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Only Sane Man / Professional Wrestling

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  • Joey Styles was signed to play precisely this trope in ECW. Paul Heyman told him "In the midst of all the craziness, I want you to be the steady voice of reason"
  • Jim Ross was this in WWE, and Michael Cole did as a face on Smackdown. Pretty common for play-by-play guys to do this.
  • In a rare example of the colour commentator coming off as this, William Regal on WWE NXT
    • This is continuing now that he is the GM of NXT
  • Several heels tend to think they're this, including Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Damien Sandow. They usually tend to drift into Not So Above It All.
    • Though Punk was the genuine sane one in the "love triangle...square" storyline, as Daniel Bryan was certifiably insane by that point, Kane's reputation spoke for itself while AJ Lee, the object of all their "affections", was clearly off her rocker and three-fourths of the way to being committed.
  • Whenever WWE or TNA wrestlers venture out into the "real" world for skits, there is usually at least one bystander who fills this role. The "Special Guest Host" on Monday Night Raw (usually a non-wrestling-related celebrity) also tends to play this part, but there have been some exceptions - and, in at least one instance, the Special Guest Host turned out to be the heel of the show.
  • Jerry Springer filled this niche when he guest-starred on Monday Night Raw. Yes, that's right - Jerry Springer. (Double-subverted when he proved to be Not So Above It All, of course.)
  • Jonathan Coachman caught the Sanity Ball - temporarily, anyway - at the 2007 Royal Rumble. He, Theodore Long, and Kelly Kelly - representing Raw, SmackDown, and ECW, respectively - were backstage watching the Royal Rumble Match participants file in to choose their numbers from a bingo tumbler that Kelly was cranking. It wasn't long before Coachman was becoming visibly unnerved by the Carnival of Killers - including a pair of "vampires" (Kevin Thorn and Ariel) and a mentally-challenged Indian giant (The Great Khali) - lining up to take their numbers, as well as frustrated that Theodore Long and Kelly Kelly seemed completely unfazed by these frightening individuals. Finally, Coach lost his temper and - in a manner that made him look anything but sane - screamed at Long and Kelly that he had had all he could stand of "Your SmackDown freaks!" and "Your ECW degenerates!" As it happened, the final man to enter the room was Ric Flair - and this caused Coach to cheer up and become pleased that at last they had a classy, "normal" Superstar in their midst. Then Flair revealed that he was Not So Above It All by getting down with his bad self at an impromptu dance party thrown by Kelly's "Extreme Exposé." Talk about Playing with a Trope until its wheels fall off.