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  • Shirou in Fate/stay night remains comically (or tragically, depending on your point of view) oblivious to Sakura's advances and obvious interest in him for many years. While he does find her attractive, all he wonders is whether or not this makes him a failure as a sempai, combined with the fact that she is the sister of one of his friends.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Keiichi was completely unaware of Mion's true, more feminine personality, let alone her huge crush on him. His ignorance is revealed to be the trigger (he gives a doll he won to Rena, instead of Mion) for the bloodiest murders in the series caused by her angry sister Shion.
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    • Keiichi is also oblivious to Rena's feelings for him, though he does tease her often nevertheless.
  • In Kanon, Yuuichi has been doing this regarding Nayuki's feelings for seven years straight. Probably the only reason that she hasn't given up or decided that he wasn't worth the trouble was because he'd already gone through too much at the time of the revelation. Indeed, in the end he realizes that his own amnesia is also caused by Selective Obliviousness— he wanted to forget the town where he "lost" Ayu.
  • In Lux-Pain, Akira is oblivious to romance in general and just doesn't seem to catch on to who has a crush on who. Unless you tell him straight out that this person likes someone else, he's not going to catch it. The best example is the guy Inugaku who has a huge, obvious crush on his dad. Yayoi has to tell him outright that he's gay in order for Akira to understand...and that sends him into a humorous state of shock that doesn't last long.
    • A more serious example is when Sayuri calls him out on this trope technically and calls him a Jerk Jock that enjoys the women flocking to him and breaking their hearts. Naturally, Akira snaps only because Atsuki was standing right there when she said that.
    • And of course, there's Akira's other friend Ryo who is also oblivious of affection from both the girls that constantly visit his store just to see him (and not buy books, which pisses him off) and his best friend Hibiki and like Akira above, it has to be spelled out to him in order for him to understand. Only difference is that the person who asks him if Hibiki and him are going out is a Yaoi Fangirl and Hibiki isn't going to say anything.
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  • In One Kagayaku Kisetsu E Kouhei can't understand why Nanase is disappointed when he takes her to cheap Ramen restaurant to try this new ramen, even though she is wearing an expensive dress and its Christmas Eve, in Japan, a Holiday for Couples.
  • Masayuki looks this way in Miku's route in A Profile.
  • This really doesn't help Tsukihime's Shiki out when you combine it with the Tohno Gland and penchant for attracting only people with superpowers or are dangerously crazy. By Kagetsu Tohya he seems to be at least a little aware, going out of his way to keep people like Ciel in his wanted harem focused on him. But still clueless to a baffling extent when you consider the six people in love with him in that story that he doesn't recognize at all.

    Some of those are justified, though. Akiha is his sister (he thinks), Hisui has a crippling fear of men and acts quite cold, and he doesn't think Arcueid, being a vampire, is even capable of love like a human is. And to his credit, he does clear these up faster than most characters.
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  • Kyoko in Kara no Shoujo is completely unaware of Uozumi's affections for her. It seems at first like Reiji is similarly oblivious to Kyoko, but it turns out to be a subversion.
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Miles Edgeworth seems to be entirely unaware of the frothing masses of fangirls he has, let alone when females develop obvious crushes on him. Although he is all too aware of Oldbag's affection to him. Needless to say, it squicked him out. Lampshaded in Trials and Tribulations, when Gumshoe suggests that maybe the suspect (who Edgey vaguely recognised) was an ex who he forgot. His reaction? Genuine surprise, along with the genius line: "D-Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?"
    • Speaking of Gumshoe, it is very strongly hinted that he has a whopper of a crush on Maggey, though she seems to be almost unaware of his attraction to her.
    • Apollo Justice is arguably worse: Juniper Woods tells him that she thinks he is wonderful while knitting hearts, and he still doesn't get a clue. Of course, everyone else can see it. It really doesn't help that Juniper speaks glowingly of Apollo, in a series where nobody in the rest of the series speaks glowingly of anyone else.
  • Hiroki in Canvas 2. Seven love interests and multiple students gunning for him and he's unaware of all of them.
  • Ikemen Sengoku:
    • Mitsunari is so oblivious about anything related to romance that he completely fails to realize when women are trying to flirt with him. Or when two of his close friends have fallen for each other and everyone else can see it. Or even when he himself has fallen for someone.
    • Sasuke isn't much better, despite being a more composed genius than Mitsunari. He constantly comments on his route that he feels happier and everything seems brighter when he's with the female main character but fails to realize exactly why he feels like that for an astoundingly long time even though he spent four entire years training to become a ninja just to be able to protect her when he finally found her again.
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu: Protagonist Yuuji is usually rather observant and can make pretty accurate gueses as to what people think or how they feel. Except when it comes love, in some girl's route it takes a significant amount of time for him to catch on.

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