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  • Doug Walker:
    • Although he may be slightly embarrassed by one of his first works, starring himself as a cowboy, he uploaded it to That Guy with the anyway for all to laugh at.
    • His poorly received sketch "Melvin: Brother of the Joker". The Channel Awesome re-upload of it outright referred to it as "one of Doug's worst sketches ever" in the video description. Hell, Doug ended up killing the character off during a donation drive, and later shared a fan-video where the Joker himself reacts violently to Melvin's video.
    • His highly obscure character "Emo Jones" may also count, having only received one sketch and having gone virtually unmentioned since.
    • The Nostalgia Critic's Let's Play he did of Bart's Nightmare fell under this rather quickly, primarily because a) it was too angrishy and b) he was on vacation and wanted to give the fans something other than commentaries. In the following episode, the Critic ended up going to prison (one symbolically placed right next to a location from the movie he hates more than any other) for making the video and publicly apologized to the masses who wanted his blood.
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    • This trope was exploited In-Universe by Mara Wilson. She showed Doug's old videos as a kid in order to get revenge on him for mocking her work as a kid. In his commentary for that very review, Doug said that he picked the very worst movies he made, as a response to people thinking the previous Old Shame childhood movies he showed clips of weren't so bad.
    • Rob Walker was never interested in Demo Reel, and only agreed to put the show into production because Doug had wanted to do it for five years.
    • While he admits that the video was funny, Doug regrets how he quit his old job because of how unprofessional it was.
    • Nella from The Nostalgia Chick: "Rule Number One! We don't talk about Rape Rap!"
    • During interviews and episodes of Radiodrome, Brad Jones has expressed embarrassment over his early videos as The Cinema Snob. Not only was most of his early stuff shot in very poor video quality and lighting, but he also feels his presentation was too much negative ranting and not enough comedy. Also, because he originally posted them on YouTube, they're often only under 8 minutes long. Despite his embarrassment, Brad just leaves the videos as they are and actually enjoys poking fun at them in his newer, better videos.
  • Almost everyone who was a contributor on Channel Awesome from 2008-2015 regrets ever having anything to do with Doug Walker or any of the higher-ups of the website due to mistreatment and abuse they suffered while working on the website. Most have stated to the effect that they will never work with the Walker brothers again. The only exceptions are Brad Jones, who not only stayed with the website but has really doubled down on his support for it since the document came out; Noah Antwiler, who said that he didn't like Channel Awesome's management team but misses working with Doug and Rob; and, to a lesser extent, Lewis Lovhaug, who says that he did consider Doug and Rob friends and had a problem more with Mike Michaud than he did with themnote .
    • Especially pronounced with Allison Pregler, who not only regrets anything she did with Doug and Rob but Brad Jones as well. While she initially stayed friends with Jones despite the latter's decision not to leave Channel Awesome, after Jones went on an interview with Double Toasted where he dismissed the controversy and said things like "Apologize, even if you don't mean it!" and "Well, Logan Paul filmed a dead body and he still has a career", she immediately ended her friendship with him. Whenever she has mentioned him since, it has not been pretty. It has gotten to the point where she has either deleted reviews they were in together or edited him out of reviews, and called the movies she was in that he directed "shitty". She's gained a reputation of lashing out and blocking not only anyone who mentions Doug and/or Brad on her Twitter, but anyone who merely follows them on the site.
  • Lindsay Ellis has stated that she has no good memories of The Nostalgia Chick or her time associated with Channel Awesome. She pretty much says that no one should watch any of her work from before 2015 (although she says she still likes the Freddy Got Fingered review). For a while, she uploaded her old videos to her retro account so other people won't upload them, under the mocking title "Nostalgic Woman", but even those have since been made private. More broadly, she believes that her videos as the Nostalgia Chick, and the output of Channel Awesome in general, helped to popularize a toxic brand of online media criticism in the 2010s, one that was characterized by snide, bad-faith arguments and an air of smug superiority to the material they were discussing. The only Nostalgia Chick videos that she doesn't seem thoroughly embarrassed about are her videos on Freddy Got Fingered and The Lord of the Rings, going by the fact that she has reuploaded to her main channel.
    "It was around 2011 that I started to really realize what a toxic form of criticism we were helping to build when I realized how bad my review of Dune was. Like, I still don't like Dune, but my approach to it was just so smug and lazy. Genuinely my nadir, and I've had a few. ... I'm not proud of it. I had a hand in the foundation of the SinemaCins landscape of today."
  • Many Agents in the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, an organization that hunts down Mary Sues, will sometimes use Sues that they once wrote.
  • The Protectors of the Plot Continuum has been known to feature sporkings of the writers' own badfics.
  • After getting banned from the SCP Foundation, senior member Fishmonger asked the site to remove all of the articles, stories, and materials he had ever written for the site. Barring the obvious reasoning, some site members theorized that Fishmonger was afraid potential employers would stumble across the site.
  • The first two Chaos Fighters installments are set for rewrite because of this trope, namely being lower quality compared to the rest of the series.
  • Rocco Botte, while he doesn't completely disown or hate Mega64 Version 1, has shown to be embarrassed and apologetic for a lot of the episodes' shortcomings. This is painfully apparent in the Special Edition Commentary.
  • Kyle Kallgren of Brows Held High wound up taking down his review of The Girlfriend Experience about a month after it went up on That Guy with the Glasses, citing that he didn't care for some of the implications that he made about adult film stars and decided he didn't want it to represent him as a critic. He uploaded a commentary of the review instead, explaining the reasoning behind this.
    • Kyle has since grown dissatisfied with his older episodes, which were straight reviews, in favor of his newer format, which analyzes films from a particular angle. Only a few of these older reviews (some branded "Brows Held High Classic") remain on YouTube.
  • The crew at Incognito Cinema Warriors XP stopped selling copies of their first episode, Bride of The Gorilla (and never released it to RiffTrax), citing the low quality relative to subsequent episodes, elements that flat out didn't work (like a jarringly out-of-place Laugh Track) and a lack of interest in redoing the episode to bring it up to par. It's a Missing Episode now and it's staying that way. (You can't even find clips of the thing on YouTube).
  • As explained in their official history, after the dot-com bubble burst in the early '00s, Newgrounds had to resort to running ads for porn sites in order to keep the lights on. They are not proud of this, mainly due to the poor image it gave to the site.
  • AnimalGuy001, now known as Fawful's Minion, got a lot of hate for his top 10 most overrated Pokémon, which was one of his first works. In a video he decided that fans could choose which video (or series of videos) was the worst video he ever made. It turned out to be his top 10 most overrated Pokemon video. When he was talking about this video he said:
    I really hate this video. Out of all of the works I made, this is the one I simply can't stand.
  • Linkara:
    • Judging from this Twitter conversation, he is not a fan of the Angel Armor book series he wrote as a teenager, and was especially disappointed to learn that both books can be found on
    • He's admitted, in his episode on Sinnamon #1, that he hates most of the badly lit/blurry early episodes like Sinnamon #11.
    • He also regrets his earlier attitude in attacking creators directly rather than criticizing writing and art decisions. This is why he changed the theme song in episode 600 and made it official starting in 2021.
  • Mr.AspiringActor, an ex-video reviewer on YouTube, has admitted to not caring much for his first series, Mr.AspiringActor Presents, very much except for a few episodes.
  • TV Tropes:
    • Many longtime tropers are ashamed of the former Troper Tales and Fetish Fuel sections of the site, and for good reason. The entries there were so... uh, off-color, giving way Too Much Information about the tropers who posted there, that they damn near dragged this site's reputation down to the level of 4chan. Thankfully, they were removed, and since the site now strives to be Family Friendly, they will never be coming back.
    • Some tropes, while otherwise perfectly innocuous, used to have names that are generally considered stupid now. Most can be found on the Renamed Tropes and Permanent Red Link Club pages, but there are three that stand out:
  • Achievement Hunter has a few incidents that are considered Old Shames by them:
    • During the height of the fad, Ray Narvaez, Jr. had gone around spouting out "YOLO!". He's since stopped it and regrets doing so.
    • The "Connect the Hots" incident is this for Geoff and Gavin in which one of their "Let's Build" episodes had them discussing a game they did involving driving and hot women. However, people got quite pissed off about it, comparing the game to out and out stalking and forcing the two to admit they messed up and they removed all videos referencing the "game".
    • Their Let's Play for Magic The Gathering was so boring, they deleted the videos and promised it would never see the light of day again.
    • Their Let's Play for Fuel is also this to some of the group, seeing as it was a major case of Leave the Camera Running.
    • Ryan Haywood isn't too proud of his brief stint as a professional teen model. He's also prone to saying things during Lets Plays that he later regrets. It doesn't help that whenever he does this, Rooster Teeth makes a shirt out of it that his fellow Achievement Hunters promote heavily.
    • Speaking of Ryan, the rest of Achievement Hunter regard their entire time with him to be an Old Shame after Ryan's sexual misconduct was exposed in October 2020. Both Jack and Michael announced that they would edit and delete videos in order to erase Ryan entirely.
  • Nickon Aqua Magna isn't fond of his review of Sonic Unleashed mostly because the only reason he did it was to attack the game and the people who liked it.
  • Todd in the Shadows admitted in 2011 that he wasn't proud of this first two reviews. He also apparently isn't fond of his Ke$ha videos either.
  • JonTron
    • Jon Jafari deleted one of his videos on YouTube, "Top 10 Overrated Games", because of all the whopping backdraft he caught for it. He lampshades this during his Mighty Max review. And for some reason, he decide to privatize "Apples and BREAKS", which consisted of him simply mourning his accidentally broken Nintendo DS console.
    • He also detests his chat on Twitch streamer Destiny's channel, in which he tried to defend his political views but his obvious rambling and "questionable" comments only proceeded to make the situation worst as following the interview, both him and the members of his site ''Normal Boots'' lost a significant number of subscribers with Jon's cameo for the game Yooka-Laylee being removed in response to the issue. He ultimately posted a second video apologizing for the incident and better explaining his political views, and went into a half-year-long hiatus.
  • Daniel Sulzbach, AKA MrRepzion, used to be pro-life, and once made a video promoting this view. Now that he is pro-choice, that video is an Old Shame of his.
  • Know Your Meme's "Cringeworthy" article got permanently locked from all forms of posting due to rampant dickery.
  • Mike Matei made a video in 2012 in which he plays Minecraft with an animated Inspector Gadget. Suffice to say, the video was poorly received, so much in fact that it was taken off both the Cinemassacre website and their YouTube channel. Years later, after Siiva Gunner made some high-quality rips featuring the video, Mike admitted that he himself was unhappy with the video and that it took him a long time to come to terms with it.
  • Turpster is not a fan of the old "Turpstervision" song (a parody of the Chuckle Brothers' introduction, "Chucklevision") that he did for an old show of his. This is in no small part because the other members of the Yogscast, Sips and Hat Films in particular, find it hilarious, to the point that they added it as a taunt on their custom Prop Hunt server. The video was initially viewable by all, but was later made private (though it was far too late to stop reuploads, and by now the fanbase is well aware of it; they've grown to love it for being So Bad, It's Good).
  • In this video, Lewis Brindley admits that he is not a fan of the "Wizard Gandy" map that he and Simon Lane did as part of the Yogscast Minecraft Series. They both found the map frustrating, badly-written, filled with poor The Lord of the Rings references, and just generally unplayable to the point that Sparkles* (himself not a fan of the miniseries) had to edit out over an hour of the duo raging; this was his first editing job to boot, so he understandably wasn't that happy. In an ironic twist, people started flooding in to watch the episode again shortly after.
  • The Yogscast in general do not seem to be as fond of their time with GameChap as they once were. While the groups initially got on, a public falling-out has caused Lewis Brindley to openly bash them on the 2014 livestreams.
  • "Duncan's Park" was apparently the topic of much good-natured teasing among the Yogscast. The series was based on a very buggy mod and got mediocre views, and Duncan abandoned it mid-way. The embarrassment hung on because they had printed a lot of t-shirts for fans of the series, and wound up trying to sell them at every convention. Apparently as of 2015, on-camera ribbing by Kim and Sjin has led to the shirts finally selling out.
  • Hat Films are somewhat loath to admit that there used to be four members of Hat Films originally, hence the name HAAT Films. Whereas Smiffy later replaced Nathan Asheman after he left (who the group are on good terms with and talk about positively), there is another unnamed member that they don't talk about. Given the fact that the anonymous person was inspiration for the "Director Trott" video, it seems that they had a bad falling out.
  • Reddit used to have several small subreddits like /r/creepshots that were, essentially, creepy threads used by scumbags to distribute every thing from stalkerish photos of women to child porn. The users were appropriately horrified and demanded that the staff purge those threads. The mods refused for the reason that doing so would break their own rules regarding freedom of speech. After media attention forced them to purge the threads, the site's management is deeply embarrassed over their failure to properly deal with them, especially because it gave the site and its users a poor reputation that Reddit is still struggling to move past, which in turn led to the site and its users frequently being insulted and harassed by communities like Something Awful. Because of this, the site's moderation is much stricter than it used to be, in order to prevent illegal threads like that from cropping up again. Reddit has also disowned violentacrez, a once well-liked, popular, and trusted Redditor who turned out to be a creepy jerkass who participated in the above-mentioned creepthreads.
  • Arin Hanson:
  • Again A Fanfic Critic opinion of his readings eventually progressed to viewing all of his riffings of bad fanfiction as this. He first thought all of his videos prior to the reading of Curse of the Demon Pony weren't very good and had a playlist with the episodes saying 'Early Stuff That's Not Very Good', but not for the same reasons as he came to view all of his riffings - he felt he was being petty by criticising inexperienced authors and so was attacking low hanging fruit. A specific example would be a reading of a fanfic An Old Friends Homecoming, where he left a note in 2017 saying he was not proud of it. New videos ceased at the end of 2016 and in September 2019 he eventually deleted his channel.
  • seems to regret putting Gravity Falls, which is generally considered Disney Channel's best cartoon on its "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows" list with the flimsy reasoning of the show's Black Comedy. Many viewers and fans cried foul and called WatchMojo hypocrites for using that as the only reason why while simultaneously praising Invader Zim despite the latter's far more twisted sense of humor. Lampshaded in the ''Top 10 Cartoon Shows of the 2010s" video where the narrator says: "Let's pretend this never made WatchMojo's "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows List"...".
  • Phelous doesn't like his first review, Mac and Me, as detailed in the episode's commentary and his April Fools' Day video of him reviewing the review.
  • The first installment of The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG (now gone from the Internet, unfortunately) was considered this by at least a few GM's and players, in part due to its silliness compared to the later seasons, and the lack of strict standards which resulted e.g. in several highly overpowered characters.
  • Ryanasaurus Enterprises refuses to re-release earlier LSN'snote  because of how unprofessional they look, to the point that the company's showrunner, Ryanasaurus0077, is embarrassed by them.
  • The SuperMarioLogan episode "Jeffy's Bad Word!" quickly became this for Logan Thirtyacre, due to the massive backlash it received. The episode received its backlash for having Mario being cruelly and harshly tortured beyond his usual Butt-Monkey status, to the point where he gets arrested despite trying to tell the truth, is considered a felon, and has Rosalina, of all people, tell him off. What Mario did to receive all this was spank Jeffy due to the latter repeatedly saying the F-word (no, not that F-word) after hearing it from him. About a day after the video was uploaded, Logan stated on Facebook that he was making a video to make up for the episode, which ended up being "Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise!", a video where Bowser Junior and his friends throw Chef Pee Pee a surprise birthday party. He also asked in the comments of "Bad Word" if he should delete it.
  • Randy from Shoegazer Productions has, in a way disowned 2Beats+, his music review show. Once Trey quit, he basically tried to bury it, which angered quite a few fans who actually thought it was clever and well-written. It doesn't help that the overall tone of the sketch-review series clashes with the documentary-like feel of his other 2 shows. With the better reception of Adventures in Vinyl-Land, his replacement review show, it's unlikely he'll ever bring it back (though he's hinted a few times he might if he can find another co-host).
  • Everything Jon Graham has made that is not Arby 'n' the Chief. Even then, he's ashamed of a lot of the earlier seasons as well.
  • In January 2013, Cyndi Seidelman of Game Show Garbage made an induction bashing a fan site of The Price Is Right. She removed it in September 2017 for this reason:
    "The Golden Fanbois induction is deleted and won't be returning to the site anytime soon. It was a terrible induction in poor taste and I fully regret it. I need to build bridges rather than burn them."
  • Logan Paul and his incredibly infamous Japanese suicide forest vlog at the beginning of 2018, which featured a real dead body of a suicide victim, which drew so much backlash that he spent the next few days desperately apologizing for it.
  • Mike and Jay of RedLetterMedia aren’t at all happy about one of their earlier films “The Recovered”. Mike even called it “A big, big, boring pile of shit.”
  • Early in her career, Ellie Kemper starred in the Derrick Comedy sketch "Blowjob Girl", where her character offers an offscreen man oral sex, but turns out to have a rather painfully incorrect idea of what the act entails. The sketch proved unexpectedly popular, so she had to deal with things like being introduced to live sketch comedy audiences as having been featured in "that blowjob video". In a later AV Club interview she said "I really don’t like that video, and I wish that I hadn’t done it, even though I know that it’s a joke"
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter has a lot of these.
    • His Top 11 Screw-Ups list is full of these.
      • He is dissatisfied with many of his older MLP reviews, most notably "Bridle Gossip", because he felt like he didn't take the time to properly elaborate what he was trying to say.
      • His old feud with Byter over the status of MLP's quality.
      • He has expressed regret for attacking Charlotte Fullerton and Merriweather Williams in his "Putting Your Hoof Down" review, as he learned after making the video that Fullerton was forced to stop working on the script and hand it off to Williams after the death of her husband. He doesn't like the episode any more than he did, but felt that he went too far in personally calling out the writers, especially given the circumstances.
    • Averted with a novel he was working on in high school, called Little Cassie, which he thinks it was a bit pretentious, but overall pretty good. Ironically, the complete opposite of his game Epic! The Humorous RPG, which he genuinely does consider Old Shame but believes it does have potential.
    • Mr. Enter tends to be disappointed by reviews that clock in less than five minutes. His least favorite Animated Atrocity review is "It's A Wishful Life" because he was rushing to get something out and should have torn into the episode more. His least favorite Admirable Animation is the "Helga on the Couch" review for similar reasons.
    • As stated in several modern post-rebrand reviews, such as "Fame and Misfortune," he openly regrets his former over-the-top tone and most of his controversial decisions, such as his 12 Oz Mouse review. Some of his older, infamously angrier reviews were redone even before his rebrand because of his shame, such as "Pet Sitter Pat" where he attacked the writers and inadvertently brought harassment unto their Twitter pages.
    • In his review of "Going Bananas", he expresses his shame at his previous Rocket Monkeys review, noting that it was more of a rant against people who request him to review certain works than a true review, and that the episode came during a stretch of reviews that he now hates due to him feeling burnt out at the time of making them.
  • SomecallmeJohnny did a review on Pokémon Gold and Silver in 2012, played up the joke of not knowing what gender Bugsy was and called him "it" instead. Fast forward to 2019, Johnny brought up the joke in his review of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! and admitted making a borderline transphobic joke was not in good taste.
  • Joe Garden, a former writer for The Onion, regrets having helped craft the site's satirical portrayal of Joe Biden, namely the "Diamond Joe" persona of the cool uncle who owns a Trans Am and a Harley and eagerly partakes in the "finer" things in life (Hair Metal, sexy barbarian women, good weed). He felt that it went soft on his actual politics, and that the first red flag that The Onion's Biden parody wasn't cutting deep enough was him finding out that people in the White House, Biden included, were huge fans of it.
  • Harrison Laine of The Music Video Show HATES his movie reviews because he says he was ripping off The Nostalgia Critic. When he was asked on a video if he would do another movie review, his answer was essentially "Fuck no."
  • Early Petscop videos would make multiple references to the Candance Newmaker case, but after a while they would disappear. Petscop's creator, Tony Domenico would admit they were intentional and a "bad idea".
  • Team Four Star:
    • Their earlier writing in general is subject to criticism from them whenever they rewatch old episodes. It was so prevalent in Seasons 1 and 2 of Dragonball Z Abridged that they would play "Guess Which Movie Just Came Out" during the marathon that led up to the release of Episode 60 Part 1 based on how many lines or references to that property were made, such as when Bulma referred to herself as a "genius billionaire teenaged philanthropist."
    • The first half of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, but especially Episodes 1, 2, and 4. During the marathon that led up to the release of the finale episode, Kaiser and Lani both apologized in advance for what the viewers were about to see because of how different the internet was, how much of an Unintentional Period Piece each episode was, and because of their over-reliance on internet memes and such.
      • Episode 1 starts with an antiTwilight joke and features Catholic Priest child molestation jokes galore (as well as a rape joke that they all visibly cringed at). The finale takes a potshot directly at it when Alucard chastises a soul for hating on a book written for horny teenagers as being ridiculous.
      • Episode 2 is full of references to shows like Epic Meal Time, among other things. It doesn't quite get as much flak as the others, but it still has them squirm uncomfortably.
      • And then there's Episode 4, and they had to pause and apologize again very profusely for a lot of things. For instance, in the first few seconds of the episode, a reference to Seras being "triggered" is made, they all sighed at the Portal Cake is a Lie reference, and generally seemed to bury their faces in their hands whenever Rip van Winkle was on-screen, because of how she was a vehicle for all of these references, as well as her being one giant Take That! to the worst aspects of Tumblr, but with no actual character development of her own.
  • Jenny Nicholson doesn't believe that Friendship is Witchcraft holds up very well. Her biggest concern is the frequent usage of the word "gypsy" in reference to Pinkie Pie, which Jenny and Griffin didn't realize was a slur for Romani people (it was used as a stealthy reference to a certain horse breed and more obviously in Shout Outs to The Hunchback of Notre Dame). When "Gypsy Bard" found a new audience with TikTok users in 2020, Jenny was pretty baffled and embarrassed.
  • Most of the earliest creators of Let's Plays feel this about their oldest works. The Dark Id admits that he was an angry homophobic asshole when he made his Resident Evil 4 LP, and while Chorocojo isn't quite as embarrassed about his Pokémon Emerald LP (Both in 2006), he still doesn't like it very much.
  • Zac Goold eventually took Gold Standard off YouTube, and is ashamed of how amateurish it was (particularly one instance of Special Effects Failure when a picture was badly photoshopped into a shot). It was the start of a dark period for him that he didn't come out of until What I Stand For.
  • Bobby Calloway towards his first short Aaron. While he's not too ashamed of the production quality, admitting it was simply a learning experience, he has nothing good to say about his own acting. On his Better With Bob? channel, he took down his first video on Flower Drum Song over embarrassment at the audio quality.
  • Most of The Nutters cast would rather move on from it, given it was made when they were sixteen and inexperienced. While they're grateful for it getting them their starts in the industry, and admit there are good parts to it, most would rather move on from it.
  • Sarah Z:
    • She mentions a couple times in the Once-ler video that she actually was in the fandom for a couple months. That said, while she acknowledges it was stupid, she defends it as having been basically harmless nonsense that actually did make sense if you were on the ground at the time, even if the final result was kind of idiotic.
    • She's also not too proud of her earlier nitpicky complaining videos - usually titled "Why X is terrible" - although they did help her acquire her initial audience. She lampshaded in her video on the Supernatural finale and the 'Destiel' ship that she's far more interested in people and how they act/react to things rather than complaining about a work's flaws.
  • Anthony O'Reilly Jr (also known as Tonto) loves to make fun of his first attempts at a web series - Dead or Alive, which was just shot on a camcorder with his friends when he was only sixteen.
  • Jackson Lennon:
    • He devotes an entire video to making fun of material from his previous channel - made before his transition. He spends the whole video laughing and cringing at his behavior ("why did I feel I had to do the ghetto hands?"), as well as making fun of the old videos' overexposure.
    • In 2018, he starred in a web series called Teen Life, and devoted a video to how excited he was to be part of an upcoming Teen Drama. Then it came out and was quickly destroyed for its laughably bad writing, with a heavy-handed Anvilicious tone.


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