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Pissing off Mama Nanoha. Smart move, Quattro.


  • A Certain Scientific Railgun:
    • After being beaten up a lot, Misaka Mikoto needs a quick escape route while being followed by Meltdowner, Mugino. The scene leads up to the conspicious bridge where Mugino openly mocks Misaka. The Oh, Crap!? The bridge is rigged with traps planted by Mugino's ally, Frenda. Misaka laughs back, triggers the trap, and the whole bridge falls. FRENDAAAA!
    • Also the first couple times Misaka; or anyone with supernatural powers for that matter, has their attack negated by Touma's Imagine Breaker.
    • The Tokiwadai Dormitory Supervisor is also very good at provoking these, though played entirely for laughs.
    • A Certain Magical Index II has Awaki flashing this face when she realizes that Accelerator is personally after her. Cue absolutely epic Curbstomp Battle.
    Awaki: No way... Accelerator? The strongest Level 5 in Academy City, whom even the Railgun is no match for!? I-impossible! There's no way I can go up against someone like that!
  • Ah! My Goddess: Hild's fame seemed to have suffered a severe case of Badass Decay ever since her henchwoman Hagall overthrew her as ruler of Hell. Only a tiny fraction of her remained on Earth and she had to split off an even smaller piece to sneak back into Hell undetected...inside Keiichi's head. Now at this time she looked like a pint sized chibi girl, and seemed harmless. That is until Keiichi implanted this fraction into Hagall (by blowing into her ear!) and it promptly took full possession of her with impunity, forcing Hagall to release Hild's true form from imprisonment...said true form is a billion times more powerful, the owner of a legendary Death Glare and doesn't like rogue minions very much. Cue this trope being played for all it's worth and a nice Big "NO!" to boot.
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  • Akagi: Quite a few of the eponymous character's opponents have this on right after they play into his hands and lose.
  • Cat Planet Cuties: Guy meets alien gal, guy's uncle pours her beer, guy takes beer from girl. Girl introduces herself and bows. Guy did the same and ends up with his face near her boobs. His composure breaks and takes a sip.... of the beer, when he has zero alcohol resistance. Guy faints while saying "oh cra..."
  • Assassination Classroom: Standard reaction for anyone who is subject to Nagisa's superbly hidden bloodlust and talents for efficient, ruthless assassination. Notable in that two highly skilled government field agents are the ones most prominently displaying massive "Oh Crap" faces after they realize what's happened.
  • The standard reaction to a Titan's jaws closing in on soft human skull in Attack on Titan. Or just seeing one show up in general, which usually indicates things have really gone downhill.
    • The moment that Colossal Titan and Armored Titan showed up out of the blue and easily eradicated 100 years of protective solace reminded everyone of their place in the world as prey items.
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    • Most of the Survey Corps soldiers unlucky enough to face the Female Titan only have seconds to realize that their opponent is no mere Aberrant Titan before she reduces them all to bloody stains.
      • On that same note, the Female Titan herself has this look after Erwin manages to successfully trap her inside the forest. She has that look again when Eren goes Titan mode in Trost and goes after her hellbent on revenge for her last defeat of him in the forest.
    • Reiner and Bertolt's reactions when Eren inadvertently commands a horde of Titans to kill them.
  • Azumanga Daioh:
    • Chiyo has heaps, but a pretty epic one when she realized that Maaya the Iriomote Cat can eat animals as large as her dog, Tadakichi-san.
    • Tomo has one when she realizes that she just hit Yukari in the face with a tray... just before a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown
  • Baccano!:
    • Dallas's immortal expression at the end of the series, when he realizes that the Gandor brothers decided to do what The Mafia does best and give him Cement Shoes. Gee, Dallas, looks like that Healing Factor won't be doing you much good now, will it?
    • Virtually every conversation Czeslaw has with Vino.
  • Bakuman。:
    • This is the typical reaction of any manga artist to getting canceled, although Aoki and Shiratori are relatively calm when receiving the news. Takahama briefly has a surprised facial expression, then sends his assistants home before cursing his luck alone.
    • Miura uses this phrase in his thoughts when seeing his immediate superior Aida come back depressed from a meeting in which two series from Aida’s group (Hideout Door, which Aida personally edits, and Detective Trap, which Miura edits) were up for cancellation, and hopes it’s only because Hideout Door, the lowest ranking series, was cancelled. He’s wrong; Detective Trap also got canceled.
    • During a heated argument between Mashiro and Miura over whether the Ashirogi pair should do gag manga or serious manga, with Miura’s reasoning being that gag manga aren’t as popular but more likely to stay for a long time, Miura lets his temper get the best of him and yells that Takagi should find another artist if Mashiro won’t do as he says. Takagi, his Berserk Button pressed, storms out while Miura gets an Oh, Crap! expression.
    • Early on, both Hattoris get this at once. Akira Hattori has this when the main characters show him drafts for a battle series, as he believes that they can eventually make a cult hit and that mainstream manga is a bad decision. Yujiro Hattori has one when he finds out that Eiji Nizuma has produced a chapter of Crow instead of for Yellow Hit, the series he had gotten serialized, and Yujiro worries that he's going to lose his job. In both cases, their worst fears are not realized; Mashiro and Takagi give up on battle manga, and the editor in chief approves Crow, which eventually becomes the top manga in Jump.
  • Battle Royale: Too many to mention, but an interesting example occurs right at the end when Shuuya refuses to shoot Kiriyama until he sees that look, saying "he's got to know it's coming" and "he's got to feel it". A bit of a goose chase, since right up until his death Kiriyama is incapable of feeling anything at all.
  • Berserk: Being a Dark Fantasy manga with elements of demonic horror taking place in one of the crappiest Crapsack Worlds this side of Warhammer, this series is chock full of this trope:
    • First notable moment was when Guts battled Nosferatu Zodd for the first time. He kept his cool for the first moments - until Zodd turns into his apostle form. The expression on Guts' face when Zodd transformed was one of pure gut-wrenching terror.
    • Then came the time when Guts was facing off against Wyald, his second encounter with an Apostle. He took it a lot better than with his fight with Zodd, but it was one of the few other times that we see Guts tremble with fear.
      • Wyald has a very satisfying one when Guts is about to "take his weapon away from him" and put a stop to his raping days for good, along with two in quick succession — the first when he realizes that Griffith does not have the Behelit, meaning he can't call on the Godhand to heal the wounds that Guts inflicted on him, and the second when he realizes that Zodd has shown up right behind him in full Apostle form. And is not happy with his shit.
    • The entire Eclipse ordeal is littered with Oh, Crap! moments for the good guys, one tragic expression after the other. It's basically a Mass "Oh, Crap!" convention.
      • The entire Band of the Hawk gets a collective one when they are transported to the Nexus where the Eclipse ceremony is held (a.k.a. Hell), and the realization of what the God Hand meant by "sacrifice" hits them. The fear factor really gets ramped up when everybody gets branded and the demons start closing in for the feast.
      • The utterly petrified look on Casca's face when she's surrounded by demons, her sword broken, and she realizes just what these things want to do to her before they eat her.
      • Of particular note is the the look of absolute, unlimited and all-consuming horror on Guts' face when he realizes that Femto, a.k.a. GRIFFITH, is going to rape Casca, right in front of him.
      • And right along with this, Casca has this subtle, but nonetheless horrified look in her eyes when Femto kisses her that just about any survivor of sexual assault can relate to that says, "oh no. NO."
      • The sole example where a bad guy gets an Oh Crap moment is in the third Golden Age movie. Femto, while he is busy raping Casca, gets this when Guts chisels his arm off and tries to stab him in the eye with his broken sword. Femto stops Guts' attack with telekinesis, but Guts keeps fighting, struggling against Femto's hold and nearly managing to touch Femto. Femto still tosses Guts into the air like a ragdoll regardless, but his expression as Guts was slowly moving his sword towards his eye tells us he was not prepared for that. Even the other members of the Godhand were surprised!
    • When Farnese finds out how the world really works in volume 17.
    • Any mook who realizes what Guts's Unstoppable Rage is capable of doing to them. A very good example is when Guts, all but spent after his battle with Rosine, is cornered by the Holy Iron Chain Knights, and manages one last swing of his BFS. Cue the Oh, Crap! expressions on the faces of everyone present, including the handful that were sailing through the air, sans legs.
    • Casca gets this again, when is she cured of her mental state and has no memory beyond traveling to the Wyndham rescue Griffith. But she's very eager to see Guts again and runs towards him, but upon seeing Guts fully; all the bad memories come rushing back and she lets a terrified scream of fear.
  • Beyblade G-Revolution: Brooklyn gets his when Kai unleashes his all in one last, ultimate, final attack and then realizes that, for the first time in his Beyblading career, he's going to lose.
  • Black Butler: When Grell returns in the manga on the Campania, the ship voyage arc, Sebastian and Ciel are very surprised (oh crap) to see her return.
  • Black Lagoon: The entire city of Roanapur does this when they hear Roberta, the killer maid from hell, is coming back. Badder, angrier and crazier than ever.
  • Bleach:
    • This really is Tite Kubo's favorite artistic technique. Most battles alternate this moment. Fighter 1 will use an incredible technique, his opponent goes "oh crap", and/or reversed when the Fighter 2 was entirely unaffected the whole time and has his own awesome technique. Occasionally, whole crowds will do this, but usually only in Aizen's presence.
    • When Ichigo attacks Big Bad Aizen Sosuke at the end of the Soul Society rescue arc. The Big Bad blocks Ichigo's Bankai with just his finger, also cutting short his Theme Music Power-Up in the process. The look on Ichigo's face is priceless.
    • And when the situation was reversed in their last fight, at the end of the Fake Karakura Town arc. Right down to Ichigo cutting off Aizen's theme music. And Aizen realizing that he can't sense Ichigo's reiatsu because it's so absurdly powerful. Waaaay the hell more powerful than his. Or possibly even all of Soul Society put together.
    • In the anime version, the Septimo Espada Zomari LeRoux has a pretty good one right before he gets thoroughly thrashed by Byakuya Kuchiki. Heightened because Zomari's power is related to his eyes (all fifty of them), and his pupils dilate as he uses that power. So in the scene when he gets thrashed, there are actually a total of fifty eyes screaming "Oh crap!" The extra eyes are very apt, because it allows the viewer to see Zomari realize exactly how screwed he is.
    • Hitsugaya and Harribel go through several of these as they fight each other.
    • Also in the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya, just as Ichigo is about to die since he has reached his limit and cannot move, his Inner Hollow comes to the rescue, catching Byakuya's blade out of the blue, Byakuya face's at the time is the anime incarnation of this trope.
      • Despite being the epitome of The Stoic, Byakuya also does this when he realizes that the Vandenreich have just utilized their ability to steal his bankai.
    • One of the only times Ulquiorra's expression is anything but Dull Surprise or no expression at all comes when Ichigo rips his arm off, and this is pretty much the look he gives.
    • Even before then, this is clearly the look on his face when Ichigo bursts into the fifth tower at the start of their last fight.
    • In Chapter 354. Throughout the entire series, the Espada have been numbered 1 to 10. Yammy has been number 10. Then, he releases his Zanpaktou, and the number changes. It seems the Espada are actually numbered from 0 to 9. Guess which one is 0. The heroes' reactions fit this trope PERFECTLY.
    • In Chapter 364, everyone gets this. Ukitake got offed from behind, Shunsui got shot down by Starrk from behind, Wonderweiss helps Barragan and Harribel survive their respective shinigami opponents with his voice alone, Fuura put out the flame seal holding Aizen and Co. put up by Yamamoto by inhaling it. Damn.
      • Kyoraku's reaction to Wonderweiss hitting Ukitake deserves mention, his look of shock/rage being the only moment in the Starrk fight when he's not playing the flippant and underhanded fool.
    • Aizen, of all people, gets one when Shinji actually manages to hurt him. Somewhat subverted since, being Aizen, he almost immediately regains his composure.
    • A huge Oh, Crap! moment for everyone occurs when they think they've defeated Aizen... and then they find out who they've really struck.
    • Aizen, once again in 414, after Gin impales him with Kamishini, leaving a fragment of it inside him. Gin then reveals the true abilities of his sword. The tables then turn when Aizen Came Back Strong and struck down Gin for his efforts.
    • Aizen in 417, most of all as he's telling Ichigo how there's no point in moving, and Ichigo is inferior. Aizen is interrupted mid-sentence and launched out of the city. His eyes say it all, and it gets even better in the next chapter when Ichigo blocks his attack one-handed without any effort at all, then breaks out of a fully-chanted level 90 kidou spell with even less difficulty. Aizen's expression before Ichi walks over and bitch-slaps him is... special. Aizen another one a few pages later when he realizes that he's not the one who's destroying the landscape with his own power leakage... Ichigo is. Before long, this degenerates into a full-on Villainous Breakdown.
    • Nnoitra gets this when he realizes just how strong Kenpachi is, he also gets it again when he made the mistake of removing Kenpachi's eyepatch.
    • Nnoitra managed to get one of these from Kenpachi of all people when Kenpachi seemingly impales him through the eye and out the back of his head... only for Nnoitra to continue talking, slide along the sword, and stab Kenpachi with his hand. Nnoitra then explains that Kenpachi never really stabbed him, his Hollow Hole is where his eye is supposed to be.
    • During the Soul Society arc, Renji has just achieved bankai and takes on his Captain Byakuya. With his bankai, he fights on par with Byakuya for quite some time. Byakuya then binds him with kido and reminds him that he too has a bankai. The Oh, Crap! expression on Renji's face is priceless.
    • Chapter 480 was an Oh Crap moment for all of us when we saw Shino about to be devoured by several gigantic and grotesque-looking Hollows. Poor Ryunosuke...
    • Despite being a skeleton in his released form, Espada No. 2 Barragan Luisenbarn still gets this expression when he realizes that Soifon is about to fire her bankai, (Which, by the way, is a nuke-firing bazooka), into his face at point blank range, and he can't do anything to avoid it. He gets another one minutes later when his own aging power is uncontrollably turned against him.
    • The look of absolute horror on Ichigo's face when he sees his boss, Ikumi is also under the effects of Tsukishima's power, who also showed up at the door.
    • Tsukishima gets this immediately after Byakuya figures out away around his powers, and effectively blows a hole clean through his chest.
    • No matter how strong Yhwach is, even he felt a little bit of this when he sees Yama-jii's Bankai.
    • This "No, I Am Behind You" montage of scenes from the manga has its fair share of this trope.
    • Cang Du is smug when he turns his skin to iron to block Haschwalth's sword. Then Haschwalth swings it a second time and slices right through him, and Cang's face changes to this.
  • Bodacious Space Pirates:
    • The Bentenmaru's bridge crew have several of these during Episode 15. Due to events in the previous episode, they are stuck in quarantine and Marika has had to bring in the Hakuoh Academy Yacht Club to help her fly the ship in order to fulfill the conditions of her Letter of Marque. The crew are understandably worried about leaving the Bentenmaru in the yacht club's hands (especially after Luka, the psychic, suggests it might break down when they turn on the power), so they frantically try to write an instruction manual before the yacht club can cause any major damage, freaking out several times along the way.
    • Both crews have one when one of the yacht club members asks What Does This Button Do? and accidentally fires the Bentenmaru's main cannons.
    • After the manual is finished and the ship is underway, the crew breath a sigh of relief. Then Marika decides to do a practice FTL jump—something which they didn't put in the manual...
  • Buso Renkin:
    • Tokiko shows a panicked and shocked expression when, after failing to destroy the parasitic homunculus core dangling from Mahiro's hair, it to come towards her instead, and she has no way to block it.
    • Despite his love of battle, Warriors Chief Hiwatari's face shows that he is shocked and dismayed when he sees Victor without a scratch after taking a full-power attack of Sakaguchi's Humongous Mecha buso benkin.
  • Burst Angel: In the episode "Eastern Angel, Western Hawk", when she discovers that "Ultra Beast" is yet another creature with the glowing brain she keeps running into. Made effective since she's normally The Stoic.
  • In Bungo Stray Dogs, Kouyou Ozaki from the mafia has this reaction when the Guild interrupts their Mexican Standoff.
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Yuuta's expression when Touka shows him an audio clip of one of his "Dark Flame Master" delusions (which he considered as Old Shame and would want to get that rid of his system).
  • CLANNAD: Okazaki Tomoya's face switches to this when he looked at Fuuko holding her starfish bread, (after everyone asked him to eat their bento, 3 full course meals each) telling him to pick the best choice (switching to Tomoya's face sweating). Cue Skip Scene to where Sunohara congratulates him and Okazaki suffering from a heartburn from eating meals from 5 people.
  • Code Geass:
    • One can argue Lelouch's worst enemy is Murphy's Law and not any of his actual enemies. When something goes wrong (usually when Suzaku decides to show up) he usually spends the rest of the episode Oh Crapping. Considering how often he makes the Oh, Crap! face, you can only imagine him making that face when he finds out the cafeteria is out of Pork Buns.
    • Of course, Lelouch being Lelouch, the first five minutes of the next episode usually show him turning it back on his enemies. Only for something even worse to happen to him. Repeat cycle.
    • Worth mentioning is Suzaku's assault on the Knights of Rounds. Two of this trope within seconds of each other...and probably a couple dozen more when he laser spams an entire fleet out of existence between the aforementioned.
    • Suzaku himself has such moments whenever someone turns out to be equal in piloting skills to him. Pretty much any time he fights Kallen when she has a Knightmare on-par or better than his qualifies.
    • When Emperor Charles interrupts the ratification of UFN Resolution #1 (the liberation of Japan). He told them basically to BRING IT ON!
    • One good example of Lelouch having a moment like this is when The Emperor gets back up after being shot through the heart, and then Lelouch realizes that he is immortal and that neither bullets nor Geass work on him now.
    • Or when the Charles realize that he and Marianne are disappearing.
    • The most triumphant example was when Lelouch captured Damocles, effectively holding the whole world hostage to the fear of FLEIJA. That was a global "Oh crap!" moment right there.
    • Subverted at the end when Lelouch gives one on seeing Zero. Turns out it's all for show, and right before he's stabbed he gives a small, satisfied smile.
    • There's also the one in the first season finale. Nina suddenly appears in the Ganymede... which is packing an experimental sakuradite-loaded nuke. Lloyd instantly realizes what it is, freaks out like no tomorrow ("Ikenai!!") and yells at everyone to cease fire, followed by Rakshata realizing that if Lloyd Asplund is freaking, shit's about to hit the fan big time.
  • Cowboy Bebop:
    • Ballad of Fallen Angels. This exchange happens when Faye's captured at an opera, which cues an utterly terrified Oh, Crap! face from her:
    Man: You're trembling.
    Faye: Who are you?
    Man: Vicious.
    • This also gets turned around on Vicious later in the episode. He throws Spike out of a window; Spike throws a grenade back into the building as he falls.
    • Displayed by Twinkle, the leader of a group of eco-terrorists in "Gateway Shuffle" when she finds out that a receptacle that contained a sample of the virus they planned to use on Ganymede, which devolves humans exposed to it into monkeys, was planted on the ship by Spike... with said receptacle shattering inside their own ship, unleashing the virus.
  • Death Note:
    • This happens repeatedly, with one of the first major occurrences being L's first appearance. When L goes on live TV to condemn Kira, Light, in a fit of rage, writes down his name and kills him. This, however, was a ruse that the real L put on in order to confirm some theories about Kira, with Light realizing in short order that L had played him like a fiddle.
    • Of particular note is Light's expression when he hears the words that completely destroys his master plan.
    Matsuda: We're still alive... it's been over a minute and... we haven't died.
    Light: !!!
    • Of particular mention is when Light, after being revealed as Kira, pulls a piece of the Notebook from his watch. Near gets a look on his face that you can tell means he's realized Light will write down his name first. Matsuda fortunately shoots Light in the hand, saving his life.
    • And then there's the moment when Naomi Misora, having decided that Light isn't Kira, gives her real name in trusting confidence, and gets the full treatment when:
    Naomi: Light? Why do you keep checking your watch?
    Light: Because... I'm Kira.
    • Also in the film when Ryuk shows his Death Note to Light, and it's his name that's written there. And the manga, at the same moment, as Light realizes he's finally run out of options.
    • Mello makes a very satisfying Oh, Crap! face in the anime when Chief Yagami speaks his real name.
  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
    • Alciel freaked out when he goes to answer the door in Episode 2 and he finds out that Emi is outside.
    • Lucifer's reaction when a fully powered and very pissed off Satan teleports right in front of him. He knew exactly what was coming.
  • Detective Conan:
    • The look on the eponymous character's face when he realizes that the murderer he was confronting alone in the forest at night brought fifty armed men along with him to help dispose of the evidence. Cue Big Damn Heroes moment when Ran and then Makoto shows up and beats the crap out of all of them.
    • Heck, the series basically has the Oh, Crap! face as one of the show's stock facial expressions. To elaborate... someone having a scared facial expression without any reflection in their eyes? It happens Once an Episode.
  • D.Gray-Man:
    • Kanda thinks that he's won his battle with Skinn Bolic, until Skinn stores enough energy inside of Kanda to materialize chains coming out of his chest which Skinn can use to drag him around, prevent him from using his swords, and electrocute him without missing. Oh, Crap! is Kanda's initial reaction, but Skinn didn't account for Kanda's Healing Factor and made the mistake of holding him right infront of him. Skinn has an Oh, Crap! face shortly after. Then after Kanda thinks that he's won, Skinn reveals himself to be still alive. Again, during the same battle, Skinn has destroyed Kanda's sword, only for Kanda to reveal that by sucking at his lifeforce, he can pull the pieces of his sword back together and cut Skinn cleanly in half with them, which he does. Oh, Crap! yet again.
    • In another battle, Allen has defeated Tyki Mikk by removing the Noah from him, only for Tyki to come back completely crazy, destroy any means of escaping, and reveal that he has a Superpowered Evil Side, which he cannot control and which only cares about killing them very violently. What made it rather ironic was that Allen triggered this power up by attempting to remove Tyki's Noah side.
    • Pretty much any case involving a Level 4 akuma requires an Oh, Crap! face.
      • Making it all the more awesome when a Level 4 attacks the HQ, kills lots of people and destroys most of it...and then it has to mess up Cross Marian's clothes. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle. The main reason for this scene is to show just how awesome Cross is.
    • The Fourteenth Noah is so scary that he scares a level 4 akuma when he appears and says "good morning".
  • Digimon:
    • Digimon Adventure: "Not her! No!" Myotismon's reaction to Kari activating her crest, everyone. The original line was "Shimatta!" (Oh,no! /Damn!) Cue the most awesome digivolution up to that point in time complete with Theme Song Power Up.
    • Digimon Adventure 02: Ken has this just before TK unleashes hell on him.
    • Digimon Tamers: The Tamers had been fighting "Devas", demi-gods based on the Chinese Zodiac. They'd defeated most of them, leaving a few left. What was it again? Oh, look, Henry's sister is talking to a very large rabbit Digimon, too far away from them to reach her. Oh right, one of the last Devas is a rabbit... OH SHI... Fortunately, Henry's sister manages to get past Antylamon's religious programming through sheer concentrated Moe.
    • Digimon Savers: Kurata gets a string of progressively larger ones when ShineGreymon reaches Burst Mode. The Oh, Crap! in response to ShineGreymon's Death Glare is the best one because it shows he realizes the tables have completely turned, and now he's the one about to be repaid in full for all the death and destruction he'd caused. Arguably one of the most satisfying Oh Craps in history.
  • Durarara!!:
    • A small gang of thugs (pretending to be the Dollars) surrounds Shizuo Heiwajima. When one of them figures out who they're fighting, he freaks out, rushes forward, and breaks his bat over Shizuo's head. Shizuo stumbles, and the thugs figure they've won...until they realize he's not moaning in pain, he's growling in rage.
      Shizuo: You aimed for my head. You've got to know that a blow like that can kill a guy, right? That means you were deliberately trying to kill me, right? That means whatever happens next...IS WHAT YOU DESERVE, RIGHT?
    • Shuji has this reaction in the second volume after tasting the badassery of Shizuo's Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass first hand. His internal monologue, for those curious.
      Shuji: I was (scary) so (scary) jealous of my disappointed self a moment ago. It (scary) would (scary) have (scary) been (scary) so much (scary) better (scary) if (scary scary) the man (scary scary) in front (scary) of me (scary scary scary) were (scary) indeed (scary scary) weak (scary scary scary scary scary scary scary HELP SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY HELP SCARY SCARY HELP HELP HELP HELP I'M SCREWED HELP I'M SCREWED I'M SCREWD I'M SORRY I'M REALLY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY).
    • When Namie Yagiri was mocking Mikado, and suddenly the cellphones of everyone in the crowd start ringing
  • Emerging:
    • As a horror manga, it has several of these moments.
    • Ooshima, a couple of chapters after his Kiss of Death
    • Another happens for Mori, the BSL-4 Virus Resident Enthusiast, when she's told that Japan has no preventing measures like cutting off international routes or forced quarantines.
    • This is Onotera and Sekiguchi's reaction when their hospital is quarantined and Mori tells them all the people with the symptoms are being rerouted to their hospital.
  • Excel Saga: The manga has Mince, who's been free of Excel trying to eat her for a pretty good period of time, encounter an amnesiac Excel. Mince's reaction covers a two-page spread.
  • Eyeshield 21:
    • During the match against Seibu. After an onside kick with just a minute left on the clock, Monta and Tetsuma are in a catching battle. Because Monta has his hands on the grip of the ball, he overcomes Tetsuma. He starts running for a touchdown, but notices that the other team isn't doing anything. Tetsuma had landed with the ball before Monta could grab it away.
    • Don't forget one of the most Oh, Crap! faces in the series was in the same game against Seibu (at least in the manga version) when everyone thought that Deimon couldn't get enough points because they have no kicker AND the distance is far too wide. Of course, it just happened to be the moment Musashi decides to come back to the team. The face of Kid and seibus Caoch says it all.
    • In the final game of the manga, USA vs. Japan, Sena tries to blitz Clifford, the American quarterback who can also run at Light Speed (4.2 seconds in the 40 yard dash). He fails because they're the same speed, then Agon comes flying in from the other side. However, since Agon is even slower, Clifford dodges him too and now there are 2 zones open in the background. Que SHIN coming in out of nowhere, Trident Tackle at the ready. With nowhere to run, there's only one thing Clifford can do- pray for mercy.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Fake Salamander and crew get a huge one when they realise Natsu is the real Salamander.
    • The Magic Council (ten of the greatest wizards alive) have a collective Oh, Crap! reaction when Siegrain spills Jellal's motivation for completing the Tower of Heaven: To resurrect Zeref, the most powerful and vicious dark wizard in history. Given that Zeref can easily create powerful demons like Deliora, their reaction seems justified. This fact convinces enough members of the Magic Council to vote in favor of firing the Etherion. They later have another such reaction when the Tower absorbs the Etherion, and they realize that "Siegrain" played them for fools.
    • Another Oh, Crap! incident during the Fighting Festival arc: Mirajane is watching fellow guild member Fried brutally torture her brother Elfman; she finally snaps and unlocks her most powerful magic, Take Over: Satan Soul. Another Oh, Crap! moment occured minutes later in the same fight when Mirajane busted out her S-Class lightning, water, and darkness magic to put Fried down.
    • During the S-Class Trial arc, one of the villains named Rustyrose has trounced Elfman and Evergreen with his magic, part of which is a pair of glasses that makes him immune to Evergreen's eye-based magic. After a Big Damn Heroes by Freed and Bickslow, Rustyrose also traps them in similar fashion. In a last ditch attempt, Bickslow attempts to use his own eye magic, which would let him control someone's body like a doll. Rustyrose simply mocks him, saying his glasses make him immune to such things. Then he realizes that he's not the target...
    • Group "Oh Crap" for Fairy Tail when they realise Acnologia is coming.
    • Grimoire heart when master Hades get killed.
    • Twilight Ogre gets one after they realize that Makarov, Erza, and Mirajane are going to kick their asses for their bullying of Fairy Tail.
    • Huge Oh Crap for Fairy Tail training group after they get back from their trip to celestial world and realise that there are only five days tillthe grand magic games
    • In Chapter 282, we have Natsu giving one to Sting, Rogue, Lector, and Frosh when he storms Sabertooth's lodgings and steamrolls over some of its nameless members. Rufus and Orga seem to get a more subdued version of this.
    • In Chapter 322, Minerva of all people had one when Erza unleashed her Second Origin power and shreds through Minerva's attacks.
    • When Erza is at the sun village and is turned into a child
  • Fate/Zero:
    • The Assassins get a magnificent one when Rider finishes his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Saber and reveals he didn't forget he was in the process of sicking his Badass Army on them. Already good because Rider had annihilated their two advantages (superior numbers and ability to hide: there was nowhere to hide, and Rider's Badass Army numbered in the thousands), it becomes magnificent due the Assassins wearing expressionless masks and still showing their utter fear.
    • We get another spectacular one in the battle between Rider and Gilgamesh: When Gilgamesh replies to the charge of Rider's army not by firing thousands of Noble Phantasms from Gate of Babylon but pulls out a single drill-like sword, Rider, for the first and only time in the series, loses his smile and aquires a grim look, realizing something bad is going to happen. As it happens, Gilgamesh was wielding Ea, an Infinity +1 Sword with firepower going from Wave Motion Sword (holding back) to Earth-Shattering Kaboom. Gilgamesh annihilated Rider's army.
  • Fist of the North Star:
    • Pretty much everyone who confronts Kenshiro will die with this expression on their faces, as Kenshiro explains to them how You Are Already Dead.
    • Perhaps the most entertaining, however, was a Mook who decided he could use Hokuto Shinken. He didn't realize, however, that Kenshiro had already hit one of his pressure points. So he counts down...
      Mook: One... Zero! Oh no! [explodes]
    • A crowd favorite was when Toki paralyzed Kenshiro with his Hokuto Shinken and was giving his "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Then after Rei reveals he isn't the real Toki at all, and then...
      Rei: You may not know it, but in Hokuto Shinken, there are counters against attacks to pressure points.
      Toki: Wh-What... [Kenshiro begins to stand up again] Uukk......
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Edward gets an expression like this when Scar blasts through the protective wall that Alphonse created.
    • When discussing Scar's rampage, this when Roy Mustang realizes that Ed may be targeted by Scar:
      Hughes: Please, I'm asking as your friend, you and Tucker are the only State Alchemists of note in this area, right?
      Mustang (facial expression visibly darkens, gasp) Oh, no.
    • Mustang again, upon discovering just how deep the infiltration in the military is.
    • Riza Hawkeye gets her own when she realizes Selim Bradley's identity as a homunculus.
    • Also the only way to describe the chimeras' expressions when they realize how Ed is planning to get around their Super Senses, or Envy's when it begins to dawn on him that pissing Roy off was an incredibly bad idea.
    • Ed has one himself just after disabling the chimeras and facing the Crimson Alchemist and realizing that he hadn't even considered that Kimblee might just have two stones in his possession.
    • Let's not forget a few chapters in when Ed realizes what Shou Tucker did to his daughter and dog...
    • "Hit the deck! The Flame Alchemist is here!" "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!"
    • Another funny one (that's mixed with Mood Whiplash) is when Ed first meets the Homunculi Lust and Envy. Just as Ed is about to kick off a fight, this happens:
      [Ed's Automail right arm goes limp]
      Lust: ...Technical difficulties?
      Envy: Lucky me! [knocks Ed out with a knee to the gut]
    • Played horrifyingly straight in Episode 41 of Brotherhood, in an expression most likely shared by the audience: After being blasted down a mine shaft by Kimblee, Ed awakens and painfully struggles to his hands and knees. The audience puts this down to him being Made of Iron, and of course he can handle one little mine shaft. Then blood starts pouring out of his stomach, and he looks back to see he's been impaled on a girder.
    • From the first anime:
      Ed: Is that all you got?
      Mugear: [holds up a whole handful of red stones]
      Ed: [wide eyed] Bad question.
      Mugear: Ha ha ha ha ha! Didn't think I had the stones? [transmutes bigass gun]
      Ed: Aw, crap!
    • Hilariously used in the first anime during Ed and Roy's battle assement. After diving into the crowd for cover, Mustang smokes him out by calling Ed short, his well known berserk button, and the entire section of the crowd gives a collective oh crap face right before Mustang blasts them all.
  • Full Metal Panic!
    • The first time Sōsuke witnesses Gauron's Lambda Driver in operation.
      Sōsuke: [shot is absorbed by az energy field] What in the—?! [gets blown back a few hundred meters by Gauron's shockwave]
    • Earlier, you could practically see him thinking "Oh Shit!" when he discovered the very large bomb planted on the hijacked plane carrying his classmates. (Keep in mind, Sōsuke's an expert when it comes to explosives. If he's making that kind of face it means things are really bad).
    • Another example from The Second Raid was the first episode where a tank commander really didn't expect the Arbalest to have a Lambda Driver.
    • And on a much larger scale for Sōsuke, he has this reaction whenever Kaname is angry.
    • Don't forget Gates.
      Gates: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I'm getting closer! The only thing in front of me is one Arbalest on the verge of overheating! I'm gonna run you down and crush your little ass! YOU'RE TRAPPED LIKE A RAT, BOY!!! (jumps into a clearing just to find his target isn't there) Huh?! Hey! Where's my Arbalest?! [Mao, Kurz and Sōsuke step up and take aim] Aw, shit...
      Gates: [the 9.8-ton Arbalest jumps off from a billboard without scratching it, then the 10.8-ton Codarl chasing it lands on the same board which instantly flattens] No way, that's impossible!!
    • In The Second Raid OVA, the AS failed their dance routine and one of them crash into a wall, prompting a very shocked Melissa to open her mouth really wide. Tessa then inform her that the repairs will come out of her salary.
  • GaoGaiGar FINAL:
    • A particularly epic one comes from Palus Abel just before the unveiling of the Goldion Crusher. In the last stages of the final battle, the heroes have been put completely on the ropes and are now outnumbered hundreds to one thanks to Pisa Sol's regeneration abilities. Abel is as smug as she's ever been in the series... until she has this exchange with Soldato-J and Renais:
    Palus Abel: It appears that you've lost, doesn't it?
    Soldato-J: ......... You think so?
    Renais: I knew she wouldn't notice.
    Palus Abel: !!!!
    • For those wanting to know: After getting beaten down by the heroes twice, Palus Abel orders Pisa Sol to put the Pas-Q Machine, their group's matter-regeneration device, into overdrive, reviving and cloning the Sol Masters en masse. This, however, drains the Pas-Q Machine, which their continued existence now depends on, of so much of its power that it is shut down for a period of time and left vulnerable to a strike from the Goldion Crusher. Just as the heroes had planned.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex:
    • After the Major killed an entire squad of an elite police assault team within seconds and not only survived but eventually won a fight against a walking tank, the conspirators decide to have her permanently removed in the next episode. Not willing to lose more men in a futile attack against her, they send a single woman to kill her while her brain is transfered into a new cybernetic body. But instead of killing her immediately, she has to tell the Major what she's doing once the connections to her body control have been cut. But then someone reconnects the controls causing one of the two inactive bodies to rise. And she knows she doesn't stand even the slightest chance.
    • The big Wham Episode when the terrorists stage their final action on the roof of a TV station skyscraper, with a news chopper circling them:
      Reporter: Swords! They are swinging swords and... AAAAHHH!!! Their heads!!! They just chopped off each others heads!!! Each of them! They killed each other! These men on the roof have murdered one another with swords!
  • Girls und Panzer: A Saunders High girl has only enough time to utter a startled "Jesus!" when she realizes that the strange object protruding from a nearby bush is the 75mm main gun of Oarai's S Tu G III before it proceeds to blast her Sherman.
  • Golden Boy: Kintaro has a massive "Oh, Crap!" moment in the first episode.
    "...those were my notes...those notes were more valuable than my life! Money can't replace that kind of knowledge! THOSE NOTES WERE PRICELESS!!! (realizes he's showing her pages with erotic doodles and notes such as "This chick is scary!") .....AW, SHIT!!!"
  • In Guardian Fairy Michel, this is Salome's reaction whenever Kim pulls out the Mirage Blaster.
  • Gunslinger Girl: The manga has a few of these, especially when mafia guy Cristiano sees that Rico has taken out his getaway driver and smashed his face into the window of the car.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
  • Hellsing:
    • Pretty much put everyone who fights Alucard, due to his fondness of letting his enemies blow him to bits and reforming. A particularly notable case would be Luke Valentine, who spends the entire time between Alucard releasing his actual powers and being Eaten Alive wearing such an expression and sobbing in terror.
    • A slightly less horrific yet hilarious example comes from the 2nd OVA. Jan Valentine has butchered the entirety of the Hellsing organization, made it past Seras and Walter, and breaks into the conference room... only to find every member of the conference pointing a gun at him:
      Integra: You made it! Congratulations.
      Jan: ...Oh, fuck me.
      [Jan is blown to shreds in a hail of anti-vampire gunfire]
    • Just prior to that, Jan has a shorter one when Walter demonstrates his Razor Floss to gornfully thin out Jan's vampire escort then calmly walks up to him with Scary Shiny Glasses and his Razor Floss swirling around him, throwing Jan's earlier insult of Integra right back into his face.
    • Volume 7 has Seras Victoria going into Unstoppable Rage upon drinking the blood of the dying Pip Bernadotte and awakening as a full vampire, and upon seeing that nothing can stop her now, vilainess Zorin Blitz, the one who murdered Pip, has a big Oh, Crap! moment, just before suffering one of the most horrifying deaths ever seen.
    • Alucard himself gets one when, during his first fight against Father Anderson, he seemingly blasts him into submission then turns to check on Seras, only for Anderson to get right back up behind him, before running Alucard through with a blessed bayonet.
    • When Maxwell calls on Anderson during the meeting at the museum in response to Alucard, he is thoroughly unprepared for the both of them going full on Blood Knight in response to seeing each other again, and even tries vainly to stop Anderson while he's in the middle of advancing on Alucard with bayonets drawn and delivering his incredibly badass rendition of Psalm 2:8.
      • Maxwell has two even bigger ones come Volume 8. The first one comes when Alucard goes Control Art Restriction Level 0, unleashing every one of his familiars (which number in the MILLIONS because Alucard has consumed a lot of people over the centuries), and Maxwell recognizes him as none other than Dracula. The second one comes when Anderson destroys the reinforced glass enclosure protecting him from Alucard's familiars, resulting in a horrific, but very well-deserved Karmic Death.
    • Completely averted by the Major (being the only one with this distinction in Hellsing); no matter what befalls him or his forces, he always maintains his composure and has a smile on his face. All because everything that happens is in accordance with his plan (plus, it's kind of hard to get this reaction from someone who is hoping you'll kill them).
    • Rip van Winkle when she senses the presence of Alucard heading for the ship - from seventeen miles out. Unlike everyone else who is faced with Alucard (until he reforms or transforms), she is scared shitless of the guy, and with damned good reason.
  • Hetalia Bloodbath 2010: The general reaction when General Winter is defeated by the mysterious shadow.
  • High School Of The Dead: Anyone who is caught defenseless by "them" is bound to make this face.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry Kai:
    • Yamainu leader Okonogi's look when he discovers that Akasaka Took a Level in Badass while he was not looking? Priceless.
      Akasaka: How weak. Let me show you what a real punch is... [WHAM]
    • The first season had Shion's realization that she forgot Satoshi's final request.
      Satoshi: I leave Satoko in your care.
      • When does Shion realize this? Right when she's tearing the poor girl apart with a knife. Cue Oh, Crap! + Ax-Crazy look. And pissing herself.
    • Higurashi: When They Cry Rei: Rika Furude right before she gets hit by a truck.
    • Used for laughs when Keiichi and Rena catch Mion, Satoko and Rika trying to weasel their way out of a punishment game for losing a club activity. Extra points in the dub where Satoko actually says, "Aw crap!"
    • Higurashi: When They Cry Kira: In Episode 2, Rika as she gets caught by the ropes of four of the villains that she was facing in her dream about becoming a Magical Girl, just before waking up from said dream.
      • Later, in the same episode, Takano gets this when Oyashiro Rika and Trap Satoko are about to destroy Nail Ripper with their 07th Explosion and send her flying into the wild blue yonder to become A Twinkle in the Sky.
  • Holyland: Some of Yuu's old bullies freak out when they realise that he Took a Level in Badass. Shougo has one when Katou tackles him and takes him to the ground.
  • Hunter × Hunter: The Chimera Ant King felt fear for the first time in his life when he saw that his opponent Netero, after losing two limbs, a lot of blood, and all of Nen, was grinning in triumph right before he stops his heart, activating the extremely powerful bomb inside his body. He realizes a split second too late that this was Netero's plan from the start.
  • Initial D has a few noteworthy examples.
    • Takumi vs Shingo: the race is a "Death Tape" style one, meaning the driver's right hand is taped to the wheel, which limits steering; in the initial moments of the race, Takumi forgets this. The look on his face shows it all. He almost gets his wrist dislocated in order to not crash.
    • Later in the same race, Shingo demonstrates this when he thinks Takumi will crash into him as revenge for him doing that earlier on. He doesn't; Shingo is not very happy about this.
    • In the closing stages of the race, an enraged Shingo decides to end it in a double crash to avoid being humiliated by his team. Just as he's preparing to shove his Civic into the Trueno, Takumi swerves. The split second before he hits the wall, this comes into effect. Shingo's car is completely ruined, but he's lucky he managed to survive in the first place.
    • Yuichi goes into this full force when Bunta takes him to a ride on the Trueno and lights a goddamn cigarette while drifting around a corner.
    • Any time anyone who isn't Natsuki is on Takumi's passenger seat, really.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Because Youkai cling to life so tenaciously, and view hanyo with contempt, many of the eponymous protagonist's enemies get this reaction during or just after the mortal blow has been struck.
    • Hiten, just after Inuyasha cut him from crown to hip.
    • Ryuukossei, after Inuyasha discovers how to do the Bakuryuuha.
    • Naraku, after Kagome blows his entire torso away with a single sacred arrow. And then keeps shooting.
    • Inuyasha, when Goshinki catches Tessaiga with his teeth.
    • Then Goshinki, when Inuyasha rips his arm off.
    • Byakuya unleashes well over a thousand youkai on Sesshoumaru. With one swing of his sword, Sesshoumaru kills the lot. Byakuya is left dumbfounded... and in very deep trouble.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: First off, this happens very often. Considering the abrupt, tense, and violent situations that this series tosses out at the drop of a hat, you'd be hard-pressed not to find a chapter or episode where characters aren't reacting this way.
    • Roughly half the battle between Jotaro and Dio consists of Oh Crap moments of realization and their brief and panicked aftermaths. Jotaro's facial expressions convey this perfectly, especially when he realizes that Dio is about to drop a goddamn steamroller on him.

      And then, Jotaro flips it back at him with his combination of an Out of the Inferno plus retaliatory Time Stop (Dio's been spamming his own a lot, mind you).

      A minor example occurs when Dio is trying to escape Jotaro after his head injury, and opts to go down a manhole to hide. Unfortunately for him, it's already occupied by the one person he hoped not to see — Jotaro. The look on his face as he gasps says it all.
    • Which for all its beauty does not begin to compare to the manga scene in Part 2 where Joseph, taking part in a chariot death race against Wamuu, having all but miraculously beaten Wamuu to the epic warhammer waiting for them both on the stone pillar, cheerfully swings it round only to discover that Wamuu has upended the pillar off the ground and is swinging it at him.
    • In Part 5, Diavolo gets this one in spades when he figures out he is useless in the face of Giorno's new stand, Gold Experience Requiem.
    • In Part 2, Kars has a truly satisifying expression of panic on his face after he is launched into space and realizes that he can't return to Earth.
    • Part 7's finale starts with a chain of these. Funny Valentine is defeated. He then uses his powers at the last second to summon a particularly evil alternate version of Diego Brando to fight the heroes. The good news is that the alternate Diego doesn't have the Scary Monsters Stand. The bad news is that he has THE WORLD!
    • Part 4 has one with Yuuya, the hospitalized user of Highway Star. Earlier, he taunts Josuke about how it would look really bad if he were to beat up someone in as poor a condition as him, so Josuke...heals him. Yuuya immediately realizes that he did this just so it would be a fair fight.
    Josuke: As I see it, if I heal you, and then kick your ass, then it would be a "fair fight", right?!
  • Karakuri Circus: There are so many examples in this series that it might be better just to change the title of it to 'Oh, Crap!'.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!:
    • Bugzzy gets one when he fails to block Kirby's Sword beam. His eyes are seen widening just before he is sliced in half.
    • Nightmare gets one when Kirby, by swallowing his own Warp Star, takes control of the Star Rod, which is, in fact, his one weakness.
  • Both of Laid-Back Camp's examples come from the tenth episode.
    • In episode nine, Chiaki decides to cook houto noodles for Nadeshiko, who had a cold. When her parents show up and ask Chiaki to cook for them an authentic Yamanashi houto, the pressure on Chiaki becomes visible in her expression.
    • When Rin oversleeps at the restaurant on her way to her campsite, she is shocked that it's late enough that the sun has set.
  • Liar Game: Put it this way: it's a manga about gambling and jaw drops.
  • Lone Wolf and Cub:
    • This is the primary tropes for the main character, Ogami Itto. Oh Crap faces generally come up more or less every time someone either recognizes Itto or he reveals himself, generally by pulling out his sword, running at somebody, and shouting "Assassin, Lone Wolf and Cub! I come for your life!"
      • In the case of the latter, Oh, Crap! is an understatement.
  • Loveless: Youji and Natsuo have a severe case of this when they confront Seimei. It even goes so far as to become a case of Break the Cutie on Youji's part, along with an I'd Tell You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You. So far probably the biggest case of Oh, Crap! this series has gotten.
  • Macross:
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:
    • The eponymous Nanoha tends to draw this sort of reaction from her enemies.
    • Smug Snake Quattro, providing the image for this page up above, had this reaction twice in a row. First when she learns that Nanoha has found her location, then again a few seconds later when she realizes Nanoha plans to take the shortest route there. Video. Three if you count her reaction after she sees the actual beam speeding toward her.
      • Just to specify the 2nd reaction a smidge: Between them, Quattro calms herself by remembering that she's at the heart of the ship, filled with lots of hallways filled with drones, and that Nanoha can't possibly get to her in time. Then she notices Nanoha charging up a powerful magic attack, and wonders if she's planning on trying to blast through the ship, which is made to shunt magical energy. The second Oh, Crap! moment (complete with the above-mentioned face) hits upon remembering just who the hell she's dealing with, what the hell that person is capable of, and suddenly realizing the horrifying truth—Yes. Yes, she is.
    • Even before that, Vita had this reaction when Nanoha fires an attack that would make a Wave-Motion Gun envious.
    • And even before that, Fate shows this reaction when, after barely surviving the aforementioned attack, she discovers that Nanoha has another Wave-Motion Gun. A bigger one.
    • Nanoha and Co. are on the receiving end in A's when they realize that the Book of Darkness, having absorbed Nanoha's magical abilities, is able to cast said bigger Wave-Motion Gun at them.
    • She also had one when she realizes that Shamal tried to absorb her Linker Core, right before she fires Starlight Breaker to crash the dimensional barrier deployed by the Wolkenritter. Nanoha being Nanoha, though, she fires anyway.
    • Numbers cut loose. Fate appears. Fate stops the pursuit. Numbers wonder what's going on. And then it cuts to Hayate in the sky, casting a very ugly spell that we had all but forgotten she still had: Diabolic Emission. Oops.
    • A lighter version for Ginga in Episode 15, when Nanoha suggests a sparring battle of Ginga and the four Forwards (the new kids) vs. herself, Fate, Signum, and Vita. She seems to be just surprised at first, then it slowly dawns on her...
      • Ginga gets another one in Episode 26, just before Subaru Divine Busters the Numbers' brainwashing right out of her.
    • The three bullies from ViVid Strike! give a fantastic example right before Rinne exacts brutal vengeance for their actions.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
  • Mai-Otome:
    • Nagi at the very end, when everything finally comes crashing down on him and the Otomes come to capture him (even saying "Oh, crap!").
    • Though somewhat subverted in that he goes back to his passive "oh well" attitude anyway.
  • Mazinger Z:
    • Many, many times. A good example was when Baron Ashura was relaxing in his/her submarine fortress, feeling safe due to the knowledge of Mazinger Z could not reach him/her underwater because it had not been built to swim or dive... when one of his/her Mooks showed him/her through one screen Mazinger-Z was swimming towards them.
    • And in other episode, Ashura kidnapped Aphrodite A and examined it to learn how building a Photon engine. Later, when Mazinger Z broke into his/her base, a short-circuit burnt the computer they were using, destroying what information they had obtained. Ashura's expression was priceless (one of his/her Mooks got to drag him/her away because he/she kept staring at the ruined computer).
    • This is Dr. Hell's default expression in the final battle of Shin Mazinger, as every attempt to stop Kouji fails and more and more ridiculous rocket punches get thrown his way.
    • A more tragic example happens when Prof. Yumi and Prof. Gordon are talking about a Mechanical Beast that is sinking ships... and Gordon realizes his wife and their daughter are traveling by sea.
  • Mirai Nikki:
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam:
    • Smug Snake Big Bad Paptimus Scirocco has this look on his face when he is about to be impaled by the Zeta Gundam.
    • Still didn't stop him from getting one last shot in against the hero.
    • The now infamous cry of "What the heck?....That's a mobile suit....IT'S A GUNDAM!!!"
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz:
      Heero: Let me confirm, your shelter shields are activated?
      Dekim: WHAT are you planning?
      Heero: Your shelter is secure, is it?
      Mariemeia: Of course it is! See for yourself how powerless you are!
      Heero: Roger that. [fires Wave-Motion Gun]
      Mariemeia: [cue look of horror]
    • Tolle Koenig, moments before the Aegis Gundam's shield crashes through his fighter's canopy and decapitates him.
    • Several in a row for SEED, when Azrael attempts to destroy the Archangel with the Dominion's positron cannon. Everyone on the bridge of the Archangel has this expression when Neumann reveals they can't get out of the way in time, with a major close-up of Murrue's horrified expression with the glowing cannon shot coming towards them only to be saved when Mu La Flaga blocks it with the Strike Gundam before being seemingly blown to pieces. This is quickly followed by two separate Oh Crap faces from Azrael, first realizing that his last shot has failed and then another one not long after upon realizing that he's about to take a Wave-Motion Gun blast in the face.
    • Lord Djibril when he spotted Legend Gundam before his demise.
      Chairman Durandal: Thank you, Djibril. Goodbye, and good riddance.
      • Kira has two notable ones; once when the Freedom is Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by the Impulse's sword and another in the finale when Rey reveals that he's a clone of Rau Le Creuset.
      • He has a minor one when he first attacks Shinn and Shinn dodges, providing him for the first time since Creuset with an enemy he can't disable in one hit. He's stunned.
    • Wang Liu Mei from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 had one, when Nena reveals that she had her and Hong Long trapped in her ship, and moves in for the kill.
    • The villains' collective faces when Nadleeh, the Trans-Am, 00 Gundam, 0 Raiser and the Trans-Am BURST are first revealed are priceless.
      • Inversion: Setsuna makes the priceless face when the Masurao turns out to have Trans-Am.
      • When the 00 Raiser is used to shoot down a Memento Mori Kill Sat in season 2, the crew of Memento Mori is relieved when they realize its Wave-Motion Gun missed them. Until they realize the beam isn't dispersing. Because it wasn't a beam cannon at all. It was a beam sword, with a blade over 10km long. A blade that's now descending toward them. Guess how they react to that realization.
    • If you ever hear Hallelujah Haptism laughing hysterically or telling you why you suck get your Oh Crap face ready. You're doubly screwed if he starts doing both at the same time, Unless you are Ribbons Almark or Soma Peries/Marie Parfacy.
    • The infamous cry above? Setsuna does it in the finale when Ribbons reveals the Reborns Cannon is actually a transforming Gundam.
    • The Movie has Setsuna having this reaction at what is apparently the now-dead Ribbons Almark walking straight towards him. It's an ELS that mimicked the body of a Ribbons-type Innovade and provokes this reaction once more when Setsuna blows away its upper torso with plastic explosives... and the lower body keeps walking.
      • He has a smaller one when he blows away an ELS ship with the 00 Quanta's Raiser Sword and proceeds to cut open the ELS planetoid... only for the planetoid to deflect the gigantic particle beam away from itself with no damage whatsoever. Good thing Graham happened to be nearby...
    • In Gundam Build Fighters Try, Smug Snake Adou has just finished delivering one Curb-Stomp Battle after another, taking down Team White Wolf and Team Try Fighter. He demands that someone stronger show up to challenge him. He gets his wish when Meijin Kawaguchi III arrives in his Gundam Amazing Red Warrior. Adou's face changes spectacularly, especially when he realizes his opponent is the three time World Champion and inductee of the Gunpla Hall of Fame.
    • The original "Oh, Crap!" moment was in the original Mobile Suit Gundam as Char is shocked by the fact that the Gundam just shrugged off a Zaku Machinegun as if it was nothing, with it being topped as he witnessed the Gundam destroying a Zaku in one shot with a beam rifle.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Midoriya's joy at having won the race during the sports festival turns to object terror when it announced that he is worth 10 million points in the following event. Making him everyone's number one target.
    • Everyone can only freeze in horror when All For One shows up during the raid on the League of Villain's hideout. Then proceeds to mop the floor with the pro heroes.
    • All For One gets his turn when he All Might feints him using one arm as bait to sucker punch him...only for that to be a feint as well, which All For One only realizes a few seconds before being plowed face first into the ground with All Might's ultimate attack. Notably All For One manages to demonstrate this trope without most of his face.
    • In Chapter 259, Doctor Maruta gets an epic one when Endeavor appears in front him and reveals he knows the Doctor is the creator of the Nomus and is here to arrest him.
    • In Chapter 260, it turns out that this was a clone created by Twice. The real Doctor reluctantly decides he has to abandon his hospital hideout and tells his teleport Nomu Johnny to warp him and Shigaraki away to safety. At that exact moment, #5 pro hero Mirko kicks down his door, which lands on and knocks out Johnny. The real Doctor Maruta then gets the exact same terrified expression as the copy did the previous chapter.
  • Naruto:
    • Being a Shōnen series about ninja with magic powers, it LOVES this trope.
    • Zabuza realises this twice during Naruto's plan to free Kakashi from his water prison: once when he realized Sasuke used the Shadow Shuriken Jutsu (though this was somewhat faked), and once more when the second shuriken transforms into Naruto and throws a kunai at him. While Zabuza is able to avoid both attacks, this requires him to break contact with the water prison and free Kakashi. And then there's the third example, when Zabuza realizes that Kakashi isn't just copying his moves, he's launching the attacks faster than Zabuza, as if he can see the future and "copy" attacks that Zabuza hasn't even started yet.
    • "Heh. There's no way taking off a little weight will let him keep up with Gaara's sand--" *KABOOM* The beauty of this scene was how Gaara's teammates realized right away this was trouble, but it took Gaara several seconds after Lee started moving for him to register how badly his defenses were being outmaneuvered. That Kankuro had recently boasted about no one ever having been able to lay a scratch on Gaara was just icing on the cake.
      • Inverted a few seconds later, where after usng his signature move Lee looks on in horror as Gaara's face starts falling apart, revealing that Gaara replaced himself with a sand clone. Gaara then shows up behind him, smiling and full of bloodlust, which freaks out his siblings who know what he is like. The fight concludes with Lee's teacher forced to step in and prevent Gaara from killing Lee.
    • Sasuke realizing that trying to attack Danzo at the Hokage summit (with the other Kages and their bodyguards also present) probably wasn't one of his better ideas.
    • Kisame gets a hilarious Oh Crap moment when Killer Bee and the Raikage both go straight for his neck the second they meet up and cut his head off right as he's about to use a new technique. Subverted later on when Kisame reveals they've just beheaded a clone. Though they were still much faster than Kisame expected and [[spoiler:the clone was barely able to switch places before he would've been killed].
    • Danzo gets one when Sasuke outsmarted him by making him believe Izanagi was still active at the end of their fight. He gets one more when his plan of using a hostage to save his life doesn't work as he would have expected.
    • For comedy purposes, Naruto has this reaction when Sai calls Sakura "ugly", and again when he sees how she reacts to Sai calling Ino "beautiful".
    • During the Fourth World War, an entire Division of the Shinobi Army gets this multiple times:
      • First when the real Uchiha Madara shows up on the battlefield.
      • Later when the above person summons a meteor above their head.
      Is this the power of a god?
      • With great effort, Gaara and O'onoki manage to stop the meteor, leading to the above person to praise their effort and then say this. The Shinobi Army has exactly the reaction you'd expect.
      Now, how will you deal with the second one, O'onoki?
      • Still later:
      Don't tell me, he can use Mokuton (Wood Element) Jutsu too?
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • The UN army in the first scene: "EVERY SINGLE MISSILE HIT THE TARGET!"
    • Later, Misato has this reaction when she realizes the UN is about to drop an N2 mine on the Angel. When the interference clears up and the Angel appears only stunned from the explosion, the UN generals have this reaction as well.
    • Gendo gets a rare one in End of Evangelion when Rei betrays him.
    • This one from Episode 19:
      [Unit-00 sprinting towards Zeruel, clutching something in its hand]
      Ritsuko: IT'S AN N2 MINE!!!
      Gendo: REI!!!
    • Even Rei gets a go with this trope: first when Shinji gets too close to the truth for her comfort over comparing her to a mother, then beginning to understand just how bad the Evangelion she's piloting really is (according to Ritsuko Rei would never forgive them if she found out.) Rebuild shows Rei go, oh crap at seeing the Dummy System in action.
    • Episode 16 has all of NERV doing this when Eva Unit 01 gets... rather annoyed and rips its way out of Leliel's s3-d shadow Alien-style!
    • Then Shinji gets one in Episode 18, when the Dummy System is activated.
    • And again in Episode 19, when 01 runs out of power and stops working during a crucial point of the battle with the most powerful Angel yet, Zeruel. And he gets one when 01 starts moving again... as does everyone else!
    • Also in End, Asuka's expression becomes pure Oh, Crap! right before a (fake?) Lance of Longinus breaks through her Eva's AT Field to stab it (and her) in the eye.
    • Rebuild 2.0: Zeruel vs NERV, round 1.
      Hyuga: It broke through all 24 layers of special armor in one hit...
    • In the manga, the JSSDF soldiers get a nasty surprise when they arrive to find Misato, slumped, fatally-wounded... and with a grenade pin hanging out of the corner of her mouth.
    • There's at least one in every episode of Evangelion, really. One of the rare funny ones is in the manga, when Shinji finds out that the girl who caused chaos at the arcade is his new coworker.
  • Ninja Scroll: This occurs in the final confrontation between Jubei and Gemma. Jubei's taken a pounding, had his arm broken (and probably a few ribs), and is lying on the ground, immobile, as Gemma stands over him, boasting his immortality. Jubei then proceeds to headbutt him. TO DEATH. The look on Gemma's face as Jubei smashes it into a bloody pulp is pure Oh, Crap!: you get the impression it's astonishment as much as pain that prevents him from fighting back. He got better.
  • Noir: Pretty much everyone who isn't one of the three Noir maidens (or Altena) dies with an Oh Crap look on his/her face. So does Chloe, when she unleashes her inner Psycho Lesbian on Mireille and gets Kirika's dessert fork through the chest for her trouble.
  • One-Punch Man: Almost every villain when the dumb-looking, absent-minded bald guy in a ridiculous superhero costume who they ignored reveals that his punches can shatter the planet even without trying too hard.
    • Hero Hunter Garou gets this bad; the first time when he runs into Saitama, gets mistaken for a petty thief and knocked out, the second time when he runs into Saitama again and gets mistaken for a dine-and-dasher and knocked out and finally in his Awakened Garou form, when he trashes the entire S-Class hero roster - and realizes in his third fight with Saitama, that no matter how much he grows, he literally does not know what he needs to do to even scratch him...and gets his power knocked out of him, this time for good.
  • Overlord (2012): As it's a novel adapted into manga and anime about a level 100 Player Character suddenly being transported into a world where all the game elements are real as day and night, and that character by and above being stronger than every native character in the game, it's a given. Most notable examplesnote  are:
    • The Dirty Coward Knight from Slane Theocracy when Ainz summons his Death Knight.
    • Clementine realizing that the "knight" that she was fighting is not only an Elder Lich immune to anything she could throw at him, but that he aims to kill her by crushing her to death in the world's deadliest Bear Hug.
    • Brain Unglaus seeing Shalltear's true form.
    • A mind-controlled Shalltear when Ainz reveals he was faking all his weaknesses for her to drop guard.
    • The Lizardmen when Cocytus sends them the message of preparing for war or facing extermination.
    • Zaryusu and Zenburu when Cocytus breaks their swords before killing them.
    • Evileye when 'Jaldabaoth' kills Gagaran and Tia with his bare minimum power.
    • The Demon Snake of the West when Ainz neutralises the Giant of the East and his regenerating troll army in a flash.
    • All the workers when they face the true power of Nazarick, but none can hold a candle to this moment with the Foresight:
      • Initially, the Group was confident they can take on Ainz when Arche reveals she doesn't sense any magic power from him. Then Ainz removes his ring, and Arche goes into a really massive Heroic BSoD realizing Ainz's true power scale. It then immediately goes From Bad to Worse.
    • After the above mentioned decimation, the Empire gets one when 2 little Dark Elves kill 2 thousand of the Empire's Knights, as retaliation for the above break-in.
    • The biggest Oh, Crap! possibly in the series belongs to both the Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom, as Ainz charges up a super-tier spell by killing 70 thousand soldiers, and then using the deaths as a fuel to summon Dark Elder Young to decimate the rest of the Kingdom's army. It resulted in the deaths of 200 thousand soldiers from the Kingdom, due to the stampede and the Young monsters, and it was so bad that the Emperor, known for his unflappable and no-nonsense attitude, breaks down Laughing Mad realizing with whom he plans to fight in the future.
  • Paranoia Agent:
    • The utterly priceless look Yuichi gets when he sees the photo on his phone in the second episode.
    • Shonen Bat/Lil' Slugger has this when one of his victims gets back up.
      • Ah, but that wasn't real guy.
  • Pokémon:
    • Team Rocket. With clockwork regularity.
    • In the very beginning of Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys, Rayquaza bursts out of the water that Deoxys had knocked it into and fires a Hyper Beam right in its face. Even despite its expressionless features, Deoxys was clearly shocked.
    • In the episode "Having a Wailord of a Time", Nurse Joy was keeping a Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip for a girl that was going to be a trainer. Unfortunately, the Torchic evolved into Combusken while Nurse Joy was away, leading to Ash and Max trying to hide it and substitute May's Torchic temporarily.
    • The unnamed Con Man gets one when he's trying to pawn off a Shiny Magikarp. He knocks on the door, and immediately starts selling. Only when he realizes that he knocked on Professor Oak's door does he realize his mistake.
    • From Pokémon: The First Movie, this is pretty much Dr. Fuji's reaction when staring an enraged Mewtwo in the face, knowing that the clone is going to reduce him to ashes. His last words are...
      Fuji: We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon…and we succeeded.
    • Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions: Goon, Kodai's Dragon gets an absolutely wonderful Oh, Crap! look when he sees an extremely ticked off Zoroark is charging right at him. You can't get much more screwed than facing an extremely powerful Action Mom on a Mama Bear Roaring Rampage of Revenge who you helped make mad.
  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Lance, being similarly empowered, doesn't need to show this. Sird, however, had no idea what she was getting into when Yellow flipped her shit, and after the realization set in, she grabbed Orm and ran the fuck away. She later took the opportunity to petrify Silver and the Kanto Dex Holders while Yellow was asleep to avoid a repeat of that encounter.
    • At least she was smarter than Aqua Admin Matt, as he gloriously demonstrated in Round 212. It was smart of him to use Flannery as bait to lure Sapphire into an airtight cable car and lock the door behind her. It was also smart of him to flood the cable car with Azumarill and provide himself a way to breathe. And calling out Sharpedo to bite them to death seemed like a good idea at the time...NOT! Sapphire called out Rono (a Lairon at the time, which resists Bite) to break off its teeth, and he gloated at their inability to breathe throughout the whole ordeal - time better spent watching Sapphire as she used those teeth to cut a hole in the glass! It's a shame, as he could have won if he didn't try to rush Sapphire's demise, which wound up being his own downfall instead - in this case, Rono makes it literal, as he went flying to the next cable car down.
      Sapphire: Did You Actually Believe...? I had Rono break Sharpedo's teeth merely to defend myself? I was actually planning to use them for something else!
    • Also, Ruby's face when he realizes that Sapphire is the girl he saved from a Salamence years before (who he was also in love with), and that the boy who she used to love was him. He manages to cover it up pretty well so no one notices. Sapphire does it as well later that chapter when he locks her in an aircar and she realizes the same thing he did as he shows her the scar he has from the Salamence attack.
  • Psycho-Pass:
    • The baddie has a knife to her friend's throat. Akane points her Dominator at him, only to be told "The Crime Coefficient is zero. Not a target for enforcement action. The trigger will be locked." Cue epic Oh, Crap! from her, and from the audience too. It ends badly for her friend.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
  • RahXephon:
    • Smug Snake Isshiki gets one after he brings down the Tokyo Jupiter barrier... only to find millions of the Mu's super weapons and giant floating cities suddenly appearing world-wide. This leads almost directly to his Villainous Breakdown.
    • Kuki gets another one when Kunugi is about to trigger the second Tokyo Jupiter.
      Kuki: This cannot be... YOU WOULDN'T DARE! THEY HAVEN'T TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!
  • Ranma ½:
    • A common malady among the more serious foes is that, after delivering a deadly, massively destructive ultimate technique, Ranma somehow penetrates it and delivers his own counterattack to match, leaving the enemy staring in dumb shock and with their jaw hanging open. They don't even try to defend themselves or run away — they know they're screwed.
    • Unrelated example from the same series, as well as an inversion of a more common incident: Ranma jumps out of a third floor window, and finds out to his horror that there is a pool underneath.
      Ranma: Why'd it have to be water?!
  • Rosario + Vampire: Most enemies think this right before their defeat at the hands of Tsukune's harem (or Tsukune himself).
  • Rurouni Kenshin:
    • In a heroic example, this seems to be the eponymous protagonist's default expression for a large part of his fight against Soujirou, with a particularly expressive one right after Soujirou dodges his "undodgeable" attack.
    • Kenshin himself also hands out "Oh Crap" reactions like candy, especially when people find out the tiny little redhead who's the sweetest, most polite person you'll ever meet was once the legendary Hitokiri Battousai.
    • An "Oh Crap" moment amplified by shock on the reader's side: Shishio takes everything that Kenshin, Aoshi, Sano, and Saitou can throw at him but refuses to go down.
    • Possibly the greatest example was when Shishio tauntingly points out that he thinks like Kenshin and was aware he was using himself as a distraction so "the insect" could assault the ship. Then he orders his men to open fire with a gatling gun on Sanosuke, who has nowhere to maneuver (for reference, it's been shown previously that a gatling gun works about as well on people in the anime as it does in real life). The look on Shishio's face when Sanosuke punches the water hard enough to create a burst that stops bullets? Priceless.
    • Shortly followed by another great example of Oh, Crap! in the series: After dodging the machine gun bullets, Sanosuke threw some explosives at their ship. The bad guys had just about enough time to reassure themselves such little things could not harm what is at that era the best technology could buy (for reference, the "ship" is a privately-owned Dreadnought)... Suffice to say, those are some high-grade explosives.
      Shishio: He's no insect!
    • Takeda Kanryu rants and raves about his gatling gun cutting through his insubordinate henchmen, Oniwabanshu, like butter. But once he loses that gatling gun and is standing face to face with the legendary Hitokiri Battousai, he realizes just how utterly screwed he is. And to top it all off, the aforementioned manslayer doesn't look very happy.
      Kanryu: (Sniveling) Please don't kill me!
      Kenshin: If you're begging for your life, why don't you ask your money to save you! (Dislocates Kanryu's jaw)
  • In the anime version of Saint Seiya Asterion and Moses have this reaction when they discover Misty has been killed: until then they saw Saori's Saints as a nuisance, and Lizard Misty was considered overkill to deal with all of them, but the moment they saw the arguably strongest of the Silver Saints dead they realized the heroes were a serious threat-and they weren't likely to survive, as Misty was stronger than them combined.
  • Shigurui: This page, when Seigen realizes that the guy is actually trying to hurt him; he's then blinded, in slow motion, bringing this into definite Eye Scream territory.
  • Steins;Gate:
    • Used to great effect in Episode 9 when Okabe finds out just how much Faris's D-mail has changed Akihabara.
    • Occurs again in Episode 20 when Makise asks Okabe what's the last D-mail they need to undo in order to save Mayuri. At that point Okabe remembers what it was and what they need to do, letting Makise die.
  • Slayers:
    • Basically every time some non-boss-level enemy realizes that the flat-chested girl he's been making fun of is actually Lina Inverse...
    • In Slayers Try Xelloss actually utters this phrase when Amelia literally sings him into submission.
    • In Slayers Next, when Hellmaster Fibrizo realizes that he's just pissed off the freaking Lord of Nightmares, the Hellmaster immediately Screams Like a Little Girl (... in the Japanese version. The English dub just has him speechless with terror. Must've gotten Bowdlerized).
      • He screams in the French version too, but it's not THAT convincing.
    • In the fifth light novel, there's an excellent moment where Mazenda has Lina cornered outside of a burning inn. Mazenda is about to finish her off when Lina says that Xelloss is standing right behind Mazenda. Upon hearing Xelloss' cheerful "Behind you, Miss Mazenda!", she immediately flings herself into the burning building to get away. Lina narrates: "Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is fear".
    • In the first series (episode 14), Amelia is used as a hostage. She tells Lina to forget about her and just defeat the bad guys. Lina says "Sure, sounds fine to me!"...cue the Oh, Crap! look from Amelia.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • The majority of Monsters of the Week tend to have this expression when they're about to get hit by one of Sailor Moon's attacks, which always obliterates them. However, the other Sailor Guardians get their moments and invoke this, such as the look on the last DD Girl's face before Sailor Mars fries her with the last bit of her power.
    • Eudial from the third season gets three of these: the first one when the Holy Grail is formed, the second when Super Sailor Moon reflects her attack back at her with only one hand, and her final one occurs when she realizes Mimete has sabotaged her car's brakes and she's now heading for a cliff edge.
    • When Sailor Saturn prepares to bring her Silence Glaive down (which will kill Saturn herself and destroy everything else) in an attempt to stop Nehellenia and save Chibiusa, Nehellenia at first chuckles and mocks her for making such a poor bluff... and then, the smile drops off her face real fast when she realizes Saturn actually intends to go through with it. Chibi-Moon stops Saturn's swing partway through, but the released energy is still enough to obliterate the castle they're fighting in.
  • 3-gatsu no Lion: Rei becomes shocked and almost has a breakdown the moment he realizes that his underestimation of Shimada's skill during their first official shogi match lead him to an unwinnable situation early on during the game before he fully realized it. Shimada clears his throat to snap him out of it.
  • School Days:
    • In the finale, Makoto gets a text message on his cell phone that just says "sorry", followed by lots of empty lines. He scrolls down to the end of the message where he finds just the word "sayounara." The background sounds stop, the picture jumps to a close up of the single word. Oh, Crap!.
    • He then is jumped by Sekai, one of his two Yandere girlfriends, with a knife and struggles to escape as he is stabbed to death.
  • Sengoku Basara:
    • Yukimura in episode 7, when he realizes that he has to explain to his bloody furious master (a man who really likes abusing his Bright Slap privileges even on good days) just what the hell he was thinking when he allowed their honored guest to run off to his death without help. The resulting sucker-punch this time was strong enough to create a small sonic boom before contact.
  • Shaman King: Hao gets a priceless one in the finale, when Yoh and Amidamaru slice him and his Spirit of Fire in half, just before they both explode. And he doesn't even say a word.
  • Sonic X:
    • Dr. Eggman gets a lot of moments quite often throughout both the first and second series, especially on moments when his plans have been or are about to be foiled, or when his Robots Of The Week have been or are about to be destroyed, like in Episode 13 when he realizes that his Guerra-Hard robot (E-18) is about to explode after being pummeled by Sonic with both of the Chaos Emeralds he snatched back from it in hand, and in Episode 58 when he, Decoe, Bocoe, and their Egg Octopus are about to be pummeled by Sonic.
    • Also, in Episode 9, Eggman's robot Serpenter destroys Amy's lucky bracelet that she had made for Sonic from the seashells she collected at the beach that she, Tails, and Cream were having fun at in the process of the Quizon coming together to form it. And Amy reacts to the destruction of her bracelet with a "This Cannot Be!" line. Not only does Amy cry over said destruction of her bracelet, she doesn't take that too well and has her Berserk Button pressed, hitting Eggman with a This Is Unforgivable! and afterwards proceeding to kick both his and Serpenter's asses, and that's where Eggman gets a moment where he realizes that he shouldn't have made Amy this pissed off at him and that now that he has done so without knowing it anyway, he's completely and totally screwed.
    • In Episode 1 before that, Sam Speed, a hot-shot racer who loved being called the Highway Star or the Speed King due to his love of quick speed, got his own moment when he saw that Sonic was going even faster than him by using what he called a "Sonic Boom", which actually refers to him going even faster than his already insanely fast speed that he goes when he runs. Since then, he's gotten a lot better and become friendly rivals with Sonic in terms of racing speed.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Mosquito gets one when he realizes Arachnophobia has been deceived by Medusa, and that the real Brew is held by Death the Kid. Naturally, his beating the boy into a bloody mess has caused Brew to trigger a Defence Mechanism Superpower in Kid. That is, to start channelling his dad's power. And this after he'd taunted Kid for being a child death god.
    • Maka gets a pretty massive one when Soul dives in front of her to protect her from Crona's sword and nearly gets cut in half.
  • Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector: One of villains gets a look of shock on his face before getting obliterated by the Gespenst Kick.
  • Sword Art Online: Sugou Nobuyuki/Oberon spends most of the Fairy Dance arc a composed Smug Snake, believing he's in control and Kirito can do nothing to stop him. He gets not one, but two of these moments, and it's immensely satisfying to watch:
    • He's quite visibly terrified when Kirito, using having been granted Game Master powers by Akihiko Kayaba's Virtual Ghost, reduces Oberon to Level 1 and turns the Pain Absorber for Sugou off completely, ensuring that every wound inflicted on Oberon would carry over to Sugou's real body. Kirito even calls him out on flinching and panicking, something Kayaba never did.
    • He does it again when Kirito manages to overpower him and take his knife away in real life, explicitly stating his intent to use it on Sugou himself. Sugou promptly panics and tries to make a run for it; Kirito doesn't let him get away and just barely manages to stop himself from slitting Sugou's throat, by which point Sugou is reduced to Inelegant Blubbering and pees his pants before fainting.
    • In the Mother's Rosary arc, Asuna rejects her mother's attempts to set her up with a wealthy young man, reminding her that she'd previously been engaged to the aforementioned Sugou. Her mother agrees to let Asuna choose who to marry as long as he's a respectable person, then points out that Kirito does not count. Asuna gasps in horror, realizing that her mother had done some digging and found out about Kirito.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Cytomander gets a perfect example of an expression like this when he transforms his mecha into its ultimate form only to see Dai-Gurren flying straight toward him.
    • Guame gets an insanely epic one in Episode 11. He's effortlessly chomping on Gurren, when all of a sudden Lagann combines with it. Simon opens the top of Lagann and starts giving the most incredibly awesome Rousing Speech ever. Guame's expression is essentially frozen in an "OH SHI-" position for the entire scene.
    • Simon has one in Episode 15, just before Lordgenome starts beating Lagann with his bare hands.
  • Tenchi Muyo! and its spinoffs have plenty of these. The most well-known of which is Kagato's face when he realized that the Light Hawk Wings surrounding Tenchi are produced by him.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil: Maria has this look in episode 2, after Mio has a "little talk" with her about being forced to go through a curse that causes her to suffer repeatedly from The Immodest Orgasm.
  • Tiger & Bunny: A great moment in the stinger for Episode 11 when Jake Martinez reveals that he knows about Origami Cyclone disguising himself as one of Jake's followers.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: After attacking a young girl for her pendant which he incorrectly thought was the MacGuffin, Quiche attempts to do his usual trick of teleporting away. However, an enraged Zakuro catches his foot with her whip and pulls him back through his portal. Given that he normally likes winding up the girls and treating their battles as a game, it's telling when Quiche can only watch in terror as Zakuro launches herself into the air and punches him in the face.
  • Trigun:
    • In the first episode, in a moment Vash was about to face off against a gang of bad guys, only to make an Oh Crap expression when he realizes his gun isn't loaded.
    • It also happens many times throughout the series.
      • From the anime's final episode: Knives has Vash in his line of sight for his Angel Arm cannons activated in both arms (and a blast from just one of those was enough to wipe out the entire city of July in the back-story). Knives is grinning like a loon, and Vash is sure he's done for. Then Vash hears the deceased Wolfwood's voice in his head telling him that "it" is right next to him. Vash then plunges his hand into the sand, bringing up the buried Cross Punisher gun he inherited from Wolfwood. Cue Knives' sudden facial change from psychotic confidence to "WTF?!"
  • The Vision of Escaflowne: Dilandau has a particularly memorable one of these after Van goes berserk in the Escaflowne and destroys all of Dilandau's squad. It's easy to imagine that Dilandau may have wet himself during this, though we only see him from the shoulders up.
  • In Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, when Yamada realizes that Noa made herself his spotter before he could anyone else, he has a hilarious expression of horror painted on his face.
  • Yotsuba&!:
    • The eponymous character has truly adorable one when she thought she broke a bike. Awwwww.
    • Mom and Asagi share one when they realize Yotsuba just ran out into a typhoon.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • The series as a whole is quite fond of this trope. Usually it coincides with that particular season's music playing in the background and the good guy's gambit (occasionally the bad guy's, but not often) paying off.
    • Kaiba has a funny Oh Crap moment when he nearly gets his head taken off by a possessed duel monster.
    • Evil Marik, when Jounouchi is STILL STANDING after taking Ra's attack head on. Kaiba too has one, but it's more of a "Holy Crap" than an "Oh Crap".
    • Marik again, in the Final Battle, when the Pharaoh declares a direct attack with Obelisk the Tormentor. (In the dub, Jonouchi makes a rather memorable joke: "Look, Marik is so scared his hair is standing on end! Oh wait, it's always like that.")
    • Haga during the Doma arc during the train top battle with Yami. After he reveals his cruel ruse concerning the shredding of a card supposedly containing Yugi's soul, Yami tells him to "wash his neck and wait". This is what they told prisoners who were about to be executed in Feudal Japan, so it's far beyond the "I'm going to kick your ass" point. Naturally after such a threat, Haga makes a face that pretty much says, "Crap, I'm totally fucked!" (Or maybe the real Oh, Crap! moment for Haga came when Yami activates the "Berserker Soul" spell, which allows his monster to keep attacking for each Monster Card he draws at that point. He only needed to draw 2 monsters to win... He pulls five monster cards in a row in the English dub, and even more in the Japanese version.)
    • Yami Bakura in season zero has a great expression during the Monster World game when his dice cracks and breaks, letting Yugi and co. attack first and win.
    • Pegasus' face when Yugi summons Magician of Black Chaos. "Not him. Not now!"
    • Bakura again when Yugi summons Slifer the Sky Dragon for the first time. And not just him—Yugi's friends are also scared of it, with Serenity visibly shaking.
      Evil Bakura: (thinking) That is the card Marik desires, but how can I defeat this all-powerful beast? I was so close!
      Serenity: What's...that?
      Tristan: Uh, Joey?
      Joey: Da hugest Duel Monstah I've evah seen!
    • Bakura once again while dueling with Yugi in Ancient Egypt. Yugi, on his last card in his deck, Summons Gandora, the one card that can counter Bakura's Undead Lock. Not only that, but by it sending itself to the GY by its own effect, Yugi got Silent Swordsman back, which had 4500 ATK. Cue a face from Bakura that spoke volumes about how fucked he was.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
    • In the first season during Judai's duel with Motegi, the rather goofy look of shock on Mokey Mokey King's face before Judai's Elemental Hero Wildheart attacks it is priceless. (Even more so given the fact that Wildheart is man-sized while Mokey Mokey King, despite being a fifth as powerful as Wildheart, is the size of the building they're dueling on.)
    • Saiou's face right before being attacked directly by Glow Neos qualifies as this.
    • As does Mask of Laughter's during his duel with O'Brien. He makes a mental boast about how he's going to win even with only 1000 Life Points left, draws for his turn...and sees O'Brien walking away with an activated trap, which he is forced to read to himself, leading right into a Funny Moment.
      Mask of Laughter: "Draw Bomb" ...when your opponent draws a card, this card...DEALS ONE THOUSAND DAMAGE TO THEM!?! THAT'S NOT FUNNY!! [explodes, LP meter rolls to 0 and razzes]
    • What makes it even funnier, is that the Masked Knight—and for a minute, the viewers—thought that O'Brien had given up an easy chance to win, and fallen for one of The Oldest Tricks in the Book, making the Masked Knight think he was going to make a fool out of him. In reality, O'Brien had done it simply to get the last laugh on him using Draw Bomb.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's:
    • Notable ones occur when a Dark Signer brings out their Earthbound God, for two main reasons:
      1.) Their summoning consumes the souls of anyone within their Geoglyph, excluding the players, Signers and anyone standing right next to them.
      2.) They are huge, and hence their attacks are fatal if they connect.
      Jack Atlus: [about to lose from direct attack by Imposter Jack Atlus] Impossible!!!
      Imposter Jack Atlus: [after the real Jack brings out Savior Demon Dragon] 7000 ATK Points!?
    • Jack has one when Yusei gets Stardust's attack to 5000 during their second duel in Season 1.
    • Yuusei's Riding Duel with Placido, after he finally Accel Synchros Shooting Star Dragon. He activates its effect, allowing it to attack a number of times equal to the number of Tuners among the top 5 cards of his deck. Placido's face becomes the epitome of this trope when it's revealed that ALL FIVE OF THEM ARE.
    • When Team 5Ds finally figures out Breo's mysterious strategy: Deck Destruction. Also occurs when they realise that Team Taiyo is about to bring out Sleeping Giant Zushin, a card with power akin to a God Card.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL: The look on Vector's face when Yuma summons Number C39: Hope Ray Victory is priceless. (Keep in mind, this came after one of the biggest cases of a Near-Villain Victory on the current series.)
    • Kaito's expression when V summons Number 9: Dyson Sphere on him is exactly the kind you would expect from a guy staring down a sun-sized Kill Sat, contrasting sharply with his stoicism up to that point.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Sawatari gets an absolutely priceless one when the Dark Duelist (who, at this point, had been established as being able to inflict real damage to the surroundings with his cards) is about to finish him off with a Spell that manifests as a spear pointed at his face. Fortunately for Sawatari, he only gets pinned to the wall by his jacket rather than being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • It is pretty much guranteed that when Kurama gets pissed, somebody is going to have this expression on their face.
    • Also happened to two of Hiei's foes in the Dark Tournament. In their round of the opening match, Zeru was sure he had incinerated Hiei. Then he got a wonderful Oh, Crap! face when Hiei revealed to have survived, and another immediately after when Hiei announced he was about to use the Ensatsu Kokuryuha (Zeru was disintegrated). Also in the second round of the final match, Bui had redirected Hiei's Kokuryuha against him, apparently disintegrating him, only for Hiei revealing himself not only unscathed but having just got a Mid-Season Upgrade exactly because he was hit by the Kokuryuha. Curb-Stomp Battle ensued.
  • Zatch Bell!
    • Pulled more than a few times, but arguably done best in Tio's (Tia in the dub) battle against the extremely perverted Momon near the start of the Faudo arc. Momon spends the ENTIRE battle pulling stunts like flipping up her skirt and stealing her panties from Megumi's bag. Then Tio learns a new spell that's fueled by Unstoppable Rage.
    • Used in a less comical way when Zeon (Zeno in the dub) manages to convince Gash (Zatch in the dub) to use his most powerful spell, Baou Zakeruga, to match his own, since that spell's full potential had been unlocked. Zeon possessed an immense hatred towards Gash due to the fact that he had been given Baou, their father's strongest spell, and sent to live away from the palace in safety, while he, Zeon, was put through Training from Hell for his whole life. King Bell's reason for not giving Zeon Baou? He said that it was a fearsome power, and Zeon wouldn't be able to handle it. And when Gash is forced to use Baou's full power against him, he sees, even through all of his hatred and pride, that King Bell was absolutely right.
  • Zipang: A World War II American submarine commander has one of these looks when a modern-day Japanese destroyer that got sucked through time into the Battle of Midway manages to start its engines and move out of the path of two torpedoes from a dead stop, something ships back then couldn't achieve. He gets another one when he discovers that a fired ASROC (anti-submarine rocket), a modern-day anti-submarine weapon, has the ability to home in on his submarine.


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