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Our Vampires Are Different / Music

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  • "Hate the Day" by Behind the Scenes paints the vampire narrator as a Anti-Villain suffering from the dreadful sunlight, Horror Hunger, and killing their loved ones.
    Like a lover, like a beast we catch you in your sleep
    The lips approach your neck again
    Her skin smells so sweet, it smells so sweet
    Despair after the deed as I've been the beast again
    Each night the raid repeats
    Our nature drives me on
    We kill what we love
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  • Disturbed's "Devour" is vaguely about vampires. The song was inspired by David's experience with the Queen of the Damned soundtrack.
  • "The Vampire Waltz" by Hannah Fury, sung from the persrective of a hypnotized vampire victim.
  • "Slaying the Dreamer" by Nightwish.
    Put a stake through my heart and drag me into sunlight
  • "The Man Who Swallowed My Soul" by Persephone describes someone who looks young except for the eyes, hypnotizes the narrator with his voice and kiss, and sucks her blood.
  • "Follow Me Into Madness" by Tarot is narrated by a vampire turning his lover into other vampire and waxing lyrical about the beauty of the night.
  • "Unsterblich" by Subway to Sally is about an immortal, ever-hungry creature. Once, someone gave him his blood; now, he is about to change another human being into a vampire.
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  • "Vampire" by Xandria.
    Follow her until her thirst is sated
    An immortal lie, heartblood
    Can't help yourself, she's got you paralyzed
    So would you kiss the sun goodbye?
    And give your life to never die?
    She's a vampire

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