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  • Becoming Blizzard, sporting a cast comprised of anthro bears, has the animal-into-human variation with Amadeus' ex-boyfriend; when there's a full moon, he turns into... The Bear.
  • Clan of the Cats Chelsea's suffering from a Curse running in her father's family, making werecats out of every female member.
  • Roger in College Roomies from Hell!!! is a were-coyote.
  • Dork Tower has Nibbler, the Were-Vole Cheese Slayer, in a game played by the cats Pookie and Fernslayer.
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  • Eerie Cuties has werecats.
  • El Goonish Shive has Shapeshifting is one of main themes. A traditional curse-based werewolf was only in the backstory, but there are shapeshifting Uryuoms and their hybrid offspring running around. A chimera typically is born able to shift between the default hybrid form and forms of parent species (other than Uryuom) while retaining some traits.
    • Grace is sometimes referred to as a "were-squirrel", since she morphs between human, squirrel and squirrel/human (she does mix in the third base form, especially when upset, but early on this was rather subtle), due to genes of human, squirrel, and two shape-shifting aliens.
    • Then a new term was coined from Dewitchery Diamond's purpose and nature of the last "curse" it "removed": weregirl.
  • Hark! A Vagrant once had a guy who thought he was a werewolf. Not exactly.
  • Living with Insanity has a cat that used a spell on herself and can now transform into a human at will.
  • Peter Is the Wolf: About one in every 1000 people in the world is some sort of were; werewolves are most common and have the most developed social structure, but there are plenty of other were species with their own idiosyncracies (werebears are antisocial, werelions are arrogant and lazy, etc.)
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  • Shifters includes a werecat, a werebear, a werecrow and various weredogs.
  • In Sluggy Freelance Zoe, for a long time, suffered from a curse that turned her into a camel whenever a certain word (or anything sounding like it) was said. She got better.
  • The Wotch has a few lycanthropic minor characters (a hereditary werewolf (Samantha "Wolfie" Wolfe) and an inflicted werecat (Katie McBride). Transformations occur involuntarily under a full moon (or a spell capable of duplicating those conditions), and victims lose their normal personalities while transformed (though both above characters can overcome this thanks to a magic amulet). There's even a case of a "were-woman", a man who turns into a woman with an independent personality of her own (this is apparently super-rare even among weres, probably because most women don't go around biting people.)
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  • White Dark Life has an entire family of werebeasts with Boar and his son Ryu being the only ones to turn into what their names say. Tora(Tiger) turns into an oni while Tori(Bird) turns into a nekomata while of her children, Saru(Monkey) turns into a Naga and Inu and Uma(Dog and Horse) become Harpies.
  • Isla Grace from Professor Amazing and the Incredible Golden Fox: receives a fox-shaped engagement ring from her husband-to-be, Parker, which gifts her with the ability to transform into a fox (both anthropomorphic and full fox versions). She then feels it's only appropriate to put her new powers to use in the service of her community.
  • In Ghosts Among The Wild Flowers, "Howlers" are benign and not man-eaters, although they're still subject to some Fantastic Racism. They also have neon-colored tongues and eyes and need to laugh to transform. Milly busts out a fake mustache and monocle and does a silly impersonation of a Quintessential British Gentleman when she and Gelasia need to change.
  • While The Order of the Stick hasn't featured any major were-characters, they definitely exist (as one would expect from a world based on Dungeons & Dragons) and have been used for gags, like the werebear who warned Redcloak that only he could prevent forest fires in villain prequel Start of Darkness.
    • Half-orc ninja Therkla also has a fondness for reading werewolf romance novels in her solo prequel story Spoiler Alert.

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