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  • Cowa! has the main character who is a werekoala and also part vampire.
  • Saiyans in Dragon Ball transform into giant rampaging monkeys when they see the light of a full moon. Cutting off their tails prevents this, but until they reach a certain age, it will grow back under said full moon.
  • Fruits Basket: Some members of the Sohma family is under a curse that causes Involuntary Shapeshifting into animal form when hugged by members of the opposite sex that are not cursed. While not called werebeasts, each member has a single and unique alternate animal form. The animals are those of the Eastern Zodiac: rat, dog, tiger, rabbit, dragon (he actually turns into a seahorse), ox, snake, sheep, monkey, horse, pig and rooster; plus cat.
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  • The chimeras in Fullmetal Alchemist are combinations of animals, which can and does sometimes include humans. As the manga progresses, the humanoid chimeras introduce go from being tragic abominations, to quirky mutants, to tough guys that can turn into even tougher beast-men.
  • Zoan fruits in One Piece turn the recipents into werebeasts. They tend to be dangerous masses of muscle even if the template creature was relatively harmless (this is also a general tendency among werebeasts. A werehamster can be as dangerous as a werewolf).
    • Essentially, it depends on the user's own skills and creativity, as with all devil fruit users. Used properly, a devil fruit can enhance a person's already powerful skills. Used improperly, the person becomes overly dependent on that devil fruit and can easily be defeated by anyone who has actual fighting skills. Thus, if someone has an elephant zoan fruit, but is an average Joe otherwise, they can be easily defeated by someone with a mouse zoan if the mouse zoan has more expertise. This is hilariously demonstrated by Kaku of CP9, a weregiraffe stronger than the actual werewolf in the group (Though Fridge Brilliance would indicate that a giraffe is actually much physically stronger than a wolf, so that's not really all that surprising after all).
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  • C'tarl C'tarl from Outlaw Star are werecats with several intermediate forms (Fuzzy Space-Elf to Cat Person to Buff Superpowered Cat Person to Giant Tiger) whose access are dependent on the presence and phase of a moon and on their own personal energy reserves.
  • Evangelion Unit-02 from Rebuild of Evangelion can "shed its human form" when given the secret password "The Beast". It has three distinct stages—the original humanoid, a vaguely reptilian-like form seen in the second movie, and a saber-toothed cat-like form seen in the third movie.
  • Blair from Soul Eater is a cat that frequently takes a Cat Girl form that looks mostly human except for her cat ears and tail.


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