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  • Red vs. Blue
    • Tex gets this moment when Donut lobs a plasma grenade over an incredible distance, square into the cockpit of the tank she was driving.
    • Everyone is one the receiving end of this at least once, although their reaction is less "oh crap" and more "son of a bitch!"
    • In Recreation Episode 12, Donut is cleaning up Blue Base when he's approached by what he thinks is a new Blue soldier (it's actually the previous season's Big Bad, Meta.) Donut, being Donut, tries to strike up a friendly conversation with it, evading its attempts to kill him by near misses. Simmons then arrives, Donut tells him about the new soldier, which leads to this:
      Simmons: What? They sent another team member? Why would they do that? That doesn’t make any sense— (sees that it's Meta) OH, FUCK! (starts to run away) Welcometotheneighborhoodseeyoulater!
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    • Red vs. Blue: Revelation, Chapter 3:
      Washington: Do I hear a...
      (Grif drives a Warthog jeep through the wall)
      Washington: CAR?!?
    • Revelations Episode 10 is filled with a ton of them from Grif, Sarge, Simmons and Tucker while they're all in the middle of being on the receiving end of a brutal Curb-Stomp Battle at the hands of Tex.
    • When The Meta attaches the memory unit containing the recently captured Tex to his armor.
    • The Meta is the living personification of this trope. He even has his own Theme music which makes the Imperial March, Jaws theme and "Psycho" Strings look tame in comparison. And now try this. If you thought the last one was pants-wettingly terrifying, then this one makes the previous link sound like a frolic in a happy meadow. The Oh, Crap! factor doubles down in subsequent seasons as we see the process that took him from "just" an exceptional supersoldier to an unstoppable force of evil.
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  • In The Demented Cartoon Movie, characters often say this if they have time to realize things are about to go disastrously wrong. And things go wrong (read: explode) a lot. For example, an underwater diver recites the trope by name upon realizing that the "Bubble Fish" he has been tracking is actually Zeeky H. Bomb.
  • Happy Tree Friends is a total definition of this trope. Nearly every episode has it's Oh Crap moments (save for just a few). In the fanimation "All Work and No Belay", before Lumpy falls and rolls into a big snowball, he notices what will happen and holds up a sign saying "HELP?".
  • DSBT InsaniT:
    • In the first episode, Koden and Asia have a moment when they realize Lisa and Sand Snake are going to crash Koden's party.
    • Happens to Koden again in 'The Camping Webisode' when he finds out Killer Monster's name.
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  • Reverse Jurassic Park: Used word-by-word by Mr. Robustus in the fivequel when he realizes that the giant aquarium he is standing in front of just cracked
  • Team Service Announcement
    • The RED Team in Objectives when they hear the Administrator announce that the payload is nearly at the final checkpoint. And they're on the other side of the map.
    • The Engineer in Sentry Knockback when the Medic blocks his Sentry's gunfire. He doesn't snap out of it.
    • The RED Engineers in Building Placement when the Demoman destroys all their sentries... just as BLU Team's cart is about to reach the final checkpoint.
  • After explaining the backstory, the various narrators of LORE in a Minute send the focus game's protagonist off with a "Have fun!". Their reaction is a very upset This Is Gonna Suck-type face.
  • The reaction of the 4Kids CEO when he realizes that Julian Robotnik is about to blow him and his company to kingdom come in Sonic Shorts.
    Board Member: That is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard. NO ONE likes Sonic X! NO ONE! Are you PURPOSELY trying to piss people off?
    CEO: Yeah, and what are these so-called people gonna do about it? Nah-ne-nah-ne-nah... (bombs appear outside through window) Oh, crud...
  • Dreamscape: It happens pretty often.
    • In episode 1, Dylan when he runs into Ethan, and Anjren when Vampire Lord is taken over by the Possessor Ghost.
    • In episode 2, Keela has a silent Oh, Crap! moment when Kaila reveals her true form.
    • In episode 3, the group has this reaction when Keela goes into her Superpowered Evil Side.
    • In episode 6, Dylan has a moment when Melissa uses The Dark Arts to prepare him and the others to fight Melinda.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic version of the song Don't Mine At Night, a parody of the Katy Perry tune "Last Friday Night", the main character declares that zombies want to eat him and the character he's singing to. Then, because he's singing this while standing beside said zombies, he follows up with a "WaitWHAT?!".
  • RWBY
    • Jaune and Weiss when they both realise that it's a long way down.
    • On a more serious note, Blake gets one when she accidentally outs herself as a former terrorist in front of her team.
    • Neo, who is smugly smirking all the way through her battle with Yang, is stopped short of finishing her by the sudden entrance of a mysterious samurai woman with a huge nodachi and a scary mask. The way her eyes narrow and her face droops suddenly is hilarious.
    • Another comedic version is the look on Team JNPR's collective faces when Nora's slung pie hits Weiss, setting off their epic Food Fight.
    • There's this wonderful face Mercury Black makes when he gets grabbed by Yatsuhashi and realises he's about to get shitkicked.
    • There's also a split-second shot of May Zedong's crestfallen expression in an earlier episode when she realises that she's about to get pied in the face by a shitton of grenades fired by a supercharged Nora.
    • More heart-rending example. In "Fall", you get to see Team RWBY's horrified reactions to Yang seemingly breaking Mercury's leg in an unprovoked attack and consequently being surrounded by Atlas troops and arrested. Earlier on in the fight, Yang subjects Mercury to a subtle one when she goes Super Saiyan and full-bore charges at him.
    • We also get this wonderful face, again from Neo in "Heroes and Monsters", when Ruby defeats her by pressing the button on her parasol, sending the tiny minion flying in the strong winds.
    • In the Volume Three finale, Cinder, who has up until this point been completely confident and in control of everything around her, has a single shocked moment of horrified disbelief, complete with a loud "WHAT?!" when killing Pyrrha causes Ruby to flip out and flood the area with silver light from her eyes.
    • Ruby has this reaction when Ozpin reveals just how random Beacon's partnering system is. Bear in mind that she's at a military school.
      "The next person you make eye contact with will be your partner for the next four years."
  • GoAnimate:
    • This would usually happen to a character just before he or she gets busted for their mischief.
    • A victim of a troublemaker will have this reaction when being put on the receiving end of a troublemaker's wrath.
  • In TOME, Alpha is quite prone to having these. The crowner goes to when Zetto becomes Demon Zetto and lunges at Alpha.
    Alpha: Oh, SHI-
  • Super Mario Bros. Z loves this trope, and all the characters get a moment of this at one point or another.
    • The best ones probably come from the Axem Rangers Z in Episode 6 when Mecha Sonic shows up and starts wrecking their shit.
    • Luigi, upon realizing that Mecha Sonic is about to Spirit Bomb Death Ball the fucking hell out of their island Frieza-style, releases a single, utterly hilarious scream of sheer terror. It is FANTASTIC.
  • In X-Ray & Vav, the Mad King utters out a defeated "Oh, poopie" when ORF decides to get back at him for turning her bad. By using the modifications he gave her.
  • In this episode of Overly Sarcastic Productions' take on Journey to the West, at 9:58, the demon who's been annoying them all episode gets a very clear "well shit" facial expression when the lotus platform he's sitting on reverts to its true form, namely, "a metric f***ton of swords".


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