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  • Quentin Tarantino doesn't like to acknowledge his directorial debut, a low budget comedy titled My Best Friend's Birthday. In the publicity for Kill Bill, that movie was referred to as Tarantino's fourth film, making the disavowal of My Best Friend's Birthday official.
  • Sharon Tate:
    • Despite it being her Star-Making Role, she felt Valley of the Dolls was awful. She only did the film because she knew the buzz around the book it was based on would further her career.
    • She wasn't too fond of the beach party comedy Don't Make Waves - thanks to the accidental death of a stuntman during filming, and the marketing focusing entirely on her in a bikini. She derisively referred to "sexy little me".
  • Channing Tatum:
    • He pokes fun at Step Up, despite it being his Star-Making Role. He responded to a fan asking "how many times is too many to watch Step Up?" with - "as many as it takes to realise how bad my acting is in it".
    • He despises G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He was a fan of the original cartoon and was forced by contract to play Duke himself, which he didn't want to do. He also felt the script was lousy.
    • He's not fond of Jupiter Ascending either. In a Reddit Q&A a fan asked him what it was about. His response? "Good question, I have the same one myself."
  • Elizabeth Taylor hated her movie Butterfield 8 so much that the first time she saw it she took off her shoes and threw them at the movie screen. Ironically enough, she won an Oscar for it.
  • Charlize Theron has less than fond memories of starring in Reindeer Games, as she calls it a "bad bad movie" (and considering some of the movies on her CV, that's saying something), but admits that she enjoyed working with its director John Frankenheimer, citing it as the sole reason why she did that film.
  • David Thewlis:
    • He regarded acting in The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) as such a terrible experience (due in part to its troubled production and primadonna antics from Marlon Brando) that he stated on-record that he never went to the premiere and has never watched the finished product.
    • He stated that he felt this way after working on Basic Instinct 2.
  • Eddie Kaye Thomas stated in a 2001 Teen People interview that he considers his role in Freddy Got Fingered to be this, even going as far as to call it the worst movie ever.
  • After seeing a list of notable roles the IMDb compiled for her on Twitter in the lead-up to Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson sarcastically pointed out that they omitted her "fascinating turn" as the Black Best Friend in the remake of When a Stranger Calls.
  • Guinevere Turner is ashamed of BloodRayne. She wasn't there on location to re-write the film. Uwe Boll decided to have only one draft of the script (and it shows). Guinevere saw the film in the cinema and she hated it.
  • Lana Turner disliked most of her films, especially her early ones, feeling she was only cast in parts that required her to look pretty, and she never felt she was being taken seriously as an actress. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) is an exception, with her saying it was the one time she was given the chance to do some "real acting".

  • If you ask Jean-Claude Van Damme about his first movie role, he'd likely tell you about Ivan, the villain he played in No Retreat, No Surrender. He's probably less eager to talk about "Gay Karate Man," the short role he played in 1984's Monaco Forever. A video distributor claims Van Damme's "people" made him an offer never to release the film on videocassette. And, of course, even though the film has nothing to do with Van Damme's character, the video release of the film features only a picture of Van Damme flexing his bicep, and the slipcover reads "And Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as 'The Homosexual.'" If Van Damme really could re-enter the past, perhaps the negative of Monaco Forever would be his first target.
  • Vince Vaughn didn't go out to promote Four Christmases, after it was rumored in gossip columns and blogs that he and co-star Reese Witherspoon did not get along throughout filming, plus he had to keep a low profile while the movie was in theaters.

  • Mark Wahlberg:
    • He has said in many interviews that he sees his earlier films and his singing career as this. Looking back, he found this era of his life rather shameful. (It even leads to a Self-Deprecation Actor Allusion moment in Rock Star.)
    • He later admits that his work on The Happening wasn't even that good as well.
    • Wahlberg also said that The Truth About Charlie was the worst film he had ever done.
  • Denzel Washington wishes he had never done Heart Condition, claiming that he was talked into making this movie by his agent and once it was slammed by critics and bombed horribly, Washington fired him shortly thereafter.
  • Naomi Watts has outright called some of her pre-Mulholland Dr. films (which include the film adaptation of Tank Girl and Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, mentioned in the "Multiple Creators" section) "pieces of shit". She also isn't fond of Diana, dubbing the movie "a sinking ship."
  • Chris Wedge isn't too fond of Epic, saying that the movie wasn't quite what he hoped it would be.
  • Chris Weitz has disowned The Golden Compass, saying that it was ruined by too much studio interference.
  • Raquel Welch made fun of Myra Breckinridge on a talk show (and on the film's DVD Commentary, ruthlessly ripping into both it and her own acting).
  • Tuesday Weld hates Pretty Poison, a 1968 film that had a very limited release due to some Executive Meddling. The irony, though, is that Pretty Poison is regarded as an underrated gem and cult classic, and many (modern critics and fans alike) find it to be one of her best performances that deserved an Oscar nom.
  • Joss Whedon
    • The unaired Buffy pilot. Also, the film.
      IGNFF: Is the presentation ever going to make it to DVD?
      Whedon: Not while there is strength in these bones.
      IGNFF: Well, I mean, it's one of the most heavily bootlegged things on the Internet.
      Whedon: Yeah. It sucks on ass.
      IGNFF: Yeah, it does, but it's sort of that archival, historical perspective...
      Whedon: Yeah, I've got your historical perspective.
    • Alien: Resurrection, which was supposedly written as a parody. Needless the say, the irony blew up in his face — and not for the last time, either. "The same thing that happens to everything else", indeed.
    • Whedon doesn't have fond memories of Roseanne. The eponymous star was apparently on her worst behavior, and the whole crew bore the brunt of it.
    • He has mixed feelings on Avengers: Age of Ultron, particularly due to the Executive Meddling from the studio. However, he says that the claims that he outright dislikes the movie are exaggerated.
  • Bert Wheeler of the 1930s comedy team Wheeler & Woolsey didn't seem to care much for any of his films. He apparently even fell asleep during a screening of High Flyers.
  • Michelle Williams has disowned Species (her second film), due to the torment that she got from people at her school over playing a character that becomes a giant cocoon. She also hates her first film, Timemaster (even calling it Timewaster on set, which other cast members also took to calling it).
  • Robin Williams:
    • His first movie was an extremely un-PC 1977 sketch comedy film called Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?. Notably, his scenes were cut out before the film's first release; but just before Popeye came out, they were restored, it was re-released, and he was promoted as the star despite only having two scenes. He reportedly sued for wrongfully using his name and image, and subsequent video releases had him cut out again. It is now available on DVD uncut.
    • Speaking of Popeye...
    • During his appearance on the Harmontown podcast, he and the hosts have a good laugh at the expense of Patch Adams, with Williams stating that it is used to depress hyperactive children, as well as riffing on the idea of a cut Kubrickian nightmare sequence involving a POV shot of a child's face with a red clown's nose in the bottom of the frame; this was based on Robin's story of an unnamed director legitimately considering whether Robin's nose should appear in a POV shot. "It'd be like having your own balls in a porn shot - why? He was just so fuckin' out there."
    • If his comedy special is any indication, Bicentennial Man is one.
  • Bruce Willis apologized for doing Striking Distance while on a talk show, saying that it "sucked".
  • Subverted with Mara Wilson and Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It was mistakenly reported that she was ashamed of it, but she later clarified that she had a stressful experience developing breasts during the shoot, and having to match continuity. In her autobiography she says she loved working with Britt Allcroft, and that the film was fun to make.
  • Kurt Wimmer disowned Ultraviolet after Screen Gems recut the film behind his back. He hasn't directed a movie since.
  • Jim Wynorski, no stranger to directing exploitation films, says that the 1996 Vampirella is the only movie he regrets making due to it basically being an Ashcan Copy that was only made because Roger Corman's company was close to losing the rights to the character, casting decisions he disagreed with (he would have preferred Julie Strain as Vampirella instead of Talisa Soto) and the Troubled Production that included wage strikes, on-set theft, crew members being too tired to work because they went out gambling the night before, and constant heat due to filming in the middle of summer in Las Vegas.

  • David Zucker had this to say about Scary Movie 5:
    "I produced Scary Movie 5, [and] that was so watered-down that [it] contributed to ruining the genre, as did all the Friedberg and Seltzer movies [such as Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans]. [Parody] has come on hard times. They’re not being done well. Scary Movie 3 and 4 did well, they made tons of money, they were huge hits. But by Scary Movie 5, it just got watered-down, we had to do what the studio required. It’s why I didn’t want to direct it anymore."


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