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  • The New World of Darkness:
    • Werewolf: The Forsaken: This generally happens to werewolves once they undergo the First Change, thanks to a strong Healing Factor that keeps them in peak condition. A vignette in one book emphasizes this — a werewolf who looks to be in her early 40s is called in for a polygraph test, and completely confuses the cops when she truthfully admits to being in her 70s.
    • Geist: The Sin-Eaters: The fusion of the Geist and human soul causes Sin-Eaters to stay roughly in their prime in terms of energy and ability. They don't necessarily stop aging, but they avoid most of the problems of old age, such as arthritis and organ malfunction, often resulting in this.
  • In Warhammer 40,000:
    • Eldar and Dark Eldar Space Elves have lifespans that can be thousands of years, but in their twilight years look to be middle-age by human standards. Eldrad Ulthran was at least 10 000 at the time of his death but looked to be in his mid-50s, and Azdrubael Vect claims to be old enough to remember the Fall of the Eldar (making him at least 2000 years older than Eldrad) but is still hale and hearty. For the Dark Eldar, this is merely their physical form. Powerful Psykers and Daemons can see past this, and see the Dark Eldar for the twisted and horrifying beings they really are. Yes, even Lelith Hesperax has seen better days.
    • With the use of rare rejuvenation devices, it's possible for certain humans to look only middle-aged while pushing 80 to 100.
    • Space Marine Super Soldier genetic modifications let them reach three to five hundred years of age and still look middle-aged.
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    • The Emperor of Mankind himself has the appearance of man in his mid-late forties, but is in actuality tens of thousands of years old, having been born in ancient Anatolia at the dawn of human civilization.
    • Due to the Dawn Blade's properties, Commander Farsight is suspected to be in his fourth century. His race doesn't live past 40.
  • Ars Magica:
    • Characters start to make annual aging rolls at 35, and on a lucky outcome, their apparent age doesn't increase that year. Mages' Longevity Treatments greatly increase the chance of this occurring, so a powerful mage could live for a century and still only look middle-aged.
    • Characters with the "Unaging" supernatural Virtue can look as young as they want, in addition to experiencing No Stat Atrophy from age.


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