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  • The 15 Experience: Pierre is the only one of the intruding teenagers that acts at all rationally, justified as him being the only one who's sober and there only to act as a designated driver. Throughout the night, he tries to convince the others to leave the house with him, to no avail.
  • In episode 2 of Lanipator's Abrigimon, Matt was the only Digidestined sensible enough to actually focus on the battle at hand against Apocalymon while everyone else had their own Skewed Priorities.
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  • Dan O'Brien from Agents of Cracked is the only sane main character but is completely unbalanced compared to the periphery characters that are actually normal.
  • GBW in The Series. About half the time this is played straight, while the other half it's subverted as the universe is so chaotic that a rational approach never yields the right answers.
  • The guest hosts on Analog Control tend to be a lot more calm and down to earth than the hosts themselves.
  • Joe in the the flash animations Arfenhouse and Arfenhouse 2 fits this trope.
  • Max in Assist Me.
  • In Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Nikki seems like Barbie's most level-headed friend.
  • Ab3, the Author Avatar in The Binder of Shame.
  • The Black Legion of the Dark Lord Sketch Melkor has Mac, who is a friend of the Dark Lord Sketch and holds the title of Plain Old Bilbo. She has, so far, basically been the only one to attempt talking reason to Sketch. Everyone else just goes along with everything she says.
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  • Board James has two friends: a shameless cheater and an utterly-inept buffoon. Or he just might be the ''only'' manand not sane in the slightest.
  • The titular character in Charlie the Unicorn. It doesn't help that the other two unicorns, apart from their blissful acceptance (if not outright knowledge) of all the strange things that occur around them, are really only minor exaggerations.
  • The CollegeHumor page "Facebook History Of The World" has two characters playing this role, one called "Common Sense" and the other called "Hindsight", who are the only ones to realize how idiotic the various historical figures are.
  • The Cry of Mann: In a very dysfunctional house filled with very quirky people, Berry stands out as the most level-headed and sane person around, forced to try and keep everyone else in line while also protecting her father's company. This is deconstructed, when her struggle to keep things in order lead to her undergoing a Sanity Slippage, to the point where she starts drinking and making death-threats against everyone else.
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  • DarkMatter2525: Jeffrey is portrayed this way, in contrast to God.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Despite her mental illnesses that make her believe that she's unstable, Zia is shown to be one of the more dependable characters in tense situations. When she finds a group of students attempting to break out the school- without even bothering to check the emergency exits first- she calls them out for overreacting. She does so again when the group jump to killing Benjy now that he's hulked out, rather than seeking a non-violent solution.
    • Nurse Dini lacks the quirks of the other staff at Rogers High, and is instead a straight-talker who's sensible to her patients.
  • In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Red Guy is the only one who isn't going insane during the "creative episode." Additionally, he's much more questioning of the weirdness than the others and is the first to try to leave one of their terrible lessons.
  • While the real-life Hitler would be an inversion of this trope, the Downfall parodies' Hitler plays this straight, on some occasions. His life in the bunker revolves around being surrounded by his incompetent generals with useless skills such as drinking, providing trivial information, objecting to plans, pointing at maps, and ranting. They're often the cause of Hitler's schemes backfiring.
  • Dr. Tran fits this trope perfectly, especially when the narrator's around.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Koden and Amber, who also happen to be the Official Couple. Koden's status is more prominent than Amber's though, since Amber is The Quiet One.
  • Coltaine from Dungeons & Drogans often laments this.
  • Dana from Echo Chamber. Tom is a Jerkass, Zack is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Shannon is a Yandere, Porn Girl is... Porn Girl, and Mr. Administrator is a Bad Boss.
  • Welshman in Englishman started out like this (and usually turned out to be wrong) while later on he seems to give up and accept the insanity of the Englishverse.
  • The Shaman is this for Filthy Frank. To date, he's the only one to call Frank out.
  • Gordon Freeman as depicted in Freeman's Mind is not a sane individual by any standard, but everyone around him is so much more insane/stupid/violent that it's really hard not to see him this way. He even says flat out at the beginning of episode 13 "Everyone is crazy but me!".
  • Sasha Hunter in Greek Ninja finds herself rolling her eyes all the time at her comrades' antics.
  • Cyd/Codex in The Guild appears to be the only member of the guild in tune with reality. Averted when she arguably goes crazier than any of them, sublimating her real life in the game to the point of talking to her avatar and possibly being taken over by it.
  • In Gundam Abridged by Gutted Wren Studios, the role is shared by Sayla Mass and Bright Noa. However, both have their crazy moments; Sayla's moments being set off by any mention of her brother, and Bright's moments by any display of utter stupidity (which occurs often with Amuro around).
  • In Hat Films, Ross and Trott take turns in this role. While Not So Above It All on occasion, they're much more grounded than Smiffy and manage to keep the team focused on their operations.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • Pom Pom is essentially one of the smartest cast members, and often seems to be telling Homestar that everything he's saying is nonsense.
    • Strong Bad, although he causes trouble, is at least smarter than most of his cohorts (and aware that nobody seems to wear pants).
    • Strong Sad:
      Strong Sad: Look, you can tell me.
      Homestar: I can't!
      Strong Sad: Oh come on! What is it?
      Homestar: I'm PWEGNANT!!!
      Strong Sad: (pause) No... you're Homestar. Runner. The male.
      Homestar: Oh, phew! Thought I was a pwegnant woman fow a second, thewe.
    • Marzipan also qualifies at times, although this trait is usually overshadowed by her eccentricity and strawman political zeal. Surprisingly, The Poopsmith is the only character who is always depicted as a rational voice of reason (not literally, of course, considering his vow of silence).
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device
    • The whole shtick of the series is the Emperor being the only sane man in the whole Imperium and commenting on various aspects of its insanity.
    • Among the High Lords, the Lord General of the Guard is the only person who realizes that banning air might not be such a good idea, and the Ecclesiarch Descius is the only one who's not a frothing idiot and generally useless.
    • Kitten, for all his vices, is the only Custodes who still wears his armor, doesn't oil his abs and doesn't go swimming in pools of liquid used for Kill It with Fire.
    • Among the Ultramarines, Chapter Master Calgar is the only person who realizes that his entire Chapter are Mary Sues who routinely commit Violation of Common Sense. invoked
    • In episode fifteen, Magnus is briefly the only person who doesn't go into Unstoppable Rage when learning that Tau don't fight in melee and the only one to bring forward logical arguments against exterminating them.
    • When we get a peek at the gods' chatroom, Isha and Khaine are the only ones who don't come across as crazy jerks. Then again, it's not hard to be considered the sanest one when you're in the same room as the Chaos Gods and Gork & Mork.
  • Kakos Industries has the company owner, Corin Deeth the III, act as this for the most part. He's a lot more logical to an almost pretentious degree though even he has had instances of becoming obsessed with inanimate objects and believes having a live baby implanted into someone's thigh is a good idea for a Halloween costume.
  • Left POOR Dead: Toby seems to be the only one who knows about the zombies.
  • Guy of Life in a Game, being the only "real" person in his video game world, is the only one who questions the insane video game logic that everyone else seems to take for granted. It comes and goes, but the best example of it is in Episode 6-2.
  • Matt Santoro, The Leader of his own web series. Eugene is a nerd and is socially inept, Hugo is insane and does numerous dangerous activities, Lorrenzo focuses on nothing but having sex with women, and Big Shine believes that the Easter Bunny is real despite being an adult, but Matt acts completely normally.
  • Uncle Larry from McJuggerNuggets, judging by the Sanity Slippage and the state of the house.
  • In Noob:
    • In the Noob guild, Arthéon is this as long as you don't mention anything linked to Game Masters or his banned high-level avatar, while the quirks of the other guild members tend to affect their behaviour on an hour-to-hour basis. Ivy, due to her laid-back attitude about things when she's not being hit by a narcolepsy attack, can be seen as that among the female members of the guild then the whole group after Arthéon lets out all that he's been bottling up over the years.
    • In Relic Hunter guild, Elyx seems better adjusted than her teammates (the series king of Hair-Trigger Temper, someone hit with Stockholm Syndrome towards him and a Casanova Wannabe) despite a backstory including time in a psych ward.
  • Spike in the PONY.MOV series considers himself this as revealed in PARTY.MOV where after a long conversation with an intoxicated Pinkie Pie he asks himself "Am I the only sane one in this crazy world of technicolor pony weirdos?".
  • Random Assault:
    • Tony.
    • Alex seems to fancy himself this when Matt's away.
  • Rational Wiki: The category Right of Reason is for conservatives with enough reasonable viewpoints that they can be taken seriouslynote . The leftist version is called Left of Reasonnote .
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Church isn't exactly level-headed, but considering the fact that most of the other regular soldiers in Blood Gulch display varying degrees of incompetence or insanity, he's easily the most down-to-earth character present. While this makes him more proactive than much of the cast, it's also the cause of the endlessly irate disposition that tends to overshadow the other aspects of his personality. In a twisted sense of irony, he is the only one of the group that's actually gone insane. Twice, even!
    • Grif would qualify in the respect that he's at least as sane as Church, were he not utterly apathetic to the crazy goings-on of Blood Gulch. Witness his logic in the Warthog argument, which is of course completely shot down by Sarge as being insane and made up. How much of his resulting personality is Flanderization or him just realizing that he cannot make a difference is debatable.
      Grif: The sun never moves around here! Why does no one ever want to talk about that!?
    • Simmons has also shown himself to be fairly rational when he's not being a sycophant. One could make the argument that the position of Sane Man among Team Red depends on whether or not Simmons is sucking up to Sarge.
    • Washington from The Recollection ultimately fits this the best. It actually creates a weird dynamic where Church mocks the others for their stupidity and Washington mocks him. Again, however, it should be pointed out that in a show where every single member of the cast is crazy or an imbecile, "Only Sane Man" is a relative title. Wash is most assuredly not normal, but compared to everyone else, he's at least mostly all there. In any other fandom he'd be considered a nutcase.
      Washington: I'm not crazy, OK? I'm completely, totally sane. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go blow up this dead body. (he proceeds to do so. Multiple times. In his defense, he really, really wanted to be sure she was dead.)
    • Upon completing his Character Development, Wash truly becomes the Only Sane Man, to the point he even calls Church out on his Jerkassery.
    • Lopez the Heavy acts as this to the Reds. However, because he was built to only speak in Spanish, his attempts to bring order and logic to his team are either ignored or misinterpreted.
  • Lita in Sailor Moon Abridged, sometimes... and 'she' is a Jive Turkey somehow dressing as a Japanese schoolgirl. Of course, compared to Serena, Raye or Mina...
  • The Shark Pool trailer features one guy whose suggestion for stopping the shark from killing people is to not go into the pool it's trapped in. Everyone else either thinks he's talking crazy, or thinks its too hot today to not go in.
  • Nathan from Shiny Objects Videos tends to fill this role.
  • Algernon's characterization in the Something Awful: Dungeons & Dragons gaming sessions, being dragged into increasingly ridiculous situations with increasingly ridiculous people.
  • Tails suffers for being the only non-airhead in Sonic the Other Movie.
  • Starman3 in Super Mario 64 Bloopers. While he does have his moments, he has the least amount of unsafe plans.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • Mario is just about one of the only normal people on the show.
    • Chef Pee Pee also qualifies, in comparison to Bowser and Junior.
    • The Brooklyn Guy is one of the few puppets who's actually not a moron.
    • Joseph is the only kid who isn't a total moron like Junior or a pervert like Toad and Cody. However, Cody is the wisest and most level-headed compared to Junior and Joseph.
    • Female example: Emily Coleman (Patrick's sister) is one of the few of Bowser Junior's classmates in the Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! series who has some common sense and maturity.
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
  • In Third Rate Gamer, Billy is quick to point out the Third Rate Gamer's idiocy.
  • Due to the constant gags that render his historical knowledge (which is accurate in terms of our reality) meaningless, Timmy from The Time... Guys could be considered the only sane being in the entire universe.
  • Yasaki in Transolar Galactica.
  • Turnabout Storm: Much like in their home series, Phoenix Wright and Twilight Sparkle play this role in different ways: Phoenix comes from a mostly realistic setting full of quirky characters, and now has to cope with the weirdness of Equestria plus the quirky characters; while Twilight is the most sensible pony in Ponyville and a constant voice of reason. Much inner snarking ensues with them.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Scootaloo tries (and often fails) to dissuade the other Cutie Mark Crusaders from completely gratuitous destruction. Whenever the subject of racism comes up, Twilight Sparkle is the only voice of reason. And when Twilight Sparkle goes off the deep end herself, Spike tries (and often fails) to talk some sense into her.
  • Derek the Bard from Warning! Readers Advisory! is surrounded by a crazy Lethal Chef, a truly pathetic vampire, a mad scientist supervillain, and Cthulhu. No wonder he hits the crystal skull vodka so much...
  • Tom fills this role in most episodes of We Need Girlfriends.
  • In Welcome to Night Vale, most Night Vale residents are so often exposed to Orwellian government surveillance, eldritch abominations, and supernatural disasters that they don't recognize such events as odd any more. Carlos, a recently-arrived scientist from the outside world, is the only person in the town who realizes just how WRONG all this is.
  • Whateley Universe: Both Lancer and She-Beast play this role for Team Kimba and the Bad Seeds, respectively.
  • During the early days of the Yogscast, Lewis Brindley came across this way, in no small part because he was more grounded than Simon Lane and the sometimes moronic NPCs they played with. This was also the case in the Magicka playthrough that he and Simon did with TotalBiscuit, since TB and Simon kept bickering while Lewis tried to keep them from arguing. From 2013 onwards, however, Lewis has shown that he's Not So Above It All and to call him this trope would be... inaccurate.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    • In The Other Abridged Movie, The Only Sane Man is Gary Stu, who can't understand why people are so obsessed with card games - until he falls for them at the end of the movie anyway.
    • Perhaps due to a Near-Death Experience in the previous season ("I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO DIE IN A SHOW ABOUT (BLEEP)ING CARD GAMES!"), Duke Devlin becomes more or less the Only Sane Man in season 3.
    • In Marik's Evil Council videos, Bakura considers himself the only member who sees how ridiculous Marik's schemes are, to the point that he finally defects to Dartz' Evil Council.


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