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  • Cheapened example in Matt Classic, a cryogenic experiment from the 1950s revived in the super secret bunker that Wrestling Society X takes place in.
  • Thunderkitty was at least seventy years old while she looked no older than a woman in her twenties, having debuted in 1952. Dave Prazak insists such a thing is impossible but his SHIMMER broadcast partner Portia Perez insists it's true, based on the "fact" no one born in this day and age would consciously choose to dress like Thunderkitty.
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  • Layla, the 2006 Diva Search winner, was the longest-tenured diva on the WWE roster with the retirement of Beth Phoenix in 2012, up until her own retirement in 2015. By then, she was almost forty but looked like she hadn't aged a day since she first arrived in the WWE. Some say she looked even better.
  • AJ Lee is now in her early thirties (born in 1987) but could easily pass off for early twenties.
  • Booker T, born in 1965, looks like most men their mid-to-late thirties at the most.
  • Japanese pro wrestler Cherry (no, not the one that was in WWE) had a gimmick where, when questioned about her age, would claim she was "Forever 18". However she eventually lost a match where she would be forced to show her passport and thus reveal her true age: turns out she was born on May 14, 1974... 37 going on 38! Twenty years older than what she was billed at, yet looking far, FAR closer to her gimmick age.
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  • Mick Foley is now past 50 (born in June 1965) and, apart from his greying beard and occasionally shorter hair, still looks the same as he did in the Attitude Era (though he was younger than he looked back then.) His well-being, on the other hand...
  • Terry Funk is over twenty years older than Mick Foley, having been born in 1944. Nonetheless, even in his seventies, he still looks pretty much the same as he did in the mid 90s. Amazing when you consider that, after all he's put his body through (past and present), he should've been dead years ago.
  • Former AJW star Mimi Hagiwara (on the right). 56 years old but you'd easily think she's at least 15 years younger.
  • Kane is now 51 (born in April 1967), but looks at least ten years younger.
  • This is Jerry Lynn in the old ECW (circa late-90s to early 2000s). And this is Jerry Lynn in 2012. Aside from the lack of facial hair, he doesn't look much different than he was a little more than a decade ago. Can you believe that, as of 2013, Jerry Lynn's 50?
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  • Apart from his shorter hair, Diamond Dallas Page, who is now 62 (born in 1956), looks pretty much the same as he did in WCW. Though he was already in his forties when he got his main event push.
  • Sting was 37 when he transitioned to Crow Sting, 47 when he debuted in TNA, and 55 when he debuted in WWE. In all instances, he looked at least 5 years younger. (The face paint does hide most of the wrinkles.) He's an aversion now thanks to his receding hairline though.
  • Does Lilian Garcia look like a 50-year-old woman?
  • The Young Bucks have been wrestling since 2004, were born in 1985 (Matt) and 1989 (Nick), and have both gotten married to womanly wives and become fathers. But if you saw Matt and Nick Jackson on the streets of Hesperia, California without first knowing who they are, you'd probably mistake them for high school kids about to attend a rave.
  • When the Young Bucks met Ring of Honor's "elder statesman" Caprice Coleman, Matt Jackson refused to believe he was thirty-three and continually refused to believe he could be that old as Coleman turned thirty-eight.
  • Rhyno has looked pretty much the same for the last 15 plus years.
  • The Bella Twins are both in their early 30's and look 21.
  • Chris Jericho was born in 1970, making him 45 in this picture. Yes, really.
  • Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman just never seems to look any older. (Amazing when you remember that he is a former crystal meth addict.)
  • Former WWE Diva Terri "Marlena" Runnels still looks insanely gorgeous at nearly 50 years old.
  • "The Mouth of The South" Jimmy Hart looks pretty much the same now as he did during his heyday in the 1980s, aside from a few extra wrinkles.
  • WWE referee Charles Robinson is in his mid-fifties (born in 1964), but looks pretty much the same now as he did during his days in WCW.
  • Ashley Massaro was in her late thirties prior to her suicide in 2019 and actually looked better than she did when she was in her twenties. (As she was underweight before she left due to her stint on Survivor making her breast implants look oversized. She later gained the weight back and aging made her look more natural now).
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in 1999 aged 34. Stone Cold Steve Austin now aged 52. See much of a difference?
  • Ron Killings just flat out doesn't age. Here he is during his fist WWE run as K-Kwik in 2001, and here he is in his current run as R-Truth.
  • Even despite her muscular frame, Alexa Bliss looks like a young teenager even though she's well into her twenties, primarily due to her being barely five feet tall. Parodied on Sasha Banks's Facebook photo of Alexa.
    Fan: Do you know if Alexa's seeing anyone?
    Sasha:note  Dude, she's like twelve.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura and Kanako Urai are both pushing 40. Neither of them look or perform like wrestlers nearing the age at which most wrestlers have already retired.
  • AJ Styles is in his 40s now, yet he looks and moves like a man 15 years his junior.
  • Jerry "The King" Lawler doesn't look like a man who's pushing seventy. Early fifties tops. Though, he's clearly had some work done.
  • Gray hair aside, Kevin Nash, who is 60, has hardly aged since WCW and can easily pass for about two decades younger when he colors his hair. Though he has racked up a ton of injuries to compensate.
  • Stacy Carter was 29 when she first showed up in the WWF as Miss Kitty (later The Kat). Her petite frame and youthful features made her look like a 21-year-old.
  • Daffney Unger's heavy make-up helps conceal that she's actually in her forties.
  • The women of Irish wrestling all fall into this in some way:
  • Bruno Sammartino was 82 when he died, but honestly could've passed for his early sixties.
  • Aside from her dramatic weight loss leaving her completely unrecognisable from her younger days, Bull Nakano looks like she's in her twenties rather than her early fifties.

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