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Oh Crap / Initial D

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Initial D has it's examples of these moments too...

WARNING: This page has unmarked spoilers.

  • Shingo attempts to run Takumi off the road, but right before impact Takumi dodges (or rather, Shingo misses) because there was a right-hand turn. Cue this reaction.
  • In 4th stage, Kazumi (Itsuki's girlfriend) dumps him for a man she formerly loved. Unbeknownst to him, Kenji and Iketani are hiding behind a wall. They were about to leave when Itsuki runs towards their hiding place. Cue this reaction from both of them.
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  • After the race in 4th Stage with the Tsuchisaka Lancer Evo team, the two drivers called a bosozoku gang on Project D, but it turned out the gang is led by a former subordinate of Keisuke. After Keisuke and Project D manage to leave, this is their reaction as they realized they called the wrong gang.
  • During the race between Ryosuke and Shinigami, Ikeda reacts this way multiple times:
    • Everytime Shinigami attempts to ram Ryosuke off the road.
    • When he notices Shinigami testing his brakes during the race, which Ikeda immediately relates what it means: Shinigami's brakes are malfunctioning.
  • The final race between Takumi and Shinji had this too. The first one is when Shinji gets taken by surprise by Takumi's Step into the Blinding Fight tactic. When Takumi turns his lights back on however, the tachometer (which had its back-lighting switched off with the headlights) shows 12000 rpm on an engine that was not supposed to exceed 11000 rpm. Cue this reaction from Takumi...which leads to his car's second engine blow after his (failed) race with Kyoichi...which in turn leads to everyone watching the race reacting the same way Takumi did.

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