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  • From Warhammer 40,000:
    • The reaction of an in-universe soldier to seeing a Chaos Champion being possessed by a Greater Daemon. Described in a few places in the background. One text box sidebar in either the Chaos Marines or Chaos Daemons Codex describes an Eldar autarch's reaction to seeing a Slaaneshi Champion being possessed by a Greater Daemon; his initial reaction is to resign himself to die fighting, but then its magic takes over and he stands there staring at it as it eviscerates him.
    • When the Imperium tacticians were trying to figure out how the Tyranid fleet was appearing at random locations far too quickly, and then realized that the tyranid fleet was not coming at the galaxy from the edge, but from below the galaxy. You can see one single fleet's attack movements here (remember that this is one fleet, the Tyranids likely have thousands).
    • The Eldar, who are an entire race of smug (but very competent) snakes, get one just about whenever they realize that the "Monkeys" or the barbarians are going to go down hard or win. Notable was at the Siege of Orar's Sepulchre, when they deployed the Avatar of Khaine, a shard of the soul of their god, and the most powerful fighter in a craftworld...then Marneus Calgar beat it to death.To be honest, it was written by Matt Ward, who is terrible at writing good fluff) They retreated.
    • Probably this was the mental reaction of the Imperial forces after they found out that Legienstrasse (a woman who had been genetically modified with xenos DNA to absorb biomass through her skin and morph any natural weapon she needs and had consequently gone rogue, i.e a female Alex Mercer) had singlehandedly wiped out an Assault Marine squad, the 1st Company Veterans of the Imperial Fists, the Culexus Temple Grandmaster, and nearly killed Captain Lysander.
  • The Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves army book has a picture of Naestra, Arahan, and their dragon staring down a Dwarven Slayer, who has a priceless "Holy S***!" look on his face (although to be fair, he probably isn't complaining).
  • Exalted: It's been made explicit that this is going to be the general Yozi reaction to Heresy charms. When an Infernal creates "Swallowing the Scorpion" and snaps the tethers linking his shard to Lillun, the Phylactery-Womb will scream in pain - and it's around that point that Malfeas, the Demon City, literally shits bricks.