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Rules of Paint the Hero Black:

As per this forum game, this page is a Collection of Heroes painted black. Please sort new entries by the troper who added them. Spoiler the answers, and avoid using links in the spoilers. Use the spoiler tag to hide your answers: like this. New "heroes" at the bottom of the folder you are posting in, thank you very much. Entries without answers will be either answered or deleted. Please restrict Real Life examples to people whom history has already vindicated.


If your Troper Name begins with A, B or C, place your examples here.

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  • A perverted serial killer who killed an old woman, had sex with his sister before killing her and tried to kill his twin brother. Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes
  • A violent eco terrorist who emotionally manipulated an old man into killing half the town. Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons
  • A violent, delusional schizophrenic who stabbed a man, shot her younger sister and manipulated her friends into stealing valuable objects, getting three of them killed in the process Baby Doll, Sucker Punch
  • A slutty, popular cheerleader who enjoys cutting her classmates to pieces with a chainsaw and wears her boyfriend's severed head as jewlery Juliette Starling, Lollipop Chainsaw
  • An alcoholic assassin who only cares about feeding her addiction to Jack. Kills half the population of Hong Kong, breaks the neck of a blind woman and left a man to burn to death, all over a petty grudge. Rubi Malone
  • A complete asshole who takes the piss out of all his friends and emotionally abused his girlfriend until she drowned herself. Eddie Riggs, Brutal Legend
  • An alcoholic idiot who runs away from commitment, cheats on his pregnant girlfriend, lies to them both, and results in one of them getting stabbed. Vincent, Catherine
  • A teenage girl who voluntarily enters a program where she kills other kids. Along the way, she emotionally manipulates a boy who has a crush on her, drops killer bees on another girl and loots her body and burns down a forest. And that's just book one. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

  • An arrogant, illegitimate war hero angrily goes against the legitimate king because he's his half-brother. He's wanted for murder, fraternization with dangerous terrorist groups, turning his back on the peaceful state religion, and causing the mental illness of the queen. Ignoring all good sense, he not only leads the queen on and insists he loves her, but when he loves someone else he fails to tell her and instead settles for manipulating the feelings of both women. Axis Starman of The Wayfarer Redemption
  • The captain of an interstellar space vessel who wantonly manhandles women at every turn, blatantly ignoring stated regulations of the military and defying the chain of command. He's nearly caused several wars and his prejudices almost doom his species to conflict with a vengeful warrior race. James T. Kirk from Star Trek.
  • Frustrated by his situation, a lonely man assigns all blame to the supposedly Always Chaotic Evil overlord. He verbally abuses his loyal companion, uses the cravings of an addict to force obedience, sets out on an impossible quest to redeem himself, and ultimately fails. Frodo Baggins.
  • All he ever did was torture innocents in the name of justice. Jack Bauer, 24
  • A girl who grew up in a utopian society became frustrated with her perfect life. In open disobedience of her father and the law, she chose to leave her people for another species, and her mistakes nearly caused the destruction of her former home. Ariel, The Little Mermaid.
  • After losing a civil war to a peaceful, orderly government, a rogue man puts together a crew of shady individuals with the purpose of thwarting and stealing from the winning side. He eventually takes in a pair of dangerous fugitives and hides them from the authorities, despite the fact that one of them is in possession of an extremely dangerous weapon that could easily kill everyone he loves. Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly.
  • When a member of an alien race that is known to be violent and unpredictable comes as an envoy to her home, this woman chooses to befriend him rather than kill him; she ultimately betrays her fiance and her actions result in the destruction of her home and the death of her father. Neytiri, Avatar
  • Upon the death of her mother, this young teenager spiraled into a deep depression and grew extremely mentally ill. When she attacked her guardian and murdered her sister, she was placed into protective custody at a mental health facility. Her delusions only grew worse, and she deceived four other girls into joining with her on a deranged quest for freedom that caused three of them to die. Baby Doll, Sucker Punch
  • He's a member of a minority discriminated against by many people worldwide, but instead of peacefully working to change perceptions and laws he instead brainwashes many young people and adults into joining his private army. He possesses technology that enables him to spy on millions of people with impunity, and he has no qualms about sending minors into dangerous situations that could (and sometimes do) result in death and horrific injury. Professor Xavier, X-Men

  • After losing a civil war in which he fought against the forces of order, unity, and civilization, he embarked on a criminal career, hiring lowlifes and corrupting innocents. He doesn't bat an eye at killing government agents or fellow criminals if they annoy him enough, and harbors two known fugitives, one of whom is dangerously insane. Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly.

    Acey Enn 
  • A young man suffering from a debilitating mental illness who, at the age of thirteen, murdered his girlfriend while high. He's also partly responsible for the destruction of his home planet, and wrote a virus that cursed all his friends. His demeanor is generally sour, to boot. Sollux Captor from Homestuck.
  • The direct descendant of a powerful demon, who shows no qualms about tormenting someone over a roleplaying dispute. She later beat that same person to death with her bare hands. Speaking of death, she's utterly obsessed with it, and has stated a desire to watch the universe break apart. Not to mention her creepy grin... Aradia Megido from Homestuck.

    Aeliren 85 
  • He destroyed almost all of his own army with a superweapon, led the wise masters of his order to their demise, siphoned the energies of his allies and doomed the galaxy to war and tyranny for millennia by killing the one who was presumably able to stop it all. The Jedi Exile, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
  • She's a vigilante teenager who fights crime across the globe in place of organizations trained for such things, has access to technology that is dangerous in the wrong hands, has access to places where civilians are unauthorized and handles dangerous artifacts and gadgets about once a week unsupervised, and no one seems to care. She travels to regions without legal permission or supervisors, the latter being a very irresponsible thing to do. Her own parents don't seem to be worried that their daughter is out alone (With no one other than her Plucky Comic Relief Sidekick) and usually in death-threatening situations. Additionally, she deliberately attempted to kill someone by tossing them off a building into a high voltage radio tower, and got off scot-free. Kimberly Ann Possible, from the titular series Kim Possible.
  • Approved a series of controversial superweapon projects in honor of dead Martial Pacifists who would have preferred to find the peaceful solution. Said projects were stolen by their enemies (Against which they were to be used) and used to caused harm to innocent people and nearly destroyed an entire planet. They mostly involved Unwilling Roboticization and immense destruction. General Var Suthra, Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Has willingly put in place a tyrant to take his position, and despite knowing full well what was going on did not intervene until the last minute, long after the harm was done. Thrall, World of Warcraft.
  • Time and time again, they disregarded the rules of their community and their school, risking their own lives long before they became adults, following the advice of one who was shown not to have told them much of the truth long after his death, all to kill someone who tried to kill one of them at a young age. Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, the "Golden Trio" from Harry Potter.
  • A possibly sociopathic man who had a "girlfriend" who didn't actually exist outside his head, whom he listened to. Additionally, he even left someone close to him in a very dangerous place. Was kidnapped and trained from his childhood to kill, mostly to put down rebellions and insurrections, but he was also responsible for killing the political and religious leaders of a race only seeking the famed religious site of their religion. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy John-117, Halo.
  • Two brothers who often travel to distant lands, killing anything in their way and fighting the rightful ruler, whom they often race and compete with at sports. They usually end up tossing him in lava at one point or another, sometimes more than once. Mario and Luigi.
  • A pair of fugitives with no qualms with supplying people with illegal goods. One of them was saved from execution by the other. They've killed several officers of the law, sided with a violent insurrection and freed a dangerous criminal from a high security station, which they've illegally entered and later helped destroy. Han Solo and Chewbacca, Star Wars.
  • After being put in prison for possibly siding with a dangerous individual, he escaped and vowed revenge on those who sent him in. He drove one to suicide, sent another insane and doomed most of his family, left another to die and deeply traumatized and ruined the last one. Additionally, he's often taken several aliases ranging from a mere sailor, to an English lord and even an Italian priest to achieve his goals. Edmond Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo.
  • A child spy, employed by MI6 to infiltrate key organizations where an adult would easily be spotted, which included a charity organization. Throughout all of his missions, he's been creative enough to kill several of his enemies through different means than simply shooting them, including throwing a snowmobile at one, driving one to suicide, knocked one off a hot air balloon by setting off a fireball, tossing another into a knife in a weightless area and let another die in a pit of salt. He's also technically killed himself after gunning down a clone replica of him. Alex Rider, from the titular series.
  • A so-called "archaeologist", he plunders ancient ruins, stealing the artefacts inside them. Said artefacts are often very dangerous and very powerful, and are already in the process of being secured by the lawful governments of some of the world's most powerful nations. He also often misses his class sessions, which he is supposed to teach. Doctor Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones II, Indiana Jones.
  • A Cowboy Cop by any other name, this middle school student is a member of the safety guard that keeps the students, well, safe. However, he and his partner alone often cause more collateral damage than whoever they are pursuing and costing more money to his school than the criminals themselves. Cornelius Fillmore and Ingrid Third, Fillmore!.
  • He let a group of murderers get away with a crime simply because the victim was not well-liked, and later committed murder himself. Hercules Poirot.
  • A bumbling inspector who almost never gets to the case despite his augmentations. Indeed, his niece and his dog are usually the ones who crack the case, while he sometimes aids his enemy. Inspector Gadget.
  • An Insufferable Genius on drugs who feigned death, not even telling his best friend and companion, capable of assuming another identity in a way that not even his best friend is able to identify him. Often intrudes on people's private lives simply though deducing facts from their appearance. Sherlock Holmes.
  • A government agent who wastes his nation's money on card games, drinks, smokes and destroyed and/or damaged equipment. Despite being a bad driver and getting his car damaged very often, he still has his driver's license. Has a long list of deceased girlfriends. Additionally, he is regularly discovered and identified during his missions, despite being supposed to be one of his nation's greatest and most skilled agents. Agent 007, James Bond.
  • A military man who believes the rules don't apply to him, violates his nation's regulations at the very least once every week. He got to his position by cheating on a test, and blatantly so. Despite having cheated the test, he was commended for his "creative thinking" and allowed into their ranks. An unbelievably large number of men and women under his command found their demise while away on missions or even when they simply remained at their posts. Was court martialed twice, and yet managed to remain in a position of power. Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Star Trek.
  • His obsession with his dream led him to break countless laws, abandon those who loved him including his parents and his girlfriend, constantly try to humiliate his younger brother and drove his roommate to commit suicide, all while he left his world, washing his hands from this. Vincent Freeman, Gattaca.
  • Declared a menace time and time again, this man keeps his identity a secret hidden under his mask. Because of him, his girlfriend and his best friend's father both died, killed by him. His failure in stopping a criminal led to his uncle's death. He created several very dangerous super villains and has caused a large amount of collateral damage, sometimes more than the criminal he's fighting does on his own. He ruined the lives of countless people, and his attempts to make amends often only make things worse. Peter Parker, Spider Man.
  • This journalist, who is rarely seen actually doing his job, helped take over a country that, under the new ruler, became a dictatorship. He illegally entered another man's home without any proof of criminal activities or a warrant, helped a friend, a convicted man who had built a contraption potentially capable of destroying entire structures, escape captivity in the country he had been arrested. He also often gets himself involved in matters that don't involve him and are way above him, in which he illegally take action in. He also interrupted a movie shooting. Tintin.
  • Breaking, entering, murdering, spying and looting EVERY SINGLE THING THEY CAN FIND, these people are menaces for just about anyone they run into. Whether completely Ax-Crazy or Obliviously Evil, these fiends can be the bane of any nation, mass murdering people by the dozen daily. Just about any PC character from any action game.

    Agent Alpha 
  • He can cross the boundaries of space and time on a whim, forever altering the order of nature by his mere presence. He thinks nothing of subverting an entire race's destiny for the sake of his own principles—even if it means going against his own people. Wherever he goes, death is sure to follow. And no matter how idealistic his allies may be when they join him, they will only get scars for their trouble, as this enigmatic immortal drags them across the cosmos in search of new worlds to terrorize. The Doctor from Doctor Who
  • She devoted herself to bringing down the legitimate galactic government, aided a known smuggler and fugitive, was witness to several acts of terrorism by her organization, and did her part to recruit an entire race of primitive creatures to wage a guerrilla war against a military outpost, resulting in the loss of millions of lives and a vital defense station. Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars
  • A brilliant but rash teenager who has turned against the government that gave him employment and research opportunities, throwing in his lot with criminals, traitors, and other malcontents for the sake of sabotaging a major scientific experiment that could be the key for a better world and a chance at human immortality. Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

    Agent Taffy 
  • She's a smart-talking little Blood Knight who goes to extremes just to save a country that she wasn't even born in. Aurora from Child Of Light.

  • A dangerously half-sane maniac, one of the most vicious and notorious tyrants ever to live, who is the reincarnation of a madman who slaughtered his entire family in a previous life. He is the leader of a vast horde of foreign savages who regularly take captive prisoners as slaves and often purposefully humiliate them by stripping them in public. He and his horde are currently attempting to conquer the world via a vast compaign of bloodshed and warmongering. He once infilitrated on the private property of a government established fortress designed for the safekeeping of dangerous objects, and stole a highly dangerous and valuable crystal artifact for his own gain. He has on several occasions slaughtered the ruler of a country and taken the throne for himself, suppressing all rebellion with force. He regularly indulges in the use of a highly addictive and dangerous substance known to cause hallucinations and severe harm to the sanity of any using it. He draws his power from a magical force that has been touched by a Dark God of pure evil, and with it becomes a virtual demigod with the power to destroy entire cities at will. He once unleashed his power on a group of 15-20 thousand humans, killing a good portion of them as well as some of his own men who had gotten too close. He has founded and funded an organization of conscripted men who harness the same evil powers, and trains them to be ruthless killing machines. This organization also contains two former warlords who are wanted in several nations for crimes of terrorism. He is even mentioned in a prophecy that claims that will lay waste to the world in the last days before a terrible apocalypse, killing countless millions. In one instance, his lust for greater power grew so strong that he used an artifact made to usurp the power of the Creator in order to alter the primal fabric of the universe and allow himself to indulge in using his dangerous powers as much as he pleases without falling further into madness. He is also an infamous womanizer, having manipulated a 17-year-old girl who was the heir to a powerful kingdom to fall in love with him after meeting her only once, and is currently in a sexual relationship with both her and two other women, one of whom is actually related to him. On one occasion, he used a highly dangerous power that is known to cause temporal disruption and the death of anything it touches to destroy the ruler of a kingdom in order to put one of his lovers on the throne. And despite his obvious depravity, he insists that the world bow before him and problaims himself as a benevolent messiah. Rand al'Thor from the Wheel of Time.
  • This self-absorbed, egomaniacal Knight Templar Evil Overlord lied to his father in order to trick him into accidentally killing himself during a dangerous experiment so he could take the throne as the totalitarian dictator of an entire country. His followers literally kneel down and worship him, scared to death of retaliation. He scorns democracy and government, and refuses to recognize any authority other than his own. He freely uses a dark magic drawn from the Underworld itself to erase his enemies from existence, and has tampered with a powerful magic that could very well destroy the world in order to increase his power. He is completely and totally convinced that his ideals are correct, and believes that anyone who does not have the same beliefs is too evil or cowardly to be allowed to live. He has even been noted to slaughter unarmed peace protestors, threaten prepubescent girls with a sword, fatally injure children out of spite, and preach his ideals for countless hours to others, whether they want to hear them or not. His primary weapon is an ancient sword that functions by drawing on and enhancing the anger, rage, and hate of its user. He is descended from a family that has practiced regular infanticide for generations. He also employs an order of sadomasochist dominatrix women to use weapons of unspeakable pain and torment to torture prisoners of war into submission. If this were not enough, he is also a polygamist who is married to three different women at once. Richard Rahl, The Sword of Truth.
  • A hardened murderer, wanted in his homeland for multiple acts of terror and disrupting of the peace. He committed treason, betraying the rightful king of his land and joining a dangerous terrorist organization engaged in open rebellion. He suffers from severe sociopathy, admitting by his own violation that he enjoys violence and killing, and handwaves his atrocities away with typical "the ends justify the means" fashion. He has engaged in the Mind Rape of an old man who had been previously tortured and imprisoned out of spite. He also stranged a child to death with his bare hands, had numerous enemies burned to death or eaten alive, and once threatened a prisoner with grueling torture to get him to talk. He has engaged in genocide and on one occasion killed every member of a sentient race, refusing even to acknowledge their memory. He keeps a highly vicious and unstable predator who devours humans alive as a pet, and he and his pet have been known to extort chiefs for their supplies, even those reserved for royalty. He has even attempted the murder of his own brother, and succeeded in the murder of several government officials. He attempted to coarse a 100-year-old woman to enter a relationship with him via emotional manipulation. Recently, experimenting with obscene magics transformed him into an unnatural, alien being. Eragon Shadeslayer, The Inheritance Cycle.
  • This tyrannical, megalomaniac war-monger will not hesitate to steep to any low to accomplish her boundless avarice for power. She once burned a healer to death after being dissatisifed with the job said healer had done healing her husband. She then sacrificed her husband and unborn child along with the healer in an evil ritual in a bid to take over the continent. She once took control of an entire army by fraud and used them to slaughter an entire city for the lulz. She later led a military campaign against a nation that had nothing to do with her previously, destroying several cities, slaughtering the populace, and nailing the decomposing corpses of her enemies to trees with their intestines hanging out. She is descended from a twisted family known for incestous marriages within itself, and is directly the daughter of The Caligula. She is in the possession of three extremely dangerous, illegal, predatory beasts, and her master plan is to invade a neighboring continent, raze it to the ground, and install herself as ruler. Daenerys Targaryen, A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • A Knight Templar known for his absurd policies of fanatical Lawful Stupid acts that border on the ridiculous. He is driven by a fanatical drive to prove his macho power, and has at times given to slaughter numerous people to do so. His weapon of choice in this is a sword that he stole from the corpse of a man who had been painfully burnt to death. He at one point blamed a child for their own molestation, saying that they should have been stronger and resisted. He has also been known to engage in sexual acts with a female minor. His (underage) girlfriend has saved his life three times, but he is totally ungrateful, and his relationship with her is highly abusive and domineering. On one occasion, he assaulted his girlfriend violently and kidnapped her against her will; on another, he knocked her unconscious with a blunt metal tool and used her life as a bargaining item. He is also a shameless blasphemer, having interrupted several important religious rites and disrespected prominant religious figures. David Levin, Everworld.

    Airship Canon 
  • A Dragon riding Knight in Shining Armor who suddenly betrays his Unlucky Childhood Friend to run off with a witch who's attempting to destroy the world, again. He is enemies with the hero who saved the world. Nowe, Drakengard 2
  • A traitorous woman who runs from her born duty, thereby causing the deaths of thousands, and ultimately condemns her homeland- sending it into brutal oppression by a more advanced civilization. Her Love Interest has been listed on this page. Colette Brunel, Tales of Symphonia/Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
  • A hypocritical man who murders someone acquitted of crimes, and a knight who was giving the common people jobs, in the name of "justice", and then goes on to prove his selfishness by defending a girl whose existence puts the world in grave danger. He is friends with a very insane Black Magician Girl. Yuri Lowell, Tales of Vesperia
  • This guy, who's lacking in personality, found one — in fighting, then mercilessly chasing down, and eventually killing a heroic man who wanted to save his dying homeworld. Cless Albane, Tales of Phantasia
  • This guy is an ally of a Pagan Goddess, and him and his band of eco-terrorists make life hard for corporate executives. His specialty is attacking the audience with anvils. Captain Planet!
  • A pilot of a Humongous Mecha, this very heinous bastard kills the hero of the war a few years previous, and then annihilates the country that the mentioned hero protected. However, his greatest act of vileness was his wholesale Genocide of 100 Million innocent people- afterward, he kills the four (or 5) people the world's government sent to try to stop him (one of which may be his possible Love Interest)- and goes on to kill countless more. The Lynx, Armored Core for Answer
  • The cunning son of a traitor, he's a man who (possibly) finds love in his half-sister, but would kill her without hesitation when she's been mind-controlled, who leads a bloody campaign against the most powerful country on the continent- and sets its benign Emperor as his target. Due to a member of his army being able to raise the dead with ease, he can and likely does practice We Have Reserves. Lord Celice Baldos Calphy, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Any number of so-called heroes who would willing go on mass slaughters of any thing for menial things such as clothes and shiny things. Some more notable deeds of pure evil include entering a den of dragons who are helping fight a war against another dragon who's intent on a mass genocide, to kill the protector of it so the eggs there can be destroyed, and entering a hall and violently attacking a lonely creature asked by its gods to watch the hall. The Players of World Of Warcraft

  • An emotionally unstable psychic who seriously injured an innocent child, destroyed a school, and later wrecked a portion of his home city. Even the government is afraid of him. The city incident required paramilitary intervention and the deployment of several similarly powered former supervillains, who proved ineffective. Somehow, despite basically being a ticking atomic time bomb, he has been allowed to continue his ordinary life surrounded by at-risk civilians, including the child he originally injured. Shigeo Kageyama, Mob Psycho 100.
  • A cunning wannabe depowers a beloved superhero to get into a prestigious school. Izuku Midoriya, My Hero Academia.

  • A group of criminals and mercenaries steal a ship and proceed to use it to attack the only stable government humanity has for little more than personal vendettas. Their leader is clearly mentally deranged, his lancer is admittedly amoral, the longest-serving crewman is a coward and habitual drunk. Along the way, the alleged hero and lancer manage to get everyone else killed. The lancer then murders the hero over a perceived betrayal and commits Suicide by Cop. Blake's 7
  • They agreed to spread venereal disease, throw acid in the faces of children, plant bombs, and otherwise commit acts of wanton destruction against innocents. One of them appeared to be strictly in it for the sex. They were arrested before they could carry out those plans and ended up betraying one another before being reformed. Winston and Julia, 1984
  • The inscrutable and immeasurably powerful head of a secret society that banishes people who ask too many questions to almost certain death, lies to their loved ones about the disappearances, and cloaks every action in elaborate ritual. She manipulates a teenage boy into doing what she won't get her hands dirty doing herself. After this, she pulls a gun on him as part of a test. D'ol Falla, Green-Sky Trilogy
  • A Child by Rape born to be a Tyke-Bomb and raised by people who sought to exploit that fact. He ended up misplacing his trust in the enemy, and impersonating a war hero to mask his identity and true agenda. Liam Beckett-Sandoval, aka "Liam Kincaid," Earth: Final Conflict
  • A former Marine who betrayed the ambassador she worked for, tried to kill off his entire species, was captured by their enemies and ended up with a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome and a daughter by her captor and rapist. Lili Marquette, Earth: Final Conflict
  • A family of unrepentant kleptomaniacs who spend more time adventuring than ruling their kingdom. The patriarch murdered a woman by boiling her alive, the son is a two-bit magic user who double-crossed the man who raised him for sixteen years, and the daughter murdered an opponent who was unarmed and asleep. The royal family of Daventry, King's Quest
  • A Rebellious Princess that never took responsibility in her life out to destroy her older sister, the legitimate ruler of the kingdom. She's guarded by a half-brained lunatic, a disgraced lawman, and a creature banished from his tribe due to cowardice. Even when it's discovered that she unleashed Sealed Evil in a Can that has left the kingdom on the brink of ruin, she manages to successfully manipulate the men into not abandoning her. It's also In the Blood, as her great-granny was a tykebomb behind two regicides. DG, Tin Man
  • A vengeance-obsessed soldier who seeks to kill his former commanding officer, helped a murderer escape justice, travels willingly with the likes of a child thief and an assassin droid, and may or may not be having sex with a Sith Lord. Carth Onasi, Knights of the Old Republic
  • A group of Tykebombs who were savagely put through Training from Hell from early childhood by guardians who willingly, callously, and often cheerfully put their lives in danger on a regular basis. As they grew older, they formed a cabal of their own and recruited other lost and wayward children into combat. This includes a demon's daughter, a escaped slave, and a heroin addict. They have the one of the highest fatality rates of their universe's superpowered teams and a grisly hall of statues erected to illustrate this fact. The Teen Titans, especially the Bronze Age edition
  • Four Cowboy Cops who pilot a weapon of mass destruction and cause a ridiculous amount damage in their wake that they never clean up afterward. Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs
  • If she can't kill you with her shotgun or her martial arts skills, she'll kill you with her brain. Left her peaceful utopia and rejected her upbringing in favor of war. Volunteered to be outfitted with experimental cyberware that turns her into a living weapon. Niko, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  • A shady hacker with a Mysterious Past who appears to take absolutely nothing seriously. Caused several diplomatic incidents, conducted industrial espionage, and impersonates bill collectors. Dr. Walter "Doc" Hartford, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  • An Artificial Human crafted as the youngest member in a unit of Tykebombs. Refused to follow orders from the older and more experienced members of his kind. When a Corrupt Bureaucrat tried to kill them, the ArtificialHumans rebelled against their creators to save their own lives, only be betrayed by him. He then took a deal to hunt down and kill those who escaped to save his own neck. Worse, despite all this, he is still loyal to his creators. Shane "Goose" Gooseman, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  • Was once a model, by-the-book officer until the loss of his wife. To avenge her, he agreed to have over half his body replaced with dangerous cybernetics. He was able to take his wife's body, but never able to win her soul. Capt. Zachary Foxx, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

  • This woman was given military authority at a young age despite having no military experience, and caused numerous casualties due to her reckless behavior. She also engaged in psychological torture, and frequently exposed children under her watch to dangerous criminals. She once aided a being of pure evil, attacking her closest friends and causing the death of a being of pure good in the process. Despite being raised by a religious order from a very young age, she turned against them due to a misunderstanding and abandoned her military post. She later used her old army connections to acquire an army of loyal soldiers, whom she ordered to attack a neutral nation and imprison a man who tried to prevent a fascist government from coming to power. She then performed nonconsensual brain surgery on the commander of these troops, causing him to murder several of his fellow soldiers, and released a dangerous prisoner who killed the remainder of these troops. Then she set her eyes on bringing down the legitimate government she had previously sworn to serve...Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars franchise
  • A crooked insurance investigator gathers together a gang of criminals to commit large-scale felonies, often to sate his own personal vendettas. His crew includes a gleeful hacker, a violent sneak thief, a con artist who lies about her identity even to her closest friends, and a former Mob assassin.Nathan Ford, Alec Hardison, Parker, Sophie Devereaux, and Eliot Spencer, from Leverage
  • This violent man has carried a vendetta against his brother for many years for being more successful and having the love of the woman he has feelings for. He frequently and unapologetically kills innocents in pursuit of his goals, and believes anyone who disagrees with his methods is too weak to do what is necessary. He refuses to discuss his actions with anyone other than his loyal disciples before doing them, even when those actions could have disastrous consequences for everyone around him, frequently making new enemies in the process. He has used a superweapon built by his nemesis to try to destroy a continent, killed a divine being of light, and has twice exposed a planet which had just barely defeated an invasion to the threat of an even greater invasion. He once travelled to a planet where he allied with the natives to defeat the planet’s ruler, only to become a tyrant and enslave his former allies to construct his war machine. He is followed by a cult who are obsessed with self-sacrifice and have gouged out their own eyes in his service.Illidan Stormrage, Warcraft franchise
  • This violent, sadistic Blood Knight has been known to respond to any disagreement by murdering his own allies, and even to murder innocent people just because he was bored. He keeps a slave, whom he repeatedly tortured for sport until she no longer amused him. He stalked a naive, sheltered teenage girl and murdered her childhood teacher and parents, before torturing her mentor to lure her into a trap. He then utterly destroyed her worldview, forcing her to murder her mentor and turning her into a killer just as depraved as he is, then engaged in an unequal sexual relationship with her. He has intentionally helped bring about a war of conquest and exterminated a planet’s entire population, both in the name of a fascist ethnostate. He released an omnicidal tyrant from an inescapable prison, then led a conspiracy against a beloved hero to prevent him from trying to destroy said omnicidal tyrant.The Emperor's Wrath, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Arguably a Villain Protagonist, but later expansions will still treat the Wrath as a hero regardless of these choices.

  • A cheerily optimistic (almost to the point of insanity) young boy who knowingly and happily warps the laws of the universe, putting countless civilians' and loved ones' lives in danger on a daily basis, all under the delusion that he is making it "the best summer ever" and promoting "creativity" and "fun". Puts his well-meaning, responsible, clear-sighted sister through countless forms of torture through his inventions, nearly driving her to the brink of insanity. Has a loyal band of followers wholeheartedly intent on following through with whatever world-threatening project this boy has planned for the day. Known to have caused the near End of the World as We Know It twice due to meddling with time travel and interdimensionary travel. Phineas Flynn, from Phineas and Ferb.

  • A rude, heavily-scarred cynic who practices medicine without a license, charges outrageous sums for his services, and frequently heaps verbal and physical abuse on his patients. His assistant is a bad-tempered little girl who has become convinced she's his wife. Black Jack
  • An occult-obsessed bookworm who secretly harbors a cadre of extraterrestrial commandos (going so far as to occasionally aid their schemes of conquest) and flatly ignores the advances of a multibillionaire's daughter. Despite his unassuming appearance, he has been known to frighten people when sufficiently provoked. Not to mention his childhood ambition was to rule the world. Fuyuki Hinata, Keroro Gunsou
  • A coward who has spend his entire life running errands for thugs and bullies. Currently, he willingly collaborates with a trigger-happy blackmailer obsessed with winning a high school football championship by any means necessary. Sena Kobayakawa, Eyeshield 21
  • A miserly Scottish industrialist who is obsessed with maintaining his title as the richest man on Earth, hoarding countless billions in cash. He hires his nephew and grand-nephews to aid in dangerous money-making schemes for pitiful wages. Scrooge Mcduck
  • A crotchety old man who tried to escape prosecution for assault and battery. He then went on to endanger a small boy, a dog, and a rare bird because of his obsession with his late wife, and wound up killing his childhood hero. Carl Fredricksen, Up
  • A sarcastic, antisocial shut-in who employs a child laborer, and who was literally forced to socialize by her manipulative mentor before being sent to subdue the mentor's sister, who only wanted to be appreciated for her hard work. Her known associates include a workaholic redneck, a snooty, attention-mongering fashion designer with OCD, a manic-depressive party animal, a bad-tempered show-boating egomaniac, and a cowardly recluse who commands wild animals and has serious issues with repressed anger. Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • A mute blockhead who recklessly strip-mines his world and slaughters the wildlife for resources, all largely to build random stuff for his own amusement. Steve?, the player character in Minecraft
  • A young know-it-all vigilante who lives in the middle of nowhere and hangs out with a small army of rowdy, drunken criminals. Her bouts of recklessness and arrogance lead her to use her baby brother as bait for a horrible monster when she was nine, got her possessed by a horrible demon when she was eleven, nearly brought about an endless winter when she was thirteen, and unleashed the ghost of a deranged witch-hunter when she was sixteen. Tiffany Aching, Discworld

    Ansem Paul 
  • A violent and sadistic thief who believes he has the right to take what he wants, and punish those who oppose him with violence. Jerry, Tom and Jerry

  • A group of friends neglect to tell their leader the truth about her nature, leading said leader to drag them on her ridiculous endeavors, causing trouble, and constantly threatening the well-being of the universe. The SOS Brigade, Suzumiya Haruhi
  • A girl continuously and deliberately prevents her only friend from obtaining powers that would enable her to protect and save those she loves, going so far as to threaten to kill her best friend and shoot the adorable creature that would give her the powers. Homura Akemi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • A shut-in, a Southern hick, a glory whore, a self-absorbed drama queen, a coward, and a lunatic defeat a celestial being who only wanted some friends and another being who was only trying to have fun. The Mane Six, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • A young man with a Messiah Complex. His only interest in helping others is so he can feel fulfilled. His wiser future self is forced to sacrifice his own arm to keep him alive. He later chooses to sacrifice his own ideals for the sake of a woman. He also rudely turns down the mapo tofu so generously offered to him by the local priest. Shirou Emiya, Fate Stay Night, Heaven's Feel scenario

  • A relentless Badass Normal who endlessly pursues his dream without regard for the lives of others, kills with no remorse, and who in the end, abandons his entire Nakama not once but twice for the sake of his vaunted dream. Said Nakama consists of a drug addict, a murderous schizophrenic, a wild animal, and a runaway child with father issues. Roland of Gilead, The Dark Tower

    Apple Gates 

  • A creature of terrifying power and questionable morals, this being devours everything and everyone in its path. Will go on homicidal rampages over such trifles as a piece of cake. Has several times released nightmarish creatures. Is probably an Eldritch Abomination itself, as a matter of fact. Kirby.
  • Meant to be the protector of the people from man-eating demons, this repugnant failure of a Shrine Maiden prefers to befriend the ungodly beings instead, often even inviting them to her home for a cup of tea. Hates nothing more than work. Prefers to slack off or abuse her great power to beat random people up for often worthless causes - up to and including completely innocent bystanders, occasionally kids! Due to this disgusting attitude of hers, she receives little donations, but has no qualms about looting villages to compensate. The list of her crimes is very long indeed. Reimu Hakurei of Touhou Project.
  • She claims her power is fueled by Love, but this somehow translates into firing blasts and beams of mass destruction. This immoral kleptomaniac Witch travels the lands in search of all the magical artifacts she can put her hands on, which she takes from their rightful owners and stocks in her house, having no use for them! Is also fond of stealing magical books of great power and value. Is actually constantly on drugs which are the TRUE source of her power. Last but not least, she is known to seduce young girls, before breaking their hearts. Marisa Kirisame, Touhou Project. I know, I know, that's barely even painting her black.
  • A mechanical abberration who slaughters his own kin without remorse, looting their weapons in the process, all to stop an elderly scientist from achieving his life's dream. Mega Man
  • She loves small animals, she looks and acts adorable... but don't be fooled - this Shrinking Violet is in fact a possessive borderline psychopath who is prone to flying into violent rages when things don't go her way, distrupting social gatherings and on occasion bad-mouthing and even beating her friends. On top of that, she is also a coward as well as a slacker, and will go to great lengths to avoid physical work. Fluttershy, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    arcada 188 
  • A dysfunctional group of nine unscrupulous people. Smeshariki.
    • A reckless, socially dangerous asshole who keeps endangering his own friends simply to satiate his curiosity, to have an adventure or to play a little. Almost never sees his own fault. At one point infected himself with cholera in order to become a superhero and took his two best friends to an active volcano. Krosh/Pogoriki.
    • A whiny, spoiled Manipulative Bitch who is also the rival of the man above. Seems to have the powers of a demigoddess, as her emotional outbursts are capable of causing catastrophes. Other than that, she tortures her lover after he reveals he was ill, attempts to ruin her rival's life simply because of what he likes, and causes a civilization-destroying cataclysm by overworking a chocolate-producing machine. Nyusha/Rosariki.
    • An asocial, paranoid maniac who collects trash and cacti. While he's more level-headed than the above two, he is delusional, at one point falling in love with a girl on a tiny picture (which turns out to be a label on a bottle) and goes into the open sea to find her, believing her and his minds to be connected, causing even the reckless jerk, his best friend, to try and stop him. At one point tries to destroy everything that works on electricity. His violent side often pops out, as shown during the one time his friends called him to play hockey. Yozhik/Chikoriki.note 
    • An asocial, neurotic poet whose poems are total crap. Is the lover of the woman above. Upon stumbling on the two men above hiding their deepest secrets, his first action is to decipher those secrets. Falsified and revised his own land's history, nearly killed his own friends, and, when he discovered himself in the body of his alternate universe analogue, he flew into a black hole, potentially killing his alternate universe counterpart... all out of vain, hatred and envy. Barash/Wolliriki.
    • A mentally unstable, gloomy German illegal immigrant and technician who has unleashed a psychotic robot on two neighborhood boys and nearly endangered his neighbor out of own pride. Pin/Ottoriki.
    • A Dirty Old Man who has lied to everyone that he is a former adventurer, and, at one point, tried to stop the force of progress by destroying the local Internet. Kar Karych/Bigoriki.
  • A delusional, overeating conspiracy theorist who thinks he is a hero, despite the fact that he forgets his brother's identity and, at one point, without doubt, at the will of his boss, tried to break the will of his wartime ally, a mentally disturbed man. He alienates every possible friend. As a result, this man's closest acquaintances are: his father, a black magiciannote , a serial lover, the aforementioned mentally disturbed man (who is demonized and ridiculed by the former three because of his... different views on the world) and an Asian man. Together they form a ragtag bunch of misfits led by this delusional manchild. Alfred F. Jones, also known as United States of America, from Hetalia: Axis Powers.
  • A hypocritical brat who preaches non-violence. Despite her hypocrisy, she forces it on her lover, a street kid and champion of the local ring, who also gets dumped once she succeeds into converting him to her ways. Has been shown, on one occasion, to contemplate world domination. Hangs out with a rambling, schizophrenic, sadistic madman who treats her friends like crap and is openly racist against another species. Cadpig, 101 Dalmatians
  • A married couple. They are the avatars of their "gods" of sex (implied to be demons of lust that are hellbent on conquering the world) and leaders of a city-state which forces everyone to have constant, unending sex with the help of powerful aphrodisiacs that grow only in their city.note  Oh, and not just sex, but public - anyone who chooses to have sex indoors and wears clothes (which are banned and discouraged outside of work) is automatically repressed and pressured to have sex. Also, the aforementioned married couple (and the whole city altogether) are extremely fanatical in their scheme to turn everyone in the world into theocratic sex addicts. Also, they have raped a mentally disturbed queen in order to frame four lawyers, then broke them into eternally happy sex maniacs, got rid of the only guy who recognized their threat - an asexual, impotent, but wise ruler of a small country who has transcended death in order to stop them. For his efforts, he got tortured via orgy, and thrown out the window. Oh, and it's later implied that the very island the city is built on is corrupted. If you consider the whole thing, it's quite obvious the "heroes" painted black are the titular protagonists of Kit 'n Kay Boodle. Seriously, though, that's not even scratching the surface.
  • A small city-state on an island that is infamous for its incredibly depraved culture and obsession with sex, to the point where public sex is a civic duty, enforced by the law and the apparent prophets of their gods. Although it claims to be an utopia in a world of corporate and communist dictatorships, it is, in fact, a fascist theocracy that seeks to bend the world to their Gods of Yiff, which may or may be not drug-induced hallucinations. By the way, they sell those drugs, making them the biggest drug dealers, to the point where it is often the only thing that their economy stands on. Anyway, their regime is oppressive, to the point that anyone who wants to be modest and wants to wear clothes is automatically victimized and pressured by the population. The aforementioned prophets, in fact, are terrorists, rapists, and smugglers. Yiffburg, Kit n Kay Boodle.
  • A violent, sadistic thief who steals food and ruins people in very, very cruel, elaborate ways. Sometimes he doesn't even steal food - he simply goes and makes his victims' lives a living hell. To be specific, though, he has dedicated his entire life to completely breaking and destroying the one person tasked to stop him, to the point where the thief is obsessed with attention from that person, and so goes out of his way to ruin his social life. He drove him to suicide, and then committed suicide himself. Jerry, of course.
  • Something of a male equivalent to Dolores Haze, this young boy (or actually a man?) willingly teases various pedophiles and abuses his luck in order to get away. Seems to be an owith rphan, and, as shown in some episodes, is extremely popular among people. As revealed in a comic book, he is an extremely neglectful father, his son growing to be a reckless punk obsessed with one little girl. Hare, also known as Zayats, from Nu, Pogodi!
  • A lavish, spoiled woman who is treated as a goddess by the entire landnote  she lives in, and is implied to have control over the entire world. Her very appearance causes absolutely everything, save for a few strong-willed people, to fall under her power. Her husband is a sadistic bodybuilder who slaves away for her and is pretty much the only thing that protects the woman from getting killed and/or raped by her followersnote , and yet, despite that fact, the woman cheats on him regularly, at one point giving away tickets to animals for them to have a date with her. Her detractors are a starving man deeply determined to have some food and a brilliant scientist, who is also the former's only friend.
  • A ruthless bodyguard who is married to a woman that is held in high regard. Will do absolutely anything for her, even if it results in lots of lives ruined. He doesn't have qualms about beating up people to the point of physical deformation. Oh, and he heavily enjoys mutilating the few people who oppose him and his wife. However, despite his strength, he is unable to handle everyday problems and his parents, and forces said people to help him. Sharko from Zig & Sharko.
  • The commander of a notorious, destructive commando force. A ruthless, paranoid Blood Knight (who, however, downplays his urges) who is hideously bigoted.note  At one point lived in Denmark, and committed a crime so terrible that he is currently the most wanted man in Denmark. Despite his supposedly caring nature, he left two of his subordinates (who were heavily injured) to die. He is so paranoid that he spies on everyone, even his closest associates. His most beloved hero is an even more paranoid, clearly mentally unhinged anti-communist who looks like he is from a different era. He and his subordinates raised a young boy to be a war machine. Skipper, Penguins of Madagascar. I had lots of fun with this.
  • A creature once entered a millennia-long challenge for survival in order to become the spouse of a powerful goddess. The goddess unfairly favored this omnicidal bastard over the other competitors, often reviving it a thousand times. The creature is also responsible for:
    • slaughtering an enlightened civilizationnote  by killing its rulernote  and causing the floating fortress he ruled to drop on Earth;
    • killing the last members of several nearly-extinct speciesnote ;
    • helping an invasive speciesnote  do away with the localsnote ;
    • overthrowing several peaceful regimesnote  by force;
    • and, to top it off, killing one of the first humansnote  on Earth. The player character of E.V.O. Search for Eden.
  • Superpowered psychopath who seeks to slaughter the entire population of China due to immigration and crime rate rising in Hong Kong. Chin, Hong Kong '97
  • This boy was orphaned by someone who was a menace not only to his own species, but to the neighboring races as well. Instead of helping everyone rise up against this menace, the little boy ran away to a far away country from which the menace came, adopted that country's culture, and then implemented the aspects on his country when he declared himself king after the original king was conveniently poisoned. While the snobbish elite of the species accepted it, they didn't mind the opinion of the rest of the country. Now, this illegitimate king rules in the kingdom, which he has left several times for his own shenanigans not even in the first year of his rule, leading to it getting invaded nearly every time. His wife is his own cousin, and he barely knew her before marrying her. Babar.
  • A serial killer, terrorist and xenophobe at a very young age. He possesses violent hatred of a homeless alien race that invaded Earth out of desperation, and, as such, attempts to kill them all in a way shown to be highly painful, holding few regards for their life. His irrational, genocidal hate extends to the point where he coldly kills his girlfriend when it's revealed she's an alien, despite the fact that she never hurt him to the very end, and is perfectly willing to use a kindly, elderly scientist as a human bomb against the aliens. And he succeeds in (nearly) killing them all. Ken Izumi.

    Argon 2 
  • This ableist bully murders several innocent people and brainwashes a mentally ill girl into a pliant, vulnerable state where she loves him and only him. When she learns the truth, he attempts to strangle her to death. Yasuke Matsuda of Danganronpa Zero. (Sociopathy is a mental illness...technically.)
  • A cold-blooded killer who craves rape and gore. He 'boasts about having murdered people solely because they were different from him, and has used his sorcerous abilities to date-rape unsuspecting women, destroy homes, and destroy his enemies' souls (including that of a merciful angel, who was sent to help him change). Harry Dresden (post-Deal with the Devil) from The Dresden Files.
  • After his Childhood Friend moved away to pursue her dream career, he stalked her across continents for months, ultimately breaking into a government experiment by threatening one of its employees. When she doesn't give him the answers he wants, he emotionally blackmails her until she is reduced to a sobbing wreck. Among his other crimes are attempted assault, religious persecution, and enabling a murderous vigilante's revenge. Junpei, of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

  • A man famous for leading a band of mercenaries, containing racists, female obsessives and people obsessed with fighting to an extreme degree. Hunts down a respected general because his father died in an honourable duel with him, manipulates governments to receive military powers, plunders the riches of those in power to finance his army, kills hundreds of respected soldiers who just wanted the best for their country and kills a wise king who wanted the best for the world. Not to mention how once he takes over the opposing country, his actions lead to terrible conditions for them, and once they free themselves with a revolutionary cause, he crushes their rebellion personally, along with the mercenary band that for some reason still follows him.Ike, from Fire Emblem, Radiance Cycle..
  • A dreadful womaniser, who refuses to stand idly by while a legendary and qualified leader and tactician rules his appointed land. He goes so far as to plan to depose this leader from the inside by using his time to network as he attends school, while his family sabotages the young leaders territory and kills tens, if not hundreds of merchants for the crime of simply trading between countries, merchants that aided their territory! In a war situation, this so called patriot bows to a foreign invading power, going so far as serving the side that is planning to destroy the country and absorb it into its own bulk, merely for self preservation. Hardly a true nobleman.Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, from Fire Emblem Three Houses..
  • A city official who gives into rage all too often, cracking apart chains of events that could make the world a safer and better place. The man fights crime, and yet his men are known as some of the worst criminals in the city that they're sworn to protect square bracket. He's caused international incidents, caused more trouble than any one man man should, and forces his city to buy him and his men new dartboards with taxpayer's money.Commander Vimes, from Discworld's Watch Cycle..
  • A man on a selfish quest to find his father, throwing around death and destruction, killing hundreds all so he can find him. The ends might justify the means, but in the end his inability to save him continues into causing international incidents and even spiralling into the death of a loved one, in his quest for power. His hands are stained with blood, and yet he still finds his "happy ending."Eliwood Pherae, from Fire Emblem, The Blazing Blade..
  • A skilled attorney at law, whose dedication to his personal philosophies almost leads to the conviction of tens, if not hundreds of victims. But even once he realises the error of his ways, he isn't done changing yet. He does morally reprehensible things on instinct, such as using his connections to impersonate an assistant to gain access to crime scenes, and at the end even sacrifices the only thing keeping him on the right path in any form, his guidance from the law as written, deciding that the law is all about how it's used. That path leads to becoming Prosecutor, Judge and Executioner... Miles Edgeworth, from Ace Attorney Investigations..
  • A skilled general, who took over multiple countries under the command of his empire. He lived a responsible life, and even fathered a child. However, when his father was accused of regicide, he rebelled against his country, taking others down with him, and even invading after killing an entire army regiment. After killing many skilled generals, he needed to be taken down and was only taken out once the imperial regent personally stepped up to deal with the mad dog.Sigurd Chalphy, from Fire Emblem 4, Genealogy of the Holy War..
    • Like father like son, as this one has similar villainy. After his fathers crimes, he was raised in a country that was peacefully occupied and raised a rebellion, killing officials who were just doing their jobs. After this, he went to meet with other rebels, friends of his fathers. Not to mention, during this time a corrupt friend of his fathers kidnapped and provided him with the sister of the prince of the realm! He brainwashes the poor girl and convinces her to fight for him. He eventually "liberates" all the way to the capital, and forces history to bend after killing the regent and the prince. However, even that isn't enough for him as he tries to claim any single bit of land that he can possibly try and say he has the best claim to! May history spit on the traitorous dog!Seliph Chalphy, from Fire Emblem 4, Genealogy of the Holy War..
  • A Conspiracy Theorist who steals the Declaration of Independence, defiles it by pouring acidic lemon juice on the back, infiltrates several historic locations...all to prove his ridiculous Ancient Conspiracy. The only reason he escapes federal prison, gets the girl, and becomes a wealthy man is because he bribes the federal authorities with priceless artifacts found during his little treasure hunt. Ben Gates, from National Treasure.
  • A high-achieving, yet prejudiced and completely insubordinate officer who openly defies her higher-ups in an attempt to "be a hero". During her mission, she teams up with a tax evader, and even enlists the aid of a well-known mafia boss. After completing her mission, she betrays her partner, enables prejudice against a certain minority group to blossom, and is falsely hailed as a hero for her efforts. Judy Hopps, from Zootopia.

    aurora 369 
  • A Mad Scientist who opened portals for an invading alien army, slaughtered dozens of U.S. Marines in cold blood, without a single word, became a servant of an Eldritch Abomination who strongly resembles Nyarlathotep, and finally shattered humanity's hopes of integration with more advanced races of the Universe. Gordon Freeman.

    Barth Vader 

  • A trio of ruthless con men. The Dumb Muscle of the group can warp reality to his own twisted needs. The Smart Guy, who could reform the world with his inventions, continues using his talents for petty scams. Their leader shows very little respect towards them and everyone else, and brings nothing to the table except suicidal scam ideas and ego bigger than an Eiffel Tower. They repeatedly try to sell potientially harmful goods to their peers and their biggest scheme almost killed four people. And more to that, in the end they got away scot-free, after a rather one-sided fight with the leader's older brother, which they won. Ladies and gentlemen, the titular trio of Ed, Edd and Eddy. Technically villains, but far away from being evil (especially Ed and Edd).

    Bass Blues 
  • A monster who eats up innocent beings and their food supply. Pac-Man
    • Arachnos: You mean it isn't Kirby?
  • Tired of working as a helper robot, this cyborg decided that he would rather destroy an old man's castles and robots just for the heck of it. In order to cover up his motives, the cyborg claims that he is fighting for peace between robots and humans. The old man pointed out how this was flawed. After he saw that his friends were still not suspicious, the cyborg decided to keep on destroying the old man's creations for fun. Mega Man

    Ben 767676 
  • A young man who destabilizes a community of survivors from the nuclear apocalypse, massacres another, and kills his best friends father all in the name of finding his dad. Also, later he destroys a government that was trying to restore order to the world, joins a group of technologically-obsessed pseudo-knights, and steals a priceless artifact from a museum. The Lone Wanderer, Fallout 3

  • Using nothing more than his mind, he created a selfish entity with an affection for Grand Theft Auto, Reckless Endangerment, framing others and bacchanalian parties. Thanks a whole heck of a lot Mac. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • He ventures back in time, pulls dinosaurs from their natural habitat and makes them super-intelligent before literally dropping them into NYC with nothing more than an instruction to meet someone else at the Museum of Natural History. He also allows his brother to be eaten alive by demonic crows. introducing Professor Neweyes of We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.
  • Being fully aware of what a danger it was to her hometown she kept a destructive creature that replicated itself overnight and ultimately ended up utterly destroying everything. Paralyze her friends and drag them off your evil lair? She's fine with that. Hurt a bug on the other hand and she'll promptly get mad enough to destroy you because hurting an insect is so much more unforgivable than torturing the friends that have helped you countless times with countless problems. Isn't that right, Fluttershy? My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • He started a business of his own and manufactured food that caused all who ate it to turn different colors without getting a shred of the anger that resulted thrown his way. He hid someone he believed to be dead inside of his workplace after deliberately tainting the man's food with every disgusting thing imaginable.He constantly bothers his neighbor to the point of exhaustion and caused said neighbor to lose the one day he had to relax and be bound to a lifetime of community service. He is a constant sufferer of Aesop Amnesia. He is none other than Spongebob. Spongebob Squarepants.

  • They enslave the creatures that exist in their world and pit them against one another in battles that only end once the creatures faint from exhaustion. Breeding experiments and other principles of eugenics are constantly utilized to breed and therefore possess the strongest of these battling beasts. They have many names anyone who has ever played Pokémon.

  • Acting on nothing more than hormones and a pathetic dare, he brought back witches from the dead who intended to suck the lives out of every child in town. Max Hocus Pocus.
  • He isn't the slightest bit unnerved by children being endangered in the factory he created. only after the peril has passed will his helpers sing a didactic and admittedly catchy song about how rotten the kid is. He also delights in saying things that will frighten the parents even further before forcing them to leave. His creepy tunnel is one of the hugest Big Lipped Alligator Moments in history. Willy Wonka.
  • He is a reckless Blood Knight that adores fighting to the point that it soaks up every ounce of reason that he has. He was so thrilled that his son was going to fight despite the entirely obvious fact that he was in horrible pain and at least once, his inability to take a threat seriously ended with the entire world being destroyed (albeit restored via a Deux Ex Machina. Nice Job Goku. Dragon Ball Z.
  • After a hapless naive girl comes crashing into her world thereby eliminating one of its threats,she outfits said girl with a Macguffin that she fully knew an evil and murderous witch was after and neglects to mention that the macguffin has the power to send the girl home. She sends this girl on a lengthy quest to the house of an old fraud, filling her head with hope that he has the power to send her back where she came from. Only after he fails does she reveal the truth. You're very misnamed Glenda The Good The Wizard of Oz
  • An incompetent blond bimbo who places the heavy duty work with regards to protecting humanity on her friends. Said friends often die horribly and you can bet your life she won't do anything to help until AFTER they all do. She is by far the most pathetic, boy crazed member of the team she leads and on top of that she is stupidly named given that a moon is something of which there are several in the universe and it isn't even a planet. Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon.

  • This man intends to take over the world. He has already conquered several nations. He is the subject of a prophecy which most people hoped never to see fulfiled. He is currently negotiating an alliance with an empire that practices slavery and institutional Mind Rape. Of special note are his most elite warriors. They are commanded by a man wanted by several major governments, and are very similar to the SS. Both the man and his said warriors make use of a power that was (until recent improvements) harmful to the sanity of the user. He hears voices inside his head, and has expressed a desire to die. He is courting three women at once, and once gave the throne of a conquered nation to a lover. Rand al'Thor, The Wheel Of Time
  • A pirate, he has led no less than three ships to their destruction, and destroyed a major centre of learning. Twig, The Edge Chroinicles
  • These individuals have aided and abetted three insurrectionist groups, two undead despots, a cult that practices unwilling human sacrifice, and an organization that, until very recently, used enemy prisoners as target practice, and unleashed the Sealed Evil in a Can after breaking into a fortress designed to defend it and killing all the guardians. Unconcerned with loyalty, they have fought on both sides of the same conflict. Theis influence on world history can be demonstrated thus- 250 years after they were active, the three nations that were their homelands have all been conquered by oppressive regimes whose predecessors these people assisted. The player characters in Guild Wars

    The BHAN 
  • An orphaned youth of the age of 16, whose parents died in a house fire on his birthday because of his dark destiny. Given peaceful treatment in a ceremony of magic that would bestow the world the power to become a better place, he snapped and blacked out as he grabbed a chainsaw, and came to, after he had escaped and realized he had slaughtered many people in the temple, covered in the blood of the disciples. He was taken refuge to a vagrant woman whose livelihood ran on gambling, and together, they agree to continue his rampage. David from Battle Arena Toshinden

    Bisected 8 
  • Anyway, there's this long haired revolutionary who hung out with prostitutes, started a cult which has led to many killings over the years and subverted the laws of nature. His own father allowed him to die. Painfully. Jesus
  • A teenage delinquent who avoided a conviction for his misdemeanors on a technicality with the help of a witness who perjured herself. Later in life he sought to kill someone who upset him as a child and started a relationship with his best friend's sister despite the fact it would upset him. Harry Potter
  • A crazed assassin who attacks an entire country and slaughters many of the soldiers who attempt to defend it. He does so purely to retrieve an artifact he feels is rightfully his. Ryu, Ninja Gaiden
  • A conman who printed money, planted evidence to indict his rival for murder, and came close to destroying the economy. Moist von Lipwig, Discworld
  • A former soldier with emotional baggage from his former profession who has been tried for murder, only escaping a sentence by blackmail. He was recently involved in the shooting of one of three brothers, another of which he allowed to be beaten to death in front of him while all involved were teenagers. He has also had a Mad Bomber following his orders. His other actions include blowing up a government building and co-operating with a bank robber. He has a counterpart who likes insects and another counterpart who... thinks he's Batman. His wife died in 9/11. Det. Mac Taylor, CSI

    Black Hole Bird 
  • A murderous gangbanger, drug dealer, member of an anti-science terrorist organization, and sympathizer with an extremist New Age religion. Constantly insults and puts down his “friends”, particularly his most loyal follower who has admired him since childhood. After said follower (who has developed a huge inferiority complex due to our “hero’s” constant taunting) leaves, our hero goes on a massive killing spree cumulating in the death of said follower and a child he had befriended. Kaneda, Akira

  • This man began his life as a failure; not only did he betray his race by not performing the duty for which he was born, but his actions directly resulted in the death of his brother. He has an unquenchable lust for battle, which has led him to endanger the lives of innocents on multiple occasions. In addition, he has repeatedly injured his wife, abandoned his family when his wife was pregnant, and left his firstborn son to be raised by his sworn enemy. He once even allowed a monster to torture said son in the name of making him stronger. On one occasion, he prolonged the suffering of a teenage girl when he could have helped her because he was too busy eating. Overall, he has no respect for authority and often shows little regard for human life, yet in spite of this has managed to gather a large number of devoted followers. Son Goku, from Dragon Ball Z

    Black Humor 
  • A possibly crazy revolutionary who regularly carries around enough weaponry to blow up a tank. Is much more difficult to kill than he really should be, due to a combination of being really smart and a suit of really high tech armor he never takes off. Gordon Freeman, Half-Life
  • Probably crazy guy who thinks he's the reincarnation of some long dead general. He has, while attempting to convince others of this, killed way too many people to count. One of these people is the leader of a major political faction which he attempts to eliminate totally and succeeds. May also possibly be the leader of almost every single organization on the continent, including the assassin's guild and the mob. Your character from Morrowind
  • A mad and capricious goddess who must be constantly appeased to stop her from destroying the world. Appeasing her is very difficult, since nobody is quite sure what she wants at any given moment. She has been known to sexually harass mortals; again nobody really knows why. The only things definitely known about her mental state is that she almost never really cares about people and that she always thinks the world is really boring. Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Bad tempered criminal who once broke a buddy out of jail right under the nose of the police. Said buddy was unfortunately already dead even before he started planning the jailbreak, which did not faze him in the least. Thinks he can talk to dead people; in fact, thinks that the vast majority of his friends are dead. Also often attacks people with a really big sword he made himself, not usually for any logical reason. Has left several police officers dead and wounded with this sword. Has connections to some very powerful people. Ichigo, Bleach

    Blazing Larvesta 
  • A frightening monster who enjoys getting on his brother's nerves, as well as judging and torturing others in deliberately cheap and unfair competitions. Sans, Undertale
  • An increasingly multiplying population of specimens whom each share the same name and have access to a wide variety of lands and dimensions, these creatures constantly seek to clean people's wallets dry and resort to whatever means necessary to make a profit off of others. Anna, Fire Emblem series
  • This fool injects himself and his gang of thieves into the hearts of others like parasites to drain them of their vigor and faith, as well as rob them of the things they hold dear to themselves. He also gets into contact with a variety of supporters who each provide him with various tools and weapons to allow him to continue going on with his crimes. Rumor has it he even has access to a variety of magical pets and servants, some of which he brutally murders or forces to merge to power up those he deems suitable for his ambitions. Joker, Persona 5
  • After being sealed away for seven years, this vengeful, yet mute warrior travels the world, scavenging temples and looting them clean of their treasures and tools. All the while, he also mercilessly slaughters the denizens of said temples for the sake of collecting medallions needed in order to breach the royal palace and destroy the ruler living inside of it. Link, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • The ultimate creation of a mad scientist from centuries ago, this sword-wielding mercenary has destroyed many accused of being wanted criminals despite being partially responsible for the widespread crime that has engulfed the planet for a long time. Zero, Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series

  • Possibly insane billionaire who spends his nights beating up the mentally ill. Batman

  • She was the queen of a long (and illegitimate) line of queens who ruled a racist kingdom. When she was just a kid, she made a deal with a dark magical power to assassinate a general. She had little problem giving over her magic power to her reckless, immature and maniacal daughter, which required her to send her daughter to another dimension to avoid her daughter accidentally destroying her kingdom. This resulted in several political crises, which ended in said dark power becoming the new queen. And then to prevent a violent revolt spearheaded by a racist, clearly insane, super soldier; she decides the best option is to join the revolt and give the members power. And when that backfired, she was perfectly okay with her daughter destroying all magic in the multiverse and merging several universes into one, chaotic dimension to stop it, probably resulting in uncountable deaths. Queen Moon Butterfly Star Vs the Forces of Evil
  • This shady organization employs many powerful and insane assassins to kill many people across many worlds, often kids and teens, simply for not belonging in those worlds. They due their killings in cruel and elaborate fashions and wipe away any evidence of their crimes when they are done The Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • This ridiculously amoral man (we're not even sure if he even is a man) is a radio host who helps uphold an Orwellian government in a town plagued by the supernatural. He reports casually on life-threatening events as if they were nothing unless they affect him or something he cares about, and treats interns as redshirts. Finally, he frequently makes disturbing non-sequiturs and openly lusts after a guy on air. Cecil, Welcome To Nightvale
  • This doctor works for a very amoral organization, overseeing countless acts of cruelty a day. He is a habitual liar, so little is known about his past. What is known is that he worked for an even more amoral organization, where his job included murdering countless innocent people, and his most famous kill was the mother of his own child. What was her horrendous deed that necessitated her murder? Trying to bring humanity into paradise. He then abandoned his young daughter, who saw him murder her mother, at a convent of nuns. Finally, he is a sexist pig who loves to irritate and troll his coworkers. Dr. Alto Clef, SCP Foundation

    Blue Guy 

    Bobby G 
  • An irrational and arguably self-absorbed science-lover. A member of a gang which drifts around North America, committing criminal acts ranging from breaking and entering to child abduction. Also an on-and-off member of a little-known religious cult which is responsible for multiple counts of unlawful imprisonment, theft, industrial espionage, abduction, embezzlement, various drug offenses, homicide and brainwashing. Gained worldwide infamy in connection with the deception of several million Internet users. Bree Avery, lonelygirl15
  • A whiny and short-tempered boy who frequently attacks other people — including his "friends" — with knives and explosives, and gains his power from a murderous demon. Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

    bob Johnson 
  • A lazy, punk teenager who screwed around with history with a "borrowed" time machine (which was powered with a terrorist-donated power source). Amongst his crimes are: undoing a powerful man's rise to fame and fortune, hi-jacking and crashing a train, taking advantage of the destruction of a historic landmark, and almost boinking his own mother. Marty McFly, Back to the Future

    Brendan Rizzo 
  • A smartass who does nothing to help the oppressed masses of a communist dictatorship, despite being the only non-Party-member who can see through the propaganda machine. Benjamin, Animal Farm
  • A pair of fanatics who use advanced technology to blackmail, threaten with death, and even actually kill people whose political beliefs differ from their own. They are armed to the teeth and will even kill each other if they, in their paranoia, think that the other will sabotage their mission, which they will stop at nothing to complete. John Banks and Joy Phim, the Never Again series note 
  • A capricious god with the maturity of a child who inflicts a Fate Worse than Death on unsuspecting people who, unbeknownst to themselves, do something which she doesn't like. Created hell, rules entire worlds with an iron fist, and disregards everyone's safety just for her own amusement. minus, from the webcomic of the same name
  • A full list of this man's misdeeds would take a long time to enumerate, considering that has crimes were committed over a span of decades and he was never punished. An unrepentant murderer, he starts his crime spree by killing a man with a blunt object in a drunken brawl. Immediately afterward, he goes on the lam and strongarms his way into becoming the leader of a street gang. This gang promptly gains notoriety by terrorizing entire neighborhoods, to the point where an innocent store owner is forced to employ the leader for protection. After sending most of his loyal gang members to their deaths, he impregnates the store owner's underage daughter, takes over the store after his death, indoctrinates both the girl and their resultant son into his philosophy of the Übermensch — indeed, his son later grows up to be a cackling megalomaniac — and makes a deal with a Corrupt Corporate Executive. After his falling out with said executive, he abandons his wife and son and defrauds millions of people of their money by selling inferior product. He is so stubborn that he refuses to admit that he's wrong or accept any help. Then, he transforms a self-help organization into a cult with himself as the leader, where he indoctrinates more people into being Ubermenschen, seduces another young girl (and it should be noted that he himself is an old man by this point), beats up some kids at a playground, and drives a poor hot dog vendor out of business. And I should also mention that he did all these things just to get revenge on his ex-wife, and the people who fired him from his first job, yet despite all these things, he is beloved by all his peers. It is perhaps notable that he has the same creator as the character immediately above him in this list. Lyle Phipps, Great
  • These people run away from home, capture wild animals and even Physical Gods and force said creatures to fight against their will, for personal glory. The protagonists of the Pokémon franchise
  • A Cute and Psycho Child Soldier who regularly uses excessive force despite being well aware of how damaging it is in order to subdue people who only want to help their loved ones, including a victim of child abuse, who afterwards takes advantage of her victims such that they become unflinchingly loyal to her after she beats the crap out of them. Later in her life, her reputation is so notorious that she is feared by everyone she meets. Takamachi Nanoha, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
  • Real Life example: A schizophrenic who believed God was ordering her to attack the citizens of another country. A crossdresser who said nothing to defend herself at her trial, but centuries after her death was declared a saint. Joan of Arc
  • This guy's an industrialist with a monopoly on a new energy source, because he doesn't trust the masses with it. He is also an impulsive hothead who looks down on women, and frequently gets into adventures without regard for his personal safety. He and his goons are sufficiently paranoid that they won't go out in public unarmed, and they will shoot first and ask questions later. More than once, he has gone off on an imperialistic filibuster, judging entire nations based on the behavior of a few members towards him and his friends, has interfered in wars without the backing or even knowledge of his government, and has committed genocide more than once. Dick Seaton, The Skylark of Space
  • A mentally ill (literally; he spent time in a mental hospital) con artist who preys on ignorant senior citizens. Probably caused his girlfriend to disappear. Paul Durham, Permutation City
  • As a youth, this man disgraced his family by hanging out in the ghettoes consorting with people of ill repute. His refusal to own up to this resulted in him killing his own fuckbuddy and refusing to call emergency services. He got away with it, too, and grew up to become an elitist plutocrat. In his old age, he is now terrified of death and no longer trusts people as a result. He also has serious mental problems for which he refuses to seek treatment, which ultimately lead him to condemn an innocent man to hell. Thomas Riemann, also of Permutation City
  • Real Life example: This acrophobic and agoraphobic self-proclaimed intellectual from communist Russia frequently wrote of how society should create a Slave Race of Artificial Humans which are physiologically incapable of retaliation. Furthermore, he expressed regret over not having lied about his age in order to avoid the draft. Late in his life preached that a Malthusian catastrophe was imminent, despite being a Dirty Old Man who died from a sexually-transmitted infection. Wrote far too many books about himself not to be self-absorbed, and frequently ignored his loved ones because of his career. Despite this, he amassed a legion of followers who idolize him to this day. Also, he may have cheated on his wife. Isaac Asimov
  • One of the few people who knows about the horrific true nature his world, but does nothing to warn anyone else of it or try to stop it, because of his laziness. Instead, this monster brutally murders a child for doing something he doesn't approve of. Sans, Undertale

    Brickbat 1137 
  • A hyperactive kid who uses his unnatural abilities to make life miserable for an older gentleman, because he can't stand this man's intelligence and ambition. Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Sarcastic and vindictive, he spends his time killing defenseless animals, berating and abusing his adoptive family (and anyone else he comes across), indulging his own sloth and gluttony, and telling really unfunny jokes. Garfield.
  • Sheer spite leads this girl to defy her culture's ancient traditions, make bargains with dark powers, and nearly kill her own mother several times over. Merida, from Brave.

    Bulldozer Begins 
  • A self-loathing, co-dependent, paranoid, closet sexaholic, this girl is indirectly responsible for the capture of her boyfriend by genocidal aliens, as well as the murder of her oldest sister. She is directly responsible for the murder of one of her ex-boyfriends, and indirectly responsible for the murder of her first husband. She has also managed to beat several men savagely as well as poison them, and has rendered one man blind. When several women in her hometown were blown to bits in various explosions, she did nothing to stop it from happening. When a Plant-Man terrorized her hometown, she was unable to stop him because she'd gotten herself pregnant. To rid herself of a Mind Rape -inducing psychic parasite, she ends up slipping into a coma which leads to her unborn child taking over the battle. Without even knowing it, she ends up sacrificing that child shortly after birth to obliterate the demon. Then, after rescuing her boyfriend from the genocidal aliens, manages to seduce him some time later for selfish and cowardly reasons. She even fails to protect her hometown from total annihilation when her rival goes One-Winged Angel. And then, she moves to Kentucky to act like nothing happened. Candi Levens, Ciem Webcomic Series

  • A violent, unstable man who regularly antagonizes his coworkers and physically and mentally torments his senior aged boss. He is known for acts of vandalism, verbal and symbolic profanity, uses of illegal equipment in competition, desecration of Biblical verses for his own advancement and profit, promotion of anti-social values and a flagrant display of alcoholism. He once deserted his company for nearly a year, after of which being appeased with a managerial position in which he not only assaulted his subordinates but also clashed frequently with his business partner and notably forced several subordinates into a infamous environments known for endangering the physical well-being of many of its inhabitants. Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE Wrestler
  • A young teenager whose death in a former life brought down several kingdoms and caused genocide on two planets. Upon awakening in modern day, she began a new life as a vigilante, killing emissaries from other worlds. She wields powers capable of rewriting reality as she wishes, inciting several increasingly apocalyptic wars in over a two-year period. In the future, she will be guilty of ethnic cleansing and child endangerment and will rule over a world remade in her own image. Her personal army includes a cold, calculating icemaiden, a misandric priestess, a violent amazon, a celebrity serial killer whose victims include famous idol singers and actors, two lebsian lovers who have intentionally taken hostages as for their own means, a time witch who has repeatedly broke time-travel rules for favoritism and a young girl, exploited for her ability to destroy the world with a single thought. Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon

  • A psychotic and necrophilic necromancer who kills people for the most minor of reasons, like his history teacher giving him bad grades. He is allied with a demonically possessed killer robot and a terrorist, who tortures animals and destroys entire buildings for fun. He terrorised a kindergarden in order to rescue his "friend", killing a toddler in progress, only to sacrifice him later in a battle. He also killed a superhero, dooming the universe, as it now has no defense anymore against a demonic, galaxy-destroying monster. Micheal / super minecraft kid, minecraft ANIMATED!

    C Trombley 
  • Judgmental fat-boy with super-speed. Mere rumors of his presence causes retailers to weep with joy. Santa Claus
  • This guy destroyed the cosmic punishment awaiting bad people. The nameless Space Marine, Doom

    Caiaphas the sympathist 
  • A self-proclaimed gentleman whose occupation seems to consist solely of endangering the lives of minors and doing battle with senile european stereotypes. Professor Layton

    Calamity Jane 
  • A woman barely older than a child stalks and digs up information on an alien military commander. When the commander is killed in action, she sells his corpse to a terrorist group to bring the commander back to life against the laws of nature, shattering the commander's old personality and then raping them anyway. Liara T'Soni, Mass Effect

  • A privileged aristocratic member of a violent, classist, and misogynistic society, this man drove his young wife to suicide by murdering both of her lovers, killing one in an illegal duel and the other after the man had begged for mercy. Later in life he becomes a high-ranking military commander and leads an invasion of another planet, one with insufficient military power to oppose him. But despite the planet's peaceful surrender, its entire ruling council is massacred by one of this man's direct subordinates. This atrocity sparks decades of rebellion and oppression on the conquered planet, and earns him the nickname "The Butcher." Aral Vorkosigan, Vorkosigan Saga

  • This person rejected all laws of civilized society at an extremely young age and ran away from his loving parents to pursue a savage life in the wilderness. He kills callously and quickly forgets his victims. He delights in using his natural charisma to lure away young children. He runs an organization of half-wild underage delinquents and anyone who disobeys one of his rules is instantly banished. His will to defy laws and rules is so strong he's found a way to cheat death itself. Peter Pan
  • A young magic user who constantly abuses her powers by forcing transformations upon others. Her very presence places everyone around her in extreme danger. She is suspected of being an ally of an Evil Overlord and is at the center of a dark prophecy. Her mentor is a woman of questionable motives who firmly believes that the ends justify the means. Anne Onymous, The Wotch
  • A killer robot from the surface assaults a Floating Continent filled with cute critters. After robbing an old man he proceeds to slaughter and destroy anything he doesn't like the looks of. After being imprisoned by the authorities he breaks out, teams up with a fellow killer robot, and proceeds to nearly destroy the entire island. Quote, Cave Story
  • Only entering his teenage years, this boy has already amassed an impressive list of crimes to his name. To start with, he illegally hacks computers on regular basis, including an occasion when he attempted to take control of a military space-mounted laser. He forges documents, trespasses, accepts stolen property, performs illegal experiments, and hangs out with a gang of violent ne'er-do-wells. Any time the authorites come down on him he causally distorts time and space with his Reset Button and prevents anyone from finding out about his crimes. Jérémie, Code Lyoko

    Cat 22 
  • A young girl murders the first person she sees after being transported to a surreal landscape. After stealing from the dead body, she then teams up with three strangers to kill again. Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz
    • Also of note, these three strangers are a mindless being designed to frighten, a heartless golem, and a boastful beast.

  • An emotionally unstable, misogynistic prince plots the death of his stepfather in order to seize the throne himself, acting on the orders of a likely demonic entity. He quickly spirals into insanity and paranoia- when his mother asks two of his college friends to check on him, he accuses them of spying and has them killed. Eventually, he kills his ex-girlfriend's annoying but ultimately harmless dad, leading to her death as well. Horrified, his mother and uncle send him abroad for treatment and proper punishment, but he escapes, and, furious at their completely reasonable response, returns to enact bloody vengeance on his remaining family. The eponymous Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

    CG 12345 

  • A child soldier kills an angel and derails his plan to end racism. Lloyd, Tales of Symphonia
  • Work assistant arrives to work late, helps cause industrial accident, beats up slaves and wildlife, kills government workers with minimal hesitation, and finally kills a wise being trying to open revolutionary new travel routes for its people. Gordon Freeman, Half-Life

    CJ Croen 1393 
  • A foul-mouthed alien teenager who assists his comrades in destroying two universes (one being his own, the other being one that he created) and is associated with a Monster Clown, an Amoral Attorney, a chainsaw-wielding vampire and a Knife Nut. Karkat Vantas, Homestuck
  • A violent, murderous solipsist man who went on a mass murder spree on a train, mutilated a little boy and threatened to kill a jovial white-suited man and his fiancee if they didn't throw themselves off the train first. Claire Stanfield, Baccano, note 
  • A headless woman who always dresses in black, rides around on a motorcycle, controls shadows and wields a scythe. She strikes terror in a lot of people's hearts, and her only major companion is a boy who's extremely unbalanced and possibly a masochist. Celty Sturluson, Durarara

  • A seventeen-year-old boy with the emotional maturity of a seven-year-old, he has impersonated a duke's son since the two were ten, forcing said son to live far away from his former hometown and to grow up without his family. He claims not to remember a Childhood Marriage Promise to the princess of his country, and he enjoys verbally and physically abusing small furry animals. When he is designated an ambassador to a town, he destroys it and its inhabitants as part of a plan to start a war between the two major military powers of the world. Not content with this, he proceeds to drop practically the entire landmass of the world into a poisonous sea at the planet's mantle. He later attempts to kill himself, his twin brother, and thousands of innocent people, though he succeeds only in murdering the thousands of innocents. He then kills a high-ranking religious figure, a brilliant scientist, the princess's father, and a little girl, before leaving his brother to die and killing his mentor and father figure. This is all done to stop his mentor's plan to prevent the destruction of the world. Luke fon Fabre, Tales of the Abyss

    Cod Por 
  • An honourless scoundrel, he abandons a mission that would have saved an entire species to become a superpowered criminal. The only thing he cares more about than saving his own skin is getting laid, and he'll resort to kidnapping, endangering, and corrupting women to get what he wants. He goes so far as to kill his brother and leave his little sister in the hands of a group of killer robots while pursuing his own goals. Zidane, Final Fantasy IX

  • He was thought to be a stillborn, but it was not meant to be. Was an anorexic when he entered the public eye. Almost always seen smoking, drinking, gambling, or flirting. Threw away three wives, and several old pals, like trash. Treats his daughter like a sex object. Once head of a group that glorified vices and organized crime. Responsible for mass hysteria and at least one riot. Mocked frequently, and with good reason. Hated in Australia, but for many years, was the most beloved man in America. Click here for the answer.
  • An extremely defiant woman. Makes no attempts to hide her self-righteousness. In several of the finest hours of her extremely adept husband, he is constantly upstaged by her ineptitude, vanity, and arrogance. Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy.
  • A dark, cynical alcoholic. Works with others, but seems to prefer his privacy, and shuns people from his past. He places honor among his kinfolk above order, and only if he finds them deserving of his respect. Perhaps most heinously, he treats murder as if it were an off-Broadway musical comedy, to be frisked away with a wry comment. Lennie Briscoe, of Law & Order.
  • When the small region where he was exile to was threatened, he responded by destroying the mastermind behind their military forces, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. When his entire people were retaliated against, he showed no hesitation in destroying the creature that kept their world sustained. He shows absolutely no qualms about destroying his enemy, yet he barely goes beyond cracking a smile. The Doomguy.
  • The daughter of a demon lord. The harbinger of an invasion from Hell. Practically cold and heartless. When she shows feeling, it usually entails destruction. Was once enlightened by dark magic. As she suppresses her feelings, she seemingly comes closer and closer to a devastating mental breakdown... Raven, from Teen Titans.
  • Once a divine, beautiful creature, she was sentenced to life on Earth to slavery to a filthy creature because of the latter's paranoia. She was initially bound to him because tragedies happen to anyone who tries to separate him from her. Those that who know her well become extremely scared if she becomes upset or angry. If her full power is unleashed, she's capable of destroying the Earth if she so wished. Has a sister with demon's blood, and another sister who creates weapons of mass destruction for entertainment. As time goes on, much too slowly, she finds herself falling further and further from grace by the ways of Earth... and gladly accepts her fate, even when no longer bound, because of the filthy creature. Belldandy, of Oh My Goddess!

    Completely Different 
  • A reckless boy with the power to stop war and genocide who allowed both to continue because of his own wangst, cowardice, and immaturity. He has a power to recreate nature to his will, but releases it as an unstoppable force that is a God onto itself. He eventually consigned a man to a Fate Worse than Death simply to appease his own cowardly concept of morality. Aang, of Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • And ex-con man who has worked for morally bankrupt organizations, and now has unnatural immortality. He worked for hundreds of years as part of a dangerous conspiracy, while also stalking an innocent doctor who tried to escape him. He is needlessly violent to lost space-time travelers with an over reliance on torture, and he cares little about the privacy and memories of others, violating both when it suits his needs. Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who / Torchwood

    Crazed Ninja 
  • A boy who would later become the ultimate killing machine, destroying the hard work of a brilliant scientist and stealing what remains of the creations for his own use. Has very nearly even broken the first law of robotics at least nine times. Mega Man
  • He has slaughtered over a dozen angels with heavy weaponry, committed many incestuous acts, murdered his best friend, and ultimately brought forth the possible end of humanity due to his own self loathing. Shinji Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • A demon overlord who commands an army of terrifying creatures, as well as the souls of deceased sinners and soldiers created from the mana of his subordinates for the sole purpose of doing his bidding. He gained his position as overlord by luring the rest of the candidates into a trap and slaughtering them. People have been sent to his lair to assassinate him, only to be enslaved by him, and he has effortlessly annihalated much of Earth's military forces. Even the angelic seraph was no match for him. Laharl, Disgaea
  • A biker for a rather notorious gang, who has gotten into fights, intruded on private property and stolen valuables to get what he wants. He eventually sabotaged a speech given by the vice president of the company that manufactured the very motorcycles he and his gang ride, and later killed him after hijacking his truck. Ben, Full Throttle
  • A scientist responsible for the mutation of creatures all around the world into ruthless killers. The results of his research have allowed him to live and retain youth for hundreds of years. He betrayed the sacred order that he was once a part of, and as a final fuck you to them, stole one of their most valued artifacts and now uses it to hunt his own kind. Sol Badguy, Guilty Gear
  • The son of a ruthlessly evil and nigh-immortal vampire, he has cheated his way into the mafia, and works his way to the top by killing off all the other members one by one, and finishing his own boss in an incredibly cruel way, by causing him to experience an infinite loop of deaths, dying over and over with no way of preventing it. Giorno Giovanna, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    Crazy Hand 
  • A dangerous former rebel leader with experience in ambushes, raids and general thievery who managed to evade capture for several years by the Holy Empire. Her original group consists of a homeless merchant, two ex-regime trainees and a devoted bodyguard. In time she is made general of a rebel army and continue to break out soldiers who supported a failing war and commited many attrocities in order to bolster her troop's ranks to allow her to claim a bloody independance from the empire, only to install a puppet monarch onto the throne who was manipulated into declaring a pointless and bloody war with nearly every country. Despite this she remains as dangerous as ever, claiming thousands of lives as General as well as nearly killing the Empress who had been in a hurry to return to her people. Even in defeat she still manages to recover an assault force with alarming rate with her uncanny ability to make other people see her side of the argument and eventually becomes the vessel of a being of pure chaos directly responsible for catastrophic damages to the world less than 1000 years ago Micaiah, "Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn"

  • Reincarnation of the previous lord of darkness, whom had started a campaign of genocide against the human race and was effectively Satan. This boy has gone on a killing spree twice, and taken the souls of his victims, and uses their powers, along with a variety of dangerous and powerful weapons, to continue his slaughter. And he even somehow convinced the man who killed his past life to not stop him. Soma Cruz, Castlevania

  • The xenophobic ruler of a reclusive, violent country. She also currently is the head of a deranged cult that worships a rock, and through that worship, she was granted unstable powers capable of destroying vast armies with a thought. Through her emotional manipulation and charisma, she twisted two brothers into a long rivalry for her affections. Due to her reckless actions in a crucial battle, she caused the very shape of the world to change, along with the forms of her former friends and comrades. Later, she slaughtered members of her own special forces in order to release a dangerous, deranged war criminal, and had no qualms about her lover banishing his own brother from their homelands, simply due to a change in appearance. Might possibly also be into the practice of bestiality. Tyrande Whisperwind, Warcraft III

    Cola Product 
This man was raised by an emotionally abusive father in a lifestyle of lying, stealing, and killing. He hunts down and kills anything he consider to be "evil," often bragging about his accomplishments later. The death toll is too high to count. Wanted by the FBI for murder, grave desecration, and countless other felonies. Despite insisting that "What's dead should stay dead," he made a deal with a demon to bring his brother back to life after he was killed by a member of the army. After torturing souls for ten years in hell, he is brought back to life by an angel who he later corrupts and turns against the rest of his family. Clearly an alcoholic who sleeps around with whatever pretty girl happens to be in the town he's in. Risked his brother's life in order to make him "better," despite being warned of the danger. Killed his brother's childhood love for being his definition of "evil." His honorary father is an old drunk who murdered his father. Dean Winchester, Supernatural Honestly, this is barely scratching the surface.

    Crocket Lawnchair 
  • A pair of policemen, one tall and quick to shoot. The other a short maniac, extremely violent and insane. Together they destroy and maim things for money. Sam and Max
  • Three hooligans, who lie, cheat, and scam local kids out of their money in order to obtain petty confectionery. Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy.
  • An alien eldritch abomination who crashed on a planet filled with peaceful creatures, and immediately started devouring all of them, even the king of the land, who hardly does any harm, and just likes to relax. Kirby
  • A begrudging employee who can barely speak right. Always in a sour mood for no good reason, and always complains that he has to do his job. Schnitzel, Chowder

    Cyberguy 64 
  • This simple farmgirl's homeland was destroyed by the invasion of a powerful psychic conqueror. Swearing revenge, she rallied her fellow survivors into a cold, mechanical, military force and used arcane powers to transform the conqueror into an inanimate object, sealing him at the bottom of the sea. Not content with her vengeance, she spread her forces across the entire continent, providing "protection" to all the kingdoms that fell beneath her gaze. She quickly grew paranoid, and attacked all newcomers to the continent, fearing that they sought to find and release her hated prisoner. She went so far as to carpet bomb a pristine and peaceful land into a raging inferno in hopes of killing one such visitor. General Hazel and the Hazelnaut Army, Psycho Waluigi

  • A small group of occult obsessed people who use potentially dangerous nuclear powered weapons to capture earthbound spirits for profit. The Ghostbusters
  • A gravelly voiced demonic looking being who once let his former lover fall to her death in order to save a woman he barely knew. A bit obsessed with revenge. Goliath Gargoyles
  • A ditzy, whiny, gluttonous teenaged girl somehow gets the idea that she's destined to be queen of the world. Sailor Moon
  • A magic using ruler banished her sister for not liking her job, saw promise in a young student who conjured a dragon that destroyed a building and plays pranks on her own subjects. Princess Celestia, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • A completely insane young girl wielding a weapon of awesome power that frequently disregards the law by destroying everything in her path and putting the life of her friend at risk. Star Butterfly
  • Once a normal young boy in a normal village, this person's life was corrupted by a band of pirates led by man of questionable sanity. Now he gathers a crew of equally insane individuals to search for a treasure that probably never existed in the first place. Monkey D. Luffy

    Clockwork Heart 
  • A ruthless terrorist who calls himself a 'freedom fighter', he regularly massacres countless soldiers who are simply doing their jobs, uncaring of whether they are surrendering or not. He regularly commits acts of terrorism while piloting a giant, equally violent robot, blows up a marvel of science and engineering, a relic of a long since lost civilisation, gleefully slaughters mercenaries with orders to stop him and his violent companion, and eventually destroys an entire planet all because he and the group he works for don't like the thought of humanity securing a brighter, more prosperous future. He often works with a drunken deserter slash pilot, a murderous young woman with a stunning hatred towards a group who only want the best for humanity, a group of mercenaries who calmly joke and make quips to one another as they butcher men by the dozen and a space-spanning terrorist group. Jack Cooper, Titanfall 2
  • Perhaps the ultimate example of Sealed Evil in a Can, his notable atrocities include butchering countless people for the crime of having a different culture and belief system, rampaging through their homeland with the explicit intent of genocide, and purposefully crushing any symbol of hope or heroism for this terrorised people. Driven by nothing but sheer hatred and antipathy for others, his methods of killing are often downright sadistic and horrendously cruel; no act is too savage, no method of murder too vicious. Perhaps most notable for butchering the missionaries of this culture's religion in an act of mindless violence, after being released from his prison by well-meaning fresh converts of the religion, he will go to any length and stoop to any depth to see this culture exterminated down to the last living member, its achievements erased, and its name forgotten. The Doom Slayer, DOOM (2016)
  • A psychotic Mad Scientist, they regularly piece together horrific monstrosities from spare or poorly-made parts, before unleashing these creatures to terrify the citizens of their surroundings. Without any thought as to the suffering of their creations or the consequences of their acts, they direct these monsters to loot, terrorise, and kill others of their kind; the parts gained from these terrorist acts are then used in highly illegal and often failed experiments, to create further creatures and continue their reign of terror. Their associates are a crazed engineer willing to experiment on his own body, a misanthropic biologist with a loathing for her co-workers, and a delusional 'sorcerer' - all of whom turned upon a fourth, more principled comrade and drove him into exile. - The Player and the Mad Science Alliance, Monster Lab

    BJ Shipley 1 
  • A boy who steals priceless technology, terrorizes an elderly couple, raids a government facility using misappropriated property, dooms a species to extinction by removing its last survivor from its habitat, disrupts the space-time continuum, and ruins mankind's chance at First Contact all because he doesn't like his family's new house. David Freeman, Flight of the Navigator.