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  • Super Robot Wars:
    • Original Generation'' subverts this. When a main character's girlfriend disappears and later reappears, the character remarks that it's not her, because "even she wouldn't be silly at a time like this". When they break the mind control, she acts just like she did when she was mind-controlled. Another character mutters "Would never act like this in this situation, huh?".
    • During the attack on the Omega Missile base in Super Robot Wars Compact 3, Folka then attacks Fernando and demands to know what is wrong with Fernando since Fernando isn't usually this kill happy but Fernando says what's wrong with that, all Shura are born to fight and kill and strive for the position of General. Folka wonders what changed Fernando like this but Fernando tells him to shut up and fight and die. After beating him, Fernando then says, "What a redundant moron" which perks Folka's ear and Folka says that he won't be hesitant anymore, he'll defeat Fernando and Fernando says that Folka can try. Folka then smirks and says "How about revealing your true face... You can't fool my eyes." "Fernando" then asks how Folka knew that he wasn't really Fernando and Folka says that he hasn't forgotten Fernando's fist (The way of the martial arts, fighter recognize, communicate, etc with their fist) "Fernando" reveals himself to be Arco who says that he didn't think Folka had gotten this strong and Folka says that the power of belief has made him stronger. Arco then says that when the REAL Fernando awakens then Folka wouldn't be talking big like this and Arco notes that this is it for him, looks like what that girl said was true.
  • In Team Fortress 2, while the Spy's disguise looks and sounds perfectly like whomever he's disguised as, there are many ways a seasoned player can detect a Spy by just looking at their behavior. For example, a Spy disguised as a Scout appears to move unnaturally slowly, since he's the only class that moves faster than 107% of base speed, the upper limit of how fast the Spy can move.
    • Another sign is if a Medic isn't healing people obsessively to build his Ubercharge up: if a Medic is walking around with his syringe gun out, you may be dealing with either an amateur Spy or a Battle Medic.
    • There are also some voice lines that are wired to only play if you're on the attacking/defending team: if you're defending, and someone on your team says something along the lines of needing to push the bomb when the cart is rolling back, he's definitely a Spy.
    • There is no way for the Pyro to be set on fire due to his flame-retardant suit. Thus, if a burning Pyro is running amok, he is certainly a Spy.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Doctor Doom's henchmen get "Dum Dum" Dugan to come to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Omega Base by relaying a Distress Call. However, Nick Fury figures out it is a trap when Dugan (purposefully) lists Bruce Banner as being a scientist researching the Super Soldier Serum when he is in fact assigned to the Gamma Bomb project.
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  • In Star Control II, when you meet the final remaining Shofixti warrior, his sensors are nonfunctional and he assumes that you are an Ur-Quan destroyer sent to hunt him down. The only way to convince him that you are friendly, counterintuitively, is to insult him repeatedly. The Ur-Quan, for all their faults, are always very polite, even when preparing to kill an enemy. Eventually he realizes this and accepts that you are not an Ur-Quan.
  • In The King of Fighters, for all of her massive flaws Rose Berstein loves her older brother Adel and always tells him what's on her mind. When Adel finds out that she has become the new host for the KOF tournament and has built a whole new and lavish stadium for it behind his back, he's extremely disturbed and thinks something's very wrong. He's right: Rose has been brainwashed by Those of the Past and is their Unwitting Pawn.
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  • The last mission of the second week in The World Ends with You is ever-so-slightly inconsistent with the missions issued earlier in the week, as this one did not have any math-related puns in the message. Neku and Joshua notice this, but as it's still an official mission and the alternative is being erased, they do it anyway. Turns out it wasn't issued by the Game Master, but by the Conductor, who had decided the GM had gone rogue and needed to be eliminated.
  • One comes up in Tales of Symphonia's sequel, Dawn of the New World; when Emil, Marta and Zelos come across two Lloyd Irvings fighting, both Lloyds urge them to believe they are the real Lloyd and to strike down the other. The player is given the choice to decide who is the real Lloyd after hearing each one give their speech. The fake is the Lloyd who declared the fight was for justice, which is something the real Lloyd has vehemently said in the original Tales of Symphonia was a word he hated.
  • In a tidbit of Irelia's backstory in League of Legends, it's revealed that her test to become a champion involved a simulated battle with her father, a legendary swordsman known for feats such as staying dry on a rooftop during a rainstorm. Despite being terribly outmatched, she quickly realizes the deception when her brother swings in from the side and manages to land a blow, and promptly impales the illusion with her blade.
  • In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Alucard comes across a scene of his human mother. He quickly becomes emotional and promises to save her. Then his mother starts saying hateful things against human beings, something his real mother would never say. Then it's revealed that the whole thing was an illusion set up by a powerful Succubus. Alucard isn't pleased.
  • Subverted in Fire Emblem Fates. In the Birthright and Revelation paths, the party stops in the country of Izumo, and are greeted by its leader, Lord Izana. Izana acts like a cross between a party animal and a rich kid, which Hinoka takes as a sign that he's an imposter. And indeed, he was replaced by the Nohrian mage and Master of Illusion Zola. But when the real Izana is freed, that's exactly how he acts.
    Sakura: I-Is this still Zola?
    Hinoka: No, but I think we may have underestimated Zola's impersonation.
  • In Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, spies disguise themselves as regular citizens but don't follow the walking pattern of that citizen type, making them easy to catch when they bypass roadblocks or show up in the wrong city district — assuming they don't just skip their research and dress as a worker from an industry your city doesn't have.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, Squall realizes that Edea is, despite all appearances, not the same woman who raised him when she calls Seifer, another of her former foster children, "worthless" after he failed to defend her. It soon turns out Squall's right. Edea is being possessed by the sorceress Ultimecea.
  • In Paper Mario: Color Splash, entering the final level shows Peach drained from all of her colors and hung in a frame on Bowser's Castle walls. This will probably hint the player that the black paint plaguing Prism Island, with which Bowser was drenched through the game, has a mind of its own and Mind Controls the Koopa King: after all, doing something this cruel to her is very un-Bowseresque.

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