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Behold our kung-fu werewolves!

Types of werewolves in Video Games.

  • The Adventures of Lomax: Werewolves are giant humanoid creatures that jump at you when they see you. Hit them once and they turn into a tiny, embarrassed lemming.
  • Altered Beast: The first (and also the last) beast that the player can turn into is a Werewolf — preceded by a Transformation Sequence — which is a muscular and furry man with a wolf head.
  • BlazBlue: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Rachel's Badass Battle Butler is a werewolf. Contrary to most examples, he's very cultured and cool-headed (he is a butler, after all). He can also change into either a full wolf or a wolfman, or even just change a single part of his body to attack with. As a playable character he can switch between human and full wolf form, with the wolf form being faster and having access to some different moves but it can't block and constantly drains a meter which recharges when in human form. The wolfman form comes out for his Astral Heat.
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  • Bloodborne has them as the result of the Scourge of Beasts, a werewolf apocalypse plague which gradually transforms its victims from mere humans, to slightly altered Uncanny Valley dwellers, to gradually-wolfier mutants who gradually acquire nonhuman features, followed by others that aren't even werewolflike anymore, like electrified wolf skeletons and gigantic, screaming monsters that could devour whole crowds in one bite... and aside from the werewolves themselves, there's also the fact that the Scourge of Beasts originates from humans injecting themselves with blood touched by the Great Ones, baby crazy alien gods, and subsequently getting a bad reaction, being consumed by their own base instincts.
  • Bloody Roar has a whole menagerie of therianthropic characters like this including some kind of metalic bug-like beast called the unborn and a penguin who becomes a Phoenix.
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  • Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness has a "Man-beast", Cornell, as one of the playable characters. Very little is given about the race, but what can be inferred from the text, a Man-Beast is different from a werewolf in that they're usually not evil because their powers are usually sealed away and can only transform after Training from Hell. Cornell, unusually, has the ability to shoot endless blades of wind from his hands even as a human. In Castlevania: Judgment, he also gained the ability to howl out blasts of supersonic waves. His rival, another Manbeast who was a werelion, sold his soul for the power to become a werechimera. One of the forms Alucard can shapeshift into in Symphony of the Night is that of a wolf. Both wargs and werewolves are featured in the series proper. Werewolves, however, have a few pyrokinetic skills.
  • City of Heroes: Warwolves are a mysterious variant of Super Soldier used by the Fifth Column and Council. After a certain level, random Council Mooks have a chance of transforming into them when defeated.
  • Cookie Run: Werewolf Cookie is a werewolf because wolf hair fell into his batter. His "human" form is a Little Bit Beastly, and he can transform into a giant, rampaging, wolfman. He's heroic but ostracized due to his condition.
  • Darkest Dungeon: The Abomination is a particularly weird variant. Empowered by a demon bound within his body, he changes into a horned, skinless wolf-man at will (a few effects, such as random-action afflictions or Crimson Curse bloodlust, can force him to change without the player's command). In his human form, he's hung with cursed chains, and can manifest small amounts of demonic power to spit toxic bile at enemies; in monster form, he has three abilities that all boil down to variations on "maim". Witnessing his transformation is very stressful, and his own stress goes up every round he's in beast form. The most devoutly religious teammates — the Leper, Vestal, Crusader and Flagellant — would even flatly refuse to associate with him until the Color of Madness update.
  • Darkfall Online has a playable race of wolf-men called Mahirim. They are unable to transform, have their own cities, and weild weapons and armor.
  • The Darkside Detective: One of McQueen's unseen cases involved a "lycan-toupee", a wig made out of werewolf hair that turned anyone who wore it into a werewolf.
  • Darkstalkers has Jon Talbain (Gallon in the Japanese version). He seems to be in control of himself as a werewolf, although he fears that he will lose himself in bloodlust and become a beast completely, and is desperately searching for a cure for his condition. He does find a cure in the endings of the first two games, although the third game's ending suggests that he's jumping headlong in the other direction. Also note: English Kung-Fu Werewolf. Hell yes. Talbain is an interesting case since his lycanthropy is not due to being bitten by a werewolf or a curse but because he is the son of a human woman and "Wolf Lord" Baraba Kreutz, the head royal guard of one of the Lords of Makai and the only Darkstalker that the vampire Demetri considered a Worthy Opponent.
  • Dead Realm allows you to play as the ghost of a werewolf to kill the invading mortals.
  • Diablo II: Lord of Destruction has the Druid, with an entire skill tree dedicated to transforming into a werewolf or a were-bear, and special attacks that can be used in those forms.
  • Disgaea: Aas represented by Fenrich, werewolves are a type of demon descended from both humans and wolves that get their power from the moon. They're a Little Bit Beastly by default, but can turn into wolves as a means of attack.
  • Dragon Age: Origins features werewolves that were created by the Keeper of a Dalish (Elf) clan who cursed the humans who destroyed his family. They can only become human again if the Keeper agrees to end the curse, an act that will also kill him. These werewolves have learned to speak, but are regrettably cursed with frequent snarling when doing so. These aren't the only werebeasts in the setting. Most werecreatures are actually humans or animals possessed by demons from the Fade and subsequently mutated. It is also mentioned that because of that, there is pretty much no one "true" version of werewolf. Some change when the moon is full, some when they are angry, some turn into wolf-men, some into large wolves, some are only vulnerable to silver... It all depends on the exact demon involved.
  • Dwarf Fortress has many different kinds of werebeasts, from standard werewolves to things like wererhinos, werelizards, and weresquirrels.note  They are night creatures, described as 'A giant [animal] twisted into humanoid shape'. They transform uncontrollably every full moon, which will heal them of any injury, including missing limbs and nerve damage. People become werebeasts by being cursed by a deity (who can also curse blasphemers with vampirism), but the curse can be spread to anyone injured by the werebeast. In fortress mode, werebeasts will occasionally attack your fortress, and in adventure mode, they will run away from their town, hide in a cave, and conduct raids (you will sometimes get quests to kill them). They take half damage from most weapons but tenfold damage from weapons of a randomly chosen metal (which can be silver).
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • The series and background lore contains a variety of lycanthropicnote  creatures. Werewolves are easily the most ubiquitous throughout Tamriel and have appeared in the most games (including Daggerfall, Morrowind's Bloodmoon expansion, Skyrim, and Online), each of which offers the option of the Player Character becoming a werewolf.
    • In terms of the details of the condition, like Vampirism, Lycanthropy is technically a disease and can be spread through any wound inflicted by an infected individual. It is easily cured within the first few days of being contracted, but once it fully progresses, it becomes far more difficult to cure. There are also rare instances of the disease being hereditary. The exact effects of the disease vary greatly between individuals and regions. The most common effect is an involuntary transformation into a humanoid beast form at night, with the frequency of the transformation varying from nightly (as is the case in Bloodmoon) to monthly (as is the case in Daggerfall). Other individuals have the ability to transform voluntarily, as is the case for the Circle within the Companions in Skyrim. For those who transform involuntarily, they must commonly kill a sentient being during the night or risk returning to their mortal form in an extremely weakened state. Lycanthropy is a creation of Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, who bestows it as a blessing. He considers were-creatures to be the epitome of the nature of a hunt. During the night, they are vicious beasts who hunt their prey. During the day, they become the hunted to the very same prey. Were-creatures also have a spiritual connection to Hircine, as he claims their souls upon death to forever serve in his realm of Oblivion, known as the Hunting Grounds. Additional details are available on the Elder Scrolls: Other Races sub-page.
  • Enter the Matrix: Werewolves never actually shift into wolves of any sort, but all have tanned-skin, black-hair and are supernaturally fast and strong. Meanwhile, a subspecies in The Matrix: Path of Neo have tanned-skin, mohawk-style blond-hair and wear black suits, with white shirts and black-ties.
  • Fable has Balvarines, humanoid wolf-creatures. When someone is infected, they turn into a Balvarine and stay that way. Permanently(ish). There are three cases of balverines who shift back to human form: in the flash game, the white balverine turns out to be the mayor of town, who involuntarily changes forms at night, in Fable II a woman who you escort through a balverine-infested forest turns out to be a white balverine in disguise, luring you into a trap for her "children"., and in Fable III a fired guard steals a balverine statue that turns humans into white balverines, with the apparent ability to shift back. When infected you have a chance of becoming a white balverine, an especially powerful and intelligent kind that usually leads packs of regular balverines.
  • Fighters Destiny for N64 has a character named Piere who is a French clown; there's a cheat you can use which turns him into a werewolf.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In the first game, Final Fantasy, werewolves were random encounter enemies who were recolored wolf sprites that had more HP.
    • Final Fantasy V has a whole town of creatures called werewolves, but they always appear in humanoid wolf form, never transforming either way. They're also pretty friendly, for the most part. They were bipedal and wore clothes.
    • Final Fantasy VI: One shows up as a thief who goes by the codename Lone Wolf. He probably has no connection to the town of werewolves in the previous game, though his sprite was very similar to the generic sprite used for the townspeople.
    • Final Fantasy XII: The Werewolf enemies are going to be about ten times your level when you first see them in the Giza Plains. Their bestiary fluff states that they were once people who were transformed after eating cursed meat. A mid-game variant called the Humbaba has a similar origin story, with their creation being the result of drinking a potion made from a specific type of horn. The other two Palette Swaps, the Zaghnal and the Yeti, have no such supernatural origins.
    • Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Werewolves and Zaghnals are recurring monsters that are intelligent enough to speak and will eat just about anything. Blue mages can learn Roar from them.
  • Fire Emblem:
  • Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery has Gabriel investigating a werewolf attack in a small German village.
  • Golden Sun: The second game has Garoh, a village of friendly werewolves who are also psychic. Though they don't want you to know their secret. A cutscene suggests that the lycanthropy and Psychic Powers both come from exposure to Psynergy Stones. No references to Garoh in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, but a nation of beastmen does exist in Morgal, with Belinsk as its capitol. Sveta, a player character, is from that nation and is a member of its royal clan. Fans looking for connections between the beastmen and Garoh's werewolves will find them. Sveta can turn into a more wolfish form, and she has the same elemental affinity as the Garoh. In addition, some NPCs in Belinsk mention that beastmen get more aggressive under the full moon, especially those that were once human.
  • Hidden City: Werewolves are one of the first few monsters you encounter. They are creatures who Was Once a Man, but for some reason has been transformed into a vicious beast and is doomed to remain that way until they are killed. Aside from the common werewolf, there are also the Psy-Werewolves (a Tortured Monster who can use psychic powers), and Moon Werewolves, a more powerful variant that who grows even stronger at full moon.
  • Killer Instinct: Saberwulf is looking for a cure for his condition. Although his ending in the first game does give him one, that ending is not canon and he actually comes out worse before the second game, both failing to get a cure and losing his arms in the process, forcing him to get new bionic arms.
  • Kingdom Hearts χ has a Werewolf Heartless, which starts out as a giant blue wolf with a counter above its head. This counter is decreased by one for each hit the Heartless takes. When it reaches zero, the Werewolf transforms into a Lean and Mean anthropomorphic form on its next turn and mauls the player before resetting the counter.
  • League of Legends has Warwick, a huge steampunk cyborg wolf-man who stalks the streets of the Wretched Hive of Zaun. He used to be a human until he was used as an experimental subject and turned into essentially a lycanthropic Punisher with steampunk additions to his anatomy, stalking his home city and hunting down the guilty as he tried to get revenge for what was done to him. He is noted to be sapient and capable of speech, but his mind is notably clouded by the transformation, although how much of that is due to the gigantic hypodermic injector grafted into his spine remains to be seen.
  • Legendary: The Box introduces the Limos Werewolf, which simply has an accelerated metabolism that requires them to eat food constantly. This werewolf requires decapitating with a fire axe to permanently kill (although a headshot from an SMG still meets this requirement).
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: One of the main "dual nature" gimmicks is that Link transforms into a wolf when he enters the Twilight Realm, and then is able to transform into a wolf whenever he wants after obtaining the Master Sword. It's quite an impressive step up from the unarmed, pink bunny he turned into in A Link to the Past's Dark World.
  • Love of Magic: Werewolves are extremely strong and fast, but Blessed with Suck: their lifespan is less than 40 years, because their body wears out too fast. Once Bella becomes Chosen, she gains strength and speed, plus can use MC's magic to ward off old age.
  • Mega Man Star Force: Damian Wolfe's takes upon the appearance of an anthro wolf as his EM form, Wolf Woods. It's hard for him to control himself in this form. Similarly in the anime, with the added problem of his condition being triggered by objects such as tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls... footballs.
  • Moonrise: The player and most of the characters are werewolves. They possess some unusual abilities. They have Voluntary Shapeshifting, unless it's a full moon, during which the compulsion to be in wolf form is too strong. With their super Healing Factor, werewolves have Nigh-Invulnerability and are effectively immortal, unless they consciously or unconsciously choose not to heal. In addition to the usual teeth and claws, some werewolves are able to shoot magical bolts of blue lightening, become The Empath, use Mind Control, and other magical abilities. Playing with the Enemy Within trope, werewolves can become too wolf-life and "incomprehensible" to Muggles, to the point where ordinary people cannot look at them directly.
  • Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatake! Ouendan 2: Goro Okami turns into a werewolf when he sees round objects. The entire goal of his level is to try and have a date with a girl he likes while suppressing the transformation in the face of multiple round objects (balloons, balls, ice cream, etc.). Winning the stage reveals that the girl loves dogs. Losing shows Goro being carted off to the pound.
  • Mutant Football League: Rampaging Werewolves are among the races. They're largely the result of mutant wolves of the Rocky Mountains biting humans, permanently turning them into wolf-man hybrids, though there are also some from London who have been sighted at Trader Dick's with perfect hair. They jump fairly high and very far (and can thus hurdle over tackles and hazards better than other races), sprint on all fours, and deal extra damage on late hits. An all-werewolf team, the Gnashville Lycans (based on the Tennessee Titans), was eventually added as well.
  • Nexus Clash: Werewolves are one of the many aspects of the Revenant. Revenants who take the path of the Wolf become ferocious berserkers skilled in hand-to-hand combat but often lose the ability to use more civilized weapons and speak. More powerful werewolves can remove these downsides.
    Jorm: It's a wolf. No hands, no mouth.
  • Nocturne (1999): Werewolves are a common enemy, appearing in all but one chapter, and they can be killed with any weapons; it's just that silver bullets kill them a lot faster.
  • Ōkami: The Oina tribe can transform into a wolf-like form at will. Oki even does this to aid Amaterasu in battle.
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2: One level has the group cheering on a werewolf as he struggles to keep from transforming in front of his girlfriend. Made more difficult for him because he transforms just by seeing things that are round, including balls, ice cream, and bald heads. If the player fails the song, the poor lug gets carted off to the pound. The actual ending of the stage has him finally transform in front of his astonished girlfriend (set off by her eyes), who turns out to be happy because she loves dogs.
  • Pokémon: Lycanroc is a Rock-type wolf Pokémon that can take a drastically different form based on when it evolves from the stone puppy Rockruff. Midnight form Lycanroc, the form taken when a Rockruff evolves under nightfall (introduced as an exclusive evolution to Pokémon Moon) is an aggressive and shambling bipedal wolf with a Primal Stance. Of course, it's not really a were-wolf since it was always a canine — it's just that Rockruff can either evolve into a traditional quadrupedal wolf under the cusp of daytime or a howling biped under nighttime, making it more like a reverse-werewolf.
  • The Quarry: The werewolves are people infected by a curse, which is transmitted via bite. Those infected are cursed to transform into mindless beasts under the full moon, with no control over themselves and their only hope for a cure being the death of the werewolf that infected them. Unfortunately, a werewolf can only be killed with a Silver Bullet when transformed into a monster. In an unusual addition to common lore, these werewolves are also vulnerable to "clear water" — even in human form, being submerged causes them discomfort and several characters can escape pursuit by getting into the camp's lake.
  • Quest for Glory IV: Subverted with the Gypsies, who are voluntary shapeshifters who turn into wolves (just wolves, no hybrid form). The local villagers believe in the classic version of the werewolf legends, which gets one of them Mis-blamed when he's caught near town when the gravedigger goes missing. If you mention werewolves to the Gypsy leader in conversation, she dismisses the legends as superstition and even offers to let you cross her palm with silver to prove that the traditional Kryptonite Factor is bunk.
  • Sabre Man, the intrepid explorer from the classic, eponymous 8-bit computer game series, is cursed with lycanthropy in 'Knight Lore' by the dire wolf Sabrewulf and forced to find a cure within 40 days before the curse becomes permanent. Sabreman transformed into a "werewulf" every night, the most notorious game effect being our poor hero marked as an enemy by Melkhior's magic cauldron, the only artifact that can prepare the cure for his affliction.
  • Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves: There are two types of werewolves. The first type you encounter are actually wolves possessed by corrupt human souls and controlled by the Devil; they act like feral beasts and are vulnerable to holy weapons (not silver). The second type are Maikans, indigenous shapeshifters who usually take the form of a bipedal wolf. They can talk, cast spells, aren't distracted by bait, and are vulnerable to silver weapons.
  • Trials of Mana: The kingdom of Ferolia is inhabited by a race of werewolves known as Beastmen. They are generally more humanlike during the day, and become Wolf Men at night, but due to the presence of the Mana Stone of the Moon, the entire country is cast in perpetual night. One of the potential player characters, Kevin, hails from this place and transforms at night.
  • Shadow Caster: Werewolves in this game are tall, bipedal, fur-covered, and wolf-headed. In terms of origin, they're produced by a magical ritual, with no indication that a bite is involved.
  • Shantae (2002): One of the enemies Shantae faces in Mount Pointy is a strange humanoid monster in shorts that leaps at her. At least, that's what she faces when the sun is up. At night, they will turn into large wolves that charge at her instead. They return in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse in their wolf form, turning back into their humanoid form when you kill them.
  • Shining Force II: Gerhalt becomes this upon promotion. It is unknown whether or not he has the ability to return to his human form.
  • The Sims:
    • The Sims 2: Pets allows Sims to become werewolves by interacting with a glowy-eyed wolf or getting into a fight with a transformed werewolf. Werewolves transform every night into a hairy human with animal eyes and a canine nose and are still controllable in their wolfy forms, although they tend to freak out other Sims. They can also howl to attract regular wolves to themselves, and will also fight off burglars who sneak into the house at night. Their personalities tend toward extremes and, even in human form, they get along with animals much better than regular Sims. The condition is curable.
    • In the PSP version of the game, lycanthropy can't be contracted by the player, but a quest involves finding out the true identity of the Night Beast — a werewolf-like creature who's been roaming around at night. By the quest's conclusion it turns out to be Annie Howell.
    • The Sims 3: Supernatural: Werewolves are brought back. They can be created in Create-a-Sim, being bitten by a werewolf, or by birth. They live longer lives than humans and only transform involuntarily during the full moon or when they are in a bad mood. They look like regular Sims except slightly hairier, with a wolf-like face and pointy ears.
    • The Sims 4: Werewolves game pack reintroduces werewolves into the game. Unlike the previous entries, werewolves in this game have fully canine heads, with lots more customization option to boot. Werewolves generate Fury over time, causing them to act more animalistic and develop moods that make them do quirky things, and, if left uncontrolled, they can go into an uncontrollable rampage, destroying objects and causing chaos around other Sims.
  • Sonic Unleashed: Sonic is transformed into the Werehog when the power of the Chaos Emeralds is forcibly drained from him and used to release Dark Gaia, causing him to get infused with Dark Gaia's energy. In addition to being a hedgehog/wolf hybrid, he maintains his true personality, albeit with a feral streak, rather than turning into a savage beast like Dark Gaia's minions, and it's noted that Sonic's sheer willpower and good heart are what allows him to keep his mental state at night.
  • Soul Calibur V has Z.W.E.I., who doesn't seem to transform, but rather can call upon a supernatural wolfman (E.I.N.) at will.
  • Star Ocean: Tinek/T'Nique/whatever Arcana is part of a race called lycanthropes, and transforms into a werewolf before every battle. He isn't explored very much, but he does say in Private Actions that he has to train constantly so he doesn't lose his senses and go berserk while transformed.
  • Suikoden II features Bob, the only member of the Lycanthrope race featured within the series who can be recruited once the player has recruited over 80 Stars of Destiny. Unlike most werewolves, Bob can control his transformation at will thanks to his Rabid Fang Rune, which he can use in battle to transform into his werewolf form for three turns. He later has two brief scenes in Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 1 should the player jump the bridge in Chapter 3 and meets Badeaux in the forest.
  • Terraria: You can obtain a "Moon Charm" from werewolves. Using it transforms you into a werewolf at night (It used to be only on the full moons, but that was changed), increasing your melee stats and jump height. You also grow lovely brown fur. Note that silver bullets aren't more effective on werewolves here. You can also fuse the moon charm with Neptune's shell (which turns you into a merfolk when you enter water), basically having a double transformation charm.
  • Touhou Project has Kagerou Imaizumi. Unlike most werewolves, she's calm and composed, even in wolf form.
  • Werewolf: The Last Warrior: The main character transforms into a werewolf with swords for arms.
  • The Wolf and the Waves: The player character is a werewolf, but he can shapeshift at will and doesn't appear to lose any self-control in wolf form. They can also turn into a ghost.
  • Wolf Team revolves around this. Super Soldiers with the Lycanthrope gene that can transform at will and go melee on people. Some game modes allow for "mutated" versions of Wolf, permanent Lycans with radical powers.
  • World of Warcraft: The Worgen of Gilneas are the Man-Wolf variety, and have a... storied history. Worgen lore as a whole stretches back to the War of the Satyr, several thousand years before any of the games. Night elven druids who worshipped the wolf ancient Goldrinn could take on a wolf form that filled them with rage and was difficult to control. They attempted to stabilize it by drawing upon the power of Elune, the moon goddess, through a magical scythe. This had the opposite effect, twisting and Shapeshifter Mode Locking them into an insane manwolf form. The other druids, fearing their power and insanity, sealed them away in the Emerald Dream (another dimension). Many years later, the Gilnean sorcerer Arugal learned about and summoned some of the worgen as an attempt to drive back the undead Scourge. After the war, the beasts escaped into the nature and continued to inflict the curse in their blood. The playable worgen in Cataclysm are (mostly) Gilnean humans, who are infected with the worgen curse after the assault on the city of Gilneas. The curse usually locks the victim into a feral state permanently, but a recently transformed worgen can still be rescued if the infectees are given a potion. Thanks to help from modern night elves and the scythe that created the worgen in the first place, the Gilneans later regained complete control over their minds, and control over their bodies as long as they don't feel certain emotions (pain, excitement, etc). Funnily enough, the bear and cat forms of worgen druids physically resemble werewolves of the Dire Wolf variety. For gameplay purposes, though, the abilities that they have in these forms are identical to those of the other druid races.