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  • The Beatles: "Run For Your Life," despite its pleasant jangly sound, is about a man threatening to murder his girlfriend if she gets with another man.
  • Don't Leave Me, a very early song by Green Day sings about the narrator losing control of his emotions because there an unsureness as to whether or not his love will come back to him.
    I'll go for miles
    'til I find you
    You say you want to leave me
    But you can't choose
    I've gone through pain
    Every day and night
    I feel my mind is going insane
    Something I can't fight

    A blank expression
    Covering your face
    I'm looking for directions
    Out of this place
    I start to wonder
    If you'll come back
    I feel the rain storming after thunder
    I can't hold back

    Don't leave me
    Don't leave me
    Don't leave me
    Don't leave me
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  • Kesha sings to "Stephen" that she "can't take rejection".
  • P!nk slowly goes insane when her boyfriend attempts to leave her in the music video "Please Don't Leave Me".
  • The girl from "Baroque" in Sound Horizon is a Psycho Lesbian yandere nun (going by her costume in the live version, anyway) who kills the girl she loves for rejecting her.
    • And in "Stardust", Stella, an actress who's implied to be a White-Dwarf Starlet, shoots her lover after catching him with another girl. "The bouquet in my left hand can't stop the impulse [read: gun] in my right..."
    • There's also the song "Yield", which is more or less about a girl living at a farm who is in love with her father, and when he doesn't return these feelings, she murders both him and her mother.
  • Played for laughs in Napoleon XIV's "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa".
  • In The Police's Black Comedy song "Can't Stand Losing You" rejection from a girl is the last straw for a teenage boy before he opts for suicide.
  • Inside Out makes a parody of "Happy Together" and transform it into a song about a guy who was rejected by his girlfriend. He takes a Shower of Angst while eating out of depression, worships a Stalker Shrine of her, says he's going to force her to come back to him, and stalks her complete with Slasher Smile. At one point he takes her cat and threatens to hurt it unless she talks to him. He's arrested at the end of the song.
  • Eminem has a tendency for break up songs or singing about how a guy gets possessive around his girlfriend to murderous degrees.
    • In Eminem and Rhianna's song "Love The Way You Lie" Eminem threatens about how if his girlfriend ever leaves him he'll set fire to their house with her in it after restraining her to the bed.
    • "Kim" by Eminem is what happens to a male Yandere just after he snaps. It is not pleasant to listen to. He ends up shouting at her when he found her with another guy, killing the guy, and locks her in trunk.
    • From the same album (The Marshall Mathers LP), Eminem gives us the song "Stan" about a yandere stalker's descent into madness when he thinks Slim (the star he's yandere for) is rejecting him by not sending him letters. He ends up killing himself and his girlfriend who's pregnant with their child. Turns out he gets them after Stan kills himself.
    • In "Starbound" he snaps his girlfriend's neck and then kills himself.
  • In "Liar" by Emilie Autumn Emilie sings the following:
    I want to mix our blood, and put it in the ground. So you can never leave. I want to earn your trust, your faith, your heart; You'll never be deceived.
    • Becomes interesting when it was revealed that these are not just lyrics, but what Autumn's boyfriend spoke to her at one point. Verbatim.
  • "Closer" by Burn Season contains the following lyrics which imply this:
    Don't say that its over
    I'd kill to be closer
    A moment I'm passing to you
    But to me
    I will wait
    And I'll take
    Anything with your name
    Don't say that its over
    You can't live without me
    You say there's something wrong in my head
    So I like to bleed
    You say I'm scaring you now but I'm tired
    From watching you sleep
    I'd erase what you say
    Scramble words in the way
    But you can't take away
    Turn away
    Run away
    Fuck with me
  • "Smoke and Mirrors" by Jayn is an original song written specifically with the yandere genre in mind. The lyrics are explicitly about a girl kidnapping her childhood friends wife and threatening to murder her if he refuses to be with her. She kills her.
    I'm not asking much
    Just give me your heart
    and put no one else above me
    Go on, say you love me!
    Take my hand in yours and tell me that I'll always be the one
    Without you my life means nothing
    So just say you love me tonight!
    And if you lie, this poor girl will have to die
  • In The Willow Maid a young man lusts after the titular willow maid and asks her to marry him. After she rejects him, telling him that she cannot leave the forest, he chops down her tree. Predictably, this leads to her death.
  • Tyler Farr: In "Redneck Crazy", he lists off all the ways he's going to make his ex's life hell for breaking up with him.
    Did you think I'd wish you both the best,
    Endless love and happiness?
    You know that's just not the kind of man I am
    Yeah, I'm the kind that shows up at your house at 3 A.M.
    I'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows
    Throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows
    I didn't come here to start a fight,
    But I'm up for anything tonight
    You've gone and broke the wrong heart, baby


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