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  • Thirty Hs features "astral vampires", which dwell in space and are able to bite even when only their heads remain. Harry Potter punches their heads off and throws them back in time to the planet Mars, where they bite cavemen, and so now there are vampire cavemen on Mars.
  • Adjacency: In "Chapter 6: The Next Step", the Alternate Universe that is travelled to, has vampire ponies, or "vamponies".
  • Beautiful Fiction's Babylon: Carmine makes fun of Edward by calling him the closest thing to a vampire due to the Gate giving him her Life Drinker abilities.
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  • Ben 10 Dragon God Of Life: In addition to vampires, there are vladats, which are to vampires what chimps are to humans.
  • Blood for the Blood God: Izuku's quirk "True Ancestor" is a Mutant/Transformation-type quirk that basically gives him the physiology of a vampire. He possesses enhanced senses, sharp claws for climbing and a Healing Factor and even has some level of Hemeokinesis. While he does possess an aversion to the sun and can become predatory if he goes too long without feeding, he is not harmed by crosses, garlic or water.
  • Blood Ties: Homunculi who cross the Gate become vampires. Vampires have been around for hundreds of years but there are a group of Hunters who try their best to defeat them. Alas, no one knows how to kill a vampire. Most Hunters are dhampyr—humans who were tainted by vampire blood, died, and became "half-vampire". Vampires are considered immortal, can walk in the sun, and require blood. Dhampyr are functionally immortal but can die of injury, burn in the sun, and usually prefer animal blood (with the few who don't being killed by other dhampyr to protect humanity). Both vampires and dhampyr can turn humans into dhampyr, but it's taboo for dhampyr to "curse" others like that.
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  • Bram Stoker's Ozymandias: Vampires can sleep in beds, shapeshift, and go out in daylight, but they age pretty badly and leak Tears of Blood in sunlight if they're underfed.
  • Child of the Storm has Remus Lupin use the Pratchett quote 'as many kinds of vampire as there are kinds of disease', with the corollary that some are fairly harmless. Some, however, are major players, with the four Courts from The Dresden Files mentioned, with an additional fifth Court to include classic Dracula vampires:
    • White Court: The Western Anthrophage. Each House within the Court is a different breed of Emotion Eater. They are, technically speaking, mortal and the most human of all vampires, reproducing sexually (with the resultant offspring being human until mid puberty and they make their first kill). Because of this, they are near impossible to tell apart from humans at a glance. They are also all ridiculously good looking and owing to their relative lack of physical power and favouring of Psychic Powers, prone to manipulation and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. They were behind the writing of Dracula (to undermine the Grey and Black Courts) and, as Harry Dresden suspects, Twilight, which has apparently caused vampire attacks to quadruple since it was published. Thomas Raith also appears in a side story Chaos Reigns.
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    • Red Court: The Mayan Blood Demon. Hairless anthropomorphic bat monsters in a human disguise based in Central and South America, they descend from an ancient Mayan bat-god of blood and darkness called Camazotz. They have the traditional weaknesses, but can be killed by good old fashioned violence (lots of it). Their saliva is also a powerful narcotic. They are generally disgusting. They turn humans halfway, resulting in a Dhampyr until they lose control and make their first kill, after which they transform fully. Among the most organised, innovative, and overtly political powerful Courts, having a strong hold over much of Central and South America, they are led by the Red King, who is around 10,000 years old. Also known to occasionally feed on cows, sparking the legend of the Chupacabra. Doctor Strange commits a very thorough genocide of them in chapter 52 of the sequel, apparently by the simple expedient of murdering Camazotz, in order to get them off Dresden's back, cure Dresden's ex, and allow his daughter to grow up in peace, knowing both her parents.
    • Jade Court: Reclusive Asian vampires. They don't get involved with the affairs of others all that much.
    • Grey Court: Classic Dracula vampires, originating with Varnae, the first vampire, created by a spell from the Darkhold in the last days of Atlantis, 17,000 years ago, who went on to sire a large Court, and was a major power-house, being on record as having fought Thor, Odin, Vili, Ve and Bor at varying points in history. He was last seen during the Black Plague. Since then, Dracula has taken over as King of the Grey Court. The three day rule applies on turning, with the person turned having, in the meantime, the powers of the vampire but their own mind. Two part-vampires of this kind exist, Blade and Spitfire II (the latter as a result of a blood transfusion from Blade). They are hinted to be a particular target of Asgardian purges and themselves attempted to wipe out the Clan Akkaba, heirs of Apocalypse. The Clan responded by summoning the Phoenix and attempting to bind Her to their will in Vienna in 1897. Since the Phoenix was none too fond either of vampires or of being controlled, it ended very badly for both the Clan and the Court, with the two being almost entirely wiped out. Only Dracula and the girl nominated as host survived, the former because he got out in time and the latter because Albus Dumbledore pleaded for her life.
    • Black Court: An offshoot of the Grey Court, the result of a curious necromancer trying to turn a corpse, rather than a living being, into a Grey Court vampire around 8,000 years ago. The result was essentially a living cadaver that steadily decays and withers, one to which the three days rule did not apply. They are essentially experiments gone wrong and they hate to be reminded of it (while just about every other group naturally does so at every opportunity, and nowadays, within easy earshot). They also suffered greatly from the publishing of Dracula, since unlike the Grey Court, they're not very good at passing for human.
    • Others are hinted at, such as Selene Gallio, with even Voldemort dabbling in it a little bit, and a mysterious figure known only as "the Welshman", a vampire from outside the Court system, powerful enough to scare off all the others and largely responsible for keeping other vampires out of Britain. He is, apparently, a Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire. Though, as Word of God notes, this is for a given value of friendly — he will keep other vampires out of Britain, he will even keep crime down in his chosen city of Cardiff... but he's not exactly going to be putting on his cape and becoming Super-Vamp, defender of all that is good and true, any time soon.
  • C.I.A.: Agents: In 2034, the cities of South Island are being invaded by vegetarian vampires that choose to be viral only for the sake of increasing their strain.
  • Cinderjuice: Vasile, the Arc Villain of Sleeping Beetle, is identified in-story as a strigoi mort, which is effectively a vampire ghost. He's bound by some of the usual vampire rules, but also by certain ghost rules, and his powers are a little different; for example, he changes into an owl instead of a bat.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Vampires Sleep in Coffins, can turn into bats, can turn others into vampires in an undisclosed process involving their god, can control those that they're personally turned, Cannot Cross Running Water, and have Super Speed and Super Strength.
  • Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen: Atlantiana Rebeckah Loren is a dhampyr — half vampire, half (human?) witch. Her "vampire powers" are awakened by having sex with Edward Cullen, but so are her witch powers, which include being able to make trees light on fire and take copious amounts of drugs and still be able to drive safely. However, it's not made clear what the difference between the her witch powers and vampire powers are, and the story abruptly ends before we can see the extent of them.
  • A Growing Affection has a demon clan that drinks human blood to increase their powers and enslave the people they feed on. Doraku (the only representative of his clan seen) dislikes being called a vampire but admits his clan is the source of the vampire myths.
  • Halloween Unspectacular: The story "Where They Feast" features vampires as holy warriors who only feast on the wicked.
  • Harry Potter and the Lady Thief: Vampires are immortal, have powerful senses, need to drink blood and are vulnerable to magic and sunlight. Voldemort plans to create a vampiric body for himself without any of the drawbacks.
  • The Legend of Total Drama Island: Here, vampires are giant man-eating lampreys. Is that different enough for you?
  • Let Me Hear: Vampires survive on blood and blood tablets, but they are also able to eat breads and soups. Anything else is both unpleasant tasting and harmful to a vampire. They can drink animal blood, however animal blood tastes very bitter to them. Physically, vampires have retractable fangs to help blend in and purebreds typically look youthful even into middle-aged.
  • A Magus at Mahora: Namedropped when Shirou says "our vampires are different" and goes on to describe what vampires are like in his home world, the Dean and Takamichi are horrified at the comparison to their worlds vampires which are a lot more 'human' in nature; Takamichi's comment sums up their thoughts fairly well:
    Takamichi: Your world is a bleak one, isn't it?
  • More Than Just a Man: C.C that most vampiric weaknesses are either something completely logical or quirks of particular vampires: Garlic simply smells bad to their enhanced noses, sunlight is irritating as they can no longer tan, crosses were simply Dracula's thing, and being forced to count things is on account of some vampires developing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a coping mechanism. Lastly stakes through the heart kill most vampires because they get Stronger with Age and it takes a few centuries for them to heal fast enough to survive being stabbed in the heart. Though even she doesn't understand why salt water weakens vampires. Furthermore, most of the more fantastical powers aren't real. For example, shapeshifting is really vampiric hypnotism to make someone think a vampire transformed. Lastly, it takes roughly a year for someone to fully change into a vampire, longer if they don't consume the massive amounts of nutrients the change requires. Also, the enhanced physical abilities (at least to begin with) is based on what the victim was capable of beforehand: an Olympic athlete would become superhuman but someone like Lelouch would only be on par with a trained athlete.
  • My Immortal: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way is a vampire, but it doesn't seem to affect her much except for being Immune to Bullets, being pale, drinking blood, and having a liking for Count Chocula cereal. She does dislike the word "cross" to the extent that on one occasion she types it "c-r-o-s-s" and on other occasions changes it to "pentagram", as in "She looked like a pentagram of Lindsey Lohan and Hillary Duff", but on one occasion she still wears cross-shaped earrings. Apparently she could be killed with a "steak." (She had better not go to any barbeques.) Harry "Vampire" Potter might or might not also be a vampire.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim has major Season 1 villain Norlock. He actually looks like a corpse, is burned by direct sunlight, sleeps in a coffin, has a Healing Factor fueled by the blood he drinks, can hypnotize victims, can see astral projections, knows magic, Must Be Invited into a home, can transform into a demonic bat monster, can cross running water just fine, doesn't have Super OCD, and only suffers Holy Burns Evil if the person fighting him has faith in the symbol being used. Also, he openly identifies as evil.
  • Nosflutteratu: Fluttershy doesn't burst into flames when exposed to sunlight. It does weaken her though. Her vampiric nature is also the in universe explanation for The Stare. The idea that vampires don't have reflections or cast shadows is just a myth though.
  • Pacifica's Revenge: The vampires that Dipper and Pacifica encounter have pale skin, bat-like noses, and (of course) fangs. Instead of being hunks, they're Dungeons & Dragons LARPers whose feeding habits require them to relieve themselves a lot note .
  • The Shimmerverse seems to obey literary Dracula rules. Vampires can shapeshift into bats (a single vampire turns into a swarm, to account for their body mass), have an Uncanny Valley look to them that is both beautiful and eerie, have slits for pupils, drink blood though not necessarily directly from a body, and become such after being bitten by an elder vampire. However, the bite does not always result in a change and a majority of the time just kills the victim. They can go out in the sun, but it's extremely uncomfortable to them and they lose their powers. Vampires may have an extended lifespan, but they are not undead and zombies freak them out.
  • The Steep Path Ahead: Amethyst and Daphne from Chapter 47 are capable of firstborn magic spells like Illusion and Sleep, have super-strength, get drunk off blood, and don't require their hearts to live. You have to burn them to ashes to put them down.
  • Total Undead Drama goes by the original Dracula story rules with a bit of a twist. Vampires can go out into the sunlight and be just fine with the only drawback being they can't use their powers. Only newborns (i.e: newly turned) have to stay in the dark for a bit so as to get adjusted to their new bodies. Lest their inexperience with their newfround magic destroy them.
  • There's More Magic Out There: Juleka needs blood to live, can't stand garlic, Must Be Invited every time she enters a residence not her own (though she is rather flexible with what she considers an "invitation"), and cannot cross running water (unaided, boats and bridges give her no issue), but she lacks some other vampire weaknesses. She can go out in the sun just fine, and her reflection is visible in most reflective surfaces (though not ones with silver in them). She can also shift into a bat and a large dire wolf, though she can't fly outside of her bat form. She still needs to eat normal food in addition to blood, and needs to feed more often if she uses her powers, like her Healing Factor, which regenerates a lost leg fairly quickly. She was also born a vampire instead of being turned, having inherited it from her father, and gets a blood supply from the government so she doesn't go around biting people. However it seems that the healing factor doesn’t completely heal, and Juleka will experience phantom pains.
  • What's Wrong With Tori: Tori and Jade get transformed into vampires. In addition to the typical vampiric traits like flight and immortality, vampires experience nosebleeds when they need to feed and undergo a Painful Transformation. They also aren't vulnerable to being stabbed in the chest. Instead, one must stab their brain to kill them.
  • World Without Logos: Due to the story being a crossover between Hellsing and Seraph of the End, there are two kinds of vampires. The Vampires of Seraph of the End are known as Skals, and the Hellsing vampires are referred to as Nosferatu. According to various sources in the story, Alucard is regarded as the firstborn Nosferatu, or True Vampire, and thus the "First Progenitor" of Nosferatu Vampires, much in the same way Sida was to the Skal Vampires. It's also confirmed that the Skals were the first Vampires to appear, with Nosferatu coming into existence shortly after Alucard did. As evidence, Krul Tepes, a Third Progenitor, is 1200 years old, making her twice the age of Alucard.
  • The Worm Protocol: Discussed by Ami and Adam as a joke about his sleep schedule and lack thereof, specifically citing those inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula, the Twilight franchise, and the hopping Chinese Vampire. And then of course we had already seen the undead demonic digital vampire Myotismon.
  • You Call That a Costume?: Fluttershy is dressed as a vampire when she's affected by a Becoming the Costume spell. Rather than becoming a traditional vampire, she becomes a giant Vegetarian Vampire bat.

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