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  • A Nodwick strip details a dungeon crawl where the group finds a high-up switch. The group is tipped off that something is amiss (viz. he's been replaced by a doppelganger) when Yeagar, looking for something to throw at it, ignores Nodwick in favor of a rock lying at his feet.
  • In Questionable Content, Faye and her Crazy-Prepared mother have worked out a code phrase for when Faye was being held against her will.
    Faye: No mother, the peaches are definitely not ripe.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Belkar... uh... subverts? (double-subverts? parodies?) this during the aftermath of a fight with the thieves guild. Celia and Hayley interpret it as Belkar gone... well, more insane than usual, since "usual" means "kill everything not allied to me."
      Belkar: Let's stop the violence. [big grin]
      Hank: There, see? Even your other party member agrees which means—
      Celia & Haley: [together] RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
    • Later, Tarquin figures out that Elan is not Nale partly because Elan surrendered to save a teammate, which Nale would never do.
      Tarquin: Plus, he didn't rant about his intellectual superiority even ONCE.
      Malack: Now that you mention it, I did find that odd.
    • During their parents' remarriage, Elan tells Nale not to object or cause trouble, which Nale calmly agrees to. This is the first step to make Elan realize he's in a Lotus-Eater Machine.
      Nale: Did you ever think that maybe I'm tired of fighting, and that I just want to enjoy one day with my family?
      Elan: No, that—that's not how you would react to this. That's how I would want you to react. At the very least, you should be trying to kill me for being chosen Best Man over you!
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    • Later in the story, when the High Priest of Hel casts Control Weather, Belkar seizes on this as proof that he is not Durkon, as Durkon wouldn't think of preparing the spell, much less use it to stop a storm. He could simply pray to Thor, Durkon's patron. Unfortunately, no-one believes him.
    • The High Priest of Hel finally makes a serious error in trying to do a Breaking Speech on Roy by bringing up his inability to save his baby brother. That makes Roy realize this creature is in no way Durkon at all.
  • Played with in Terror Island. In this strip, the protagonists recognize that their friend Jame is possessed by a demon, when he says "SOUNDS LIKE SOMEBODY HAS BEEN EATING SOUR GRAPES." But when the demon is banished from Jame, he says exactly the same thing, and Sid proclaims "That's our Jame!" Unless it's because demons simply talk with different Speech Bubbles...
  • Girl Genius:
    • In Othar Trygvassen's(Gentleman Adventurer) twitter:
      "That letter is a fraud! Othar Tryggvassen may do things that lesser men find objectionable or slightly illegal, but I never apologize!"
    • In the comic, how does Dimo know that someone besides the Jager generals is present when he goes to report in to them? "... schmelled soap."
  • In Something*Positive, Eva had an Internet romance with someone who claimed to be Davan. Davan's friend Josh, however, was suspicious, partially because the e-mails all had perfect spelling, something Davan apparently doesn't bother with. Unfortunately for Eva, she didn't listen.
  • In Exiern Neils tries to drop hints here that he has been be-spelled and is no longer fully in control of his own actions by calling Crown Princess Peonie the "Second in Line to the Throne" instead of the first. It seems like no-one notices at the time though. Peonie had to have it spelled out to her after the inevitable kidnapping, but her father was just going along with it 'til he could get his other assets in play.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Mr. Tensaided interprets a hug from Susan as this. However, its actually a non-canon strip and Susan is voluntarily under a spell which has a mental effect that makes one be more relaxed about physical contact and less Terrified of Germs. Therefore, as Dan says in The Rant, Susan is "acting out of character in a very in-character way".

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