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Oh Crap / Dot and the Kangaroo

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Dot and the Kangaroo:

  • Dot's face when the thunderstorm strikes.

Around the World with Dot:

  • Dot has a slight moment of this after the British Lion Statue implies his kind are capable of eating people.

Dot and the Bunny:

  • When Dot realises the crocodiles are intending to eat her and Funny-Bunny.
  • Funny-Bunny when Dot tells him to say goodbye to all the crabs for her.
  • Whenever Funny-Bunny gets himself into trouble.

Dot and the Koala:

  • Doctor Watson when Sherlock Bones disguises him as one of Dot's animal friends and when said animals capture him.
    • One of said animals gets one when Sherlock tries to shoot him.
  • Mayor Percy when he gets stuck underground, it takes the destruction of the dam to free him.

Dot and Keeto:

  • Dot once she realises the reality of being insect-sized, she is nearly crushed by her brother and mother and nearly eaten or attacked by several animals over the course of the movie.
    • When she realises Nasty the wasp has tricked her into becoming her prisoner to be fed to her larvae.
    • When she and Keeto get trapped in a spider's web.

Dot and the Whale:

  • When Dot and Nelson realise she has stepped on poisonous live coral and she passes out.


Dot and the Smugglers:

Dot goes to Hollywood:

  • Dot when she realises the Security Guards are after Gumley.
    • Happens again when she tries to bust Gumley out of the zoo.

Dot in Space:


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