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Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • According to Word of God, A:TLAR will also display the similarities held between Deuteragonist Katara and Azula, as the original series did with its protagonists (Zuko and Aang).
  • The fanfic The Masks We Wear has Zuko becoming just like his sister, and as a result gains his father's approval, his sister's affection, and his throne at the price of becoming a Noble Demon.

The Black Cauldron



  • In Winter War, Urahara notes that he and Mayuri are really very similar in their desire for knowledge for its own sake, and that the only thing that keeps him from performing Mayuri's experiments is that, unlike Mayuri, he likes people and wants them to like him back.
  • A Protector's Pride has Byakuya say this about Ichigo and Yamamoto despite their dislike of each other. Both will fight viciously for their beliefs, goals and True Companions. Byakuya however notes that this must hurt Yamamoto more since Ichigo might remind him of his younger self but years of compromise and dealing with the (corrupt and xenophobic) Central 46 made him Lawful Stupid whereas Ichigo didn't cave in despite Yamamoto acting like a Obstructive Bureaucrat to him.
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  • Shirayuki remarks in The Snow Has Stopped The Rain that Ichigo and Zangetsu are frighteningly similar as they're both prone to being hot-headed and irritable. The fact that they simultaneously object to this comparison only reinforces it in her mind.
  • In the Heirverse series, Aizen and Gin from their rukon upbringing, taste for mind games to the insecurity and tendency to get choked up over things that really shouldn't have that effect. Also Jac weeping in the shower while mentally ranting about Aizen being soft

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Xander explains to a shocked Faith in Priorities that every one of the Scoobies has either caused a human to die or at least didn't bother to save them. Xander body checked a zookeeper into a hyena enclosure, Buffy shoved the swim coach into the pen of his monsters, and all of them let Ford get eaten by vampires. So her killing the Deputy Mayor on accident wasn't nearly as big a deal as she thought it was.

Codename: Kids Next Door


  • Lex Luthor invokes this in The Man Who Sold The World: both he and the Hunter 'want' safety for the citizens, and won't falter against anything to achieve this, unlike the Justice League.
  • Child of the Storm has Harry occasionally evoke a young, Dark Messiah mode Magneto when he gets close to losing control. However, the stand-out example has to be Wanda, who has an extremely difficult relationship with her father (bearing in mind that he wasn't around for much of her childhood, and spent most of her youth as a somewhat insane mutant terrorist, this isn't surprising), and violently rejects any implication that she's like him. However, it's repeatedly demonstrated that there's a streak of cold, murderous rage and viciousness in her that comes straight from her father, and when faced with Sinister in the sequel, as clear a case of an Asshole Victim as you can imagine, she briefly embraces it and quite literally melts him. This is noted by other characters, and later, reluctant and worried, she inwardly concedes that they might just have a point.
    • Harry is also noted at several points in the sequel to be becoming worryingly like Doctor Strange - the series' Magnificent Bastard in chief, its most accomplished manipulator, who regards his actions as Necessarily Evil (necessary, but often evil, and he firmly believes no one else should go the same way). He becomes much more ruthless, more morally flexible, extremely adept at pushing people's buttons and manipulating them. He learns Strange's signature Truth Twister trick of lying without saying a word that is technically untrue, throwing more than a little of Natasha into the mix by even getting people to trust him while admitting that he is "probably the best liar you'll ever meet"... just as he's lying (by omission) to their faces. He even starts developing a dangerous variant of Strange's signature smile when he's about to do something unpleasant to someone who deserves it. Part of this is worn down by better moral influences/recovery from trauma, and Strange (who does NOT want anyone turning out like him) takes steps to provide counter examples and philosophies for Harry to absorb.
  • Invoked during the second, final duel between Rainbow Dash and Gilda in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War. Bonus points for resembling a confrontation between Cipher and "Solo Wing" Pixy.
    Gilda: Can you not feel this bond between us? You and I are opposite sides of the same coin. We are naturally born warriors.
    Rainbow Dash: Maybe. But even if there is a resemblance between us, we’ll never face the same direction. At least not like this, G!
  • Apprentice notes that Sasuke and Mecha Sally are similar in terms like going insane with power, The Dragon for the Big Bad after going to the dark side, having a family of parents and older brother, whom they're trying to kill, killed own master, and trying to destroy their own former hometown.
    • Also, he tries this with Monkey Khan since they have a need for revenge.
  • Surprisingly, Steven Universe and Bill Cipher are this in A Triangle in the Stars. And both are very much aware of this: Bill, at one point, catches himself when thinking about it; Steven even muses over this in Chapter Thirty, considering the fact that at least one parent is dead. But there's more to this than ever thought... not helped by the fact that they're already kinda similar canonically, almost as if it was For Want of a Nail. In Chapter Forty-Three, it comes up again, as a thought in Bill's mind, and that time he actually finishes it.
    • There's also comparison between Lapis and Bill Cipher, as they were both trapped in some way and don't like or are scared of water for a while, and Amethyst and Bill Cipher, since they can be mean sometimes but had gone through things, also by Steven in Chapter One and Chapter Thirty respectively, and by Connie in Chapter Nine, with Lapis.
    • Gabriel and Bill hold some similarities, which was outlined in Chapter Thirty-Five. They both had done terrible, horrible things, but were eventually reformed and forgiven.
    • Homeworld and the (nameless) Second Dimension from which Bill hails also have comparisons drawn. Namely the hierarchical system.
    • Minorly, Pearl and Bill. They both rose from the very bottom of the ladder, and were seen as "lowly". The latter point is touched upon in Chapter Forty-Six.
  • In The Butcher Bird, Smoker compares the eponymous Butcher Bird to Admiral Akainu after the former gives Smoker a blistering Motive Rant. The Butcher Bird does not take it well, and it takes a Die or Fly attempt by his captain to get him functional again.
  • In "A Study In White", Sherlock Holmes and Bram Stoker are captured by a plasmavore who is addicted to the blood of alcoholics. Despite the deadly danger he's in, Holmes empathizes with her addiction and pleads with her to let his friends help her.
  • In the Primeval/Simpsons fanfic Camp Scare, Abby realises, due to her traumatic childhood, she's Not So Different from the children she was being a snarky Jerkass to.
  • In Connecting the Dots Hinata finds a kindred spirit in Lois Lane while Lois describes Superman in a way Hinata finds familiar. Readers also get to see that Superman and Naruto are also not that different during Lois' description of Superman.
    Lois: "He just has...something inside him that compels him to help people."
    • Robin is Sasuke minus the need for revenge.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship
    • Sunset tells Timmy that Tootie's obsession with him is not too different than his approach to winning Trixie's heart.
    • On a more positive note, Gilda spells out to Timmy that she was also once a kid who was bullied and ignored by those around her.
  • In An Entry with a Bang!, it is noted that Clancy-Earth and ComStar actually have some rather similar goals.
  • Connection has the example of Lirin and Ayaka having similarities between themselves.
    Lirin: You see, we're not so different, you and I. Both of us are so ambitious that we do criminal acts, show jealousy on someone that is better than us, and because of that, we ended up hurting that person that shows better than us.
  • In Chapter 56 of the Love Hina crossover story Contract Labor Su used her supercomputer and hacking skills to crack into and copy the cellphone contents of three female bullies who attacked Shinobu at school and publicly posted the info about illegal activities online for schoolmates to access and forwarded the data to the police. When Keitaro confronts her about her actions he finds out that she also investigated the bullies' families and and is planning to blackmail them to pull the bullies from that school in order to protect Shinobu. He threatens to evict her for her own illegal actions if she goes through with it, but Su points out that Keitaro himself threatened the jobs/careers of the school administrators to get them to put a halt to the harassment that dorm mate Sarah was undergoing at school by both students and a teacher. When Su spells out that her actions and those of Keitaro are not so different, he backs off on the eviction threat and instead decides to use the information that Su gathered on the families to help them resolve their problems and to convince them to pull the bullies from that school.
  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover and its sequel, the characters find out many factions are more similar than they might want to admit or appear at first glance.
    • The Trans-Galactic Republic dubs the asari "self-righteous" (and later calls them out for hoarding technology)...when the Trans-Galactic Republic does the same thing of "You'll have what we think you are ready for" in Fractured.
    • The asari Councilor complains the Trans-Galactic Republic could use its technological superiority to impose on her galaxy...after the asari engaged in some Hiding Behind Religion technology-hogging of their own to secure a dominant place in Citadel politics.
    • Certain Neglectful Precursors believed themselves to be acting for the greater good thus allowing the ends to justify the means, but proceed to screw up just like their child races in trying to do so. Except on a much larger scale.
    • The Trans-Galactic Republic criticizes the Citadel Council for its centralized structure and race politics. It falls prey to exactly that.
    • In another nearby galaxy, bombing civilians with nukes in a war is considered completely normal. The Trans-Galactic Republic gets all high-and-mighty about it by branding those people war criminals...who are then hired to build more weapons while the Republic retains heroes with questionable pasts, runs spy ships that it denies having, and keeps ultra-powerful Force-sensitive Sirens on retainer.
    • In general, criticism of another party for invoking the Godzilla Threshold has tended to result in the complainer being forced into a situation where they face a similar do-or-die situation and end up eating their own words.
    • The "Local Cluster Council" and "Federated Cluster Union" introduced in Fractured are revealed to be really advanced beings Eridians, also known as Forerunners who muck about in the galaxy/universe as a scientist would with smaller experiments rather than being the benevolent hands-off guardians they think themselves to be. Their interference has caused more than a few problems, but may also offer a solution, depending on how certain people change...
  • In the Supernatural/NCIS fic When Worlds Collide, as Gibbs and his team come to recognise that the Winchesters are heroes rather than criminals and killers, Gibbs and Tony each reflect that they see a lot of themselves in Dean, to the point that Gibbs is judged to be a ‘Righteous Man’ in the same style as Dean.
  • In The Gunslinger, we have Arthur Morgan and Goblin Slayer. Both are hardened killers haunted by terrible pasts that shaped who they are, and hide their troubles under deep layers of cynicism. They are also MASSIVE Chick Magnet's.
    • Additionally, when hunting their preferred non-human prey (Goblins for the Slayer, animals of all types for Morgan), both are absolute EXPERTS.
  • Justice League of Equestria:
    • Mare of Steel: Trixie tries pulling this on Rainbow Dash when they run into each other in Seaddle, saying they're both arrogant braggarts. Rainbow Dash shoots this down.
    • Princess of Themyscira: Ares says this about himself and Athena, pointing out how they both manipulate the mortal realm to their own ends.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero Kyon realizes this and mentions it to Wataru as both want to protect their loved ones, in particular each one's sister.
  • Lecture for Moo Moo has Woody admitting to Moo Moo that she is going to a similar case to Lotso as both of them are abandoned by their owner by accident, not going back to them, and they're oblivious to the fact that they're the abandoners, not their respective owners. He successfully convinces her not to become like Lotso.
  • Lampshaded in Of Gods And Men when Dumbledore tells Light and Mikami all about Voldemort:
    Light: He wants to rule this world?
    Dumbledore: Alas, my boy, it is very common that power corrupts. And Voldemort has dabbled deeply in Dark Magic, and gained much power.
    Mikami: But why does he want to rule? Is it for a just reason?
    Dumbledore: Just? Good heavens, no! Voldemort is simply a madman who thinks he is God. He wants absolute power, and will stop at nothing to get it.
  • Reconciliator of Empire City has Cole pointing this out to Kitty as both of them worked under the shadows of an Evil Mentor and can't let go of their hate on them.
  • Renamon Who has Valmont admitting to Rika they're so alike. Both of them are rich, have a spoiled attitude. That second statement reminded him when he was once a kid and still has it as an adult. Neither of them treat their non-human partners right; as a result, they lose them. As much as Rika said she doesn't need Renamon and that she hates Digimon, Valmont shares those same feeling with Shendu. When Rika tries to deny those, she eventually realizes Valmont is right; she has become like him.
  • Used as a legal defense in the Mass Effect/Sword of the Stars story Shepherd Of The Stars. Following their ruthless attempt to exterminate the Batarians the Council attempts to charge the Liir with war crimes. Though they decline to answer the charges themselves, a Hiver Prince gets them Off on a Technicality by pointing out that from the Liir perspective the Genophage was exactly as morally repugnant as the retrovirus the Liir invented to kill the Batarians.
  • Similar Case: Vegeta admits that he isn't too different from Eas. Both of them are cold and stubborn, trying to prove their worthiness to their bosses, trying their best in defeating their rivals who are always stupid, grinning, and carefree, and losing their cool when they showed them to be better than themselves. After her battle with Cure Peach, she finally understands that she is not so different from him after all.
  • To Kill A Thief has this case with Light Yagami and Miyako Toudaiji as both of them are amateur detectives who want to make the world a better place by killing.
  • Two Similar People, a crossover fanfiction between Sakura Wars V and Final Fantasy XIII, has the case of how the two sisters in those works find a similarity to each other.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl story The Vampire of Steel, Buffy remarks she and Supergirl aren't very different despite of her different abilities and areas of influence.
    Willow: Well, Supergirl ought to be safe from everything. Except maybe Kryptonite.
    Supergirl: No, Willow. Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic. If you performed the right spell, even you could hurt me.
    Willow: Then you mean, like... well... vampires...
    Supergirl: Yes, dear. Vampires can hurt me. The last time I met Buffy, they did, several times. But I go where the job takes me.
    Buffy: Sounds kind of like a Slayer.
  • In When There Was a Tomorrow, Shepard and his crew can't help but see an uncomfortable number of parallels between The Illusive Man and Dr. Halsey, and several of his teammates seem to be losing respect for him for siding with her, maintaining loyalty only because Shepard thinks she's their only ticket home.
  • Kage (a Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. crossover): This trope pops up more than once.
  • In the Future Diary/Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover All For You, we learn that both Homura and Yuno would do anything to be reunited with Madoka and Yuki, respectively. Kazumi learned the hard way.
  • MLP Next Generation: Know Fear!: When an enraged Starburst attacks the griffon capital in order to end the war, she rampages through the city before confronting Emperor Stratus himself. After she overpowers and prepares to kill him, he decides to gloat about how she's proven him wrong about ponies being weak, since she's just as bloodthirsty as a griffon. This snaps her out of it, as she realizes he's right, and decides to just arrest him for war crimes. And then Nox/Shadow Wing kills him anyway, to make him a martyr.
  • In Necessary to Win, Maho and Teru both put on facades and do tankery for different reasons than their mothers want them to do it, even if their motivations in other regards greatly contrast. As a result of the latter similarity, Maho is able to see through Teru's Stepford Smiler act in their first meeting.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: Vaati is only convinced to give Discord a chance at redemption when it's pointed out how similar Vaati's own situation is.
  • In the MLP and Dan Vs. crossover The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga Pinkie Pie eventually calls out Elise, for acting like she has any morale high ground over Dan, despite repeatedly showing she can be just as bad if not worse.
    Elise: Maybe my moral high ground is less a mountain and more a bathmat...
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku runs away screaming from the tentacled shark-headed Kaiju spawn on Korusan Island, calling them monsters and batting them away without a second thought when they screech at him and attack him. But once he gets to safety, he realizes that not only are they trapped on the island due to their ability to swim, they would likely be slaughtered by humans if they were ever revealed to the world at large, much like his own plight as the only Kryptonian on an Earth that actively hates and hunts down aliens. He ends up going back to apologize for his actions and promises to leave them alone, allowing them to slink away harmlessly without a fight.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters has numerous examples:
    • Jade's rant about using her new Shapeshifter and Ben Shui powers to help people gives Yan Lin an uncomfortable flashback to Nerissa. Likewise, Will's later evolution into a Combat Pragmatist willing to manipulate potential allies is far too similar to Nerissa for Yan's liking. Though in both cases, she later realizes that despite these similarities, both girls still have their compassion, which Nerissa lost.
    • The Sack of Torus Filney forces Caleb to realize that the Rebellion isn't really all that much better than Phobos' supporters.
    • Chang claims that Jackie, acting on behalf of Section 13, is no different from how Chang was back when he was a ring fighter, saying that both are just pawns of the people calling the shots. Jackie admits that he has a point, but that doesn't stop him from handing Chang over to Captain Black.
    • Chapter 20 shows that this is the case with Caleb and Lothar, both having been operating under Black-and-White Morality-induced bloodthirstiness for most of the war, but now realizing things aren't that clearcut. They both even use the same line about no longer being blind to their side's faults.
    • There's a parallel or two drawn between Raythor and Tohru, both having served villains due to a misplaced sense of honor.
    • After Aldarn puts on Ikazuki's mask during their duel and says that he did so to guarantee that the Rebellion would have to accept him as a leader no matter how the duel turned out or what they thought, Caleb gets the idea to provoke him by asking how that makes him any different than Phobos.
  • Infinity Crisis: Loki states that, looking back, he and Thanos are similar in that they both use grand claims to cover up their darker desires, and suggests that the heroes use this to anticipate Thanos’s next move. Also brought up when he’s talking with Black Siren, as they both abandoned family to indulge in power in the belief that it was the only way they'd gain respect.
  • Nightmare in Arkham (Batman, A Nightmare on Elm Street ): Having been victimized by Freddy Krueger in the past, Alice shares the connection of loss with Batman, who also tragically saw the death of the ones closest to him. In the beginning, however, Alice actually sides more so with the people considered "villains" in this story, mostly because she almost went down the same path and could have possibly become one of them. At the same time, being among them allowed her to see a more human side to them, and she connects with all of them because they too have experienced pain, loss, betrayal, etc. What sets Alice apart from them is that she is actually able to see them, as well as see herself, as all victims of the world. Batman has also come to this conclusion, but his method of approach initially comes off as extremely hypocritical to Alice because he seems just as insane as the rest of them and yet he seems to view himself as more noble. In these ways, Alice and Batman are both in the same mind and the opposite mind.
  • RWBY: Epic of Remnant: Salem claims she and Angra Mainyu are the same. Formerly innocent people who were screwed over and have a burning hatred of humanity and the gods.
  • SAPR: Sunset Shimmer has this line dropped on her multiple times over the course of the story with many people she ends up confronting. From bullies like Cardin to terrorists like Adam to reflections like Cinder, they all carry a piece of Sunset in them. This, of course, feeds back into Sunset's own character development as she slowly starts to realize that she's been a villain this whole time and didn't even notice it.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion:
    • Team Prime realizes that Lelouch could easily walk down Megatron's path, given his beliefs. Similarly, Optimus finds quite a few similarities between Suzaku and his pre-war self.
    • Kallen is this to Arcee, as both are badass female members of their respective organizations who have lost people they cared about.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail:
    • While Chloe resents her father for being largely ignorant of who she is, expecting her to follow in his footsteps as a researcher despite disliking Pokémon, she does share his intense passion when it comes to her own special interests. She's quite knowledgeable when it comes to macabre topics, and has an intense interest in myths and legends, much like how her father became a researcher to pursue his own passions.
    • On a darker note, both father and daughter alike have a bad tendency to cling to their biases and preconceptions, which hampers both of their efforts to grow. Chloe sincerely believes that nobody back in Vermillion City cares about her or what she wants out of life, while the Professor has latched onto the notion that there must be somebody else to blame for her disappearance, growing increasingly obsessive with trying to root out this hidden villain.
    • One thing Goh has in common with Chloe is that both are secretly jealous of Ash and all his accomplishments. Chloe resents him for seemingly effortlessly connecting with her father and Childhood Friend, getting plenty of attention and praise from both while she's gone neglected and ignored. Goh, meanwhile, envies his successes both as a Pokémon trainer and socially, as Ash has made plenty of friends throughout his travels while Goh's own social skills are severely stunted.
    • Sara Diktaylis constantly mocks Chloe for her love of horror, leading her Girl Posse in teasing her for being a 'Monster Lover'. This is despite the fact that she and said girl posse were using the 'Create-A-Crush' app that they pressured Chloe into trying out themselves, to craft their own made-up supernatural lovers. She also did a book report on Coraline, only to make fun of Chloe's own report for being too 'creepy'.


  • In Where Talent Goes To Die, Anzu Sugiura, the Ultimate Waitress, initially dislikes and distrusts Reiko Mitamura, the Ultimate Proofreader and the group's leader (although Sugiura is hesitant to outright admit it), since she's one of the few people who doesn't vote for Mitamura. While Sugiura's opinion of Mitamura never improves, especially not after Mitamura outs Sugiura as the Ultimate Poisoner and tries to frame her for a murder Mitamura committed, Sugiura ultimately realizes that they both put on a façade in order to fit in.
  • Blackened Skies: Celeste plays this card during the first trial once it becomes clear that both she and Kaede lied to everyone about what they knew, mocking her rival's apparent hypocrisy in preaching about how they should all trust each other and work together while concealing vital information from them.
  • let's go out with a bang! has Miu and Kokichi. Both cling to their nasty personas from V3 as part of their defense mechanisms, hiding their insecurities behind casual cruelties and insults. Both particularly despise each other, getting even worse whenever they interact — each blaming the other. Once the convention center gets locked down, both conduct their own private investigations, withholding critical information out of paranoia and distrust... and once again refusing to acknowledge how their actions are contributing to the problem.

Death Note

  • In Depravare Kira and Righteous (Light and L) have always readily accepted this about each other and are offended when Near doesn't get it, he doesn't want to see Kira as anything but an evil mass murderer and his mentor as anything less than a saint.
  • The fanfic Story of the Century and several of its companion 'shots hammers this point several times, particularly at the end when Original Character Erin tears L a new one before she leaves him.
    "You make me sick. Both of you. You're just like him. You call yourself justice...but all I see i-is a monster, a-a pathetic hypocritical brat who makes up whatever sounds good at the time so you always have an excuse to do whatever you want. You made that abundantly clear when we were messing with Yotsuba; I just made the mistake of thinking that you could move past that. This wasn't about saving anybody, this was just about satiating your fucking egos. I don't care if you're the world's greatest detective and I don't care if you've got your own goddamn screensaver; to me you're just one of the stupidest most over-glorified self-entitled bastards I'll ever meet! You and him! Fucking stupid bastards!"
  • Fade: L and canon!Light. When L gets the death note and learns of his death, he goes to terrible lengths to subvert his fate and stop Kira. When he starts talking about "the creation of the new world", it becomes clear to the reader that all of L's attempts are for naught, as Kira has already risen.


Dragon Age

  • In Walking in Circles: Solas after spending over a year in the Ostwick Circle realizes that the people in this world are real and not so different from his people thousand years before.
    • In chapter 33, Evelyn points out to Solas that she and the mages that caused Wisdom's death isn't so different. Had she was in the same position of them: hungry, afraid, desperate, she'd probably resort to some magic she doesn't really understand to save herself too. And the only reason she didn't was because Solas was there to take care of her.
    • In the same chapter, after being called out by his lover, Solas realized that he maybe not so different from his fellow false gods after all. The Evanuris acted arrogantly because they saw themselves as gods, and Solas despite his insistence that he's different also has no problems acting like that when it suits him, easily killing people as if they aren't real.

Final Fantasy VII

  • In The Fifth Act after Cloud is freed from Hojo and Jenova by Sephiroth and Genesis, Cloud is horrified when he realizes that he's extremely similar to his timeline's original Sephiroth.
    In that split second, he'd wondered what he'd do after he killed Sephiroth.
    His first thought had been to destroy ShinRa. Destroy the company that had drained the Planet, dropped the Plate on Sector 7, and made Sephiroth possible in the first place. Destroy the man who left his mother in Nibelheim to die.
    Except... once he'd been freed of Jenova's influence, he'd realised how familiar that line of thinking was.
    When he found out the truth of his origins...
    ...The first thing Sephiroth had done when he'd returned from the Lifestream was assassinate President ShinRa.
    He started to hate ShinRa.
    Revenge on ShinRa hadn't been enough. He turned his resentful eyes towards the Planet, and constructed fanciful notions that it was to be destroyed and made anew – that it was his birthright.
    Then after a while, he started to hate everything.

Harry Potter

  • In The Power To Vanquish The Dark Lord Harry inadvertently does this when deliberately invoking Draco in Leather Pants by making a list of a certain someone's positive qualities and only those qualities:
    Harry: What do you think? If you knew just this about a person, what would you say they were like?
    Ron: Er... is it Hermione?
    Hermione: No, it's Voldemort.
  • In Wand, Knife and Silence Theodore Nott tried to pull this on Harry. Harry countered with the rejoinder that Nott killed for pleasure while he killed when there was no peaceful alternative.
  • In Eternal Fantasy, both the inhabitants of Little Whinging and the remaining "earth wizards" hate how the world has changed and do everything possible to pretend they're still on Earth rather than Gaia. Furthermore, both group despise adventurers and arrogantly believe they're better than everyone else.
  • In canon, Tom Riddle and Harry have some similarities, but Departure from the Diary really focuses on it. Harry spends months with Tamelyn Riddle in his head and is repeatedly shown their similarities and that some of their differences (Harry only stealing food, unlike Tamelyn) are due purely to circumstance.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

  • Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Italy and Japan are this. Despite having vastly different personalities, they both liked literature, anime, manga, fencing, food, and cats. They both even cosplayed as Light Yagami and Teru Mikami respectively from Death Note. To say Germany wasn't pleased at this would be a massive understatement.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • In Lost Boy, one of the reasons why Astrid thinks differently from the "guilt by association" idea that the village seem to think of Hiccup is because her family has already felt this form of scorn after her Uncle Finn Hofferson was frozen and killed by the Flightmare.

The Hunger Games

Invader Zim


  • Fresh Blood: The original three Misfits have wildly different personalities and backgrounds but they all have trust issues and troubled pasts: Stormer has a Friendless Background, lost both of her parents before turning eighteen, and got her heart broken by her first boyfriend. Roxy was abandoned by her parents and raised by her abusive aunt and uncle until she ran away at fourteen. Pizzazz's mother ran off when she was very young and her wealthy but neglectful father preferred to give her money and gifts over actual affection.

The Legend of Korra

  • In the The Saga of Avatar Korra, Mako states that he and Korra are rather similar due to how hard their pasts have been between him losing his parents and working for gangs while Korra was kidnapped by the the terrorist group, the Red Lotus, when she was a child and separated from her parents.

Mass Effect

  • In the Uplifted series, it is an overall theme of the stories. To the average grunt, World War II wasn't that different irregardless of who you fought for, as seen during the Invasion of Malta with Rommel's troops. Seen particularly in Skorzeny and Churchill.
  • Some humans in Mass Effect: End of Days see the Council races as rather similar to the Krogan and Yahg in that they were artificially uplifted and granted interstellar technology before they were ready for it. While the Asari, Turians, and Salarians did so through discovery eezo-tech, the Krogan and Yahg were uplifted directly. All five ended up stagnating scientifically and culturally, unlike the humans who had no eezo-tech and required centuries to develop to interstellar levels.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Truth And Consequences: Marinette and Gabriel have a lot more in common than the former would like to admit, especially after her Face–Heel Turn. Marinette and Adrien's relationship is shown to be a Generation Xerox of Gabriel and Emilie's, with Gabriel as the nervous stuttering mess from the working class around the beauty and wealth teen model Emilie. Now Marinette has joined Hawk Moth for the sake of giving Adrien his mother back the same way Gabriel is. By chapter 29, she's even having nightmares about growing up into the same kind of workaholic as Gabriel and ruining her relationship with Adrien by doing so (not that that isn't the least of her problems at this point).
  • Leave For Mendeleiev: Adrien is shown to be much more like his Childhood Friend Chloe than he realizes. Both expect others to cater to their personal desires, blaming everyone other than themselves when things don't go their way. Chloe obsesses over continuing to bully and belittle Marinette despite her transferring to another class, while Adrien refuses to accept that Ladybug doesn't return his interest.
  • When Alya confronts Lila in Missing (Miraculous Ladybug), Lila expresses false sympathy for Marinette, talking about how she tried so hard to be a good, helpful friend. She then declares that both she and Alya understand that kindness doesn't get you anywhere in this world — after all, Alya immediately abandoned her 'bestie' once she thought Lila had something she wanted, didn't she? Much like how Lila herself manipulates everyone else to her own ends.
  • Scarlet Lady: "Volpina" highlights the various similarities between Chloé and Lila:
    • Both are self-centered attention seekers who treat being a superhero (or pretending to be one) as a way to gain glory and garner praise. While Lila is horrified to learn that Scarlet Lady doesn't care about anyone getting killed because she assumes she can just bring them back with Miraculous Cure, that doesn't change the fact that she was issuing those death threats in the first place.
    • Both girls also blithely ignore Adrien's clear discomfort with their pushy, clingy behavior. Even when called out directly, they refuse to accept that he simply isn't interested, too invested in their false narratives and the notion that he's a prize to be won.

My Hero Academia

  • When Izuku asks Shouto about Bakugou in Witness (Good Neighbors), wanting to learn how his former friend was doing, Shouto finds himself mentally comparing his former classmate to his father: both are powerful and highly ambitious. This leads him to wonder whether Endeavor used to act like Cluster Bomb did, before becoming bitter over his failure to live up to his own promise. Struggling to find a way to say something nice about Bakugou, he ends up falling back upon something he uses to describe his father: "He was skilled in combat."
  • The Emancipators:
    • Once Shouto opens up to him and reveals his father's cruel nature, Izuku is immediately struck by the hateful expression he's sporting... and how much it matches his own whenever he's thinking about Bakugou.
    • During their match, Neito manages to copy Izuku's Quirk, getting an incredibly nasty, gleeful expression in anticipation of using it upon him. Izuku struggles to keep his own face from mirroring his opponent's, as he's secretly excited over Briar Patching him right into his trap.
  • In Yesterday Upon The Stair Chapter 55, after Izuku chews out Nighteye over the latter's faulty assumption that the former's Quirk means he doesn't care about death, he says that he sought internship with the latter out of the belief that both their Quirks let them know things that others wouldn't and that Nighteye would thus understand what he's going through.
  • In Lavandula Somnambulist, the fact that Izuku has a mind-control aspect to his quirk helps ease Shinso into trusting him.
  • In Kamino's Ward, All-Might is horrified that his idol, Captain Kamino, was really a Child Soldier named Izuku Midoriya from when Quirks first emerged. His friend Tsukauchi points out that the Hero Industry begins training heroes like All-Might at age 15 in Hero Schools.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • When Celestia and Discord meet each other again for the first time in Act II of the Legends of Equestria continuity, it's because Celestia is summoning Discord's magic to make herself more powerful. Moreover, Discord reveals to her that he was once a unicorn like her, before he accepted dark magic as a way to get his life back.
    • In Act IV, Discord reveals that he is in fact Celestia's great-great-great-grandfather.
  • Racer and the Geek has a moment when Telny, a veteran, realizes that he's not that much different than Goggles, a greenhorn.
  • Rainbooms and Royalty: Just before the Final Battle, as part of her pitch, Nightmare Moon pulls this on Rainbow Dash, saying that she knows what it's like to have one's self and achievements overlooked in favor of another. Dash, however, doesn't buy it.
  • In All-American Girl, despite being raised as a human and not a pony, DJ clearly shares a temper and obstinacy with her biological mother Rarity that is all too-well noted by just about everyone/everypony who knows either of them.
  • Hit and Hug has Rainbow Dash admitting that she's not too different from Fluttershy since both of them are arrogant and realize the error of their ways to make amends with their friends.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Celestia discusses this with Navarone, when she compares his growing darkness to the path Arachne went down, as well as her own experiences. She also notes that as much as he likes to pretend otherwise, as a human he does have more in common with ponies than he'd like to admit.
  • Bad Future Crusaders:
  • The fancomic "A Somber Meeting" has King Sombra try and make a typical "not so different" speech, but is cut off by Twilight before he could start when she realizes what he's attempting to do, having "read this bit a hundred times in a hundred stories". She then turns it around on Sombra, delivering a "We are nothing alike" speech. Sadly, he wound up one uping her, when she resorted to using dark magic to save herself, after he tried to kill her.
  • In Just Before the Dawn, this is one of the things Celestia and Tercio manage to bond over. More specifically, the feeling of "being a stranger in their own land" as Celestia puts it.
  • In Pony POV Series, Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox, Twilight's potential future Nightmare is this to Discord. Eclipse went Nightmare in the first place to punish Discord for his crimes after a millennia under his thumb...but quickly became so addicted to revenge on him that she became just sadistic, uncaring, and monstrous as Discord himself, rebooting the timeline and erasing everyone in it countless times over just to have her revenge on him. By the time we meet her, she's referring to everypony except Twilight herself as 'NPCs' with all the apathy one would expect, no different than Discord's calling ponies 'toys.' In fact, by this point, the only reason Discord is even an Evil Overlord by now is Eclipse won't let him change. In the end, she realizes this when Twilight's parents hold her in place for the Bearers to beat her...just like Discord's own mortal mother did to him when Celestia and Luna beat him originally and for the entire reason.
  • In Why Am I Crying?, Miss Cheerilee tells Scootaloo that she and Diamond Tiara have several things in common. They both lost their mothers at a young age, have hard-working fathers who have little time to spend with them, and hold grudges against their opposite social classes, but they're both strong-willed and have loyal friends to support them; the difference is that, while Diamond dealt with her pain by lashing out at others, Scootaloo bottles her emotions in.
  • Echoing Silence: Sombra comes to realize that he's this with Diadem/Twilight, after he finds out how they suffered a "betrayal like no other", her at Celestia and her friends, and him with his former Queen, Ametrine Crystal. Unlike "A Somber Meeting", however Diadem/Twilight actually ends up agreeing with him. But unlike Twilight, who just ended up banished, Sombra murdered Ametrine and took her place.
  • In Bride of Discord Luna has a bit of an epiphany, after seeing Discord seemingly show true genuine compassion towards Fluttershy during their "date" in the Everfree, where she says in confusion, that a creature like him, could never change...

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

  • In Through the Looking Glass, when he sees the outburst from the Katarina from the game universe, the Isekai Prince Alan tells the others that her reaction mirrored his younger self. Both of them felt that their efforts weren't good enough, especially when compared to the more favored counterpart (Alan with Gerald, and Game!Katarina to Isekai!Katarina), leading to them lashing out at others in frustration. While the Alan of the Light Novel timeline had Katarina to help him out of his Inferiority Superiority Complex, the Katarina from Fortune Lover had no one in her world.


  • The rather odd Team Gai (Naruto, Hinata, Lee) from Geniuses of Hard Work puts three Determinator's who are considered weak for being different with two being considered "dead-last".
  • Naruto, Hinata and Shino from Team 8. All three are discriminated/hated/mistreated in some form which leads to a rather close-knit team.
  • In the oneshot story Like Me, it is Orochimaru who tells Sakura and others that Naruto is more like him than anyone could think of. People scoff it off at first but as he goes on into details, it becomes startling clear that Naruto is similar to him.
  • Used by Orochimaru in Nightingale as part of how he brainwashes people.
  • Koharu realizes in Eroninja that shinobi villages are actually little different from yakuza gangs when you overlook the jutsu aspect (and sometimes you don't even have to do that). Both are groups of people powerful enough to do what they want who get paid to either make someone's life easier (protection, drugs, etc.) or make someone's life harder (assassinations, sabotage, etc.). And neither will tolerate a similar group operating in what they deem their territory. Even on an individual level both have the nihilists only interested in power and indulgence, and the idealists who grew up on romanticized tales of shinobi/yakuza.
  • In Dead Last Blossom, Sakuya Haruno is quiet and prefers a professional relationship with his teammates Naruto and Sasuke, and on occasion will try to complete missions on his own without telling the others. It's after Obito stops Kakashi from showing his dislike towards Sakuya (springing from detecting the boy as a stress factor towards Naruto) that the former realize Sakuya is just how Kakashi was as a child.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: Shinji got pointed out to him that he and his father are more alike than he would want to admit: both were willing to end up the world for a woman. Gradually Shinji has to admit regretfully that it's true.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • At the beginning of the story Shinji and Asuka realize they are alike. Since that point, when they are trying to understand each other, each one of them thinks "He/she is just like me. How would I feel in that situation?"
    • When Asuka fell into the Leliel otherdimensional trap, Shinji acted incredibly cool and unemotional as she was missing. Misato thought he looked just like his father.
    • In chapter 7 Kaji is arguing with Shinji and Asuka. During that discussion Shinji looked so cold and his stare so harsh and firm that Kaji could not help to think of how much Shinji resembled his father.
  • The Child of Love:
    • In chapter 5 Ritsuko unthinkingly compares Asuka with her mother when she mentions Asuka almost did the same thing than Kyoko: killing herself and taking her daughter with her.
    • In that same chapter Shinji and Asuka open up and talk and realize they have more things in common than they thought:
      Asuka:"I-I're speaking with're so shy, usually. I think I'm like this because I trust you and I feel that I can put my trust in you. You're like a confidante."
      Shinji:"'s the same for me. We've got a lot in common, don't we?"
      Asuka:"You try to avoid pain by running away from people. I try to avoid pain by driving them away. But in the end, we just hurt ourselves more. Aren't we pathetic, Shin-chan?"
    • Later Shinji fears he will become other Gendo because he realizes he is not so different of his father.
  • Doing It Right This Time: During the extended flashback in Chapter 3, Kaworu alludes to passing over his own personal Despair Event Horizon and going out to set off Third Impact and wipe out all life on Earth. The circumstances were somewhat different, but the parallel is noticeable enough that Shinji feels a bit of sympathy for Kaworu despite the bad blood between them.
  • Evangelion 303: After Shinji has told her about his childhood, his mother’s death, his uneasy relationship with his father and his father’s lover and how little he likes being around Dr. Akagi, Asuka reflects that they are not very different:
  • In Ghosts of Evangelion Shinji is afraid of his child, right like his father was afraid of him. When he feels tempted to run from his daughter, Asuka bluntly says she will not allow him become a copy of his father. Several years later, he meets Gendo again and Shinji admits that being a father is frightening.
    "We have a daughter, she and I. She'll be three years old in a few weeks."
    "I see," Gendo said. His voice betrayed no emotion.
    "She's..." Shinji paused, then looked at his father and said, "I never knew they could be so frightening. Children, I mean."
    Gendo's eyes widened a fraction. He held his son's gaze for several moments, then looked away. "Yes," he said, nodding.
  • HERZ: In chapter 4 a GEIST member fears his organization and SEELE are not so different, since the blood of young people is being spilt to fulfil their plans, too.
    "Young people are our future yet SEELE tried to buy mankind life immortal with the blood of children. I fear that we may not be so different. The blood of the young is still being spilt to carry out the plans of the old."
  • Several examples in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide:
    • During an argument in chapter 8, Shinji and Asuka realize that they're not different at all.
    • A secondary character points out that Kluge hates Gendo Ikari, but they're so alike than they could have been brothers.
    • The final chapter sees Rei trying this on the Big Bad, the Emerald Tablet, attempting to make it realize that they have common ground in both being creations born of science who are imbued with the ability to feel human emotions and form bonds with other beings. But where Rei sees the ability to experience emotion as a gift that enriches her existence, the Tablet sees it as a taint upon its being as it has massive god complex and perceives itself as a supreme and purely logical being, and so it lashes out in anger against Rei for daring to imply that it has emotions. The moment brings Rei to the rather bitter realization that despite their similarities, the Tablet is inherent inherently too insane and alien in its way of thinking to be reasoned with.
  • The One I Love Is...:
    • In the false epilogue it was shown what Shinji might have turned into if Asuka would have never awoken from her coma: He would become eerily cold and driven, and his obsession with saving the woman he loved would lead him to try to bring about Instrumentality, manipulating everyone around him and treating them like tools to achieve that goal. In a nutshell, he would turn into his father. As a reader put told, the scariest thing of that alternate epilogue is it feels right.
    • Likewise, Shinji notes several times throughout how alike he and Asuka are, to the point of considering it eerie.
  • Scar Tissue:
    • Shinji and Asuka. It is pointed out several times for several characters:
      • During a fight Shinji shouted to Asuka that she was right like him.
      • In chapter 5 Asuka thought that he was right, they were the same.
    • A much darker example when Asuka saw Shinji naked, collapsed over the floor and spitting blood because of her, and she imagined in her mind the MP-Evas grinning and telling: "You see, we're not that different, you and meeee…"
    • As much as Shinji hates thinking about it, he and Gendo are not very different. Both were willing unleashing the end of the world after losing the woman that they loved.
  • The Second Try:
    • In the last scene Shinji admits he finally understands his father a bit, since when he thought Asuka was dead he almost started the Instrumentality right on the spot. And he would have done if Asuka would have not reached him in time.
    • Kaworu taunts Asuka stating maybe she knows him better than she admits.
    • In the sequel Aki-chan's Life: Aki meets a girl called Ririko who is prone to get angry and hold grudges. Later Asuka meets Ririko's overbearing and strict mother and gets pretty irritated at the woman's attitude. Then Ririko tells that her mother is like that because if they are not the best nobody will respect them... In other words, they have the same mindset Asuka had been fed with since she was a little child. Upon hearing it, Asuka got frozen in the spot.

One Piece

  • In The Butcher Bird, Kaneki has, at times, been compared to Admiral Akainu, due to the sheer amount of rage they possess for people who go against their definition of justice.
  • In This Bites!:
    • Played for Laughs in the Skypia arc, where the Strawhats note that Aisa is a small and bratty but loyal companion to the Shandarians just as Soundbite and Su are to Cross and Conis respectively. While Soundbite and Su are happy to the comparison, Aisa rejects being called an "animal companion", and it gives Kamakiri doubts of allying with the Strawhats.
    • Jabra could have been able to use this against Luffy...and then he had to defy this trope by calling Blueno weak, after he was already on shaky standing with Luffy. Naturally, Luffy is pissed.


  • In Chapter 23 of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Ash questions Belladonna's motives to raid the Gringy City Power Plant, after learning she's trying to murder Tokiomi Borealis for betraying his daughter Aurora (Belladonna's girlfriend). Belladonna counters by asking Ash if he's ever felt an uncontrollable rage over someone hurting a loved one and a desire to punish them. Ash realizes that he felt it before when Paul ended up blasting Ash's Primeape into the air, possibly killing him, and she realizes he knows the kind of pain she's talking about.
    • An even bigger one happens in Chapter 44. To finally get Mewtwo to give up his genocidal rampage, Ash lets the artificial Pokémon to peer into his mind and see his memories of his past life in the erased timeline. This lets Mewtwo see that Ash understands the pain of suffering a loss that cannot be reversed (as he did with Amber) and hits the last nail to trigger his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Trainer who Questions Humanity explores how Ash Ketchum can become this to N, with the main difference being Ash only seeing the benefit of removal of some humans from Pokemon while N would prefer the full removal.
  • In Celadon's New Blossom, Ash bonds with Sabrina over their similar pasts. Prior to becoming a trainer, Ash never got along with other kids and was frequently bullied due to the fact he never knew his father. As a child, Sabrina was bullied and ostracized for having psychic powers. While Ash ignored the bullying and moved along with his life, Sabrina began shutting out everyone and developed a Creepy Child Split Personality to cope with her issues. Ash realizes that Sabrina just wants a friend and starts hanging out with her.


  • In the Portal 2 fanfic Test Of Humanity, GLaDOS uses this to torture Wheatley by telling them they're no different from one another.
    "Oh, but it's true. Face it, moron core, you are nothing but a cold, heartless, sadistic, unloving machine. Just like me. You may look human. You may sound human. You may act human. But that's only because I wanted to see how long a robot could live a lie. You're more like Hal than you want to admit. You're more like me than you want to a-"



Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Extensively used, lampshaded, and discussed in Sonic X: Dark Chaos. The conflict between Tsali and the Metarex, Tsali and Venus, the Demon/Angel conflict, and the Crapsack World in general are nothing but equally Evil vs. Evil. Taken to its logical conclusion with Chris, when he realizes that Jesus Christ and Maledict aren't really any different either. It's also used in a very, very dark way with the Jewish Tribal Republic - which is disturbingly similar to Nazi Germany Recycled In Space.
  • In Garrulous64's rewrite video on Infinite from Sonic Forces, he turns Infinite and the Avatar into foils to Sonic and Tails. Infinite used to be the Avatar's best friend, but he's since lost his memory and has been brainwashed by Eggman.

Star Trek

  • This is a major theme of the Star Trek Online fanfic Past Continuous, that people often have more in common than they think if they take the time to consider it. Despite their Red Oni, Blue Oni personality differences, Kanril and Berat quickly find they have more in common than not. They both dislike the Klingons for similar reasons (namely past Klingon war crimes), and they share their disdain for their respective species' Renegade Splinter Factions (the Circle and the True Way, respectively).

Steven Universe

  • In A Pink Planet, Bismuth realizes that Pink Diamond is not as bad as she thought when they start casually complaining about their superiors, Bismuth complaining about aristocratic gems while Pink complains about Blue and Yellow.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Solvernia, Nia undergoes through a small Heroic BSoD in the beginning, after realizing that the beastmen are people just like she and other humans are. It's part of her inner conflict to protect herself and her friends and trying to make peace with the beastmen.
    Nia: I don't understand... if they're like us, then they wouldn't have any reason to hate us, would they?


  • From Foundling, it was noted, at some point, that Ran couldn't understand why the humans would abandon their children, yet she notes that youkai do the same. This is more emphasized with Reimu (the titular foundling) and Yukari both of whom are described as being "different, yet the same", as neither of them were wanted and neither would fit in amongst either species.



  • This Trope is Deconstructed in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door when the villain tries it on Andy:
    Iris: Admit it... You liked that. People like you say things like 'I'm sorry it has to come to this' or 'it didn't have to end this way'. I've heard it so many times. But it's hard to believe them. I mean, come on... After all that's happened, weren't you so anxious to do that?
    Andy: Shut up.
    Iris: Seriously, you finally got your chance. Felt kind of good, huh? Seeing me hurt? Hearing me scream? Philosophers and philanthropists always say, Andy, that taking pleasure in the suffering of others is immoral... Would that mean that someone who does so is an immoral person?
    Andy: If killing you prevents innocent people from suffering, I have no problem with it. [Looks at his watch.] Now, I believe official tournament rules say that refusing to take your turn more than three minutes after your opponent ends his is grounds for disqualification, and I ended my turn about… Let's see… Forty seconds ago.
    Iris: [Hisses in reply as she does so.]
    Stan: Honestly, Iris. You watch too much television. That routine never works anymore.


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