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Outside-Context Problems in fanworks.

  • Tamers Forever Series: The Triad never considered Daemon returning as part of their plan. Naturally, this proves to be a catastrophic error.
  • Secret War: you thought Taryst was the Big Bad? ehh! wrong! It's Inquisitor Edracian who's behind everything but it's a subversion as many characters excluding Attelus and a few others knew of him and his involvement already.
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  • In Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight the Equestrians are this to the TSAB and their High Council, being naturally-occurring (as opposed to deliberately-engineered) nonhuman sapients who are not servile familiars and having abilities the Bureau has no experience with. The fact that their entire species can use magic in one way or another probably doesn't help.
  • Star Wars: Paranormalities: Let's just say this story has that title due to thriving on these. The Valkoran Empire seem pretty normal by Star Wars standards for the most part at first, initially believed to be pirates/political terrorists before being revealed to be cultists, but their leaders are something else entirely. Maesterus is a Force user who isn't actually a Sith Lord (despite dressing similarly to one) with Lovecraftian Superpowers, Juganak is strong enough to dismantle a walker with his bare hands, Neur is a brain-damaged human-Twi'lek hybrid, Machinus is a droid with the soul of a Nautolan, Masochus is an insane ex-Sith Lord who skinned himself down to the bone, and Armogeist is a disembodied spirit possessing a suit of Animated Armor. Let's not even get started on Emperor Valkor himself...
    • The Forceless Collective, an army of Eldritch Abominations from another galaxy that can possess other living creatures and it's theorized that there are other Forceless born from the Force wounds created by mass genocides. Like the Yuuzhan Vong, very few in the galaxy knew about their existence aside from the Valkoran Empire.
    • Gestroma. Why? He's a deranged, Forceless-possessed Imperial mutant supersoldier turned Bounty Hunter that wants to Kill All Humans.
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  • Legends Of The Fourth Of July Coreline: On the Massive Multiplayer Crossover World Gone Mad of Coreline, the Avengers Infinity thought they saw it all and were prepared... until they were attacked by a malevolent version of the Stark Endo-Sym armor that was based on a Neon Genesis Evangelion Angel rather than the standard Marvel Universe symbiotes. It took the intervention of various heroes (that were NGE-verse natives that had obtained superpowers of their own) to prevent the Avengers from falling to a Grey Goo scenario.
  • A Crown of Stars: The Avalon army is this to Jinnai and the other warlords ruling the post-apocalyptic world. Jinnai is a military dictator, prepared to deal with other warlords armed with conventional weaponry... and then Shinji and Asuka, two of his subordinates/mistreated puppets, disappear and reappear backed by an army from another dimension armed with several Humongous Mecha and Transforming Mecha, Powered Armors... Has it been mentioned a good number of their soldiers have Psychic Powers?
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  • Finishing the Fight, where the capabilities of the Master Chief and UNSC technology are beyond the ability of most of Faerun to combat.
  • In Dungeon Keeper Ami. Sailor Mercury is transported into the world of Dungeon Keeper and has a rather unconventional approach to being a Keeper, as well as the whole evil alignment. Her Sailor Senshi status also gives her more magic than most human mages, which stacks with the considerable power she gets from a Dungeon Heart, and she has a working knowledge of some scientific principles. All of these combine to make her inscrutable to both Good and Evil forces in the Dungeon Keeper world.
  • Hail To the King: NERV was created to fight Angels and Gendo thought he had planned for everything... but a bizarre accident in the Godzilla universe sent the King of Monsters, several of its Kaiju and human allies and several of its Kaiju enemies to the "Evangelion" universe. Oh, and his son Shinji accidentally merges with Zone Fighter (Ultraman in the rewrite). As it's quickly proved, NERV has no way to deal with Kaijus, let alone the most powerful of them, and Gendo's attempts to remove Godzilla's presence from his scenario backfire awfully. And he definitely was not prepared for Shinji becoming mentored by a Toku hero.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In this crossover Shinji is Superman. He is capable of lifting mountains, faster than a speeding bullet, nearly invulnerable, able to fly... He can crush a Evangelion or Angel with his bare hands. Gendo and SEELE have no way to counteract his powers and abilities and they have no way to harm him.
  • Lulu's Bizarre Rebellion: Though they were both aware of stand and ripple, neither Brittania nor the Black Knights were prepared for the Cult of K with its vampires and flesh buds.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville fic Stakes and Fenceposts, where Clark Kent is portrayed this way to the Buffy-verse villains and heroes. Both sides are completely baffled and terrified at how powerful he is, thinking he's some kind of Humanoid Abomination. Some of the fights are shown from the villains' perspective.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Power Girl crossover story Origin Story, Alexandra Harris is this to both Glory the Hell God and her demonic worshiper Doc. While they were both able enough opponents to face a vampire slayer, they were just horribly outclassed when faced by a pissed off Kryptonian.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover The Vampire of Steel, Buffy and the Gang happen upon a Kryptonian vampire. Since they aren't equipped to deal with him, Buffy calls Kara in (having met her in a previous adventure).
    Giles: As powerful as the likes of the Master are, or were, a being from another planet is outside of our experience. But not outside hers. However, we have shown ourselves adaptable to many sorts of dangers, not a few of which, though you know it not, have threatened our very world.
  • In Are You Ready, a Stargate SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover story, the members of SG1 are their usual hypercomptent, intelligent, well-trained selves. Its just that they view the world in terms of science, technology, and occasionally fighting off alien beings. None of this applies when they run into Faith Lehane, Xander Harris, and the monster-filled, magic-fueled world in which the Slayers operate.
  • The Superwomen of Eva series (an example of it being Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton; with Asuka Langley Sohryu being Supergirl): the titular super heroines are this to both NERV and SEELE and their beloved "scenario": a girl (or group of them) with powers beyond their understanding that appeared out of nowhere, has no allegiance to them and is more than capable of single-handedly destroying their giant alien adversaries and the Humongous Mecha used to fight them. Much Hilarity Ensues as they try to reign in a Villainous Breakdown and race to find some way to put them out of the way (without showing their hand to the other group).
  • Dante from Dante's Night at Freddy's. The animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza are used to killing security guards like they are nothing, but clearly are in over their heads trying to take on a veteran demon slayer.
  • A Man of Iron:
    • Iron Man. In a low tech, low magic universe like Westeros, a flying knight that can shoot magic from his hands and is impervious to all known forms of weaponry is a major game changer.
    • And the sequel introduces Thor, a bonafide GOD to Westeros.
    • Ned Stark becomes this during the war over the Iron Throne. Unlike the other factions, he doesn't want the throne, he just wants his lands to be free; his only interest in King's Landing is that there are people he wants dead there. Because of this, he doesn't need to go on the offensive and can just fortify his lands, making him impossible to lead into a trap.
  • For Vandread Halo, the Master Chief and Cortana become this to the Nirvana crew. At first, it didn't seem like much when they attacked the Tarak fleet like in canon while picking up the damaged piece of the Forward Unto Dawn. But once the Spartan comes before their eyes and demonstrates his fighting capability, both the men and Improbably Female Cast are stunned by how much of a different world they've come from.
  • In Venus Flash, both Sailor Venus and Cutey Honey are this for each others' opponents:
  • Fragmentation has Executive Outcomes and its owners, the Kyphon. They possess a tech level that surpasses the Clans by levels that far exceed how the Clans themselves dwarf the Inner Sphere. But even more, their philosophy and promotion of Boring, but Practical Zerg Rush tactics to nations in order to counter the Successor States' Humongous Mecha supplies baffle the Inner Sphere's Honor Before Reason tendencies.
  • In The Rise of Darth Vulcan, the titular Villain Protagonist is one of these to Equestria, as he's a strategist with vast resources and complicated morality, rather than a cartoonish challenge-you-to-your-face Card-Carrying Villain who usually works alone, and who is taking a long time to deal with, rather than the quick fights the Mane Six are used to. To counter this, they and the Princesses eventually decide to summon a human warrior of their own, who might better understand how Vulcan thinks.
  • In Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Master, Ben Tennyson serves as this to the magic community and the participants of the Fifth Holy Grail War. A boy who can turn into various aliens wasn't really on their radar. Even Archer has no idea who he is, even though he's from the future. The only ones who had heard of him were the ones who watched TV like Shirou and Illya (most mages are Hopeless with Tech, so they wouldn't do this).
  • Harry Potter in The Havoc Side of the Force is completely outside of everyone's understanding. Palpatine is wondering how to get his plan's for Anakin back on track once Harry befriends him and the Jedi don't know how to deal with an apparent force user who commits horrible acts but isn't affected by the Dark Side. Neither group has any idea how Harry does what he does except that he actually harms the Force while performing his magic. Though it takes Harry some time to realize that Force users can track him when he uses magic since he's basically sending screaming alarms through the Force.
  • In Hatchling Quest, Samus Aran is this to the villains and Eldritch Abominations of the Worm universe. She's a genetically-enhanced human (hybridized with alien DNA) from another dimension and time. Her biology is incomprehensible to them, her technology is literally several thousands of years ahead of their time, and her suit and space-ship's computers can hack any Earth computer, analyze Tinker technology, and discover many secrets... And she's fully committed to the protection of the innocent and helpless.
    • Samus quickly learns that a Hidden Villain has been bringing things from her own universe into Worm's Earth. Even Samus is surprised to see weapons from her universe in the hands of criminals, or alien wildlife just suddenly appearing on Earth. It soon becomes apparent that nearly anything from the Metroid setting is this to the setting of Worm. Especially the Space Pirates, who got to Worm Earth well before Samus did and secretly infiltrated it. Being a ruthless, sadistic, and technologically advanced species from another dimension, no-one could even conceive of their existence until Samus showed up. The Pirates are even this to the Entities, as they have begun to subvert their cycle by eliminating certain Parahumans, abducting as many Tinkers as they can get their hands on, and even hatching a very nearly successful plan to abduct Leviathan.
  • Thousand Shinji: Shinji, Asuka and Rei are this to NERV and SEELE thanks to the intervention of the Warhammer 40,000 gods. They have powers gifted by dark gods, can tap the power of an alternate dimension made of raw energy and thought, and have access to future technology. Gendo and SEELE have no counter to their abilities and they weren't even aware of them until it was too late.
  • America's Stepbrother, America's Enemy V2.0 is an Alternate History story where the United States circa 2014 (just after Barack Obama's election) is thrust into the nightmarish world of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four by an unusual anomaly. The three superstates and their inhabitants can't even comprehend the United States as an entity: Oceania thinks the new Americans are dirty Thoughtcriminals and traitors to Big Brother who all deserve to be arrested and killed, and begin invading. However, these invasion attempts all fail miserably because, as stated in the original book, the Oceanian military is composed of masses of very poorly armed prole conscripts supported with oversized Military Mashup Machines designed to simply waste resources and look as flashy as possible for propaganda purposes; all of it is utterly useless in the face of the American military, which is more modern, efficient and motivated to actually winning the wars they fight. The utterly corrupt and psychopathic Inner Party quickly drive themselves to new levels of crazy as they have no idea how to react to this hyper-advanced military juggernaut appearing from nowhere and effortlessly unravelling their carefully-engineered power-preserving status quo.
  • The Pony POV Series has Princess Gaia. Twilight and the others are looking for the missing Fluttershy, and don't even realize that there even is a new Big Bad let alone that it's Fluttershy's Superpowered Evil Side.
    • In the Dark World, this role falls to Discord's sister Rancor, who joins the villains just as the redeemed and new Elements of Harmony begin their campaign against Discord's rule. Interestingly, she's as much this to the villains as to the heroes, as none of them (except for the Valeyard and Fluttercruel) even knew about Discord's family. She ultimately ends up being a Spanner in the Works for everyone (even The Voice) by betraying Discord at the right moment in order to steal Destruction's power for herself.
    • Queen Chrysalis in the Wedding Arc is this intentionally, having spent years enforcing The Masquerade while systematically infiltrating Equestria on every level so that her invasion would go off without a hitch. However, she then ironically becomes a victim of the inverse of this trope, as numerous ponies she didn't bother to view as a threat have Misfit Mobilization Moments and begin to throw wrenches in her plans.
    • In the Rumors arc, this trope is invoked by several of the actions the Pantheon performs to counter Discord's endgame. Justified as he and his cousin rewrote reality to run on horror movie rules, so heroes that run on completely different rules are the best way to counter that.
      • Havoc manipulates things such that Button Mash gets video game Personality Powers, which the horror movie based enemies have difficulty dealing with as their victims aren't supposed to be strong enough to fight back and kill them. This gives the CMC a powerful ally to help them survive while they're still inexperienced.
      • Pandora, the Goddess of Imagination, arranges for AK Yearling (who in this universe was just a fan of Daring Do) to merge with the Shadow of Existence of Puzzlemint (who she's a Reincarnation of the Light of Existence of, also making this an example of Came Back Strong when they reform their original soul) and Daring Do's books to become the real deal, now running on action adventure story logic rather than the horror movie logic the world's running on, allowing her to save many lives from the Rumors as well as assist the CMC several times.
      • The Love Goddess Venus helps a mare named Lovestruck perform a Fusion Dance with her erased, demi-god son Cupid's Shadow of Existence (as she is the Reincarnation of the G3 pony Cupid turned into during the Wish Spell) to become the new Anthropomorphic Personification of Sharing Love and a Demi-Goddess. Due to a Demi-God's Hybrid Power, she's capable of using her full power to save ponies unlike the rest of the Pantheon because her mortal half hides her divine half (unlike the pure deities, who had to use much weaker avatars to avoid detection) and can freely go between the spirit and mortal worlds for quick escapes. The big reason she qualifies is Cupid was killed Deader Than Dead, so naturally no one would see somepony with his powers coming.
      • During the Rainbow Factory chapter Scootaloo manages to get Rainbow Dash to split from the rumors possessing her and become the Mare-Do-Well, now running on comic book logic. This means she's capable of beating her Enemy Without.
  • Cycles Upon Cycles has the Koprulu Alliance (terrans, zerg, and protoss) in the eyes of the Citadel (turians, asari, salarians, and their associates and neighbors, which excludes humans for obvious reasons), as 1) they use AIs, which are banned in Citadel space, 2) they managed to establish peace between the Quarians (of which the Alliance made First Contact with) and the Geth, 3) while Citadel races' largest (dreadnought-class) ships are limited to 800 meters, that is the minimum size for a "capital ship" in the Alliance, and 4) (and perhaps the most shocking for the Citadel) is that they all use Faster Than Light travel without using Mass Relays or Element Zero.
  • The adult fan faction Wandering Pilot has Shinji Ikari in the Queen's Blade universe. The Continent's ladies have spent their lives fighting bandits and perverse, macho men for the dream of being Queen. But they never expected to encounter someone like Shinji. Not only do all the girls on the morality spectrum have different reactions (from very friendly to... not so friendly), but he also influences them so much that they go through a lot of changes good and bad. And what really twists things are his role as The Medic and staff. Said staff is the compact version of EVA Unit-01.
  • Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji has Saito himself. He uses a magic system very different from what is practiced in the world he's been sent to, so hardly anybody knows what to expect from him or how to deal with him.
  • The Mission Stays The Same features a human Stormtrooper officer and an Eldar Farseer from Warhammer 40,000 getting punted through the Warp to the Mass Effect 'verse, where personal-scale laser weapons are considered the Holy Grail of weapons development instead of barely-adequate standard-issue weapons for trillions of soldiers, and Psyker powers are completely unknown.
  • A notable trend in the Reaching for a Dream series is that each additional story makes Naruto and Xanna even more outside context than the previous. In the first, they're simply an incredibly strong ninja and the strongest tailed beast in a world of ninja. But by the fourth, the closest beings to them are the Ascended who are collectively weaker than Naruto and Xanna individually and the two deliberately minimalize uses of their divine powers to keep their empire from being overly reliant upon them.
  • In Six Paths of Rebellion Naruto and C.C.'s powers and later Sayoko, Rakshata, and Nunnally as well are functionally impossible for Britannia to plan around since not only do they not know everything the two can do, what they do know seems to break the laws of physics.
    • Furthermore, Naruto and C.C.'s knightmares, as well as later ones created by Rakshata, skip right over seventh generation and are actually eighth or ninth generation frames due to the creation of the Core Radiance (a Core Luminous enhanced with chakra), a power source that puts out roughly fifty times as much power as a Core Luminous.
  • Discord in The God Empress of Ponykind; when he first arrives, Celestia is puzzled because he does not act like a normal Chaos Daemon (going for silly manipulations instead of Hell on Earth), and she is forced to use alternate methods to defeat him. Not even the Chaos Gods know what Discord is, Tzeentch calling him an anomaly. His alignment as well is questionable, as he saved Horus' soul and placed him in a position to reach out and try to stop Luna's fall to Chaos.
  • Fate Genesis,
    • Dr. Eggman to the Grail War and Magi society in general. He uses robots and technology far beyond anything else the Nasuverse has, and he's both able and willing to operate in the open and in broad daylight. Sonic and the gang are more heroic and oppose his attempts at world domination, but they're still operating too openly to easily keep under wraps, even appearing on the news and leaving numerous witnesses. Even worse, their open actions are prompting the other villainous groups to more open acts to either compensate or take advantage of the chaos they're causing to throw the entire War Off the Rails.
    • The Chaos Emeralds are also an anomaly, being powerful enough to serve as mana batteries for Servants with ease and having the potential to be even more valuable than the Holy Grail itself in terms of ease of usage. Gilgamesh, Caster, Zouken and Avenger all end up gunning for the jewels for their own gain and intend to either take them to use to win the War or use them in place of the Holy Grail for their goals.
  • Ultrasonic, a crossover fic in which Akumas start appearing in Zootopia, a year after Marinette was somehow transported there.
  • Out of the Corner of the Eye is all about the entities of the Cthulhu Mythos inserting themselves into the world of Jackie Chan Adventures and quickly proving how far beyond they are of that world's heroes and villains alike.
  • In Cheaper, a Super Saiyan Xander ends up in the Marvel universe shortly before superheroes start appearing in earnest. Once he starts fighting, one of Wilson Fisk's agents compares him to Iron Fist to give him an idea of how powerful Xander is. According to him, if Iron Fist's chi is a pitcher of water, Xander's is all of the planet's oceans.
  • Nobody on Azeroth has any clue what to make of Ichigo when he appears in Transcendence. For starters, he possesses spiritual power, which humans from Azeroth aren't even supposed to be able to wield. Then there's the fact that his power is comparable to minor deities such as the Ancient Guardians and the Loa despite him being mortal. And to top it all off, his very existence is somehow permanently altering Azeroth's main timeline, which completely freaks out the Bronze Dragonflight.
  • Kara in Not in Kansas is basically impossible for either the Watchers Council or Stargate Command to respond to. She's even further beyond a Slayer than a Slayer is to a quadriplegic, has no viable weaknesses in a universe without kryptonite yet, and doesn't remotely care about being discreet. That she knows how to create technology thousands of years ahead of Earth's is just frosting on the fubar cake both parties find themselves eating.
  • What the Cat Dragged In: The main reason why Superman Stays Out of Gotham (or more specifically, SHIELD and the Avengers stay away from Paris) is because they have absolutely zero idea of how to deal with Miraculous holders like Hawk Moth or how to deal with Akumatized people (both to prevent SHIELD agents and Avengers from being infected by Akuma and how to deal with Evilized villains without doing collateral damage, because they don't know if Ladybug's powers can fix destruction performed by a third party). A very important dramatic point is having to explain to Tony Stark, stubborn ass that he is, that this situation is a big unknown where he and his friends are a bigger potential liability than they would be a help and make him accept it. It takes becoming Evilized for him to finally do.
  • Earth's Alien History:
    • The combined forces of humanity and the Race were this to the Fithp of Hearth during the Alpha Centauri War, since their technology exceeded that of the Fithp's Precursors, which the Fithp didn't think was possible (as they viewed said Precursors as the pinnacle of development).
    • The Reapers find their attempt at harvesting the galaxy blunted and defied by the sheer amount of non-Element Zero technologies (Humongous Mecha, cloaking, energy weapons, etc) used by their enemies, which they have no defense against. Not to mention things like metahumans, Kryptonians, Tamaranians, Pokemon...
    • The Milky Way colonists are this to the various factions in Andromeda, again due to various technologies (cloaking, transporters, Jaegers, etc.) not present in that galaxy.
  • Works both ways in Tomica Hero Rescue Pups: While the Rescue Force had dealt with Neo Terror before, the former was completely unprepared for the latter's various Star Wars-related upgrades. In Tomica Hero Rescue Force, not one villain used lightsabers or the Force. Episode 10 has the new NT leader Darth Longinus start fighting early, wipe out an entire regiment with the aforementioned abilities, and nearly kill Everest and Skye. Meanwhile, Neo Terror was not prepared for the Paw Patrol being able to use the Force as well, or the pups' PlatinumGames levels of over-the-top stunts.
  • In FateBlack Reflection, Ichigo and his friends are this to everyone else in the Holy Grail War. They're capable of matching Servants in combat, their abilities are bizarre by magus standards, and their morality doesn't even line up with most magi. Add it all together, and you have a group that is frighteningly incomprehensible to the other Masters and Servants. On the other side of the coin, the magi and Heroic Spirits are this to Ichigo's crew, being unlike anything they've fought before. Though, they do have Rider to explain the basics behind their new enemies, so they end up adapting far quicker than everyone else.
  • In the one-shot Robbie Rotten and the Town of Equality, Robbie is this to Starlight Glimmer. He doesn't need the magic of friendship to save the day, he doesn't have a cutie mark for her to steal and render him helpless, and his pitfall trap, laziness-inducing food, and Anti-Magic cage render HER helpless instead. Even better, instead of trying to reform her, he shoots her dead with a cannon before she can cause any more trouble.
  • Human colonists in an untitled Draconia Chronicles fanfic. Flak cannons grind dragon troops into hamburger, and there's no way a tiger with a scythe can stand up to a laser cannon-armed soldier in Powered Armor. Both factions decide the colony's not worth the trouble (and gods forbid they piss us off) and declare it neutral territory.
  • The Negotiationsverse: On the short story "Useless", shortly before her demise, Rainbow Dash admits that she can't understand why ponykind could not overcome the human race when she and her friends already fought and defeated beings who were godlike in comparison prior to the transition to Earth. Celestia really shouldn't have pushed humanity against the wall.
  • The Westerosi: Captain Jade Hasegawa of the Starfleet Ranger Corps to the people of Westeros. Not only because of her tech or her ship, but her attitude. She's a powerful force that refuses to play the Game Of Thrones, refuses to act as a lady, and refuses to kneel to or even respect those who expect it. Lady Olenna realizes during a conversation that she cannot catch the woman off guard like she does with everyone else, and is unnerved by her. Of course, this means that she does not give a damn about local titles, so threats of taking them away if she does not stop toeing the line are about as successful as Joffrey's attempts to be a good king.
  • The of inhabitants of Thedas have dealt with alot by the time the story of A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor rolled around: from the Fifth Blight that would have destroyed everyone and everything to the uprising from the Circles that is still going on and everything else that came before and after the above. So, it was safe to Thedas has experienced everything...except for a Gender Flipped King Arthur whose unrivaled holy sword has a Sword Beam that might as well be an Wave Motion Gun in its own right, in addition to having Anti-Magic that can No-Sell magic like no tomorrow. Oh, and she actually uses her newfound power and influence to actually solve the problems actually plauging the world instead of being apart of them along with keeping her methodical approach on her journey in disastrous times despite the normal protocol being everyone losing their collective shit.
  • The old crossover What Insertion? has Inuyasha and Hellmaster Phibrizzo as this to The Black Organization. Inuyasha is tough enough on his own to stop, even though knives and bullets would still be able to injure him if they hit. When borrowing Phibrizzo's body, it becomes a different story altogether. Age-reducing drugs and Agasa's inventions aside, that world is still mostly realistic in nature; between Inuyasha's general combat ability and usage of Tessaiga paired with Phibrizzo's Nigh Invulnerable body and teleportation, the Organization has no answer to him whatsoever and is eventually forced to stay out of his way until such a time that they can find a countermeasure.
  • In Once Upon a Supernatural Time, while the people of Storybrooke were aware of magic, they’re still caught by surprise when they learn of the magic that exists in their new world, such as when Sam has to help David exorcise a demon from Archie, or Sam, Bobby and Castiel help Regina, David and Ruby confront Pestilence.
  • In Faded Blue, the Crystal Gems were caught off guard by Steven's entire existence - Garnet specifically states in Chapter 11 that he's a walking blind spot in her Future Vision.
    • It's expanded on in canon that Future Vision also requires at least some bias at what the user is looking for, otherwise Sapphire or Garnet could have found out about Rose being Pink Diamond much earlier. Garnet in this story says that now that Steven is something she knows about, she can predict him again.
  • The creatures of Grimm serve as this to the Pokémon world in Boldores And Boomsticks. It takes a bit for everyone to cotton on to the fact that they aren't just scary Pokémon from another world and they don't just peacefully challenge battlers, they strike to kill from the get go and are perfectly willing to ignore Pokémon just to get at their far more vulnerable trainers. Since Pokémon moves are based off Aura in this setting, the Grimm are also functionally immune to certain attacks and status effects. They're thankfully bottlenecked by the Ultra Wormholes, but where the wormholes will open is unpredictable and a few hundred Grimm can come through at a time...
    • To a lesser degree, Team RWBY as well. In a society based off of Pokémon battles, the idea of humans (a) fighting toe-to-toe with their opponents and (b) effectively having a Pokémon's toughness and their own signature moves throws everyone, especially the criminal element. And then it turns out that they can learn Pokémon moves, which has some interesting implications.
    • On the flipside, people from Remnant are very confused by the existence of Pokémon —creatures with naturally unlocked Aura with a bevy of elemental superpowers. Salem specifically tells Cinder to drop everything and kill the one Pokémon that has made it through the portal because they are that much of a threat to her plans. The technology of PokéEarth also astounds Team RWBY, starting from Poké Balls and going through their brief tour of the Devon Corporation Labs. And then it turns out that evolutionary stones are actually highly concentrated Dust...
  • Consensus for EVERY WORLD they end up in for each incarnation of the Communication. After all, how can The Omniscient that only its Hosts can hear not be a problem for anyone? That's not even getting into the Super Power Lottery for practically every power in that particular universe each Host can be granted as time goes on?

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