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Averted, unsurprisingly, as this franchise has Loads and Loads of Characters that are separated by being in different series, different universes, different time periods or appeared seasons apart.

First Names

  • Arrow Starter Villain Adam Hunt, Adam Donner, Adam Foster (Cat's eldest son), Adam Macalister, and Adam Fells aka Geomancer.
  • Al Rothstein and Al Capone.
  • Alphonso Luzano and Alphonse Capone.
  • Alex Danvers, Alex Davis, Alex Faust, Alexi Leonov, and Lex Luthor.
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  • Astra Logue and General Astra from Krypton.
  • Barry Allen and a young Barack Obama.
  • Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger, Ben Krull aka Reactron, and Ben Lockwood aka Agent Liberty.
  • Bette Sans Souci and Betty Seaver.
  • Carter Hall aka Hawkman and Carter Grant (Cat's younger son).
  • Catherine "Cat" Grant, Katherine Grant, Katherine "Kate" Kane, and Catherine Hamilton.
  • Cecile Horton and the first Count Vertigo whose real name was Cecil Adams. However, The Reveal of the latter's name only happens long after his death.
  • Charles McCabe (Mari's adoptive father) and Charles McNider aka Dr. Mid-Nite.
  • Arrow Starter Dragon Constantine Drakon and Arrow Season 5 flashback Big Bad Konstantin Kovar.
  • David Singh, David P. Ratchet aka Big Sir, and David Hersch.
  • Derek Reston aka King ad Derek Sampson.
  • Both the second Black Canary and Laurel and Sara's mother are named Dinah Drake. Laurel is also named Dinah, she goes by her middle name. It's also heavily implied that Black Siren goes by Dinah on Earth-2 instead of Laurel.
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  • Edward "Eddie" Thawne and Eddie Slick, though it's unclear what the latter's full name is.
  • Arrow Season 1 flashback Big Bad Edward Fryers, The Flash Season 1 regular Edward "Eddie" Thawne, The Flash Season 3 Starter Villain Edward Clarriss aka The Rival, and Edward Nygma.
  • Supergirl (2015)'s adoptive mother Eliza Danvers and Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory.
  • Eve Tessmacher and Eve Baxter.
  • Frank Pike, Frank Chen, Frank Bertinelli, and Frankie Kane.
  • Hank Henshaw and Hank Heywood.
  • Helena Bertinelli and Helen of Troy.
  • Henry Allen, Henry Hewitt, Henry Stein, Henry "Hank" Heywood, and Henry Heywood, Jr..
  • Isabel Rochev and Isabel Nal.
  • James Olsen, James Jesse, James Harper, James Jackson (Jax's father), and James Zolomon (Zoom's father).
  • Joe West, Joe Boardman (Hawkman's Early 20th Century incarnation), Joe Wilson, and Joey Monteleone aka Tar Pit.
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  • John Diggle, John Diggle Jr., John Constantine, Jon Valor, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, John Corben aka Metallo, John Noble, and J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter.
  • Kyle Reston aka Ace and Kyle Nimbus aka The Mist.
  • Leslie Willis aka Livewire and Leslie Jocoy aka Amunet Black.
  • Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider and Liza Warner aka Lady Cop.
  • Mark Scheffer aka Shrapnel and Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard.
  • Mary Xavier (Rip's adoptive mother), Mary McGowan (Winn's mother), and Mary Hamilton.
  • Miranda Crane and Miranda Hunter (Rip's late wife).
  • Oliver Queen and Olivia Marsdin.
  • Nora Darhk (daughter of Damien), Nora Allen (Barry's mother), Nora West-Allen (Barry and Iris's daughter, named after her grandmother), and Nora Fries.
  • Patricia "Patty" Spivot and Patricia "Patty" McCabe (Mari's adoptive mother).
  • Quentin Lance and Quentin Turnbull.
  • Ray Palmer and Ray Terrill a.k.a. "The Ray". This was actually lampshaded in a Legends episode.
  • Rebecca "Becky" Sharpe and Rebecca Merlyn (Malcolm's late wife and Tommy's late mother).
  • Rene Ramirez a.k.a. Wild Dog, Renee Chandler (Chaz Chandler's wife), and Renee Adler.
  • Robert Queen, Robert Terrill (Ray Terrill's father), and Rob (Captain Singh's husband).
  • Roy Harper aka Arsenal, Roy G. Bivolo aka Prism aka Rainbow Raider, and Roy Stewart.
  • Samantha Arias and Samantha Claytonnote . Since the former goes by Sam, this also puts her in conflict with Sam Lane, Sam Armand, and Sam Scudder aka Mirror Master.
  • Almost played straight with Sara, Sara Diggle was erased from existence shortly after Sara Lance was resurrected.
  • Simon Stagg, Simon Lacroix aka Komodo, and Simon Morrison aka Prometheus.
  • Susan Vasquez, Susan Williams, and Susan Brayden.
  • Ted Kord, Ted Grant aka Wildcat, and Teddy Reston aka Jack.
  • Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn, Tom Patterson, Thomas Coville, Thomas Constantine, and Thomas Snow.
  • Veronica Sinclair aka Roulette and Veronica Dale.
  • William Clayton, William Tockman the Clock King, and William Lang aka Gridlock. There are also Billy Wintergreen and Billy Malone.

Last Names

  • Cecil Adams aka Count Vertigo I and Onyx Adams.
  • Cat Grant, Katherine Grant, Carter Grant, Ted Grant, and Ulysses S. Grant. The first three are relatives.
  • Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 regular Carter Hall and Arrow Season 1 Recurring Character McKenna Hall.
  • Adam Hunt and Rip Hunter.
  • Kate Kane, Jacob Kane, and Frankie Kane.
  • Jean Loring and Anna Loring. The two are a Decomposite Character, the former is Ray Palmer's Love Interest in the comics but in The 'Verse that role was filled by the latter.
  • Tess Morgan and Randolf Morgan.
  • Ritchie Sampson and Derek Sampson.
  • Evelyn Crawford Sharp, Rebecca "Becky" Sharpe, Raelene Sharp, and Ava Sharpe.
  • Caitlin Snow, Thomas Snow, and Bethany Snow. The first two are child and parent respectively.

Full Names

  • Catherine "Cat" Grant and her mother Katherine.
  • Both the second Black Canary and Laurel and Sara's mother are named Dinah Drake.
  • Henry "Hank" Heywood and his son Henry "Hank", Jr.
  • Nora Allen is the name of both Barry's late mother and his and Iris' (future) daughter.
  • Winslow Schott, Jr. and his father Winslow Schott, Sr. The former goes by his nickname Winn to avoid this, especially since the latter was an infamous criminal.

Mixed Names

  • Julian Albert Desmond and Albert Einstein.
  • Danton Black aka Multiplex and Leslie Jocoy aka Amunet Black.
  • Adam Hunt, Adam Donner, Adam Foster, Adam Macalister, Adam Fells aka Geomancer, and Onyx Adams.
  • Chase, the DJ spy of the League of Assassins in Arrow Season 3, Supergirl Season 1 guest star Cameron Chase, and Arrow Season 5 Big Bad Adrian Chase. Interestingly, the first and last cases are only aliases (implied for the first, confirmed for the last), so their case is more or less a subversion.
  • Clark Kent and Zoey Clark.
  • John Constantine, Constantine Drakon, and Konstantin Kovar.
  • Cat Grant, Katherine Grant, Carter Grant, Ted Grant, Ulysses S. Grant, and Grant Wilson.
  • Rip Hunter and Hunter Zolomon (of both Earths 1 and 2, the latter being Zoom), plus Adam Hunt.
  • James Olsen, James Jesse aka Trickter, James Harper, James Jackson (Jax's father), James Zolomon (Zoom's father), and Caden James.
  • Jesse Chambers Wells aka Jesse Quick and James Jesse aka The Trickster I.
  • Oliver Jonas Queen and Rip Hunter's late son Jonas Hunter.
  • Raymond Palmer, Raymond Terrill, and Ronnie Raymond.
  • Martin Stein and Zed Martin.
  • Tess Morgan, Randolf Morgan, and Morgan Edge.
  • Nora Allen is the name of both Barry's late mother and his (future) daughter, then there's Nora Darhk, whose full name is Eleanor but is exclusively addressed by her nickname.
  • Mick Rory (and his father Dick Rory) and Rory Reagan a.k.a. Ragman.
  • Tess Morgan and Eve Tessmacher.
  • Tina McGee and Tina Boland aka "Dinah Drake".
  • Werner Zytle aka Count Vertigo II and Liza Warner aka Lady Cop.

Straight Examples

  • Earth-1 Laurel Lance's full name is Dinah Laurel Lance, but she opts to go by her middle name to differentiate herself from her mother Dinah Drake-Lance.
  • The Present Day ancestor of Eobard Thawne is named Malcolm Thawne in the comics. But since there's already a prominent antagonist named Malcolm here, he is renamed Eddie.
  • Frankie Kane's real name in the comicbooks is Francine Kane. But since that is the name of Iris and Wally's mother here, she's been renamed Frankie.

Meta Examples

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