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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


If your Troper Name begins with D, E or F, place your examples here.

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  • A young girl, a white haired punk, a flirtatious slacker, and a middle-aged geek with a BFG brutalize a bunch of people who are trying to save the world from dying, on the basis that Science Is Bad. As soon as they do that, the resident Eldritch A Bomination is allowed to do as she pleases, and the world is ultimately destroyed. Virgina Maxwell and co., Wild ARMs 3
  • A girl with multiple personalities beats up on other people with multiple personalities. Hinamori Amu, Shugo Chara!

    Datadoggie Ein 

    Dark Gidora 
  • An uncommunicative repairman who kicks infants, steals anything that isn't nailed down, dangerously uses his tools in a manner they were never designed for, brutally dismembers practically everyone he meets, and constantly stands in the way of government, business, and religious individuals. These are quite possibly the reasons his girlfriend chooses to violently break up with him at the end of the game. Isaac Clarke, Dead Space
  • A man who embarks on a nigh-genocidal murder campaign after a family picnic is ruined Frank Castle, The Punisher
  • A man raised since childhood for the express purpose of putting down insurrections. Very often, he bullies religiously-motivated individuals who aren't even waist-height to him. He once left his girlfriend in a very dangerous place, and his enemies include frail religious leaders, and a poetic, intellectual being that only seeks to unite the galaxy in peace. Listens to the voice in his head of a woman he knows is not real, which often directs him towards destructive acts. Master Chief, Halo
  • A quartet of malcontents that go on crosstown shooting sprees. One is a bored office worker, another a college student who largely shirked her classes, one's an old drifter, and the fourth is a outlaw biker with a hatred of nearly everything. All come up with unflattering nicknames for those around them. They have no problem gunning down fat people or shooting crying women. Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis, Left 4 Dead

  • This guy says he's a detective, but he's not above searching rooms for evidence even if it's illegal to do so and knocking out/impersonating other detectives or even innocent bystanders. He is extremely desensitized to the various murders that happen and only sees them as puzzles to solve. Finally, he has caused massive worry to his girlfriend in the name of protecting her. Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa, Detective Conan
  • A narcissistic, underhanded Manipulative Bitch who uses intimidation to get others to comply with her ridiculous demands. She has been guilty of ongoing abuse, force-feeding still-sealed yoghurt tubs a boy under her care, dismemberment, blackmail, poisoning, calling upon evil spirits, Gaslighting and sexual harrassment. Kaeloo
  • An individual who moved into a town and proceeded to constantly harass a schoolgirl, break into the girl's house, torture her parents and terrorize the town on a giant warhorse. Charlotte, Making Fiends

     Demon Duckof Doom 
  • A man kills some guy's son, then retaliates to the father taking issue with such behaviour by starting a campaign of harassment and violence culminating in killing his other son, tricking him into killing his own best friend and wife, and finally killing him. Frank Castle, The Punisher (2004)
  • An escaped prisoner massacres a small town's police force. Jack Justice, American Justice
  • A soldier betrays his own planet in a time of war. Derek, Teenagers from Outer Space
  • A time traveler steals his relative's body, takes over his life and commits incest. Jack Deth, Trancers
  • A retired businessman destroys his old company, now run by his old best friend, because he disagrees with the friend's practices. Charly Mattei, 22 Bullets
  • A Muslim combatant tries to kill as many soldiers as he can. Kismet, Kismet: Man of Fate
  • A gunman murders all his brothers, along with their employer and most of his company. The vast majority of his victim's are veterans. Keoma Shannon, Keoma
  • Traumatized by his wife's death, a cop puts himself in near death situations with zero regard for those around him. Martin Riggs, Lethal Weapon
  • A pervert leads a massacre of people who just want to eat. Frank, Sausage Party

    De Vos 
  • A pair of idiot jocks who use a national disaster as an excuse flee their homes, lure their fellow students into the woods, obtain firearms illegally, murder a trio of solders who are just out sightseeing thus kicking of a commando war in which they callously destroy food shipments heading towards a nation whose harvest has failed. They keep their terrorist activates going despite the fact they have lead to the shootings of hundreds of unarmed American civilians. They leave their father to rot in a concentration camp, drink underage, take two underage girls from their family home and brainwash one of them into bombing a cafe, get a US airforce lieutenant colonel killed in a friendly fire incident, and carry out extrajudicial executions of captured prisoners in violation of the Geneva convention and permit a policy of using child solders and letting their mentally unbalanced gun-toting lackey execute any child solder who tries to return to their homes, and get all but two of their child-soldiers killed. the Eckert brothers Red Dawn
  • Pretty much like the above, but in addition to their love of using child soldiers to commit random acts of terror, they commit Van Helsing Hate Crimes against aliens and kill hundreds of humans just for living with the aliens even if the humans were doing so unwillingly, showing no mercy towards their own family members. They support a corrupt old alien empire just because an alien from that empire told then too, the alien in question and turning them into not just child soldiers but freaks, turning one of them into a bird by accident, and giving them Lovecraftian Superpowers which entail horrible looking transformations and force them, in order to gain their powers, to commit acts of cruelty to animals. The Animorphs
  • A delinquent who regularly argues with the footsoldiers of the gods, who appears to somehow have brainwashed an avatar of a god and a mentally ill child footsoldier of the gods and part-time chosen one onto her side where she is no-doubt corrupting them, this non-human thug and partial nudist often threatens violence, hangs around with a daemon and a convicted murderer who she insists are nice people, and has been adopted into a tribe of dangerous inhuman cannibals and taken part in their bloodthirsty rituals. Is probably addicted to opiates and openly admits to carrying out heavy engineering work whilst "high". Once ate part of someone who died trying to help her, in front of said persons friends, this lunatic one destroyed the priceless floor to a place of worship and has even let inhuman servants of a dark god who even she thinks of as evil into said place of worship. Digger, as seen by Captain Jhalm.

  • A young boy who decides to end the world due to potentially false memories of how the world "should be", despite his brother being disabled in the "real world" and his friends are either bullied or have dead/drunkards for parents Marche Radiuju Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  • A "hero" whose mere existance has held back humanity. This has also lead to the rise in people not wearing seatbelts. May be a pervert who publicly displays his underwear Superman

    Dialga X 
  • A scientist who has no qualms about resorting to violence and who has recruited several of his friends into his "quest". He has devoted his life to a single minded vigilante campaign that has blazed a swathe of destruction and death across America. Anyone who gets in his way or tries to stop him is mercilessly gunned down. Dr. James Zanasiu, Darwin's Soldiers

  • This intolerant, anti-intellectual jock commits murder, robbery and vandalism believing that his partner in crime is still alive. Shovel Knight

    Digital Count 
  • A powerful sorcerer who manipulates more than one group of minors into using lethal force against any and all enemies, including those who have been brainwashed, to cement his control over the Earth. Has been shown to have infiltrated many levels of infrastructure in his main city of operations, including the country's space program. Demanded utter reliance on him to the point where after his departure, his charges could no longer make rational decisions. Employed the use of a "Sword of Darkness" to defeat his enemies, the weapon being one specifically created to hold magical brainwashing spells in place. His death was cause for celebration among the forces of good. Zordon, Power Rangers

  • After landing on a foreign planet, they enslave the inhabitants of the planet, making them kill thousands of creatures to obtain riches. Olimar and Louie, Pikmin 2.
  • A vicious mass murderer who kills thousands of creatures, destroys castles, and throws the man he commonly plays golf with into lava. Mario, obviously

  • A boy who is completely and utterly antisocial. Over the course of the story, he effectively does the following: Attempt to kill a potential love interest, show complete and utter apathy at the death of a "friend", doing nothing to assist another "friend" from succumbing to the same fate, effectively ruin the life of previously mentioned love interest, develop a pointless grudge against the one person who can keep him alive at one point due to the fact that he looked at private things he really should not have seen in the first place (and said character even heroically sacrifices himself for said character!), force a "friend" to reveal his deepest and darkest secrets, and saying "Screw you!" when asked to help friend in his one ambition in life. Also, the entire time he was actually working toward the destruction of the place the story takes place in! Neku Sakuraba, The World Ends With You

    Doctor Nemesis 
  • An admittedly gifted man who doesn't use his brilliance to help others in any practical way. Nevertheless, he flaunts his superiority through a nakedly arrogant pseudonym. Is often given to ignoring or mistreating his family and friends through pursuit of some single-minded obsession. Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four
  • A fierce-tempered, self-pitying hothead given to bouts of violent anger and prone to aggressively taking out his frustration over his body issues on anything unlucky enough to cross his path. Ben Grimm / The Thing of the Fantastic Four
  • A self-absorbed and superficial slacker who mooches off his sister and brother-in-law. Plays cruel practical jokes on a disfigured coworker. Has a worrying tendency to explode, and is probably guilty of arson several times over. Johnny Storm / The Human Torch of the Fantastic Four
  • A woman who is quite happy to have her children live in and freely wander around a place where dangerous and potentially lethal scientific experiments are constantly taking place. Despite being married, frequently leads on another man. Susan Richards-Storm / The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four
  • An arrogant, aloof drug addict and degenerate given to humiliating visitors by blithely revealing confidential information about themselves to the entire room. Frequently exposed to highly sensitive, embarrassing affairs which the parties often swear him to secrecy about, only to allow a writer to publish the entire thing for the entire world to see. Sherlock Holmes
  • A cynical alcoholic given to standing over people's corpses and making snide, sarcastic remarks about them. Detective Lennie Briscoe, Law And Order
  • A jumped-up little incompetent with a Napoleon Complex who has been given authority over a military unit through questionable means and consistently misuses his authority in order to prolong his feud with a greengrocer. Captain Mainwaring, Dad's Army
  • A man who is guilty of genocide multiple times over. He's often responsible for introducing massively destructive societal upheaval but usually buggers off without taking any kind of responsibility for what happens after his meddling. The Doctor, Doctor Who
    • Does it count if thats how he is portrayed by a good portion of the fandom?
      • At this point it's gone beyond the fandom and into canon
  • A man who annoys a police officer on a regular basis solely so that he can profit from death. Richard Castle, Castle
    • Hey, he doesn't do it solely so he can profit from death, he also does it because he enjoys being annoying! Plus, he's interfered with investigations involving personal friends on at least three occasions, regularly compares himself to a psychopath, and probably tortured a man.

    Doktor Von Eurotrash 
  • A woman who leaves her husband and young child to become the live-in mistress of a member of the government party oppressing her state. She hates her lover's lawful wife, and cheats on him with his chauffeur. All she cares about is getting pregnant so her lover won't be able to leave her. Offred, The Handmaid's Tale
  • The undead spirit of a ruler who possesses the body of a young boy without his knowledge and inflicts supernatural vigilante violence on everyone he perceives as a threat. Also a gambling addict. Atem, Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Dorsk e+2i 
  • A pathological sexaholic who betrayed his own family, giving his grandson to drug manufacturers. He is affiliated with an organization created to take down a friend of his. Captain Jack Harkness
  • Insane from the moment their lives began, they met their people's mortal enemy, joined his side, and started a revolt that killed their emperor. Alpha, Beta, and Omega from The Evil of the Daleks
  • One of them interfered in the other's execution, and the other had years earlier helped a dangerous fugitive escape. They proceeded to go into drug-running, and the latter all but abandoned his family. Then, they joined a bloody insurrection, assisting in the deaths of over a million people their first day. Han Solo and Chewbacca
  • He comes from a culture that was extremely poisonous to one's character, a culture that Adolf Hitler greatly admired. He has been brutally murdering visitors to other universes, sometimes enlisting the aid of powerful beings of dubious character. Agent Suicide of the PPC
  • This cyborg will go berserk and dismember you if you piss him off. If you merely injure his dog in self-defense, that is is enough to set him off. He has also been seen to let data-gathering duties slide while he and a coworker went off to have sex. Agent Tawaki
  • They have twenty-five assassination runs recorded, have left a seven-year-old girl to a Fate Worse than Death simply for impersonation, and sent a Mulan Expy off for Mengele-type experiments for her nonviolent, all-natural way of making food supplies last in a vast cave network. Jay and Acacia

    Dragoryu 3000 
  • A knight who, at the beginning of the story, kills a bunch of innocents (including the mother of a 7-year-old girl) and sets fire to an innocent village just because his king told him too. He has used a dark power to defeat his enemies. During the course of the story, he fights against his best friend, his brother, and a noble fire elemental. Cecil Harvey, Final Fantasy IV

    Drake Dark Hunter 
  • An execution squad funded by a corrupt business organization that only operates at night. They act to bring about the end of the world by destroying the hidden thoughts and desires of humanity. Anyone who discovers their secret forgets everything. SEES, Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3
  • A nigh indestructible teenage boy who attempts to kidnap a young girl to repay his debt to the Yakuza. Has a murky past with many questionable previous jobs. Is frequently armed and extremely dangerous. Hayate, Hayate the Combat Butler

  • An unusually talented boy finds a powerful weapon in the form of a personality-lacking slave. The boy joins a blatantly xenophobic band of terrorists bent on overthrowing the benign central authority to restore a racist military junta. His Pet the Dog moments are overshadowed by his many atrocities, including Mind Rape and mass murder. Eragon, The Inheritance Cycle. Too easy!

    Dr Zulu 2010 

    Dudeacus 97 
  • Farm boy-turned terrorist who joins a group of insurgents, where he is tasked on a suicide mission to destroy a Government installation, killing thousands, if not millions, of people. He almost commits incest at times with his long-lost sister. He eventually sets up an insane plan to rescue his criminal friend from justice, making his sister undergo Go-Go Enslavement for weeks in the process, being humiliated in front of hundreds of beings working in an organized crime syndicate. Along with this, he almost gets his friends killed and, at one point, almost killed his own father. Luke Skywalker, Star Wars
  • Rich boy who goes to a very poor, third-world country and goes on a massacre, slaughtering hundreds, if not thousands, of people. One of his favorite crimes is poaching and he has a habit of using the skins of very rare, endangered animals such as Komodo dragons and Sumatran tigers. Along with destabilizing the local ecosystem by killing most of its large animals, this war criminal has an extreme bloodlust that went along with the occult rituals of the human sacrificing Natives. He takes joy in killing his enemies and has been noted to do it to music by Skrillex and Wagner. He cheated on his girlfriend with a local girl who is obsessed with the large amount of blood he has spilled. He has willingly joined and assisted a large human trafficking organization and has used a wide variety of highly illegal weapons to do so. After his barbaric rampage across a small archipelago, he can either reject a native culture that has grown to love and worship him and lead his mentor to accidentally kill their leader or betray his friends and murder them in cold blood to finish an occult ritual. This boy is also a junkie, constantly taking drugs made from local palnts that he believes will make him stronger. If tried in an international court, he would be guilty of many war crimes, such as the use of flamethrowers, land mines, and wearing an enemy uniform. Jason Brody, Far Cry 3
  • An extremely violent Sociopath Soldier who has a habit of screaming and abusing his fellow soldiers, especially his right-hand man. He savagely fights his enemies with a machete and encourages his friends to kill prisoners of war. He proudly supports one of the worst dictators of the 20th Century and participated in a climatic battle that nearly destroyed one of Europe's most magnificent cities and ended in mass rape of thousands of innocent women ([1] and men.) He also betrays his own commanding officer and kills many British soldiers while trying to claim a Nazi super weapon for use by the Soviet Union. Decades later, he helps a foreign spy along with hundreds of criminals break out of a heavily guarded prison and helps a Brainwashed and Crazy foreign spy escape, who does the bidding of his captors, including the assassination of one of the most beloved US Presidents in American History. He takes joy and laughs as he slaughters his enemies and has no issues with leading his men on suicide missions to charge at enemy machine guns. Viktor Reznov, Call of Duty World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • An rogue terrorist who became unstable after spending several years in a prison for his crimes. After betraying his commanding officer, this madman went on a rampage across the world hunting a so-called terrorist that he worked with. If brought before a court, this psychopath would be charged with dozens of war crimes, including execution of enemies, using nerve gas, and even the use of a nuclear weapon. Captain Price, Modern Warfare
  • An unrepentant soldier and mercenary who is on a mission to kidnap an old religious man's daughter and drag her through a dangerous city with No OSHA Compliance. He was at the Wounded Knee massacre and slaughtered innocent men, women, and children because he had mixed ancestry and wanted to be accepted by his racist friends. He later went on to partake in a violent revolution that has a habit of killing people just because they wear glasses. He regularly exploits his best friend, loyal female companion, and daughter for her abilities and regularly commits heinous acts of violence in front of her. He later is directly responsible for the destruction of an entire city. Booker De Witt, BioShock Infinite
  • A violent, hot-blooded delinquent who helps a federal official commit a heinous crime. After assisting her, he harbors her from her parents and the police for months before she gets arrested. When his accomplice is brought to justice and put on trial, he goes against her own wishes and invades the capitol city where she is held, ruthlessly slaughtering dozens of policemen and soldiers in the process. Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach
    • A rogue government agent who continues to pursue criminals after committing a heinous crime. In order to avoid other government agents, she stalks an innocent teenage boy and moves into his house without his permission. Rukia Kuchiki, Bleach
  • This merciless black ops organization of Child Soldiers who do the dirty work for a vast conspiracy of powerful CEOS, monarchs, and extraterrestrials who believe they know what is best for humanity. Their ranks include a daughter of two supervillains, a genetically engineered weapon, and a ruthless alien who disguised herself as a beautiful woman in order to infiltrate several peacekeeping organizations and solves most of her problems with Mind Rape. The Team, Young Justice
  • A horrific god of death who reigns over an Egopolis in the middle of an arid wasteland. For centuries, he has persecuted his world's magic-using population, even giving his students positions of power close to him if they can kill them. From his acropolis, he trains Child Soldiers to go out on missions to kill people and devour their souls in return of flattery and the opportunity to be his Dragon. Lord Death, Soul Eater
  • Terrifying, relentless gas-mask wearing men who destroy inhabited buildings with axes and tear cars to pieces with massive machines. Their very presence shows just how dire a situation has become. Firemen

    duh 1177 

    Earl of Sandvich 
  • A supernatural child terrorist who ran away from his family and broke into a government facility without approval, and was actively disrupting a plan from a government official. At an asylum being used by said official, he initiated a mass breakout and even aided in arson. He can even use powers beyond human control in order to harm innocent people within said government facilities, even children and small animals. Razputin Aquato, Psychonauts

    Elven Queen 
  • A mentally unstable woman who brings death and destruction wherever she goes. Her crimes against the galaxy include homicide, genocide, and blowing up numerous planets and a couple of research facilities. Samus Aran, Metroid.
  • A young man who runs away from home, joins an organization rebelling against the goverment, uses his powers to manipulate others, and lusts after his own sister. Luke Skywalker, Star Wars.

  • A man who is a mass-murderer before we ever see him, uses a friend's painful regular torture to make his living, while once denouncing this friend as "weak" and "likes playing superhero." He locked people in room with those who would murder them, just off a man's hand, set his ex-girlfriends on fire, stalked another ex-girlfriend and her finding out and confronting him about it resulted in her memories being wiped. He helps a known murderer, tries to kill his already badly-wounded friend for trying to save an infant's life, let the mother of his child kill herself, tried to kill a romantic interest when he discovered she was carrying another man's child, ended world peace, wiped the memories of everyone he knew, let one of his friends die painfully, and willingly put everyone he knew on a suicide mission. Angel

    Enkage 1896 
  • Mad Scientist in cahoots with the governing body of his society in enslaving animals with particular powers into institutionalized cockfighting. Is also responsible in forced child labor for research while driving them into the addictive cockfighting game of their world. All professors in the Pokémon games
  • Immature Teen Genius who, in utter disregard of his father's well-meaning concern, sabotaged his father's important task in developing war-winning weaponry and causing him subsequent injury. Not satisfied with this, he employs the weapons his father created into crafting a name for himself, to the consternation of the army forced to employ him in winning their war. Amuro Ray
  • An alien living amongst humans, and is scheming to repopulate his Blood Knight race exterminated by other races years ago. Is continuously seeking further power and attracting the attention of megalomaniacs no worse than him, while exploiting the Mac Guffins of powerful-yet-less-willful deities into granting his caprices and bringing back other dead battle-crazed warriors such as himself. Has willfully endangered his own sons against his enemies on numerous occassions. Son Goku
  • An Insufferable Genius who, ungrateful to the imperial government that has given him employment and research opportunities, has devised a science by which to direct peoples' expectations of their society, hastening the decay and corruption of this empire, and paving the way for a future that worships technology and nothing else. Has planned out the shape of intergalactic societies centuries ahead and has employed the powers of Mad Scientists and totalitarian telepaths in order to shape society in his own twisted idea of perfection. Hari Seldon
  • A tyrant of immeasurable power who seeks to shape the order of his domain, which is naturally chaotic in its beauty. Has been known to enforce his impossibly-rigid codes of conduct on the people he meets, even with his siblings who are arguably more powerful than him. Dream of the Endless

  • Insane cyborg is accessory to the genocide of an alien race who only wanted to survive. Iji

    esq 263 
  • This woman lived much of her early life in luxury and did nothing to help her sister, who was imprisoned and subjected to inhuman experiments. At one point, she was assigned a twelve-year-old boy as a slave, to whom she gave orders that almost got him killed. One day, she enabled the Big Bad to slaughter her adopted father and his associates, running away with her servant. Later, she was involved in the massacre of a village, injuring her servant in the process. Afterward, she was adopted by a man with two sons, also adopted, an act of kindness she repaid by killing the man. Cowardly running away, she led the remaining two sons on a chase, leading the younger son, still a child, into danger in which he was nearly killed and eaten by the Big Bad. Meeting up with the younger son, she made it possible for him to be raped and killed by the Big Bad, before vowing to kill her biological sister and commit acts of genocide with her servant. In the end, she is successful in killing her sister, but her servant refuses to complete the genocide. Saya from Blood+.
  • This teacher of a Japanese girls' junior high school is regularly found in compromising positions with his students. His career at school began when he buried his face in the breasts of a female colleague, and his perversions have persisted, as he strips his students and touches them inappropriately without their consent, exposes himself to them, and sneaks into some of their beds at night. He has seduced a number of his students, even sleeping with a few of them, building them into his own personal army and leading them into danger. He was involved in a kidnapping in Kyoto and, after whisking some of his students to another country, was implicated in a terrorist attack and trafficked in slaves. By his own admission, as a child, he was responsible for the massacre of his hometown. He practices dark magic and associates with known criminals, including a terrorist, a pervert on the lam from the law for stealing young girls' undergarments, and a self-proclaimed evil mage. Some of his other friends have displayed an unhealthy desire for little boys and have been accused of being pedophiles (one of them is seen brandishing a whip at one point). Negi Springfield from Mahou Sensei Negima!.

  • A lawman who does not know the meaning of the word "excessive". He doesn't have handcuffs; he simply executes any criminal where he stands. He doesn't even use his handgun much, preferring to deal with whoever he considers evildoers up-close and personally. He considers the world his jurisdiction and will stop any crime at any cost, even if it means extensive transformation of himself or his comrades. He never apologizes for any collateral damage he causes (of which there is no shortage) and isn't above attacking would-be villains in their own home, before they do any actual evil or even wake up in the morning. One wonders if he answers to anyone at all. Axe Cop

    Extra Espresso 
  • A young maiden who enslaves animals to do her housework and emotionally manipulates several men. Snow White

  • A possibly insane, amnesic cyborg who is frozen to stop his killing spree which takes out most of a colony. He then is awoken to be used in an insane AI's plan to gain godhood, and in completing his goal he does his level best to genocide an alien race. He then attempts to murder his ally. Later, he aids another mad AI in a mutiny attempting to replace the entire crew of a ship with other cybernetic beings. He then, after a series of hallucinations, massacres the human resistance to a race of alien slavers, and when even they consider him too dangerous, massacres his most recent allies, and reactivates a long buried super-weapon to freeze a sun, gradually dooming an entire planet to slowly freeze to death. The Security officer, Marathon

  • A violent brutish pyromancer. We are first introduced to him by having him destroy an entire harbor. He rescued a young lady from the sex slave trade only to abuse, and mooch off her at every opportunity. Wherever he goes destruction follows. He has been known to assault his own comrades for trivial reasons. Also potentially responsible for the corruption of at least two minors. Natsu Dragneel, "Fairy Tail."
  • This elderly Wizard has been known to recruit children, and raise them to serve as his personal army. He frequently turns a blind eye to the crimes of his subordinates, and snubs the authority of his superiors. He has unleashed both his son, and grandson on the world when they proved too much trouble for even him instead of turning them to the authorities. He has sent children as young as Twelve off to wage war on his behalf. Makarov Dwyer, "Fairy Tail."
  • A small creature with a deadly mastery of lightning, who caused hundreds of children to have seizures, and scapegoated another of it's kind so that it was the one exiled from continuity instead. Ash's Pikachu, "Electric Soldier Porygon"
  • This child soldier/terrorist is responsible for multiple bombings, and murders against a military force trying to restore law and order to a lawless land. She also had a man kidnapped, and tortured to death via electrocution. Tiny Tina, Borderlands 2

    Faris V 
  • This young man killed many innocents for a mission his king had sent him on to take something from a people which was theirs by right. He defied said king, and was promptly fired from his leadership position in the military and accused of treason. He also delivered a package to another village his king wished destroyed, which burnt the city down. He turned his blade on his own best friend and later his brother, handing over the McGuffins which were needed by the Big Bad to fulfill his evil plan in exchange for a chance to be with his Childhood Friend and Love Interest again. Cecil Harvey, Final Fantasy IV.
  • This monarch is characterized by his utter ruthlessness. When he was first released from his prison after five odd millenia, he challenged many people to sadistic games and subjected them to Mind Rape if they lost said games. He also Mind Raped several minor antagonists, and threatened to attack his rival, even if it would mean said rival's death. All the while, he was parasitizing the body of a young boy. He proved to not even care for said host body, willingly sacrificing said host's soul in exchange for power and motivated by his own pride. He also ruthlessly attacked a minor antagonist after what would ordinarily be a Rant-Inducing Slight, ordering his loyal monster to attack far more times than was necessary for victory. He cheats in every single game he plays, and is an arrogant Jerk Ass, to top it all off. Yami Yugi/Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Farseer Lolotea 

  • A young and unbalanced military man, known for almost killing a prestigious war hero, being a member of an Illuminati organization, and disregarding any semblance of restraint or mercy on his enemies, cackling maniacally as their undefended homes burn to the ground. Shinn Asuka, Gundam SEED Destiny... Oh... hold on
  • A teenage girl deliberately abandoning every shred of humanity she has for greater power. She harnesses the very force her father is honor-bound to destroy, using it however she sees fit and brought about political instabilities by drawing a noble prince away from an engagement. She has currently returned to Earth to usher in a new era of antiquated ruling and undermine the scientific developments that have taken place all for the sake of even more power, incidentally drawing a perfectly innocent girl into a conflict that had previously not effected her at all. Bloom, Winx Club
  • A teenage stalker with a strong fixation on an anemic adolecent in her class. She drinks the blood of helpless victims to put her needs before their own, and attempted to force the one she's stalking to become her slave for all eternity by beating the crap out of him and taking advantage of him while he couldn't move. Even after death, her charisma is powerful enough that many are incapable of seeing any wrongdoing with her and would move heaven and hell to revive her again and aspiring to alter the history of the world to provide her a means of survivial. Sacchin, Tsukihime

    Feo Takahari 
  • This mysterious sorceress murdered a rightful king and queen and proclaimed herself the regent for the young prince, but it's an open secret that she's the one really controlling the country. She uses Black Magic to Mind Control people and force them to serve her, feeling no guilt in cases when this becomes Mind Rape and even turns lethal. Those she can't control, she sets on fire — her personal body count reaches five digits by the end of the first book, and in the second she "makes an example" of an entire town, including noncombatants. She even kills her own soldiers for thinking disloyal thoughts. The title character in The Soprano Sorceress and its sequels. For the uninitiated, she's The Hero and canonically Neutral Good, and both she and the author argue that Utopia Justifies the Means.

    Feral Dog 
  • A maniacally cheerful man who has worked the same dead-end job for over a decade, is incapable of operating a motor vehicle without causing mass destruction, and is slowly but surely driving his neighbor and his boss's rival insane. Frequently neglects or otherwise endangers his pet, as well as his special-needs neighbor. Once created an inanimate humanoid, and while under the delusion that it was alive caused several people to develop eating disorders, made a waiter perform increasingly ridiculous tasks and paid with counterfeit money, and allowed a beach-goer to drown. Has also on several occasions caused great distress to two retired, partially senile former first-responders. Spongebob Squarepants


  • A man who has frequently led children into harm's way, this man's most notable achievement was to succumb to enemy brainwashing, leading said enemy into battle against his own people, massacring thousands. Bear in mind that he was originally responsible for leading this enemy to them by taunting an Elder God. Despite all this, he somehow regains his commission and command. Later, he nearly commits genocide by inaction, claiming that this is his nation's highest law — he's only following orders. He then switches loyalties again, when he decides to betray his government and deny a potentially lifesaving medical advance to billions to get in some girl's pants. I refer, of course, to Jean-Luc Picard

  • She killed uncounted numbers of people, abandoned her child to a heartless Ancient Conspiracy, murdered her lover, physically assaulted her protege, and left the country she'd served all her life to defect to the enemy. She's also to blame for one of the greatest Tear Jerkers in her series. The Boss, Metal Gear Solid 3
  • A bioengineered killing machine with a Mad Scientist streak, unleashed on society by an axe-wielding theocrat and "civilized" by a vampire. Mister Nutt, Unseen Academicals
  • A self-proclaimed coward who sacrifices proper disciplinary protocol for the sake of his own safety and convenience, has a heroic reputation based on blatant misinterpretation of his actions, and keeps a soulless abomination as a personal assistant. Ciaphas Cain
    • Rincewind fits, too.
  • A Cute and Psycho Genki Girl who is at best a mentally unstable Cloudcuckoolander with disturbingly ill-defined reality-warping powers, and at worst an Adorable Abomination. Despite these traits being obvious to anyone who knows her well, she is accepted by her hometown's general population, even though one of her closest friends is an expert on the occult who should know better, and is allowed around children. In her defense, however, it should be said that, contrary to rumor, she is most likely not a cannibal. Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
    • Up until that last one, I thought you were talking about Suzumiya Haruhi.
  • A deceptively cuddly-looking medical professional with a Blood Knight streak. In his first appearance, he willingly kills a civilian who was not personally endangering him, in order to ensure the safety of a self-proclaimed sociopath. John Watson, from Sherlock
  • A Nazi-era war profiteer who bankrupts himself through his inefficient use of dishonestly acquired slave labor. Oskar Schindler, Schindler's List
  • A misogynistic, drug-addicted Insufferable Genius who can't be bothered to be consistently civil to his only true friend. Sherlock Holmes.
  • She's a brilliant, ruthless, emotionally damaged, not entirely sane young woman who earns her living violating other people's privacy and is willing to resort to blackmail and sexual assault to resolve an interpersonal conflict with her court-appointed guardian. Lisbeth Salander, The Millennium Trilogy

  • A self-hating natural killer who treats everyone around him like dirt and has the single redeeming feature of being incredibly attractive. Becomes fascinated by a girl less than a quarter of his age, because he wants to prove to himself that he is strong enough not to suddenly eat her. Instead, he dedicates his life to ruining her. He watches her obsessively when she is asleep, without her knowledge; prevents her making friends besides him, and gets her into mortal danger multiple times. He consciously compares her to a prey animal, and himself to a predator, and uses all his facilities to make her unbearably afraid of him even while declaring his love. Eventually, he seduces her into marriage, injects her with a deadly parasite which rips her apart from the inside, and then takes her away from her loving but inept parents forever. Edward Cullen, Twilight
    • You...had too much fun with that, didn't you?

    flygon 250 
  • A non-human admirer of a prince who actively tries to seperate him from the girl who this character believes is his perfect partner by actively making the prince feel emotions such as sadness and fear. She later stops a storyteller from writing stories. Ahiru/Princess Tutu, Princess Tutu

  • A man without a past finds himself in a secret city. He immediately begins shooting everyone who comes into his field of vision, killing even little girls who happen to be walking by. After plundering the city, eating all the (very limited amounts of) food they have, and killing almost everyone inside, he faces the newest leader of the city and drives a flurry of small girls to stab him to death with needles. He then proceeds to return to the rest of society with an army of enslaved, twisted sociopaths under the control of drugs to destroy the rest of humanity. Jack, Bioshock.

    Furiko Maru 
  • A highly disturbed, gleeful kleptomaniac whose most common pastimes include sending threatening notes to respected members of high society, behaving patronizingly towards a devoted, hard-working agent of law-enforcement, causing international crises, and harassing members of the opposite sex. Lupin III
  • A woman who manipulates everyone around her, including her fiancé, into buying into her profoundly unhealthy perception of reality. She leads people into peril in the name of demented love, and even stabs her lover at one point. Her brother attempts to kill her so he can fix what she's done, but is stopped by the aforesaid fiancé, who then disappears. The woman abandons her brother and everyone to death in the dreamworld and returns to the real world to search for her beloved. Himemiya Anthy, Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • A rude, closed-minded, occasionally outright racist cop who constantly harasses a polite, unassuming Chinese shopkeeper. Leon Orcot, Pet Shop of Horrors

  • She killed her first victim when she was just a child herself. So was the victim. Now she pathologically lies, kills without hesitation, and says the names of her enemies every night, until they turn into a sick prayer of sorts. She is still a child, not even a teenager yet.
Arya Stark


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