially killing them. She mind-rapes and kills multiple people through use of this magic, and also uses her skills as a healer to murder a foreigner. When her teacher is exiled, she follows him, forcing him to waste precious time and resources to look after her, just so that she can get into his pants. 20 years later, she helps overthrow the rightful rulers of another country by siding with a violent, terrorist organisation that is blatantly misandrist (said organisation also murdered her friend’s lover), just because her son is dating their leader’s second in command.
Sonya, the Black Magician trilogy/Traitor Spy trilogy

    Xelloss 08 
  • Despite being the son of a government hero credited with saving the world, this "hero" joins an anti-government terrorist organization. He kills numerous soldiers and ultimately ruins a plan to end the invasion of the Earth by an alien species which has already killed countless humans. Renton Thurston, Eureka Seven
  • This hero perpetrates a shooting spree in which he only targets young girls, but gets off scott-free because his parents are rich. Moving to a new location where no one knows about his history, he becomes the perpetrator of further acts of senseless violence, including the murders of several entirely innocent people. Keiichi Maebara, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

  • This arrogant martial arts master has nothing better to do than roam Japan and beat up people for their choice of entertainment. When a girl's unconscious in a burning building, his first response is to make out with her. He's the antithesis of all "Go outside and get healthy" campaigns. He has no respect for the rules of sports. And he impersonated Santa Segata Sanshiro

  • A completely amoral attorney who blackmails, extorts and pronounces his own judgments on his clients, he sleeps with anyone who says 'yes' and has no qualms about hitting on his co-workers. He finds loopholes in every statement and regularly ignores and patronizes his bosses. He also emotionally destroyed one of his few friends. Alan Shore, Boston Legal
    • Likewise, one of his superiors, a has-been who screws Anything That Moves. He regularly makes sexist and racist comments, relies on his name to get anything he wants and has almost no morals at all. Denny Crane, Boston Legal
  • A stuck-up, show-off sorceress who regularly gives people Hobson's Choices, almost never tries to soften blunt words and never considers other people's feelings. Like her father, she uses the crimes people have committed as an excuse to both use magic and to devise cruel and unusual punishments for them. Polgara the Sorceress, The Belgariad
    • A layabout who participated in the prolonged genocide of an entire race because their god stole an artifact that belonged to his god. Betrayed his own wife when he deceived her so he could steal it back. Fathered twins, learned that his wife was dead and spent around thirteen years getting drunk and sleeping with any woman who'd agree, regardless of age. Uses his magic to steal, cheat, connive and coerce people, and has no morals. Kills anyone he wants, has no qualms about badly injuring or killing people, and forces people to do what he wants because of a prophecy. Belgarath the Sorcerer, Polgara's father and Garion's great-great (infinite greats) grandfather
  • A womanizing jerk who sleeps with any girl who says yes, is quite violent in nature, has no moral qualms about stealing large amounts of money and never listens to his sensible sister. James Adams, CHERUB
  • A doctor who alienates his co-workers, is rude and disrespectful to his patients, has tortured, abused and assaulted some of his patients, picks on and alienates his employees/co-workers, takes drugs, spikes other people's drinks with drugs, is addicted to pain medication and uses the fact that he's good at his job as a shield to prevent him from being fired. He makes comments about his boss, to his boss that she should fire him for, and goes out of his way to make sure nobody likes him. Dr. Gregory House, House MD
  • A young man who grows up on a factory world where he sabotages every government job they let him have, he assaults and kills the leader of the planet and joins a part of the army that deals with assassinations. Afterwards, he goes on any job the Emperor gives him, becomes a prisoner of war, breaks out and brings down the enemy before bringing down the Emperor's stand-ins, declaring war on said Emperor and killing him, and then dispensing the secret that held the Empire together to the public. Sten, of the titular series

    Zarbi Nerada 
  • This racist journalist doesn't really do much reporting. He has, however, helped a strongman take over a Banana Republic. Out in the middle of nowhere, he was really quick to trust a man who had already proven himself untrustworthy and had just shot another man. He was also very glad to see some people suspected of grand larceny get away. Tintin
  • They go into other countries and manipulate the leaders until they [the leaders] don't know which end is up. Despite practicing Thou Shalt Not Kill, they have been responsible for many deaths. The Impossible Missions Force, ''Mission: Impossible
  • This man, gone back in time to an ancient civilization, participated in a riot that nearly destabilized it, and was involved in hostage taking. He has also bombarded one of his own people's colonies, and tricked a nearby country into joining his country's war, and was an accessory to the murder of a senator who knew too much. When one of his greatest personal heroes was waist-deep in carrion, he threw more onto him. Captain Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • This prisoner, perhaps the most dangerous in the country, has the warden wrapped around his little finger. He also blackmails the head guard, a kindly ex-toymaker, into looking the other way whenever anything suspicious is going on. Colonel Robert Hogan, Hogan's Heroes
  • She stopped a cadre of dedicated environmentalists and sent the leaders to their likely deaths. She has also urged a close friend to go through with a genocidal mission, helped blow up a high school, and has been enlisting child soldiers in a series of guerilla strikes. Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who
  • A malcontent, somewhat chauvinistic, for a long time he kept company with a man wanted in Spain as an accessory to homicide. He also helped destroy all the non-Humans on a Human colony world, and has demonstrated a reckless streak. James Robert ("Jamie") MacCrimmon, also from Doctor Who
  • An honorary gang member who has been a party to genocide. Melanie, also from Doctor Who
  • A bad-tempered young lady who is perfectly willing to poison people she deems a menace, has been observed beating up people of an ethnic minority. She and a friend once left an island completely depopulated. Leela
  • A man who faked his death so that his kid brother would have a nightmare existence. Guilty of poaching and kidnapping, and made a faithful servant become a Punch-Clock Villain. Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, alias Robin Oakapple, from Ruddigore
  • Had she lived, her actions would have doomed Earth to being overrun by a local evil and the galaxy to destruction by an external evil. Edith Keeler, The City on the Edge of Forever
  • He blew up a whole universe, some say, to make things from the cinders. He interfered with a thriving marketplace, made claims no Human was entitled to make, and saved billions (at least) of utter bastards from justice. Jesus of Nazareth
  • He once punched a guy's lights out for giving him an Ear Worm, and was seen prowling around people's houses at night. He's also done prison time for subversion. Now that he is dead, he is said to watch children day and night and enter their homes by a non-entrance at regular intervals. Saint Nicholas
  • Why was he promoted? Because he killed (or so he and everyone else thought) a mentally ill young man who had an abusive guardian. He later fought and crippled his best friend, leaving him for dead. Then he ran and hid in the shadow of one of said friend's atrocities. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars
  • This madwoman has thrown the whole city into chaos over a plaything, turned a Star Trek expy to stone (he may or may not be conscious; we can't tell), and nearly stopped all of time. Also denounced her future sister-in-law to her face (she thought it was her, anyway) as evil. Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • She has been seen to fill others with her own will without their consent, and disrupted a formal occasion trying to get wild animals to ignore their self-preservation instincts. She nearly denied the country the water it needed due to her wounded pride. Oh, and she also walked out on an employment contract with no explanation to her boss. Fluttershy, also My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • She cheered when her sister showed the early stages of a life-threatening illness, has been observed to cheat in athletics, and has been seen keeping intelligent life forms penned up with no expressed reason. Applejack, same source.
  • She is believed to be borderline psychotic, and accusations of cannibalism have been lodged. While those are unlikely to be true, she has still fought off one of her best friends who just wanted to take her to her favorite sort of social event, and made another friend, a farmer, believe that one of the big money-making crops was changing its nature, for the lolz. Oh, and she wrote a racist ditty once. Pinkamena Diane ("Pinkie") Pie, and again.
  • She once destroyed a public building with lightning, and a popular fan video depicts her as beating some parentally-abused people who just want some love—any of the four types would do—to death. She also misdirected a You Mean "Xmas" present that never reached the intended recipient in consequence.Derpy Hooves, and again.
  • He fought on the side of a clearly evil empire, one of the most iconic villain regimes in sci-fi. He was, at the time of his death, helping one of the worst dads in the galaxy find hostages to lure his son into a trap. Captain Lorth Needa from The Empire Strikes Back. And I classify him as a hero because he knowingly and willingly laid down his life to protect his crew. He was worthy of a better god than Caesar.
  • He deliberately marooned his own father on a moribund island whose total area was a little less than a hectare and a half. He also left his own sons trapped, one in a jungle full of predators and the other on a floating rock. And he almost led his people to settle in a Dystopia where they would have been executed en masse for Thoughtcrime. Atrus, the Myst series.

  • Sometimes insane, sometimes mentally ill, sometimes someone with bad taste, this character often decides the rules of the world they live in aren't 'fun' enough for them, so they commit atrocities such as victimizing children, using weapons on everyone, trying to control or defeat literal or possible Gods, stealing of priceless artefacts, or disrupting the very fabric of nature to create or summon the creatures which can be known as Eldritch Abominations. The PC, from every non- casual videogame ever.

  • A convicted criminal and recidivist who has managed to elude justice for years. A rebel and thief who consorts with the worst criminals in the country and is willing to do anything to accomplish his goals. Suspected of the theft of thousands and the murder of a police officer. Jean Valjean, Les Miserables

A young man who turned against his father and his country, repeatedly lied to his friends, caused the death of a girl who loved him, and betrayed both his sister and his childhood friend. He enslaves hundreds of people to take over the world, subjects everyone to a brutal tyranny, and in the end, it all works out exactly as he wanted Lelouch vi Britannia

A Knight Templar who ruthlessly persecuted an idealist who was genuinely making the world better, lying to him, imprisoning his girlfriend, and using people as bait, resulting in their deaths. He does not seem to care about the people who work for him, and he is extremely gluttonous. L from Death Note

An unpredictable and chaotic individual who wields destructive magic with total disregard for property, has made unspeakable deals with evil beings, and has broken several fundamental laws laid down to protect all of humanity. Once, he used his ex-girlfriend as a human sacrifice in order to commit remote genocide, destabilizing the world power structure. Harry Dresden

A selfish and insane mad scientist who bends time and reality to meet his own goals, causing several dystopian futures. Okabe Rintaro from Steins;Gate

An arrogant rebel who attacked his fair and benevolent boss unprovoked, constantly gloats about cheating, and is an irredeemable womanizer, flirting even when he already has a girlfriend. He also once destroyed an entire world, and tricked another world full of people out of a legendary weapon, as well as interfering heavily in the economy of said world. Kirito from Sword Art Online

An outcast from his religion who kills everything he sees, fights directly against nature, took over the body of one of his allies just to get a ring he wanted, worked behind the back of his boss, then outright attacked her, and destroyed an entire fleet of aliens. Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising

A deceptively cute Eldritch Abomination who runs around eating everyone he sees, and beating up the ones who are too big. He once went on a journey to steal food from the king, and once even went after a bird trying to take care of its chicks with no provocation. He has aided two evil overlords to attain unbelievable power, and released another Eldritch Abomination for a little bit of cake. Kirby

    Zooty Cutie 
  • A pompus and rude second in command of the leading squad of the planet. He blamed his teammate for losing another teammate in a forbidden location (that he suggested going to). The teammate got kicked out of the military, while he continued to rise in the ranks. While commanding a boot camp, he harshly critisized the ideas of two of the cadets, and ends up believing about a fugitive (who was actually innocent) . Now, with the leader being heavily damaged, he takes the role of acting leader, only to turn the whole community into a police state. Sentinel Prime, Transformers Animated
    • Wait... he's a hero? In what way?

  • While he may seem pleasant, in the blink of an eye this man will transform into a maniac who kills people for laughs, jokes about murdering babies and once shot his colleague to see if his Healing Factor still worked. Deadpool, Marvel Comics.
  • A marine squad captain who doesn't seem to give a damn about his privates or their wellbeing, to the point that he shot one of them in the foot to make the squad doctor go to deal with them and stop annoying him. Refuses to let anyone else use his gun no matter how many times they ask and repeatedly complains about their ineptness as an army division and the stupidity of the conflict they are in. His only decent relationship began with his girlfriend murdering the rest of his platoon, and the next time they meet he successfully gets her killed several times. Church, Red vs Blue.
  • A ninja assassin that has reportedly murdered many people, with little emotional response. Not only does he have an Absurdly Sharp Blade but he also controls legions of robotic animals that he freely uses in combat, as well as to drop bombs on enemies. And this man is just one of a huge organisation that has operated for centuries throughout history, murdering whoever is needed whenever it is needed. Strider Hiryu from Strider.
  • A teenage megamind with a genius level IQ and photographic memory. From an early age he has realised that the other children around him are not on his level and looks down on them unashamedly. He manipulates people and conducts experiments in his own room in the attic, the parts for which he obtains by sending two children to steal them for him, the highest peak of which was attempting to hypnotise the British Prime Minister - successfully. And all this was before he was sent to an Academy of Evil. Otto Malpense from H.I.V.E.
  • A boy that destroys several of the cutting edge samples of robot technology, thoughtlessly stealing parts from the wreckage for his own personal gain. Mega Man.
  • Despite being aware that the local creatures are happy and are playfully enjoying their newfound freedom, he goes through every last locale they settled in and captured and imprisoned them in their hundreds. Most of these are simply imprisoned in a vault for his own viewing pleasure. While on his way through, he systematically loots each locale for anything of particular value to keep for himself. So far, this could probably be most Pokemon trainers. He answers to a pint-sized Mad Scientist who designed the weapon he uses, has no qualms with and in fact seems to enjoy sending him into extremely hazardous situations and whose ultimate goal is to restore the object that made the local creatures willing to work for him. Luigi in Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • A man with delusions of grandeur and skill that he is nowhere near possessing. He has fought and feuded with the leaders of two successful mega-corporations that had technology that could potentially change the world and is perpetually looking for ways to make some cash for himself - regardless of however dangerous or foolish that may be. His best friend is a down-and-out who can't hold down a job. Paul Phoenix from Tekken.
  • A foolish young man whose lust for a girl leads to the deaths of six people in three days. Romeo from Romeo And Juliet.
  • Having been taken far away from her normal life and home, this girl kills the first person she meets, teams up with three complete strangers, all of whom are social recluses, kills again and then disappears as if nothing ever happened. Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz.


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