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Offing the Offspring in anime and manga.

  • Pictured on the main page: In all continuities of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka's mother Kyouko, driven by grief (and highly insane by other motives) over her husband cheating on her with her doctor, as well as her soul being contained in EVA Unit-02, hangs herself and what she believes to be Asuka, a red-haired doll. The scene above, with Kyoko directly trying to strangle a little Asuka, seems to only have happened in the manga's continuity and is absent in the franchise's other iterations. Oddly, despite the fact that all main characters have parental issues, this is the only example of a parent that is actively trying to kill their kid.
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  • The protagonist of The SoulTaker, Kyōusuke Date dies in the very first scene of the anime. Killed by his dying mother, for essentially no reason.
  • Naruto:
    • Gaara's father the Kazekage ordered several assassination attempts on the kid. This is a rather warped form of a Bad Seed strike, as it was due to Gaara's having a monster inside him which was his father's fault in the first place (he suddenly decided Gaara was too dangerous). Gaara himself was a relatively nice kid, though lacking self-control until people started trying to kill him and one of them was his caretaker and the only one who showed some degree of caring towards him, his uncle Yashamaru. Who, again, did it on orders of the Kazekage. That last one is what sent him off the deep end, and it was only after meeting Naruto did Gaara get any better. And once the Kazekage is revived by Kabuto and his Edo Tensei, Gaara doesn't forget to call him out. And his dad takes it.
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    • Also, Haku's father wanted to kill him (and did kill his wife) because he found out about their Superpowerful Genetics. Haku killed him in self-defense and then ran away.
    • Itachi claims that the Uchiha clan has, for years, killed off their best friends to activate the Mangekyo Sharingan then their parent/sibling/child (whoever is most suitable at the time) to gain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Ironically enough, Itachi gaining the Mangekyo Sharingan was completely in protest. He only did it as a Mercy Kill and last favor to his best friend Shisui, who wanted to die giving Itachi the abilities to ensure that Konoha was in safe hands.
  • Pacifica's father in Scrapped Princess tried to kill her because of a prophecy that she would destroy the world. It didn't work.
  • Baccano!:
    • Fermet in the name of science tests the regeneration abilities that came with the elixir of immortality. He does this by repeatedly murdering his young charge, Czeslaw Meyer. This continues for upward of 200 years.
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    • Even worse is that when Czeslaw devours Fermet in self-defense he obtains a Ghost Memory that reveals Fermet's motivation was out of sadism.
  • As part of the Wham Episode in Ayashi no Ceres Aya's mother suddenly turns on her out of equal parts belief that it was Aya's fault that her husband was dead and her son Aki was gravely injured (due to Aya's Dangerous 16th Birthday unlocking powers that targeted her for assassination) and manipulation on the part of the family head. She ends up seriously injured and in a coma.
  • Elfen Lied contains a subplot of Chief Kurama feeling conflicted about his daughter Mariko and her massively destructive powers, repeatedly attempting to end her life but never really succeeding. In the anime series he ends up blowing them both up, using the bombs implanted in Mariko's body, while in the manga he survives until the end and manages to more or less move on.
  • Appears in Death Note, when Chief Yagami decides that if his son Light is Kira, he'll kill him, and then commit suicide. But it was all an act, arranged by L, to prove both Light and Misa's innocence - L had calculated that Kira would be willing to kill his own father to survive and that Misa would be willing to kill anyone to save Light... the only reason it doesn't work is that neither of them are actually Kira at the time. Later that same incident is used by Near to deduce Kira's identity to be Chief Soichiro's son, Light—because why else would the Chief kill himself after killing the suspect?
  • In the Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, Paragus tries to do this to Brolly when the Restraining Bolt he put on him stops working. Alas, it doesn't work and Brolly becomes a Self-Made Orphan after getting revenge on his old man.
  • Slayers:
    • The assassin Zuuma murders Abel, his son, when the latter discovers that he is actually his father, Radok. In the original novel version of this, Abel actually gives his father a brief eulogy before he kills him. Zuuma himself then dies; in the novel, Lina finishes him off with the Ragna Blade; in the anime, Xellos kills him.
    • In the novels, Alfred, Amelia's cousin, is killed by his father Christopher after word gets out that it was he who tried to kill Amelia's father, Prince Philionel, in the first place via a contract with the Mazoku Kanzel. In the anime, Alfred is killed by the Mazoku Mazenda instead.
  • Code Geass:
    • It's hinted that Empress Marianne's murder was planned by either the Emperor of Britannia or one of his consorts trying to kill Lelouch and Nunnally. In the end, the culprit was the Emperor's older brother, who tried to kill only his sister-in-law. The rest was a part of a Gambit Roulette from both of the Royal Couple.
    • It's also hinted that Charles himself has little regard in killing his children, or at least in letting them die or see some of them dead. This is noticed with Clovis, and then Euphie. He gives Lelouch and Nunnally in the hands of the Japanese as hostages and leaves them for dead. What goes around comes around, however, when first Lelouch, then Schneizel, try to kill him.
  • In Princess Tutu, The Raven threatens to eat the heart of his daughter, Princess Kraehe to sustain himself—and it's implied that he actually attempts to, and she barely escapes. It turns out he kidnapped her as a baby, and she isn't his actual daughter. He still raised her abusively and made her believe she was his child.
  • Fushigi Yuugi:
    • This is mixed with Mercy Kill. After Takiko Okuda aka Genbu no Miko returns after being Trapped in Another World, she falls ill and everyone thinks it's either cancer or tuberculosis inherited from her deceased mother... but her dad Einosuke knows that she's being devoured from the inside by Genbu. He kills Takiko with this own hands to spare her from more suffering, and is then Driven to Suicide. This is played differently in the Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden prequel: Takiko had become an Ill Girl due to tuberculosis and would be sacrificed to Genbu if she didn't die of her Incurable Cough of Death, so she ultimately returned to the book... so Einosuke mercy killed the already dying Takiko, who by that point was invoking Genbu and going through quite the Body Horror as a side-effect, through their bloodline as their medium; he killed himself only but was holding the Universe of the four Gods, where the dying Takiko was, in his hands, so Takiko was wounded as well. She managed to make two of her three wishes before dying more or less in peace, telling her remaining Senshi that her dad did it to help her.
    • In Genbu Kaiden there's also Takiko's love interest, Prince Uruki of Hokkan. He was prophesied to kill his father, Emperor Tegiru's brother Lord Temudan, so his mother Ayura sent Uruki away to save her child. Later, Uruki's guardian Soruen was killed by an assassin sent by Temudan, who had completely fallen into despair and wanted Uruki to die; Uruki tried to fulfill the prophecy, but failed and not only he had to flee to Kutou, he was deeply embittered until Takiko came along. Ultimately Uruki confronted Temudan, now the Emperor, but thanks to Takiko he didn't kill him; they were about to reach a sort-of agreement... and then a supporter of Tegiru (who had been executed under Temudan's orders) fatally injured Temudan. In the end, Temudan gave the throne to Uruki and passed away in his son's arms.
  • Rumic Theatre has one tale in which a young girl gets control of a bunch of demonic creatures who want her to feed them meat. Her first kill, which brought them to her, was justified (he was trying to rape her), but then she starts to kill things for less noble reasons — the dog down the street barked at her, for example. Her mother finds out about the creatures and the girl's total lack of remorse over the killings and tries to kill her. Fails, though, as the girl's panic summons the creatures to kill her mother.
  • In The Laughing Target, another girl moves in with her cousin due to her mother's death. Guess how the mother died? And for worse, the girl is a crazy Yandere who wants to fulfill her and her cousin's Childhood Marriage Promise at all costs...
  • Lady Oran/Oreadia of Faeries' Landing does, to some degree, love the children she had with a human man when she was trapped on earth. However, she continued to resent them, as they were a constant reminder of her relations with a human, which was considered taboo in the faerie's world. As the volumes went on, Oran's plan is unraveling, most likely with the desire to kill her daughter Fanta.
  • Angel Sanctuary's Kato might fit the trope, as his father despises him (cause he's not his son, but another man's) His mother doesn't care that much either. They don't try to actively kill him, but at least name him 'tragic accident'. Also, Setsuna's mother despises him. Oh, and Kira tries to make his father hate him, though all effort is in vain. And God hates all his children.
  • Gantz later child member Takeshi is abused and killed by his parents, or at least stepfather, Though, with muscle rider he finds a way better person to look after him.
  • One really over the top version happens in the Mobile Suit Gundam novel Hathaway's Flash. It can't get it worse when a very high-ranked Federation officer condemns a certain rebel leader named "Mafty" to death... and finds out that said Rebel Leader is his eldest son when the death warrant has already been signed and no one can't do anything about it. Holy Diabolus ex Machina, indeed.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • In the Vento Aureo arc, Bucciarati's Gang was instructed to bring Trish to the Boss under the assumption that he'd take her someplace safe, away from any of Passione's defectors who could use her to discover the Boss's identity. However, the true reason for the Gang's mission was so that the Boss could kill her himself. This is the main reason the group went on the lam, in order to protect Trish from this fate and to discover and kill the Boss before it happens.
    • In Steel Ball Run, Diego Brando's parents attempted to bury him alive and drown him shortly after his birth, due to their poverty keeping them from supporting a child. Fortunately for Diego, his mother has a change of heart and saves him. His father, however, leaves them both to die.
  • In Kino's Journey, after Sakura/Kino questions the necessity of undergoing an operation to "become an adult", her parents and the community decide it is right and proper to kill her.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler:
    • It's less Offing The Offspring and more Selling The Offspring's Organs To The Yakuza Very Nice People To Pay Off A Gambling Debt. Since the Yaks had no problems taking his heart and other vital organs, it would have ended the same way...
    • They were only going to take one of each organ, though! I mean, he's got two kidneys, two lungs, two hearts...
    Hayate: I don't have two hearts!
  • Umineko: When They Cry:
    • The Dying head of the Ushiromiya family, Kinzo, decides that no one is fit to succeed him and decides to sacrifice them all in a magical ritual instead. Subverted: Kinzo was already dead, and later events reveal that the riddle he wrote was not part of a magical ritual, but an attempt to contact his lost child, Yasu. The murders were not his intention.
    • Accusations of this fly around a few other times too. In the 3rd arc, Jessica accuses Eva of it, and in the fifth arc, Erika accuses Natsuhi of it. Although there is no confirmation or rejection of the first accusation, the second one has been confirmed to be false. However, while Natsuhi would never kill her own child, she did lash out at the child Kinzo gave her to raise, pushing a servant holding the baby off a cliff in a fit of anger.
  • Berserk:
    • Gambino, Guts' adoptive father and a mercenary captain, hated Guts ever since his lover Shisu died from the plague shortly after picking Guts up from the corpse of his mother, which is considered bad luck. After losing his leg in battle, his hatred for the kid intensified, until one night he came into Guts' tent and tried to murder him, telling him that he should have died. Guts had to kill him in self-defense, and then flee the camp to escape the wrath of Gambino's men.
    • Before that, Gambino rented him for a night to another soldier, without telling anything to Guts, so he was raped with his father's consent at about ten.
    • After the Eclipse, Casca miscarries the child she and Guts made due to the horrible trauma she suffered during their literally hellish ordeal. Seeing that the fetus was corrupted with evil as a result of Casca having been raped by Femto, Guts disowns it and immediately tries to kill it, but Casca intervenes and the child disappears at daybreak.
  • Angelica from Gunslinger Girl was taken in by the Social Welfare Agency after her parents tried to kill her to collect on her life insurance, with her dad running the poor little girl over with his car and trying to make it look like a hit-and-run incident.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Father indulges in this when he captures Greed and melts him down for his Philosopher's Stone.
    • He does it again when Greed resists his attempts to rejoin by inverting the Ultimate Shield given to Greed to weaken him for a death blow.
    • In the 2003 anime version, King Bradley kills his adopted son Selim by first choking him, then snapping his neck. He was a homunculus and only adopted the kid for appearances' sake. Amusing, considering that in the original manga, Selim is one of the homunculi and actually outranks Bradley.
  • While he was still in charge, Lordgenome of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann did this repeatedly when he grew tired of his daughters. Then he'd get new ones. But one of the abandoned girls, Nia Teppelin, was found and taken in by the Gurren Brigade.
  • In Loveless, Ritsuka's mother Misaki is convinced by Nisei posing as Seimei to kill him. This, on top of the fact that Misaki is physically abusive to Ritsuka, has been completely nuts for years already and is so delusional that she believes that Ritsuka's not really her son anymore. She doesn't actually attempt to kill Ritsuka, however - she tells Nisei that she loves both Ritsuka AND Seimei, and she doesn't entirely know is she's willing to kill Ritsuka for the sake of getting Seimei back. Needless to say, while she doesn't kill him, it confuses her already fragile state of mind, and she ends up tying Ritsuka up in the kitchen and preventing him from leaving the house, for his own safety.
  • Speed Grapher: Miharu Shirumaku's Freudian Excuse. It happened repeatedly, as her Stage Mom tried to kill her and herself more than once. The last one was a drowning attempt that got Mrs. Shirumaku dead and left Miharu both mute and traumatized.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Discussed, when Sakura is attacked by what seems to be her Missing Mom Nadeshiko's ghost. The methods said apparition uses are different: in the manga she tries to drown Sakura in a nearby lake, and in the anime she drives her to the edge of a cliff and makes her fall off it. In both circumstances Yukito rescues her. She tries to confront the ghost to learn why is her "mother" doing this, it tries to kill her again, and it turns out it's The Illusion Clow Card - it takes Nadeshiko's form because Sakura had been missing her. During said confrontation, Sakura recalls something Yukito told her ("if it was your mother, she wouldn't put you in danger") and sees through the Card's tricks, then seals it away. And Sakura's real mother? Her spirit actually SAVED Sakura in the first encounter, and is seen watching over her later..
  • Shaman King:
    • Yoh's mother Keiko gave birth to both Yoh and Hao, his father Mikihisa immediately tries to kill him, but Hao was able to escape when he had full control over the Spirit of Fire.
    • Played differently in the anime. The one who was about to kill baby!Hao was the grandfather Yohmei, but deep down he really didn't want to kill either of the babies (and the others weren't happy either) and hesitated for a second. That allowed Hao to take control of the Spirit of Fire, almost kill everyone, and run away with said spirit.
  • In Area 88, Prince Saki and his father, Prince Abdael, are on opposite sides of Asran's civil war. Abdael has tried and failed to have Saki assassinated.
  • In the Valentine Murder Case in Detective Conan, Katsuhiko Minagawa's adoptive mother/aunt kills him by putting poison in his coffee in order to save the family business by collecting his life insurance. In the process, she also frames his crush Yoshimi because she looks like his deceased biological mother and she gave him chocolate — Mrs. Minagawa knows that Katsuhiko doesn't like sweets, so she frames the other person by switching the one Yoshimi gave to him a poisoned one.
  • Misono from Narutaru tried to strangle a young Shiina once, having almost gone insane by the very strange death of her older daughter Mishou. Understandably, their relationship is very strained for the rest of the story. And ironically, after it's more or less mended towards the end, Misono dies while trying to protect Shiina from a mob that wants to kill her, which is one of the reasons Shiina ultimately goes off the deep end.
  • In Legend of Galactic Heroes, Adrian Rubinsky ordered the death of his illegitimate son and personal aide Rupert Kesselring before the latter could succeed in his own Patricide plot.
  • In Aura Battler Dunbine, the wife of the main villain, Louser Luft, shoots her daughter Riml Luft in the head during the final battle when Riml comes after her with a knife.
  • In the Soul Eater anime, Medusa comes very close to killing her child Crona when zhe pulls hir permanent Heel–Face Turn and fights her, but Maka jumps in at the last second and saves Crona. Later in the fight, she nearly does this accidentally when Crona jumps in front of a Vector Arrow meant to kill Maka and is impaled on it and appears to die. Zhe survives, though.
  • In Attack on Titan, Historia Reiss's abusive mother repeatedly expressed the desire to murder her child. The girl's Mysterious Parent Lord Reiss, however, changed his mind at the very last moment and spared his daughter from being murdered along with her mother. He instead forced her to go into hiding, giving her the name "Krista Renz" and sending her to live as a refugee.
  • In Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Ren Gyokuen is apparently responsible for the deaths of her two eldest sons. Hakuryu despises his mother for this and wants her dead no matter the cost. She later off-handedly threatens to kill her own daughter Hakuei as well. Hakuryu immediately tries (and fails) to kill her.
  • A very tragic example can be found in The Legend of Mother Sarah where the title character has no other choice but to smother her own infant so that she and the family she's hiding with (including another young child) don't get noticed by the armed mercenaries who are exterminating the refugees she's a part of. Poor Sarah is silently weeping as she does so, and later punishes herself by mutilating her breast.
  • Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai:
    • The series ends with Nagisa's best friend Mokuzu Umino, who had been abused by her father Masachika since infancy, being beaten to death by him. When Masachika realizes that he's murdered Mokuzu, he dismembers her corpse and hides the parts; Nagisa and her older brother Tomohiko find them and alter the police, and Masachika is apprehended sometime later. It's implied that the victim had been so damaged by such experiences that she realized this would probably be her ultimate fate, and had completely resigned herself to it.
    • As Nagisa falls into an Heroic BSoD upon realizing that Mokuzu has been killed, she begins to babble in front of Mokuzu's murderous father about a quiz that Tomohiko once told her about, which is about the trope. It's about a woman whose husband died suddenly, then met one of said hubby's workmates in the funeral, and then killed her son. The quiz finishes with "why did she kill her son?". The reply is "Because she missed him" - the widow thought that since the man came into her life during the husband's funeral, killing her son would make him come again.
  • Fairy Tail: Zeref murders his and Mavis' son Larcade for interfering in his fight with Natsu. Averted when we find out Larcade isn't really his son - August is.
  • Goodnight Punpun:
    • Aiko's mom tries to kill her after she says she's going to move out. She's unable to walk and sees it as her daughter abandoning her. Punpun kills her, though it's later revealed she survived but Aiko dealt the final blow.
    • It's revealed late into the series that Punpun's mother wanted to commit Murder-Suicide with him however his dad stopped her. That's what caused the 'domestic abuse' part of the start of the manga where he went to jail.
  • In the World War II manga Adolf, Colonel Honda kills his son Yoshio when he discovers his son is a spy working against the Japanese military regime.
  • Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill has one of the more strange cases of this trope, as when she's not trying to kill her children Satsuki and Ryuuko, along with the rest of the world, she is molesting and at points just having sex with them.
  • Tokugawa Harusada in Ooku: The Inner Chambers has taken to poisoning her own numerous grandchildren and pitting the mothers of said grandchildren against each other just because she was bored.
  • Attempted at least twice in RG Veda:
    • Ashura's Evil Matriarch Shashi tried to kill him/her after birth, to hide that they're the son of Ashura-ou, not Taishaku-ten and to make sure their brother Tenou aka Taishaku-ten's actual son would eventually be the King.
    • When Kujaku was born from the incestuous union between the siblings Tentei and Sonseiou, Tentei locked Sonseiou and Kujaku away and completely abandoned them to hide such a sing. Sonseiou eventually ended up losing her mind and tried to kill her son, but in a flash of lucidity killed herself to avert murdering him.
  • A side-story from the Tokyo Babylon manga has post!Sakurazukamori revelation Subaru befriending a young girl who alerts him about a baby who's being abused by his mentally-unstable mother and in serious risk of being at the receiving end of this trope. Subaru manages to save the baby and get help for both him and his Empty Shell mom, and then it turns out the girl is a Cute Ghost Girl whose mother killed her and then herself after the death of her (the girl)'s father. After explaining her backstory, the girl is able to go to Heaven.
    • In the sequel, X/1999, it's revealed that Subaru's nemesis Seishirou Sakurazuka became the Sakurazukamori by killing his mother and the previous one, Setsuka. Before dying, she explains that this is because the only one able to kill a Sakurazukamori and inherit the spot is the person they love the most; in her case, it's her son... and ultimately, in Seishirou's case, it's Subaru.
  • In One Piece, when Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin went in one of her hunger-induced rampages, her 16th son Moscato tried to calm her down even when she was unable to recognize him. When he hesitated out of fear, he got his entire lifespan yanked out of him for his trouble. More recently, she also did this to her fifth son Opera, during yet another hungry rampage that followed the collapse of Whole Cake Chateau and the crashing of Sanji and Pudding's wedding.
  • The Monstrer Duchess and Contract Princess:
    • It opens with the youngest daughter of the Sperado family, Leslie, at the age of eight being thrown into a pyre so any magical talents she has may be passed into her elder sister Eli. This is after years of traumatic abuse and torment delivered to Leslie by her own family. Leslie is saved by a mysterious force, resulting in a delay for six months until her family will try again.
    • Leslie researches her family history to discover dozens if not hundreds of deaths recorded as "accidents" for many second or third born children, all of whom died before adulthood when their powers awakened too, for the benefit of enhancing the elder sibling's strength.
  • Fudo Kazanari was always a Hate Sink since his introduction in Senki Zesshou Symphogear, but he utterly shatters the Moral Event Horizon when in the process of killing one of the Gear users (and his Child by Rape) mentally recovering from a Heroic BSoD, his son Yatsuhiro ends up Taking the Bullet and dies. He shows no remorse over this, even gloating about killing his own child.


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