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  • Boring Trousers often makes fun of the crude animation and art in fanimes. In Let's Watch Magnet Five:
    Kim: [Upon seeing a badly-drawn character] "Wow. You're really angular today, man."
    CJ: "You broke both of your wrists? Why aren't you at the hospital?!"
    Jay: "What a babe!"
    Jay: [A pink blob is shown] "Um. What is this pink?"
    Adam: "Is that a... sweating mass of pink?"
    Kim: "No, it's a sakura tree! Baka!"
    Adam: "And then... perspective ate itself. Look at this."
    Adam: "What is the wall? What is the floor?"
  • Neko Sugar Girls is basically a Stealth Parody of this trope. Everyone is off-model, and it's done to an extent (combined with Gratuitous Japanese, hideously annoying voice acting, and nonexistent plot) that the whole video series is obviously a parody.
  • These two YouChewPoop topics are determined to find all examples of this. The first one has been locked after it exceeded 250 pages (using the default post-per-page setting)!
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  • If it's not traced, then the animation in Elemental Goddess is this.
  • In Pre Game Lobby, a question about why the characters armor keep changing between scenes, with armor changing when the local Troll keeps asking when he's ever changed his armor. Can be seen Here.
  • Found in Girlchan in Paradise!!, as part of the series' Stylistic Suck.
  • Happy Tree Friends:
    • Some characters are prone to "flipping" errors, such as Russell the otter's hook hand/eye patch, Nutty's lazy eye and Lumpy's inverted antler, which change from side to side even within the same scene. They also tend to give Toothy the "normal" buck teeth the other characters have instead of his trademark huge, gapped ones. More dramatic errors sometimes happen as well, usually in the older shorts.
    • In the first episode, "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!", the characters' ears look the same from the back as from the front.
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    • In "Sweet Ride", when Cuddles gets his ice cream, for a moment his arm isn't even attached to his body at all!
    • In one scene in "Flippin' Burgers", they managed to attach Cuddles' arms to his cheeks for two seconds.
    • In Sniffles' first appearance, "Crazy Antics", during the opening sequence when he pops out of the bush, the bush disappears.
    • And in her early appearances, Petunia the skunk's head-stripe was feeling a little adventurous and decided that staying entirely on Petunia's head was optional.
  • Homestar Runner
    • : "In Search of the Yello Dello" is done in an extremely stylized fashion, with character's proportions (especially Homestar and Coach Z) changing wildly between scenes. The in-character commentary track for the cartoon indulges in a little Self-Deprecation:
      Strong Bad: Little known fact, Homestar gained a hundred pounds and shrank two feet for this role.
      Homestar Runner: It's true!
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    • Powered By The Cheat toons tend to be off model as well, though this is due to Stylistic Suck.
    • "Sharktooth Bubs" from the puppet cartoons is a prototype plush toy of the character that was outsourced to a factory somewhere in China, which got his general color scheme right and nothing else. They interpreted his larger eye as a horn, for one thing.
  • The entire point of Dumb Running Sonic, in which internet artists animate Sonic the Hedgehog doing an incredibly stupid walk cycle. The end results must be seen to be believed.
  • Quasi-intentional in a few episodes of Extra Credits: occasionally Allison Theus (the main artist) is unavailable that week, and they get another artist to draw it, who will usually have an entirely different style.
  • Due to the simplistic art style in DSBT InsaniT and Dreamscape, this is bound to happen, mainly by the character's arm movements.
  • The BIONICLE web-game Mata Nui On-Line Game infamously mixed up the character models for Hafu and Taipu, whose sole differentiating feature is their masks — Hafu is supposed to have a Ruru, and Taipu a Pakari. Strangely, Kapura (who wears a Ruru according to his promo pic) also got a Pakari for the game. The sequel pokes fun at this, having the player character confuse Hafu and Taipu (now wearing the correct masks), who respond by angrily asking why people keep mixing them up.
    • The design of the Pakari mask also kept changing — it's close to the real thing at first, but from the middle of the game, it's stuck in a very off-model design, becoming on-model only in the second "episode" of the Flash animation series that takes place after the game.
    • The blue Tarakava was for the most part modeled after the unreleased sand Tarakava set instead of the actual blue Tarakava toy. The sand Tarakava would have come with a Ruru but the released model wore a Pakari. The in-game Tarakava model also has a Pakari mask, but when Gali takes it off, it becomes a strange mix of Pakari and Ruru elements.
    • Toa Gali has these short "rods" sticking out of her thighs, but only Pohatu is supposed to have those.
    • After the final minigame, there's a scene of the villagers discussing their victory, and one of them, Matoro, has a crude sketch for a mask that turns normal if you click on him and he faces you.
    • Eye colors are often inconsistent throughout the animations.
    • The 2018 leak of the cancelled 2001 game The Legend of Mata Nui shone light on some of the oddities of the 2001-03 Flash games and animations, as the latter's assets were often based on the former's 3D files. The Matoran models used in the Flash content were strangely based on an abandoned prototype design found among the gamefiles, and the simplified Pakari mask model used in LOMN also reveals why it had looked so off in other media.
    • In the on-line animation for the Vahki Zadakh, the design of their staffs (Staff of Suggestion) changes to the type carried by the Vahki Nuurakh (Staff of Command), when the Zadakh are shown from afar.
    • Toa Hewkii in the non-canon 2006 animations (done by a different team) is brown colored, even though his toy is gunmetal gray.
    • The appearance of several characters in the Voya Nui On-Line Game greatly differs from their toys', having been modeled after their prototypes rather than the finalized designs.
  • Lampshaded in Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv):
    Narrator: [Mikami's] mother had a rare disease that left her with no eyes or upper face...
  • PONY.MOV is the kind of thing you'd see after watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Ren & Stimpy at the same time. After dropping some E.
  • Know Your Meme's entry on QUALITY is about this. Check out the image gallery for examples.
  • Slender Man is an Off Model of an ordinary human being by default. As such, he almost always creeps people out.
  • RWBY:
    • The White trailer features a model error that has caused much arguing between fans. It features a battle between Weiss and an animated knight armor. During the battle the knight slashes Weiss on her right eye. This is generally believed to be how Weiss got her scar (and this is the explanation the official manga uses). The problem is that Weiss clearly has her scar even before the attack. When Weiss is shown wounded, you can even see her scar next to the line of blood. The fact Weiss has her scar throughout the trailer confuses fans on whether it's an error or she received the scar prior to the fight.
    • When Cinder is running on the rooftops, her legs look off. It's not animated fluently.
    • In volume 1, Blake's cat ears are purple instead of black. This is fixed in future volumes.
  • Lampshaded in Dragon Ball Z Abridged where we see Vegeta responding to Cell making a Your Mom crack and he's missing his shirt, leading to Krillin to ask "Why'd you take off your shirt?"


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