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  • Parodied in Buttlord GT:
    Snowflake: You fool! Do you realize what you have done??
    Takahashi: You started the fight scene! Now we're all going to be drawn by the... 3rd String Backup Animation Team!!
    Glutes: My God, what have I done? AAAAAAAAA! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY??
  • In Homestuck, no one really has any idea of how Aradia's horns are supposed to work. If you look at "[S] Make Her Pay", they're all over the place. In his now defunct Formspring, Word of Hussie claims this is partially intentional:
    A curly ram horn is actually a pretty complicated object. I draw fast and loose and a lot of times emphasize gesture and stylization over precision. If you're looking for rigid fidelity to a couple of loopy horns I am afraid you're barking up the wrong tree! They curl whatever way looks best for the scene.
    • When her ancestor is introduced, her horns quickly got bored of these shenanigans and left her head entirely. This was swiftly corrected, though.
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    • In the 6/12/2011 update, there was a group shot of six of the trolls including a distorted-looking Karkat off in the distancenote  which looked as if his entire body was made up of a pair of legs. Upon noticing the goof, fanartists leapt into an enthusiastic Pantskat party including lots of fake sprites and wiki vandalism. And then the memetic longpants actually appeared in the comic for real, as an article of clothing alchemized by fedoraFreak, and as the legwear of Karkat's ancestor.
  • Occasionally characters will have 4 fingers instead of 5 in Ava's Demon.
  • Sonichu: characters' body parts change proportions and length so often that it's not a stretch to say that no one is ever drawn the same way twice. The art does improve somewhat starting with issue 5, but not by much.
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  • The Alt Text in the Splash Page of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja where the pirate ship is blown up goes, "So long, ship I drew slightly differently in every panel!"
  • Kevin & Kell
    • A number of the Sunday strips appear to be colored completely differently from the dailies. In addition to the colors appeared noticeably flatter, many of the characters wear the wrong colored outfits or in the case of Kell and Rudy, go from brownish-grey fur to bright beige. This has persisted to some of the book covers as well (such as Honeymoon 2.0).
    • The recurring patron character Cynthia is usually drawn with tiger stripes, but sometimes has solid orange fur, and in one strip is shown with leopard spots.
  • In this El Goonish Shive, Elliot's left hand has one too many fingers while Shy Finger-Twiddling.
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  • The entire cast of Dolan comics are crappy drawings of popular cartoon characters.
  • Hyperbole and a Half does this a, often. A good example of Tropes Are Tools, since much of the humor comes from insanely exaggerated expressions.
  • Jeffrey Cruz's style in the Klonoa webcomic is very different from how Hitoshi Ariga drew the previous panels.
  • Characters and backgrounds in Jack tend to be pretty unstable. Hands often become backwards, and facial structures are often squashed or stretched.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: Dear God... the Bojack Special, just... just look. This Vegeta might actually top it!
  • The artist who drew the Paradox Space story The Thirst of Dornamon Gary switched the colors of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff's clothes, so Sweet Bro is wearing a blue suit and Hella Jeff is wearing a red suit when it should be the other way around.
  • A common issue with the artwork in MegaTokyo is that the characters look almost nothing like each other between pages, or even between panels. Given that the artist/creator is, by nature, an architect, it's not a good thing. This problem is pretty noticeable even from far away.
  • Paranatural: It's hard to spot legitimate goofs due to the art style, but when Max's sister Zoey kicks the backpack towards him, her left leg appears to end with a right foot.
  • Precocious: In the third panel of this strip, Dionne has four toes instead of the usual three.
  • Having retroactively included the detail of Bedivere losing a hand in the Roman War, Arthur, King of Time and Space then had trouble deciding which hand it was. Lampshaded here.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Due to the author having trouble with left-right orientation and being prone to forgetting small details in the designs of recurring characters and objects, there is plenty of room for things being drawn differently over spans ranging from different chapters to different panels on the same page.
  • Super Brothers has an example in-universe in chapter 5, when Mario notes that Bowser looks different from the last time he saw him. It's a hint that it's not really Bowser.


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