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O.O.C. Is Serious Business in visual novels.

  • Ace Attorney:
    • Phoenix is always flustered or worried about his cases in some way. But sometimes, he stands perfectly still and and speaks calmly and with absolute confidence. When this happens, not only will he find the killer, but they'll probably be convicted of half a dozen other crimes too. The first time is in game one case four. After Phoenix clears his client of one murder, they admit to another. Naturally, he doesn't believe they did it. In the ensuing recess, Maya freaks out and then asks Phoenix why he's looking at a photograph. Phoenix's response? "I'm preparing our case."
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    • At one point in 2-4 he actually manages to intimidate the judge, something usually reserved for the prosecution or certain witnesses.
    • In Case 1-3, Edgeworth starts to morph from being a jerkass to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold when he helps prevent Dee Vasquez from escaping the court by demanding she testify about after finding the body (which Phoenix hadn't thought to ask her). The only reason Phoenix can think of for why he did this was because he agreed that the evidence was compelling enough that Vasquez was the real murderer, but this was the first time that he put finding the true criminal above maintaining his perfect trial record, which had been shattered in the previous case.
    • Earlier in the same case (1-3), Wendy Oldbag, an old woman prone to outbursts of rage and rambling at length about all manner of subjects, both relevant and not... she goes silent and very calm the moment you irrevocably prove the victim (who she idolized) drugged the defendant shortly before he was murdered. She then proceeds to tell you VERY important information without ever raising her voice or spilling into a ramble. It is the only time in the entire series she acts this way.
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    • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Klavier is typically laid-back in court, even when Apollo pokes holes in his arguments, and enjoys using Gratuitous German. When Vera Misham's testimony indicates that she was responsible for forging the page out of Magnifi's diary, which Klavier uncovered on a tip from his brother and got Phoenix disbarred, Klavier is visibly shocked, and calls her "Ms. Misham" rather than "Fraulein" or other variants thereof.

      Later, when Kristoph is on the stand, Klavier becomes much more hardcore in his prosecuting, blocking most of Apollo's arguments. Trucy speculates that he wants to impress his big brother.
    • In general, most of the witnesses will have a breakdown point where, if they're pretending to be sweet, naive, innocent, or any other personality type, they'll drop the act altogether. In the case of characters like April May or Dahlia Hawthorne, it can be pretty scary. In the case of Yanni Yogi, who completely drops the braindead routine he'd been using for the entire case, Maya even comments that he seems to be a different person entirely.
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    • In Ace Attorney Investigations, after she and Edgeworth almost get shot by Calisto Yew, Franziska's confident front fades and she is visibly frightened.
    • In case of characters like Edgeworth and Franziska, as well as any other aloof prosecutors, any moment during a trial when they suddenly act flustered or look dumbfounded (promptly changing to their most funny courtroom sprites) can be considered this. Sometimes lampshaded by Phoenix's inner monologue along the lines of "I wonder what happened to that calm composure he had earlier..." or "Edgeworth stuttering...? This is not like him at all" in 2-4, when Edgeworth was to announce that the next witness is a qualified assassin who is willing to testify through a tranceiver.
    • The beginning of case 4 in Dual Destinies has both Apollo and Blackquill acting weird. Apollo is wearing an eyepatch for some reason, but insists that he's fine and demands that the trial get started. The victim in this case is Apollo's close childhood friend, and the defendant is an acquaintance who Apollo trusts wouldn't hurt a fly. On top of that, he has more than a few reasons to believe his own co-worker and assistant in the case may have been the true culprit. Blackquill, who always wears shackles to court, usually breaks them when things start to get serious. In this case, not only he breaks them as soon as the trial begins, bue he decides to give the case's opening statement himself, a task he usually leaves to the Judge. He believes the defendant is the phantom, the one who committed the murder he took the fall for. The judge notices that there's something up with both of them.
    • During Case 5 in Spirit of Justice, an astute player will notice Phoenix doesn't seem to be acting quite right. He won't even look at Apollo, the current playable character, once he starts talking about the case, and he's acting unusually serious and evasive. If you didn't figure out by then that something was up, Phoenix's desperation in court should be a clue. While Phoenix isn't a stranger to desperate floundering, the last time he was so desperate that he made wild claims, a kidnapped Maya's life was in danger. And that's just what happened this time, too.
  • Katawa Shoujo
    • Lilly letting out something that sounds like a swear word? She's PISSED.
    • Similarly, the single time when Kenji calms down enough to speak reasonably and offer Hisao emotional support, you know it's gonna bring up a Tear Jerker.
    • In Emi's route, when Emi and Hisao meet after she throws Hisao out of her house, Rin becomes surprisingly direct and to-the-point.
    Rin: Hisao is kind of worried about you, Emi. I don't think he can decide, or maybe I don't believe him, but I think I'm going to go somewhere less awkward now.
    Hisao Narrates: I'm so surprised by Rin's being so suddenly forward about well, anything at all, that I merely watch her head through the door.
    • Hanako exploding at Hisao in her bad ending. She also tells him to "...Go away" when he tries to check on her in Lilly's route, surprising him.
    • In Lilly's route, Shizune, a typically blunt girl who has a rivalry with Lilly, responds to Hisao telling her that he's going out with Lilly by saying that it's his business who he dates, and she hopes they go well together, which Hisao implies is her not saying what's on her mind. She then is about to say something more, but has Misha not translate her signing, which makes Hisao wonder why Shizune would pull a punch or speak without forethought.
  • In Fate/stay night, in the Heaven's Feel route, it is the first cue for the player who went through Unlimited Blade Works and witnessed firsthand the insane determination Archer puts into accomplishing his goal, killing his younger unwitting self Shirou, that some VERY SERIOUS shit is about to hit the fan when Archer witnesses the damage done, and at the drop of a hat, postpones his personal vendetta with Shirou, to switch back into full Counter Guardian mode, and deal with the more pressing, in the end literally world-threatening, issue of the Shadow.
  • In Steins;Gate, Okabe only drops his Mad Scientist persona when things are at their most serious. When he Mental Time Travels a few days back to prevent Mayuri's death, the other characters pick up on his sudden sincerity and are appropriately worried, even if they don't know what's troubling him.
  • When Snake from Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors opens his eyes, you know not to fuck with him.
    • When Carlos randomly hits on Akane then sexually assaults her, then goads Junpei into a fight despite spending the entire game as a wingman for the both of them you should take clear notice. He's acting for the cameras so that Zero doesn't notice he's telling them how to stop the injections from their bracelets.
  • This is used to solve a mystery in Fleuret Blanc. One subplot involves everyone coming down with food poisoning after eating Grams' cooking, including Le Neuvieme... except that he previously did nothing but express ire and disgust at Grams' concoctions, to the point that he goes out to town to buy all his food. If Grams' food was unhealthy, he should be the last person to display any symptoms. Of course, he's faking it, and he poisoned the food himself to make Grams look irresponsible, in the hopes that she would be removed from cooking duty.
  • SOON: The friendly Fang from the timeline where Atlas and Fang were fellow members of La Résistance seriously gives Atlas the creeps.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!:
    • Sayori spends the last club meeting before the festival at her desk acting distant and lost in thought, before eventually leaving early. The player character notices, and visits her at her house to figure out what's up. Sayori has chronic depression that's been slowly getting worse more recently. Her perky behavior is actually a coping mechanism. It's not OOC because she's dejected, but because she's not at all bothering with the mask.
    • Yuri has a preference for large words and Purple Prose in her writing, to the point of getting into an argument with Natsuki on the subject. In Act 2 she has a poem that consists of a paragraph with random, vaguely occultic short and incomplete phrases. She tries to pass it off as her dealing with pent-up energy, but her Sanity Slippage is the focus of that particular act.

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