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  • Anything at all directed by "Alan Smithee". Entering this name into a movie database credits him as the director of dozens of movies, several television show episodes, music videos, and even some animated cartoons. almost all of his work was panned by critics. The reason is, there's no such person, it's a pseudonym used since 1968 by directors who do not want to be associated with their own work. (Clearly, some directors are pragmatic enough to know a Career Killer when they see it.)
  • Amy Adams:
    • While she has gone on to disown Cruel Intentions 2, she likes to joke about making it on occasion.
    • She doesn't even joke, however, about Psycho Beach Party, a horror-comedy movie she was in where her most remarkable scene was losing her bikini bottoms. (The word "remarkable" used loosely, much like "horror" and "comedy" for this one.) Granted, that was only her second role, but since she's become famous, hormone-addled teen fans keep dwelling on it.
  • Ben Affleck:
    • His biggest Old Shame isn't starring in Gigli — it's directing a short film called I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney. That said, he isn't fond of Gigli either. On the season 38 finale of Saturday Night Live, Affleck appeared in an "HBO First Look" sketch about Iran making a film based on Argo. Affleck states that the only reason he starred in it was so he can be in a movie that was worse than Gigli. According to Matt Damon, his left eye twitches every time you say the word "Gigli".
    • He also isn't fond of Daredevil and it pretty much influenced him to not be in another superhero film again, at least until he decided to play Batman a decade later in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in exchange for WB bankrolling any movies in between he wants to direct.
  • Casey Affleck went on record to reveal that Drowning Mona and Soul Survivors were not his favorite films that he worked on.
  • Jessica Alba:
    • She's on record as disliking several of her films, such as Good Luck Chuck (not without good reason).
    • In an interview with the British magazine Arena promoting Fantastic Four (2005) she badmouthed two of her pre-Dark Angel movies, Paranoid and The Sleeping Dictionary - and her performances in them.
    • Speaking of Fantastic Four (2005), she's not fond of that franchise either, saying it almost made her quit acting.
    • She isn't a big fan of Into the Blue either, mostly because her character was rewritten during filming. She was originally scripted to be a marine biologist but ended up rewritten into a recreational diver - essentially as an excuse to get her into a bikini. The filmmakers also apparently shot scenes behind her back with a body double in a bikini, forcing her to spend a chunk of the movie wearing not very much.
  • Jason Alexander publicly apologized for his work on The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle while appearing on Howard Stern's radio show.
  • Woody Allen:
    • He has stated that he didn't care for working on Antz, mainly because the producers had him record all of his lines in 5 days and even had him redo some of the lines.
    • And he doesn't get people's love for Annie Hall at all, only being able to see how much it doesn't live up to what he really wanted it to be.
    • And don't get him started on his "early, funny ones," as immortalized in Stardust Memories.
  • Gerry Anderson was not proud of Crossroads To Crime (his only big-screen movie as a director).
  • In 2019, Jennifer Aniston revealed that, eight years earlier, her then-husband Justin Theroux had made her watch Leprechaun, her 1993 debut, for the first time since she had made it. She says she kept cringing and tried to leave the room or get the remote out of his hand.
  • Alan Arkin disowned his work on Freebie And The Bean, saying he only did the movie because "he needed the bread".
    • He also regretted making the Inspector Clouseau film in 1968, which featured him in the title role, rather than Peter Sellers. He claimed once that the film was made while he was in a youthful arrogant phase, and the film experience humbled him afterwards.
  • While David Arquette has little to no qualms with talking about Ready to Rumble (since he enjoyed working with all the various wrestlers in the movie), he is not proud of his run as WCW World Heavyweight Champion to promote the movie.
  • Rosanna Arquette:
  • Gemma Arterton hated Runner Runner so much that it nearly made her quit acting.
  • Rowan Atkinson didn't care for Johnny English, saying it had "five good jokes and a lot of longueurs".
  • Richard Ayoade feels this way about The Watch (2012), and seemed especially sarcastic towards it during the promotional circuit.
  • Dan Aykroyd didn't like Loose Cannons, according to a 2013 interview asking him about a murder case where footage from the film found in a landfill was confused with a snuff film. Aykroyd suggested that it should have stayed in the landfill.

  • Kevin Bacon:
  • Alec Baldwin:
    • He has disowned Rock of Ages, calling it a "horrible movie", and stated he only did that film because he wanted to work with Tom Cruise.
    • He also despised working on The Adventures of Pluto Nash, even going so far as to remove his name from the credits.
  • Christian Bale has not been subtle about his dislike for Newsies, which he starred in back in 1992, although he acknowledges the cult audience the film has.
  • Jamie Bamber clearly feels this way about the film Ghost Rig, given his thoroughly embarrassed reaction when an autograph seeker mentioned having watched it—burying his face in the crook of his elbow and bluntly declaring "It's a really horrible film and I'm really horrible in it". He's openly stated that meeting his wife—who he's been Happily Married to since 2003—is the only good thing that came out of it.
  • John Barrowman in the epically-painful Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. In an interview with Jonathan Ross, he renounced the entire script as "bloody awful", and admitted that his most infamous line was actually an attempt at easing one of the actresses' stress that the director left in. He didn't find this out until he was watching it later on with his young nieces and nephews.
    I'm still feeling pretty wired. What do you say I... take you home and eat your pussy?
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov hated filming Company Business so much, that he refused to go out and publicized the movie.
  • Kim Basinger claimed in in a 2018 sitdown with Interview magazine that of all the movies that she had done, she had the most terrible time making Grudge Match.
  • Michael Beck blames Xanadu for killing his career.
  • Jack Benny turned The Horn Blows At Midnight into a running joke.
  • Halle Berry's acceptance speech when she won the Worst Actress Razzie for Catwoman (2004):
    First of all, I want to thank Warner Bros. Thank you for putting me in this Godawful piece of shit movie.
  • Michael Biehn wasn't completely satisfied about Navy SEALs, and described the making of it as one of the worst experiences of his life. During an August 2011 interview, he revealed he has a "bottom five" of movies he was in: Navy Seals, Deadfall, Dead Men Can't Dance, Chain of Command and Megiddo: The Omega Code 2.
  • Jack Black admits that he "paid his dues" as a young character actor and has "some skeletons" in his closet, pointing to The Neverending Story III as a particular "stinker."
  • Linda Blair blames the 1983 Girls Behind Bars Exploitation Film Chained Heat for ruining her career.
  • Neill Blomkamp subverts this; while he was disappointed with how Elysium turned out, he feels that the script needed some fine-tuning - and the performances and effects were otherwise very good.
  • David Bowie regretted 1978's Just a Gigolo, his second major film, simply for its poor quality. In a 1980 interview with New Musical Express, he said "Oh well, we've all got to do one [bad movie] and hopefully I've done mine now."
  • Danny Boyle said that he felt let down by his direction on The Beach. He also dislikes how production on the film destroyed his friendship and working relationship with Ewan McGregor (he had been promised the lead role in the film, which went to Leonardo DiCaprio instead), driving a rift between them that lasted a decade.
  • Jeff Bridges admits he was underwhelmed by R.I.P.D., stating that while he enjoyed making the film, he eventually disliked the finished product.
  • Matthew Broderick hated working on the critically-lambasted Deck the Halls, apparently having been overheard muttering to himself "I've hit rock bottom" on set during production.
  • Sandra Bullock:
    • She has had many harsh words for her part in Fire in the Amazon over the years.
    • She called Speed 2: Cruise Control "the biggest piece of crap" ever made. (In fact, while promoting said movie a fan told her she was looking forward to it and she replied "Well, as long as you don't expect too much...")
    • She has also stated that sequels and herself don't go well together - she's confessed to not liking Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous.
    • Oddly enough, she doesn't seem to regret All About Steve (despite accepting her Razzie Award on the film, she felt that the committee didn't see the film and gave everyone in attendance a DVD copy to let them judge if she was deserving or not).
  • Carol Burnett disliked her performance as Hooker with a Heart of Gold Mollie Malloy in The Front Page so much that years later, when she was a passenger on a flight that had the film as its in-flight movie, she stood up at the end and apologized to the passengers for what they had just witnessed.

  • James Caan:
    • He had such an unpleasant time making Kiss Me Goodbye, that he didn't star in another major movie for the next five years.
    • Based on how quickly he distanced himself from the film, and disparaged it upon its release, it's safe to say that he feels this way about Alien Nation.
    • He also didn't like Harry And Walter Go To New York, as he fired his management shortly after making this movie.
  • Michael Caine:
    • He has stated in an interview that the three worst films he has ever made are The Magus, The Swarm and Ashanti.
    • He also didn't like Jaws: The Revenge as well (as covered in the "Multiple Creators" section).
    • In addition, he utterly despises his work in On Deadly Ground, largely because he had a miserable time filming in Alaska.
  • James Cameron's first credited directing gig was Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (which he only got after the original director was fired), although it's not clear how much of the finished product Cameron really created. It's alleged that at one point he even tried to break into the studio to either salvage or destroy the film. Eventually Cameron developed a sense of humor about it, having been quoted as saying it's "the finest flying-piranha movie ever made." He also credits the film for helping him hone the puppetry that would be needed for the Facehuggers in Aliens.
  • Bruce Campbell has loads of them, but he's at least open about them. Hell, he's been known to encourage audience participation when asked what his worst film is.
    • Campbell has subverted this trope as well. On at least one occasion, an interviewer asked him if he regretted a specific role he once played, to which Bruce replied "Not at all." When the interviewer asked why, Bruce said "The check cleared".
  • Mariah Carey made Glitter as a pet project, long before any studio showed interest. In fact, she made a soundtrack for the movie and shopped it to several studios before one finally picked it up. The film was nominated for six Razzies, with Carey winning Worst Actress. The movie and the soundtrack tanked, which got her dropped off her label and even hurt a few of her subsequent albums. The bad backlash on the movie even got Carey hospitalized for stress and exhaustion. To this day, she won’t really talk about the film.
  • For Jim Carrey, it was ironically also his Star-Making Role, Ace Ventura. Carrey was displeased with the sequel When Nature Calls causing him to swear off ever doing a sequel for any of his characters (although he later did the sequel to Dumb and Dumber.) This had an arguably lasting impact on his career as well since this role is seen as the reason why he's yet to get nominated for an Oscar.
  • Dana Carvey has admitted that he doesn't care for most of the movies he's done (surprisingly, The Master of Disguise [mentioned in the "Multiple Creators" section] isn't one of them, maybe because he wrote it..)
  • John Cassavetes fought with Stanley Kramer over what direction to take A Child Is Waiting. He considered Kramer to have won, and disowned the movie after it came out.
  • Phoebe Cates refuses to talk about her role in the Blue Lagoon rip-off Paradise after she managed to bargain down the amount of nudity that the script called for, and was horrified to see that producers expanded the sex scenes that were additionally shot with body doubles.
  • Cher says that Burlesque was the worst film she had ever done, even criticizing her performance in that movie.
  • Timothée Chalamet joined co-stars Rebecca Hall and Griffin Newman in donating their salaries for the Woody Allen film A Rainy Day In New York to charity due to longstanding allegations of pedophilia against Allen.
  • Jackie Chan:
  • The Troubled Production of The Circus, and the personal issues he was having at the time, so stained the film for Charlie Chaplin that he kept it out of circulation for most of the rest of his life and made no mention of it whatsoever in his memoirs.
  • Chevy Chase:
    • He has more than once complained about how bad Cops And Robbersons is.
    • Considering Chevy complained about the working conditions of Snow Day on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, he isn't fond of that movie either.
    • He also made fun of Nothing but Trouble while promoting The Chevy Chase Show.
    • He's very publicly not too fond of his most recent work, Community, either, but that had to do with his very public battle with series creator, Dan Harmon and the direction of his character.
    • There's also his feelings on Caddyshack II (covered in the Multiple Creators section).
    • According to Roger Ebert's memoir Life Itself, Chase mentioned how he didn't think too fondly of ¡Three Amigos! when the two had a conversation backstage on The Tonight Show (Ebert gave the film a negative review and it was Chase's job to defend it on air).
  • Louis C.K. felt that Pootie Tang suffered from executive meddling.
  • Between doing Fullmetal Alchemist and Borderlands, Dameon Clarke made a Lifetime movie called Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal. He's flat out admitted he's ashamed of it.
  • Kelly Clarkson strongly regrets her role in From Justin to Kelly, stating that she had been contractually obligated to star in it as a result of her victory on the first season of American Idol, and disliked the script when she read it.
  • Misha Collins of Supernatural fame has stated many times that he regrets his participation in Karla, the 2006 film based on real-life serial killers Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. He has explained that he was unaware how infamous and emotionally relevant the cases were in Canada at the time (to the extent that in an extreme case of California Doubling, the movie - although a Canadian production - had to be shot in the USA with an entirely American cast and crew (Laura Prepon played Karla) because no one in the Canadian film industry wanted anything to do with it). He also states that the director of the film took things way too far and would compliment him after shooting particularly horrible rape scenes, saying "That was hot." He ended up having a phone conversation with one of the victims who escaped, and now tells people not to watch the movie, especially when it comes up at fan conventions.
  • Sean Connery:
    • He has publicly expressed being ashamed of how in Goldfinger everything hinged on Bond being able to get into the pants of the villain's top henchwoman. In fact, he's expressed hatred of Bond in general, not only for the character's misogyny, but at how quickly Bond seemed to become a parody of himself. In fact, when he signed on for Diamonds Are Forever, he gave his entire salary for it to charity, just to spite the producers and show he didn't need them.
    • He has expressed shame for Zardoz, which he said he only starred in as an attempt to break away from the James Bond image.
    • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which he hated so much that he retired from making movies altogether.
  • LL Cool J said that Rollerball sucked but revealed it was his duty to promote it.
  • Illusionist David Copperfield is on record as wanting "to rent every copy of Terror Train and never return them."
  • Leonard Part 6 was so bad, Bill Cosby himself told everyone to avoid seeing it, before it even hit theaters. It should also be noted that "William H. Cosby Jr., Ed.D." has story credit, and that the movie is "A Sah Enterprises, Inc. Production"... and guess whose company that is.
  • Kevin Costner's Old Shame isn't The Postman — or even Waterworld — it's a gem called Sizzle Beach USA.
  • Daniel Craig is not fond of his second Bond film, Quantum of Solace, due to the movie's Troubled Production that involved the film being made in the middle of a writers strike. Craig himself tried to help write the movie's script, something he later said he absolutely hated doing because his specialty is acting, not writing.
  • Joan Crawford:
    • Inverted in that it was her last few movies that she was most ashamed of. After What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, she starred in a series of B-horror movies that she later disowned. Her final film Trog she only did as a favour to a director friend and famously said "If I wasn't a Christian scientist and saw Trog playing in a theatre across the street, I'd contemplate suicide."
    • She was also deeply ashamed by the 1932 film Rain, which was beset with a large number of problems. The cast openly told her that she was nothing compared to Jeanne Engels (who performed a Broadway version of the work before passing away), and that they hadn't seen any of her films. She was angered by the director due to the fact that he supposedly gave her no direction at all, and to top it off, she was going through a divorce with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. at the time and had a miscarriage on set when she slipped and fell on the deck of a ship. She later stated, "I hope they burn every print of this turkey that's in existence....I don't understand to this day how I could have given such an unpardonable bad performance. All my fault, too — (the) direction was so feeble I took the bull by the horns and did my own Sadie Thompson. I was wrong every scene of the way."
  • In a variation, Cameron Crowe ended up apologizing over one specific part of the movie Aloha. Namely, his decision to cast Emma Stone as a character who was supposed to be of mixed Hawaiian and Chinese descent, which garnered a number of accusations of whitewashing. Stone has said she credits the film for opening her eyes to how huge a problem whitewashing is in Hollywood.
  • Ice Cube:
    • He admitted in an interview that Ghosts of Mars was the worst film he ever appeared in, claiming it was unwatchable in many ways, and said that the film's director John Carpenter really let him and his fellow co-stars down with the special effects, saying that it had looked like something out of a film from 1979.
    • He also isn't fond of the family movies he did like Are We There Yet? or The Longshots and says he only did them because it was hard for him to find acting jobs.
  • Jim Cummings:
    • He has stated at conventions that he does not think very highly of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, one of his first films.
    • He also didn't like The Mangler he said it was a terrible movie and the vocals he did for the titular killer machine caused a lot of stress on his vocal chords, but he did like that he got the chance to work with Tobe Hooper.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis:
    • She's on record describing 1999's Virus as "an awful piece of shit."
    • She also feels this way about Halloween: Resurrection, saying she only did the film out of contractual obligations, calling the experience bad and the film itself "forgettable." In addition, she says she only did Halloween II (1981) out of loyalty to John Carpenter and Debra Hill, and doesn't find the film itself to be that good.
    • She also referred to Prom Night (1980) as the worst of the early horror films she did.
    • There's some debate on whether she cares at all for her earlier involvement in the Halloween films and the horror genre in general. For a long time, she rarely mentioned her involvement in any of them (even on her own website), and except for a brief time around the original Halloween's 20th anniversary when she did Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (reportedly to help relaunch her career), she worked very hard to distance herself from her "scream queen" image. She's also outraged at the idea of children watching her horror films, even saying she should "call child protective services" on parents that let their kids see them. It doesn't help that she claims the genre isn't her cup of tea. She seems to be coming out of her shell, though. She recently auctioned off a signed Michael Myers mask, finally appeared as a guest at a horror convention (though she says it's the only one she'll do), recorded audio commentaries for the original Halloween and H20, spoke with John Carpenter at a screening of the original film, and co-starred on Scream Queens (2015), playing heavily on her legacy in the genre. It seems she's okay with horror after all.
    • Jamie also regrets all of the many nude scenes she's done over the course of her career.
  • John Cusack has said he's only made "10 good movies".
    • Even within the category of movies not on that list, Con Air is in a league of its own. He refuses to be interviewed about it.
    • Cusack apparently saw Better Off Dead while working on another Savage Steve Holland movie, One Crazy Summer, and wasn't pleased. He was reportedly furious with Holland, although other cast and crew members showed him the movie was getting favorable reviews. He appears to have mellowed on the subject somewhat in recent years.
    • He also does not look back fondly on his role in Hot Tub Time Machine, due to his preferring roles in more serious films. It is the most likely reason why he did not return for the sequel (apart from appearing in one deleted scene).

  • Timothy Dalton has a doozy in the form of the 1978 film Sextette, in which he's paired up with an 84-year-old Mae West in a film which misguidedly treats her like she's still a sex symbol. He even made fun of it on a talk show.
  • Joe Dante feels that Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Small Soldiers, and many of his other films suffered from Executive Meddling.
  • Years after Viola Davis starred in The Help, she has spoken openly more than once about how she regretted taking the role. Even though the film was a huge success, Davis didn't like how the film was pretty much another White Man's Burden type of film, instead of focusing on the Maids and their story on dealing with the Jim Crow South. She claimed the movie was too safe and catered to the white audience not to offend them, instead of telling the real story about how oppressive such a time really was.
  • Cara Delevingne is ashamed of her appearance in Tulip Fever because of bad experiences with executive producer Harvey Weinstein, who blackmailed her and threatened to ruin her career by outing her as a lesbian.
  • Laura Dern:
    • She once took a role in Grizzly II, a low budget horror film that never saw release. She becomes visibly embarrassed whenever it is brought up.
    • Dern also averts this trope with her role as Susan in The Puppy Episode of Ellen, despite the short-term damage it did to her career. Dern is good friends with Ellen Degeneres, acknowledges the positive effect the episode had on the LGBT rights movement and to this day states she is proud to have done it.
  • Considering Leonardo Dicaprio thanked Michael Caton-Jones for his "first film", even though This Boys Life was actually his third film, it seems like he's not fond of either Critters 3 or Poison Ivy. In fairness to the latter, he was just an extra in it.
  • Vincent D'Onofrio is not very proud of his feature-film debut, the 1983 sex comedy The First Turn-On!
  • Robert Downey Jr. revealed his dislike for his work on U.S. Marshals, claiming that it was "the worst action film of all time", and said that he would rather wake up in jail for a TB test than have to wake up another morning knowing that he'd be going to the set of that movie.
  • Richard Dreyfuss admitted that he was disappointed in W. while appearing on The View, saying that it was "6/8 of a good film" and called the film's director Oliver Stone a fascist. Stone eventually retorted that working with Dreyfuss was the single worst experience he ever had with an actor in his life.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn't think highly of her film debut Troll, when Jay Leno showed her a clip of one of her scenes of her running around in an ivy bikini she was visibly embarrassed.
  • Patty Duke considered the film version of Valley of the Dolls to be this, given it ruined her Girl Next Door image in the eyes of the public and almost ruined her career as well. Although she did take the role in the hopes of successfully transition to an adult actress, the actual end result probably wasn't what she expected.
  • Faye Dunaway genuinely thought she would win an Oscar for Mommie Dearest. Needless to say, she was not pleased with the Parody Retcon and has been known to stop interviews if asked about the film.
  • Irene Dunne disowned her earliest screen role as the female lead of Leathernecking, the lost movie version of the Rodgers and Hart musical Present Arms.

  • Aaron Eckhart once encountered a fan buying a copy of The Core at a video store, and attempted to talk the guy into spending his money on something else.
  • Zac Efron has stated to Men's Fitness magazine that he regrets taking part in the High School Musical movies and wishes that he could go back and tell his teenage self not to do them, even though they are ironically his Star-Making Role.
  • In an interview with Larry King, Chris Elliott said the worst advice he ever got was being told to star in Dance Flick, though he took comfort in the fact that he at least got paid for it.
  • Shannon Elizabeth would probably prefer people forget about the time she was raped by a snowman during her small part in Jack Frost (1997).
  • Ethan Embry admits that Vegas Vacation was "horrible".
  • R. Lee Ermey hated working on The Riftnote , calling it "the number one" on his "piece of shit movie" list. It's a Spanish-made entry in the 1989-90 rash of underwater peril movies. If you insist on seeing this, be warned - it was directed by the man who gave us (without asking if we wanted them) Pod People and Supersonic Man.

  • Chris Farley hated Beverly Hills Ninja and swore to never make another film like it again (sadly, Author Existence Failure never allowed him to play the Playing Against Type roles he sought).
  • Colin Farrell apparently does not like the film version of Miami Vice. He also made fun of Alexander while on Saturday Night Live.
  • Colin Firth isn't too fond of the films Playmaker and Trauma. He only made the former to be closer to his son (who was living in Los Angeles at the time) and with the latter, he was so embarrassed to be involved with the film that he attended a screening in secret just to see how bad it was (he was later relieved to find himself being the only one in the theater watching the film).
  • Jason Flemyng has said the only film he'd erase from his filmography is Seed of Chucky - "I was dressed as Santa, getting killed by a doll, on a set in Romania, thinking: ‘Where did it go wrong?’"
  • Jane Fonda revealed on Watch What Happens Live that the worst film she ever did was In the Cool of the Day, claiming it was so bad, in fact, she wasn't certain if it had been released and wished it had never been filmed.
  • John Ford hated The Plough and the Stars (1936), a passion project ruined by Executive Meddling. Ford even walked off the set, forcing assistant directors to finish shooting the movie, loudly proclaiming that RKO "ruined the damned thing."
  • 20th Century Fox and Seltzer and Friedberg are ashamed of Date Movie, even to the point where Fox got 2 film critics to do a commentary for the movie where they make fun of it and Seltzer and Friedberg kept apologizing for it during their commentary. Weirdly enough, Seltzer and Friedberg's movies got even worse reviews yet they didn't apologize for it over the commentary nor did Fox get film critics to make fun of it in a commentary.
  • Michael J. Fox:
    • In his first autobiography Lucky Man, he looked back on Teen Wolf with a great deal of embarrassment. Hence explaining why he refused to do the sequel (which, curiously, neither star Jason Bateman nor scriptwriter Tim Kring talks about much nowadays).
    • Fox also isn't proud of most of the films he made after his Parkinson's diagnosis, because during that time his thinking was, "I'd better do as many movies as I can before I can no longer act", and started accepting roles for movies that, in the end, weren't very good.
  • Jamie Foxx has said that his time working on Stealth wasn't even that good, but admits he was glad he didn't have to lie and say it was good while making this movie.
  • James Franco:
    • He once called Your Highness a piece of shit in an interview. On his Comedy Central roast, he likened it to the roast, saying it's "homophobic, vulgar, has untalented actors, is only a big deal to 15 year olds, and won't be remembered in three months."
    • He also doesn't like Annapolis very much either. Franco also admits regretting doing Tristan and Isolde.
  • Brendan Fraser was so ashamed of Inkheart, Extraordinary Measures, and Furry Vengeance that it caused him to quit the agency that was representing him. It didn't help that these movies were critical and commercial flops.
  • Morgan Freeman called The Bonfire of the Vanities as the one biggest nightmare of his career.
  • Hiroshi Fujioka was not pleased at how Takeshi Hongo was portrayed in Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, making him a crotchety old man who despised the younger Riders' way of thinking. This led to him becoming a co-writer for Kamen Rider Ichigo so he can get the character right.


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